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A Tale of Two Stories

Adam Ramdin


Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • November 24, 2007
    10:00 AM
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Sandman class ten by Marie Jana took the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it up I was in my mouth sweet as I made and as soon as I eaten in my belly was what that's we noticed as they an account of the history again because initially it was a very positive and it was a very powerful thing was very happy and I'm looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ and the evil people October twenty two and then on October twenty two at the day went on it was becoming more and more apparent that the event was to become known as the great disappointment and is written in Revelation as when he got to his belly it was better and that's eleven reads a seventy seventh in the vowel mosques prophesied with an excellent idea and before many peoples nations tongues and cakes and this is me and I believe part of the commission of the Adventist church ever since eighteen forty four the Bible says you must prophesy again your body prophesied once the first time you got a few things often a few things wrong and a lot of you were disappointed but take heart that had them made the messages going proper signage and give a message again and every generation since eighteen forty four as these words thou must prophesy again as we left towards that we focused was that we know is a revelation fourteen verse six tells us that we witnessed was not when the possible relation for the thousands that the Angels flying invisible heaven with the everlasting gospel to preach family people all the every nation kindred tongue and people as we focus advantages of Revelation fourteen looking at the everlasting gospel message this morning I want to look at a story in the Bible that we chose examples of who we can be who we might be in the same age in which we living in question about Anthony because they did a month what is more important is any information that you know however much it is the about the Bible will be buying in the subject is the information you know and the amount you know on any given subject more important than your chosen Priest thoughts sometimes process of evaluating and implementing the information isn't what you notice more important than message you know or is in the process that you choose to implement the information that you know that is more important you know we live in very complex society and we have a challenge of Adventist because we have a message it is very distinct but doesn't really make any apologies and yet we live in a society with is not really much that's right and there's not really much is wrong and what kind of complexity of our times are that you know we have needs upset that he is a people and it's a confusion surrounds us we believe in a monotheistic religion and thought in the midst of atheism and quality is a man diagnosed this is over and Mormonism and it sets us apart is something different the Bible tells it in Romans fifteen votes for the whatever things were in the fourth time were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope as it was we look at what the Bible has written that a gift examples illustrations for us today we can gain patients comfort and hope for the day and age in which we live the whales setting a Bible to second Samuel back in the Old Testament chapter eighteen second Samuel chapter eighteen the University in this chapter but before we do so I would like to recap a few of the preceding chapters in the story which goes before this chapter we can't understand chapter eighteen outside the context of Tampa Bay twelve and on with also several chapters prides of chapter eighteen David has committed adultery with the sheep feels very bad for it later on and the company Lisa ricocheted of next year once sin does not just is isolated to have a ricochet to thank all those around it because they join David's life when his son on rink is the author of Davis should've executed judgment in a situation feeling paralyzed by his own sin he doesn't do anything he just got a close method does nothing know what happened then was Absalom step in the gap and so this week tells his brother on something that the government will babysit of done David was very angry at what Councilman done us out from the plate and he flees for his life many goes out into the thirteenth note shall act tries to bring some reconciliation between these two parties and eventually he works his son Absalom could come back into the city by David still refused to see him he refused to speak to him so while these in the city the Bible says he sat in the gate any gain the affection of the people there was he was talking to the people that will be saying a word about Adobe could do the David I want David didn't really address the situation and really take care of the problem that was at it is that it has to continue the Bible says later on how Absalom fled and he went to have running declared himself King David is a promise attempting to run the app limiting your baby to gain up some of his views on the drugging of the please resume tentative compromise but by Absalom came to the city of Jerusalem slept with David's why is Apple preventing any reconciliation and basically declaring Civil War in Israel and is a big problem if the water in Israel but a really thoughtful to household rebellion and it really stopped between all these problems in David's house that he hadn't taken care escalating for one think the next Navajo nation is involved in database little problem becomes kept the rating apps on has been advised with Doctor David and plus an appeal to his vanity and illegal attack affect David and present and because it's at the writing way Dave is now in Israel he is saying goodbye to his troops this may last words before you go and I see the Bible says investor recounts his man and he puts up that of the month I be silent that on the Joab and at that and each thigh the Bible says there in bus five the king commanded Joe lot of the shiny tie saying deal gently for my sake with the young man he is done with Absalom and all the people when he when he can get shot that gave all the captain 's shot concerning Absalom as his manner about the leave is about the going quite the baby with the lead on that life I am the last width he says is deal gently with a young man Absalom for my sake reading through the book by Jock improper scalawags account all this she says those words that he said to have translated at all we increase and deepen that indignation against Absalom and almost is all the more timely to take care of Absalom where's David was telling them to leave them and bring them back alive the Bible account goes on they go off into battle make several that the Bible says are more men died through the the woods of the tree that actually by the hands of the soldiers twenty thousand men die I got Dana Bible says there invest in medicine at the Mansell Absalom was hanging in the tree he was hanging by his arrow down to three and John said that amendment eleven you saw him a why didn't you smite into the ground is watching you Kelly you know this is a man whose minutes after the rebellion is as the management and size of all the trouble in Israel and you can count and the young man the soldiers are back to a job he says the life as well though I would receive a thousand shekels of silver in my head yet what I don't put what my navigate the King son will is as easy as you insight don't trust the young man Absalom the Bible says Job says verse fourteen I may not tarry thus with you he took three dots in the sand and thrust them through the heart of Absalom while he was yet alive in the mix of real jobs like saying him up in a mess around with philosophizing about whys and why not when we have a job to do and I believe here in the situation he executed the will of gone against what may be a popular opinion and also emotion he took care of Absalom who was the rebellion the enemy of Israel and now it brings us to the crux of the story and one is the focus on this morning Absalom is now dead the Bible says he slew him with three dots the Bible says in verse seventeen they took Absalom Cassidy to a great pit in the wood I laid a very great heap of stones upon it at all this draft led everyone to his tech there's been a rebellion uprising it counted it yet felt the lead up all his soldiers with Absalom Randall went home and now somebody has to take the message back to David that his son has been that the rebellion of this loss and his son is now dead if a message and I believe any one of us in this room really love to tell going to before David fell by the way you said is bit especially when he said deal gently with the young man for specific message that will the Bible says in verse nineteen then sent him as the son of set off that me now run a better king tidings how the loss of invention obvious candidates the files I want to run not just one I want to go until the game house enemies have been destroyed and taken care of there was not a wedding present someone who wants to run the job takes a look at the many eyes and let me knows who you keep rubbing it with chemical already in the Bible says in verse twenty and jobs edited down so not bad tidings out of him the tidings in a stable use of the tidings another they witnessed the usual band of tidings because the king 's son is what it really has to go and run the responses no you can't own run and the reason why invest with you you shall not assign this to you about findings another day because the kinks on his deathbed John I believe understood the character of the man that he was dealing with essentially was dining with you are not up to the task you will not fit for this situation high pressure high high intensity you can't handle this situation that we don't have been around each as the goose in verse twenty one the Bible says and he says the things that adopted the proceeds go until the king what you want what you have seen but what I'm telling you to tell them what you're going to have and what you yourself have seen with your own eyes and the Bible says who she bowed himself on the jaw and ran in there because you waited again he's on the way to get the message that we can massively give up yet he's only asked once the Rumsfeld no you can't run twenty twenty seven and the Nevada said yet again to Delap but howsoever let me I pray the rock goosy metazoan even Veronica Deloria a messenger dispatched that we know from previous reading of the book of us annually he was a messenger he was someone I like to run a party was very well known for being a fast run productivity to be the second is the benefits and job says immigrants wherefore will you run my son seeing you have what no tidings ready W 's Justin that we don't looking what I've seen with any of these take it all you enemies awake and agile to you Carlo on the reason why is this you have no tidings ready not think he is seeing Absalom thy Eocene and Mary in a pit with stones on top of him and get drop system you have no tidings ready to shack you are not running today you international versions of this is you know you know news that will bring you a reward convinces no tidings the new American Standard says why won't you Ron when you have no reward going to a job says you can't write is of no tidings ready you because you know to get a reward for doing given this message I believe it shows somewhat the character mayhem as the pussy like the rock people selling at the Ronnie Miceli to them in the spotlight he was selling eager to be in the limelight not so much because he wanted to get the message for late but because he wanted to get some kind of reward he wanted to get some kind of accolade he wanted to get some tap taps on the backward everybody have to do it I just is this is not a message is that if you never and this is a very the message in some ways my friend similar to the message we observe what a competitive expense is not very popular we tell people they don't observe Monday finely emerged twenty three he says I also said aid let me run made it easily gets their time looking from I don't know the Bible says any sentencing him run notice he doesn't say Ron and Sally what you have seen me just as rough if you're anyone around if you need some exercise off you don't as of the Bible city Ron's in verse twenty three says Cunningham has run by the way of the plane overran Pusey it was a freshman he went away the Plainfield arrest anyone even the lease is in the front these of us want an update on the one of the city and on the wall of the city would enforcement and in looking over the wall to see who's coming out of facing a whole lot of people running charities and lost it and then running and very scattered fashion they know they've lost and is the retreats for the watching intently on reducing a hundred and one hundred men according as he one man running in the Bible says it wasn't as am looking on on the on the wool and he says people holding a man before the long-running allowed and the king said about twenty five and the king said if you be alone their findings in his mouth meaning he's coming with a message he's not in retreat and I was coming close and the Bible says anything up anything from their verse twenty six on the watchman saw another man running on the watchmen called unsupportive and said behold another man running alone anything said he also brings tidings now there's Toronto's both of them with the same message that I'm seeing the same thing will you hold it Absalom thy and is David waiting for the messenger and the Bible says in verse twenty seven recap in the watchmen saying me think yes the running of the formal demand only the fastest runner is like the running of mayhem as the sun is at all and the King say he is a good man and comes way of the time thanks the ceiling and is running in and what's with its opening that is the money and the Bible says that David says he is a good man therefore he is coming with a good message my friend David is judging the type of message that is to come to him based on the character of the man who is bringing the message he is a good man therefore the message must be good he equates the message with Amanda was coming hat as I read this about as beloved as an asset question for you today the question we need to ask ourselves is when people seek costs not necessary careful when they see us what type of message that I have quite often with having overbearing ocean every just based on who we are as a Christian the people say he's a good man even a common something good might say something nice to glorious 's manikin has this one would probably cultivate yes-man that person the weekly to surround himself with good that everyone in the truth and him as is a good man he comes with a good message not just what you what happens to what happened the Bible says that twenty eight Cunningham have called instead of litigate and all it is with the neglect while not from the context that his enemies had been destroyed all was well Wednesday below the salt into the King was not just at the last one don't you log in I was a lot as well because I was of the universe twenty seven he says that this way sorry and he fell down to the MySpace is a blessing level of marketing within the limit of the men that are lifted up their hands against my love again but he says he's delivered you on your enemies and David answered the next best is the young man Absalom safe there is no a great area in this question for specific is the young man Absalom 's life and the Bible says that Anas respondents as when Johnson became servants and meaningless then I saw a great shoe mold but I did not know what laws that you're not reading the chapter the own elected government to go he was dead and now because I saw a great commotion I didn't quite know what walls the wind jobs if you can't want to know no news he was right we have the man who knows what he's both a site he knows and youth he gets that in the new heat of the moment I don't know I'm not quite so I saw a commotion of a physical market the battlefield fossil commotion I do know what is going on your sports terminology would call this person a choke it is a media of the month folks I get the message from a friend posted on think about the day we like this man he evaded the question you felt it even if the site look like to raise the question the question is rough in our Christian lives as we live as Christian witnesses as we've been told that prophesied the message again how all we and our proclamation of the message on a personal individual level will be Moscow's questions how do we respond we made to realize around the real answer I don't speak right of you may ought to speak myself and I can know that living in a pluralistic society living in a society work on of it seems is not intellectual or intelligent to come out and stand on something definite increasingly becoming shrink back from any kind of permeates it is reflective I believe in a whole demeanor sometimes I meant when I was in high school grown-up and in expert at evading what I was good what I was doing on Friday night and eventually completely why was he on Saturday completely I think my friend looked more like a really vibrant social life somewhere up with friends somewhere else I was always love to see friends I was always doing something I was never going to church I was not in the Bible study I was never doing those things which is kind of going to see people in the value people ask you can you come to go so good at politely declining the scene just passivity is the musical lines in on the one hand we need to be careful I believe as Christians that as we see sent things that last question beginnings and more portable we know and how much we know or is it more important the process of implementing and evaluating that information you have never run a nose the message we get in it when you call to get the message he is using his the way that he it relates the way the process of it all on the quite still he goes right around Everest that I have read as many applications one we should be capital wary of slipping God not sorry of letting go of the message we have the church the same time if we accept the philosophy or methodology are a process of thinking that says things like no I agree with what you say but only we could talk about it now or yet that's important but is not discussed at all yes interest and this is the quietest talk about this instead by doing that we have negated what we've illegally on methodology is more important I would say enough theology is more important than the very things you believe is the method you believe that implement and what you believe almost five seconds on here people say I agree what to say that building we spoke also also agrees with us by what they grievously become assays of as a time to be wise of the seven but sometimes I think which allies concealing who we very often with their competing of friendships or relationships of business partnerships on the upward spiraling with organization we might be in a him a pass was a man who choked in the moment and Dave is not happy with our response to the Bible to invest that depicting said and then set aside and stand here to design standards you know there's another messenger coming in the Bible says in cozy game he said findings might look again for the Lord of the they need if they have all that ruled against the human affairs the more dynamics general again within the king said to the young man Absalom say and who he says the enemies of my lord the king and all the rise again seemed to do the that be as that young man hates very specific you want to say yes he's decked it out yet he's done and dusted BC David did not quite understand that Absalom was his enemy as well as his son has been the giving of the message what he does eat brains in such a way that it meets the needs of Way dated a young white understandings with his emotions run wild for this enemy has a close he says the enemies of Michael the King all rights of the gains you be just that young man caves very specific that's why local prison for abusing perpetuities like this was simply to present the situation written notice conservative or liberal orders of things is for the present to the situation that you are in applying to debate very specific one is able to messages but each one of them had a different philosophy about how they implemented a truth that they had in the situation that came up against Muslim cabinet design situations for the last essay in question is a young man Absalom safe about that okay good very as this one says he's like enemies anyway he's done it once I saw Rachel I do know what it wants easy I believe our methodology is more important than the theology is the process of how you implement information is more important watching the subways I see most like to think of the northerly by using these categories that we inhabit is an ring is a really done correctly define anybody that is able to vocal conservatives I see some people that maybe I agree with I might agree with what Italy RSC and sometimes often that a methodology negates everything they say that I got another philosophy that is a walkover bridge and a flamethrower from behind the vertebrates the Corps of Engineers conflicts on what mocking they got lots of the Cold War program in a unnamed state new cellular program that was in an Academy and his Academy know someone in the program have believed that some of the activities going on in the Athens Academy not according to the blueprint to myself the right NFL to the principle but in a principles draw on Sunday when he opened his role on Monday that was his letter informing the principle that he was leading these innocent loveseat through the gates of hell almost quote unquote one might agree with some things in the left studied in agreement methodology whole program all fifties of us got kicked out that day by four p.m. and find somewhere else I've also been on the road and worked with different people in our church now get to find someone that I've worked with so far myself openly deny the white racist people but amid moment of Zen within them may be myself and someone else in the clearing some of the bathroom of met people that are thick when you know that we have a profit which is really not that important he's not a test of fellowship and she's good writing is very interesting I believe in Abbott is up to you once and as like you just wanted to get you everything I disappointed my foul that they would be put estate jewelry is not a big being as most of the snow the Bible says it is the most operational now they believe the same thing you may delete that there philosophy swale and eventually the gates quickly met people to say are smoking the terrible things anonymous on civil smoke and have met people to say is not important to quit smoking forty baptized as if he quit before you get to go back anyway she meso to baptize them anyway on the government no quit whenever not enable me the same input but there methodology need dates what they believe is irrelevant and so this morning what we believe my friend is important we should spend time studying on this we should we should know what we believe I said not so much that we don't know what we believe I said more that we may know what we believe but a methodology negates or hindrance the implementation of information thought is waiting for a people that as with all will personally reflect the character of Jesus Christ one runner in the message one runner in the story the message he gave was acquainted to the type of person that he was message you and I will give him these days is going to be a quite too unlikely to the type of people you and I to the question on alias morning it's not as complicated a complex or long even along message we have to run a busy look at each one of those one is with the same message with the same task with the same duties to give to lastly different outcomes the question I wanted to last one is which one I give I you and us when you call to get the message that you have seen in the heat of the moment despite it felt and you evade we supposed to write cushion understands the message when asked to give it given faithfully applying it to the place you are the situation that you're in know who we are today to decide who we will be late draw who we are today decide what will say in the future and who were preparing to be in Poland so this morning when encouraging it's important what you believe it's important what you know we give Q consideration to how you as a Christian operate and live in the society in which we live not becoming tainted by the society we live in not becoming influenced by the society we live in and the different ways that people think of operate the rising above that so when we call to get the message into season we can apply this message get this message and make it applicable to where we may be that God blesses


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