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To Be or Not To Be

Zeno Charles-Marcel


Zeno Charles-Marcel, MD, is a medical missionary physician, health educator, and academic and hospital administrator. His research interests include lifestyle medicine, and the connection between spirituality and health. He studied physics and physiology at McGill University, and zoology and medicine at Howard University. He specialized in internal medicine at Loma Linda University. He is currently the vice president for medical affairs at Wildwood Lifestyle Center and Hospital, and holds academic appointments at Montemorelos and Loma Linda Universities. He and his wife, Anita, have three sons.



  • November 15, 2014
    10:00 AM
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I will confess intimate this morning the whole world doesn't revolve around internal medicine as a matter fact my confession is that I have a problem I called the wax from the dentist my talk about waxing and so on but that's not that I watch from that is an internal medicine problem that has a surgical solution Alaska on the way to get into that will know while you know probably a little bit about me if you read any of the things that talk about who's going to be speaking this morning I don't know very much about you so I'd like to it when when I last a few questions that are it is a nice group of a good day to set right off the bat that's good okay so I how many faculty members at it and it is ready to have anybody hardly okay with smart enough faculty members how many students a lot while students how many people here are married raise your hand and see will have to live all day and every moment that I know how many of you are going to open more personal how many of you will have the course of the last week did something that you know you shouldn't okay that I see most people centered less shy so let me ask it more directly how many over the last week committed at least one scene look around look around okay you are actually safe to say that I am here today him and him this is the same as in a ultimate sinners saved by grace is not one of okay so with that in mind I am going to assume that I can speak openly design okay one sinner talking to other sinners about how to deal with this trouble and we have to think I told you that I have a confession in my problem is that I have a wax problem the thing is some of you may have the same problem you also have the same watch have to do and hopefully today we can get some insights into how to deal with why they take their seats middle-income helpful with our father in heaven we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to come to you in prayer and supplication to ask you to please help us to be the kind of people that you want us to be three people who at the end of it all will be able to escape this planet for life to be able to be with you to be able to breathe the air of heaven first Lord it is anything that I'm going to be talking about today is there any thoughts that I have not what's should be discussed at predictive venison for my mind to my pre- that the words of my mouth the meditations of all of our hearts will be acceptable to my site or motor strength in the event that we believe that the Holy Spirit is here and it is without hope without anticipation with a hello hello I'm anybody here for knows anything about wax candle wax paraffin wax wax will live the story is told by the group of wealth from the Greek and Roman times that there was some issues relating to wax sometimes great sculptors would make a statue or some kind of sculptor but instead of doing it all in marble they may can of wielded aggressive one one oh it'll take a little bit too much of the stone in another and so what they would do is they would fill the defect with wax and by putting the wax their and coloring overlooking like the marble it would appear as if the sculptor had done a perfect but in fact it was not perfect soon as the heat would come it would realize that the sculpture had some defects I'm talking when the wax from we all have effects will I think most of us here would admit that we have some defects and we have some wax issues to be the part of the problem is that we don't fully always understand the nature of our problem we might think that everything really is all right every yes okay matter-of-fact but anyone was going on with me I used to sit and hear good goods servants and talks and read and then there were really penetrated because I was intellectually dealing with what I was reading or hearing it wasn't dealing with me to see because after all if you get to know him him a pretty good guy you know as a matter of fact if I want to know your life I know that you're putting the person to and so we might go along thinking that we're all good nice people having a good time and never really taking the time all having the information to get down to the relations you see we have defects that they fill up with wax if I would ask you some questions about how you run your life I may begin to evaluate you by my standards and I might say that you are doing far better than I and if I told that to you you will feel that you are doing really well but is that the way we really should be evaluating how things are is that the reality that God season is that the reality that he wants us to be able to deal with well you know one of the monuments on this campus Melinda is the sculpture statue of the good Samaritan gives the right to well if I did myself a little bit we were here when the statue was was unveiled actually in unison that fiasco in I was here before dispatching him to affect the before the statue after the guilty goodness so I was before the statute and I remember the unveiling of all of these issues and went on around that so the good Samaritan is a good metaphor for Loma Linda because that's one of the hallmarks when you see the name will in any way you see the statue because this is the system of the importance of wood you think that people at will Melinda all of us would be familiar with the story of the good Samaritan giving Okinawan agenda what is the story structure without an experiment that was done back in nineteen seventy three by two researchers David and Braxton and what they did is they had some students that there was sixty three sixty three sixty seven students and that they have these these young people involved in this research serious educational research of the students were committed to doing what the researchers were asking them to do the first part of the research involved there taking a questionnaire know what was going to happen was the researchers would work with these students give them the questionnaire and then there were other things of the students were supposed to do as part of the experiment the question it was a personality type question here looking at various things but important to the resurgence was to look at their spiritual religious commitment and then they told the students that are very perform another task they have to go over to another building from where they were to give a talk that some of them were told that they will be talking to other students about the career they were in these the students by the way who were involved in the research will all graduating students in over the top of the class action and these students were were told you had to go and give a talk to some other students and one of the talks that they will only give was about a career and jobs in that in that field the other half of the students were told that the thing that they were women talking about is a story of the good Samaritan so you get the idea the two groups one will be talking with the good Samaritan and the other group is going to talk about the career and especially students over to the other building to give it talk with giving them some instructions from so with three kinds of instructions that they gave them one was the researcher would look at his watch and see all your late you need to get over there right now and give the talk the second was a researcher would look at his watch and see you just about on time once you are go over you you'll need and the third one the researcher would look at is what the state you have some time but once you go ahead and go over there no so that you know get over there and pay so the three groups each one individually would be going on the way they had to pass a particular point and at that point entered the Confederate was there this after was on the ground I suppose obviously in distress and his instructions while she is moaning on the ground is when the students are passing by unless the moans and groans he would cough twice the question is would the students who are going to do their talking with these stop and help the results of this research was published it's been a study that has been analyzed and reanalyzed and all sorts of questions and then asked about the results what do you think do you think the students in general looking into I'm seeing a lot of incredulity and him saying now you don't think of a how many of you think that those who were going to talk about the good Samaritan theme would stop and sometimes okay there's still face in the world is okay with me share with you some of the results sixty percent of the students offered no help whatsoever sixty percent now the greater the response of the help it was from zero was like nothing that they pass by as if nothing was going on the guy wasn't even there all the way to if they get a five if the person insisted the state of the program via the command 's item and industries or insistent in taking them somewhere to get some help they were very few people were fives regardless of whether they were talking eleven good Samaritan and talk about the junk is not something you know what was the number one predictor as to whether they would stop the time goes away in a hurry only ten percent gave any indication that this guy existed only ten percent but for those who were told that they had time to get over it Nintendo only sixty three percent stopped as a matter of fact is recorded but some of them even step over them and nudge him out of the way now you wouldn't do anything like that which you receipt we have wax from on the outside we might appear to behold and that everything is okay but on the inside we may have other things that are going on in our when we talk to ourselves we might actually be deceiving ourselves into thinking that everything is all right I know I have done that an unwanted journey of thinking so I want all right and sometimes many times God puts people in line we can help you realize how unranked and unrighteous I really invoice because it's not easy to see it when you think that everything is going well for me you're successful at what you doing in your classes are getting good grades you might be the first in class but how does the whole class is feeling anyway with your first is that in the constellation not we also have a tendency to compare ourselves among ourselves in the Bible speaks against the memory we compare with someone else who has wax problems and if I have less wax problems I might think that I'm better off the fact is if I have a wax problem I have a wax from and if you do you do so we think we might be okay and we may think I need not do that kind of stuff as a matter of fact I didn't tell you what kind of students these were they will all seminarians graduating from the Princeton Center would that make a difference would it make a difference if the people who were the students who were being evaluated would it make a difference if they were in health care professionals they have shown more compassion on this man who was suffering what you think and see some smiles I think at the kinds of positive thinking you are busy maybe if they were all dentists and dental students since the school sits right in front of all of us have to them home and with this great day you would think they would stop they would find out about his mouth and understanding but because it was what how about when we are in a hurry and we have other things that we in all another thing about how long I have been around Loma Linda you know his data brothers is at a secret for you that was not always think of others there was another market there in that this enables the name out of the others lived in here to talk the alpha-beta right and when I first came to Loma Linda was not a Seventh-day Adventist and it was a curious sight for me on Friday afternoons when I would go to the alpha-beta to see people scurrying around they would hardly have enough time to say hello why because the sun was setting and they had to get out of the alpha-beta for that son the horizon not unsafe and that sounds funny but I mean we have to God because of the assignment this is a serious thing but no what are some of the implications if you happen to be in that situation so you're in the alpha-beta additional fault of yours but things happen that the that puts you back so that you are getting there and you're in a hurry to pick up a few things before the sunsets can you relate to the aunt Marlis okay that I'm seeing enough visual ascent so now you are in the alpha-beta on the state of brothers or the want of a market and you really when you were picking up the things you have never fifteen items that you picked up but you know the checkout lane the expressly only says ten and he'll are good Seventh-day Adventist I saw you pull back five on the items because you'll want to be okay as you go through that expressly and that says ten items a list are you with me I see a Gordon Alene and as you're getting there okay you know you can make it somebody comes around the corner and they can't does not lean before you know you don't know this person but you take a quick glance at her basket and she has twenty seven and a half items that the dog in the because it took the time to count the basket and now you're thinking I will give you so if this offends you that's all right but for many they would say something like that and then they start what I would call the Sabbath that's good because you wanted a right okay so you little bit and see you try to catch the eye of the woman who has the basket with twenty five items they place them in a half thank you very much I see you look at her I do try to tell Outlook the sign says it is as some might be little more than a sick man this is a ten all others might feel a bit more subtle you might be looking at the cashier to catch the eye of the cashier and they say something like this with your eyes yeah and what you're hoping for is that the cashier would say to the person man this is a ten lean pocketable without I'm pleased that the request was passed to holding for this is an effective praying for him to do this would happen now that she's a scenario the woman who was going through with a twenty seven half items she actually is a teenybopper she has headphones on and she's rocking to some kind of music and she is going through the and you have one attitude with efforts of others scenario this is a woman who seems to me and often the stress she has a baby on hypothesis holding and she has twins that toddlers are really taking this good I see has swings of toddlers and they are just they are just filled with energy and she's trying her best to corral all of this that she is going to believe no we do have the same attitude San Francisco when he are the changes in the Sabbath thing that never happens that you always on no problems but I know what happens if you drive a car you'll have a situation that happens every so often this remains one is going to end in a thousand feet in a single center lane ends in one thousand feet the eye I really can't estimate very well with a thousand feet is but I know it's not a few miles K but you'll live in a hurry because you have to get to the hospital or something like that and ignore this high anybody are those that always ends as you go along in this land that is about the end and then you are going to time very well when you went to sneak into the next lane over and you've bypassed all of those guys will slow down the Sullivans stopped because the lady next to you is already backed up to you guys know what I'm talking about okay so now you're driving along willing and you want to try to get in at the right time if the Democrats and expenses I as I write seven will you get in there and everything is fine right limits seems the context of the new are in a hurry and you'll happen to have moved over before when you saw the sign you will and you are driving along reading along and this guy comes on the right side of the land as opposed to a any taxes you an Eagles assuming down the road you will need him again because he is now stuck and he's trying to come in and you are driving along and she is there what do you do when you how many of you would have compassion on this person and living in North Fraser is a lot affected off whether researchers shall is that the way people respond it's almost predictable this something that can happen if that person were to kill certain things you will let than anybody knows what will those things maybe what he wishes that you and he and he asks Kate if you give this guy win is that you and asks no silky sonar what is it that I have observed that people do they keep their hence great as a fleet they are focused him will not think I contact why because they don't want to yield a low idling equipment conceived to look don't make eye contact if you don't hold them thought what a wax problem because I don't have anything on my carpet says Christ like on it because if I didn't I would have to face some serious questions when this guy looks over my way and he says Christ like that's how Christ would act what we believe nothing in the believe it's in the college if the speed limit and loses assignments in the when the speed limit says fifty five you're going along and you're in a hurry and you say well there's online mile-per-hour limit above the speed limit within which the California Highway Patrol will not give you to get it it's a seven miles ten miles eleven miles guess what we're doing 's relapse and about the stingy what we do is we are looking for with in which we can fill some of the obviously inconsiderate got they have leaned the Highway Patrol people we want to fill it with some wax three minus four oh five West from within last six one six one flour being able to rate a particular law need be on the back of our cars we should all see Christ likeness maybe that would make the change and how we do things ever got the attention yet these things are things that we might be able to observe on the outside but really what's going on on the inside of us was going on in our hearts though my wife and I we have been blessed to have three sons and you know I told my wife and I have all the intention of after she delivered the first baby that don't worry sweetheart I will take care of all of the issues at night so that you can get some sleep that's a online not a good husband year until the first night and that I was asleep in the big is going on of course I can rationalize the whole thing after all what the baby is after is something that I cannot provide physically but you know what I can do is to get the big bring the debut right what I'd like the well that's what I do and that's what I didn't most of the time not only that in my initials around the house of washing the dishes and you know you seen the dishes are piling up a little bit without without a dishwasher doesn't matter and you know because you had the feeling in your heart you know it is not available probably the Western traditions and the easy for those who can resist that and you're going to do something another massive show of hands but this is common to human beings we have a sense of doing something that we know it would be the right thing to do at this moment we think it's inconvenient not expedient so to do something else denying the urge that we had to go ahead and do something that was better the central for doing something that has cracks then we need to patch them with wax you see I want my wife to think that I'm a loving husband and therefore I may do some things that we could see as if I am a loving husband some of you may have boyfriend girlfriend fiancée who somebody is interested in and what you women trying to do with the sayings that would care as a you really the nicest guy or girl on the planet and then later on that person will discover this truth the real truth or maybe only part of it because of my still holds some things in reserve because eleven to find out who the Linda Bible puts it it says in Proverbs four twenty three at the heart is deceitful but no wrong text says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked in Proverbs four twenty three says that we should keep our hearts with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life wishing they playing around with heart issues and mind issues because it all starts here with thinking about what we're doing whether we have taken the time to think about what we are doing where we're headed with this whole situation is all about the recall being a Christian army like the guys in the Batson experiment but when it's not convenient and when we're in a hurry we step over the person whose ill meet of our attention because they have something else that's more pressing to do we demonstrate the soldier that is our human self postings filled with wax of the Bible is replete with councils for us telling us about things and we may interpret these things as things that we have to do and believe you me there lots of things in the Bible that individuals to do 's and don't 's we all ought to be very aware that there are things that women would I call them the three piece came the first tee has to do with things that are prescribed God says to fix think of it as a physician making a prescription T-Fal to this will to be very careful when he says to do this but we do everything within our power to be able to because he's not going to ask us to do something that he is when they give us the power 's fittings are enabling is a list of Utah hospital something you know he knows that we're dust so guess who takes even the responsibility of giving us all of the power to accomplish the exact system he gets so we can read I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength wonderful supply prescribes to pay attention to that peak what is prescribed as another the things that he prohibits he says don't do that but when I assume that if he says don't know that that even if you like to do it but maybe he's downloading you buy from something that if he knew better he would let you in on movies is not in tune with what's happening today because after all if you knew what I'm going through then he wouldn't make such a big deal about telling me not to do that today under these circumstances they must do some exception and hundreds today even if the deputy prescribed if he proscribed some people prohibit something is really trying to tell us that this is for our best good to their consequences that will not work out our benefits in this journey in Christ likeness so we have to be careful about the things that he prescribes that we do the things that the things that he proscribes a prohibited we then don't do and who do you think will give us the strength of the able to do one he will in the middle we have another piece and those other things that God permits it doesn't prescribe nor does he prohibit people I think as a as a father myself he gets joy in seeing one of his children do with the this permits in and see how they're going to choose that was what criteria they take in one of the decide to move this on our discretion I believe that when he observes what we think and therefore deal with the things that he permits fees please when we're doing them with the right motivation and he sat when we do things the wrong motivation is a he likes the authentic things to the sunshine of his righteousness he would like for us all to come out without wax so he gives us a promise since I will be able to take care of this if you are willing to submit yourself to the hands and the tools of the sculptor laughing on the inside is an inside job until then synonymous inside job what's going on in your heart what to see what's in your heart I want you to understand that you need to the attention of guard the heart out of it are the issues of life how does he do with this and Melinda we have a lot of history things that were pioneered here and we've done over the years a lot of cardiovascular research at low cardiovascular procedures I over the years met some of the great cardiovascular surgeons the classroom will consult for still here and these guys as great as they are now having done a survey that asked them specifically but I suspect that the way and see if they would seem to I don't know any cardiovascular surgeon who would submit himself to doing his own cardiovascular surgery when you think I don't think that the missing way when dealing with hot issues we have to have somebody else who's working on our hearts besides us we're not capable but when dealing with hot issues we have to realize outlawing in adequacy to deal with our own hearts and we have to place ourselves in our hearts in the hands of a keep of the surgeon e-mail we have to trust them enough to work with our hearts with you know what God promises us is not just the fix our hearts not to put waxen kind of men are he goes even further he wants to give us a heart transplant in order for somebody to have a heart transplant you need to understand the need to have another heart to replace the one that they write that's what the transport so when you think she got another hot blood in the house someone has been someone on a more secular note you're probably aware but right now despite the ability that we have to do in front heart transplants for people with hypoplastic left heart syndrome people babies are still dying of this problem because they aren't enough donors in the hearts of God didn't wait for anybody else to die to procure the heart that he once subordinates he took the initiative himself sent his son and his son back so that we might have life and we might have a heart that is made without wax is looking up I will see Ezekiel chapter thirty six and you find verse twenty six who have a mic that somebody continues to read okay God would you give my reading of see that someone would like to revisit geostatistics starting with verse twenty six starting with verse twenty six you are this will also in his very life and as a continue the spirit of the law is in and you have a particular he is saying he will give us a new heart so he has made a diagnosis the diagnoses that we have all of us is hard hearts trust me that another way our hands we care me know and we pretend instead of actually using to do so and maybe easier to lie in the bed and pretend to be asleep because of the one that will get the big social life since all my husband works so she gets a convinced that the also well or is it missing his third bears witness with us and he tells us this is really not right what if they persist in this direction guess what happens our hearts get callous stony and then we don't even have the courage to do what otherwise would have thought this a good thing so God says you have stony hearts diagnosis stony heart it are the prognosis was stony hearted it's fate of faith the only kind of therapy that works with stony heart heart transplant to give us a soft heart and this is what God 's the text says he will take out the stony heart and he will give us a heart of flesh softhearted tenderhearted heart of compassion heart that would see yes even though I'm in this experiment that Confederate you don't know if somebody that's pretending will you be moved to help that person with you Josh the woman who was trying to get things done before Sabbath like you are and offer a hand to help her as opposed to being judgmental and being upset ruining your Sabbath before it even starts whatever you want to start going down the rabbit hole of who we are in ourselves we would see that when the Bible says that we should have no confidence in the flesh it's talking truth will close this was as if you look on the Internet I didn't understand what self-confidence is all of this psychological mumbo-jumbo they're telling us that we should be confident in ourselves the Bible says just the opposite you have no confidence in the flesh not even your because the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately and then Jesus 's concepts in Ezekiel thirty six that he will put in your heart and he would install with that new heart that's the hardware people since software can just put his Spirit within us amen he would put his Spirit in us to take anything he says I will cause you are you he will caused us to keep his statutes and the so all of those trees that are prohibitions of the beings that are prescriptions he will work within us to do this but there is nobody who goes under the knife of cardiovascular surgery without giving his or her consent signs a consent and submit this himself or herself to the knife phase and gentlemen this morning the Sabbath I want to thank you for joining on this journey to have been on it already the submit to Jesus Christ this talk by his power by his grace to stop the pretense to get rid of the walks will continue as the standard not what other people see what other people do but rather to use as the standard the only standard that God uses a son Jesus Christ the father in heaven we want to thank you for being so gracious towards us and to understand that we are but dust in ourselves Lord we can do nothing we have nothing to come to you that speaks in our favor but with thankful that you have seen it to call us out of darkness into your light and that you're willing to work with us even when we have hard hearts to soften us up and put your heart in us we can be like Jesus yes Lord even adults we can talk about being like Jesus thank you for hearing a prayer this morning approved and have a blessed Sabbath in addition to that we would be a blessing to others on this government is a is is a media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is more certain and www. audio person or


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