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The Beatitudes of Revelation- Do You Hear What I Hear?

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio



  • October 18, 2014
    11:30 AM
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for him to eat his dude test time going through the Bible and Steve in today's complex defeat him to him to a not not talking about some shallow pan fry your little select a oil in the pan on talking about deep frying in my younger years I worked at many restaurants and even worked at McDonald's and I've done my fair share of deep frying the once well working at a restaurant as a manager I was walking to the front of the restaurant from the backroom and unbeknownst to me old worker was cleaning the friar he had emptied the hot oil into a deep pan is you have to clean the fryer while the wireless hot one a deep pan happened to be sitting on top of a five gallon bucket as I came around the corner I do not see this hand and five gallon bucket and I'm not could pay off the bucket and the Orioles fell on my feet and on the floor I begin to feel the heat of that while penetrating my shoes the worker begins rolling scoops of ice onto the floor onto my feet while I hurriedly tried to remove my shoes thankfully I did not get burnt I only began to just feel the power of the heat that three hundred and thirty five degrees one hundred and twenty three degrees Fahrenheit hotter than boiling water however did you know that the oil will also boil it's true olive oil boils at three hundred and seventy five degrees Fahrenheit sesame oil at four twenty oil at four hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit corn oil at four seventy five soybean oil at four hundred and ninety five degrees Fahrenheit and safflower oil at five hundred and ten degrees in fact when you're heating oil to these types of temperatures they reached a flashpoint long before they boil this is when we'll begins to vaporize into the year and it becomes combustible and be made to ignite for a moment even more interesting is the fact that as oil reaches its boiling point in many cases it will reach what's called the fire point this is the point where the oil will ignite and the fire and the flames are sustained across the surface about oil now it may seem a little hard to grasp temperatures of this magnitude the apostle John found himself facing these types of temperatures in the first century A.D. the practice of Emperor worship was very common for Roman emperors to demand in fact the study of history reveals that this was the case with the Emperor of Rome at the time of the writing of the book of Revelation his name was doomed mission and he demanded worship many Christians died in their defiance of the Emperor 's command to worship him and those deaths were often executed in very gruesome and heinous ways there is not an eyewitness account of the event that I'm about to describe just simply a written record into we both of history was to go back in time to the first century A.D. all the other apostles of Jesus had died except for the apostle John I imagine in my own mind that the apostle John was leading people to Christ assisting the church to grow by leaps and bounds when a knock came on the door and the door was thrown open by the Roman soldiers I can picture as they dragged John from his Ephesus home to prison where he was condemned as a heretic unless he submitted to sprinkling some salt on the altar in honor of the Emperor donation course child refused to blaspheme his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and worship the emperor so as he waited in that lonely cell I can only imagine the things that ran through his mind he was alone all the original apostles had been martyred or died but any feelings of loneliness I'm sure were short-lived as his fake strong then the day came when the guard came the Emperor may have been there in the crowds we don't know but I imagine he came to see his kingdom finely created itself of the remnant of Christ's original twelve disciples the crowds are cheering as Sean is led to his fate a huge black cauldron the wood was all around it the fire had been stoked as hot as it could and inside that cauldron was loyal and it was boiling I'm sure flashing flames across the surface as those temperatures of the oil likely exceeded four hundred degrees Fahrenheit Sean was a lad he was led to some type of platform given a last opportunity to change his mind but it would not be then in one fail swoop he was cast into that pot of boiling oil and as the crowds cheered something happen the cheering begin to quiet too quiet to us still silence as everyone gasped in amazement John simply splitting the oil with visible boiling hot four hundred degrees oil not affecting him one bit I don't know for sure but I can imagine it was just like that scene Shadrach new shack and Abednego in the book of Daniel chapter three one like the Son of Man was standing in his midst John was unscathed not burnt nothing I can only imagine the theory of the Emperor waxing hot as he saw John unaffected who knows how they got John out of this oil he probably had to just get himself out it would've been too hot for anyone else to touch as he exited that cauldron there is no doubt that all the people knew that they weren't dealing with just any man hear and sell knowing that they probably wouldn't be able to kill him he was banished banished to the rock mining island of this he would be condemned to die there as a physical labor mining rock could attend as a criminal to die it's on that lonely island of Patmos that we will journey coming weeks because it was while John was on that island that the apostle John was given a vision as the Bible says in Revelation chapter one verses one and two it was a very special vision the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his Angel to his servant John who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw did you hear those words with the revelation of Jesus Christ the world revelation in the Greek is the Greek word apocalypses which means the unveiling it when you feel something it means that you're concealing it or your disguising it to all avail means to disclose to reveal to draw back the curtain to all my friends in the Christian world who claim that the book of Revelation is a sealed book which cannot be understood even the title of the book itself disagrees with such a claim this book is to be understood because it itself is an unveiling but it's not just any unveiling is the revelation of Jesus Christ given by God the father passed on to Jesus and then given to an angel a name given to the apostle John to write down in his Word so it serves and asked what is it that has been revealed right here in verse one it tells us it says what must shortly take place in many of us know this already but the book of Revelation is a revealing it's an unveiling in we will what must take place soon as so often we get so lost in all the talk of the churches and the beasts and the trumpets and the seals in the funders and the plagues that we lose the whole point of the book of Revelation and banners that it is right feeling what what must soon take place to bring about the second coming of Jesus Christ throughout the whole book of Revelation the evidence of Christ's return is the theme is the dominant theme of the book is that Jesus Christ waves and Satan loses we must never wins our focus when studying or reading about such matters this book clarifies that the soon coming of Jesus 's return and it calls for a people to prepare to meet him we must never lose sight of this and if there be any question John wants to further clarify that matter by stating in verse two who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ to all things that he saw let us remember as we studied this book as we study the word of God and the testimony of Jesus that is to say these are cause words we are reading and these words which we read and study are the testimony of Jesus as well as the testimony about Jesus that is returned to continue to verse three we get to the heart of the message today and preparation for our series the next six weeks notice what first recess blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near there you heard the last word the last is a word that literally means to be joyful or to be made happy it is the same word is used over and over again by Jesus in the sermon on the Mount the Beatitudes as they are known in fact in Revelation one three it is the first of seven times the word blessed is used those blessings pronounced in the book of Revelation these blessings which we will call for our series the Beatitudes of revelation the first of seven Beatitudes in Revelation in the book of Matthew in the sermon on the Mount Jesus pronounced a blessing 's or eight Beatitudes now here the book of Revelation he pronounces seven Beatitudes fitting is it it fits with the theme of seven that is throughout the book of Revelation seven candlesticks seven spirits seven stars seven churches seven seals seven trumpets seven funders seven plagues here seven blessings or seven Beatitudes the number seven signifies perfection or completeness it leads me to conclude that if we are to heed the counsel of these seven beatitudes of revelation then we might find ourselves perfectly blast now again Revelation one three the first of the seven beatitudes of revelation when he read it one more time Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written in it for the time is near in this beatitude there are three blessings addressed so let's look at each one first blessed is he who reads that we need to understand the historical context here John wrote the book of Revelation as a letter this letter would have been sent to the churches and all those churches listed in chapters two and three Ephesus smear it on purpose five Tyra Sardis Philadelphia and Laodicea when the letter arrived someone appointed by the church would then read that letter publicly before the church undoubtedly this person would be blessed personally by their public reading of the book of Revelation however beyond that Jesus would also anticipated time for believers to read this book just in reading it there would be unsure why there would be a happiness there would be a blessing received by reading it but more than reading the blessing continues and that second blessing is this blessed are those who hear this word here in the Greek is the Greek word a cool it literally means content listening this is not merely a casual background type of noise but rather an intent opening of the mind it means to listen with comprehension the message given John by Jesus is that there will be joy there will be happiness for those that read those that listen and those they comprehend the book of Revelation but then there's one more blessing to keep in mind that is the third blessing of this first beatitude of revelation blessed are those who keep those things which are written in the what is it mean to keep the Greek English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature helps us understand the depth of this word is defined as guarding retaining custody off to preserve to all deserve to obey and to play close attention to not only is there a reading not only is there a listening with comprehension and understanding but then there is it doing observing obeying guarding preserving friends it is not enough to read or hear but we need to act upon that which we learn a number of any original implies the disobedience or this observing is continual or habitual Beadle Shanes world these words in the book of James chapter one verses twenty three to twenty four for if anyone is a hero the word and not a doer he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror for he observes himself goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was friends there needs to be action in the Christian life if we read listen and say one thing but do another one where we were hypocritical as the text says is like looking in a mere and then forgetting what you look like the book of Revelation is a call to God 's people to be people of integrity people who speak and people who asked the same way that is a blessing on what same to the individual and a blessing to the community around them why is a blessing the text ends with these words for the time is near the coming of Jesus Christ is near France the blessing to someone who reads hears and does the words of revelation it will help them to be ready for the return of Jesus friends we don't have time to play games with God we must complete witness list we must study we must understand then most importantly we must act upon it and do what he calls us to do the book of Revelation is the unfailing of the beautiful plan of salvation of Jesus Christ the book of Revelation unveils the beautiful character of Jesus the book of Revelation unveils the end of the story God wins seat loses we need to reheat listen and obey the words of this book my favorite Christian author writes these words in a book by the title education with a real love for the Bible is awakened and the student begins to realize how fast is the field and how precious its treasure he will desire to seize upon every opportunity for acquainting himself with God 's word its study will be restricted to no special time or place and this continuous study is one of the best means of cultivating a love for the Scriptures let the student keep his Bible always with him as you have opportunity reader text and meditate upon it while walking the streets waiting at a railway station waiting to meet and engagement improve the opportunity to gain some precious thoughts from the house truth friends the first beatitude of revelation the first blessing of Revelation is to be someone who reads or listens practices what this book says we be such a person will you make a commitment today to Jesus to be someone who reads listens to base if you're willing he promises he will be the last friends is only by his grace only by his grace that we can so let us by his grace BMP who read listen and do her honor around time is now I will find an and him a him a him he and I do you and him in him he and he and I and and and and him being man and he is in my mind and him him moving in a and him him him him him and seven Beatitudes of revelation in his first beatitude calls us to be people who reads to missing and then back on one have read and listen to we know that we can do it on her own power we can know we can do it by own strength as we ask that by your grace to give us the strength by your mercy he would give us the strength to move forward to reading to listen and act upon the words of this book of Revelation we want to receive the blessing you have in store for them so when faced with forwarding commit ourselves to do it thank you Lord that you sent this message in Jesus name amen used to do for the book of Revelation is a book that many people make very complicated but the overarching message is very simple Jesus wins St. Vincent 's and those who read listen and act on his word will be on the side of Jesus and will win with her today we offer to you a special set of Bible study lessons called focus on profits through the focus on prophecy lessons you will be able to read study and understand the book of Revelation shares the information they move to receive those free lessons to requested a dog or just log on to www. Canada .ca and www. leaders written in under .ca and selected TV program that for Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and posted a reviewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer you may call toll-free at one eight eight eight I IW beds one eight eight eight called by IW called any time lines are open twenty four hours daily that's one eight eight eight call I IW or if you wish you may write to us at it is written Fox twenty ten Oshawa Ontario L1 eight seven six there is a lesson ensuring an understanding God 's words there is still light and happiness reading his word and acting sometimes with the revelation can be challenging to understand that it is written Canada were committed to helping you understand the revelation and the entire Bible Lu encouraged to go to our website it is intended see him here you can find a number of resources to help your understanding of the Scriptures and to walk with Jesus also invite you to our YouTube channel YouTube .com five Canada and their online archives of our program I thank you so much from watching the program I would ask you to join us next week until then remember it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds about a him and him to


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