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The Omega Apostasy

Aboubacar Sidiki Camara




  • August 22, 2014
    4:30 PM


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the name to amend the apostasy will go home and go for processing a busy we were talking about different heresies about coming into the church that we should not be surprising because it was mentioned in the book the students who happen and of course he did not discuss on him then that something is wise to discuss all of them but we can see some of them and identify some principles for us to know how to react facing this reality so I'll ask you to biohazard me recorder Brandon a study of Prussia seventy father we thank you for your and for everything that never revealed to us so that there would not be surprised and anyway by the tricks of the devil we know that is objective is to destroy the trip from the mission so whatever he brings on our path that is identified in your words what is the truth and how we we ought to operate so that we stay focused on this mission of broken proclaiming the treatment of messages in Jesus name we pray and so Joe mega apostasy on your makeup of apostasy in the book of Timothy first in the ditch of the foreign verse one above assess known to spirit speak this explicitly expressively that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils so we should not be surprised to see harassing the church because the Bible said that it will happen we can also see in the book selected messages book one read your one hundred and ninety seven of the love to seem many will be brought from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits or his suspension from the same but with an doctrine of devils we have now before us the outflow of these venture and Omega would be of almost opening nature such as looking about the Omega of apostasy and that the Dale studies the beaches argument often only got so these of these honorable men after they but you just guess you're wondering what is the outflow of hopelessness he just heresies that came into the church of editor that face in the beginning of the history of the superintendent stricture so this and at least appear the five cannot doctor cannot I wish his pantheism so this was a fun of our apostasy but now that we are for the time that we are closer to the second coming of Jesus we are experiencing right now Domingo of hopelessness about of course is that the riches just yet we have more to see but there just to help you to do difference between the region and to also send messages book one page one twenty two it says we have far more to fear from within than from without hindrances to stress and success are for greater from the church itself then from the world so according to this watch will bring them the biggest service in the church would come from from within and not from without concerning the heresies don't also a plus as it was starting to your debating at end of this Journal wreck and others respond to user he was seeing God everywhere it was a very a good man in fact these days he was the most renowned doctor on the planet and the Minnesota weekend we can see from this discards experiences that no matter how great don't you are is not prevent you from being deceived is not amount off being intelligent of being smart it's one of the hottest amount of accepting one of God different types or into different topics that can bring apostasy in the church not that the helplessness of all random cell phone explains you but they can bring you there okay so see some of them right now that's a focused as it was you could see whether the screen that starts before apostasy topics that consumed ultra- right all on the altar Methodist Church the first one was the most obvious everyone everyone has to do with that anomaly if you have some Bible studies with some people that are not Adventist at some point it will ask you was an unlike and when they come in asking this question most of the time to all of you went on Internet and see some website say that otherwise the false prophets and that the whole adventure stress is based on and in whites we know that that's not the truth but some people believe that so the integrity of an inlet workings is one of the center that can bring apostasy into the church she says in the book last date events page one seventy seven the very last deception of Satan would be to make of none effect the testimony of this period of God to does the last deception spread about the seminar through the of the spirit of prophecy we can see also any of the writings of an important made them of none refer to meeting them up this is everything that is the devil this was inspired by the memo but don't assume you know who devotional books but not necessarily books that have authority on how we should back to how we should read and study the Bible to where there is no vision to people Parish said then we will ingeniously in different ways and from different agencies to unsettled the profit the confidence of God 's remnant people into true testimony so that's the very last deception by the auto 's deception of upcoming for example is a Seventh-day Adventist church the remnant church this is a local club of coming GCN next year we have assured that these organized but is this other musician when he says that is the remnant church is the true the truth will not always just church on the landscape of many other churches but not necessarily the remnant church of God and went down somewhat in up in people 's mind concerning the mission of the Adventist church and don't believe anymore that's the remnant church potential to go I chose another movement is not more convenient to what pleases them I think the main point that brings many people to belt of the Seventh-day Adventist church is the remnant church I think he's disappointed but it doesn't run today's process many people that I've met then some of them even brought me in the church because I was a Muslim before and that some point they started belting his two thousand from the date prophecy this was a hero I can depend on discussing other people since he problem with this prophecy is really under the most holy place in dating eighty forty four I'm not sure why I'm not sure what's going on this people might come out this prophecy but I think the devil 's music DVDs leaving down for this reason because this is the basis of all all all all doctrines so if you throw out this prophecy the seventh effort and hunt assurance is normal government church is no longer the church for anti- so I think his wife that was putting to subtle thoughts and people in people 's minds in the Sunbelt inaugurated the remnant church another one is the Trinity some argue that the descendent of his trip to the beginning did not teach that homes built was a person so why are we teaching on the Holy Spirit is a person so that I feel the need to argument and that they present a view of the trade to go to different to the one that is adopted by the church generally speaking I don't want about to face many dying keeping the Jewish should we keep situations of years ago I friend of mine we wear walking and campus ministries when some of us leaving some presentations and he started fairly well women's retreat involved in this ministry but at some point one of the treatment of small group started bringing some strange doctrinal points and one of which was should keep the feast of Israel which would keep the Jewish feast we have neglected to stitching in the Bible social go back to the district at the beginning I was the show what was happening up front and was resting on the bluegrass distributions it is one of the study the feast but no he was really persistent and believe you are not these point in the previous we have seen from that person to leave the church so it was serious about is not the today of a study on the history 's best just to show you quickly defaced us I went on a study of a little bit too because I never studied the subject before you came to me and we that but that's how we should see the back of the type of the choicest in the Bible so that we have seven fees right so the first one is the bus over was taking place on the fourteen of Nissan this the type of the thought is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ so that's what was the first phase represents the second phase of eleven read which do this on the fifteenth of the sun is would present Christ in the grave out of the taste which is the first fruits on the sixteenth of the sun represents the resurrection then we have the feast of weeks with experts on the size of C one hundred percent of the cost we have the face of the trumpet on the first of Tishri which was on the second advent movement rehabbed atonement through stickers on the dance of dishing with points represent Dupre Advent judgment and finally we have the feast of tabernacle which the home going at the second coming traditionally evinced all the feast on this underside no so by looking at this which one did not happen to obviously the last one was the feast of Tabernacles because his there is presented by the second coming of Jesus so what to renew the sentiment defeasible tabernacles while waiting for the second coming I think it's time we got together we have to have meetings now regarding penalties and I'm waiting for the second coming otherwise I don't think because you seated that the defendant we don't have to keep situations in which was not the study undefeated vestas group to quickly show you another interesting one contemplative spirituality of competitive prayer people of what the word meant of the video is not what it means today for example I when you say meditation the Bible asked me to take on board right but other people used a similar meditation that have something completely different in mind by mid- efficient if they are thinking and seeing your mind for any thoughts right but in the Bible mitigate means sealed your mind to one of God and to and to think about it to make sure we understand that the end and becomes part of you right surgical victory opposite by the same word so this complex got Q tried to record his people to enter the minds who to a richness of the experience of God for those kind of people is this is the same alchemist the same goal as those will think that when you speak and done that's what when you receive the Holy Spirit it is that when you entering silence and you hear the one of God booed the God speaking to you that's where you receive the Holy Spirit I also experience with women and the individual concerning this rather small Bible study group other friends house Montreux equivalency musical of we were studying the book of Daniel and Revelation and begin everything was going well but the seven-time one member of the group is to come and was serving us it has some messages for each one of us anyway he was a dirty look at message for you now told me that that you should read that Proverbs chapter eighteen why is limited progress update I don't just got the lead up to read grows up to eighteen so in the beginning it was just kind of nuts is not something that can be amazing right now has a message for you back then it was another level I remember I was reading and bus bluebook sorry afternoon French and I had for first writing eleven writings are letting things out in my toilet of the regrading early writings a specific chapter in the in the bus this evening I commend them to sorry to the fully documented and I met in and he told me had a special mission for me and I got boldly told me that I was studying specific chapter the day before I'm sure he was not in the books and many experiments led to the place so he was able to tell us what we're doing when we are not even if when not in the sink which how does that happen we know that the devil cannot read our minds right but the Angels I don't know though also evil engines on them how did win but they can put thoughts in all months of amount of wood but they couldn't dig so get those of you reading the chapter and then he goes there and was just letting these guys might become that under the gun as a message from and studying a chapter that was reading it in before adding with vendors on and on many messages many amazing messages and finally found out that when a study that was not in harmony with God 's word and who exploded so we had another button by the study group and I had the longtime tool written assignment that person but by God 's grace we overdose on Martin Luther on the justice of your eye examples of people studying the Bible versus people come practicing contemplative spirituality prayer Martin Luther was once a student of the Bible is what he can with his ninety five thesis and he was a main character in the press that the information right but on the other side we had the notice of it ultimately though yet I will fund the villages with the society and he was not the president was not studying the Bible but he wasn't much into this Mystic experiences and he had those experiences and he developed techniques methods of prayers that are due to be repaired to ask for the job so in a one was a champion for God and other one with the children for persecution must be as the subject of women's ordination of our share of my way my point of view on a media sharing my fresh air it was not on purpose but I know that is a lot of discussions going on concerning this issue of women's ordination many of himself it's not a subject of apostasy but I think that's it can lead to it because if we add up a woman's ordination and we have no Bibles support for that then we can add up other things that don't know by the support with as well no learning and most of the churches will went through this process and opening woman in ministry the next day where your accepting people that are affordable homosexual asbestos I don't think and am hoped Israel happiness of the judgment the discussion is going on right now it's a very hot debate equal but different another thing that is Minneapolis this is the confidence of having the book of Genesis all we can say specifically in the first eleven chapters of the Bible why because if we reject the first eleven chapters of the Bible which strictly reject the basis of our faith the cuisine the pumping major events one of which is creation slavery the recreation and do not happen six zero days what do you do with the summer because we have to keep dishonest because God created woman to sixteen the rest of the seven when he met God created the world in Idaho five billion years then how some social asked how long it makes no more sense than a specific event in the first eleven chapters of the Bible which is the front if the flood is not true what we make our this is for those residents moved up to seventeen of his twenty six and twenty seven and as it was in the days of knowing sociality also in the days of the Son of Man be the eighth Bindra been married wives they were given in marriage and to debate that Noah entered into the ark and the flop came and destroyed them all so developed is not true what do you think that Jesus will come back I'm not sure he wanted to come back this is making the problem between the region between events since the first one which is supposed to be the reference is not sure why what what I believe in the second why would I believe in the Bible anyway because it's the basis of the Bible but some people are pushing bounced in the first eleven chapters of the Bible quinoa to judge whether thing that the elements that can bring personal apostasy because of positive stuff personally first as revivals of special interest right so different elements for civil not having victory of the seed rigid as congressional widely keep making the same mistakes I don't have victory over Satan in the first four engines have denied interest twenty five says and every man best record for the mastery is temperate in all things now they do it to obtain a comfortable ground but we an incorruptible I therefore solon not as consistently as lifelike software than one thousand one B is in the air but I keep on the my money and bring it into subjects and message that by any means when I have preached about those I myself should be a costly and also those persons in certain sick and domestic discipline to someone's roof started consistent and refocusing the C- of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that it might be saved and fund his gossip got so send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie without reserve and what you may observe to do that what brings the apostasy sometimes that we just don't have victory overseen personally in our lives so I question the meditation this morning if you want to be honest you could have to change the way you think are your future reference which is the Bible so if you change if you don't want it shows the way you think you would chose a reference which is the Bible because you don't have the turnovers and you don't experience is followed of the Bible is talking about and many people that bring heresy is that it cannot be true the Bible so they turned to something that is wrong the delusion alive because that's only what you have and they wanted standard charge for reasoned that I cannot say that Bush is not only because the source is really a personal struggle another interesting thing I think is when we do not respect the authority of the established church in proclaiming the message even if it is the truth with respect to respect authority of the established church there was a thief this event that the company eighty eighteen fifty eight by one of the pioneers called the station and hospital I was by studying the Bible he read the should not eat us when fresh and he started preaching this message that do not need one for which is which is good rightly we know that each one flesh but the vision given to other like for the health message concerning this topic was only giving eighteen sixty treats only five years later so during this period was preaching that we should not eat swine flesh and it was a shock for many person in the church back then and it went real time something that is really interesting that we can find testimony for the church when one patient to a six percent I saw that you he was concerning swine 's flesh with pools no injury if you have been to yourself but in your judgment and opinion you have made these questions that best and your actions have been shown your faith in this matter so he went he was printing the truth but was not pushing it onto good time right at it because the problem of timing was pushing something that the belief was the truth but was not waiting for the authority of the church is supporting so continue if God requires his people to abstain from swine 's flesh in the Gulf it didn't on the matter is just as willing to show he's on his children there Judy asked to show that you the individuals upon whom he has not made the burden of his work if it is the Judy of the church to abstain from fun God would discourage out to more than two or three it will teach his judge indeed you did God is meeting out of people not a few individuals here and there one believing this is another that Angelo got on doing the work committed to be addressed Mister and Joe is leaving out and preferring the people and it should move out within ninety so she's stressing that he was going fast and I titled the note this is a note that it's not from Evan wife but it was unknown in the same section of Ecuador brought in an conceit it says it is remarkable remarkable testimony was written October twenty one eighteen fifty eight nearly five years before the great fusion of eighteen sixty treat in which the knife up on the house have the form was given when the right time came the subject was even in a matter to more of our people how wonderful all the wisdom and goodness of God it might be as wrong after problem in salt and sugar Christian known as the proportion in eighteen sixty eight through October this example just to show you that sometimes you may be preaching the truth but because God is leaving all church not just individuals sometimes it's better to wait from the support of the open to preach the truth otherwise you can bring division into the church so I was preaching should not be just one flesh to sort the gold and jewels when realized that people were not ready to follow the stroke so instead of convincing people to depart from this unclean meat was only bringing the vision for the church social be wise when we preach even if it is true for example now I said you guys should down many interpreters in the petition concerning the Chapter 11 of Daniel stunning it myself but I don't see any clear real explanation of the end message was the numbers represent the church so when we present ten president is make sure that you have study on studying just one of share with an opinion as an absolute truth otherwise you can divide the church we forgot to fill the whole community what is the truth focusing on conspiracy theories this is one thing that can bring the horses and also is that many people are really focusing star studying all kind of things concerning free mercenary in America do not use Augustana of this is what musical progenitor by focusing on conspiracy theory 's people on that to believe tool things in particular abilities the first one is that they believe all young led to believe when you watch all those videos in YouTube talking about the conspiracy serious enough to believe that every person in high position of leadership is a devil worshiper every person at all to the president on the planet for sure free medicine that thirty seven degrees right or noted that the believe that these what is totally controlled by Satan and not by God and that's not healthy because it's like we cannot reach a high position of leadership except we guessed the Devils have but what about Gaza tradition of giving all the power of the enemy and his unbelieving stuff that we need to Denver Utah posted so there are two things that I want to show you in the Bible wasn't what I was thinking about all the history is often conspiracy is what can we see in the Bible to show that the breakdown so it's well controlled that evidence in opposition is not necessary a worshiper of the devil the first one is a value right the gut of value to the history forty eight then the team made that the great men and gave him many great gifts and meeting room a applicable province of Babylon and chief of the governance of all the wise men of Babylon this is what one was under the Empire abundance it was the chief of all those Wiseman which I describe as a senator magicians all kind of things was the chief of them will put them there was a firm got the right and then adjust the six verse one it brings diarists to set over the kingdom and hundred and twenty princes which should be of runnable kingdom and over the history presidents often than the unwise first that the princes might give accounts addicting should have no damage and he's done it was per from above the presidents and princes because of accidents was in him and the team door of addicting substance setting over the whole range so the car that also think about Moses was studied all the signs of the Egyptians Moses must suck to be a man of God when he went to the wilderness was he knew from the age of twelve what is mission when his mission would be a defeat how chosen not to follow best friend who got them into but within a dispositional authority was of the devil knows what God himself so believing that every powerful person on the planet what is the necessary and is ready to harass another thing nothing that as I saw in the Bible it interesting was the punctual you know people are starting sometimes that's Joseph Hsu some of these Drew 's remedies that be in a news announcement control of the open ends and some Internet is open down undo control everything but that's not what the Bible says in the book of Revelation chapter thirteen of the sixteen is talking about these the second beast and the cost of both small and great rich and poor free and bound to receive a mark in their right hand or in therefore hurts so according to this verse no matter I feel great or rich you submitted to be surprised so you don't control everything the seventeen and that no man might buy or sell save he spoons so the starting safety that had the mark on the name of the beast or the number of its name also in the story of Joseph I think there's an interesting program problems understand what's going remember Joseph was sold as a slave by his brother right and he became demented power in Egypt inventoried in Egypt's and when he had the power his brother Dave and and and did not recognize her as the newly so he was talking to his brother and his conversation what's going how many brothers do you have and the Unser we are all one man's sons we are two men by Simmons on those flights and he said unto them may but that the Seo to make business of the men Jacob and the best sermons all twelve Brandon the sons of one man in demand of Canaan and behold the youngest is just a week off father and one is not when that same one is not one to talk to Mister Joseph subject so that one is not because in their thinking is that right but Joseph was when he was in I've been noticing he's not bad that he became again but now he's in position of authority of power in Egypt if you look in Revelation chapter seventeen verse eight starting about the beast which is the papacy it says debased that they'll serviced was and is not and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit and go into perdition and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder was names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world when they behold the beast that was and is not and yet is afraid he interesting pro- agenda life Joseph and the beast of Revelation the beast was interested before seventeen ninety eight is not right now because there that everyone has not been ill and will be and whether or when it will come back to me positional authority to hold when one of the beast Joseph something he was was Mrs. Barnett is not because the thing is that that anything back and when he came back and was in position of authority in Egypt and that all the world came to Joseph of food right so when that what is needed before they went to Joseph and that extends money for food after that all the money of Egypt was controlled by Joseph so people artists to sell their flocks the Honorable Joseph and he became dimmed the diabetic control even called on the most wonderful session of Joseph and then people at those who sell themselves as slaves to Joseph Wright so he became the master of all the money on the uninvolved all the people he was controlling everything okay is what happened to them and then when the Bible says and Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for four federal for the Egyptians also Everyman his field because defendant prevailed over then I also demand became pharaohs to all the men belonged to Joseph but as an exception to the children for such action on the demand of the priests are but not for the police had the portion assigned dental federal and deep into debt portion of which Pharaoh gave them wherefore this sold not donations so he bought all the demands except the ones of the priest and Joseph made it a law claimant on the over the agent of the DSB to flourish about this response and the other exception is for Israel and Israel dwelt in the medical agent and the country of Gosen and he had sessions during an group and multiply exceed the Okinawa government to expendable white when renting this point God needed Joseph into this experience because he wanted to save his people right so Joseph became the master of everything control with two exemptions the priests and God 's people Joseph is like if Nick umbrellas that the papacy of enzyme could build will be gone next big things of this world and control everything on the planet Adobe two exceptions goes well good luck over the beast to God 's people it will be protected by God himself so the devil is only making a counterfeit of what got been back then looted of the time of the end so I don't know why we are so amazed by what the devil does he's only doing property computer do what God already didn't know long-term unemployment is misinterpretation of the prophecies let them drink apostasy also starting a second to register the two of us fifteen consistently show thyself approved unto God Walkman that they does not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth but shun profane and vain babblings for the rate increase on for more ungodliness and their words will age of the four hundred also he is a feminine yes and few niches will concerning the rituals have errors saying that the resurrection is past already and overflowed the faith of some of these up to characters in momentous and this individuals have Arab saying that the resurrection is bus arrived and the faith of some of these are personal up with the guys because I wish individual first but are presenting something that is false concerning the resurrection they think of the resurrection the Senate with musician has already passed down not talking about quest resurrection the person about the resurrection of the dead on the top of the right so we know that there will be a resurrection of the panel and by the problem here is that the timing is wrong to have event right there will be a resurrection but the timing is wrong to think that the resurrection has already blessed and many heresies are coming into the church debate concerning prophecy is always the timing is wrong differences request would come back with the booklet with dates on all kind of events that will happen before questions and we can solve it simply additionally if your study revenue jumped up the hand you know that this is the chapter that proves that the Bible is not prophetic movement and depressed five and six this is an potential which I saw stand up on the scene and upon the earth missed it up he's had to haven't and swear by the commitments for ever and ever created haven't understand the things that the there in awe and earth under things done during our and deceit and the things which are very will be time no longer but that no longer mentioned here just a quicker appointment study the structural element is referring to work the end of the two thousand two hundred prophecies so it's referring to the date of eighteen forty four it should be time no longer no more processing time after eighteen forty four why did we know that because if you read the daughter versus the Angela ask accountable and prophesied so we need science professor so emotional talking about it with him it's talking about prophetic and the other reason is that this is taking place under six from the seven seven hazmat Sony and so does more than available to preach the gospel right so what you know is that since Beijing for the record there's no more prefer the clock there's no more prophecies and the author is forty four so whenever to eleven people can bring to the anomaly the Bible says something happened in two thousand fifteen nuptial because this was the last prophecy would be mentioned in the Bible no more time off the property how should we react when we see them receiving communion what I was what was the students have received good news is that the shaking people out of the church because his bringing divisions bring all controversies about the discussions some people feel frustrated and in the church but we should estate interesting that's look at the other counsel that both lives concerning the gender book of acts all knew this kind of thing will happen should the need there off of yourself and to all the flock over which the Holy Ghost have made you overseers to feed the church of God which had first chased with his own blood I know this but after my departing shall previous Wolf unchecking among you not sparing the flock also if your own self shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them therefore watch and remember that by the space of three years I ceased not to want everyone night and they refuse somebody's motioning the apostasy that will come after his departure but he is not constant people believed the church but the same to be for statement introduction remember what he said so on those one according people to separate the church and colder because of religious Babylon is going for the localization what Paul is saying here God is allowing some heresy to come into pictures so that we may experience and have a deeper expansion got in Bible study and in prayer is ultimately became a member studied the Jewish feast before the men that about the friend that came at the we should delete so when as he comes it go back to the World Cup mouse events page one seventy seven said one day shaking comes by the introduction of false theories these socialist readers out of nowhere all like shifting sand this slide into any position to suitable don't know if feelings of bitterness testimonies diminishes so there's shaking comes which way but in the introduction of false theories so God allows faulty was to come in and produced a shaking so I left to study the Bible left a deeper expense with God as soon as we receive an heresy coming Satan also wants to bring conversion and address of the struck us from our mission this is that his main purpose to distract from mission to minimize the importance of the three Angels messages way our fighting of all this issue is not doing what you're supposed to do and he's also rebranded outpost is in the church because these has a main ally that he wants people to believe in the book of the solo instrumental history says that no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and that none of sin be revealed the son of perdition so it goes he's preparing his ultimate deception Noah underlined the son of perdition talking about the apostasy because in the book of John and that's only other place in the Bible when the offensive expression Johnson activist twelve says while I was with them in the world I can then invading those that thou givest me after and none of them is lost but the son of perdition looking about the Jews that the Scripture might be fulfilled I also though the apparel that I wanted to a series that the son of perdition which is bringing to apostasy is the same syntactic characteristics as Judas and his second dissonance of the Provost Ninth Circuit even in Wisconsin is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders so the performing of sentiment and comes in all kind of power and signs and lying wonders those expression are using the book of acts on the one found in the Bible that talk about Jesus even though fish oil hear these words Jesus of Nazareth a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs which God did by hand in the midst of you as you yourself also know and is not even he was is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and wonders so this many little deceptions have one purpose destruction and also preparing people to accept the ultimate deception which is just coming after the working of Satan are a few in the north and eleven went concerning this message is it's referring to say conducted with dignity and the second coming of Jesus so much to bring people a certain all experiences based on feelings instead of the word of God all kind of heresy or adult destruction ultimately what it leads to is to accept his ultimate deception and finally release question when we stand firm about it what heresy comes on our way because his depression we have to ask ourselves as as we said only purpose of the of the devil is to distract from what we should do so one have a sequence comes in and we have to fight for those people the fluids which are bringing those false doctrines we will have to take the decision the last thing in the church and nice things what is happening although I leave the church because I don't want to deal with this if it wasn't for me to stay even though I wasn't uncomfortable I spent a final note this was when I will be comfortable and not have to deal with difficult doctrines process the purpose number is to shake the church of the people that are not solid without so it's not an statement for the good news but if you're not didn't start this lasted until the Bible there's no way we can spend what's going to happen but we have good news here in the last these events page one hundred and eighty and what's is this the judgment appear as about the fall but it does not fall it remains widely seen as in Zion will be sifted out the shaft separated from depression as we did she's a terrible ordeal but nevertheless must decrease but if we don't believe if you have doubts concerning the integrity of the writing of Ellen White's how can we be sure that the judgment opinion is about the full but not for forever I don't think that the church after that but for that when I written statement shows clear that if you happen what food would will restate Dekalb articles studies have these deeper expensive God only chose West is you just leave and go where we don't have to do Avnet expands apostasy on show scale but personally many individuals happen and a lot of them sinners up and up leaving the church of that was an opening to check one out I wonder what I've seen for the moment saw this was the apostasy of McGill focuses examined strategy of you to buyer has once again in Woodbridge on the system our father in heaven I just not it's not your Mister you what you desire the most that we have to feast of things but because you also powerful even the terms of the devil destroyed your children to destroy people in the church you can turn you can turn the situation into a good situation for the church you knew that that will happen in your preparedness in your you are asking us to be deep students of the world to be diligent students of the work to be focused on the mission so it's time with the face of harassing out we know how to do with it and we know that it's only the produce audio destruction of the devil and that the church was sent from because you are you have control of the church and of the devil so please escort us think of us as we as we may face digital situation in the future so that we would be a good witness for you about the gospel will not stop you are interested in a media was brought by audio course of a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more he would like to know more about half hours of his life is more certain than it is www. 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