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Crisis At the Close: Gethsemane

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • October 24, 2014
    7:00 PM
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meaning I know you can do better than manual Seventh-day Adventist evening he just had a rousing song service and I appreciate those that let out in that always enjoy seeing how medicines and I feel like on an online medicines but I was feeling we don't sing enough in our church services and zones like to have the song service I am actually just want to make a quick little addition to always arguments that currently the reason why you probably haven't heard of currently does because it's only three hundred fifty people in Carbonite is the smallest of my three churches me about the members there on a good Sabbath but their faithful members are the backbone of the seven finishers Hotmail so pastor a church and carpet in nice Sheboygan which is towards the eastern side of the tip and Petoskey which is on the western side that's it if you ever want to go to a place for a tourist vacation go to Petoskey Michigan and make your way up to Mackinac Island running back and I was a beautiful place it's one of the placement is one of the hitting gyms of Michigan that many people don't know about that when we got the call to come to Michigan I kind of had this this this view of Michigan and maybe you had that Michigan is Detroit and all of this state is Detroit and so we rolled into Petoskey and we thought wow this is this is amazing so one if you do want to go someplace amazing and definitely go to the tip of the five that the state it's a beautiful place and it really looks like this right now this is one of the pictures I took when I was last season but the colors are absently splendid up there this time of year is a good time to come up at all the tourists have moved on on my family was not able to make it tonight but I did want you to meet them I have two children that's why my wife is not here they had to sit in the car for seven half hours today and was you that her parents understand that the sound barrier at home getting a little many will be with us tomorrow this is what the northern part of Michigan looks like about eighty percent of the year and lots of snow up there but we enjoy the snow in the beauty and the symbolism that it represents spiritually so it's a privilege to be with you here this evening and this weekend on and the messages that I have chosen to share with you over the weekend I have to be honest review these messages are probably touched my life the most and all of my time of preaching in ministry and as I look back on my on my spiritual walk with the Lord I find every revival in my life has always started with the last forty eight hours in the life of Christ and I'm kind of having this renewed experience as where as in going through this series with my church members right now so we just kind until you had it timed on next in the middle of putting the series together see you're not getting the whole thing it can end up being about eight parts on the issue with you three and a half of those in our time together here and challenging to continue that study because it is a wonderful study will join closer to Jesus and will help to meet the crisis that is just a force so as was mentioned this entity is a beautiful chapter in the book design majors and that's ordinary starting our study together this evening so I'm going to the bow your heads with me as we start with a word of prayer merciful father in heaven we thank you for the awesome example that you give to us in your precious son the father as we tarry for just a few moments this evening and we watch them in the garden Lord I pray that his experience that we would convict that experience that we would constitute enough to make it a reality in our lives father may your spirit here I pray may chase away any distractions I may speak to our hearts exactly the message that he wants to take home with us tonight thank you father Jesus name in review and Herald August seventeenth eighteen ninety seven hundred and seventeen years ago some of the Lord says this we are nearing the great crisis of this Earth 's history how do you believe that seventeen years ago this was written that we're near a the great crisis of this person speak the word crisis and it's that it's a broad definition but to narrow it down the part I think is applicable for us here this evening is a crisis is a time when I difficult or important decision must be made are we living in a time right now yes or no were living in a time where important and difficult decisions must be made and we just can't make these important and difficult decisions alone as we look at the grade school rescue plan called the plan of salvation that God has so beautifully described to us in his word we find there in his plan of redemption through Christ this says that are going to happen and have happen the first crisis happened at the closing scenes of the life of Christ which were to be focusing on in our study here over the next couple of presentations we look at that time when our salvation and redemption was finally secured in the last forty eight hours of the life of Christ from the him then there is the final prices that will take place at the close on this Earth 's history and between these two crisis is armed many parallels that if you made the astute student of God 's word takes the time to dig them up will find the treasures in the parallels between between these two crisis is here's a passage that were very familiar with the designing page eighty three and one that we've heard many times does this it would be well for suspending fun four hour each day in the contemplation of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and one let the imagination grasp it how seen by seeing she says okay she says we would do well to pick up on a moment to contemplate the closing scenes of the life of Christ especially the closing scene and let the imagination grasping scene by scene especially the closing went and goes on a season is in the final part of the paragraph is one that we don't often read that's usually where we stopped which he concludes that paragraph by saying this if we would be saved at last week money-saving than in you would be saved at last he says we lost learn the lessons of penitence and humiliation where at the foot of the cross this is this is a nonnegotiable she says that we must learn the lessons that are final to our survival in the final prices we must learn the lessons that will be found at the foot of the cross dying to go with me to our theme passage which goes along beautifully with our seats being songs Revelation chapter fourteen this is going to want to send to our study revelation the fourteenth chapter preventing the advice of the servant of the Lord Morgan is spending a few thoughtful hours in the contemplation of the closing scenes of the life of Christ community is challenging a revelation fourteen verse four speaking about the hundred and forty four thousand many characteristics year but let's just focus on one the Bible says this these are they which are not defiled with women for they are virgins meaning they are spiritually pure and is is this is the one I want to focus on these on a witch do what they follow the land where widows soever he go with the Bible tells hundred forty four thousand five Jesus they follow him where ever he goes that's why we sing this song I will follow the my safe here where so and my lot may be we want to follow Christ wherever he goes antenna as we look at the crisis that is just before I was it would do us well to spend a little time looking at how Jesus was successful in his crisis so that we can find the tools necessary so that we can be successful in the crisis that is just before I synthetically than using in one of the most beautifully got passages that I had come to love just recently and you can just jot this down in your notes as first Peter chapter two verse twenty one were to look at a little bit more tomorrow but I just want us to getting here for Peter two twenty one the Bible says for even hereunto were you call because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow his steps no Peter hears when you look at the example I need I was at fault about this for quite some time when I read this passage I looked at in the broad sense that Jesus is our example throughout his life and that is true dear specifically pointing to the suffering of Christ and the closing scenes in the life of Price Headley says that this you are example as we see Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus human flesh is recoiling at the slides of taking upon him the sins of the world are we willing to follow their I see there is a need for trained to his father he will will be done not my will but thine be done I've been willing to follow him there is the angry mom roughly treats him and drags into the place of trial and and and and and and and says things about him that are not true are we willing to follow him there is a false acting accusations are fired at him ten is the final sentence of execution falls upon them from the lives of the pilots are we willing to follow him there is dragged around in the most inhumane way in treating him as in a way with a winning streak in animal feeding him are we willing to follow him there and ultimately as he goes to the cross to die for your sins and from line are we willing to follow him there I will follow the money Savior where some air my lot may be only tells us in review and Herald April twelve eighteen ninety eight she says this we need not wait till we are translated to follow Christ that's a promise that means that we can follow price the forward translator statement so we need not wait until we are translated to follow Christ's people we do this where here me out as a continuation of that promise we shall follow the Lamb of God in the courts above only if we what will follow him here are you following the LAN widow soever he dealt with it for the peculiar characteristics of the hundred and forty four thousand wherever Jesus leads them that's where they go even if it means a trial even if it means the persecution even as it even if it means you also accusations they will follow him wherever he leads them so this evening I asked you the question what do you have in your spiritual toolbox that will help you ease the crisis at the clones what do you have in your spiritual toolbox that will help you means that crisis at the clouds over to look at three tools that were banning it from the life of Jesus and our study together over the next few presentations to start this offer to go to the Garden of Gethsemane and I'd like to go with me in your Bibles if you went to Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six when he began verse thirty six the Last Supper 's already happens Judas is already made his escape for the betrayal is on his way to the priests Jesus and the disciples think the last walk in here they are we find them in the garden then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane and said unto the disciples see here well I go and pray yonder and he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee began to be sorrowful and very heavy then he set up to them my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death Terry here and watch with me then he went a little further and he fell on his face and prayed saying all my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt and he cometh unto the disciples and find them asleep and saith unto Peter why could you not watch with me one hour watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak in my way the second time and prayed saying oh my father if this cup may not pass from me except I drink it I will be done and he came and found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy and if you then and went away again and prayed that time saying the same words then cometh he to his disciples and saith unto them sleep on now and take your rest behold the hours in hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners rights let us be going behold he is at hand that goth betrayed me between the hours of nine o'clock and midnight we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane on Thursday evening he tells his disciples that his heart is sorrowful even unto death and he admonishes them twice to watch and pray lest they enter into Leslie not enter into temptation and he tells them this spirit is willing but your flash is we can see the weakness of the flesh there were the disciples who just can't keep theirs I open three times Jesus comes to the disciples and ten you find them there sleeping in this great time a trial in his life as the salvation of man is this amazing balances in their pleading with his father for grace and restraint to meet the trial is before him he was back and you find them sleeping notes references one that really kind of got me when I read in the first time signs of the time December two eighteen ninety seven you see the tenderness in the humanity of Jesus year she says this at the moment and how were Jesus feeling the need for human sympathy were all thoroughly brown and staggered to the place where he had left the three disciples long to see them as human major concern for human sympathy to you long to hear from the words that would bring him some relief in his suffering but he was one he was disappointed they did not bring to him the help he cried instead they find it then sleeping see the humanity of Christ here teasing his knees praying and asking his father for strength for his will to be done anytime soon the disciples and not necessarily to wake them up on their sleep although he didn't do that but were told he came to the disciples because he was learning the human sympathy and compassion all what a great privilege it would have been to be a disciple of Christ at that time had to be able to encourage and uphold the Savior at the time when he was struggling with the reality and the sins of the world being laid upon him but they let it slip by unimproved deeply disappointed Jesus turns back and he continues the battle there in the garden alone between him and his father now were told something hearing testimonies volume two that I want to bring in at this point page two oh five she says he came to the disciples or to his disciples and found them sleeping their eyes were heavy energies of the findings in this combine these sleeping disciples is represented a want of a sleeping church when the day of God 's visitation is not it is a time of clouds and thick darkness went to be found asleep is most perilous disease it was an you look at the sleeping disciples they are in the Garden of Gethsemane season that represents a church in Palestine and birth history that is what sleeping animated it's unfortunate that we have to say this but many Christians today and dare I say may many Seventh-day Adventists are what we call spiritually sleepwalking write church each week we sing a happy course since we slap each other on the back and we may even therefore feeling good pot luck to socialize with other people but were sleepwalking throughout the week we neglect our time with the Lord throughout the week we don't spend time in the study of God 's word to spend time in our prayer chamber with our loving father in heaven throughout the week maybe we might just have a little time of prayer or little time of Bible study maybe we get impatient with each other and we mean they're sleepwalking in the most perilous time on Earth 's history and in a time when our destiny is hanging in the balance 's nose sleeping disciples represent me Jason Sliger sleepwalking and was paralyzed that is the case she doesn't make this application but I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility if the disciples represent a church that is sleepwalking in the perilous time of earth history the closing scenes in Christ would represent those who are wise training Christ would represent those who are pleading for the strength of the father who are winning battles in the audience chamber with God and I want to follow that example how much you want to follow that example of Jesus the following example the disciples tomorrow afternoon don't miss into three presentation tomorrow afternoon because what we can do is look at the sequel of what was starting here this evening tomorrow afternoon we're going to look at what was the effect for the result of what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane didn't play out in the life of Jesus how does it play out like the disciples and then we will see depending on how you add at this time in Earth 's history it will determine how you will act when the crisis the Republican tomorrow afternoon to you when Mister syllabuses if the disciples represents a church that is sleeping Christ on the other hand represent the church that's awake only tells us in the book design because I don't have this on the screen which he says it wasn't sleeping when Jesus made him watch and pray that Peter prepared the way for his great sin when did you prepare his way when he was sleeping and what was his great sin denying Christ and brothers and sisters is not can it be any different for you if you sleepwalking in your spiritual experience with God he will deny him just like Peter did Peter had good intentions candidacy tomorrow in our study that Peter was willing to fight but he wasn't willing to pray and some of us are willing to be engaged in things in our church willing to be involved in program dwelling incontinence viral viral Willie willing to help out with a church functions and things of that nature but when it comes to winning battles in the audience General God were sleeping when Peter was when the battle comes from the last sort out in the end of doing things that we shouldn't do it was well sleeping that Peter prepare the way for his great sin God help us that we don't follow that example is one tool that when you look at will get free limits in the first laminate can massage out force you to see play out here this evening is that Jesus prayed while others slept as an example one finds that this is the first delivery to put our spiritual delight you probably already had in their but if you don't know how to use a tool tool really doesn't do much good for you right so we learn how to use these tools and and and what I'm learning as I'm growing in my prior experience of God 's prayers more than just coming to God with our requests and our praises if I could put in elementary turn educational terms that elementary school in prayer there's more to prayer than that as it will do this evening as I will look at three characteristics of juices Gethsemane prayer three characteristics of his gets any prayer so first off but with meet you what to verse thirty nine Matthew chapter twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six in verse thirty nine at one that's probably the most obvious but is well worth stating here the Bible says this and he went a little further and he fell on his face and he prayed saying on my father it could be also let this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will but as thou wilt not have been the thing that's always struck me as I've written this prayer here on ECG is his brain for God 's will be done but Jesus did not hesitate in telling the father exactly what he wanted but what Jesus wanted was not what the father wanted for him at that time and she prayed a prayer request that wasn't in accordance with his father 's will but he ended up for a request by say not my will but thine be done and it's interesting how you compare that the prayers and use their free and then here has written as you compare the prayers of Jesus what you find is that starts off with Jesus expressing his desire but as he gets further into that prayer and it becomes less about what Jesus wants and more about what the father wants and you know what often times we would visit for experiencing we think of the young frequent regularly done there were wars of prayer that was going on you just read that there just a few moments ago that after-hours he came the disciples seeking the human sympathy this was a long process when Jesus was praying and asking for God 's will and the more he prayed no more his father 's will be changing his will and it's because we spend so little time incredibly preset selfish prayers and we don't get past what we want onto what the father wants but were still stuck on what we want that Jesus spent hour after hour after hour they are pleading with the father for strength you will begin to change into the will of his father that we want in this interest in this final crisis we want the will of the father and that battle is one not by suppressing our own conscience and our own will but that that was one I got this one in our prayer chamber with the Lord each morning let's look at verse forty two says this if anyone again a second time increasing only father it is coming up has away from you except I drink it and I will be done to get is becoming less about what he wants more about what the father wants first forty four ten he left them and he went away again and prayed the third time saying no way say things just just just repeating himself and in his prayer for the father 's will to be done so as we look at the grad to guard against him in the first characteristic that we find in Genesis Gethsemane prayer or what I like to call his crisis prayer the overarching theme of this crisis prayers not my will but ninety nine not know were all familiar with this but what were not familiar with is pushing through far enough in our prayer life until we get to the point when the father 's will read it in reality becomes our will and that doesn't just happen overnight it doesn't just happen with a finer tendon prayers were shooting out of the door this happens as we develop our prayer skill in the audience chamber with the more so that's the first characteristic that we find is related this is crisis from Christ the Garden of Gethsemane prayer it was a prayer on the line will be done free until my desires are changed into the fathers designers Elizabeth a certain characteristic abuses Gethsemane prayer the second characteristic we find this harmony seen Jesus did not want to take upon him the sins of the world he recoiled at the idea of having all the sins of the world place upon him and he never sins and in his life and you never knew what it was like to be separated from his father he didn't know that experiences but he knew enough about it that he didn't want to experience it to the idea of sin being placed upon you and any resulting in separation from his father he did not want that but as much didn't want that still is willing to do with the father 's will was but as I read the story it's interesting to me that I find nowhere in the story where anybody comes alongside Jesus puts their arm around him says Jesus you can give us this note when it comes into existence puts her arm around Mrs. Jesus I'm praying for you at this time with better than a lot to him sure would describe you looking for from his disciples there is only thinking along any car incidents and listen your guide to our cowardice coming just before you you need to spend time with the Lord in prayer there's nobody like that Jesus took it upon himself to invite himself into the audience chamber of God irrespective of what other people around him were doing the system is so discouraged your brother so-and-so sister so-and-so they're not doing this or not doing that brother socialist assistance of a sadist they say that brothers and sisters onion negative stated at a live their life this way they do this they had to get some discouragement what's going on around us Jesus could easily gotten discouraged if you look at the disciples too long and they could have easily been discouraged and said enough is enough on the lack of the disciples don't care about me at this time let alone the rest of the world you can reject designs in the four hundred and the father gave him the strength and he continued to persevere in prayer life is individually been away for other people to encourage and but he did it on his own and I fear in the Adventist church as I look at my three churches and as I looked other churches that I've worked with administered in large I fear that we don't really have a clear conception of how necessary prayer is in our spiritual expense of understanding theoretically young yes we need to bring experientially is it's a different story and too often we depend upon other people 's encouragement to keep us going in our spiritual journey waiting for something to come along and say hey I pray for your questions encouragingly we appreciate that will labor someone else to come along and say let's pray together horse in the past income is a you know what this is what you need to do instead of taking it upon ourselves to fighting that battle individually as Jesus did in the garden is what Alan says selected messages line one page one twenty one twenty seasons as there are persons in the church who are not converted no surprise to us and who will unite in earnest prevailing prayer must not be one of those in the event has to be one of those we must bear that word again enter upon the work how individually we lost Fred Moore and lots business from the chapter selected messages called alcohol for revival how ironic or maybe it's not ironic all revival starts in the prayer chamber with the Lord you are remodeling your local church the new prayer chamber you want to see a revival of the selective estrogen approaching you want to see a revival in your family get your prayer chamber you want to see the Bible study can't admit this is a precrisis senior prayer chamber he won at Bible study contacting your prayer chamber you want to help the pastor didn't trashing him chamber is where this battle is for brothers and sisters and it's this tool as we look at the closing seen the light of Christ and it is right here in the Garden of Gethsemane where it all started and where all finished when you look at what happened in the life of Jesus as he came out and regarding me this is how Jesus reacted after his prayer time in the garden it's just beautiful and as we look at that story about how Jesus reacted after the garden we are seeing there a possibility in our own lives as we come into the hour of crisis that we can respond as Jesus did it we put the time in that Jesus she says we must enter in upon this work individually I won't take time to read the quote but it's intending to find a desolate page two hundred and fifty one she makes a very quick little statement dancing and she simply says this and give one person would spend time with the Lord in prayer and pleading for the gift of the Holy Spirit that one person 's prayer pray for the Holy Spirit would encourage somebody else to do the same thing and that's how that the power that you possess as a layperson that if you spend that time with the Lord in prayer and to encourage somebody also do the same thing I wondered to myself what if we had two people in our church is doing that what if we had three people in our church is doing that what if we had a whole host of people in our churches and waiting for the gift of the Holy Spirit maybe we might just see this work come to nothing on the fourth when we had groups ever coming together every Wednesday night and praying and asking for God to work on the hearts of people in their communities in unfortunately Wednesday night prayer meetings is one of the most skinniest attendances in our churches that we are told if the pulse of our church what if we came together on Wednesday night spend some time in prayer that we do in our church spend less time talking and what timeframe is that the counseling half when my churches our elders we get together every single morning at six o'clock and we pray on the phone that will send them one in approaching this is where days this is what Jesus won the battle the victory was won at this point as Jesus was praying and prevailing with his father in the garden the second characteristic that we see in the juices Gethsemane prayer or this crisis prayer is that he entered into this work individually was an individual prayer he didn't like so many also come along if they come on you need to do this he entered into the work alone and were told that each one of us must have our own individual experience with God where I can imagine because of our husband or wife or anybody else where the naked from our own relationship with the Lord do we know Jesus went beyond the third and final characteristic and this one is the one that I like to think about in my study go with me if you would did Luke twenty two Luke chapter twenty two and verse forty four twenty two hundred forty four this is at the closing part of Christ's prayer in the garden he's just about to be betrayed by Judas and taken into the hands of sinners and it says this and being in agony how was he praying have you ever agonize with the Lord in prayer I trust that you hath he was beginning with the father and he was Dean and I me him he weighed more than what so Christ's prayer in the garden in crescendos it starts off and know in any kind of a low tone but as the powers progress is the time moves on that he gets closer and closer to the hour of midnight they had beaten them an angry mob can be heard in the distance page crescendo wing is getting more and more intense more and more earnest has he's praying to the father the Bible says he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground loop being a doctor obviously took note of this and I don't pretend to know much about the medical world but I do a little research you want to see what is this all about and what I found and this is just interesting that this idea of switching blood it is a rare condition but it does actually happen apparently an end and ended that that that that means that the kit for somebodies thirteen is when somebody is under great emotional and mental stress with acute fear and intense mental contemplation they may have these symptoms what happens is the capillaries the rupture and an end of blood mixes with the sweat that comes out of their faith is not pure blooded male but it's blood mixed with sweat and silly and it comes out a red color as it protrudes from there comes out of their body but it happens when somebody is put under an immense amount of mental shake yes this may end up happening to them and that's what Jesus was going for business this idea of an sweating great drops of blood it wasn't just some supernatural phenomenon that was taking place and this tells us how this ends and Burness Jesus his prayer was in the Garden of Gethsemane and on into the point where his physical body was reacting in a way that isn't normal for most human beings know I had I have found out that people who have this experience of selecting blind the skin becomes very sensitive as a result of that is that we find that Jesus suffering began physically in the garden in his prayer life brothers and sisters that's an intense prayer life I don't know anything about I didn't come close to that I never even I never even personal iron in my prayer life most of us are trying to keep ourselves awake and cleaning Bible promises that the Lord would make us as we pray praise the Lord for clinging Bible promises were told this in early writings page two hundred and sixty nine again were making comparisons between the closing seemed like a price that was easy to desert history we look at intensity twenty is this prayer life is what he says I saw some with strong in an agonizing cries pleading with God their countenance for Hale and Mark anxiety expressive of their internal struggle firmness and great earnestness was expressed in their countenance with the large drops of part regime fell from there one eye we can have a similar experience of Jesus and we may not have capillaries a rupture in our face or wherever it may be and how blood come out but she says that there will be an intensity in our prayer life in the closing scenes of the Earth 's history we won't parse the higher grain drops of sweat that will pour down our face as we are winning battles in the chamber with the Lord in prayer so we find as we find another characteristic and uses crisis prayer it was an earnest prayer and it was a prayer of thy will be done it was a prayer that was individually one are individually prayed it was a prayer on earnestness as Jesus poured out his heart to the father in prayer listen friends the prayer experience that we just looked at there in early writings in the prayer experience that Jesus had isn't something that just happens momentarily perhaps the reason why the disciples were were were unsuccessful in that hour of crisis because they were willing to enter into Jesus intervened with Jesus in his prayer time prior to the time of crisis and I'm not just talking about that in the Garden of Gethsemane religious had a beautiful prayer life prior often times radical this morning in our prayer time with the elders about how Jesus would go off into the mountains either off into the woods number off to some secluded place and he would there prayed to the father and as the sun began to raise arise as I began to sing praises to the Lord and when my eldest sibling and wonderfully here and pray ever hear him sing Tom Noonan be beautiful to hear him sing as the sun was rising in the sky didn't enter into that experience and grown in their prayer education supply to ask you where are you in your prayer education experience are you kidding kindergarten are you in grade school are you in high school don't answer that I don't answer a question that arguing college are you working on your Masters degree or PhD or whatever maybe just where are you in your prayer experience cannot want you to answer that question right now I want you to go home tonight maybe tomorrow morning and ask the Lord to tell you where you are because he'll be more accurate to be more accurate and tell you exactly where you are in your print the brothers and sisters we need to grow in our prayer education the battle was one there in the garden against anyone can see this model to see how it plays out what happened to the disciples what happened to Jesus as a result the there in the garden against any slight challenge again where are you in your prayer education well you could print by God 's grace that when this crisis comes that we will be working on a master 's degrees and PhD 's in prayer that will be something with our father that that would be the only place that we could even conceivably think about going when that crisis comes getting along and maybe traitorous Jesus tells us those about our own house those will be our worst phones wait until it time going to lean on who he returned to Jesus turned his disciples of my encouragement it wasn't there he had to be deep with his father where are you in your prayer education that means you need for practical things in closing tonight but the things in the Chapter 11 verse one the disciples comes to Jesus and asked him a question and the question is Lord teach us how to pray as John taught his disciples Hassan drank there has so much packed into it got six part presentation on how that question is answered will teach us how to pray as John taught his disciples for practical things that will help us learn how to pray number one have a place to pray anyone have a place to pray to Jesus and places to pray as you know get many places where he would go to pray but before you can have many you first have to have gone astray to start that one to have a place of brick and placed in your home is your prayer spot this is where you go each morning my prayer is in my laundry room because the Bible anywhere else in the wake the kids up and destroyed a prayer time that's where is for me every morning I meet with my father washing machine and dryer have a place to pray this is the spot where I need the Lord every single morning Jesus at places the tray once you have one place then you can start adding other places never to have a time to pray anyway have a time to pray every morning I go to this spot at this time and I pray you think that's a good idea it's without question this is what I did my alarm goes off at five o'clock I get out and I spent some time with the Lord in that secret spot that audience place where I can enter into that closet of prayer with the father to have a have a place to pray how the time to pray third thing you learn to pray out loud learns what lot pray inside our heads silently is because Melissa bought into this idea that if I pray my prayers out loud in the WRI brain even and he will thwart the answer to that prayer how we can our faith be in the double travels when we pray the Lord will in the audience chamber leaders would you say your God is more powerful than him and you know when the disciples came and asked Jesus is questioned Lord teach us how to pray and ask a question if they hadn't heard Jesus pray only tells that that's what happened they heard him pray it was still beautiful silver Lori is still amazing it was something that they had never heard before they had they were compelled to ask this question experience teaches how to pray the number three learn how to pray out loud knock you may be in a situation where you're innocently an inning ending close environment and you and you pray to have some deals may hear you but listen I can hear the whispered prayer the company loud in the shot of the mountain tops with you can you say about it I continued to whisper it Tim because the Lord has a listening ear and what I found in my screens as I taken these four pieces of advice and put them into practice in my life when I was in my mind on course when I pray out loud the film itself when you repeat yourself over and over again is that which will be due when we pray inside of our heads you know we start a sentence and ensure her how reminds Republican we started at the beginning for my blogging and start repeating ourselves but when you pray out loud the teacher mind focused and keep you on track because you think about what's coming out of your mouth to have a place to pray at the time to pray learn to pray out loud only God can hear a number for you mind wanders bring it back Dave you have one reminds all I can not among my non- NYTimes wonders me and I want to tell you friend that used to be ashamed source of discouragement forming and because the devil was right next to me as I was kneeling down on the ground and he was whispering in my ear same beautiful you came into focus when you're praying to the father how can you expect if you can listen to your prayers as this is me this turned me so much that I would just sleep in the morning but then I learned this wonderful piece of advice in my mind wanders bring it back it's okay the Lord is still there anyone to hear your prayers and understand your humanity to understand your brokenness he understands your confusing mind and he'll be okay we have to repeat yourself the wheel tape you bring it back again and I'll tell the more they forgive me and understood right back into it and on the double discouragement anymore the four things they want at a place of prey number two at a time to bring in a three and out loud well and I can hear number four if your mind wanders bring it back to you those four things every single morning in my prayer life and I can tell you from personal experience and apply this over the last couple years it has made my prayer life exponentially grow in a way that I never thought was imaginable just having a consistency each morning so I see the question tonight where are you in your prayer education did you have some room to grow we all doing and I trust that each one of you tonight have hearts that desire to be deep with the Lord that's when you hear and I have faith that every single one of you him experience that you desire to be deep with the line great things are ahead of us friends great things are ahead of us I want to challenge you tonight and you go home to ask the Lord that question where am I and my prayer experience and you can you carry that over into your prayer time tomorrow morning listen to the father talk to you and it may be a hard message that comes to you but let them talk to you take that impression that he lays upon your mind and then ask the father to help teach you and to grow you prayed a prayer request that the disciples pray in public Chapter 11 Lord teach us how to pray that you desire to pray father in heaven Lord we are nowhere near where we need to be but we know that we can be where you want us to be because greater is he that is in us than he that is within the world and so far that we cling to you with the hand of faith asking that you will show us in our bear brokenness of our spiritual life where are we only you know we've even fold ourselves and where we are shallow spot exactly where we are in the Lord as we sit there in the stillness listening for the father 's voice to speak to us may we carry long enough to hear that voice and then maybe take the advice is given to us and become more like your son as a result of father we want to be victorious as Jesus was Lord teach us how to pray a thank you Jesus this media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio for he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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