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Who Do You Trust?

David Wright


Trusting the Lord in times of challenge and adversity.


David Wright

Lead/Senior Pastor, Hendersonville SDA Church


  • September 20, 2014
    11:30 AM
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the year was nineteen eighty seven I commuter flight takeoff traveling from Portland Maine to Boston it was just a small connector but right from the ground they knew something was not quite right there was a strange and mysterious noise and so as they climbed up to about four thousand feet up I let Henry Dempsey gave it over the controls over to his copilot check out what this strange noise as he makes his way towards the back of this small aircraft the fifteen passenger turboprop and just about the time he reached the rear door of the aircraft they hit an air pocket in the whole playing in a big bump trust him onto the door and very quickly you knew exactly what the strange noise was the door was not properly latched shut and so like that he finds himself catapulting out of the aircraft very quickly the copilot realized what was going on as he could feel all of that of the wind in the air blowing throughout the cabin and the life they showed up at the rear door had opened any radio reason i.e. the land as quickly as possible you could send a helicopter out over the waters of the ocean where we were just flying in search for the pilot he's gone out the back but miraculously as they landed at the nearest airport the airport rescue crew was astonished that here was the pilot Henry Dempsey hanging on for dear life to the steps in a most pineal steps of fold down a little handle and for about ten minutes she held on with a death grip two hundred mile an hour winds and somehow the position that he was in as they landed his he was very than one way just twelve inches away from his face as the rescue crews found him they tried to pry his hands it took quite some time to get his fingers loose from his grip has your life ever drastically been changed by one unsuspecting moment it's a strange noise in the back and you go to check it out and before you know it you're being catapulted suck out if you will just told us difficult times would come Matthew ten twenty Judy said and you will be hated by all by all for my namesake but he who endures to be in rupees maybe you have been and what you find yourself in a very difficult and discouraging time menu been tempted to just let go forget it it's not worth it when you think of the experience of Henry Dempsey think of the alternatives because this morning I submit to you in those challenging moments in those discouraging moments hanging on to Jesus with all you've got never let go because the harder you claim to Jesus the tighter his grip will be on you and that is your only lifeline to get through those challenging times this morning I invite you to take your Bibles as we look at a chapter of Jehovah Jehoshaphat 's life a time win in just a moment life became very scary for him but were going to look eventually edit you swear he's calling to choose with everything that he had organ returning to second Chronicles and will probably begin in chapter seventeen to get a little bit of context of who Jehoshaphat is or was rather we know that his father was King Asa was the king of Judah and he tried his very best to wipe out pagan worship and later Jehoshaphat followed in his father 's footsteps and YouTube became the king of Judah we first meet him here in second Chronicles chapter seventeen in Chapter seventeen the first six verses below minimum introduction I'm in second Chronicles chapter seventeen verse one then Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his place and strengthen himself against Israel deploys troops in all the fortified cities of Judah and set garrisons in the land of Judah and in the cities of effort in which a set his father had taken verse three now the Lord was with Jehoshaphat because he walked in the former ways of his father David you not see the nails but sought that God of his father and walked in his commandments and not according to the acts of Israel therefore the Lord established the kingdom in his hand and all Judah gave presents to Jehoshaphat in the end riches and honor in abundance and his heart took delight in the ways of the Lord moreover he removed the high places and wooden images from June she did say he's off to a very good start he's destroyed a high places and the idols he's made sure his subjects knew God 's laws and commandments his heart delights to new the ways of God and he is the last minute finally getting to chapter eighteen verse wine we read Jehoshaphat had riches and honor in abundance and by marriage he alive allied himself with a half now King Ahab is a bit of a different character you may remember that he was the one married to Jezebel you try to legitimize the worship of bail in Israel the same King Ahab Elijah challenged on Mount caramel and the story unfolds on this is in our focus this morning by I encourage you go home and reach of drinking it's a fascinating story of how King Ahab wants to host events assistance in battle and Jehoshaphat he stands up and is courageously says is there not a man of the Lord we can inquire this goes back and forth he doesn't one have to give never gets good news and finally decide where to go anyway and unfortunately Jehoshaphat fails under the pressure and goes along and in that decided battle but the Lord said was not according to his plan to Ahab dies in Jehoshaphat probably should've died but he cries out to the Lord and in God 's mercy he speak by finally get to chapter nineteen we find Joseph out again bringing the people back to the Lord saying judges in the land again preaching revival in Reformation if you will and chapter nineteen all seems to be going well again everyone is breathing easy they are on life is good but as many you well know the devil was not pleased there is a great controversy and so he chose to upset things a bit and so on this last chapter here they were going to look at this morning chapter twenty we come across a story of our focus it happened after this this time of peace this time of prosperity this time of drawing closer to the Lord it happened after this that the people of Moab with the people of Ammon and others with them besides the ammonites came to battle against Jehoshaphat per student some came and told Jehoshaphat safe other great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea from serious and they are in Hayes is a Hayes is on Taymor which is in and getting budget has done nothing to provoke this attack they haven't asked for this family guns seeking after this in fact and gave them all they want to live the mound godsend all leave them alone they're not our concern and now they're coming back to wage war maybe even relate maybe there's a time in your life when all was well always prosperity always on the up and up but in the course of a few minutes the footman comes with a message in your world exchange maybe change my phone call a doctor 's report a car accident sudden-death heart attack strong whatever was it just came marching and like an unwanted guest this morning look at some key strategies that we see Jehoshaphat using in his season his time of tragedy here is his great multitude and what is Jehoshaphat going to do before the first key in verse three of our story and Jehoshaphat feared and set himself to seek the Lord Persky for Cindy does he seeks the Lord requires a fast throughout all Judah so Jay gathered together to ask help from the Lord and from all the cities of Judah they came to see the Lord noticed when tragedy strikes immediately he turns the prayer author attempted to prepare first get ready to ask God to bless our efforts when you have a beautiful expression of confidence in God in utter self just trust is a parentheses here Trent he has a way of exposing and magnifying majority in our hearts have you noticed that if we are close with God when tragedy strikes will be drawn even closer if we enable devotions with God it will become our sustenance of our strengths if we had a meaningful prayer life it will become our life law but if tragedy strikes and were filled with house down syndrome if we may by will send you haven't at that point may seem impossible we've not made honest airport of our lives it will seem like our prayers at the ceiling and destructive behaviors and had a foothold before try to only drive us further into despair yesterday he has an uncanny way of exposing and magnifying one's argument yet in this story I see anything that is truly and sincerely connected to God and praying before because when tragedy strikes is not alone but he calls for the entire group of people everyone I wanted to pray about we continue verse five that Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem in the house of the Lord before the new court and said everybody's there all Lord God our fathers are you not God in heaven and who now rule over the kingdoms of the nation and in your hand is there not power and might so that no one is able to withstand you are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and gave it to the descendents of Abraham your forever friend and they dwell in it and build you a sanctuary and for your namesake and disaster comes upon us so our judgment pestilence or famine we will stand before this temple and in your presence for your name 's in the Temple and cry out to you in our affliction and you will hear and saying now here the people of Ammon Moab the mouse here you would not let Israel invade when they came out of the land of Egypt but they turn from them and did not destroy them here they are rewarding us by coming to throw us out your possession which you given us to inherit and in verse twelve is a golden verse are so our God will not judge them we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us nor do we know what to do but our eyes are upon you let's look at that firm notice he doesn't speak of the problem first he speaks of the power of God a fulfilled promises along the way remembering how he is delivered and guided in the past too often I think our prayer time is just kind of the rehearsal of our problems we fit them all in there and we just jump right in without first praising God and knew he is his power his my his faithfulness for his lavish mercy his grace for his life for his death for his resurrection is our Creator Redeemer sustainer has our forever friend there's so much we can brazen for there so much we can be thankful for Antonio Starr our prayers that way can we just go straight into all Lord you know the situation you know these people you know the person I does this in the hospital you know what the doctors and said and we rehearse and we rehearse out you are our problems all numbers so my only job I really feel worse when we got on her knees is that the idea of prayer and in those moments are we not forgetting who are trained to the God of the universe is all powerful and mighty and strong to say and we forget that we forget the all and the ravens the holy holy holy God that we break you how we does rehearse our problems and we can wear down when restored Jehoshaphat shows a different way he's claiming God 's promises his power his strength he says we have no idea what to do were clueless how do I give politicians do that well it is Isis group we don't know what your plan we don't have one passion for later I don't know we don't know what to do but our eyes are upon you I'm about you but I just love enough if we think about these things in our time you would think that you have brought together a private counsel they begun is that positive rate maybe it brought together his advisors if you will send the key people but no he doesn't either he throws open the doors of the palace everybody comes women children never but any braces fair to everybody he's not politicking is not posturing is not trying trying to pretend away plan and we have planned the piece not going to the decorated war generals insane fire the F-16s get out the armored vehicles ready to go home I know I'm as high as one wit is menopause and pray Lord you have done we need to come after us really designing ourselves blessed as we pray amen he doesn't take that approach but throws open the doors to all the people and together they petition the Lord had some pretty incredible humility yes before everyone unashamedly powerless no network clueless but her eyes are on him we go back and pick a team member to claim the promises of God first thing you do is pray immediately secondly claim the promises of God one timely promise in your time of tragedy can be a lifeline and you claim that promise over and over and over and over like a stair railing to apply to let go you hang on with all your might with all your tenacity that might be some skeptics here today that say will of course he would go that route he has many other options this guy is a man of faith he's just desperate twenty one Adam balls dropping what are the atom bombs on what you need a friend by the different prompting James page one ninety eight says this for years he'd been strengthening his armies and is fortified cities for years with his wife says he was well prepared that last-minute friends you often run because you haven't been able to study you lost your blog this is a death eater in other programs he offer him his last ditch effort and this may want one please help me is that he says he was well-prepared to meet almost any slow yet in this crisis he put not his trust in the arm of you couldn't intend to do something different but he does that brings us to key number three is only refuge was in God and God alone could pick up the story in verse thirteen all Judah with their little ones their wives and their children stood before the Lord here we have this picture of kind of helplessly waiting on the Lord and in verse fourteen in the spirit of the Lord came upon to hazy eldest son of Zechariah and he gives this message we read in verse fifteen yard place we see him mentioned in Scripture but the message from the Lord and he set person to listen all you get all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and he became jealous of that dust says the Lord to you do not be afraid or dismay because of this great multitude for the battle is not yours but Scott's tomorrow lowdown against them they will surely come up by his you will find them in the end of the run for the wilderness of L'Oreal you will not need to fighting this battle position your selves standstill and see the salvation of the Lord that phrasing is almost identical to Moses and the racing experience and he tells them standstill and see the salvation of Lord we have mountains and people maybe that we have this waterfront is no place for us to go and I says stand still and see the salvation of the Lord your you translate that same phrase as I be quiet you're going to panic mode yet is coming in them as I really like will be quite piecemeal watch and see how the Lord will deliver see the salvation of Lord who is with you O Judah and Jerusalem do not fear or be dismayed tomorrow out against them for the Lord is with you that was good news don't be afraid stand still God can make away when there is no way you believe that again there may be a guiding voice out there that says I must be nice you pray profit comes in where the Lord cancers can be benign your little long and healthy life else that yours is the Lords don't fear don't be discouraged in the phone must be nice becoming a claim the same promises this morning sure not as a high strategy no life that allows it and if I surrender everything to e-mail him it's his battle and I do get a standstill in faith and trust in the Lord and I can know that the Lord is with me through so far and I know that God will bring in about for my salvation I just don't know the timing if I'm sick and I'm dying I can know that it's God 's will to heal me I just don't know when he made he immediately made he gradually over time and may not be until the resurrection morning but I can know it is God 's will to heal I can knows he has my best interests at heart the battle belongs to the Lord therefore I can choose biphasic to not be afraid I can choose by faith and not be dismayed I can choose by faith to stand still and to be quite trusting that the God that I know and love truly has my best interest at heart and that even this reviewing page four eighty nine I read this to you all the four but says he was imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ whatever comes to him comes by so I comes from the Savior who surround him with his presence nothing can touch him or her except why the Lords permission I don't vacuum and to me that's good news and nothing me ASAP for my God permission and you may not cause I'm really double causes it but he still allows it any continues on all our suffering and sorrows all our temptations and trials how many all all of our sufferings and sorrows all of our temptations and trials all our sadness and grief on our persecutions and private agencies in short all things work together for our good all experiences and circumstances are not for men whereby good is brought to us let that settle in all of these terrible I will try to come across your life and mine are God 's work many doesn't cause and that he allows it and if we allow he will allow that the changes in transform us for our own good and yet incredibly good news whenever messenger Satan comes to me whenever messenger Satan comes to you here's incredibly good news God is going to use as a tool as a workman to bring good to you to continue on the story verse eighteen and Jehoshaphat down his head with his face to the ground and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the Lord worshiping the Lord of the anniversary ideas as they stood up to pray the Lord God of Israel and voices loud and hot and we had the famous verse verse twenty in the end it says believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established believe his prophets and you shall prosper trusting the word from the Lord trust in the promises of God trust that he sees he can from the beginning that his daughter about your thoughts and ways are higher than your ways they'll never leave your offer thank you that you are in fact the apple of his tragedy strikes and was sent to me we prayers prayed skulls brimming he claims the promises of God he realizes his only refuge is God and he trusts God and believes in his profits and Leslie he moves forward in faith mostly those verse twenty one and when we had a consultant with the people he appointed a efficient sing to the Lord this is the choir should praise the beauty and the holiness as they went out before the Army was more strategy game over to get the choir would have run a relevant and things on their best songs and working on some really good ones that are inspiring and negative yeah in front of the tanks in front of the armored vehicles in front of everything else and in an appraisal or as we march forward in faith the battle belongs to the Lord and we don't forget that's required is for excuse making this is not usual notes no that's what women do sir yes sir so they're saying and praising the Lord for his mercy endures forever first twenty ten now when they began to saying and to praise the Lord set ambushes against the people of MR Moab and now senior who had come against unit and they were defeated first twenty three for the people him on the model stood up against the inhabitants amounts year to utterly kill and destroy them and when they had made an end of the inhabitants of sphere they help to destroy one another so they start fighting each other first twenty four so when Julie came to place overlooking the wilderness they look toward the monthly and they were dead bodies upon the earth no one had escaped her son acquires going out everybody's Martino were trusting the Lord and we get to this spot I miss everybody just goes and he looked down and now one is is is not your battle to fight the battle belongs to the Lord imagine your downtown houses haven't got it he said he would do it and get things in three days recover all the loot and then they go back praising God and to go back to the Temple and they praise God and allow the last verses of this section year bursaries is in the realm of dollars of that was quiet for God gave him rest all around rest friends God can make away when there is no need to do the unthinkable yes the battle truly was the Lords as you may be thinking that always looked that way there's always layout just like about six months ago a result more than that Christmas time our youngest James who was born June twenty five last year he just kind of plateau and he stopped growing any stocking Wade and his motor skills just kind of work on pop-ups and Italy had other kids before and some of them behind in this area and some of them behind in that area and you know what you get some of that analysis got how works and eventually works out everything is fine well by spraying we noticed something is really not right here he still has maintained that same rally still sixteen pounds his development really has increased you still sleeping way too much and you start doing this thing where he throw up a lot of his nourishment sometimes you get a nice good breakfast and then he lives in all unsolved process began maybe millet that processes like doctor after doctor after doctor test after test and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with that this doctor seems to think everything 's okay this one thinks it could be really bad well we went to see a pediatric neurologist and he did an MRI painted an EEG is where they hook his head up to about fifty seventy out of the wires to see if his brain when he has had a brainwave so they say but MRI showed an abnormality in the white matters are right white matter there's gray matter to me on this matter so that was alone what is this abnormality in the in the white matter mean an event of rain issue had he really thinks that there we went to our pediatricians he says I can think of a lot of people out of my head he gotten that same report back and they're fine I can think of three right now on maybe that's nothing to be carefully concerned about and then we went to see genetic snacks than they do more blood in a medicine that off to test for some sixty other things that will know the results in about two months gay so in the meantime as were waiting we go to see gas fill intern and draw distance if I have that right basically to study that the digestion and all those kind of things in he seemed to think that everything looked like it was going free well are our pediatrician along the way had prescribed something that was healthy and not throw out the evening when calories and by this time he is starting to slowly gain little bit of weight and so when we went to the gastroenterologists he said well you know it may be the aegis was anemic how is he needed maybe it was affecting these of that very well could affect the development and now he'll be on the up and up and he said Yamaha really describe this any kind of wind circles for low back trying to stay in a nice way wouldn't offend us maybe just overprotective parents I hope that doesn't offend this at all we need finding Armageddon fans that means that finishers and a week later we got the genetics report back that James has an extremely rare home help me under the variant thank you very rare variant of Alexander disease glaciers he doesn't have valid vanities is a variant of Alexander disease what is happening well if you look at Alexander disease was interesting in half it's pretty careful fatal using within the first few years especially negative so young and there's no treatment and there's no sure as just kind of help and be as comfortable as possible as these myelin sheath in the brain you doctors can join correct when I'm trying to say but somehow there's some protein fibers that hold that some of the firing that happens in the brain they start your rate in this kind of starts to fall apart but yet visited he doesn't have a very busy this is not a diagnosis is a very now Tennessee's only affects one in five hundred cases I think since it was discovered in nineteen forty nine James Marion is only two other people individual never has very talk about rare I did the math one day James and the two hundred thousand times more likely to be struck by lightning didn't have his very so we look at the case studies of the other two people that have this variant and basically it suspicious that he might develop that Alexander disease he might have a lipodystrophy it might be fatal but he might be just fine we don't know I reloaded the other two cases and and those don't look too good but James is exhibit all the same symptoms as those two cases out there is a yellow larger head nurse seizure activity any dozen handles so when we don't turtle we don't have any encounters with a diagnosis we know a nest where we are today as on the meantime they say would we really are out of things to do we just have to wait and see what happens because it is Elizabeth and I have that same variant is out the good news were semi- normal maybe to be semi normal to but we don't have it and so that's the emotional roller coaster that we've been on what is the future look like how we plan me at this point James is still very much behind he's still very much under way to development is is improving but very very slowly at this point we should be walking around and doing a lot more tolerant thing they give you rest but you put a nice another fifteen month old and you see very quickly there's some some major differences there systematically think he may be just fine he may be normal and we pray they held is some mighty thing for the Lord and other days we think he's not normal he just absolutely normal and I comes down to some of these verses Lord we have no power over this we don't know what to do but our eyes are on you and Sullivan a prey really find promises when a trust in the fact that only you are our refuge and strength and we fully trusting every day we give James over the Lord and say he's yours we move forward in faith you may be wondering and we have an anointing service plan for him and not a legal business and happen to be able to be here and my parents can come up in suburban have a private service at our house it is further place this in God 's hands but in the meantime we just live every day we enjoy the four beautiful children that he's given us and we don't know how this will play out yes we're talking about the games but our prayer at the core is gone we want whatever you want we want this to bring honor and glory to your name however you see fit however it will bring you the most glory whether you feel him and he does great things for you or whether you use him in this process became Jonathan maybe others around us we trust our trying to look at the baby scheme of things I mean think about eternity we had this sliver of time as some of the Pathfinders this week which would you rather have a really bad stomachache I mean violent stomachache for two hours and then after that will give you fifty billion dollars or you know what everyone on right is any different art art art life is the short and we are told that when we can see the end from the beginning when God explains everything to us was a godly warfare you were just were true we wouldn't want it any other way I see how you use this in him for this investment is enough thank you so much so we just have to keep trusting in the Lord and please understand and know that I'm fully aware that there are very difficult situations in this congregation there are some here this morning that I know are going to things that are far worse and when I'm describing but be assured that God loves you that he cares for you and that God has already purchased your and my ultimate good on Calvary and that he promises all of us a better existence and in light of eternity this is nothing this is a blink of an eye and assuming your pain doesn't isn't real that if you don't feel pain and you don't cry you do that by faith you know that God is in control Jesus two by faith he knew he would rise again because disciples that but when the moment came and he felt the burden of your sin and my sin upon his shoulders three times we see Jesus thanking God to take it away this is too much I can do is not your will but not my will but yours be done the design ethos he could not see beyond the portals of it to think about at that moment he only had faith in the one he could not see beyond and he thought this is it for me I will be crushed my life will be snuffed out at this moment that very same moment he thought each one of you even it was just he and he said I would rather never live again not have standing to not have others of you in heaven said I'd rather not my will Richard rather ceased to exist at the love that I can understand that I can't make sense of but I can respond to write as a loyal understand the situation I'm going through but that's okay because I know you I know what you're like and I trust you fully you are my refuge and my string of very present help in trouble therefore I will not fear even though the earth be removed and on the mountains be carried in the midst of the sea I will choose to be still and know that you are God and my prayers is the result of other nations that you will be extolled in the earth and you alone I trust so maybe there's some here that feel like you just landed on the rear door of the plane in your being sucked out I challenge you to hang on hang on don't let go because God will see you through your holy father we too following means that Jehoshaphat laid out for us he was not perfect he made his share of mistakes but in this instance he got it right Lori want to pray and continue to lift up our situations to you each and every day we want to continue to praise you for the incredible and vast blessings that you have poured out upon us and how our ultimate good is secure in Christ that we have the hope of a better day and how the creator of the universe can re-create our hearts and our bodies we just praise you for all the good that you encompass and that you are we also recognize that in this situation we've come forward you just know we don't know what to do we are powerless but her eyes are on you you are refuge you are strength and solar we need that strength we need your power we need your piece to help us to move forward in faith and so we now have to clean you with all our mind until one day Jesus name we pray you are a media was brought by audio for a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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