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8- The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training


  • October 2, 2014
    7:30 PM
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hello and welcome back to our symposium I'm delighted to be with you I'm thankful for the invitation to come and speak with you about this vital topic and not on my glad to see you folks know that her join us on the Internet for you to we welcome you as well I've been given the welcome task of talking about the Bible so talking about the Bible 's only I love to do and I'm talking today about first Timothy actually and this is perhaps a book that more than any other book is in Cinderella conversation at least in the administrative this time but through the years as well and I still ever the first time that I preached to the book of Timothy policy pastor in the middle of America and as I look at that book I realized that the first Timothy in second Timothy is a book that summarizes almost all of the major doctrines that Seventh-day Adventists hold dear and also the lifestyle issues it's a book that makes Seventh-day Adventist if you went out and makes Christians but ends up days of that was Christian so I was loved the book and it talks about the second coming it talks about creation it talks about health talks about lifestyle issues and talks about salvation talks about the Scriptures and talks about preaching and thoughts about teaching I made everything that the Advent movement holds dear Timothy touches on without the book intimidate I daresay we probably wouldn't have an Adventist church and we certainly would have a Christian movements because it undergirds also that the theory the doctrine of revelation and inspiration we would even believe the Bible like we do without them and himself I'm delighted to talk about together and then we'll get started father in heaven were thankful tonight that we can talk about what you talked about through your body your servant Paul and you inspired him with a message for a young man Timothy so we according to be with us as we think about this this book together and its relevance for our time in Christ's name we pray amen what I will do this until two topics are two talks on Saturday twenties some sermons and put them into jail with its short talks and that's been a hard and so bear with me if I get exuberant and if I ever start going too far off the notes field that I gave you the latest legal and get me besides I can get back on track isn't relevant part one you know why you don't want text is at the very beginning second Timothy three sixteen all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and his probable doctrine for reproof for correction instruction in righteousness at themselves right now that is relevant right because if everything is given by inspiration of God all the Scriptures then they mean something to us today on the most we will look at tonight now unfortunately our I want to start with the text however that I think may get your attention before I go to it from first in the cellular story now is a new parent we start our family old the later than than others that I know and we had our precious old girl my wife down C had done everything to prevent for the child as he was memorizing Scripture and she was singing and she was eating you know that the Bulls infringes drinking juice and everything in it we had a little child were reading it all Scripture is there everything and she learned her first memory verse and that memory verse was just one twenty two nineteen do not rebel against the Lord that was the murders so there's it was to go around the house to rebel against the Lord I would be no outside in the yard do not rebel against the law I would be in all heading to the kitchen do not rebel against the Ludwig of the supermarket down that road with all against the Lord you and I would just laugh because you know at times it was so poignant you know I think I might say something funny I'm given sometimes older humor maybe too much do not read bowel against the Lord that little text changed our whole life pretty soon we were saying to each other and do not rebel now what I want out of then I remember that story I I I also remember the text intimidate I never had this as a as a as a young man growing up my parents never gave it to me but it's first Timothy chapter one verse twenty notice as their of whom are combinations and Alexander whom I did deliver to Satan that they might learn not to blaspheme out of a hat that is in the reverse growing up okay voicing of this it's time to the sale November the first is how can I know why of a lifetime and I is that I Alexander whom I do deliver to saying that they might learn not to bless me with their whole job Johnny Brunning at any of that right but as you think about that verse what does it mean what does it mean I I started with it on purpose power preacher teacher and I want to get your attention but it actually summarizes the entire book of Timothy actually overlook at that romance or a couple questions as we go through cooler Hymenaeus and Alexander and later the leaders and what were they doing that would cause the apostle Paul to suggest that they needed to be delivered to Satan what were they doing what exactly is blasphemy and available was there a hope for these man Alexander and Hymenaeus right solicited those who were these men to get a hint of who they are look back just one verse at verse nineteen first Timothy chapter one and verse nineteen holding faith it says there holding faith and a good conscience which some having put away concerning the faith have made shipwreck of Omar Hymenaeus and Alexander Celt from that you start to get a picture of who they are they had put away they had put away certain things concerning the faith they had rejected parts of the state and they no longer in good conscience they couldn't tell what was right or what was wrong because of that rejection and they've estimate what was the word shipwreck now I want to look up words okay and for the last couple years I was on the theology of study in a ordination study committee and as I was very relevant getting paid to go there from the tithe money and you know if I'm being thick Pentagon listened all the things read all these papers listen to all the arguments by which was a great time I wanted because I I saw my old professors from Andrews University in other places and I love going to Andrews University and I am so might my favorite professors were there and we were talking I I was interested see what they had to say it I can with my own kind opinions and I was open to whatever God you believe but so one of the things I may wish us to look up every word in the book intimidate others it will look up every word limit this burn up shipwreck and the Greek word for shipwrecked is made up of two words and this may give us an insight into who Alexander and the body word here I'm in is the first word in that drink word for shipwreck is the work not us and it refers to a vessel of considerable size I looked up all the way through their separate words for ships but this one always made one of considerable size and impact in acts twenty seven you remember how there was a shipwreck there and verse thirty seven and forty one you have this ship that was there that had during the rally people on board two hundred and seventy six people on board it was a ship of considerable size so if you make a shipwreck and you use that word for shipwreck it is with this one is worth it was a big deal these people were quite influential they were not little boats that were thieves they were they were big people if you will do I use this word and then the second part of the world was interesting to it was a ship and it needs to leave or bring putting those together than and at and applying it to those who made shipwreck these were significant individuals they were ships of considerable size if you will and Alexander and Ibanez were leaders they were big ships they would've been the teaching elders they would've been people in the congregation that were leaving the combination and unfortunately what were they doing it says they were teaching fables fables are creations or imaginations of the month they'll find themselves in Scripture but they were just coming up with stuff that you didn't find in the Bible they were dating second Timothy four verse two has this to say traits will word the SN safe and analyses and reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine that's another one of the favorite words the Timothy uses most of the what does news and seventy four the time of John one they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts visual heap up for themselves teachers having itching ears and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and still be turned unto fables okay so they were teaching fables so we answered our first question we figure out who I'm an asset has anywhere they had rejected certain parts of the faith they had become confused about what was right and wrong they were teaching fables and if we can take my hand from the word shipwreck they were leaders that have considerable influence and when a small ships they were big ships a lot of people on board or what exactly were they doing that would cause the apostle Paul to suggest that they needed be delivered to Satan is our second question they were using their influence like we already have seen it have from to lead others and they were leaving the church in Ephesus astray now this should not surprise us because unaccepted twenty was already warned that there would be changes that will rise among the elders would lead people after their own way in their own teaching but let's look more closely in first Timothy chapter one oh student verse three and four and six through eight also give him outside beside being to abide still at Ephesus verse three when I went into Macedonia the dolomite 's charge song that they teach no other doctrine they were teaching what does it say some kind of other doctrine it says and in all the world there is hetero the death Kalo Toledo rather so it is merely heterodox non-Orthodox nonnormal something that was not true doctrine toward teaching that as Tarantella think in this particular verse in his twenty one times in the New Testament fifteen of those times in the pastoral epistles that would be further second Timothy and Titus at eight times in this very book first Timothy eight times so a big concern that Paul has is this teaching in all teachers have a stricter judgment than of and the point in Ephesus was there were teachers that were big ships and they were leaving a lot of people astray and this was the issue that was being addressed and the first four nor did he'd charged on this is a strong words charged on the date they teach no other doctrine nor give heed to fables and endless genealogies which minister questions rather than godly edifying which is of the faith so that word of mouth fables move box and I like the word myth is fictitious it's a fable it's an invention of something out of the Scriptures and it's something that will minister to controversy and debate was a resident Minister 's questions that means the subject of debate or controversy some others that were teaching things that caused huge controversy in the church of episodes and beyond look if you have a teacher or a preacher that is to say other doctors that are causing catheter is a globally that's only be a warning sign to you and this is what was happening in hapless episodes the matter-of-fact first in the four verse one says now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons so at the end of time and the devil is lastly what attack preachers and teachers that's the point that's the point now I hate to say this on this can happen sent so when I was attending the geology of ordination study committee I not only looked up every text and first handed in on I'm not concern myself scholar and preacher right on the teacher I was at the scholar but in this particular case I looked up ever every single footnote and I was actually appalled at some of the footnotes because I look up the people who wrote the footnotes in who they quoted one particular paper it had three hundred footnotes over three hundred footnotes so I said okay I went to see on the lookup on all of the authors of the big points of the paper one of them had fifty scholars that were quoted for just one point as a boy that must be very important as individual I will look up all of those did you know that as I look them up they all had PhD that wasn't a problem but some of them were practicing homosexuals some of them were actually calling for the New Age religion to be established and some of them actually were promoting within beliefs and pagan beliefs and when I looked that up I went well I'll care I don't care who you are you don't quote someone who is actually in other writings giving doctrines of demons are you with me on this so when I looked again I just was kind of appalled salt what they were teaching was Staples and they were leaving a lot of people straight it was ministering controversy to the notice their method of teaching our manner of teaching it said there that you know him he does these things and then verse six from which some having straight up turned aside I will talk designed to be teachers of the law understanding is what they say both things which they affirm they were affirming things that means they were teaching and they were making strong affirmations they were making a shadowed speech is able to say this is what the Bible says strongly affirming its and their changing was leaving however the teaching was leaving the something that set it right there verse nine Lopez that the law is not made for the righteous person but for the lawless and the insubordinate so here they were they were not using the law lawfully and I was leaving it was setting up a situation that if followed the teaching of Alexander Herrmann asked would lead to what lawlessness and disobedience things that were person contrary to sound doctrine and the litter that were contrary means to be against in place of or bearing sound doctrine being buried to get the picture here of what's happening to see what's happening here these two features that were delivered to Satan that they might learn that the blasting were actually been jailed teachers and they were influencing all kinds of people and they had to be addressed one then and look at another part of Timothy to see exactly are the things that the findings fall 's teachers second Timothy two fourteen through eighteen second Timothy chapter two verse fourteen through eighteen yet another picture that we want add together as a profile of who Alexander Herrmann asked were and what they were teaching on these things but the remembrance is the second in the chapter two verse fourteen through eighteen charging them for the Lord they strive not about words to no profit okay not you can do word studies but you can make a bunch of bizarre cases before studies this I might say I'm this committee is an illustration from toxins that were talked about there were some very fanciful fanciful I would just say enables sensible fables that were presented I was actually amazed I was actually embarrassed because you know there's a thing I love Andrews University I love my professors I love the other search if you are the same as ever the same some other thoughts about the family is like somebody lays flat on the ground and Spitz strata think about government this date it is of what happens and goes right back on a digit so the point is I hated to talk about this but I cannot have never been like it don't watch your Job law of the ballgame is not a Johnny seven at twelve twelve mins Artemis is that he throws his band lost the umpire I got all know about Johnny is about the family so MS is the sense when I talk about these of my friends right but I was astounded the poll of these things put in the remembrance really really begin reporting to rethink charging them for the war that they strive about words to no profit but the subverting of the hearers study to show yourself approved in the God verse fifteen workman that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth but shun profane and vain babblings for they will increase until more ungodliness and their work will need like a tanker of home is Hymenaeus and the leaders for their finance again denies on the sidekick that's mentioned that's why quarter that so what were billing number one this is review what exactly they were doing I was driving about the words of Scripture second Timothy two fourteen they were thus subverting the errors that were subverting is the word we it's catastrophic which means like catastrophe it was I think the visit it was no big catastrophe and they were not rightly dividing the word of truth they had problems with our hermeneutics they were not correctly understand the other study the word and as a result to follow it would lead to an increase in ungodliness that was the problem and it would be like a tank of the world there is where we get the original code reward for gangrene it would go everywhere else and they had air concerning achievement has requested can't even prominent big ship teachers and they go wrong I make our daily examples of Scripture were no all budget seizures when wrong of you ever read about these bases of the rain in the Old Testament there was a time when there was how many spies it went and how many came back and now they were wrong the majority was wrong right so this is a problem right this is what was happy there was time and answer them Alexander later for leaders and we figured out they were big ships they were leaders probably teaching folk they were that they were teaching and they were teachers and what they were doing was so heinous that they had to be actually excommunicated for a time and maybe forever now this is where it starts to get interesting okay the third question I asked was what exactly then is blasphemy that is such a huge worker of a what is it why would all use such terrible language and yes folks and if they were probably Orthodox so many ways that they probably said they were conservatives even cannot work instead of anywhere in the noticed about it when applicants advocated your rocker he calls the blasphemers loses the match anything so what is blasphemy now you think about it originally I automatically think of when you think of blasphemy you always think of what the evangelist as when they are printing right within that text and John ten thirty three the Jews answered him saying for a good work we don't stone me this is this is the Pharisees talking to Jesus for a good work realist only but for blasphemy amenity is the definition of what it is because about being a man make thyself God now what is blasphemy then based on that definition it is monkey around was was is guilty of blasphemy what why wasn't he because he was both a man and what so he was about thirty they were they were off their rockers right but their governance and action was accurate if you take a role that belongs only to God and then you taken over the man what was the problem there that's blasphemy right so that's the definition but look a little deeper blasphemy the word itself is made up of two things like I said as applicable these words they were fast learning blasphemy Blackstone is that you admitted on the blabbermouth racket but black felt when Mister hurt the harm to injure and some may needs to defame or to report to declare one's thoughts to declare say so it's speech that is meant to reports or declare something it's speaking evil slanderers or abusive language one lexicon told me laughingly begins in the mind then in the thoughts it's been made known its declared and those taking it then attempt to get support for it they want to get all kinds of people get Atlanta declarant and once they get support they began to persecute those that stand in opposition objects have a blasphemy is okay that's the word but this was the fascinating observation of day I remember studying the Bible he does makes it's a fascinating observation that you wake your spouse up in the middle the night I used to do that but I don't anymore because you for the great conversation at FFF does it only once I woke her up because that I woke my wife up it is really so glad it's not my wife but I was out of my life up when I said I I created a new style you want to go already he is out of dude anymore no my friends but it made a fascinating observation within the pastoral bristles I know you can search in your Bible in a little Bible you have no couple months this study outwards Oregon neurosurgeon smaller section like the New Testament when I did was just put in the pastoral pistols okay so first and second Timothy Titus I want to get all of these appalls that using the word blasphemy limiting it would be interesting to do so being a Macintosh I use my Macintosh computer and I did and this was a fascinating essay thing I discovered the word blasphemy is specifically used to describe any attack not all on God 's system of order any attack on gods defined the role distinctions that her blasphemy is the impasse over vessels lungs and again any attack on broad system of order or on his ordained role distinctions and I might say that Timothy is probably a book that's full of more of those almost any other book oh so recently as examples number one servants and masters first in the beach at the six verse twenty five I went to see this with your own eyes soft slowdown will vigorously use it if you don't get anything else from this distance because many times when you start cavalier especially in certain cultures were in your more about a dissertation on different cultures you know what certain cultures are more independent they're more like looking to catch on it would to do it of them and what my role is I tell you now and the book of Timothy totally obliterates that only show you why the first of a chapter six verse one to five left as many bond servants as are under the open out their own masters worthy of all honor so there you have bondservant and what masters so that the name of God and his friend may not be what blasts the those who have believing masters let them not despise them because their brethren but rather serve them because those who are benefited are believers in beloved and teach and exhort these things and if anyone teaches otherwise does not consent the holes awards in the words of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the doctrine which is according to godliness he is proud of knowing nothing obsessed with disputes and argument sober words for which some envy and strife and reviling evil suspicions useless wrangling of men of corrupt minds destitute of the truth is suppose that godliness is a means of gaining and from such turn away withdraw yourselves you see that in this industry will passively read sermons and how they relate to their masters is key they are not young looking of someone to work here maybe it secrets unseal so we unseal all her secrets by asking that the former pop boxes as they look more call you want to get three or four references why because we want to have people that are not blasphemers in our company by Whitley anonymous black though speak abusive speech and I make it with me so anybody was an HR manager eating every day all they do every day is what they see whether not before blasting a work and I also see if the people are hiring her blasphemers are not is this true or false and the writing root letters of recommendation must be another one husbands and wives fascinating Titus voted tightest that will book their Titus Titus chapter two verse three two five look at it on older women likewise that they be reverent in behavior not slander is not given to much wine teachers of good things in the band modestly young women to love their husbands to love their children to be discreet chaste homemakers good obedient to their husbands who protest of the world there means to be under the husband that actually is a voluntary term like a needle you voluntarily got married right so the voluntary term to be obedient to their husbands that the word of God the word of who not the work of Paul not the word of someone else that the word of God may not be fading a look at that that's fascinating Hemminger finally that the definition of blasphemy is somewhat fascinating what about parents and children look back at this one seconds of the chapter three as well as show you something else I think it's fascinating I'm spending more time with this because I want you to really get this definition would try to understand why Paul will deliver these people to Satan but they were not the blasphemy and we understand it's a very pervasive thing if an attacker rolls chapter three verse one notice that in the last days and what kind of a by ladies were the last Paul's wife is writing in the last days before Jesus comes right now in the last days perilous times will come men will be lovers of themselves lovers of money bolsters Wilde proud blasphemers there's so baby and the parents notice blasphemers comes right in the same section of being what disobedient to parents look in the book of Ephesians and after Boers opening keynote he went throne is a look at all these relationships within parents and children and husbands and wives and servants and masters what is it in Ephesians and Sabot says it is also here intimidated the same thing I'm thankful on holy one even though something else here unloving verse forty three of the second of the depth of three unforgiving slanderous without self-control brutal despisers of good traders had sung hot hottie lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying its power and from such people turn away but the notices for this sort are those who prayed in the household and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins let away by various lesser point Paul is saying Paul is writing your first and second committee we need to and abuse against women and we need to do it right now and the wettability says is now by making sure the role distinctions are the way they should be husband should be protecting why are you with me and said the point is being made there is an do we live in an age of blasphemy that will eliminate the blasphemy when I studied this I asked myself down have you ever been guilty of blasphemy I know about many times I been guilty of it under this definition parents and children and then first Timothy chapter five seventeen it does the same thing looking at the relationship between guest to them yours and elders of the church wow so this issue of blasphemy is an issue of what confusion of roles not just between us and God but also service the Masters husbands and wives wives husbands parents and children members around this was why Alexander Irenaeus were being addressed now this was what fascinating even more than that I think I have it denser and all right a little bit closer this is what fascinated me even more look at first and then eject the one again in verse thirteen this is a beautiful thing about the show you very beautiful I love someone will get to it but my needs are and have personally just one look at it was the first twelve maybe understandable context I think I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who enabled me because he counted me faithful putting man's of the ministry areas is the high price the gondola sales secrets and share amazing facts of my upper people safer today and have a license see right Gail allows the ministry that is is this what does this will disease research fascinating words although who King James who was before although I formerly was a blasphemer and a persecutor and injurious when I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly in unbelief here is the latest Disneyland with these top teachers in Ephesus the big ships but it really was a bigger step than Paul I don't know what he was taught by Gamaliel it was a huge big ship there was more than tribe of Benjamin was well-known and respected he was a linguist failed more than almost anybody else and he was leaving everybody astray and he was using his position to make a know what happened he admits it writers as I was a blasphemer that you notice in the text what happened with blasphemers if they don't change I blasphemed and I was a persecutor and then I injured people are blaspheming wall just leave them alone they will create an environment that persecutes others who don't believe why don't I do and I want to write about there's a discussion in our church Baptist ethicist limited supply today where people are saying just let every division go their own way and then you get people in leadership that don't reflect what the people in the pew actually believe it sadly in America as well we have same-sex marriage is all the people voted against that but now the elites in the courts is that now that's not constitutional and there's good to be back last my friends against that someday it will swing the other way but this is always the padded blasphemy always leads to an attack on roles then it leads to persecution to those who don't believe like you do and then there's injury but praise God the Paula scholars scholars he could turn around by the way to the life he was a blasphemer he made Christians blasting it says in acts twenty six first eleven he would bring a new torture them until they blaspheme he would threaten them with slaughter act chapter nine verse one the only later found out what then attacking the Christians he was in fact attacking Christ himself accept one Matthew twenty five verse forty busy Alexander Herrmann as were big ships they were big ships and they needed to be stopped or they would lead the whole vessel to ship wreck now I've read some Scripture is would you like to see what L White says about Alexander Herrmann is the reason I want to show you this is because I was going okay okay I understand their blasphemers but what exactly is their big issue with this this just kind of blew me away when I found Sean profaned the vain babbling she quotes from psychogenic for they will increase of the more ungodliness leaving the passive supposition and imagination the low man my friends of the last two years under a lot of supposition and imagination waiting in the present supposition imagination with which we have nothing to do these are vague nonessential theories of human creation which keep the mind dwelling on nothingness may have been in them nothing sure are substantial and then she says who was doing this of those who advance these theories Paul says their word will need as the eight acre of pro-life Hogmanay has an elitist there is our guys go concerning the truth Advair saying that the resurrection is already past and overthrow the faith of some review and Herald February five nineteen oh one so permanent as simply this work creating doctrines that tended to ungodliness okay so they were teaching things that would tend unnoticed that a San Francisco resurrection was passed why would that lead by the way just to save your way here why would teaching that the resurrection is past will need to ungodliness another words they were saying some people at already been resurrected and taken away while you can take away what would literally matter what you do well when matter at all so it would it would lead to ungodliness publicly read another quote this should get your attention I hope it does these men this is LP three oh five what does LP stand for all right sketches from the life of Paul thank you these men had departed from the faith of the gospel and furthermore had done despite the spirit of grace by now notices by attributing to the power of Satan the wonderful revelations made by Paul won't won't won't won't won't while what were they going trip meeting to the power saving the wonderful revelations made to Paul they were questioning the revelation and inspiration of God through Paul by the way this happens all the time in the discussion of the epistles relayed women's ordination happens all the time having rejected the truth they were filled with hatred against its under umbrellas in one small group where someone in the group said I hate this passage actually started like I is and what lawful are good to say that I was going to shock a little of having rejected the truth they were filled with hatred against him and sought to destroy it advocate so what were Ananias Alexander and the leaders doing they were creating doctrines that tended on delegates they said the resurrection was an already past the net let the license witnessed the attack the veracity and inspiration or the truthfulness of Paul's revelations now hungry another quality writing ability number of quotes here because I want to see what the Bible said I know what the Spirit brought is that because they laminate it off as I said that at least half meetings no one ever studied first Timothy chapter one and the Bruce will put in know why once I didn't but I don't know what it is I didn't because if you look at verse twenty one hundred is seen at all the issues that are really important or coming out of this show you this next quote and this should publish this one will appear not to run on the edgier seats now nearly on the floor with this one of your unanswered available for Pannonia to be on the reformatory action is always attended with lots sacrifice and prayer it always rebukes love abuse selfish interests less Bland mission hence whoever initiates or prosecute such action must encounter opposition Colombian hatred from those who are unwilling to submit to the conditions of reform it is no easy matter to overcome sinful habits and practices the work can be a couple showing with the help of divine grace but many neglect this it sets out and in the upper to bring down the standard to meet their deficiencies instead of bringing themselves up to meet the standard of God sites where the efforts of these men who were so severely dealt with further sends for they trying to do bring down the standard and that elevated they were endangering the purity of the believers at it was necessary that the firm decided towards they pursued to me the wrong and her lip from the church Paul had faithfully reported their sin no vice now this is what was there said but was there a real issue with evidence of vice of my sensuousness so prevalent in that age what what is my license was news that sexual misconduct is correct but they had refused to be corrected now this is fascinating they were teachers and their doctor was such that within ungodliness but now she say this was some type of license was yet proceeded according to his sources the price regarded such cases but the offenders are given no token of repentance and it therefore acts and mitigated and so you get the Matthew eighteen thanked and I went behind the same to talk to them but they probably publicly rebuke them like it says intimidation do they still didn't respond us that we can do what we want right and I couldn't let it go than openly apostatized from the fate and united with its most bitter opponents and when they rejected the words of Paul and set themselves to hinder his labors they were more rain advanced notice of say against Christ it was by the inspiration of the Spirit of God and not an expression of personal feeling the pall pronounced against them the Solomons Annunciation why I don't know about you but like I said this issue of blasphemy is very specific it's an attack in roles but then also it was dealing with what sexual immorality hymen as Alexander of the leaders of summarize then what they were doing because we were saying exactly what their problem was they had departed from the faith of the gospel they had been manifested lustful ambitions what what's lustful ambition that's doing away with rules that should be done away because you are lusting after that sinful habits and practices specifically the vice of my sensuousness and their teaching had endangered the purity of the believers we were and when they were approved they attributed the wonderful revelations made to Paul Satan and thus they rejected the Christlike manner then rejecting his Christlike manner and attending work with them and where they rejected the words of Paul they were warring against Christ himself on I think anyone closer look are you with me here blaspheme with the rules then specifically what roles then specifically what with their issue now what about the cover revolutionized my whole view of the book of Timothy because as I looked closer I saw something that totally changed my paradigm a looking at Timothy is a text the Bible says this on to see if you can end it all began again the text great peace have great peace have they which love by law and nothing shall offend them now that Psalm one one nineteen one sixty five when someone is offended about something you say but we should Christians really get offended about anything was leading at me today my car right she gets me should back intimate with the nose like I just got honked out because I knew because of the way was driving by another lady and I had to know this waved her off and then I set the noble answer on glad that I didn't get hurt and that lady did not sitting in this lady puts her car in reverse and backed into my car alike well that I get to meet someone new so follow to the assignment for the sides she goes in on his mind shall try this it was not problematic out of the Locarno but I get a new paper this is very nice to meet you and I you know as he goes your loudest person I met a civilian opulent resonance said that distantly a lot of people daily Star the top of these I will defend it all jiggles will can I do something for you and I said well you can let me pray for you is using the little tense she goes you are the nicest person I met with was my wife disagrees citing that they will pay itself both at the pleasantries I was thing about that that tax grade page then they would otherwise not do enough in the book I didn't get her to get her to does the car right there is insurance this was for so now here's the point when people are reacting many times it means they're not at peace in some area right now this is what this is when setting up to an first of them about to show you help every one of the ten Commandments are found in first Timothy chapter one say that it was said that every single one now I'm decisively before I say this is what I am about to show you is actually then you believe in and see it as many commentators have been Timothy becomes a book that's especially for God 's people because Revelation chapter fourteen verse while this is at the end of time what does it say Kerry is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the Commandments and have the will I was either there look at verse nine and ten nine until aridity of those showed you know it is that the last not made for the righteous person for the lawless the insubordinate the invalid percent as the unholy the profane for murderers were fathers of murderers of fathers and mothers and mothers and for man's layers and for fornicators and sodomites and kidnappers and for wires and perjury and if there's anything else or any other thing that's contrary to sound doctrine I was go through the swelling numbers nine for the ungodly the word there is specifically the word for worship destitute of reverential awe several my they don't worship reverently what commandment is that if you're not worshiping God reverently and that there was a big something else other than God what commandment is that First Amendment and the second commandment let's say you have so little district of Doctor God that you make an image the worse the damage that is being ungodly and and and what to say next is not made for the righteous person but the lawless insubordinate on Valley for centers for the unholy and the profane what profanity Pro means before final means the sanctuary something before what's profanity though stating the name of the Lord in vain what commandment is that third commandment for the unholy it says there for the unholy you know what the word unholy is that whales bent low score about lows in the low speeds unholy but literally it means to walk all over something when I read that a cop my attention because I rumored attack in Isaiah fifty eight verse thirteen when people disregard the Sabbath they walked all over his holy day so once said alluding to at least in one form remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and so these people are unholy they're walking all over the Sabbath day and the next one murderers of fathers and mothers that should be pretty easy document are you breaking if you just you know kill your parents certainly breaking the fifth commandment with previously that's very clear man slayers what's that one thou shalt not kill that's the sixth commandment whore mongers will truly the fornicators while fornicators of the new King James King James warmongers is the word porn loss fornicator or adulterer thou shalt not commit adultery that's the seventh commandment diff files themselves and says next in some translations and inventing things as is the files themselves and others as the sodomites the word there in greatest artist in a quite space our sin no quite face arson means mail and quite day swings the bat or we get the Word like this from its and it's if you read the Septuagint Leviticus Septuagint is no from the Old Testament written in Greek Leviticus eighteen twenty two and twenty verse thirteen forbids a man lying with another man as one would with a woman so what is Arsenal court case its homosexuality look at this stuff no I want stockers and it remember their sin was a set of what life sensuousness when Paul Gaza the ten Commandments guess which one he amplifies he amplifies the seventh commandment and he adds in not just the classical form of adultery to put sin homosexuality the issue in first Timothy chapter one was role distinctions being broken down but specifically role distinctions as relating to the seventh commandment specifically homosexuality specifically what and some people today would say that what they has nothing to do with homosexuality or the ordination debate has nothing to do with homosexuality all my friends it does and here's why in sympathy everything that attacked any rule distinction any role distinction is based on gender or anything else that the Bible claims to be a role distinction or differentiation I say is fair game and that's what was going on in first Timothy Henry can see that then man Steelers next man stealer would be what says kidnapper literally it's a slave dealer or a slave trader and what commandment is is that thou shalt not steal by the way some people today in the women's ordination debate they say look you know if you don't ordain women you are treating them just like slaves while carrying first Timothy there is is a problem when you have here because the Bible here in first Timothy is very clear that slavery is wrong this is one of the text that they read to do away with slavery in fact you want to hear John Leslie 's notes the worst of all feeds this is based on this particular verse the worst of all these in comparison of whom highwaymen and house breakers are innocent what then are the most in trader traders of Negroes procurers of servants for America and all list soldiers by wise trickster enticements for worst thing you could do according to Wesley raised on this tax was to be involved in slavery by the way when you talk about this little thing those two are totally unrelated to one another in the text even here are you with me Escamilla number eight remember we said the tank announced without we going I have to find two more in this list and they're right there it's as liars and murderers which one is that thou shalt not bear false witness at the amount number nine and then assessed as it ends up the list there in verse ten if there be any other thing that is contrary to who may on our sound doctor knew what the word bananas by the way healthy always again I keep looking manager not helping so if there be anything else by the way were the last amendment nor his ox nor his ass nor anything that is thy neighbor it's almost as it's lifted out of the tenth amendment however you can see then that the Commandments are what's being put in focus here by Paul Baldwin makes sense because he was saying earlier the people are misusing the law and understand the law the whole context is the law by the way just before we leave the commands I can't know the one at this point this out roll distinction is in the ten Commandments are very clear on what they also have no other gods don't put yourself in place of that don't have a graven images don't put that in place of the don't take the name that is meant for me and use it some cavalier way don't use it in a different walk on role remember the Sabbath day no other day I went me using it don't sleep with someone is not your spouse and that includes a man if you're a man or woman if you're a woman everything about the ten Commandments is related to defining what role distinctions are and making the point that those role distinctions are from who guide and educate them what will happen great peace have they which love my luck nothing will offend the W Leon it will be sound doctrine building to rent Sylvia talk to Doctor that did you help me I would rate okay so let me ask you a question so far I mean really and that is a little bit is Timothy relevant for today do we live in an age when most leadership in the world and some even in the charts are confused about the very things were talking about is their indulgence in our culture concerning some of the very things got defined as being less famous and if their indulgence even within the church do we live in an age where religious leaders are attending to get biblical reasons to district on the very distinction strongly same tonight with amenities to eleven age when taking the stand against homosexuality is seen as bigotry now this last week there were several universities who had on their books laws against allowing homosexuals to be admitted or to be on the campus that were put under review by the accrediting agencies of this country and Timothy is specifically speaking to that issue among others well when you have the confidence to stand against that on slide I want tell you something if we can't stand on small things were not available stand on because the is still is Timothy relevant today until we live in a day of blasphemy is doing we do so with answered several of our questions to where I finance and Alexander late of elitists what were they doing that would cause the apostle to suggest they needed to be delivered to Satan what exactly is blasphemy one without going for a study anyway but now the final question was there any hope for there any hope for these men is there any hope read the text again that we started with first of anyone verse twenty of whom are unanswered Alexander whom I delivered to Satan that they might learn not to blaspheme his any alternate text what is that that they might want then I will praise God that they might learn something how do you think that's good news you might learn Malloy later and first in the deputy would like but I was learning all within the book instead of learning is the idea that needs to happen while ramming the symposium so people can learn laughter blaspheme out of the a while are not the blast NFL I want to learn about the blasting and Paul had learned well let's look at the testimony of power looked first in the jet the one verse ten the last part through seventeen sound doctrine it starts with recording how do you learn what's the good news the hope on go through all the list of the ten Commandments and the says anything that is contrary to sound doctors of the goodness first of all is that there is there is unsound doctrine contrary to sound doctrine there's no heterodoxy and there is orthodoxy there is good to know you there hello it is good doctrine and how do you know what that doctor in his first eleven according to the glorious gospel of our blessed of God which was committed to my trust so there's hope there is hope from hearing this sound doctrine there's hope to the glorious gospel the good news continue on I thank God verse twelve who enabled me I thank Christ Jesus our Lord when it will be made when I was preaching through this I want to represent a work Christ the Messiah Jabez is that it is not just in our sediment from our sins the Lord in all go through all posts I don't have done whereas enabled the next power putting me counting the faithful putting me into the ministry although I was formally a blasphemer persecutor and insolent man but I obtained mercy because I did it ignorantly believe is a very lonely help for those with whether their blaspheming and admit their sin and turn from and the result to the enabling power of God the turn around not just small ships are days like myself the basics and then going on verse fifteen this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I'm cheap that's good news I think it's good news for this reason verse seven sixteen I obtained mercy that it may first Jesus Christ might sell while all long-suffering as I learn to those who are going to believe he sang like I was a blasphemer and always tear oneself when I was because they could say may I just got out of the book I'm can be used as a pattern I like the worth of the wires now basked using the instant of a just war people in Ephesus only want that good news to be for you as well when you look throughout Timothy Abdullah to view it on I have it written down having a generally seat on the camera but the one is a picture of my notes I've is list of everything that's universal from Timothy Wright there is so much that we need to see in our own selves even now okay let's get going others can change is the point of whom were hunted as a noun center whom I did delivered to Satan that they might learn not to blast things that they might learn a lot of talk about that the DL or the date the you will coexecutive a sacred word doesn't matter but that's the great work you know that word is an interesting relic that up like a salad the very word but when I looked at the one eleven Jim will remain steadfast ties and means to train children another was when Paul was saying Alexander Herrmann asked was what you think that it features your big ships beginning to become like little children you need to learn again and you know I don't because I needed to learn again he says Timothy then became a change agent and out if you wait for her the saying I think it was Margaret Thatcher said he leans when no one follows is merely take a walk career that all not only change himself but when AJ 's other people started to follow him and Elizabeth Boldin Timothy Ted what does Timothy Main God honoring is the name of the first of the chapter one verse two fraternity chapter one verse two is called my own son my son in the faith get SCO 's that the technical word myelin gentlemen child by genuine child a true child my product this is my son is not a nap those is not a bastard this is my son and the fate not biologically his mother and father were a Greek and Hebrew that's why can reach all those different groups act sixty one Street but was assigned and if they would be in chapter two verse nineteen to twenty two there was none like-minded he said like Timothy is it once where converted once we stop being blasphemers we cannot only change but other people will follow us and even young people like Timothy my own son in the vague and in the faith what does that mean remember Alexander and Hymenaeus had abandon aspects of the faith but Timothy had not abandoned any aspect he embraces every aspect of the Bible even sell this was written for my local time and situation he went everywhere our cellular PC key embrace the entire belief system Kennedy did so Paul presented with the other staff as a faithful ambassador notice what Paul was verse one Paul apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of the Lord it was a possible low seems to be set up as God 's investor it was by the commandment of the Lord can you see why that phrase command of the Lord 's on board because liberty we go through all the ten Commandments right and he would go forth and so would limit the uplifting every aspect of God 's law even the role distinctions that defined by his word and buttressed by his law why was Timothy sent to Ephesus to turn around those big ships but he could be sent anywhere because Paul's message was not just for offices it was far everywhere look at first Corinthians chapter four verse sixteen and seventeen to that regard this one I read it I was sitting at the general use conference and all these bridges were preaching about being a spectacle of men and angels but they never got to the real issue of the bedload government abridging a listing of all that up and get there on the same on the same as it brought people are saying about her I go now to get the lovely house but not the big issue there dubious the golds of men and angels was by faithfulness to every part of God 's word to even be killed by the lion the spectacle and then right after it says that right after talks about that but we'll get to you we did the signs funds up and thumbs down it's from those cute the goals when they would say you know they would they would point to the ground you want to live or die actually download me they would live up would mean they take the sword go up until of me so we can have our signs backwards when you do that unless you are you a New Testament Roman scholar that made the difference lady right so anyway they were spectacle I was willing to live by God 's word and I forgot to work note of this text in that regard perspectives for sixteen sending this just came alive to me in my study first thirty one wherefore I beseech you being followers of maize talking to the Corinthians for this cause of my sense until you tell that they are not to subsidize and what corn go is my genuine beloved son and faithful in the law or who shall bring you into remembrance of what does it say next my ways with me and try what was Paul saying my teaching is like price teaching imitate me as I imitate Christ another way whether they dry stay with me and that was the same next last few words as I teach and freeware and how many churches at research look Timothy could be dropped anywhere in the Greco-Roman world and they did show up here today in his message that Paul gave him from the Lord would be just as relevant here as it would be anywhere else that's the picture now is this storyline really knew is what we Friday our first of a gentle and if you out if you learn anything new tonight right the case right W not raising your hands on at the show afterwards and documents and what I've learned from you under all right is it really knew is it really on Wednesday when I sang here to summarize what we learned is it really knew our God had interviewed by Sunday young man into his church I was confused about role distinctions that really knew and had to uplift the law of God the ways of God is that really knew and had a dealing with homosexuality and other role distinctions is that new Symantec is not limited to things in our remaining time that is on the show you an Old Testament example and a contemporary example before we close go with minimize noun in your Bibles if you would like to second Kings chapter twenty three second Kings twenty three a what I will try to show you you know the preacher the is to say it fell one year and its elements element on which adult monuments are a world without I want to show you an exact parallel for this New Testament chapter in the Old Testament refund to do that because I want you to see the consistent word of Scripture is consistent in the Old Testament New Testament transitions of alumni giving contemporary example and hope we make some kind of appeal with me second case at the twenty two now I am not going to go through this whole chapter reading verse by verse although I would like to know I might I might have died actually doing I'm doing fairly good someone else will do nineteen pages in a day and I'm trying to catch up with them and see if I can unseal those secrets of how to do that second Kings twenty three verse one to three was look at another case of them together all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem to McCain went up in the house of the Lord with all the men of Judah and with them all they haven't of Jerusalem the priest and the prophets of all the people both small and great any regular hearing all the words of the book of the covenant which is been found in the house of the Lord then the king stood by a pillar and Mary before the Lord to follow the Lord of the Cayuga 's commandments and his testimony statute wallets are always sold to perform the words of this covenant they were written in this book and all the people took a stand for the coming here was someone calling for revival and Reformation and the call had come to have first and it had changed his life and that is on the call of this event on a budget but I'm glad that we live in a time we have a general conference president of filing for a viable Reformation and not only that he's out doing evangelism and doing all the things I pastor does invent what the case was back then the notice would happen this led to verse for the king commanded helped I have a high priest and the priests of the second order of the doorkeepers to bring out of the temple of the Lord all the articles that were made or bail be asked drop and all the host of heaven he burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of Peter on carrying the ashes to Bethel while he didn't just talk revival they went in and started lick clean it up but it took out all the worship elements you might save you whether there was a rock 'n roll band it would have taken out all the drums Sagan would've gone in and taken out of the interrupt that the soundtracks okay they didn't just leave it to other people he wanted revival and Reformation this particular case and it led to a cleansing of the sanctuary can iron a member that verse for them what happened next notice this verse by then he written long noticed this in your Bibles he removed the idolatrous priests whom the kings of Judah had awarded day to burn incense on the high places in the city is unit in the places all around Jerusalem and those who burned incense to bail to the sons of the mode to the constellations and the host of heaven wait a minute now he starts to remove ill advised leadership is put in put in place that's not following the Bible and he begins to do what reimburse ordinations man this guy this is something else verse six not only that verse six is almost like a listen to our study on versatility chapter one he brought out the wooden image of the house of the Lord to the book Brooke Kidron outside Jerusalem and burned it by the book Brooke Kidron and grounded to ashes and through advances in the graves of the common people will and other words it took Rolls series -year-old Helen Idol worst of the Lord by way it can drive the very place where Jesus would go down down down and up to the Garden of Gethsemane right he did that number five notice what happens next this really gripped my attention first seven then he tore down the ritual booths of the perverted persons that were in the house of the Lord where they wouldn't that the women wove hangings for the wooden image we brought all the priests from the cities of Judah the file the high places where the priest and burned incense from David Diversey then he broke down the high places at the gates which were the entrance of the gate of Joss will become of the city which were to the left of the city get dates what they do he removed all the perverted persons in the danger that he is a sodomites in the margin of my little Bible it says here that can assume those practicing sodomy and prostitution in religious ritual look at this to parallel at first and the failure specifically it was a breaking of the commandments there was role distinctions that were messed up there was false ordinations and along with those false our donations was a allowance of along with those false ordinations was an allowance of what sodomites of homosexuality is there a connection between homosexuality in this chapter and false ordination is it right there consider the authors you know again I I will remind you that when I was at talk there were actually authors that were quoting sources of people who are practicing homosexuals it is no secret to me that people are practicing homosexuality or saying it's okay would have no problems with ordination of women or anything you only why is that a secret a couple of scholars for you normally go with the story it was one of the of people that was listened to while the footnotes of the paper this is what she said her name is I alone rationale this is her book this should give you a hand system where she's headed and why on earth would quote like someone like this in your paper and a Seventh-day Adventist theology of ordination study committee I don't know Alyssa do this this is the name of her book one of her other books this is not what was quoted from but any scholarship know who you're quoting from either your with and I was likewise right okay I'm a quote from a few mass murderers without we would think that's okay probably not not a good idea wasn't to this this is the title of the book psychology and the Hebrew Bible reading through the lens of Freund and looking out at Hollywood want to quote what's up someone like that in your paper but a way that others what she believes when writing about sexuality Old Testament this is what she says that the account of Noah and Hamm is one of NOAA fantasizing about homosexual activity or possibly initiating such hello liaison with his son ham interview though bless me with the many it's perhaps understandable one what one recognizes that she reads the Old Testament Scriptures of the lens of forward-looking failures he has a think and on the basis that she says homosexuality is okay there's another one from that same hot paper who was quoting various sources I thought you might want to just know the behind the scene stories of some of the quotes before you jump on various bandwagon here it is quoting Trevor Dennis it was the vice leader Chester Cathedral and I are at a trailer came out after the person 's paper I think was written so to be fair they probably didn't know this is about to happen this particular scholarly quarter was in favor of the interpretation of the Bible that celebrate same-sex relationships he sees Ruth and Naomi is a depiction of allows lesbian love affair where Boaz was married by Ruth Phyllis Shaye Naomi to protect their partnership why in the world would you quote people like this in your paper on this wondering okay and let me just where there's smoke friends understood estate is five day and I'm an essay in both the New Testament and the Old Testament these are the kind of things that I think Timothy and Joe Siano would be getting rid of a movie with me another quotation that paper that will get back for a story and Kings a quotation of Debra Sawyer who one another work argues that the early church of the first century and other non-Christian religions of the period allowed a broader spectrum of beliefs and values and wider gender band boundaries than Christianity after this CD price quote the monolithic Christianity of two thousand years and it's a sensual sexual hierarchy notice he thinks that there's a hierarchy should think that's bad and also free sex should be freed up in light of her research knows where she's had she explained that one of her desires is to quote assist New Age religions than pagans and Wiccans movement and Goddess spirituality in rediscovering the great pagan traditions of the past let me just ask you a question why in the world if you've got the Bible and the spirit of prophecy quote from for your paper would you quote something like that are you with me now in light of that horrific this story here in second phase wafer is coming alive because Josiah is following through on is not only I had a personal revival Reformation is not only been cleaned out the Temple is not only then got rid of the false Priest and even the perverts who were in the temple guess what when he did that guess what happened in Chile next verse eighty nine he brought all the priests of the cities of Judah and the defile the high places in the trees we read this result and is repeating it from Gina Tversky then he broke down the high places at the entrance of the gate of jobs while the governor of the city which were to the left of the city death date of the notice what happens how do they respond there is wonderful ministry nevertheless market


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