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5- Male Headship in the New Testament

Ingo Sorke
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Ingo Sorke

Professor of Religion at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, United States.


  • October 2, 2014
    7:30 PM
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welcome to our symposium on women's ordination the title of my presentation is the New Testament headship or headache only to share to quote with you and I like to pray with you then both to read the Bible day and night but thou reached black where I read why and then a quote from a former Harvard president Charles Seymore he said we seek the truth and we will endure the consequences let us pray together father indeed we've come to seek the truth granted that I might speak it in love and we might be faithful to Scripture and that we truly understand divinely designed rollers between men and women we asked for your Holy Spirit in Jesus name amen while the world was watching the Olympics and worried about the differences between hundreds of seconds and metal accounts and fractions of a point Russia was effectively planning to take over the Crimean Peninsula and in the war seems so outdated men fighting over land tanks trenches soldiers sounds so nineteenth and twentieth century in the weekend that with World War II Korea Vietnam but the Earth will meal under quote wars and rumors of wars Matthew twenty four six until the end and don't you think for one minute that wars only about Russia rattling its sword North Korea as sneezing or problems in Iraq and Syria we have had another war for generations now and no I'm not talking about the drug war is a war that's filed on two fronts waged for an entire generation and it's not just knocking on our church doors it is kicking in the door it is an unpleasant and an assault on gender and the authority of Scripture in the course of this debate over women's ordination I have noticed a persistent rejection of biblical headship and here are some of the objections I've most frequently encounter number one I think a colleague of mine with a PhD in the sciences once told me angle I have never studied the issue of women's ordination but I think when we tell you something me as a church cannot afford to say on biblical matters I've never studied this but I think then the the other one I hear a lot is basing what will culture think if we deny women a job they can very well do but I love this stubborn mindset that the church are to change the world not the world the church the brackish waters of the world are sweeping into the boat of the church more and more but as I read the Bible I find it counter cultural for example Sabbath did not meet my culture in fact when I apply for a summer job I had to settle for a lesser income because of the Sabbath issue it was inconvenient for watching you have got to be getting that if that is a nice race that does not fit culture the entire gospel is a scandal to the Jewish and foolishness to the Greeks but we go by the Bible a third one I hear a lot is I can women make good often better pastor saw the argument but this argument was also used by the rebellion of court basement a buyer number sixteen why do we do what we do because we can that is not a sufficient argument for faith and practice in the Adventist church the guidelines of the Bible should be considered it's his book not mine it's his church not my another very common objection to headship and the ordination of women is can't do anything about it let's just ordain women and let's do away with this headset because well a conference president told me quote this train has already gained too much traction you cannot stop it the midday something frames can be stopped I've also heard that quote the horses are already out on the bar well y'all I live in Texas I really do just south of Dallas and I know when the horse is out of the barn but shouldn't be you get what's called a halter put around the neck of the horse and leave them critters back into the barn given some water in Haiti and shut again a philosophical mindset that is out the gate needs to be stopped and elevate common argument I feel ordaining women just feels right and conversely non- ordaining women was wrong experienced -based theology is one of the worst things the devil has come up with the mission area a quote review councils of health page one hundred nine in the face of the most positive commands of God men and women will follow their own inclinations and then they are to pray over the matter to prevail upon God to allow them to go contrary to his expressed will Satan comes to the side of such persons as he did to achieve a need and impresses that they have an exercise of mine and this may related a most powerful wonderful experience which the Lord has given them but to experience will be in harmony with natural and divine law false experience arrays itself against the laws of nature and the presets off Jehovah just a couple more year the quote I hear is we are losing our you and if we do not ordain women and keep pushing this this headset thing as a headache we will lose even more I'm from Europe but I think we are using our use because we have surrendered our signature paralyze our prophetic profile and forsaken our fingerprint of cultural opinion and worldly accommodation who would want to stay in a church that makes no difference whatsoever and then looks just like the world people have left the Adventist church over the Sabbath Sabbath is really ineffective in attracting and retaining members from a cultural point of view but biblical principle will always override inconveniences and practical considerations the gate into the kingdom according Jesus is now it was actually be administered system and on the scripts are in regards to many of these matters that convinced me to join this movement as a teenager here is one I just recently heard from a deacon is all this talk about headship and women's ordination a huge distraction to the mission in a sense of this but so much is at stake the authority of the Word of God and our submission to it if we concede on this issue what else will we compromise state of the then Sabbath if we just say this is a distraction move on then we are sweeping ace festering sore under the rug only for two fair later and bigger and then I one that always comes up but what about what it what about China what about this what about that what about these exceptions what about missionary hay who was told by our white he should've baptized even though he was not ordained we cannot establish biblical rules faith and practice for the church based on exceptions they have to be based on the word of God in regards to the missionary K that's an easy one Ellen why use common sense no ordained minister was around and so these converts should be baptized but this did not change policy nor her previous quotes that I will mention later in regards to China and I'm suspicious when I'm forced into a conclusion and I've heard some women leaders in China don't want to get ordained that's an American see will political ambition superimposed onto their culture to more the call from God who am I to jobs a woman's sense off calling from God again the Sabbath year serves as mindedness test do we dismiss the Sabbath when somebody says I feel Sunday is the right thing because of the diversion the resurrection in a supposedly biblical argument our ultimate authority is not subjective feelings and impressions but the objective inspiration of God through his Word the Bible and finally this one is a a recent one golf gentlemen only ladies forbidden is that not a abuse of women doesn't headset lead to abuse I recently received this e-mail I think both sides are wrong I'm quoting on one end the women are demanding ordination and on the other side in Manhattan dug in their heels with the same attitude both sides being rigid unbending unyielding close minded and absolutely certain that they are both right on my account this is simply not the case I did not wake up one morning and I decided I'm going to be against women's ordination this has been a painful process are four long discussion prayer for Bible study and deep heart searching we are not just a bunch of grumpy old men trying to keep the women out of ministry we are Bible students and we pray and I must emphasize that no opponent of women's ordination that I've met in divorces any form of abuse physically a mostly north speaks against women engaging in many forms augmented women's ministries we need more women in ministry not less than they tell you one thing the abuse of women is never a biblical headship and full biblical headship will never need to the abuse of women in the July ten two thousand fourteen issue of the Adventist review Harvard professor David Williams warns that quote theological beliefs about the headship of man and the submission of women have been used to justify domestic violence page forty as ride falls false theological beliefs especially back unconverted Christians will always cause pain and harm correctly translated into loving action never will biblical headship is not a headache human error has also led to car accidents we still drive cars human error crashes airplanes we still fly electricity can kill but we still use electricity fire burns houses it also warms houses eight correct view of biblical headship is something positive for me to speak about headship from the new pet a testament point of view I need to reach into the deep pockets and the treasure trove of the Old Testament I think the Old Testament especially the creation story has to be the most profound literary piece ever penned by a human being it is so rich and what I find in Genesis one verse twenty four is that humans were created by a special verbal act of by in the sixth day God creates large land animals for example and then in verse twenty six he speaks a second time very special moment and then comes this famous statement in Genesis one verse twenty six twenty seven I will read it to you directly from Scripture here so God created Genesis one twenty six man in his own image in the image of God created he him here comes male and female he created them what is normally been pointed out every time we talk about this verse including in my small group at that cost theology of coordination study committee small group in this verse means equality male and female created in the image of God I want to point out something rather obvious but something that is often overlooked the very phrase mail and female communicate a difference men are not women men and women are not met and on Facebook I made a conscious choice they ask you what gender you now have three options mail female and custom you want fries with that according to Genesis one twenty seven you have two options male female and I'm well aware of natural aberrations and all that bad by large human beings are defined by gender and the genders are not the same men do not have babies sorry Schwarzenegger and gentlemen the need to you directly my suite four hundred ton pickup I told you I'm from Texas my three-quarter ton pickup does not make me a man smoking cigars and drinking Johnny Walker is not headship noise watching men on TV run after her little ball headship and manhood manhood is not developed on the couch with a bag of chips in one hand and the remote or soda in the other hand manhood is developed in being a Bible student in prayer and in learning how to appropriately treat women including taking out the trash without being asked in making right decisions in leaving a family being a man does not mean being rough with the girls but being right with the God who made the girls rudeness is not the cousin of testosterone respect is I need to quickly review a few quotes and then ask you a serious question under God C PTS page thirty three Adam West is standard the head of the earthly family to maintain the principles of the heaven have a family this headship is being challenged by this and how Ellen White who happens to be a woman understand this headset it is not a headache this would have brought peace and happiness now watch what happens when Adam I'm quoting Sandman broke away from the heaven ordained center eighteen and became the central power in the world where God 's always should have been Satan placed a throw a lot is at stake here avenues home page two eleven onward the husband and father in the head of the household I do not have time to read the entire quote but she starts out saying the wife looks to him for love and sympathy and for aid and training of the children at this is the right than the ad not a headache the children on his as well as hers and he's equally interested in their welfare the father is in one sense the priests of the household they come upon the altar of God the morning and evening sacrifice admin 's home page two hundred fifteen the Lord has constituted the husband the head of the wife to be her protector now watch how she describes to hitch it is the house then all the family binding the members together even as Christ is the head of the church and the savior of the mystical body that every husband who claims to love God carefully study the requirements of God in his position Christ's authority is exercised in wisdom in all kindness and gentleness so that the husband exercises power and indicate the great head of the church event headset or a headache and it is home-based one sixteen there is one who stands higher than the husband to the wife it is her Redeemer and her submission to her husband is to be rendered as God has directed as it is fit in the Lord my question to you did all this and with the New Testament did our wide make a colossal mistake here was she misguided is she prolonging the headache of hatchet and isn't this headset limited to the home Arkansas head should be found in the church as well as we delve into the New Testament that we address the firm warned the nation itself because it has been suggested that it hasn't Roman Catholic origin and should be abandoned altogether problem solved we get rid of coordination male or female ordination does have that the origins and it is used by the Catholic Church but I checked my Catholic catechism a official Catholic publication and it also uses the following terms a run Adam Adam and alter Old Testament Ayman Mares family prayer church rights this model is that you get my point just because a note of phase faith community uses the same terminology does not mean mean mean mean the same five or we have to discard me word the Catholic Church use it uses that means then you look at the text that is under debate Mark chapter three verse fourteen a a short one sentence statement according to the gospel of Luke chapter six and also our wide Jesus spent all night in prayer before this event this must be something important and I do not think we can just simply discard marks at the three worst fourteen and he ordained twelve that they should be within and that he might send them forth to preach it but Downey wow that's just kidding J A Adrienne he just means he made them decide those he appointed them disciples in first Kings twelve thirty one thirteen thirty three the Septuagint the Greek translation of the Old Testament in Hebrew uses the same word that King James uses for danger here when Gerald Bolan made his own priests so that he appointed he and they can mean exactly that we are deign the corral our light is on the specific word mark meant by this ordination is outrageous page two hundred ninety the twelve were called to the apostle that page two hundred ninety and ninety one she says now in the Old Testament the twelve page arts standards the representatives of Israel so the twelve apostles were to stand as representatives of the gospel church page two hundred ninety three design majors Jesus was preparing the disciples forty nation the votes for the practice and terminology and concepts on ordination is not boarded in the Catholic Church but in the Old Testament Scriptures continued by Jesus Christ himself page two hundred ninety six one more quote in this regard when Jesus had ended his instructions to the disciples he gathered the little band close about him kneeling in the midst of them and laying his hands upon their heads he offered a prayer dedicating them to a sacred work DOS the Lord 's disciples were ordained to the gospel ministry now what is interesting is that that Ellen White opens the doors of the church wide to women in ministry however she makes a gender differentiation menace agrees volume five three twenty three the ministers are paid for the work in this as well then she talks about ladies engaging in ministry and she says quote all the holy hands of ordination have not been laid upon her so we have the minister on one side and women engaging in ministry without patient and another time in eighteen ninety five review and held July nine two says that ministers should do this and at and that and then women can consecrate some of that time in visiting the poor looking after the young visiting the sick that the work of deaconesses and she said they will need to counsel with the church offices or the minister a clear distinction between women in ministry and the ordained ministry she also said the same principles apply the injustice they were to guide the rulers among God 's people in the time of Moses and David will also to be followed by those given the oversight of the newly organized Church of God in the gospel dispensation headset was deemed mildly define methodology of dealing with a headache of persecution the headache is not in the headset Ellen White points out acts of the apostles page ninety two onward through this system offsetting a part through ordination the apostles and elders made in the meeting responsibility she said the dots the efforts of Satan to attack the church in isolated places were met by concerted action on the part of all in the plans of the enemy disrupt disrupt and destroy worth warning of any ASCII something in this is one food biblical ahead should does for the church if we take this away we are opening the front door to Satan he requires that order and system be observed in the conduct of church affairs today I been in the basal bone I noticed something very interesting and lead time there is a a monumental baptismal in men in the Bible there is a key male figure associated with the baptism and a subsequent or surrounding miracle taking place rather quickly first Corinthians ten Moses is mentioned parting the Red Sea and Israel was baptized and I sat down at the name of you need to dip under seven times as electricity is healed and I lies says the minister in charge John the Baptist baptizes Jesus and you have every member of the Godhead present and the father speaking out of heaven the apostles baptize all nations in the context of the resurrection Peter baptizes Dias broad dispersion Jews and there's appropriate biblical speaking into the baptize is the unit and the spirit miraculously moves the love for further mission enhancement and finally Ananias baptizes Paul and Paul's blindness is sealed this combination of biblical baptism and a minister always comes with a miracle many address something else Ellen White is while the specific before I go to the next by the text she's while the specific that apostles and elders amen this into the language time I'm English second language and I had to painfully learn all this grammar it's called an antecedent this into this ask the apostles page one hundred ninety six the apostles and elders and often friends and judgment she identifies apostles and elders as men framed and issued the decree which was thereupon generally accepted the Christian church is not what is interesting is I've used paraphrases and modern updates of Ellen White writings and may tend to smooth out this gender specific language and put in man-made and women well alight over actually already said men what about Phoebe the Deaconess or fee means that the trend in Romans chapter sixty yeah Paul is describing the word to Yakima 's to a female and people on the side of women's ordination say see there you have it in and in the writings of the New Testament deacons have to be husband of one wife but here Paul grants this offers two eight one not so fast Paul does use the word deacon on the Akamai 's in the Greek but that term most of the time that we mean serving then we give you some examples who always called a the astronauts in Scripture the government Jesus God himself is called the Aqua gnostic grinned in six rows for Satanists or amend segment is eleven fifteen I called D'Arco noise sorbents sued over false apostles are called service policy the Auckland loss individuals like David Gross and Timothy app across a set of the all call beyond Chronos servants in a specific context with an office that can mean a deacon than me tell you something else about midwinter language I have it on my phone I have it on my computer and dictionaries in my office I teach me on the college level agreed language does not have a female her Deaconess Paul had no choice in the lexicon there is already the Auckland loss a would be stretching the text too far to say that Phoebe was an ordained deacon occupying a male office therefore it is okay to ordain women elders or past it in the same they would of course Judy he often comes up she was on the front page of one of our denominational magazines Romans sixteen or seven Reed Andronicus and Juniata my kinsmen and my fellow prisoners hardly would invade they been in the same salad Junior was a female love note and here comes the phrase it is a prepositional phrase among the apostles so the idea is thin bulimia was was of no well-known among the apostles Junior was an apostle that is stretching the text way too far number one we do not know one hundred percent by the junior was male-female we just enough that at the writings other usages of that name suggests he possibly was female let's say she was a woman then we have the issue with this phrase among the apostles Paul in Galatians says that he preached in Paul on longer Gentiles that does not make college ends up you have one person a friend take among other subjects made they are two separate subjects not the same but he has yes I doubt that only tests was an apostle in the first place and heap he was not and she was not either if Andronicus and Junior were so well known Hong Kong they are not mentioned in the book of acts only the twelve understood in the New Testament before Paul and Barnabas went on their first mission jet apostleship in the New Testament is never-ending to females and interestingly Paul could have used Greek terminology well known to distinguish the separate groups but he did not he just said among the apostles so I do not think that Julia was an apostle I'm going in canonical order first Corinthians chapter eleven the text is either completely ignored and and dismissed as very difficult I've noticed in my personal life that the text that are difficult I'm not the ones that are difficult Nana text that I don't want to deal with and scholars like to contact difficult if they don't really want to subject to its authority here is first Corinthians eleven verse three but I would have you know that the hand of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is the man and the head of Christ is God not some scholars say that means source that is about the last option in the Greek dictionary may be that the head of the river it is the source I have old with three hundred translations on my computer including German French Russian English the majority of translations do not translated as source and they also do not translate for Corinthians eleven verse three as I would have you know that the head of every husband is Christ and the head of every wife is the husband and the head of Christ is God if you just take the Bible and turn off the scholars and the commentaries for a second and read for yourself you will find that Paul is arguing generically non- husband-wife than recently first Corinthians eleven verse seven for a man indeed ought not to cover his head for as much as he's the image and glory of God is only a married male the image and glory of God I I doubted I think Paul is speaking generically here but the woman is the glory of the man watch verse eight now the Bible says for the man is not off the woman but the woman off the man Paul is speaking of male and female at the point of the creation not at the point of their marriage that means he's arguing generically here not specifically husband and wife that of course never never means madmen all of superior value it just means they have a different creation based function in this world the parallel in Ephesians five twenty three makes it very clear that the husband is not the source of the wife Ephesians five twenty three the husband is head of the wife not as a headache impossible to associate that with budget as also Christ is head of the church and here comes and he is the Savior on the body they were being installed to accuse the new testimony on our position on up making male leadership a headache in the church and we ought to get rid of it that the framework the theological framework of appropriate biblical headship is Christlike savior like behavior of male to female a medical doctor just this week challenge me on this text she said how can you be so sure that Paul is not strictly speaking of husband-wife relationships I can be so sure is that behind me the majority of translations and the context of the passage itself now I know the quote from signs of the Times January twenty seven eighteen ninety Christ not the minister is the head of the church what do you do with quotes like that rule of thumb always read quotes in context Alan White was speaking I I cannot read all of the quote in context but she was speaking a games church members that had elevated the passageways addition where they did nothing in the fewer distal Klonopin services on the pastor is the quote I just saw the first sentence the success of a church does not depend on the efforts and labor of the living creature but it depends upon the piety of the individual church members that the people go to work she says that the pastor Stan in this position that's Christ's ambassador this into his words of the one sent from God he needs instructions show by your life that you have purchased some purpose and is a humble person without any parade let the mid- so fulfill his duties give to others what he has received from God we are nearing the judgment and the Lord has said watchmen upon the walls of Zion were never dual in that piece they are neither out to watch for sellers as they who must give an account that is biblical headship actually apostles three fifty nine Jesus was given to stand at the head of humanity by his example to teach what it means to minister the great head of the church super intends his work through the instrumentality augmented ordained by God to act as his representatives Christ ministers are the spiritual guardians of the people entrusted to their care their work has been enlightened to that of the watchmen should we cancel this ministry of Lord Bane min at this point in our history heaven forbid Exodus eighteen verse twenty five Moses shows able men out of all of Israel and made them heads over the people Hebrew term is Roche signs of the times a vote of the seven eighteen ninety these men have derived their authority in an unbroken line from the first each of the faith Christ remains the true minister obvious charts but he delegates his power to his under separates pastors to his chosen ministers where the treasures of his grace in our leave vessels earthen vessels this testimonies to ministers this counsel it is for us it should be heated by our responsible man we do not have an old outdated made only model in the Old Testament and now that when the New Testament we have a new model and open the doors to women as our they owners are pastors that is not the case from the writings of Ellen White nor Scripture now I purchased recently that this headset thing is a new theology in the administered before hard about this headship terminology this terminology has shown up in nineteen seventy three when that sort started studying male and female and the roads of gender and the church the primary role about a mini and has primary responsibility in the fall is mentioned in the nineteen fifty seven questions on doctrine it is mentioned in the nineteen eighties Seventh-day Adventists believe book is mentioned in the two thousand one annotated edition of questions on doctrine it is mentioned by Moore's vendor that is mentioned by the Seventh-day Adventist bottle date including volume twelve the handbook of Seventh-day Adventist theology these and many statements by a white negate the claim that headship is a new idea that we go to what I think has to be the most misquoted abused by the text on this topic Galatians chapter three verse twenty eight I have sat in meetings I read documents I I I've listened to fellow scholars who I think absolute need to this text out of context ignoring what policy here there is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female for all all one in Christ there you have it male-female load on the matters we can ordain men women no difference it says it right here when you read the Bible text in context verse twenty six policy-based about and believe worse coming to them Jesus Christ and the contact the text that the sense of gravity of Galatians chapter three is people becoming Christians there is no special gender salvation permanence you all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus verse twenty six verse twenty seven as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ incomes verse twenty eight there is neither male or female verse twenty nine his conclusion a few be Christ's then you are Abraham 's seed and tears according to the promises of God does not do this cancel all male attention no it does not curiously the Andrews statement on headset says this is a call back to you in establishes a completely different point Genesis says there are men and their women there's mail in this female Paul Noll argues that in regards to salvation gender economic status social status does not matter he does not address church offices male responsibility in the chart and what is really interesting is that the same apostle who wrote this text NATO role first Timothy two and three also wrote Titus one into it I think Scripture is congruent it will not come to contradict itself out like Christ's object lesson confirms three eighty six a.m. Lee's solo may have free access to God all brought nigh by his prices the I've already mentioned in Ephesians chapter five verse twenty to twenty five when the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ is the head of the charts and even the Savior on the body now he'll comes to medical headship and ACS couple can love each other and having good long-lasting marriage but the point of marriage according to Paul is much deeper and more profound not partners of marriage is to mirror a flag allowable dock to the world in a demonstration on sacrificial love of the husband that means that a cancellation headset in the marriage would be vehicle evident on a cancellation of a demonstration on another block to the world that we cannot abandon but I must hurry on to the big one the possibly most important text on headship in the New Testament first sat in first Timothy chapter two and three when I read this text a million five on my knees there is no way that I can get around the fact that there is a universal appeal not just a local situation with some Ephesian pagan goddesses going on and there is a very tight the defined gender distinction happening in the tech Paul says men when you pray do this ladies your adornment should be like this in Word not out man do this women don't do next manually when you want to be an outer ER the criteria this is a high the gender specific text I want to point out after the context the cultural idea had I cannot follow this commentator you handsomely wrote a book on on first Timothy he says just as the first half of this chapter soda the author at his best mod Paul so the second half seems to sell them at his worst dresses are under no obligation quote to accept his teaching on women problem solved with just a scissors and cut out forces on Spencer we cannot do that I'm time with that the Jewish commentators start no road in his commentary page six hundred forty four those who hold a high view of biblical authority the text must reign over and correct what we think is just I have to submit to this book we cannot always reconstruct the local situation the argument is made that Paul was feeling a bit with a very specific local situation and he says giving Houston to Timothy first century and that's where the buck stops speculative reconstructions of a possible local situation create a cultural guesswork that abandons the solid grounding of Scripture and I have eight a shelf full of commentaries and guess what they do not agree on what that local situation is where we are at a loss but we are not if we follow the Bible all ladders in the New Testament are written to a specific situation but also to a larger audience most famous one is by Jesus written to the Ephesians in the book of Revelation and then it says he will resume here that I hear what the Spirit says to me Sarge says Paul that means local counsel is applicable in a universal setting but here's the concept Paul tells women that they are not allowed to teach nor to have authority over the man and it's going to be a little detailed but hang in there he said that the woman learn in silence first of the two worst eleven very important to note the silence phrase with all subjection but I suffer not a woman to teach nor to assert authority over the man now watch this but to be in silence that means Paul is Hackett saying this prohibition of teaching a new sonar and the submission in between the silent statement does this mean that women cannot speak at all they cannot be greeters they cannot teach Crayola they cannot bargain vacation Bible school at school and they have to be silent no it is made clear from Scripture that there is this phraseology of silence towards blacks twenty two verse two second Thessalonians three twelve means not a breathless silence but a humble at respect and submission to authority and women are allowed to teach other women in Titus Paul opens up an entire teaching ministry that we have neglected women ought to teach other women by Ellen ladies may direct that men have to be very careful in counseling females a neglected ministry that tells me something I know follow this is a the prohibition to he was already based on even being disabled that he could not teach at all your finance the prohibition to teach women are not allowed stage is in direct relation of he transgressing in relation to her husband supervision role that he violated because women can change they can instruct and personal father study like so in summary what Paul is saying here between chapter two and chapter three of first and second and first Timothy chapter two and three there is no gap in the original writing he flows directly from chapter two into chapter three which means the context of women not allowed to teach is the cause that teaching ministry belongs to mail elders the proof is in the boarding there is a phrase in chapter two verse twelve but to be inside and then in first Timothy chapter three he says if a man desire the office of a bishop he decides a good work a bishop and oversee an elder must be between chapter two in chapter three that night for another named one women on to be an chapter three one women are to be an husband of one wife nowhere around refers to a name so Paul is suggesting this is what I want women to do and here's what I won men to do two more things in this regard we are not dependent on scholars commentaries and artificially because topic context Paul tells us specifically this counsel is based verse thirteen on creation before the fall and verse fourteen on the fall he was deceived first fell into transgression and then Adam Paul Lawrence 's Council on male elders and the functional women in the church not on cultural context not an isolated scenarios but on creation and the curse biblical hatchet according to Paul if you meet the criteria for the men means I am a male elder and pastor have Christ in my head it is not a headache it is Jesus at the head of the ship and Christlike thoughts in your head Elimite says today that's management forty three nineteen oh seven today has been men of determination are needed manual will stand stiffly for the truth at all times and under all circumstances name and when they see that others are becoming untrue to principal will lift their boys and warning against the danger of apostasy those who occupy the position of under shepherds as elders of the church are to exercise a watchful diligence over the flock of God they are the text that we love will address and panel discussions the priesthood of believers that is not a new concept that comes straight out of Exodus chapter nineteen verse five and six and not envy is allied with a priest in a priesthood of believers now the question is what do we do now with we go from here I want to suggest that we must as a people return to Scripture this movement was founded on a group of people on Menzies who studied the word we can not just the rock authority text because they seem condo cultural in the twenty first century first rent is sixteen I urge you brethren you know the household of Stefan us and they have devoted themselves to the ministry of the sayings that you also submit to such and to everyone who works her neighbors where that's first Timothy five seventeen that the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor especially those who labor in the word and doctrine Titus two fifteen speak these things exhort and rebuke with all authority he was thirteen or seventeen obey those who were over you and be submissive for they watch out for your solar that is not a headache that is a help first Thessalonians five twelve we urge you brethren to recognize those who neighbor among us and out over you in the Lord I couple of years ago I had a class off about fifty nursing students most of them not Seventh-day Adventist and I'm teaching the letters of Paul and we've got to all these Bible text and I was afraid what will Nice regular non- hamburgers know Alan white female students doing these solely missed the quote text what I did is I had copied all the texts onto a piece of paper no commentary no Alan White first Corinthians eleven Titus one into first Timothy two and an M3 Ephesians chapter five I I handed out all the checks I let this was stopping the tax and silence for about ten fifteen minutes then I asked them how do you see the Bible not culture not your opinion on the twenty first century how do you see the Bible Paul Jesus described male-female and functions in ministry they did a a beautiful job describing the differences between the genders the different wallows elders and all that class was almost over and a lady in the back racer and I thought he had come and learn how dare you can't count on I thought he had come a lady in the back asked passes forty where can we find such men and so my question lingers from the garden of Eden to you or especially the men add on where are you then astray father I want to thank you for the testimony of Scripture and I want to pray that the men of our church will rise to the occasion step up to the plate and be godly biblical hatchet men not a headache father in this regard we pray for mercy and your grace of ourselves individually and for the entire term in Jesus name amen this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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