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The Beatitudes of Revelation- What's Your Legacy?

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio



  • October 25, 2014
    11:30 AM
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for him to eat his dude is time gone the Bible student in today's complex defeat him to him to a night when she distinguished me today in the program but how would you react if I read these words and I say always back to the raw new Leones Groff phone timeline wholly white boy and silly I then is RT night and they told him he may when none time optional on the arm and drama will stay home does that make any sense to you and know unless you try this one is on the phone so they say no dissent ten minutes the screen may not want to see a domino more in toward a mold for John DC services sought on Århus swings Oberon and then it will run to announce that help at all no what's the matter have you not brush up on your frequently maybe not your Latin is actually I don't speak Latin then have probably done a very poor job of reading it what I write you in both cases was Revelation fourteen thirteen first in the koine Greek what the New Testament was originally written in and then I read in Latin the predicament of not understanding the Scriptures that you just experienced just a moment ago is the same predicament of all of England in the sixteenth century and before there was an old Bible readily available in English only John Wickliffe had translated it into English but that was handwritten and not so easily attainable soul for the common people their only source of truth and the word of God was through the clergy got in about fifteen twenty all into the scene became a Roman Catholic priest could been educated at Oxford University and Cambridge he believed that all men should be able down the Scriptures in their native tongue he sympathized with the principles of the Reformation and his preaching put them at odds with many in the clergy his name was William Tyndale he is often not recognized for his contributions in the Reformation some scholars however refer to him as the father of the English Reformation or some as the apostle to England he believed that God had called him to bring to the people of England the Bible in English so William Tyndale went to the Bishop of London Cuthbert Tunstall to request the blessing of the church in his translation however no such blessing was to be given so Kendall feeling convicted by God translated anyways he was financed for this age this project by a good friend of his who is also important merchant Sir Humphrey Monmouth once over dinner while arguing with another priest the priest taunted Tindall with the statement we are better to be without God 's law then the Pope 's Tyndale was so infuriated by this priest that he replied I defy the Pope and all his laws if God spare my life bear many years I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the Scriptures then you because the situation is far too dangerous and England Tyndale knew that he must move his base of operation and translating somewhere else it is difficult to know exactly where tech into the wind and where he did all of his work because he was a master of hiding and moving before the authorities to find them however what is clear is that Kindle visited Hamburg in Wittenberg Germany where in Wittenberg he met with Martin Luther the Tyndale continued his work of translation until finally finally he began to print that Bible somewhere in Cologne his friend Humphrey Monmouth continue to finance him and helps get the Bibles into England by smuggling them in on grain shipments as the word of God began to spread and cause great anxiety among the clergy as well as the political leadership of the country King Henry VIII who was the king of England at the time was embroiled in a controversy himself he is married his dead brother 's wife Catherine of Aragon who would produce no male heir to the throne so he was going about trying to get a divorce and to get the Pope to allow that divorce it was a big mess as it was in the political setting the big English Bible made inroads to England now while I first came Henry was very enchanted with Tyndale we found out the Kindle would not support his divorce claims he was infuriated but meanwhile Tyndale continued to translate and print the English Bible in fifteen twenty five the English New Testament was finished and made its way all across England Tyndale continued his work and United 's efforts with the people like Sean Brett and Miles Coverdale and work began on the Old Testament and all was going well meanwhile back home in London a new bishop came Bishop Stokes he was a cruel man who wanted one thing more than any other and that was the capture of William Tyndale Tyndale was a difficult man to find because he knew that many were seeking after his life he was working in Long 's and the completion of the Old Testament was to come soon and while working there Tyndale had found a new friend who helped a great deal Henry Phillips who was also an Englishman one day as Henry and William were returning from a church service where William has preached Henry insisted upon buying lunch for William Tyndale as they walked soldiers came capturing William thinking his friend to be in grave danger he called for Henry to run but Henry simply replied this is the man unbeknownst to William Tyndale he had been betrayed by Henry Phillips who is been financed by Bishop Stokes Lane Wii Nintendo was taken to the billboard in the Castle in Belgium where state prisons let me read to you the charges that went against to know first he maintains that faith alone justifies second he maintains that the believe in the forgiveness of sins and to embrace the mercy offered in the gospel is an offer salvation third he asserts that human traditions cannot bind the conscience except where their neglect might occasion scandal forth he affirms the freedom of the well fixed he denies that there is any purgatory sixth he affirms that neither the Virgin nor the Saints pray for us in their own person seventh he asserts that neither the version or the Saints should be invoked by us tenderly been labeled a heretic and October the sixth fifteen thirty six William Tyndale was strangled and then burned at the stake he died a martyr 's death trying to bring the Bible to the common people in the common life which in fifteen thirty seven miles Coverdale finished the work of William Tyndale and the entire English Bible made its way across England this time with this stamp of the approval of the King did Tyndale Bible was such a good translation that was the foundation for the work for the King James Bible which was commissioned in sixteen eleven William Tyndale he was a man willing to die for his faith a man willing to die to bring the word of God to the common people like you to open your Bibles to revelation the fourteen chapter and verse thirteen rebel fourteen and verse thirteen then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me right blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on yes says the spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them a simple and concise statement pronouncing blessing on those who die in the Lord and as we look at this text I would like to point out three items of interest first the phrase in the Lord the first blessing is pronounced on those who die in the Lord the Greek word and can be translated within among all the point is this those who have their full trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died before his return are blessed and I want you to notice the context of this passage in just the previous burst in Revelation fourteen twelve listen to these words such year is the patience of the saints here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus those who die in the Lord for those who die for the Lord are those who would intrude to him by having their faith in the reality that we are saved by our faith in him and the fruit of their faith is obedience to Jesus Christ sometimes the idea of faith is made to be very complicated however doesn't need to be complicated the word in Greek for faith and the Greek word for beliefs are actually the same exact words it is the word to stay well the Bible is quite simple and defines faith in Hebrews Chapter 11 and in verse one and this is what it says in Hebrews eleven verse one now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen the one substance could be translating competence or foundation so let's waited again with one of those other definitions now faith is the foundation of things hoped for the evidence of the things not seen in him Jesus can be summarized by saying that he is the very foundation he is the very substance he is the very essence of who you are being in the Lord literally means to be in him your very nature is so much into him that you become like him so Fred are you all about Jesus is Jesus your very foundation is Jesus your very substance that's what the call of the second beatitude of Revelation it's not the second piece of that second blessing is actually not found in the text in fact it is a glaring omission that once you notice what the text says it says that those who die in the Lord are now resting from their labors the text does not say blessed are they who die in the Lord for now they reside in paradise with Jesus it is this glaring omission that I find a very important for us to look at and we just completed an entire series is heading for real where we covered that topic and you can go to our website it is written Canada .ca and there you can find that entire series but it would seem to me that when we speak of being blessed for being in the Lord we would want to be present with the greatest and nicest gifts that we could receive you want to be present with Jesus and since we know that eternal life in the paradise of heaven is the eventual destination of those were found in the Lord why does the text essay blessed are those who die in the Lord for now they are in paradise we know the answer is because the Bible is quite clear from cover to cover that when a person dies they go to the rest awaiting the resurrection ecclesia asked each chapter nine in verse five for the living know that they shall die but the dead know not anything neither have they any more reward for the memory of them is forgotten and in solemn Chapter six in an verse five Psalm six and verse five the Bible says this for in death there is no remembrance of the end of grave who shall give me thanks friends over and over again the Bible clearly points out that death is a totally unconscious state of being where we await the coming of the Lord but the question could be asked why is it a blessing to be dead in the Lord Isaiah chapter fifty seven Isaiah chapter fifty seven and verse one answers that question the righteous parishes and no man takes it to heart merciful letter take away while no one considers that the righteous is taken away from evil there is a blessing to those who were fallen asleep in Jesus because they had been taken away from the evil of this world and they simply await the return of Jesus the third piece of this beatitude our blessing of revelation is that their works follow them this point is intimately tied to point number one and two Shia person who is in the Lord will have works that follow them in other words they have a legacy to the legacy of William Tyndale is that the Bible was in the language of the common people that's why we have a Bible in English today the legacy of Martin Luther King is justification by faith alone the legacy of John Wesley 's sanctification by faith and that list could go on and on but here is the key question that we must consider in this second beatitude of revelation what is your legacy was the legacy of this generation what should be the legacy of this generation now I don't know exactly but I do have some ideas how a legacy like this that this generation would build a legacy of renewing faith in the Scriptures that the statistics are difficult to come by for Canada alone but when we look at the statistics for a belief in the Bible they are startling and don't give heed to a good legacy in the United States forty nine percent of those in the US don't believe that the Bible is totally accurate sixty five of those who have no religious affiliation say that Satan is not a living being but just simply some symbol of evil fifty seven percent state that a good person can earn his or her way into heaven fifty one percent assert that when Jesus Christ lived on the earth he committed sins but even more startling are the statistics of those who are members of the church and claim to be Christians seven percent believe that God is the total realization of personal human potential fifteen percent say God is no longer involved why I read one margin sixty four to twenty two percent Christian adults said that truth is always relative to the person and the situation four percent of Christian said that they had consulted a medium or a spiritual advisor within the past month sixty one percent of Christian adults view gambling as morally acceptable behavior friends what will be our legacy will our legacy be a people who are hypocrites who say one thing and then do another of people worried about their own personal business and material possessions and not worried at all about Christ's kingdom of people who have no time to witness for Jesus by living a loving Christ centered life what will be your legacy what will be my seeing William Tyndale died trying to bring the word of God to everyone he was fulfilling the gospel commission is very essence is very foundation was preaching the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ she knew he would die but he knew that his legacy would last on as William Tyndale was being tied to the stake stake upon which he would be burned his last words were these Lord opened the King of England's arts it was his very essence we to all know that if the Lord doesn't come first we will die what is it that we are all about what will we be known by what will be our legacy what is our very essence of what is our foundation frontiers to be no it's not too late to change it's not too late for us to strive to be a legacy like that of our fore fathers will you join me today in consecrating your life to be like Jesus and to leave a legacy to be someone who was found in him in Jesus and whose legacy and influence is positive for the kingdom of God the Beatitudes of Revelation promise that you will be blessed by leaving such a legacy Jesus my Jesus I love to see is one you can give you an extra to leave Second Life now in a team on time I will I mean on hand and I and will he and I man is time I had him a time him a him he is on her I will and will I and him and I and him I will follow you your son Jesus because we know that it is through hand through his grace to his mercy through his strength that we can be in and that we then can be a legacy that will benefit a York Lord we want to be one of the people who authors as most of you have we want to be people who are known for their love of Jesus so change your moments and maintenance in a this is our prayer in Jesus name amen and are the will is the book of Revelation is a blessing to read blessings understand and a blessing to follow the leading of Jesus will offer you today a free set of lessons called focus on prophecy it'll help me understand the book of Revelation better and to become more like Jesus and follow him every day of your life here's the information in Jerusalem remains free offer to requested a dropper just log on to www. edition written Canada .ca and www. theaters written Canada .ca and some TV programs out to Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage-paid reviewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer you may call toll-free at one eighty day call I IW that's one eight eight eight called by IW called any time lines are open twenty four hours daily that's one eight eight eight call I IW or if you wish you may write to us at Butte is written box twenty ten off to Ontario L1 age seventy four thank you for your prayer request in your generous financial support that it is written box twenty ten awesome Ontario one eight seventy four the revelation of Jesus Christ literally feel this book that so many say is a hard to understand is actually the unveiling ceiling of the true character of chipsets that's what it is from Canada is committed to helping people find a relationship with Jesus Christ and follow I will invite you go to our website it is written Canada CA there are a website you will find a number of resources to help you in your walk of following Jesus you will find a link to our YouTube page where you want all the archive programs also find a link to our Facebook page where the fan like us and then you'll also find a link to twitter where you can follow us on twitter and be updated about what's happening with the Jesus is looking for one no matter what it's friends it's time to get serious with Jesus spent time is worth reading his word study is followed him thank you for joining us today I went join us again next week until then remember him to man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God a learned man I is him and


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