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4- Male Headship in the Old Testament

Dr. John Peters
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Dr. John Peters

Old Testament Scholar and Pastor in Pennsylvania Conference


  • October 2, 2014
    7:30 PM
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this morning on looking up the biblical headship in the Old Testament but more specifically remember looking at headship the principle of June in Genesis the one of the major contentions of those in favor of the ordination of women is that the principle of headship does not exist in the Bible and moreover it does not exist and Genesis and specifically in Genesis chapter two that is in a freefall situation in the book of Genesis so this morning were going to take a look at headship within a briefly look at a recent statement that was the produced by the theological faculty at least some of them at our Adventist University in Barron Springs where it should purports to state that the Bible says nothing about biblical headship so we'll take a look at that the number to take a look at the Bible of what the Bible really has to say about headship and how it affects the whole issue of ordination I let me just mention in passing here this ordination issue is is kind of a is not really addressing the real issue the real issue is the office of elder in the office of Minister only talk about ordination we know it's laying on of hands for service in only white hands on medical missionaries but they're not ordained as medical missionaries with the simply lands and their consecrated for service with the word ordination is always been used as it relates to the office of Minister specifically and also elder and deacon in the local church so when were addressing this whole issue of ordination we need to remember that were really talking about what the Bible say about who is qualified to serve in the office of elder or minister so let's keep our focus on a particular issue and what's let the Bible speak for itself there is no as we've already heard that the real issue were dealing with is not just ordination or the office of elder minister it really boils down to hermeneutics and does this issue of hermeneutics really began to develop early on in the nineteen sixties at least as a relates to the issue of feminism when feminism got off the ground you may never remember the names like Betty Frieda and Gloria Steinem in the nineteen sixties nineteen seventies they were some of the proactive advocates of not just ordination but women's liberation and was in the nineteen sixties and seventies that we move this country in general began to get away from propositional truth and we began began to embrace our feelings that is of it feels good let's do it and that we can even see that the day with the longer having any respect what the laws say on the books as relates to immigration for example or inability but no philosopher and upholding the law now in the nineteen sixties you recall that there was the baby boomer generation in nineteen sixty seven Timothy Leary came on the scene and one of his sayings was as he went around various universities and spoke was not only Ellis David is little phrase was turn on and drop out and we had the summer of love and hate after he does Draco San Francisco and the summer of love if you read the Time magazine article that spoke about that summer of love issue the basic theme is a stated was trust your feelings trust your feelings and that's what's been happening in this country and this was been happening in the church ever since the sixties and so what is happening proposition of truth is gone by the wayside with entrusting our feelings what we think we want to do is what were going to do and so I mentioned Betty for Dan I mentioned Gloria Steinem and within the church most of the churches that that that opted to that point and follow the papal hermeneutic but I know hermeneutic began to develop an developed long before this and that was a missed the historical critical method and following that is the women's movement underway with the women's liberation movement and evangelical feminist hermeneutics began to develop in other words evangelical feminists began to read certain text in the Bible a little bit differently than what you would normally read from the surface that is a plain reading of Scripture and lo and behold Seventh-day Adventist beginning in the nineteen seventies right around the time of nineteen seventy three and nineteen seventy five also began to adopt a different way of reading certain scriptures dealing with women in the Bible specifically women in ministry and so we might call battery and evolution of the delicate evangelical feminists are limited to the Adventist feminist hermeneutics and moreover as we came to the bailout theology of ordination study committee it became quite evident in fact it became quite transparent in fact they actually confessed that they were using a different hermeneutic for certain text of the Bible for certain troublesome text and most troublesome tax would be taxed like first Timothy chapter two and three first Corinthians Chapter 11 and so a prescriptive chapter fourteen all the text dealing with women in the New Testament and for these tax they adopted a new hermeneutic called a principle -based call troll hermeneutic well just as a little prelude it was in nineteen seventy five that we had a spring councilman has been counseling was moved in it was voted to allow women to be ordained as local elders that was the tip of the iceberg and that was just for the North American division then in nineteen eighty four in the fall annual Council it was voted to go ahead and allow the ordination of women as local elders worldwide if it was no contention of the real problems are going out of their well now you must realize that the reason that they wanted to start with the ordination of women as local elders because that is simply the first step to becoming a great of a part-time minister and so we we can trace this problem all the way back to nineteen seventy five and nineteen eighty four so the real issue we need to address here is the ordination of local elders and the consequent ordination of ministers as well so it's not end in the upcoming twenty fifteen General conference session is important not to just address the ordination of women as pastors we need to address the whole issue of local elders which began to percolate in nineteen seventy five so this new hermeneutic that was confessed in the recent village of ordination study committee is called a principle based contractual linguistic historical cultural strategy a mouthful where they use extra biblical sources now they say however that the Bible is revival is reliable in the salvation message however for certain troublesome text those text determine their hermeneutical approach that we use now this is their open statement for these text we use a slight your approach is called a principle -based contextual historical cultural reading strategy know what this really amounts to is a variation of not the historical critical method method but a certainly a critical method of reading the Bible so they allow culture to become a predominant theme in interpreting the Scriptures and moreover you redo the statement fundamental to this approach is its recognition that the text is semantically independent of the intention of its author the text is primarily seen as a construct in so far as meeting is taken to reside in the encounter or interchange between the text and reader to get that meeting comes up comes about as a result of the interchange between the text and reader in other words you as the reader influence what the text is saying not just the text or the text tells you what it's saying you interact with the text and now you help the text say what really means meaning thus emerges as an outcome of interplay between the text and the reader both of which are culturally and historically conditioned this is in contrast to the real document the methods the Bible Bible study document that was adopted in Rio de Janeiro which states the following seek the graphs the simple most obvious meaning of the biblical passage being studied in other words a clear plain statement of Scripture when it is clear and play so the issue is not ordination because in nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety five is that no ordination so what are they to made is continued to commission so there is essentially no difference between commissioning women as pastors and ordaining women as pastors no difference at all so what of the problem is the offense the office of elder the office administered not just ordination because we'll just commission instead so there is a unifying principle that runs throughout Scripture and that principle is the principle of authority and the principle of submission the two go together as a unifying thread that runs from Genesis to Revelation it begins with Adam and even regard in a freefall condition and continues with Seth it continues with Noah the continues with Abraham and continue to apply Zachary continues with Jacob the twelve patriarchs then it continues with our Savior Jesus was born as a man that he continues with the apostles were moral men to Jesus ordained then it continues with replacement of Judas Iscariot with a map and a continues with the ordination of the seven male deacons and it continues with the ordination by Paul and Timothy and Titus of men as elders in the church and concludes we just were quickly go to revelation and where we have the new Jerusalem the twelve dates the twelve foundations one of the names on them twelve male apostles in the twelve patriarchs so this is one male headship or headship just runs from Genesis all the way to revelation and seems as though our friends simply can't see it but even Rosemary Radford Reuther a Catholic theologian who said herself it is very plain the Genesis two is speaking of male headship in the Garden of Eden and so she couldn't handle it as so she adopted a historical critical method now here she is and she admits this the Bible digits so here's the some of the recent seminary statement August twenty fourteen on biblical headship what they basically say they talk about a unique nontransferable headship of Christ that's what the Bible teaches they say a unique nontransferable headship of Christ may try to justify this by only taking a portion of the Bible and by taking only a portion of the Spirit of prophecy and they leave out all the other pertinent text me redo one that is pertinent the great head of the church superintend his work to the innocent instrumentality of men ordained by God to act as his representatives to act as his representatives further she says they were ambassadors just an preceding sentence Christ ministers are the spiritual guardians of the people entrusted to their care their work has been likened to that of watchmen one other statement in size of the times in nineteen eighteen ninety seven God has provided light and truth for the world by having placed it in the keeping of faithful men who in succession have committed to others through all generations up to the present time these men have derived their authority that they derive it from Christ in an unbroken line from the first teachers of the faith Christ remains the true minister the crew had obvious church but he delegates his power to his under shepherds to his chosen ministers who have the treasure of his grace in earthen vessels God superintendents the affairs of his sermons and they were placed in his work by divine appointment ordination so were going to take a look now at the principle of headship and Genesis one through three were quickly look at some of the text in the New Testament now the him for taking your course is that creation headship existed in the garden lead before the fall and after the fall that headship was ordained of God and imposed upon Adam and Eve the second view is of course that there was no creation headship in the Garden of Eden before the fall but after the fall a servant leadership I was divinely imposed by God upon Adam no creation headship in the garden that's the position of our friends advocating the ordination of women I see if we can establish clearly we will establish with twenty six points that there was in fact male headship in the Garden of Eden if they can establish that what that there was no male had shipped and of course abrogates the point of this presentation is to refute their position and to demonstrate the male headship that exist in the freefall condition kindergarten and of course after the fall saw the beginning let us God says let us make man in our image so God created them in his own image in the image of God he created them male and female he created them out in one paper it states that there was no hint of male headship in the garden lead in Genesis chapter one million but we will enumerate in this presentation at least twenty six points a male headship including Genesis chapter one four God said let us make man in our image so what's going on here by the way Genesis three which is concerning the fall is basically a commentary on Genesis to tell us take a look at a few statements while in white on this issue of male legitimacy which he has to say number one and was to stand at the head of the earthly family number two Adam was the monarch of the world number three Adam is the place to guarantee the greater words the creator appointed him second-in-command over for the Sabbath was committed to Adam the father and representative of the human race and by the way when it says analyst status ahead of the human family it goes on to say her the relationship existing in a pure family of God in heaven was to exist in the family of God on earth under God anonymous stand at the head of the earthly family to maintain the principles of the heavenly family what does this tell us that about the heavenly family if I was they had been there must be heads in a heavenly family in other words the Angels must have leaders or notes as well and as in claim six of the testimonies page two thirty six number five throwing light and was crowned king in the Garden of Eden number six God made Adam the rightful sovereign over the works of his hands right so God made him the ruler of the earth and Adam was lowered in his beautiful domain so what is missing in all of these statements while in white well we don't find any co- monarchs we don't find any code device gerunds we don't find any kings and queens we don't find any coneheads we don't find any close sovereigns we don't find any co- rulers representatives records will be defined as that Adam was the monarch and sovereign of your boyfriend they had earlier put them when we use when she uses the words monarch and sovereign those words could note the idea of singularity single atom was slowly the monarch no one else ninety okay now the first point out of Genesis concerning biblical origin and was great at first God formed man from the dust of the ground and begin living soul nothing got have intended for men and women to be the health equal roles functional roles he could've certainly greater than simultaneously from the dust of your throat by God saw fit to do it in a very public appear a cumbersome way and first grade out of the dust and then after talking with Adam and going through all kinds of things he then put on sleep and took a rib from his side inquiry into the woman wanted to do a good all-natural soda we have core representative had cheer Adam 's actions alone affected the human race as in Adam all die even so in Christ all shall be made his actions alone affected all human race because he was ahead the race was redeemed by the last Adam not the last Adam and Eve the Bible doesn't talk about a lasting for a second neither does talk about a last.fm or what we call a second and so as the Redeemer in heaven and they approached Jesus something happens and here is the following recovers a page six forty seven as the ransomed ones are welcome to the city of God the rings out upon the Aaron exultant cry veneration the two atoms are about to meet the two atoms the son of God is standing with outstretched arms to receive the father of the race not the father and the mother of the race the two atoms the second Adam Christ replaced the first Adam the new head of the human rights number two out of Genesis Adam was given authority and responsibility then the Lord God took the man put them in the garden of Eden the tendency but so prior to the creation of Eve we have Adam was provided with a garden home honey and was then placed in the garden Adam was provided with a source of food Adam was instructed by God about the garden to tend to give it into the rule were to rule in the garden so adamant clearly in charge at this point as were in the early part of Genesis to number three the tree and leadership accountability God made it clear to Adam that he had accountability in regard that as he was instructed about the tree of knowledge of good and evil penalty that is personal person face-to-face by God so we have face-to-face we have hierarchy of creation priority of communication without not with you we are priority of leadership accountability about the forbidden tree and all of this instills a sense of headship and out of he knows that he is in charge versus before the woman comes on the same and then God says it is not good that man should be alone I'll give him a helper so evident animus given a helper now not going to go through all of the idea of the theological ideas here about the Hebrew and so on but when the just state that superscript is eleven verse nine Paul alludes to this idea about a helper when he says man was not created for the woman but the woman was created for the man that is as I help her for the men at number five Adam then names the animals now naming in the Bible always connotes the idea of authority whoever's name he is the one in charge and so God brings all the animals to Adam and Adam names all the animals and the woman later to simply accepts the names she doesn't contradict out of and change any night number six and was for the woman is derived from the men then the rib which forgot to take out a man it was made into a woman and he brought her to the man this is Paul's justification for headship in prescriptive scapula first Corinthians eleven is the first real talks about the principle of headship prices I have a men nanosecond of the woman and understand of Christ then it goes on to state and is appalled and speaks about any brings about the idea why management of the woman and he justifies it by stating that man is not from the woman but the woman is from that going back to this idea in Genesis two twenty two the rib was made into a woman protected from Adam number seven God presents the woman to Adam and God brought her to the man now this idea of bringing the woman to Adam he is gone is basically giving a gift to in fact of all the gifts given to Adam Ellen White says the following that he was the one gift which can hear size out valued every other gift in fact she help valued every other gift so much video out her to take precedence over the word of God well this whole idea of presenting the woman is a gift to Adam again infused Adam with this idea of hatchet and moreover it becomes even clearer when we go to point number eight and speaks first upon the creation of a woman so probably the first words that Eve ever heard were from the voice of Adam she doesn't say to him and him were to come from God brings the woman to Adam and Adam says the following to the woman this is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh in other words she informs the woman of her origin and the woman gains the understanding of this is she realizes that her sources from Adam but she came from him and so somehow he takes priority because she came from him so the woman gains the self understanding of her relationship with Adam in this whole idea of where she is brought to the man and then the man speaks first this is one of my bone flesh of my flesh point number nine and then Adam said she shall be called woman naming again she shall be called woman of this is a generic name that is true is not the word is not the name Eve is a generic name but whenever names were given for example God called the light day he called the firmament Heaven he called the date or the dry land Earth these world names likewise he called the woman she was she shall be called woman a name so Anna Percy realizes Adams leadership as she gets acquainted with her she came from number ten the man is to take the initiative and nurses assault from Genesis chapter chapter two before the ball therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh now Paul alludes to this Ephesians chapter five worries says I tell you a mystery the two shall be one flesh this is a great mystery of Christ and his concerning Christ and his church the two shall become one flesh this is a great mystery concerning Christ and his church L Paul as already stated the Christ is the head of the church just as the husband is out of the wife but when he puts in the context of the two shall become one flesh and he says it's the mystery of Christ and his church in crisis ahead of the church and the husband is head of the wife clearly always making the point that the husband is animallike because this back all the way to bring fault when they were brought together as one flesh okay now we're going to Genesis three a postwar commission we had ten points out of Genesis to the prefall situation on Genesis real woman initiates headship reversal when she do while she leaves the protective spirit of her husband she was told to stay by the side of her husband and Adam was told the protector is otherwise a certain sense of woman has God said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden and rather than the women fleeing immediately to seek counsel from Adam she goes ahead and begins to dialogue with the serpent in other words she begins to assume independence and assert a leadership role or position she leaves the protective sphere of Adam and she seeks a higher sphere than her original position LME radio statement here from Ellen White a higher sphere LLP had fallen into temptation by separating from her companion contrary to the divine direction it had been perfectly happy by her husband 's side in her Eden home but like restless siege she was flattered with the hope of entering a higher sphere separating what was her original sphere her husband 's side she was perfectly happy by her husband son but she was seeking a higher sphere than that which God had assigned her why her husband son in attempting to rise above her original position by her husband 's side she fell far below a similar result will be reached by all today women who were unwilling to take up cheerfully their life duties in accordance with God 's plan and she goes on in the state that women today are doing the same let reason for positions for which they are not qualified seeking to enter a higher sphere now they were not seeking to be like God which is what our theologians friends on the other side would say well she was seeking Irish are to be like no color white is making a very clear statement original spirit was by her husband 's side and when she left her husband 's side she was thinking a higher sphere of equality leadership she initiates the dialogue with Satan as she puts it in the context of women today who were seeking a higher sphere and there's not trying to be with God but they're seeking a higher sphere number twelve the woman initiates a dialogue continuing the written role reversal as God said in Genesis three one to two you shall not eat of every tree and the woman said to the serpent we make either the trees except for one and so they the surface face of the woman as though she were ahead and she was in charge so she could make the decision yourself in other words he's attempting segments attempting to reverse natural principle right there you know what the principle was an angel he couldn't get to Adam he knew Adam would never be deceived with a direct confrontation so he goes through the woman to get the math he's reversing attempting to reverse the headship principle and put her in charge does he succeed yes certain to see is a and the woman responds to the serpent statements with leadership aspirations apparently over thirteen the woman initiates transgression by continuing the role reversal headship role reversal and when the woman saw the tree she took of the fruit and she is a so what is woman to hear she forsakes Adams headship when she takes of the tree and sheets and at that point she makes hello her head she makes a person papers etc. fourteen the woman attempts to usurp Adams headship role and she also know goes to her husband she gave to her husband and said I feel so good I've never felt so exhilarated in all my life I feel no harmful effects so we emerges Adam to eat and when she does so she urges him to relinquish his headship position Adam thinks about it Adam mourns because he knows what is happening he mourns that he permitted it to wonder from his site he knew he should accept design initiative in protecting her he knew what happened he failed to protect the Adam recognizes this failure and as he thinks about it his headship hangs in the balance what should I do number fifteen the usurping of atoms that your parole is consummated and he took of the fruit and eighty eight he made his decision about the one at a rely courses at his headship position he ate the role reversal was consummated and we read the following of regression province page fifty six through the woman Satan conquered the man and through the man Satan conquered the race you see the sequence through the woman Satan conquered the man and through the man Satan come to the race but he had it up to the woman first this all spells mail headship is so abundantly clear number sixteen now here is the article all evidence of male headship and role reversal in the Bible in the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked now that happen not when either the fruit but when Adam ate the fruit why not leave she did her first only when Adam ate the fruit not by the way our friends our theological faculty members and enters university never want to cite this text and animate the proven they both became naked anatomy for another words this was the signal that Adam was responsible he was ahead body in other words the generic transgression of Ed Eve did not cause nakedness if Adam had remained loyal what we got it done he would've given a new wife here's what Ellen White says these fifty six papers promised and not realize the significant power who went from dust of the earth created him a living beautiful form had and loved him him a command in a companion and he could supply her place you have a new wife seventeen God seeks never ends at them first it doesn't go after the woman us goes after enemy operands Adam first he doesn't say to me where are you he says Adam where are you so out of touch at this conference confirmed by priority of nakedness priority of apprehension priority of accountability breaking got interrogates and indict Saddam before the for the fall bypassing eight have you eaten at him have you eaten of the tree which I commanded you not to eat and so we have priority of creation maintenance apprehension accountability and also priority of indictment by God and priority of interrogation by God to Adam ninety number nineteen God or Adam indicts himself as so how does respond to the woman that you gave to be with me she gave me of the tree and I ate so it is out of their here with these words he basically indicts himself was there this ad acknowledges that such a failure by saying by acknowledging he failed to predict protect the gift you gave me that woman that's the gift you gave me the woman you gave me number two GOP leaders leadership she gave me she gave me of the create it she didn't think he confesses I yielded to her leadership and a number three he really wished his headship role and he says I ate so Adam invites himself so but those three ideas you gave me she gave me I ate all over the port number twenty got interrogates issues second even though she's in first and the woman said she was to save the serpent deceived me and I so again we have had ship confirm because she was interrogated second and she was and she transgressed first so Satan deceived Eve by speaking to her as though she were the head and number two she was to say because she doubted the word of God if you don't want to be deceived don't doubt the word of God take a plane and thus saith the Lord help folks I think we have to face facts people that are simply denying a plane reading of Scripture on this whole issue and doubting what the word Rob playing with Don says are being deceived they are allowing themselves to be this should which leads to spiritualism when you doubt the authority of God and you make yourself an authority in authority instead of her twenty one Adams reversal is corrected the woman he said to the woman he said God said your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you so Adams headship is restored by God by divine decree he will rule over you we and harmony is restored Ellis look at this idea of harmony God had made Eve the equal of Adam in harmony with each other inadvertently but after their fall their union could be maintained and harmony preserved only by submission on the part of one or the other so we have harmony before the fall and we have harmony preserved after the fall now our friends will take this statement really wide and stable here here it is she was placed in subjection only after the fall of history the entire context she is saying that harmony existed before the fall it was a quote out in harmony with each other but after their fault they're getting to be maintained in harmony preserved only by solution on the part of one or the other in other words what she is doing here is contrasting freefall harmony which was natural with host Paul Harmony which would be unnatural or imposed by God so what is happening here is simply restoration of essential principle that existed before the fall and house can be imposed after the fall harmony began with now Harmony is to be imposed reserved after the fall over twenty two God holds them accountable for really relinquishing his hatchet responsibility to Adam he said because you appear though he did the voice of your wife in other words because you listen to your wife this is what can happen he was held accountable for two reasons listening to the voice of his wife headship replaced by Eve and secondarily this disobedience to God number twenty three the death sentence was pronounced upon either upon Adam and Eve but he was pronounced upon Adam alone you shall eat of the bread to be returned to the ground but for out of it you were taken for dust you are and to dust you shall return so the death sentence was not pronounced upon Eve and of course this is confirmed in the New Testament was gentrified by one man sin came in the world and death through sin and therefore death spread to all men because of which I'll send so death came into existence because none of Adam and Eve that because of what happened in the two atoms are contrasted repeatedly by Paul in Romans Romans chapter five in particular the two atoms are contrasted because what began as ahead of the human race and the second Adam ends up as that of the human race not coeds at the beginning of knuckleheads at the number twenty four God Adam reassumed his headship responsibility and what is a duty calls his wife's name Eve because she is the mother of all living so again he names the woman buddy names or even this time the mother of all the living again signifying his authority over the one naming the one and the woman simply listens and accepts Sharon Sharon assumes her natural number twenty five Adam is driven out of the Garden and the woman natural instantly follows Adam and so we have in the beginning Adam was placed in the garden followed by the woman and at the end we have Adam expelled from the garden and the woman simply following so we begin in Genesis chapter two with Adam in the Garden followed by the woman we end in Genesis three with the Adam leaving the woman out of the garden in both cases Adam begins an animal eats by the way that is a perfect inclusive I won't go into the inclusive idea just for number twenty six p.m. is your God let us make man on our image this is a Genesis one in the image of God he created them male and female he created them the declaration let us make man there clearly is one personal God has speaking to the other let us this implies that the one saying let us has authority telling the other one let us begin to make number one implies authority and submission in the Trinity so that the image of the Trinity is to be reflected in the mail female relationship let us make man in our image male and female he made them in the image of God headship or authority in summation the Godhead let us make likewise in the image of God male and female so is there a hint of headship in the Trinity the government in Genesis one indeed there is a hint here's LMI statement they had brought together in the creation of the earth and every living being I know God says to his son what has make man in our image that's in blame on spirit of prophecy page twenty four seconds statement on why God said to his son let us make man in our image Satan was jealous of Jesus now this is before atoms of the format was ever created and Satan clearly released for clearly sees Jesus in a subordinate role to the father okay that includes the idea that the client chip in Genesis government forgot to take a look at prescript is eleven and first of the two anal Sarkis Kennedy a much more with his arm is convoluted briefly and first clip is eleven we have the whole idea of biblical male headship in prescriptions eleven verse three Christ is the head of man the man is ahead of the woman and God is the antichrist that's the principle of headship principle of headship in the Bible which our friends at the seminary good morning when the site and then Paul goes on the saver 's credit is eleven now is not for the moment but the woman is from an and one man was not created for the woman but the woman four-man and he takes those ideas directly from Genesis to and that's why we read Genesis two and it's quite evident number of mutagenesis to just the way Rosemary Radford with her credit that was obvious on the surface this seems to be so invisible to others so clearly there there is no reciprocity and headship based on first Corinthians chapter eleven Paul makes a very clear that the man is to be the head of a woman in the church she uses the principle of or conversely to make it to establish the principle and then he goes on to say the following he talks about head coverings which is an application of the principal man is not to cover his head these in these of the reasons why man is the glory of God the woman is for the glory of man it is the difference now is for the glory of God the woman is for the glory of man man is not for the woman but the woman from man or Satan and the woman was not created the man was not created for the woman but the woman was created for the men all the reasons for male hitch does the woman needs authority on or at least that's would be the application of a wicket of an application today head coverings represent respect for the head or the authority the authority figure in this case the men being the authority figure in the church so man was created for God woman was created for man and the woman was created from the men so we have the principle of headship clearly established first Corinthians eleven established before the fall in first went in first Timothy chapter two and two and three week Paul is really dealing with the question is how are you to behave in the household of God as the whole question naturally concludes at the end of chapter three I write these things so you might know how you want to conduct yourself in the household of God so the whole issue in these two chapters is how to conduct yourself in the household of God they talked about mentoring and winning women should adorn themselves in particular ways women should learn quietly in the submission with all meddling image should not teach or have authority over use of authority over a man the rationale he gives is that Adam was formed first then leave the second rationale Eve was deceived and send first headship reversal but nevertheless the woman will be saved if she remains faithful and childbearing what is this I hear is basically saying that her primary role is in the home first another chapter to so he's distinguishing between the role of men in the church and the role of women the woman's primary role is as Ellen White has been a stuff was mentioned earlier business morning the woman is more important in the man not only in the home probably the church because of her responsibility in raising God-fearing children there is nothing more important however in the church God has appointed certain leaders in his concert is given qualifications for those leaders and by the way the prerequisite the number one prerequisite for being a leader in the church 's spiritual leader or an elder is you must be on hand the leader must be a man as a prerequisite is not a qualification is a prerequisite you must be a man then if you are a man you must also have these other qualifications you must be godly must be blameless and if you're married you must have been heavily one wife and so one of your faithful husband she never rule your house well and therefore it goes on to say in chapter three elders are to be men of one wife able to teach and rule their house will and Eric fifty nine occurrences of this word man kind there in the New Testament in every case they are all male subjects in other words this idea of him but I don't understand Bishop or elder must be a amount of one woman or a husband of one wife it cannot be interpreted as a spouse of one spouse your friends are trying to do next that's what many of them are trying to do with the theological village were initial study committee we just finished with a spouse of one spouse no pause for a specific about this able to teach and refute postage lesson primary qualification able to deal with false teachers would come into the church and are causing havoc authoritative teaching of elders in the church is repeatedly referred to in the Bible personally to twelve chapter three verse two chapter four verse eleven Titus two fifteen Hebrews thirteen seven or seventeen in verse twenty four authoritative teaching of the elders primarily in terms of rebuking full teachers so qualified men are only permitted to the elders and basically Paul is prohibiting women from functioning as elders it makes it very clear in first Timothy chapter two and three so the issue at stake here is not the appointment of women into ministry we encourage the appointment of women into all kinds of ministry but only one restriction in that restriction has the biblical office of elder which many times includes the minister algorithm in times past when of a minister was ordained he was first at first called a pastor or elder he was for Scott he was first called Mildred that time so this one here Paul concludes his statement about how to conduct yourself in household of God and what he says without controversy great is the mystery of godliness God was manifested in the flesh now why does Paul conclude with a statement like that that the the same harmonized the real rest of the of the text were really without controversy great is the mystery of godliness God was manifested in flesh referring to Jesus when this is an allusion to the condescension of the son of God stepping down to be our Savior and it all has to do with headship and submission as it relates to how to conduct yourself in household of God between men and women so Paul concludes with that statement about the relationship of the son of God the father the mystery buildings so we have authority throughout the universe on their numbers dates but Cygnus by Ellen White which are likely to read it right now but she makes it very clear that there are angels who are in charge of other angels there are commanding angels on these commanding angels are quite are always a little bit taller than the other angels in the company the Angels were marshaled in companies with a commanding angel being taller at their head the very highest angels in heaven heavenly courts are appointed to work out the prayers which ascend to God for Bible commentary page eleven seventy three the first one was lame on spiritual gifts page seventeen so we have authority and submission with the Angels we have it in the garden of Eden and in fact we have it in the Trinity Dawn quickly got to go through the Trinity very quick here to show you that this is why Paul establishes the principle of headship using first-ever first rent is eleven three God is the head of Christ and it doesn't just refer to his work to regain the human race in the end in the incarnation it refers to because the Bible goes on to say that the sun will be subject to the father throughout eternity first Corinthians fifteen verse twenty eight so throughout each the sun will be subject to the father he was subject to the father during the incarnation was the subject of the father prior to the incarnation yes we know that Lucifer didn't understand the position of the son of God he thought that Jesus was just another glorious angel like himself but maybe a little bit brighter perhaps I may be maybe in short footage of equal so when the reader of your statements are concerning the incarnation and salvation was little debate that Chrysler subject to the father we know that the Bible Jesus I will seek the will of the father I was to those things that are pleasing to the father I've kept my father 's Commandments and so God does the directing amoebas ascending and he does the command but we read likewise in the patent eternity past the sovereign of the universe by the way the sovereign of the universe is always the father the sovereign of the universe had associated the coworker one in nature who was a coworker Jesus the father and son relationship has always existed the sun was never inaugurated as the sun or the word is always existed as the word pairs event evangelism page six fifteen the word existed as a divine being even as the eternal son of God in union and oneness with his father from everlasting he was the mediator of the everlasting covenant the word the son of God the mediator from everlasting to everlasting means eternity this would suggest that product eternity the sun has always been subject to the father however we don't have an explicit statement to that effect but we know for certain that even in heaven before creation Lucifer understood the sun as being in fear your terms of role to the father figures are probably three three thirty eight there had been no change in the position of the authority of Christ Lutherans and the animus and representation made necessary a statement to the true position of the son of God but this had been the same from the very beginning papers and profits page thirty eight so there you see the confusion of Satan why might of the Spirit of prophecy the sun should be equal with himself the father made known that it was ordained by himself to Christ his son should equal himself the key his son he had invested with authority to command the heavenly host who invest who invested the authority of the father and the son received it second-in-command endowing the sun with unlimited power then the Senate received permission to step down from heaven early writings page one twenty six the son pleaded with the father and he finally obtain permission from the father to give his life as a ransom for the race so we see the Sunday solicitor the father prior to creation during during Adam and eves are gearing up his incarnation and he will be throughout eternity so we have the headship principle in the Trinity Christ is seated at the right hand of the father and that will be throughout eternity it is finished this up is running out of time the son of God was next and authority to the great lawgiver second volume spirit of prophecy page nine the sun was second in authority to the great lawgiver Holy Spirit is subject to the sun the sun appointed the Holy Spirit to be his representative your honor for running on this I don't have time to go through all the rest of this but let me just state to conclude here the image of God includes ontological equality in terms of nature and being but headship and submission in terms of their functional roles with one another they were created he created them male and female in the image of God which implies that they are or where they were created with functional role differentiation human beings were a new and distinct order they were made in the image of God and the whole purpose of the plan 's redemption is to restore the image of God in the any intensity that within the church as well the image of God not only includes character but also in clued husband-and-wife relationship in the home and the relationship 's future may God bless twenty fifteen general session this media was brought audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is more certain and www. audio verse .org


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