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Secrets To Answered Prayer

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • November 10, 2007
    3:00 PM
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hello Robin laughing and your room you know you know you and your operating plan your presence known or mid afternoon we pray along that we may send upon the Holy Spirit convicting converting our hearts deepening our commitment to you in our understanding of truth everyone again that you may forgive us for anything we never committed and tear apart the selfishness and pride merely people in vessels for you to speed and pour out your spirit and freedom as we I speak a prayer maybe you that people hide view my and may you be lifted up in Jesus name I thought first summer when I went to the canvassing or knocking on doors selling religious books from Roosevelt sixteen years old when I although I am impeded here 's what I went out there I begin to realize that in no much what was parallel with the and I thought it was a spiritual person but when I see you're out there you're nobody before slamming the door of your faith is a matter anymore what people thought of you back home everything kind of is in a different perspective I learned many things about him I remember one particular door I went to a knock at the door lady came and I I was able to share with her some of the books that we had eighty and inviting in and she decided to books one Bible reading for the home and one and after it was just a typical conversation with the goal sell everything that you know lady is it okay I can pray with you before I go to Fisher so I pray for her again at Hershey to start it is me in the house me and her and I felt a little but uncomfortable because there's one thing one is a little key ring the island happens quite often when you're canvassing in your print for people she wasn't just your knife he was literally we one minute to minute treatment and the like and finally he got hold of herself she says John got plenty to my house praise God because we hope there's no thing myself the piece of the month I've been praying a fear that my prayer is mingled the ceiling and been praying about this particular thing and God is not hearing and maybe God doesn't care she says for the last time I got on my knees but I think God not exist but if you exist if you hear I want you to send someone might turning my back on you than that Mrs. of only sixteen but I remember like it was yesterday stepping out and looking up to the sky and seeing the for the first time my life I begin to realize that God personal input things into place and this can make things and I know we don't believe that ideologically but many of us live our lives in the case that God is to be able to understand if we would hear this prayer and to be able to make everything just happened his right to you this young team that is not even converted or has not surrendered his life I got still use him in spite of it all the way to get an answer than these bare that that was an amazing lesson from that dedicate your life to think the one I can trust that God that I can trust that God but to maybe think what if I decided to stay home and watch TV that summer whatever happened to her prayer what if a few days before this I wanted to quit everything and I didn't want to quit because it was such a difficult work what if I decide to go home either other people like that are praying that we are supposed to be the answer to their prayer but because we are not serious about our work for God some people turn their backs on God anyway there was a letter from you about prayer and begin drilling prayer is going forward we believe in God but he was able to kneel and reason for hard not to answer how much more myself with an understanding of the word of God understanding of Scripture how much more should God answer my prayer if I understand a little bit more clearly when you contract that experience with another experience I have of trying to speak to young lady that if the kind of lovely and she had decided not to go to church anymore she had turned her back and somehow the story came out this is done you know I decided that God has to be faithful to him as they came a point in my life I was going to school and I didn't have enough money to be would pay rent and pay time I returned inside a returned item on the street or I pay my rent and I don't return type that I made a decision that day that I would return my kind of Prescott and I returned my time and got never came through for me as I wanted anything to know who this guy and sometimes when I hear stories like that it blows me away this is within the context of secrets that answered prayer how come on the one hand this is somebody a seeking to be faithful and returning to get kicks out of business on the other hand it is late I believe and really believing God as she played up to God and I think this kid that is not even converted and sent on a wild goose chase to write house at the right time to answer a prayer that want to go through certain points that I've put together on December the more that I study about prayer the more I realized that their conditions there are condition and size of England maybe not a wink that things when you revealed us his will to his work there are conditions answered prayer I do not make people would be here today so I don't know if I have enough handouts but on fifty adult Christian who can shed and maybe we could possibly help me spread the Brown forty five so if you're like the couple are like friends maybe you can come to share and by the way just to make it clear this is something I've just as I've been studying these are certain points that have helped me in my life but as I was coming on the plane thing that maybe I should think about the numbers because I cannot want this is not a checklist this is not me yet I did okay now it's time for you to answer McGinnis and this is not a checklist that you go down and you check and make sure that your life complies and then therefore is a certain principles godly principles that has helped me in my Christian life I'm sure there are many more principles out there that we can that we can not fine with either certain principles that help me I will not go through everything today so if you see me digging time with one principle don't be scared okay I was available through a few of them and you can go through the rest on your study the rest on your own time we done passing rate the first one moving and we read it together believe God on this and that is who he says here are believed not exist at history revealed himself to a facility of the Chapter 11 Hebrews chapter eleven is a chapter faith Hebrews eleven verse six says that without faith it isn't possible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him until number one it is very elementary we must believe that God is as he has revealed himself to us you don't there are many people that believe that God is but their perception of God is so distorted that it influences if they even come to God or not if you see God as a tyrant or somebody that is there simply to punish you or maybe your picture of God is is the picture that you have your father that is maybe not a Christian something that will determine how you view God many times that will determine if you even will come to God and so just because you believe God exists that is not enough you must believe that God exists as he has revealed himself to us last night I spoke to you about a woman that I did Bible studies with that just couldn't not see God as someone that she could trust someone that she could open herself to and so the first secret answered prayer we must believe that God is as history of himself to us and he is very the rewarder says of those that diligently what she can't number two diligently seek him we read that hold morning drop is not enough one thing you shall receive the business are unwittingly persistent prayer the persistent asking brings the petitioner into a more earnest attitude and is limiting previous arts receive the things for which he hath and so is not an issue of this prank in the morning praying for mealtime and praying at night it's called an attitude of prayer in first Thessalonians five seventeen and says pray without what seasoning are members of the dear lady and one of the churches and she was complaining his nitride that doesn't work with you means that you know when I cook and I measure I'm trying to measure and print the same time and I get my bread all mixed up when it does come out really good and which I think they very listen lady if it's an attitude of prayer you can keep your mind open speak to God as your mix and you can speak to God or you can listen to the lessons that Gandhi have to speak to you you don't always have to be kneeling to be able to pray right so this is concept of diligent seeking is not just morning noon and night is not just the abortion time and work pretty good at that and is not just when things go bad you know sometimes I don't like you have friends that the only call you when things go bad are you like that with your parents sometimes used to have the with the Dean in college that the only time you would come around is when you witness in all so if you change your room you knew your shovel and some Benadryl like that with God I mean we have our set time with him but is not to continue and then when we really need God all men now we pray now we earnestly speaking that is not diligent diligence is this constant effort then prayer and attitude of prayer number three intern in March after eleven Mark Chapter 11 verse twenty five the Bible says and we Jesus speaking when ye stand praying forgive if you ought against any but your father also which is in heaven may forgive your trespasses but if you do not forgive neither will your father which is in heaven forgive your stress how a spirit of forgiveness you know that I believe that is one of the main sin that is keeping God 's spirit from being poured because of somebody in your life that you just have not learned and I believe that we can still come to church very turn archive and be good Christians because I avoid that person or that person living in eleven this city and some people there said but may not heart we still hold a grudge against and God is not able to pour out his Spirit upon us because of a believe that's one of the main sins here says in steps of Christ ninety seven when we come to ask mercy and blessing from God we should have a spirit of love and forgiveness in our own hearts how can we pray forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors and yet indulge in an unforgiving spirit can we expect our own prayers to be heard we must forgive others we seem to have we hope to be forgiven them who he worried his manner and ask you want God to forgive you in the same manner and the same ex test that you forgive your enemy 's own John you know I don't love you brother I don't hate him I just I just want him out of my life that's it I just don't want to do anything is that what you want with God you are going to hate you're not the love you just to have you out of his life it was a time when I thought that I believe that the opposite of love is hatred that had to get serious here profit you realize the opposite of love is not injured Yeltsin of love is in different because someone if you hate somebody he gets hit by a bus I get shot beside you feel so guilty that you hated them you care enough for them to hate them but someone gets shot and you get I guess one more down in different indifference that is the opposite of love and sell the house a forgiveness we must get past the hatred we must just get past even the indifference to the same manner and extent of the wood Christ forgive you know when we are younger with four kids and my dad had a Volkswagen golf to the bigoted view and if he wasn't traveling a lot it was diesel and all things going on that makes but a smaller reason to fit all for pretty nicely in the backseat but as they grew bigger on the concept was that the fit us for in the vaccine and we use living back in sometimes the drive and see family in Nebraska were talking twenty some hour drive and we in your bigger the love you may have experienced with some of you may not but it is called when your child unless you know what that is like a line I asked my feed is here in your feed is here and this is a line and you don't like because if you pass that line on a variety but when your form this is in the back of the books I you just there is no line is all in all this after a few hours it would be bickering and sometimes slapping him and things like that in all this person and and then they would be okay John asked forgiveness from the singer sorry I'm sorry you think I was sorry I was forced to fan sites I would do it because if I didn't do it some greater consequences would come but it says we must forgive others in the same man and to the same extent as we hope to be forgiven some of you may feel a John you don't know how much this person has hurt me if you could only understand what he and mental anguish I have gone through because of that one individual you wouldn't be it so easy to come up here and the creature to talk about the word of God it's easy because you haven't gone through an icon even if you have having gone to the same extent no one has met my story and so I is not a matter of why I don't want to forget I just forget this but you know one thing I've learned in my life is that God takes you are and when you deal when you talk to God you must be straight and honest with you don't say God yes I love this you know when you really know if you come to God by God I did I just don't want forgiveness I just had forgive this person I'm not willing to forgive this person but Lord I am willing to be made will be this is a willingness when I hear I'm willing to forgive unwillingly restricted but I'm not here I'm actually here when I'm not willing then this stage I am willing this is one thing I I am willing to allow you to come and to make new and you know that God will be there at when you're straight and honest with God that if you just willing to be made about that he will take you there and he will start pouring his loving care and I know that Xanax and you can actually love somebody that you hated it's not a matter of being a hypocrite is not about putting a fake smile it's a matter genuine love because you are willing to be made public spirit of forgiveness if you want power in prayer that is one aspect in your life the dispute helpful to you if you don't learn to forgive number for the sacrifice fully set sixty the real fix all consecrate body soul and spirit to God service would be constantly receiving a new endowment of physical mental and spiritual power so that this concept of consecration everything that we have the next obstacle supply the heaven are at their command number five first John three twenty two in turn with me there first John three twenty two first John three twenty two one however we we receive of him because we keep his what commandments and do those things that are pleasing in his sight is so whatever we receive why because we keep his commandments there is a definite link between obedience and your prayers being answered there is definitely curious as prayer can never take the place of beauty if we render to him which is Christ only a partial halfhearted obedience his promises will not be fulfilled in order to you read Psalm sixty six which says that I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord cannot or will not until obedience to God if there is something in your life that you know that you should do and by the way friend we are not to look to others to be able to know what is our responsibility sometimes God is asking me something that other people in present shoe circle will find extremely weird or maybe you know that God really doesn't ask you to do that but you know what God wants you to do and if he's asking you to do something and for that person it may not be said before you you understand that he is convicting it was his diet or whatever it is maybe even dressed in convicting on a certain aspect don't look around because when you start looking around we start getting confused this is the voice of God make a decision after that you can look around but make your decision first and it's amazing how power can start coming through your life but when you start looking around then you are being confused and then other things are being relatively few understand in not clear anymore and other things are relative and then you start stop losing power in prayer number six avoid being repetition avoiding repetition the temp talking to Paul Mrs. I'm just throwing this out hello commercial but hi Paul how you doing Paul Paul you're very nice quality passing the Bible Paul Paglia was given a Paulette was in the bank Paul and Paul you don't need upon you never guess the lady Paul lady actually vaulted my money Paul and she gave me Paul BC Paul supporting a believable that she gave me the receivable we wanted to do that in real life right and Mister Crosley she speaks about that that you know when you talk to God I just ahead father and so forth but to be able to keep a look you've heard some prayers like that to keep repeating and repeating repeating his name to your name and its people to him as you would a friend it's amazing how it changes your perspective as I noticed that the same person will not speak to his friend outweigh that he was she will speak about that way open your heart got to the front main repetition have you ever blessed your food at nighttime when you actively that has ever happened to me you your bucket with that of his dealer please bless this food and old what I'm saying sometimes when you're about to bar that give us a good nights rest in your displacing the food and some of us are not that bad but some of us are some people in a growing church that when he stood up all in her almost favorite prayer the negative print run because they say exactly the same thing and let Jesus taught us to see the Lord 's prayer but what we are talking here is sincerity you know you can repeat the Lord 's prayer with sincerity meaning you are actually weighing waking each word that you're saying there is meaning in your mind about what you're saying and felt for that to happen sometimes what I do is actually change my words just for the sake of changing it because if I go to bed and I just say the same words over and over April 's income if you come to campus clinical chemistry I see the same thing and every dollar it loses meaning in the Pacific even look upon the practice having the South American atoned for sin the repetition of set customary phrases when the heart feels no need of God is of the same character as the being repetitions of the heathen prayer is not an expiation for sin has no virtue or merit of itself all the flowery words that are commands are not equivalent to one holy desire the most eloquent person idle words if we do not express his true sentiments of the heart number six seven made secret prayer a priority these verses tell us how many times Jesus would wake up early in the morning and going crazy and sometimes he would pray all night after working extremely hard the first sentence I want to read do not need to elect prayer for it is the sole of what you know that you can be someone that is deep into present truth and not have to prepare every now and then I hear of a person what he left the church what he I know I know that that individual had spent time in prayer and study of God 's word by God 's grace that would never do what happens is we maybe somebody hurts us that we get busy and then we stopped the secret prayer and then it's and then things annoy us a little bit more and then it is just down down down down secret prayer is the soul is that I the center of your religion number eight Magog the center of your prayer it says here the first the very first operating in the soul in the morning should be for the presence of Jesus without he says he can do nothing it is Jesus that we need his life his life his spirit must be ours continually we need him every hour we cannot do without his presence one is when you pray I try to practice that Bartlett God and Angela God you know sometimes we see they have a father I really need help for my exam right now and Lord I really needed him I doesn't lord you my children out of control I need as we start with us a weekend with us something to start with us and we help you start with God and with God and hopefully think about God in the middle when you come and speak to God you wonder how God feels sometimes I do that I stop how was your day today not together little awkward because not really expecting an answer there was that big of the shock on my boot but your for your own faith is healthy for you Lord how are you how was your day today and ended the call and listen you know and if the distribution to the talk with about him and not just about you would you care if God told you what if they would like or is your life so full of yourself that you'll have time for that they got the center of your print number nine three with Thanksgiving trailer Thanksgiving in and that one Philippians four for six against four or six this is the careful for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with what thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God the minister many years ago that was wrong one day and that night he sat down and he wrote his draft diary today I was wrong but I'm very thankful to God number one I am thankful ability took all my money they did not take my life were to I am thankful that building all my money they do not take much because I'm poor and number three I am thankful I was the one that was wrong and not either one no matter what you go through life if you searched deep enough you can find something to be thankful for in the Swedish proverb that tells us that he who wants the same these are the same will always find some five p.m. three seventeen is said that the lovingkindness of God call forth more Thanksgiving and praise we would have far more power in prayer we would abound more and more in the love of God and have more of these old to praise him for you who complain that God does not hear your prayers change your present order and mingle praise with your petition when you consider his goodness and mercy you will find that he will consider your you will complain that God does not hear your prayers change the order and mingle what mingle praise with what your petition I think I was around thirteen years old when I saw my father cry for the first and everything in his life was falling apart is married his family his job every remember I was driving the car with him that day when a client will collapse and that I wasn't really thinking about endlessly about myself and my future was enough in the when I was in the car telephone or through the hear music singing from the first involving turned to see where they're coming from and with my dad he is saying singing one song after another to God be the glory great things he could barely sing because it is also up and appears as if falling out of five that's one thing I've never forgotten but one thing that has given me so much strength and power to go on when things have been tough because when everything in his life was falling apart he could feel my something to praise he has no reason to be singing but he found he said but have to admit that my dad is not unlike Finley I build up on many of his sermons with one of the most powerful sermon you complain that God does not hear your prayers change your present order and mingle praise of the petitions when you consider his goodness and mercy you will find that he will consider friends I believe that Christ's coming of extreme we've been reporting on clinical interval you and this is one thing I believe that we must learn the body of believers and individually we must learn the praise God in our trials we must learn that when we leave with God to learn to mix with repetition and every patient is not just about ourselves about the state of the church in about the same as in the issue we must mingle praise and the more trials and the more sufferings that we have in our lives the more praises we need to mingle because that is the only way that you will survive your attitude will always be bright and heavenly after speaking to the darkness to be able to find something that you thank God for there is always something you can say thank you to all pray with Thanksgiving and God will start considering your one in your desires well I think we could go on a lot but the remainder of the next page you guys can study on your own maybe I wanted and would number fifteen we can read five minutes of this trait even if God knows everything in great controversies five twenty five says it is a bark a part of God 's plan to grant us an answer to her face that which you would not be still be we not the subject is simply some things that maybe after going through your thing you know what John I have not decided for price will be or you know I'm still holding a grudge in my heart against my father or my mother or my brother and sister I have to admit that when I pray to God that I do use main repetition I don't really think about what I'm saying on the laughing and laughing because I'm nothing to say really I don't make very apparently they're all things that may seem their God from answer your prayer either conditions in his room or you may think you know John when I pray have to admit that I don't really praise God I don't really think him it's all about me really you don't I was in the library one analyst that he heard about elves alone Eileen that section to study the chief study is happening here is something I'm going to vote for them in the top of the window to the big window their library of this bird it just kept feeding himself against the window I see what a foolish bird as I tried away then I went outside of China help nothing priced DataWindow and follow you back up and know nothing I could do would see that her from hitting the window in a later on I read that over ten thousand birds die each year from smashing an effort to himself against the window and to show further their window in your life is keeping God from answer your prayer you know that many many young people turn their backs on God because they don't understand that there either the 50-50 thing are either they put all their eggs in one basket would not fulfilling the conditions and when God was a completely turn their back on him for a new look at them this is actually legal pictures together the field he was such a good and he was really and now he doesn't even want to hear anything about is there a window in your life if there were no in your life but father in heaven we just skimmed some principles from principles or conditions that answer Lord I have to admit personally there are some things that apply to me there are some things that ask forgiveness for and maybe in this room will you know each heart you know everybody more than the militants maybe their windows in their life that is keeping you from answering prayer maybe there is a window a condition that we are not asking your help to fulfill and we keep hitting enter in that we don't want to die we want to live because you've come to give us life and more politely ask forgiveness for what we have to we pray a lot and you gave me give us energy the willingness the strength to be able to make changes in our lives that we may truly receive power through prayer this would pray in the name of Jesus


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