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2- The Impact of Spiritualism on Feminism and Gender Issues Today

Laurel Damsteegt
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Laurel Damsteegt

Christian Heritage Media


  • October 2, 2014
    7:30 PM
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I would like to share with you some of things I've learned over the years the act of spiritual and on feminism and gender issues today let us pray the father we come to you as an key vessels willing and wanting to be filled in more than filled we want to be in so this morning as we discussed your great controversy we ask that all the holy angels frowning here is the back evil angels and we ask that you will these be with us in Jesus name amen I introduction I was born and reared in Bangkok Thailand my parents are doctors and they were missionaries in Bangkok Thailand and so elsewhere warning is where I was reared I have so much fun as a child growing up I know now that I love doing God 's work I am being a missionary and has a child we would go out to all these various places and doing all these wonderful things and I is one that I determined very early on I really wanted to share God 's Word and to be a missionary I love God and his word and every Christmas or any birthday people would ask people what you want for your birthday I think all I want messages to young people or I want first volume of the selected messages or I'd want one at whatever but the despair prophecy collection I was up to because I is stunning even as they can and so I I was natural for me to go on get a BA in theology ACN and an indemnity and release imminent MES pH at Loma Linda because I believe in the health work to do so we just really enjoyed sharing through the years now my husband February my husband after my eight hundred years he was ordained by at my husband 's organization I declined ordination even as a local elder and that is because of some of the things I learned at the seminary I wish to serve the Lord but there were three papers that I did at the seminary that have shaped my ministry my whole philosophy and I am going to be sharing one of them with you this morning first testimonies for twenty one has a very interesting statement but it greatly puzzled me it goes like this those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of women's rights in a so-called dress reform movement might as well sever all connection with the third Angels message that was very strong because it links number one women's rights where separating connection with the third Angels message and I will in the world in the women's rights movement was so objectionable the spirit which attends the wine cannot be in harmony with the other the Scriptures are playing with that shame upon the relations and rights of men and women okay no as that the Spirit is playing in it's not something that should be difficult for us spiritual at half to quite an extent adopted the singular mode of dress so it's in the context of the dress Seventh-day Adventists who believe in the restoration of the gifts are often branded as spiritualists let them stop this costume and their influences that so here we have once right being connected to spiritual what is this all about and so am I spending now remember that before any neurons before Internet before on those things can I'm not lady me had to find out what was going on in the spirit of prophecy when she was talking about the women's rights and spiritualism being conducted what was happening and so day after day I would sit down in the whitest state here and I go through all the review and Herald and let down every column I think every article having to do with women and I write them all down on these notes and sheets I use a typewriter which computers back then it was all and writing it right there and then I go and study and study penises when I came up with number one Scriptures are playing on the relations and rights of men and women to not let the rest of the seminar is talking about is how the Scriptures are fleeing on these things number two women's rights and their Angels messages are incompatible but somehow there is a connection between women's rights and spiritualism how so women's rights in spiritualism how was women's rights a former door runner feminism related spiritualism I want to go back and I want to study a little bit about spiritualism I have categorized Spiritualism as type one and type two time and explain exactly what I mean by type one spiritualism and type two spiritualism spiritualism all started in the garden right here on earth and he ventured away from her husband the tree that she was firm that they act add right and Genesis for referral for we have Satan 's birth why and that is he shall not surely die birds first why I think and what this means is if the pattern not bad the devil can directly communicate with people here on earth through wrappings to see ounces through appearances through limitations all kinds of mentors in Deuteronomy eighteen ninety fourteen we find time very specifically calls it an congregation on these kinds of things are an abomination we should not have anything to do with God 's people but there is a part to Spiritualism 's height to spiritualism has to do with Satan Satan suck my Genesis three five Satan says he shall be as God and what does this really imply tree of knowledge of good and evil whisper in a way is found it was one versus God her judgment against God 's judgment and I said no one and all were righteous God 's judgment and goes ahead and does it anyway so she leaves the sermon serpent over God she becomes the norm and she ultimately becomes God you see the that is what I call type two spiritualism great controversy talks about both these kinds of spiritualism and great controversy on page five fifty four cents this is talking about philosophical spiritualism now we are all boxes will affect the feeling that type to spiritualism here spiritualizing teaches that man is a creature of progression that it is his staff away from his birth to progress even to eternity toward the God that writing great controversy five fifty four I fell now all were unfallen demigods and another declares and just and perfect be is Christ now that's last month I write another aspect of philosophical spiritualism is that anything is old K eighty players during a spirit that true knowledge places man above all law that white armor as it is right that God does not condemn and that all things which are committed are innocent this is what that old but management was saying I'm okay you're okay okay you do anything you want but it's okay no problem maybe I'll messed up but never mind it's all K you only way you want I believe the way I want and everybody is fine and this is a great great problem because this is philosophical spiritualism whatever is is right type to spiritualism love makes him immoral acts between consulting adults okay all right there's another aspect here of philosophical spiritualism type to it boys scriptural authority and Gannon had a great controversy five fifty seven says it is true that Spiritualism is assuming a Christian guy while it formerly had denounced Christ and the Bible it now professes to accept both Bible is interpreted notice that in a manner that is totally random I will e-mail at heart while at solemn and vital truths are made of no okay so type two philosophical spiritualism weight scriptural authority made of no effect right there's another aspect of philosophical spiritual of the Internet is that it fosters the seeds of rebellion type two I will be like the most high Isaiah fourteen fourteen with Satan 's warcry against God 's authority Satan 's pride in his own glory and jealousy of Christ nourished his desire for supremacy he spread his spirit of discontent and dissatisfaction against God 's form of loving giving unselfish government the result was submissive disobedience things government is controlling its oppressive it's cruel versus car lot being transparent service with no need for recognition before you can move there with Omaha that's how transparent can't live in his government is everybody did what they wanted to do became safety starting to do it from the inside out and get a huge difference after sin came because they are the coolness in the oppression statement God 's way is the law of love it goes low in service receipt and the we only take to give all sometimes we think of services being very negative but in fact service is beautiful we want two p.m. milk seventeen talks about the servant that goes out and works all day long works and works and works it comes home and instead of the headmasters looking thanks I just got home and had a hard day f the levers that you can do whatever you want and what was the response of the sermon and say absolutely not I've had a hard day I know it's time for me to go home now he didn't he said a servant happy to do anything only God can give us that ending serving attitude because in ourselves we would insist that we hate it we will have nothing to do with it in ourselves but by dance and dance and again so that we can did have their and get an weekend be a fountain of service to others because of that that Fossett but God keeps pouring down into us all let's talk about the spiritualism in the beginning of the women's movement how does this all pull together how can we understand what is really happening here it had us recognize this connection between spiritualism way back then in fact that's how I even knew about it is because all people like Uriah Smith and JH Waggoner had articles about spiritualism in the radio and I just happened to rebound I'm sure the Lord led me to now because the Lord is full of prominences don't think that you somehow just catch up I like that when I opened the whole one area that you need to go study into exciting spiritualism is JH Waggoner defined denied all laws of God and allow instead personal intuition and inclination that sells inside fifty nine the existence of sin human beings are not accountable it is done away with all systems are reality announced in from his book nature and tendency of modern spiritualism page sixty six type two spiritualism so are our lawyers know all about what was going on today the authors freely acknowledge the connection between spiritualism and women's rights and Brody radical spirits spiritualism and women's rights in the nineteenth century it's been out for a while now and another more recent book by God Barbara Goldsmith called other powers talking about spiritualism and women's rights leaders in notice what Amberly said in her book on page two spiritualism was a male religious movement dominated by women did you notice that dominated by women it's too strong attractions were rebelling against another words espousing necromancy and rebounds against authority he shall be as God and so here we had type one in the rebellion against death and type two in the rebellion against authority ball in seeing in the early spiritualism so let's talk about classical Spiritualism first addendum guidance well apportioned part of the Fox sisters in eighteen forty nine and this was really the beginning of American modern spiritualism and they had necromancy became a show objects moving in spirits appearing in tables levitating all based on type one spiritual is he shall not surely die did you know that spiritualists were among the first to ordain women very interesting another person that will talk about is Elizabeth Cady Stanton now Elizabeth Cady Stanton was related I should say the foremost person in women's rights are not eighteen sixties seventies she had spiritualist babblings of type one she heard Spirit wraps she was super antagonistic to the Bible and to the clergy type two okay so type once she heard the Spirit wraps and she was antagonistic to the Bible and the Catholic clergy and will will unpack all of this is a goal long Democrats set a certain table called the McClintock spirit table that was cheating very strongly in her life because she was instrumental in the first women's rights convention at Seneca Falls where they put out the declaration of rights and sentiments and it was signed in eighteen forty eight she was the primary person to write this article this declaration by it was written on this McClintock spirit table and listen to this quote from Goldsmith page thirty two as members of the group presented their ideas the table began to vibrate with the wraps of approval from the spirits somewhere that declaration of rights and sentiments come from that is the question right from the devil himself and is best table you might say what what's so big about a table this table was actually at the head of her coffee at her funeral it paid such an important contribution to her life and it is in the Smithsonian today okay that's how important this is the wine discuss our stamps and a little bit more let's her heroes on marriage and family she was actually a forerunner of the feminist ideas of marriage and home life repressing women are Elizabeth Cady Stanton she hated biblical roles of male as head and female submissive she had her eyes these assess what Avery and she ran against them so strongly and she blamed these roles on the fault of organized religion this is why she hadn't gotten that clergy she hated the Bible and she called for full equality in marriage now turn egalitarian now what do we mean by full equality in marriage both partners should be free to come and go all hierarchy there's equality fraternity mutuality remember that word friendship as a basis for a family government and this is the what kind of marriage she wanted everybody to be able to enjoy that Stanton and marriage will come back to that later on as we discuss what's going on today what about Stanton and the Bible she hated the Bible is like the sun so she decided that she was going to make her my and it would be called the woman's Bible but not all written by her of course she got solicited from all the scarlet women scholars of the world and help me to make this Bible fortunately should really have a hard time because people didn't want their name to the script files and so Chevrolet have a hard time getting people to come help her but eventually should publish this woman's Bible and it is a prototype of what feminist theology today so now you were going to say how the spiritualistic Elizabeth Cady Stanton Stanton on Saturday impact on feminist theology today so let's look at this phantom deathlike the clergy and churches and she felt they oppressed women she does like the Bible because of the Pauline and other negative negative passages toward women so let's reinterpret it type two spiritualism so how did she do what she had to use higher critical methodology which by the way it was in full swing during the day and noticed this quote from her Bible what after progress women has made in any department of effort she has accomplished independently of and in opposition to the so-called inspired and infallible Word of God and this book has been a more injury to her than has any other which has ever been written in the history of the world from the fifth Dennis was in her Bible so let's talk a little bit about what higher criticism is right because we don't want to speak during round terms we don't know what we're talking higher criticism supposes that the Bible is a man-made book that records man's experiences focusing on biases of authors and explains them by their cultures are right I hope you heard words and since heard sounds like that cultures instead of the Bible being the voice of God with universal norms that transcend all cultures was antihuman and is honored by men with distinct biases and orientations all other errors and discrepancies are right this is what higher critical methodology that causes about because the stories that are there may not be all the person that wrote them we now installed therefore they are important for us to understand okay and this is why people are actual atheists can teach in universities in the Old Testament New Testament department because they use this kind of framework and it's just literature and anybody can talk about literature and that's what the Bible is not cut out to be this makes of none effect we shudder at this if we read the plain Scripture and make it read something completely opposite to what it really says because of interpretation traditional or cultural background or for what reason we had made of none effect of word of God Barry Barry felt making the word of God of none effect through your tradition which he had delivered is what Jesus said Mark seven thirteen please let none of us make comments without this is tragic type to the spiritualism is no mind let's talk about Stanton and women's clothing the bloomers were a start Bob Hurley realized that the ridiculous clothing of the day hampered women from accomplishing everything a man could do she admitted for the princesses Cinderella white thoughts out to not because of this that Ellen White was against the women's fashions of the day because they were very full and eight days swept along the streets and whatever was in the streets got not by their beautiful dresses and went home with them and spread germs that their toddlers would be crawling through and it was a horrible Stanton had other reasons besides hygiene to talk about these dresses hampered a woman from accomplishing anything a man can do so she warranties bloomers to start with the rejection was so overwhelming she did Flossie Damon very soon but it was the first step towards similar clothing and this is a picture of one so families see was way ahead of our time and even how she was at however times Oliver spiritualistic ideas embraced by modern feminism marriage is open easy divorce from Leslie Amazon on Scripture is winning interprets head God is renamed and cross-dressing is more accepted and believed she was the one of the most important persons in the women's right we want to shift gears now and talk about victoriously what hope was really exemplified spiritualism blended with women's rights Tennessee Cleveland who was her sister and Victoria Woodhall they were sisters came to public notice as medium visions entrances and could tell fortunes they angrily were gypsies to start with but because of their great beauty and their great intelligence on they became the first women stockbrokers on Wall Street they had illicit liaisons with Cornelius Vanderbilt and he set them up on Wall Street who gave him great success and these beautiful women had a great influence of that time that women's rights people didn't know exactly how to treat this these two women they were almost repulsive by Victorian Hall actually had a chance to address the Congressional committee on women's suffrage enacted that there were women's rights leaders embrace them because they think she got so far Victoria went home under the guidance of Andrew Perl spiritualist again notice that helped her realize her potential find her calling me prophesied her realizing her potential potential rice the power and she became the first woman to run for president of these United States on women's rights and spiritualistic platform in eighteen seventy two the Tory asleep Whitehall Palace go on to discuss her morality this was really the beginning of the sexual revolution and a speech she went out that's quoted in Smith she said they are encountered to break up the family I say amen to that with all my heart in a perfect and sexuality shall continuously be found such to meet my brothers and sisters in the sub wine mission of Spiritualism to be outright through the sexual emancipation of women and a return self ownership can't individualized existence type two spiritualism blatant JH Waggoner quoted this in the review after having blasphemed religion now deputy chief of social life stop that marriage advocating universal prostitution this notorious woman concluded by stating it was the sublime mission of Spiritualism to frame a human race from the thralldom of matrimony and to establish sexual emancipation type two thousand actually was a prototype of feminism today noticed these quotes from occurring authors Victoria never stop believing that the spirits had brought her to the world still need a social revolution she said from her birth and even before she had been marked for the fate in her life interviews this is another author she was more than a century before her time said Gloria is funny on one of today's leading actually earned or wanting to start spirit unknown morale went home what kind of spirit we can catch the problem solving we should have seen that the right neck and JH Waggoner had articles and notice when Uriah Smith said he told how the career of Mrs. Michael was planned and executed thus far only by the speaker so now we want to shift gears and we talked about the past how did early women's rights and connect with spiritual is a and C are the goals of feminism still spiritualistic today that Jennifer feminism is to change the church in these areas that feminism wishes to change the church in her one God how can you identify was on nail on the nail Jesus they want to change God language it must be made inclusive of all of Scripture are not the made inclusive fibril interpretation since the Bible is playing about the role of women it must be interpreted through prior critical methodology church organization male pastors and elders must be replaced with equal numbers of women on all leadership levels notice they never say all they always equal always got to be equal and no distinctions between men and women anyone was okay doing anything in the church okay to marry anyone even across gender lines so let's first of all look at God in feminist Mary Daly a Roman Catholic nun she since died her famous quip was if God is mailman mail is God and of course a feminist camp that notice what else he said the father God is in fact a product of this domination of the males bond in the human imagination that's who God is so you are uncomfortable with the maleness of Jesus as our Savior so they often rename Jesus as Christopher child of soapy with wisdom 's child is this picture here of Ed Wiener Sandy's Krista mounted at New York's Cathedral in St. John the Divine woman on a cross that is how they like to think of Jesus felt talk about the language now how do they transform the language putting more women in the pulpit this is a quote from Newsweek February thirteen nineteen eighty nine it sometime back but notice what it says are women in the pulpit is no longer the prime goal of Christian feminists rather their keenest sorrow when comprehensive transformation the language symbols and sacred texts of the Christian faith barrel and comprehensive transformation of the language the issue is no longer equality says Margaret McManus the issue is transformation of our religious institutions were going to change out let's take a look at feminism and the Bible the space we find in the and Mrs. Stanton 's views were very tame by comparison or and looked outrageous look a little bit about how we think about the Scripture itself Scripture is divine and human all Scripture is given by inspiration of God were told in second Timothy three sixteen white and gray controversy page five says the Bible points to God as it off there okay God is perfect so his way is perfect now that the Bible says in Psalm nineteen seven the law of the Lord is part Psalm ninety two fifteen says to show that the Lord is upright he is my rock and there is no unrighteousness in him to die in mind as we start to talk about this the Scripture is deburring but look how is that also human in all Scripture is given by God it is written by human beings this is a quote from recycled cycles selected message is twenty six the treasurer was entrusted to a earthen vessels yet it is nonetheless have the testimony is conveyed through the imperfect expression of human language yet it is the testimony of God are right and then there's clothing like this one down it's so important education one seventy three the Bible is not biased by human beings here only can we find a history of our rights unsullied by human prejudice more human trial type very important quote the RSS court also from great calmness controversy five ninety five before accepting an doctrine or precept we should demand a plane that saith the Lord and support so we should take plain and obvious the meaning of the text not some contrived manufactured cultural meaning like higher critical methods we are saying when we read the Bible but the seventh day means the seventh day not just any day that when Jesus told us to wash feet the man watched the mouthwash hatreds or watch something else in wash eight we take what the Bible says looking upward page fifty two compare Scripture with Scripture study the difficult passages compare verses with verse you will find that Scripture is the scene on lots Scripture check the context often will all be right they are in contact with our theologians feminist theologians here's Mary Daly and down on the Bible biblical authors were merrily on their times who could never be free of the prejudice of their talks therefore women of the church have just as much right to direct current theology as Paul did in Scripture to act his prospects inside the church in a whole new disruption how very daily churches and sects page one eighty five but as the Bible biased I just read you here only we find the history of our race unsullied by human prejudice or human product you believe that you really believe that a guy could have died and and so that it is not prejudice e-mail address theologian Elizabeth C shares slipped in your answer in emerging issues and then feminist biblical interpretation says women today now when you rain right biblical stories just keep in mind this is all fiction were talking about rewriting it okay they rewrite articles stories about women but also reformulate patriarchal prayers and create feminist rituals celebrating our ancestors we rediscover its story and poetry G and Simon dance are biblical or sister sufferings and victories in your new images and symbols we seek to bring name the God of the Bible and the significance of Jesus not only entails about the voyage of the present of the missionary notice that got Giuliani apostle noticed that but also dances Sarah Circle and experience prophetic enthusiasm we sing what is a praise torque for sisters and pray limits of warning lost stories for form biblical interpretation what about feminism and church organization today I would like to say here that our nation is really just a step this is not the end of the battle by the way if you think this is the end you are bearing heightened organization allows equality in the church that women are after women must be allowed only quality of elders of ministers and top runs a later shot in my state without regard to gender and orientation is only an entry wedge that makes all this possible so that you have to reenter a plain Scripture to promote equality better thought out culture reinterprets the word family is feminism uses the culture to change the meanings of the letter O words of Scripture and culture today inspires hermeneutic the whole Bible interpretation of a method that's really at risk in all of this question if we think it's more nation would never the issue is hermeneutics how we interpret the Scripture this is why we have to be very attentive to this whole issue on determined efforts are made by Satan and his followers to go ahead with it the church is a greater oppose tennis churches it's very very same we faced in household apostasy way back when our only have a white center only hope is simple childlike interpretation of Scripture which are white rebuked Taiwan for spiritualizing away the plain simple word of God this was me off of apostasy students she said United is much worse than the calmness also include Bible interpretation and we need to be watching for that momentum in this whole debate we missed the whole point of the thing all of us are to be working for the Lord enthusiastically and with gladness there is one thing that we so except two things different between now confident only one actually you can't go near and when we do anything in the church except the elderly minister wants that let's think about that in all the years we've been doing that and suddenly it's like she is hurt all we have to do and some people a rebellious will will go our own way and any costs or the sum of consult on coordination that they been discouraged from doing anything and only one personally benefited from any of this controversy the church is the temple where is the heart of new achievement Jesus wanted to see some may say all but those are just radical feminists will lead that way but noticeable people progress in their ideas when I was back studying the status of the day than evangelical feminists were in summary in part as the mole and caught but now they left their evangelicalism gone on to join liberal religious feminism in order to embrace them all about the Bible and feminism they end up compromising the word of God which is very very dangerous somehow the Bible is interpreted to do away with the planning word feminist theologians believe the word is from God anyway the word is from bias and then and that's why there's not much about women and that so let's just discarded in fantasizing is some of the names sense the basic idea of feminist theology evangelical and Calvinist theologians do not go that way okay they do for this kind of thing they'll say the passages are ad hoc meeting just for that culture in that time example his first opportunity to chapters two and three they were limited to a local problem having had well Leon the first century church of Ephesus okay sounds down the values that of argumentation are about to talk about an interpretive center where the old overall picture of God and the major driving themes of the Bible are used to filter out that do not fit and of course Galatians three twenty eight Bob becomes a privilege clear tax that filters out all the other passengers and so this is what happens today when I went that now there's another whole aspect of this that I want to get into because they tour you see what Hall brought this out very strongly not as understanding gender and morality there are gender issues there is a reason God is interested in distinctions and molds in draft he created male and female United Nations International Research and training Institute for the advancement of women are in straw and quality status persons notice how it's defined in its definition for gender cursors are not necessarily born with specific gender gender develops culturally socially politically or economically the cold is Pam's sexuality will be accepted anywhere male female homosexual lesbian bisexual transgender on the sexual doesn't matter we wanted everywhere acceptable another quote from an straw gender is a concept that refers to a system of roles and relationships between women and men that are determined not by biology but the social political and economic context ones biological sex is a natural given gender is constructed so young women openly enter into intimate relationships both centers are more just experiments they resist the describe history born gay or even bisexual which some suggest promiscuity and one night stands instead they were news words like the land or on the sexual family is redefined to mean two roommates not only moments earlier today said a time when you talk to somebody out in the world café this is my partner they don't say this is my spouse and I say this is my husband this is my wife they think this is my partner partner covers everything and it is the new term watch for I asked and I went to the biblical meeting that's very liberal and Doc I went to go to a eighth small closed session for women and I thought in my naivety that they would be talking about all how to reach women or something like that I had no idea what I was getting into I started talking about in Trenton he likes Kentucky labor kept talking about it and so I didn't get a raise my hand and say no whitest androgyny that I went home when I looked at aperture androgyny is Greek derived from the Greek word on near and doing a meaning women referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics in here you see a picture in a Greek goddess of heroes who is androgynous it's a common Asian masculinity feminists characteristics with no distinctions ten sexuality is an acceptance is the ultimate goal and noticed this quote one of the biggest and most prevalent mistakes in Western culture is the idea that there exists to separate in opposite genders masculine and feminine that standard dualism is not only false and without any factual or scientific support but also very harmful same fellow Thomas grandstands and so I'm interested in anything that blurs trends forms are array creates gender puts a new perspective on gender and just anywhere in ideas or expressions of gender in the dust conclude I want to deconstruct gender but that is at best half true because currently more interested in bringing constructing gender self and get all kinds of fashion people say your note right and we have all kinds of all people today wearing clothes that depict both genders and one that want to be women but there are only twenty two five says the woman shall not wear that which pertains to a man neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all that do so upon the nation unto the Lord thy God so dress has always expressed philosophy in a few trying to blur the distinction between male and female there is one way of doing it when you look for a restaurant you looking for a dress or paints and this and I kind of tells Stanton in the bloomers express the quality trousers for women were finally accepted out the world and during World War II because of working in the factories nineteen sixties the pantsuits came in with hippies and the New Age and today genes are everywhere and they are in Trenton today we have girl power Victor Victoria Woodhull used that women now encouraged to use that girls rule boys drool and feminism is using sexuality to get our salmonella release from their homes Stanton and what holes drain that when they release from home and childcare has finally come to pass today the beautiful role of mothering is disdained women's careers on the all-important thing some willing to dispose of unborn children because their inconvenience that's why abortion is a feminist issue of her choice notice what the second Bible commentary on white page one thousand eight was that every mother could realize how great are her duties and her responsibilities how great will be the reward of faithfulness the Mother's Day late influence upon her children is preparing him for everlasting life or eternal death she exercises in your home power more decisive and is starting to ask allow or even King upon his throne right the power of another great controversy five fifty seven and five fifty eight I'm just recapping here it is true that Spiritualism is now changing its form and bailing some of its more objectionable features in this assuming a Christian guys type to lot formally denounce Christ and the Bible and now professes to accept both the Bible is interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to the renewed heart while it's fallen and vital truths are made of no effect early writings to sixty three to sixty four gives a very important picture of Satan he was the father of lies lines and this is a whole world by sending forth his angels to speak for the apostles and to make it up here that they contradict what they wrote by the dictation of the Holy Ghost when on earth where Satan delights to throw professed Christians in all the world into his uncertainty about the word of God that holy book cut stone directly across his track and thwart his plans therefore he leads men to develop the divine origin of the Bible go back to where we are today without what lessons do we have some of them can we take away from these things as something ominous by saying all these things I'm not implying that my dear friends who happen to be on the other side of the fence on women's ordination believe all that not saying that for one moment but I can't say that I believe that they may not realize all these things and who is behind the kinds of things that they espouse the radical women's rights leaders of the nineteenth century work hard beyond their time we have seen how modern feminism has encompassed most of them are hesitant farm the feminist movement is away from Warner 's creation order if you come it's away from authority God 's authority his words authority man's authority in the hole in the church authority of the big thing is we want to be in charge and we like to be on top and it doesn't go well with each of us to have to submit in any way and gentlemen they are there for a loan for humility and submission on your part too it's not just women that should submit all of us need to be submissive to the word of God and be gracious and there is really no place while while undoubtedly just say there's no place for any kind of meeting her impression that extra Bible they are the bad man is to be kind and gentle not me and any of the abuse serve things like that but sometimes we are accused of should never have any factual bearing in any of our lives it's a very sad thing when we see that feminism is a movement into self be what you can the human potential secret God within you you were made for more than just washing dishes this is all tied to feminism it is a moving into jealousy for her sexism goes both ways not just one way so we now understand how the whites warning first testimonies for twenty one those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of women's rights in the so-called dress reform might as well simmer all connection with the third Angels message the spirit which attends the one cannot be in harmony with the other Scriptures are playing upon the relations and rights of men and women somewhat as a young person doing this research I run these things I had to manage my own heart really carefully I had to decide where I really stood on the issues and this time is gone on I've had a chance to study more and find out that really the research I did back to was very valid that it haven't gone away it is only intensified the Scriptures are planning upon the relations right of men and women and we now have before us very important decisions to make as a church and we as Santa Fe on this need to realize that the spirit gospel realm of giving of oneself out as theology in the cavernous hermeneutic of Scripture are not compatible with some of the feminist principles that we have shared spiritualism does not always assume the medium wrapping guys watch out for the philosophical spiritualism blogging feminism and its effects on culture God help us to keep our eyes and ears open so that the principles do not subtly come in and suddenly surprises big by becoming a part of what we hold dear that's very very dangerous thing saw the young person looking at those very important things I decided that now is I wanted to be a ministry that I wanted to work for God I definitely should have had an impact on those around me but I wanted to be extremely careful how I read the Scriptures and the rights of men and women whites and was very clean and I wanted to follow that with my whole heart so my husband and I have very exciting ministry together he was pastor of the church I work right alongside I preached on on Salamis I worked with him in giving Bible studies to the women night I worked right alongside we didn't both help in the envelope with also I will then cooking classes and other kinds of classes so many things that we can do together when we went as missionaries I worked in the chaplain 's department I working on the health education Department also in the church so many things that we can do we are not to be afraid in any way on how we should come off and then how do we can't be ordained so therefore there's nothing to do that them will die Jesus is coming soon in family are spinning our wheels on this important issue that is really really important but in the face of the Lord coming soon to get caught up on it this is very sad so I just wanted shield to each one of you to really think what is going on in the culture around you see offended in any way affects the way you believe and re-examine rate think and yes embrace the Bible as it reads let us pray father you are more than good you are occurring you are gracious in the government the new set out is the one we only want when you want that eternal giving spirit that Jesus had the kingdom that he said was not of this world he taught about the poor in spirit to talk about the meeting to talk about those who need to know that word because they are so hungry and thirsty indeed that's what we want the Lord teaches sermon from the depths of our spirit focuses shoot that spiritualistic aspects of Satan screamed all Wellington to give our all and work for you with all of our hands in our heart and sphere all of us together twenty fifteen newly praise you Jesus me in and thought I'd like to encourage you all to him not a more deeply into this issue it's not an easy one but the sources are on the Internet now you do a search on Victoria what you come up with more than you ever wanted to know the believe me saying anchor Elizabeth Cady stands in the same thing for any of these all eminent theologians that I've mentioned and you'll find much much more I promise you don't take my word for your own study think hard about where we're going as a people how were treating the word of God and ask the Lord to fill you with his humility in the spirit of his kingdom so that you and I can one day fake monolith of our God we have waited for him and he will save us and we won't all go home together is my prayer for you her gauntlet as he is sneaky and was not as obvious as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe this is more certain is www. done on universal


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