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Crisis At the Close: The Trials

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • October 25, 2014
    4:00 PM
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father 's been a rich experience in so far as just peeping into the life of your dear son and ending seems on some amazing things and some things that we want in our life we want to have that experience as a father as we continue to watch this this whole story play out in the next scene the trials of Christ speak to our hearts again I pray that we will fall at the foot of the cross and be broken and re- molding machines into the men and women you want us to be thank you father and I will be Re: know this now so our theme text as we sing in our theme song but I think that he may remember were found in Revelation fourteen inverse for our relation fourteen four were looking at the hundred forty four thousand here in this particular passage of Scripture in relation fourteen for some of the characteristics of these precious people that will be alive on earth when Jesus comes the Bible says and these are they which were not defiled with women for they are virgins they are spiritually pure bees are they which do I think everybody follow land where wheresoever he goes wherever the land means they will follow and has feelings for your proxy to serving the Lord tells us that we will only be able to follow the Lamb in the courts of heaven above if we first follow him here below and something that you were doing when looking at the crisis at the close and when comparing between the crisis at the close of the life of Christ the last forty eight hours of his life in the crisis at the close of business history and is remaking the parallels were looking for tools that Jesus used to make up for his crisis so we can use the same exact tools to make it through the hour of crisis that comes our way out here with your passage of Scripture that has become very precious to me in my personal walk with the Lord one that I've spent a lot of time meditating on just recently and that's in first Peter chapter two verses twenty one through twenty three the Bible says this for even hereunto when you call because Christ also suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow in his one in his steps now goes on and it says this crew did no sin neither was guile found in his mouth when he was reviled reviled not again when he suffered he threatened not by committing himself to him that judges righteously see who we are trying to follow your notes as we look at this passage your first Peter chapter two I get usually it's looked at in a general sense that Christ is our example on all things and is and is true is that may be there is ace Pacific application to the passage here because of fears says he's ninety looking at the end this suffering of Jesus and how I see suffering in his suffering that is an example to all us and how we should live our lives when a time of suffering comes our way no the word translated here in the Greek for an example it is the only time that it appears in the New Testament I like it when I stumble across a women's only use once in the New Testament of the must be some significance to it it's the only time that accused and agreed word is used for example in in the Greek language it is a word that is used force when they were learning how to write the Greek alphabet and what they would do is they would be given a hot theme of the Greek alphabet and from that hot lead it would copy down their own copies and that's how they would learn the Greek alphabet he was there any sample or their copy and so he appears telling us that as Jesus suffered that he is our example what Peter is saying is that Jesus is who we are to copying when our time suffering cons upon us is beautiful and he tells us exactly he doesn't just stop there when you tell us exactly how Jesus responded in his suffering the first thing that the Bible 's who did not want pinging is that amazing when you think about it in the areas in the most trying time of his life mine was a fun event the disciples are in chaos around him and theology loses their life in his intimate space and the Bible says Andrew did you know seeing I would be like Jesus and who did no sin neither was I'll found his mouth he didn't say things back to try to hurt other people who when he was reviled reviled not when he suffered he threatened not what he committed himself to him that was judges righteously now this is something that we have a hard time doing as human beings because we want to control things ourselves so we get in difficult situations and in the actual tendency of the human face to take control of the situation ourselves and my speaking the truth that the natural tendency is not to say father when you want me to do this on the natural tendency not I know how to do in this book which I think there but the Bible tells us that when Jesus was in the situation and he didn't threaten to but he relying upon him the judges righteously independent upon his father and his father be the one in charge his accusers Lord help me to be like Jesus beautiful beautiful description here on Jesus and the example that is given to us as we come into the time on his trial so far what we had seen in our last few studies together is that in the last days we had I mean will have a similar experience in Jesus in the sense that we will have a genus experience will be those that will betray us those of our own household were told will be our worst enemies we also will have a similar experience in the sense that we will be persecuted by by those that are nearest to us and maybe even those that are within the religious community were also a prophecy that the church and state will unite together just like you do with Jesus in the time of Christ through the state came together in the result with the persecution of God 's son the result will be the persecution of loss we had the things that are going to happen in our lives but we have an example that Jesus didn't have some I should be thanking the Lord for that using Jesus had to depend upon his father and I just can't figure it out between him and his father but I think the line that I haven't figured out that I can look at Jesus and Satan is my example I went to follow him I will follow me my Savior the burning question is this tonight the burning question is this why does God allow human beings to persecute his children will not allow this to happen now it is perfectly obvious that the father could have prohibited what happened to his son in BP chose to but he didn't why does he allow these things to happen now that we can be a variety of answers to that question and I'm sure a lot of those answers will be spoken about it G Y C perhaps directly or indirectly but what I would like to pose to you this evening is that God allows these things to happen has happened to his son and what happened to us as a demonstration present what the word demonstration is defined as the action or process of showing the existence or truth about something by giving proof or evidence allows these things to happen I think demonstration she is losing his son and to demonstrate to us in a long of God in humanity she is using his son to demonstrate to us how we should live in our hour of crisis and he is going to using you and he's going to use me as a demonstration in the last days that the devil 's accusations in God is an austere and Stern God who is requiring things that are impossible as human beings and the whole basis of the great controversy he's getting used to and you can use me as a later meeting demonstration that the Tamils accusations are wrong and what a royal responsibility God has given us plenty beautiful opportunities given to us to be a living demonstration to others of what God can do through a heart that is surrendered hence for scraping to jot it down chapter four verse nine the Bible says this for we are made a spectacle unto the role two Angels two men we are made aware to angels and what a spectacle to I Google the word spectacle and I came up with my glasses the spectacle as finite a spectacle something that is being observed or watch the waves with some type of interest in trying the attention of the person at the spectacle the Bible says we are selectable phrasing that I can be a spectacle for Jesus in the arena of wickedness in this world today men one a great gift is given to us and what a wonderful responsibility placed on his shoulders it is a proven way to be a living demonstration and us vehicle for our Savior in the world today although some of us might think of it more as a burden than a gift so this is an important concept that I want you to clean your mind tonight before we push onto the trials of Christ and it was a question I posed why does God allow this to happen why did he allow it to happen to us unwisely allowed to happen to me this question listen carefully to this question must be clear in our minds if this question is not clear in our minds we will question God when the crisis comes like the disciples question Jesus as he stood there before the mob willingly giving himself up it has to be cleared our minds that we are living demonstration and that God is willing it for his best for these things that happen in our life this question has to be clear and I'm like otherwise when the crisis comes is there whether quick Christians in Hamburg enjoyed Peter and his group Hamburg and Elizabeth peters suggestions and would pull out our sword and fight for a little bit but when he gets to hide for Dennis very often our tail between our legs and when they betray our master as he did it has to be cleared are minors and was Jesus that this was the will of the father for him to be sat down for him to be beaten for him to be dragged around in an inhumane manner screen and alternately be crucified to a cross Jesus Mill in his mind and that this was the will of the father and it was no doubt that his mind and we have to have that clear in our minds as we enter into the final crisis otherwise Christianity is built on shifting sand so we turn our attention to the distant trials trials for there are six of them Jesus first stood before Dennis the ex- priest were looking at here in a minute after that he was hurried off to the court .gif this the ruling high priest at the time then from there he stood before the Jewish Sanhedrin to get the stamp of approval on his execution from the seventy one Jewish lawyers that were there listening to the case from there he was was pushed off the part that I did not want to take the responsibility so he pushed them off to Harry and Harry just made fun of him and asked him to perform miracles of Jesus obviously would not do for his own sake is apparent push them back the pipe in pipe finally crumbled and made a decree for him to be persecuted in six trials Jesus went through before he met his alternate crucifixion why did God let it play out for so long as you can easily just allowed to die right there the heads of the law he could easily lead and let them does mean a lot to the place of execution by D'Angelo he was dead he could have easily just let it happen quickly and when he did and he led the what is assisted by faith in God that he let it play out the way he did it because there I find an example of how I should live my life and just let it happen very quickly it was all over and we wouldn't have all of that range that rich spiritual advice that we find in the example of Jesus I praise God for that demonstration that he has given to us to go with me the city would John Chapter eighteen John the eighteenth chapter looking at the first of the trials here but in the court of anise this was as I mentioned he was the ex- high priest he was a very old man at this time in fact this was on TIF this is father-in-law 's survey had a relation there this was a very well-respected man with being the Jewish economy in fact he was so well respected as a dignitary among the Jews that the boys madness was to be Jews as the voice of God that's how much respect they put in him now Jesus was led to Annas first because this was supposed to be a very intelligent and training human being they did not want to risk taking Jesus HAI of this at first let's say I miss in his ads and obvious as a high priest may not be able to secure the information necessary to be able to pronounce the execution upon Jesus only took them to a tennis because he was such a well respected and the intelligent human being there were two things that needed to be established in order for Jesus to death sentence first he had to break off all law that would be worthy of death we did the Jewish system can we break a law that would require within the Roman system these two things had to be established first before the death sentence could be given to Jesus Henson now he enters into the court of anise it isn't just pass the hours of midnight and it is an early early early in the morning on Friday Jesus has gone through a lot at this point his disciples had scattered like sheep without a shepherd the betraying kiss has been placed upon agency teardrops are the slides rather unplug and has poured from his face and his wild roll has been stained with blood the market is still on his face but he has a piece of an indignity as he stands before what did you think of as the most intelligent man in the world at the time and here he stands before anise and we go to verses nineteen and we pick up the story here and says this is the high priest Jesus called his disciples and on his white doctrine and Jesus answered him and spend the open league to start using I spake openly to the world I ever taught in the synagogue and in the Temple whether the Jews always resort in Sebring I have said nothing why hast thou me them which year me which I have said unto them what I have said unto them behold they know what I have said as he looked at Janice 's question he asks him about his disciples and his doctrine what matters is trying to do this is this is all laid out in the book desiring to see the reader to want to buy and what this is trying to trying to establish first a law that Jesus has broken with in the Roman system the Jewish system is incidental of course all of them are together they want to see Jesus put to death but they have to have some evidence to secure the death sentence within the Roman system of law concerning his first at-bat because of course the popular opinion was that Jesus would set up an earthly kingdom here on this hurricane so this was trying to get Jesus to tell him something that would secure his death sentence within the Roman system of law Jesus does not go there no one says that Jesus saw right through this link in the right into his heart hanging exactly what he was trying to do in case of Jesus seldom listen all the people that you had sent the quote eye on me they heard what I have to say they've been there and in the synagogue I had thought I had not said anything in secret I asked them they'll be able to tell you my doctrine only says this of the design between three oh seven oh three Jesus Christ said nothing that could begin his accusers a wealth of anything that's a good piece of advice that was only enough of your head I trust that the other part and thought it was good advice as well as Jesus said nothing they gave his accuser its users an advantage now this is a good piece of advice for us because often times when working these types of situations we are quick to come to our own self-defense am I speaking the truth yes or no we are currently trying to vindicate our own name in our own reputation but Jesus was not into that he was simply there to perform the will of the father as I sat down I'm not going to give you any advantage in what you already have this is not I didn't tell him anything he said ask the disaster that people will be able to tell you is was is a verse twenty two goes on and says this and when he had thus spoken one of the officers who stood by Jesus with the palm of his hand saying she was on the high priests are not remember a king and this was the most respected men in the Jewish system his voice was the voice of God and this man was filled with range us wouldn't speak to the priest in that manner smacks him in the face Jesus answered him if I've spoken evil bear witness of the evil but if well Weiss missed down the to the back end of the story tennis was completely silenced by Jesus 's response now remember he's supposed to be the most intelligent man in the Jewish system very very gifted mind and she loses quick response and quick answer totally silenced and hence he had nothing to say and it was that silence that filled this officer 's heart range and that's why he's smacked of Jesus in the face because Jesus effectively shocked at this down to consent that they were supposed to did everything they needed some anise and now it was done with you in just a matter of moments and here we find the first physical mission treating of Jesus means you remember yesterday when this this this condition ideas had an wind when you sweat a lot and medically what they see it when people have this condition this becomes very sensitive it's one thing to be smacked in the face it's another thing to be smacked in the face after you had this condition happened to you this is a very painful thing but in tenderness and love Jesus turns to the man and he respectfully responds to him and ask him for a reason why he has done what he is that's all that happened at Mrs. court but there's two things that we learn or two examples that Jesus gives to us and these are the two examples that we find in the judgment scene of an summer one Jesus spoke nothing that would get his accusers and what advantage he did not speak anything in self-defense number two he was self control when harshly dealt with it's one thing to control yourself to not defend yourself in a letter to defend your reputation it's another thing to stand or have someone haul off and smashing in the face and not retaliate Jesus was self-imposed to control himself when this man came and smacked him in the face and these are two examples that we find in the court and list them we as God 's children should take note of and follow in our own lives with you and be like that all Lord God help me listen again this is not human this is divine this cannot happen humanly speaking but when divinity possesses humanity all things are possible but we turn our attention to TI this is trial and I don't think you would test chapter twenty six this is where it's however going to take it out Matthew twenty six as I mentioned addresses trial was very short didn't last too long and this was unsuccessful in obtaining the information that he needed to remember he needed two things he needed a reason for him to be killed in the Jewish system of law and reason for him to be killed in the Roman system of law hanging failed to achieve more to find out either one of those things today Russian law to the court of the IRS it's early in the morning it's just before the time of dawn and as they assemble themselves together they are in the court in the royal court of the high priest diet this sits down on his throne judgment seems when he looks down at the prisoner who is before not seen Jesus before but now he is looking at Jesus would different times Jesus is a prisoner he's down there are guards around him hang out TI this appears to have the upper hand in a happy turn to the divine commentary because this is beautiful as KIA in this piece that Jesus should not remember these his garments are staying in his face is staying in his skin is probably read from having been smacked just moments before he is wary from the nights praying it's been a long few hours is not for him and here he stands before KIA face with his royal robes on the high priest and this is what it says SGI is now looked upon the prisoner he watched with admiration for his no will dignify bearing a conviction came over him that this man was in dingdong the next instance please scornfully finished the thought remember at the beginning I established this point why does God allow us to allow these things happen to us why do we allow it to happen to us and we think the conclusion I suggested to you that the reason is because God is allowing this to be a demonstration and what he was doing as he was doing the constraints in the life of his son Casey was giving people like TIF is an opportunity to his knowledge that Jesus was the son of God the missing link pointing to the eye this is like there was still some conviction in the and perhaps this would be akin to God but I would submit to you this evening that at that point right here was used as the next instant he scornfully dismissive thought right there chaotic this community in part Boston severed himself off from God in that conviction left him the Holy Spirit that was convicting him that Jesus was the son of God and at that moment and the next time the kid either sees Jesus and he will see him sitting at the right hand of the power of God is looking really strikes me because being dignified and Noble doesn't have everything to do with what's on the outside of the good guys I dress a certain way if I'd known you things certainly on the outside I will have a noble bearing milk Jesus was noble even though he was a prisoner he looked at him he thought this man is akin to God but not only was I was struck with this but it goes other this is the people compared the excited and in the lateness what I is when the call and just think bearing on Jesus even in the midst of that half the hardened multitude arose the question is this is an online presence and as a criminal with a being committed the demonstration is playing out is working with the hearts of these people these Jewish people who are so entrenched in their way of thinking so entrenched in their traditions and in so aligned with their stupidity that they are about to crucify the Messiah is working with them to demonstration on his son brothers and sisters were told that we will be brought before the great men and the judges on this earth had they will looking us had inside in their hearts they will see there is something different about that Seventh-day Adventist they will only see something different it's something different is inside of that Seventh-day Adventist and he gets inside of us through that prayer time in the garden with Jesus every day come back to it comes back to them all it will get us in this convention will begin to come in their life and I praise God they were told that after there will be some cool will that conviction and will embrace the truth of God 's word can be saved into the kingdom and because of the demonstration that God allows to play out in our lives through the trials that we were brought through into the difficulties that we had the faith and even the death sentence will be news as a demonstration to win people into the kingdom of God as we got a look at this from a divine perspective and if I cut off a couple years of my life here on this birthday so that I can be a living demonstration for God who carries the headline in the King of heaven and other people are able to because of my demonstration friend that doesn't come from a human heart they come from the human heart but that's possessed with divinity so here they are there in the court to chaotic this looking at Jesus he has his conviction had this man is God like the people look at Jesus they are convicted to maintain I is as easy as he vanishes this thoughts scornfully and no he cannot be the son of God committee meeting in a sense the own part Wilson and repressing the promptings of the Holy Spirit and in his life he sees that she listens us and being there and hasn't said a word he hasn't made a movie just as things are beginning to sway the people that are there that power that the power that we can possess inside of our hearts if we follow the example of Jesus that we won't even say a word to be persuaded that there is something here that I want ATI to seize the crown being swayed a disease rather than the look of tender compassion that's beginning to come into their eyes Chinese and easy single with rage at the thought that Jesus is beginning to sway the audience so he comes to the conclusion that he needs to do something had to read after their attention instantly calls in these false witnesses to come in and falsely accused Jesus and they come in one after the other they begin to railways and false accusations but there are conflicting with one another finally there are two men who are nameless in the Bible who have been lied by the high priests say this so that Jesus can be condemned what a beautiful soul willing to ride my son personally learn to betray the son of God momentary praise and adulation from the high priest passing for a moment it is a pawn in the hand of the ISS and mean anything all they wanted was Jesus that has at least two men have been derived by the high priest has become in effect becoming independently of one another because that's the way it worked in that time they did not stand there together but one would come in and she would get his his his his eyewitness account hand in the next would come in and get his witnessing account since it was these two men come in and they begin to tell the story and what they say is that Jesus made this statement in this comes from the mouth of one of the false witnesses at Jesus and Jesus said this I am able to destroy that God came to building in one solid and pretty ludicrous thing to say but here's the interesting thing out one says that this accusation even the ones for which it isn't but even if it was true would not have been enough to secure the desecrating the Jewish system or in the from but this is what the high priests were writing them to say this man said I am able to destroy the TEFL of God and to rebuild and and and and freedom and when in reality this is what you said in John deputies and destroy this temple and in three days I will rise about he said nothing about handing one to be the destruction can you see the difference there so it was interesting if they could really have heard exactly what Jesus and it would have fallen flat so the accusations begin the fly they don't agree with one another fact that Mark says Mark says and neither did neither so did their witnesses agreed to get even these two witnesses that had been bribed them and think they could die together and simply using this healthiness using his housing is built ripping you even think it but even then so you are conflicting witnesses account in an apparently within the Jewish system of justice if if if if there was a conflicting eyewitness account more witness I came up and the witnesses I disagree with one another it was the responsibility of the high priest to release the prisoners immediately at that time K I did he do that he had one goal in mind and I was Jesus put to death so these of these these items account even though they been dried even though they been bought off even though they they had rehearsed what they were going to say it was pandemonium things were not agreeing it was discrepancy in the witnesses and consultancy I miss recognize this is not going to work sleep for all the eyewitnesses hanging has to get something fun the boys are Jesus himself has returned and he says and do anything to say for yourself what does Jesus say nothing because he wasn't there to defend himself he was there to vindicate his father is anything he just stands there very humbling thing the Bible tells us in Isaiah chapter fifty three percent and he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth he was brought as the length of the slaughter and as a sheep before a series these dollars so see what you suggesting that they do in the Old Testament you even get a homelessness and a clearer picture of what happened in the closing scenes of the life of Christ than you might think in the New Testament says he would not open his mouth he wasn't there to defend himself he was there to vindicate his father to his mouth shut at that time than today I just comes and he makes a statement in verse sixty three nineteen twenty six over sixty three GIs this raises hand his right hand and he makes hello Denise is a high insurance by the living God now tell us when and I'll be Christ the son of God and in this Jesus could not keep his mouth shut any longer because his father 's reputation was at stake and at this by carrying this will pay either this effect White House needs an amazing description that she gives up VIP sitting there on his throne has used any a single group before Jesus and she says that there is Islam this can mind look in his eye that if it were possible she would write down the prisoner beforehand if he could do it himself he was pronounced when he ripped the Holy Spirit convention I was in his heart had instantly been demons on the okay maybe had possessed his mind in his being they possessed his mouth and they possessed his eyes and they possessed his hands and they possessed them to the sides to the extent and sanity I inherently by the living God are you the son of God and at this Jesus responded he said December sixty four to the sampling to him thou hast said in March for verse sixty four he says I am a response to the question nevertheless I say unto you hereafter shall you see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven this is the first time in the trial of Christ that he acknowledges that he is the son of God in the words of Jesus 's are okay I guess think I read this chapter in the court of Aniston 's chaotic as it's just an amazing chapter but I won't go into too much detail but it wasn't the fact that Jesus said he was the son of God any AI system that but it was the fact that Jesus brought up the resurrection that may kayak Chaos because he didn't believe in the resurrection here Jesus telling him that he will see me sitting on the right hand of power and glory think this is okay I do this with rage this is what pushed him to the extent where he is Royal Roads Bible tells us in verse sixty five the outspoken blasphemy what further need have we of witnesses in the hall now you have heard his blasphemy what thinks he can type this is filled with rage that he is performed last meeting the son of God but that he would challenge this theologian in the Jewish system on his understanding of the resurrection didn't believe in the resurrection and she was telling him if he would see him when he rose from the dead that's what he centers his royal robes was when alike says has reluctantly I is tearing the Rose Garden history seven oh eight little decay I does realize it's meeting in this act to what influence the judges and since you are Christ's condemnation the high priest was really red is relevant because he was horrified at the blasphemy yes or no it was a pretending it was a it was a theatrical performance that he was performing here the agreement to try to sway the judges handling them on to condemn Christ he goes on by the law of God he was disqualified from the print for that from the priesthood I see how you pronounce upon himself to what that sentence using in the Old Testament the high Priest River through the road because the roads were perfect they were simple of the character of Christ in character the character price with good noise without flaw but in the my system we know that there are many man-made traditions that their spending is that they put on top of God 's laws that were not from God and one of those Jewish traditions was if the high priest was in the presence of a blasphemer to get shoes if he so desired to make his rounds and because he was before blasphemy and so is the pre- serenity Israel Rosie made void the law gone through the traditions of men trying to sway the minds of these people who are looking at Jesus insane is this some sort after decay I this question what think ye that judges are currently convinced by TI this is foolishness the answer verse sixty six he is guilty of death side words are very poor he was not guilty of death he was worthy of life I am worthy of death but I'm so thankful that he took upon him what I deserve so that I could have but he deserves he is guilty of death and pandemonium breaks out remember the spirit of God was in the palace of KIC safety was working on the heart of TI this treaty was working on the heart of the judges he was working on the hearts of the people as they looked into the face of Jesus they were convinced that that was something I'd like to hear ten at this that this pronouncement on his being worthy of the daemon process to people began to leave the arrange with the son of God and they begins in this train him listen to what I once has he described the spirit of independence and antenna design agency she says the ignorant rabble seeing the cruelty with which he was treated before the Council and found this they took licensed to manifest all singing all the significant elements of their nature they had satanic elements in an age of what that mean they were possessed they were possessed by the devil at this time she goes on Jesus Christ's very nobility and godlike varying them to madness is a looking and they saw yes there is divinity in your endeavors a son of God is amended and godlike mad they were moved by that at first but the very thing that moved them in convention at the beginning now start on their hatred for his own in them she says to madness is neatness of his innocence his majestic patience film that with hatred born at St. Vincent Mercy and Justice were trampled upon and never was a criminal traded in so inhumane a manner as was the son of Peter tells us Jesus not even though he was treated like a man it's not human friends it's just not human to act the way Jesus it's divine and we can have that experience for all things are possible through Christ which strengthened us for things we learn from the court of TIFF 's for examples that Jesus gives to us in the court of TI this is the one Jesus never spoke a word in his own self-defense Jesus spoke no words in self defense number two he confessed his father before men even though that would seal his fate the new bed by saying he was the son of God was in a meeting that was going to be big kingpin that everything was going to hinge upon that would ultimately cause them to be killed but he was willing to do it because his father 's reputation was at stake so you confessed his father before man even though it would seal his fate never three well-being is the only admission treated by religious authorities he maintained his hold and his connection with God we also must think it's a license for us to give up on God even mistreated by somebody who's in the religious freedom clergy we had such minor shoulder that it am a clergy member or a hour or more a high official in the city and the church and mission treats us as we feel like it we had some sort of duty to respond in a negative way for some reason they mistreated us so I'm going this way so you talk to them about where they're going to the religious experience cannot available he beckons a sunset in this lease also said that when you follow-up on in active members not been attending church for a while yes the wire to communicate because so-and-so did this case because such and such said that because this happened because I haven't hardly get reelected in the office now I was told I wasn't supposed to gamble if I'm not supposed to smoke supposed to wear jewelry or whatever maybe that's why I have left the church but you know what Jesus did not use that as a license to give up his hold on God brothers sisters were getting to be tested with the very same thing in the end of earth history the only religious people who will stand up a flight to Boston on May we maintain a hold a hold on our integrity and maintain a hold upon God that even though those men may remove islets in this treatise that is not going to affect my relationship with the father because they are simple human beings just like I'm a single human being they hurt people just like I hurt people and may God help us all to need right those wrongs have been done in our lives in a three will being yelled at and mistreated by religious authorities Jesus maintained his hold upon Ghana before Jesus had complete confidence that his father was ultimately in control Jesus had complete confidence that his father was ultimately in control and this leads us to our second tool the first was that Jesus prayed while others what to select the second tool is that Jesus knew his wife he knew his father be seen to be so elementary that sometimes redundant and not off when we start talking about knowing the father Jesus knew his father so intimately that demonstration was playing out he never questioned his hold and his integrity on his acting as far into the question because he knew his father and you know often times in the Bible is used they describe a very intimate relationship between a man and a woman a very close relationship between the two figure with light that Jesus knew his father it wasn't intimately I wasn't just an intellectual thing like all yeah I know there's a God in heaven home yet there's a God that created all things holy amazing God who inspired the writings of Scripture but it's an intimate and always on the father that helped Jesus as he stood in the court okay I visit all the other judgments that they went through and then helping to maintain his hold upon the father included this passage in Daniel and I just I seen the best for the last so listen to this Daniel Chapter 11 verse thirty two service that people that do know their God will be with Jesus Strong why because he knew his father infinitely not just intellectually but it intimately had experienced the father in the garden the experience is thought he had heard the voice of his father speaking to him through the Scriptures and fruit impressions that were laid upon his heart he knew his father in an intimate way and because he knew his father and he knew his God anyway strengthened when the hour of crisis came and brothers and sisters and if we don't know our father and we woke from ball like a house of cards it is just a theoretical knowledge right here inside your head and forgetting it's not going to hold you for a baby out of about forty just enough follow Peter and the rest of the disciples like sheep without a shepherd but if we know our God is Jesus knew his father will be strong and do what the Bible calls X this word exploits is defined as the acts for an act or deed especially being brilliant or have really asked or deemed Jesus do a brilliant or heroic act or deed in the last forty eight hours of his life yes he left us a beautiful example that we can follow and buy us know in our dog and being strong we will do brilliant acts or deeds that will demonstrate to other people that will help them know their God in a more intimate way and be strengthened and encouraged to meet the crisis that's just before so I ask his questions and I how well do you know the father you know I look at Jesus think myself quite a long ways to go anybody else hear that the contact when I looked at Jesus and how deep he was the father I think I had no conception of what it means to know the father and God help me to know him and him but you know in my heart I trust that all of you here this evening want to know the father amen you want to know him intimately we all have good intentions we all have good desires and our hearts has readministered we had good intentions that we want to be ready when Jesus comes in the house of heaven and there's nothing thrills are sold more than the patriotic cans that we sing about the second Advent of Christ there's nothing like that Stearns ourselves a good message on Daniel chapter two in this I second coming there's nothing that filled us with more excitement in the God of this world being destroyed and re-created and given to us as an inheritance you know the father no fun having entered into that closet to spend time with him playing with him and here and was in hiding or even hanged in that prayer time in silence and when you feel like God is not speaking to you a little bit longer instead I will not let you go until you bless me this morning even if that means I'm going to that appointment because you are more important than anything else in my life and laid hold upon you and not let you go until you bless me you'll often times friends we hurried off from our prayer time at the moment that heaven is about the disparate and talk to you this beautiful experience because we didn't linger white for the father to reveal himself to us leading the singing was a father I want to know you more I don't know you the way I should think over what I do know I want to know you as Jesus knew you when you want to say that father in heaven you see our hands raised you know our hearts we feel so we can as this solace says that you know our frame and then you remember that we are dust you look at us so we meet but larger looking at our hearts finally seeing the hands that were raised we don't know you as we ought because we don't spend time with you the way we should thought I pray that you would change the course of our life in a radical way if it means trials ringing on the means persecution bring it on and that means some calamity in our life bring on board and we want to be seen if it means having something like that happen so that we can know you more father were willing to just let it happen the father they can happen in the stillness of our closets in the morning with you praise God but maybe go home tonight set our alarm clocks to wake up a little earlier instead of having those fruitless conversations online or watching those folders programs on television will go to bed a little bit earlier at night so we don't have the excuse that were not getting enough rest to spend time with you father pushed away these human made excuses that we bought into and they are hearts be laid open the air before you we really are that we thought smoking this in our nakedness before you can maybe feel are complete and utter dependence upon you in this time of the Earth 's history father help us to not be foolish in our own understanding but to be wise in your word thank you for this great example you given to us in your son of father praying in the know tomorrow ask Jesus and a media was provided audio person or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe as Moore asserted in the www. audio source or


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