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To Be Happy

Chester Clark III


Have you ever looked forward to some new time in your life, some new accomplishment or acquisition, thinking it would bring satisfaction and happiness – only to find yourself just as unhappy as before? Ever found yourself feeling like THAT person is the cause of your unhappiness, and that if they were only out of the picture you’d be happy? One thing is certain: Our Lord Jesus wants us to be happy! And the Bible reveals principles that can lead us to a happy, contented, fulfilling life. This message from Pastor Clark explores those principles.


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • September 8, 2014
    11:30 AM
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was morning were going to talk about happiness what does it mean to be happy and you know for different people happiness means different things so where I tried to find out or trying to especially see what it means from God 's word what it means to a happy and how God 's word has the answer to be happy I don't know about you but have many were surprised as to couple weeks ago when the life of a comedian a comic Robin Williams ended rather abruptly and when you think of someone who makes people laugh someone who is funny when you think about someone who has fame and fortune and friends and had connections and everything seems to be going right in their life it's rather surprising to find out their acts not happy isn't it not look at and make that maybe some of you younger generations stand I asked them what was I didn't grow up watching TV and so someone said to me was when we arrived Donna Scott someone said to me you know Robin Williams died mending what Pathfinder club scene from because I didn't know the name and so that's just on the confessing my total ignorance here I guess that some younger people might understand how I feel I didn't I just didn't wasn't and so as I began to read more about them I began to see that the Robin Williams was summoned that you expect to be happy right if somebody would think would be happy he was he was one of the best college when the sharpest minds one of the funniest wittiest people person a person who made people laugh all the time and yet he wasn't happy some of the things that I read in this article from people magazine I read about Robin Williams and one of the coproducers you were convinced that he and money for a people around who love them he just couldn't I sad testimony is that especially when there is a way to find peace specimen is a way to find peace another Gary Marshall director of resident and make everybody happy but so when I read that I felt a little bit of a twinge of eleven maybe I'm not sure that people even know what happened means it seems as though he could make everyone why but his laughter happiness is being funny is that being happy notes nodded and Robin Williams somehow wasn't able to be happy and can I I I I I read about his life is right about him and I saw the impact is that hat on Hollywood and celebrities around the world and even the president issued a statement night I realize that this world wants to be happy right we want happiness we want we want what we don't have we want that piece of net satisfaction and fulfillment yes a lot in business we don't find it where we think we would find it I want jersey with you in my and our Bibles today to the book of Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes so the wise man Solomon reflects on his life on his attempts at finding happiness in order to see here that Ms. Solomon tried to find happiness in all the wrong places and I suppose not much has changed in human majors and songs time the degree of me the degree of me that they were basically the same human beings fallen mortals Solomon was and we might think they were sophisticated and work of technological and were advancing all those things that were basically the same human being the song was and Solomon Solomon tried to find happy so when his pickup increase gas after one we notice here he says the words of the range of the son of David king in Jerusalem vanity of vanities says the preacher vanity of vanities all is vanity everything is made of not quite as when he sang the boys everything is everything just plain glass his life is just a bunch of running on a treadmill younger watch the hamsters in the gauge of compound in the same place I can without an thing place to live the life of Solomon saying if the vanity of vanities everything is managed all in vain he says what Rob is a man mall his labor which he toils under the sun one generation passes away in another generation comes the Earth abides forever the sun goes down the sunrise in the sun goes down he is the place where it arose the Windows or the south and turns around comes again to the north the wind whirls about continuing comes again on the circuit all the rivers run to the sea of this is not full to the place in which the rivers come there they return again all things are full of labor man cannot express the eye is not satisfied with hearing by the ear with with seeing the ear filled with hearing and so on this Anglo must appoint a literary guy is just like it just like Sony 's illustrations receive the natural world beverages came running and .com seeming to move the season allows for and that life is just like there's no point in so and Solomon decided that he would try to find what he is missing notice in the inverse twelve the preacher was keying over Israel Jerusalem so what we know about Solomon already solid half-hour writing that the surely the power you can be happy to hear you sitting on the throne of biting monarch and he didn't have happiness and I set my RBC got a search all my wisdom concerning all that is done in the past under the news on under heaven inside his burdens and chastising the sons of man I wish they need the exercise any Sony began to find wisdom and study knowledge all of those things education the verse sixteen I commuted my heart saying look I've attain greatness and gain more wisdom than all were before me in Jerusalem my heart has understood great wisdom and knowledge and he says in verse seventeen I sent my heart to know wisdom and no madness and folly I perceive that this also is grasping for the wind much wisdom is much grief and EU increases knowledge increases our students don't listen to that quite yet you still need to study but the point is this setting will make you happy right if you think that your education and agrees some time down the future to be happy because of the letters behind your name or in front of your name is not it doesn't make you happy songbooks discovered this many many years ago he says now in verse chapter two verse one I said in my heart now I will test it with mirth therefore enjoy pleasure but surely this also is vanity I sent of laughter madness and of mirth what does it accomplish I searched my heart how to gratify my flesh and wine while guiding my heart with wisdom and how to lay hold on falling till I might see what was good for the sons of men do under heaven all the days of their lives by giving that help them humored and work entertainment and work joking a laughter didn't work using unneeded substances to distort his mind didn't work and so we began to look to see her sick site verse four I made my works great I felt myself houses and plant myself in years I made myself gardens and orchards and find all kinds of fruit trees in them I made myself water pools from which to water the growing trees the growth I male and female servants and had Thurmond sworn in my house yes I greater possessions than of herds and flocks and all who were in Jerusalem before me also gathered myself silver and golden special treasures of teams in the provinces I acquired male and female singers in the light of the sons of men and musical instrument of all kinds you think it worked was a happy verse eleven says I looked at all the works at my hands and done and the labor in which I toiled and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind there was no profit son and when we read this back of a man some four thousand years ago three thousand some years ago when we reduce the account visit actually start to sound a little familiar to what we see in society today you see the parallels people think they'll be happy if they can have or do or experience and one of the reasons in my my humble opinion which I don't know much about Hollywood about life and I will be very greater I don't know much about Robin Williams I don't know what what challenges they face I have no judgment about his life for how he was living I don't I was annoyed about it but one of my observations is that that the more you have more power money experience influence you have too often the unhappier you walk because there's less things like that carrot on the stick dangling in front of you to think what I have that I'll be finished out and say sometimes we just think that will well when I when I have this soon I buy that car won't have that house was relationship when I then I'll be happy we have look forward to what happens if there's nothing what if we tried it always handle and still didn't ask think some of these people receive their very famous and well-known wealthy connected and have friends and a lingering happy even Cindy because there's nothing left not willing to turn to the one source of happiness let's talk about happiness this morning let's talk about what it means to be happy I get to talk a little about what it means not to be happy right out what does it mean not to be happy well there's several things we can reconnect pretty definitively agree that happiness is not all right to talk about things that happiness is not an entirely bad thing necessarily but happiness is not laughter I even laugh a lot and I be happy that possible yes and I got the laughter might even conceal something deeper inside and we tried to put a Band-Aid on the pain whether the the unhappiness by keeping a happy face when actually we not dealt with the problem is causing is not to be happy let the happiness is not laughter is not necessarily fun or I might not in the pleasure there's nothing wrong to laugh at them long enough nothing wrong with pleasure happiness is not entertainment on the drive that other people try that it doesn't make you happy it might amuse you for a while it might make you forget your unhappy but it doesn't make you happy happiness is not theme we've seen that forced solvent experience that we don't have to try it ourselves today that many do we see that happiness is not friends although friends are a blessing to having an I'm so thankful that God created as social beings aren't you and with the capacity to have friends and relationships work read by image and God wants us that Brandon God wants us by the way to learn art not just to grow spiritually the gross social to know that God wants us to go socially emotionally so that we can learn to have to be a better friend and a half even with people and we wouldn't even actually actually have friends right because we're growing in our emotional and social health as well as their spiritual growth happiness is not fortune that's been tried by Solomon and like countless others since money and themes possessions don't bring happiness and finally happiness is not freedom from problems that might be the hardest rest as we think it will just be happy when there's no problems are alive we'll have a difficult things going on our shot soon difficult people they will be happy right if we did enough problems with the problem of all of these assumptions are these misconceptions about happiness thinking that happiness comes in any of these things the problem with that is that it is a basic misunderstanding of foundational misunderstanding what happiness is I will illustrate this way happiness is not something that is found outside of us at all we don't find it for my environment we don't find my friends will find it from the things that we have will find them our circumstances happiness is not something out there to be found and that the assumption that mean actually work off that I can find happiness out there a plan in this sort in and then applying it in this experience for this activity of these circumstances and I did change my circumstances and I be happy but this common misconception lies at the root I think of meeting people 's him him is not something to be found outside happiness is something that comes from inside and it is not dependent it cannot be manipulated by those things are outside of this our circumstances our relationships our possessions of others you know it's I was talking last night with Michelle and intensive care unit she wanted to have a worship is just about sundown when I got down there I visited earlier in the day and she was so sick I couldn't talk to her and so I went back down last night and had vespers liturgy wanted to she wanted me to to share thoughts well you know that the Bible says the instant in season and out of season but I didn't want to talk about at the time so I said well how little good about my son and himself a very happy person knows that shall always got a smile on her face doesn't matter what's happening in her life is always better I told a little bit about what has been talking about state and Mister Joyce and you know what I think happiness God wants us to be so happy that we could cut the crying noticeably happiness is that's what were filled with were full of exempting from with in not from without and until we recognize that happiness comes from inside of us it comes from who we are by God 's grace it takes a miracle working to get their but until we recognize that will keep looking outside our happiness and it doesn't exist it doesn't work we won't be successful in finding happiness outside so to be happy we need to first stop looking for happiness where cannot be found when you stop looking for happiness in others or including Zoran and circumstances when he is not looking for it where does this otherwise will never find it to be happy stop looking for happiness where it cannot be found half expecting happiness when you don't have this is one of the things it was luck me about that statement that I shared with you about how he had about how Ron Williams and had had pain in the unfortunate he had friends and people around them that love him but he couldn't find peace and the music and of the underlying issue the underlying enemy of happiness is when our hearts are not in on so thankful that God allows us a lot of provided a way that we can have peace amen the Bible says great peace have those that love by law and nothing shall offend them knew the Bible tell the truth or not does it Psalm one nineteen great peace have they that love my lightning and ninety one sixty five great piece of data Lebanon shall vendor what the Bible say nothing except really more obnoxious people analysis nothing except people that get on our nerves that though the Bible says Gray these praying the Lord great piece is great he's not little but a great piece and laid allowed by law and not a shallow bend and no circumstance can destroy the peace of someone who is hidden in Jesus that friends are Jesus Jesus came to give us peace Romans chapter five verse one but therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ I want to tell you friends the greatest enemy of happiness is not being at peace with God and you cannot be happy unless you're at peace with God and man but if you are at peace with God and man guess what this is taken from the book that all testimonies a man at peace with God and his fellow men cannot be made miserable that you love that it doesn't matter what circumstances your it doesn't matter what environment you find yourself in it you are at peace with God and man no one can take that piece away from happiness is yours not because you deserve it not because you earned it but because as God gives it to you when you're at peace with him I will share with you the rest of this passage is a powerful passage it's one that is really impressed me since I first read it as a teenager had a valid little small print I'll read it out loud so hopefully even those in the back to get the impact of this paragraph a man at peace with God believing that means a woman to a boy or girl absolutely a man of person that these anonymous fellowmen cannot be made miserable in me cannot exist or will not exist will not be in his heart evil surmising will find no room their hatred cannot exist the heart in harmony with God is list of all the annoyances and trials of life buddy hardware the peace of Christ is not is what it is saying a hardware there's problems in the circumstances or people that are knowing notes as a heart that is doesn't have the peace of Christ is unhappy full of discontent the person sees the effects and everything and he or she would bring discord into the most heavenly can you imagine anyone and if we don't learn to be happy here and have happen is coming from the inside-out game and inland we've been happy there we find problems he and the life of selfishness is a life of evil bows his heart are filled in love of cells wore away evil lots of their brethren and will talk against God instrumentalities passions get warm and fears by sages promptings are you bitter fountain of her sending forth bitter streams poison life of others now I don't know about you friends that in my short life missing still say that I hope is what Walker of in my life I have seen the truthfulness in my own experience I've seen the truth of this passage when I'm not happy I become a source of fountain of discontent to those around me I find problems I talk about I criticize find fault and I made other people unhappy as well in fact to be happy we need to be at peace with God and our fellow men and finally we need to make choices that will fill us with happiness yes I believe that happiness is a choice it's eight the result of choices I should revolt so the result of choices one of those of course would be to find peace with God and our fellow men how can that be well we remember that happiness is something that comes from inside of us it's something that we are not something that we experience it we understand that happiness is not something that is startled to us but it's intrinsic with in us if we're happy if we understand something it is do they come from our own choices not the choices of others we won't even mercy of others in the be manipulated by others because our choice whether were happy not we have a choice to make whether we will enjoy the life that God has given us with his problems as challenges with the time the season that we don't always understand if we have that choice than God can give us true peace and true happiness I want to talk about some of the choices that we see in the Bible biblical choices that will help us to be happy that I want to start with Romans chapter eight in verse twenty eight and that is to look on the bright side of things if you have your Bible system were to look at a couple verses here well about five or six Romans chapter eight verse twenty eight were familiar with this I think it's a different way instead of saying look at the bright side of things should look in the right side of things I can say choose to be a glass half full person feeders down in thing of instead of always find the downside the negatives look at the positives you know that in every situation there are possible and Romans chapter eight verse twenty tells us that welding twenty eight tells us and we know that all things how many things even the negative things all things work together for good to those who love God vote to those who are the called according to his purpose what this passage tells me that even though there may be problems and trials and difficulties in my life I know one thing I don't have to be happy to live there I don't have to load the Bible does say rejoicing in the circumstances but I can be happy that God is going to bring something good from it even though the negative circumstances those negative experiences deeply the process I know what it says I think that it led to what God is trying to say here is that if I looked from the right angle from the right perspective every cloud to matter how dark is a Silverlight we can be looked for what God is going to bring it out of the situation what we can spend our time bemoaning the when the situation is going with feelings and make it if we look on the bright side of things if we if we remember that a half-empty glass is half-full glass if we instead of trying to look at all the problems which I define the good things that are going on our member agreement most of the Christ there's a passage there around page fifty four somewhere around there is a passage that talks about the experience of a hat a woman who wrote the road wrote Ellen White when she was in Europe when she told her all the terrible things were going unlike in house so difficult and so hard she just couldn't find peace and summary problems and later she was actually taken into into vision she dreamed she was in a garden and she was in the garden she was walking to the garden she was looking at all the beautiful flowers and there are all these roses and in pinks and lilies in all of these different view of flowers in her heart is filled with joy always beautiful flowers and their quarterly garnishee found his sister and the other sister was crying and she was bemoaning the fact that these beautiful rose of this terrible painful sharp thorns so sister wife and the lantern back to this lady instead look don't get out of the forms to yourself Canada rose don't focus on the painful experiences thank focus on the joy look on the bright side of things every cloud has a silver lining a half-empty glass is half-full and friends if we look for how God is going to bring something good out of even our painful negative losses are experiences that bring us heartache I know that God God can give us a piece you through those difficult times I know I've experienced it the second thing that will bring peace to our lives and bring happiness to our screens is to choose to forget turned me to Matthew chapter six not talking here about something that is a very easy basic principle of Christianity but yet I find that too often we don't ask we don't understand what Purdue 's Matthew chapter six how important is forgiving those who do was long in the prayer that Jesus prayed our father who art in heaven hallowed be your name your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread forgive us our debts some versions say our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us he familiar with that translation forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and you might say well yeah we want to be forgiven we want if we must forgive other people and notice when he goes on verse fourteen this is the one thing the one part of the whole prayer that Jesus chose to amplify after getting of this model producing it might be important the one for any talk about how holy God maintenance a good talk about what it means for God 's will be done on earth as it is inadequate to talk about anything else that whole ranting a the one Martin chose to amplify after giving up the model prayer is the part about forgetting and he says in verse fourteen for if you forgive men their trespasses your heavenly father will also forgive you but if you do not forgive men their trespasses neither will your father forgive your trespasses I want to say this a different way and please please I'd I will add my words the word of God so check me if I'm wrong but I think what the same year that if we are not at peace with our fellow men there is no way workpiece with God that we set I think at least it were not at these latter element does not know you cannot pretend that you have a great relationship with Jesus while you do not forgive your brother your sister or something made against you well but they're not sorry is a single mother means are the insane environmental if we do not forgive others we will never have peace and we will not be at the bottom line you cannot have peace with God must have piece of Manhattan I have to be willing to forget over that they hurt me well we heard Jesus and for the list and over they're not sorry the Jesus way to wear sorry busy say that we should wait until I sorry why don't think that apology was really heartfelt doesn't matter you're not forgiving someone else but keeping resentments alive has been described are compared to drinking poison and expecting the other person to die that's what it's like holding listen I don't care anything about holidays if they didn't mean their quality I don't care here are the problem if you don't forget I the problem if I don't forget as I am going to suffer not now it really is my relationship with God it destroys like these it takes away my happiness and so Jesus for just go for and you can find peace this is a basic basic experience in Christianity with something that too often we fail to experience to not forgive is to give another person control over you also may times I've I kept thinking about something that somebody said to me or about me or something else of an eye I have this battle going on in my mind and and the whole time I'm trying to blame them for the fact that I'm unhappy when reality I'm I'm giving them permission to control me my not forgiving when you do no one can control you without your permission not the victims were adults we make choices and omnipotent God allows us to be free from other people 's control by simply choosing to forget that wonderful we can forgive so on happiness is not coming from someone around us it's coming from within the end we are responsible and we need to forgive the third choice to make the third of a happy choices is to choose happy friends Proverbs chapter twelve verse twenty six Roberts chapter twelve verse twenty six and you want to be happy Jews have a friend that is a people that necessarily are fun but people are happy and there's often a relationship between those two but not always free progress chapter twelve verse twenty six what is a St. Louis progress twelve verse twenty six says the righteous should choose his friends carefully I'm reading from the cute new King James version the righteous should choose his friends carefully but the way of the wicked movie than stray is it true that our Lana this is the way knows that they are not happy and you choose to hang out with me what happens is I will begin to spread in mind and happiness to you there's something as a thing about this morning I was thinking about a T-shirt is a very common T-shirt you see and pilot shops on the pilot I enjoyed the aviation related things and and one of the things that a lot of pilots have issues with the FAA because FAA has so many restrictions and legalities and paperwork and all the stuff in and then and as a teacher it is very common out there that pilots where and it's it is supposed to be from the FAA says the Federal Aviation Administration has with you on everything else and it says underneath it says were not happy until you're not happy and death hosting another night I have any beef against FA I'm extremely risk-averse and unsung I'm so glad regulations and things will live by them were not happy until you're not happy and I think that is the model of unhappy people everywhere they don't print T-shirts than wear them around the death of Charles unhappy people I think this is why I thought a lot about this I think this is because unhappy people are convicted by the Holy Spirit and the way they tried to silence conviction is my feeling that other people and joined them in their issues in accounting and so were not happy until you're not happy and if I not happy I want other people to take up my cause against this person against this issuer what's going on and on and talk to you about it on the net I would try to influence you to take on my side like it's on my side is somehow silence in that little nagging conviction that I was hopefully an extra the truth always hurts to label different to me I have a voice speaking to me that says Chester you're the problem not the circumstance of the people you are the problem you need to forgive you need to let go you need to lie your enemies you need to weaken the boy is so chose happy friends and I doesn't mean that you should just deny people that are unhappy but you need happy people know by the way we want to be those happy people brothers right so we want to guard our own our own conversations are allies happy people for someone else the fourth happy choice to be happy is choose your conversation James chapter three verses one through six I hope this is practical is practical for music as I study this week I I I brought it brought a lot of conviction in my heart as I passé these passages and as I thought about loss of Robin Williams and the impact it had on our society James chapter three choose your conversation my brethren let not many of you become teachers knowing that we shall recently received a stricter judgment verse two says for we all stumble in many things that drew it's true even your pastor I make mistakes we all stumble in many things there's one of us does not do is recognize Jesus right well stumble many things and one reason why should be slow to judge quick to listen slow to judge because we have our own stumbling blocks in our lives and says we all stumble in many things if anyone anyone anyone does not stumble in word he is a perfect man and able also to bridle the whole body so this is one of those things that if we overcome our tones are word the black point in the Bible we will have we will be able to overcome every other things that make sense in other words how can I say in order to overcome our homes our conversations we need a miracle of divine grace that is so powerful city has so changed us that we have conquered that sin and the rest of our temptations as well that means all of us must leave reach perfection already all of us no matter what our weaknesses are all of us have come to work I know I do indeed bursary we put bits and horses now the lineal day as we turn their whole body look also since the lady so largely driven by fears men's hair turned by very small rudder wherever the pilot starts with the illustrating the tongue may be a small part of our body but it does great things both good and bad even so the tongue of the little member of both great things see how great a forest a little fire kindles in the Thomas a fire a world of iniquity the tongue is so set among our members that the file for whole body and set on fire the course of nature and is set on fire by hell that's a pretty strong passages in all our gains in St. Louis look if you want if you want to be happy and what your conversation watch a conversation because talking about problems and talking about people is not going to help us think about your conversations with your friends when I was a kid my mother taught me this little adage and then I don't know it's not inspired I don't bring it to you as if it part of his sharing with you sometimes mothers have a lot of wisdom in and on my communist season game people talk about ideas is not talking about help physical size learning about big characters wise big big in in in in mind big people talk about ideas average people talk about what things and little people when they talk about little people talk about people that your now as I look back over my conversations I start to shrink in my own estimation of myself because I recognize it too often I slip into talking about people only try not to lie really I pray I don't even like a lot talking my closest friend I went to my wife about people in a negative sense because it us next and big people talk about ideas average people talk about things little people talk about people so I think that James would have us choose our conversations carefully we do have the opportunity for integers only talk about NN and if you have friends I like to talk about other people whether they are people in the church are people at your job to get people around it like to talk about people friends listen were not victims were adults right we can tell them what I don't want to talk about these people you might have that responsibility in God 's eyes help save their souls here's how I'm saying friends we don't need to rethink unhappy people always talk about people because they will think those people are the cause of their problems I've been in work environment I've even been in churches where an unhappy person thought that another person was the cause of their unhappiness and they talk about them they complained about them they conspired against them they talk about a single that personally and you know what there's always somebody else because that person one problem is not the cause of unhappiness no one can make you unhappy either you are happy or you are not an something in the friends choose your conversation steer the conversation refused to engage in a little people talk because God wants us God wants us to be big people God wants us to choose our conversations carefully God wants us to remember that circumstances and even other people can't make us unhappy the fifth choice that we can make is to shoot choose to keep your eyes will help with number four also actually will not talk about people who deprived you gave rise on Jesus keep talking about attempting to emulate what you know what I feel happy so it is wrong for me would be receiving a ad litem happy no it's not looking at all the recently happened with you it were not fate is not deception faith is not a rate of Nystrom ready is not acting schmoozing is a difference not get hacked that green people magazines talk about Robin Williams reason situations delete loved up a line in one of his acting and he didn't get it in for a minute is his collapse or said Fernando says this emptiness and pain in his eyes and pulled himself together he nailed the flying he did that's acting that's very different than what God says he says choose me choose to live the life they and I will change or are some acting can't do him meeting by choosing to live by faith God changes your heart and give you peace you see the difference so when I wake up and I'm in a bad mood and I snarly with my wife and I'm not a very happy camper Jessica and I don't feel happy God says don't don't just be dependent on your feelings to the life they sometimes I have to start singing is it isn't alive to seeing you feel happy now because you have chosen to be happy I choose on this person is not interesting songs are looking for positive things and start counting the counting your blessings you know that sooner or later your feelings will follow your choices you cannot directly influence your feelings but you can indirectly by choices if you sing a song say happy words not because you're acting that because your living by faith you given this to Jesus and his benching your heart and by faith you back to the yard had your feelings will fall what a wonderful thing it is to live for Jesus keep your eyes on Jesus Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews twelve versus one to two thirds while I share with you they were running at a time he rejected twelve verses one and two therefore seeing we also start surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses listed let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily stanzas let us one with endurance the race of a set of words looking under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God of your thinks a more definite about happiness I would invite you to read the Beatitudes in that chapter five we read the most blessed are the poor in spirit Blessed are the pure in heart lesson those eating it and you understand but the word there is translated blessed is the car you I really translated just as well because the happy when Jesus was saying with revolutionaries if you want to be happening is that don't fly ball ways of happiness of happiness that people are looking for roundness don't try to get to make money for the poor in spirit don't try to get to fame was that those were humble don't try to get through having no problems no people incognito blessed are those are perceived right half regions what he was saying was revolutionary in his time and I proposed you today that what Jesus is saying to us is just as revolutionary today happiness is found in the public the world is looking for a God wants us to be happy doesn't he he wants us to enjoy all that God has given us when Solomon came to the end of his life and he reflected back on his experiencing he found that he learned something will just read that last part last sentence so I realize some translations say thus I learned that all we can do is be happy into the best weekend while we're still like the choice we had when we trusted our lives to Jesus and we can have that experience when we've given him our lives anyone here want to be happy ask God to give you that experience here today as far as we pray father in heaven today we talked about having this isn't what it is we talked about the enemies of happiness we talked about how you can give us happiness as we make choices biblical choices to choose to forgive the love to to be happy what was take responsibility bromides forgive us for when we've tried to blame others for our own happiness forgive me where I've allowed my tongue the little member to speak out of turn what made this church this community of believers be a place where people are happy because of Jesus because of his peace because of the forgiveness that he gives us for one another may they see it and wanted to thank you for being a God who still turns over the tables of our thinking is still teaches us truths that are the opposite of what society thinks and more I just pray that we might we might experience when he wants to have a really happy may we be at peace with God the way to get through Jesus blood we pray this is a this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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