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3- From Mohaven to TOSC; How We Got Here

Dr. Mario Veloso
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Dr. Mario Veloso

Retired Seminary Professor and G.C. Admin


  • October 2, 2014
    7:30 PM
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rear blizzard this is awesome with a minimum something which is very sensitive on this one it would be sensitive up then got on just from the very beginning it will the first time what Quinn the church begun to talk about it was in eighteen eighty one with little say much about the location because there is not much to say is just gaming it was discussed on the system is in our conferences on then it was taken to the administrative committee of the General conference so a smaller community on the issue never came but again so that the site organization doesn't really history of this modern church came to in the last century I mean even if it does end of innocent I'm glad to get about having but heaven was in nineteen seventy three the infinity in the heaven loss cost by all questions obtain provisional conference from you from one of the North thirty countries have you getting worse on the glass we ordain women is betting the Bible on the spirit of prophecy any thing that would prevent us from the soldiers in our conference appointed committee of three cities cars unlimited scholars of the Norway tomorrow and they don't not too long they gave it must report on the report was very simple and straight there is no base in the Bible neither in the spirit of prophecy which are the two most authoritative sources for all rods and pistons were a hard thing and women to the bathroom and there is no authorization on all in either one of the two sources I think that was the nicest report that the church ever got on the subject unto me that was enough of that point it to the big growth Johnson went to you on each of them being said this is what we find in the Bible prophecy therefore no need to doing nothing related to the something more modern authorities whenever human beings ask a question identity give the onset of faith having my thing then again any any other officer is a get then they begin to create new questions actually many questions on then we got into the many questions because the Genoa conference really listening to this people appointed a point that Archimedes in nineteen seventy six that was the beginning of the black gold nickel medial and the role of women in the church I went to go to the question was on on the page when I'm nothing less over the concert sort of clinical need the about coordination women with very all on and visit Thomas see of the higher levels that would not be proper so people need to the role of women in the church was very appropriate because in the ballroom were we were on the alert of the arm may need those the women George God will need the lesson falls to say what were those just one the committee was appointed names of members were specified than fifty members and women eliminating our chair who I thought Vice President of the General conference Boston Bruins hockey glass of a man of God I would meant to do that the president of the committee on a secondary the secretary was more than high of the moment D R Hyde Director which seem to be very appropriate to produce are good starting on an accident report but there was one scene that I want you to keep in mind the committee was appointed must not tire of references for this is that in Jerusalem is an I know this because I used to work for some associate secretary of the juicy a nine goal very well how we do when we appoint the committee the terms of reference is the Monday whether the committee to it was an open and open-minded him whom five Lakewood got been quite in there on the scene which is not the name of the committee on budget but how can because this members didn't do anything about the role of women would be going to discuss organization so all that quiet wasn't needed to say this is open for women the game spirit grills and failed to give this Sunday but actually we never say that she and from there long there were committees groups commissions appointed one after the other or London on the under the name of the role of women in the church but when we were doing back in in reality last discussion on ID no dent fixed first one nineteen seventy three in the Northwest just all of the seminary under the recently locked in South America Seoul I cannot be a member of such a high profile committee the next time I was included on from their own I will begin the members informed the committee 's up Doc soul there are a few guys that if you but they are old enough to unbeaten New Orleans is committed because others bought away over the ideas Georgia reading is one of them I cannot trickle of opinion any other one of us know of the meetings anyway I'm going to pay attention to these nineteen seventy city New Haven meeting because these was the foundation for all the discussion of when she are required dependencies kinky where they as strategists for goose mother were established everything that actually came off door pussy sloops in this meeting and indiscriminate that is the to be very important twenty five papers were read for the on the Aedes species is to me very very interesting only four of them actually hunt and I don't somehow related coordination like for example a few original for donation insides off a social scientist on ordination of women considerations on issues related to you want to win by a floor is available for one thing women the church but the move wasn't that exchange because there is no mystery why Jordanian women orders have wrong it doesn't in the history of the church ever since there was the first ordained ministers in the Christian church that we know what they were doing so I was very exchanged find the theme is a mineral is available for the women on the rest of the papers they were all on their day has enough wrong of women but none of them actually got something they were going on orphanage this is one of the trends that if the beginning of the news whether gays also before the universe that we have been starting from nineteen seventy three meetings up to two thousand and thirteen thoughts fourteen years doing the same thing you know because Goodman England to bring you the original goal to search truth about information they have been using a few biblical text on those whether the dip in average single out for me to update my assists with find anything new in this or Bible which is always the same coming from our God who never changes on down trying to be faithful to Jesus Christ the result was the same on trying to follow these division orders the Group of Eight incense he would daughter was saying the same even when she is today dying with inspire off into anything she would never control it but he also said Scriptures saw Neil gone in his repetition of what one is but anyway it was needed something on the less the minority papers on site worth for the nation on the Mayor and the other members of the community were in favor of information on your may guess this hop and in every single committee that was appointed from the auto priority of the members invited in favor of your again burglars able for all gone the goal assist application which the papers where just about the same from walls sides must another member the members can't defend but the distant faraway knowledge in our consideration of its goal in order of time so this paper one of the paper was entitled to the role of women to the archaeology of relationship man toward on I'm going to take this one Masonic sample of what begun to become a trend because it is one of the others we biblical imagery particularly and thirty six that are thinking in the first visit which is very well known first grandson eleven to sixteen first Timothy two eleven two fifty lived on the paper you would find also conditions the twenty six twenty piece texts are going to be always press I think you can otherwise if you are coming from the side that is in favor of so the phone there biblical embrace right here but they weren't quite on the convincing this paper unfolding about was written by our would say the most beloved proof is on the presidency of the few of my proposal on the generation cohort everybody on we will talk about and the nice ways she would present she was very clearly exposition of the two unusually very close to the bottom so it came to men have lost awesome big surprise the heated not only this but the first five which was the discussion about the biblical material was anything a month she came to the conclusion that this is that there were written to defend the dignity of Mark 's unflinching guns to the following the leak of conclusion on which use on huge loanwords women share in the universe found a race will off the people of God and in the divine Judaism off to work you will not seem to share in the meaning to the church this is the component author doing that citizens of the next not in the meanest but then severely adopt a theological one on who cannot cleanse the theological argument in favor of the ordination of women based on public ministry of op profit was she is way to bring in what she didn't find in the baby contexts so now it is not a game you got it fixed all the regard the RPC is working now is with our theological argument based on a similarity that she ought to be rooted to the higher authority of the profit compared to the minister of the seat came this way the state did these tools are in performing the men is the fit of the week will in the charge however which is about the Oscars Christ is assaulted it is the see we have hard and don't the sun nothing new the same argument the same thing all I've read recently somebody saying in front of history often had to be Mister thunderhead to less never started before no consumer in any discussion but they do now in DOS we gaining with this rather new argument it was in nineteen seventy three first committee then he placed the video some conditions three twenty six DA unheated thinks with his text first visit in these off you're going to go cycling it is big and minority coprincipal tool in that thread all the texts related to when finale have on yellow hermeneutic and I'm understanding of the going to the conditions is not the one board is broken borders building of life is the one EDF name we men's and ladies activity when compared to text for salvation you won't be one path to salvation comes in I'm going to just three four five twenty six hundred and ten to thirty twenty six for you are all her sons through faith in Christ Jesus this is gratifying no one what weapon test such a declaration then for many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ others of Russia's wealthiest and then he goes on to say there is name that you not read there is neither slave nor free face neither made nor female for you are all one in Christ on if you are one if you are Christ then you are ever hung see on tears according to the song of God he hammers the drums specifically for the new no reference level about the steps so how could anybody think these things off the admin pickup to get physical the you are authorized to be gone a minister of the church to understand how some of which the from the mouths of these kind of professing with my kinks I just see she was a theology but very much opposed to divide I will respect that the way she treated you become fixed but this time he was way off the addicts for us it was unbelievable I would dump a few guys who were used former students uneven rehabilitation to emulate when we came to the next meeting nineteen seventy five we set the level ourselves on your allow students to come up therefore former professors so you office of flush out Mister Lincoln don't allow you for generations on November twenty yes late therefore about this professor it was amazing because it wasn't she's way of doing regularly to theology under this time seems to me that this guy all of them get the feeling that the hot to come with fiscal song holiday hard to save for ordination when I'm he would think you for this prism the hip of the church the windmills by preaching on by behavior how all that discharge God among other things ideas this regular participation of women in because they wanted to hop aboard behavior of depressed people for evangelism and logistic purposes not because God was dating us anything the church one that tool being politically correct with the community that was a person and then she the reason of the church that is a the new system the church I think probably web-based only that which is broken on feeding the unit he was not saying God told off she was saying we're going quite this program feeding Sheila she is not concluding I based on the biblical text I think probably face is something Williams resigning pilots of the script it is not the Scripture it is another how was your Rosen argues Google in general not everyone but he was doing this on Qantas on a more amazing even if you thought that seeing new people in the heart and question what others want the person when you depart from the text on this another listening you'll have to lie on seemingly because he's sassy integrated so how could you anyone am a cool the Bible the way we understand the Bible in our television and limited how could somebody do this anyway no in my mind sometimes half house motivations but nobody is going on we are not allowed to superimpose a motivation on a mind that didn't express clear here understanding but she actually said because he says the icing is enough from the Bible I think it's a probably not sure but probably this was the case so it is clear in the ninth inning seven thirty will have been made there were only two papers against organizational on the the were written by women the Dugan surmises on seeing whatever is in your mind but these women were very still and one don't know presented a comprehensive study on alternate vitamins the New Testament to understand the process and should think of the conclusion although there are Boston-area where the women of the church conserved with distinction the ordained ministry is not one of often going through the Bible understand the prophecies this was her the other one I don't go through the whole augmentation vehicles fueled with you know how it goes when a person comes to this conclusion it is in harmony with what is they are in the Bible the other persons got the other woman who was against organization said it specifically then I tool not suggest any of the fatherly one that we men being ordained to the ministry to the women be placed in the pundit on duty administrative rollers where men must work on the fair direct supervision of a friend who this boy among what that what insanity well-known to very influential one was on the seminary the other one of us to review so you might imagine all those cooler than the seminary were influenced by the first one I'm in the generation on those who read the article subsequently would be influenced by somebody who write frequency in the OKC system file for papers the concern now we're going to do the role of women according to Victor Church the report of a future committee seventy days and though seventeen pages eighty the report says that men and women are equally I then that is a silence in the Scripture about ordination of women there is no evidence that they would be living off or vehicle not what you know the another thing when before was told in the Bible doesn't say anything about this on ordination of women to the next thought is not to find the report would say that there was no I'm really amending the members of the committee but seeming things put in thing for us in God we will not be in agreement to fix I shortly they will sit was nowhere many of us in August the ladies bloodwork and tired in Greenland the wings of fire that there is no reference therefore there is no authorization for organization but they then did they decide on the silence became another door the discussion of the moment whoever he did eat and when they find these the gold because of the limited there were members of the community there were those who were neither subsequently Monday we had all wasting Christians of the West somebody behind I'm not talking about one person priority what many but somebody who was not either of the community neither member of the committee who was dressed in the golf that the leaders because of the moment him them the Westside were good I've read through the prophecy and advising about the silencing description when questions arise upon which we are uncertain to the flask what safe description on in this picture is signed and depth on the question of each netted not be made the subject of discussion is an quite vague theory on idiosyncratic workers three fourteen but we didn't pay attention just to go growing delightedly I think that this couldn't be lost to advice for the start not a lord on any other important but for the stock so another committee was appointed on Gary on the information we got from the list train that we are building about to the one we will read the perfect tool now we this is one visual software different than an one I'm not sit in his you are from now on it will become problems many in UK there were church will accept ordination and said I'm in these meetings on from that on in almost every meeting that we needed to integrate words to seek those of us who were coming from outside gut defeating we have a first class members of the church leaders on a single those from the first class no mother whether they were many old just a few they were right on the other guys who gain from the underdeveloped word those guys don't come to mind they don't know how to study the Bible they don't know how to come to conclusions the superficial in the undone game even meetings in the time that talking about geography but Duncan about those who would not accept women finish one of the integral by West it was sent to Maine he is low-scoring fable saying where it's serious students of the Bible on the those who were against were superficial students of the lawsuit now they do not change your graphic on concepting to decision up on on ordination because novel you cannot say the other visions of the word on our order in the vehicle that on long theology that goes out of this highly developed countries Shia so what to do with I do want to say then you cannot think those guys on the right books producing time some material on debt I would say much more than many who are highly developed somehow they have to change it not the intention but just simply say then came nineteen seventy five C West grown-up women study group the PRI organized the studies and the reports were even an update meetings up DRI DRI executive committee do some other much group made up some people for their coming from all over the world an individual must the right of the line to appoint one on the right of one one hundred hip-hop and the time that I wasn't done on the Iraq from South America to thought he wasn't because I was somebody important is because in my area the rumor is to understand things I don't think the sake of states because they are what we understand and then at since they were so few I was the lucky one to participate under the fourth day to this meeting again papers were presented in rebuilding the sense objects and one of the papers in this exegesis of first Timothy two eleven fifty the same bottom going through the thanks so there like there would come to the conclusion that there was no of days for division but then he went on into the ethical part of the paper which you gold implications unnamed implications she came up with her they idea up then admitted to the principles where based on their conditions so upset that he communicated with the audit proposal for modules because the one holds were found for so it just kept going and the same the same direction and this thing fixed work again and presented down another paper deals with easy wide this was a lady and she said that there is not much material in it is implied that about organism on our journey down the texts that would be day they considered Oriental on single one of those the ones go this published that her skin in that it do a Dean eighty five fixed and interview fifteen ninety five the review under to what you noting that only the content but they do not only the five that a single system Hans could be made not of the opinion anything about the temporary job about the specific job but less so and said that women will come on then she went on to quote another thinks about a day corrupted fixed the are taking in consideration for the ordination of me I'm seeing the something very interesting to Girl Scout on the references to main foot of the doing brackets women are naturally applied to women or that was saved by his wife about my though I'm not one to get into these the David TR Bob if anyone would like to see how we're going to give the reference Budweiser way it developed this process then it came nineteen eighty five the women and the church committee on this one there was in preparation to this session that was coming and the dignity of the committee March the session was coming to and then all the implementation of the committee was the big notch the report went to the nineteen eighty five PC session on our trade and discussion while some of the long Bob not too long he was not allowed no more time for these but the decision was good that your auction in connection with the March there the big bottle would come five years later ninety nine and then after that nineteen ninety five those are the two sessions that normally everybody takes us important of but Jesse we are here and just keeping on with things that begun in nineteen seventy we kept the same subjects the same text the same spirit of prophecy quotations and the same invention going to give even when we decided in nineteen he warned dating women it was said in the preamble done this while the decision of the General conference on this guy named Jim will for many in another uncertainty but banking nineteen ninety five with the rest of the North American division and this time to allow certain divisions to ordain women on the others were not like the thing women with more on this on their historical stock went the lesson not approved either so we help our Chinese cities such with the most tip of the more important it was larger discussion with me but they were three eighty five ninety eight everyone knows it was not without the about the next session was Kim in with the same fix with the same had been this I have been looking at based on principle from the nineteen seventy three becoming this invention of educated and they were a student going home on limited I have the feeling that if we do not allow women to be ordained in the next session which I seem may be the case the subject is going ghost somebody is thinking or if you pick a group of people who thinking that they arrived even homework from me putting the incident wave that we handle business inside the core were his strong unbelief and the right hospital they does very nice with the goal signed away roofs in this conversation on the long-awaited Lane hoppity hop in is to follow the Scriptures through the prophets anyhow they have been going for us I think you got these awesome dumping the case also is whenever the people got the anything in the pulsation gone we do the results will conclusion destruction on the site at least destruction from the nation 's drywall for two years this at this just because they gave one God blessed them and then we could save all of these goals for this energy could say all this money just making one smaller the decision to give the orientation from the vital tool why is there with but this is a question we normally don't ask his fourteen years discussion we send them say we want to live with this hurdle for the will of God in the Scriptures with guns and with the obvious opposites but the right question is do they I hope that this compensation we finally the delegates gone to threaten to rally station that we needed to it who are we on doing one of the consequences because the weather was a flock of God the consequences on waterways laced by God on with his blessing this short goal very strongly influencing the nation it is not going to foresee the nation on authorization of women organization that is clear in quad is happening right now in the work whatever the subject is not being on the discussion the mission is going flat on Forbes did I would wear it whenever the discussion is present the mission house actually on wing name the values they should keep on going with what God ones who choose to doing this time when hunting if the finish we were both on leaving on Google but if a person moment talking people that from what one side of the other much fanfare they went with my right she said to me might have been what is the strongest argument in a pulsation coordination he said I don't look for any on the hunt this time I'm looking for I think unsaved articulate to obey God is the only one that is going on on it but God with you to help us to have we'll be at the service of God Wilson from how much I will and a media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more in line to know more about hot showers more seminarians visit www. audio person or


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