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10- Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important?

Daniel Mesa
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Daniel Mesa

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  • October 3, 2014
    7:30 PM
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what will soon also transgresses the law person is the transgression of the law this is the only definition of sin given in the holy Scriptures and we should seek to understand what sinners lest any of us be found in opposition to the God of heaven we are required to be in a position of obedience to all of God 's commandments are salvation cost too much from our Lord for us to be going on in uncertainty when eternal interests are involved therefore we should open our minds and search the Scriptures so that we may know for ourselves how we can stand under the banner of Prince Manuel God requires at this moment just what he required of Adam in paradise before the fall of perfect obedience to his law the requirements that God makes in grace is just the requirement be made in paradise we want to understand the claims of God upon us that we may reach the hearts of men and teach them what God 's word requires of them in order that they may have eternal life we must live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God our Savior has told us that in these last days there would be false doctrines and false teachers who would lead the people to accept fables and customs and practices of men instead of the Commandments of God and that our world would be flooded with heresies are we bringing in heresies to turn souls from the truth of God 's word we want the truth of God 's word on every point and we need to practice it those who follow the course of error and live in transgression of the law of God will not follow that course alone there will be others who imitate their example we must inquire what Captain we are following under whose banner we are stand that's taken from review and Herald July fifteen eighteen ninety knots my desire I want for myself for my family for my friends for my entire church to fall under the submission of the authority of the Lord God of heaven that's my prayer and I wish that you pray with me now as we begin us message father thank you so much that you given us the opportunity to meet here together to share the truth of your word make it clear today Lord help us to understand the depth of your love the care that you have for your people and the dedication that you desire us to have for your blower Lori and your honor buses please and do not trust me your servant with a single word before this your people I pray in the name of Jesus amen there's a friend of mine named Chad he's a dear friend my nose with him not long ago in Southern California we were preaching together a message at the Advent Hope Church it was entitled the almost overmastering delusion that can be found on audio verse of you're interested and as Chad and I were sharing he came up with the story I'd never heard before he says he knows of a pastor who is brother to another pastor they both became conference presidents of different time and I think it was here in North America they both are Seventh-day Adventists and they're both with identical twins guy out of you know who I am talking about that but I don't know them I've never met them so one time the pastor he calls his brother he says hey would you come to my church this weekend I want you to preach on the subject of the section and so what happens is the brother comes in he shares with the church after visiting with the elders praying with them getting up in front having opening prayer starting to preach as though he's the pastor is preaching on deception and it occurs that as he's preaching he says to the congregation how many of you think that if I called my brother to come in and speak for you as though he's in the picture know that he's not me it's my brother and all income traditionally raised their hands I get we totally know who he would probably not but it was not due to run and so after like regular anti- will make sure I Sarah but he says I'm the brother and of course everybody was terribly shocked all he's the blog we didn't know that's amazing well guess what there are so many things in the holy Scripture that looks so much like Jesus no wonder the Bible says in Revelation thirteen all the world followed after the beast that's the premise for one insurance of it is a lot of things that God has that are truly beautiful loving for our purpose nor a lot of things that the enemy is coming soon hey guess what I got some just like it there beloved and too often we do love it so my question on his today are liturgical and organizational matters important liturgical word is that anything relating to public worship our public worship matters and organizational matters important to God and so the question is is organization with God a moral issue or not doesn't really matter if God lays out something for us to experience in our Christian experience that is symbolic it doesn't matter to God if we change for example I covered some of the young the audio column on youth pastors do for communion they'll serve pizza and call the for the bread and wine is that important does it matter we were were different rightward word building and have pizza back then so now today were to include our experience and what we see instructor is that okay the change of God symbolism is it okay to reorganize God 's work without any trouble I may does God say got okay and it doesn't really matter I mean are there other paths that God has that we can just follow as a result of our culture and our changing times were look at Scripture today I want you to have your Bible that were to look at a lot of Scripture today now if you want to you can follow along in Genesis chapter four hundred radios uses of the box Cain offered something right it wasn't not what God is requested that symbolized his son 's atonement sacrifice now wait a minute it symbolized something right were told in the spirit of prophecy Christ triumphant page thirty five that the Lord gave Cain and Abel directions regarding the sacrifice that they were to bring to himself God had made clear this is my command here to bring a lamb but that Lamb it couldn't be just changed because it actually symbolized something it symbolized the atoning sacrifice of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ amen so this land as a reason Christ Trump and thirty five this lamb as it was late rep reasons and to the Lamb of God who was to be slain for the sins of the world will guess what can you care so much about symbolism even care so much about organization didn't care so much about God 's commandments overheated as he changed it up a little bit and he thought it would be best instead of humbling himself and going to his younger brother to get one of the lands River he went and offered up some fruit something different than what God asked and if so how that God came to Adam Unser came investigated the situation and after the investigative judgment one he put on his four head but the mark okay so we have a scenario where there's the righteous worshiper and the unrighteous were trooper the onrush of unrighteous worship are persecuted the righteous are a worshiper persecuted him him to death and after the investigative judgment this man came he ended up with the mark of the beast at the end of time if you will we have end of time scenario right there in the very first story when the first stories in the book of the Bible and so let's jump to another one with ballistic about judges chapter eight for second and Gideon okay Jessica twenty seven it reads to the inmate in a font thereof and put it in Kansas City evening or five old rock and all Israel went thither a whoring after it which then get a thing became a snare unto Gideon and to his house wool liniment on it all sound good records Gideon had been visited by an angel Gideon had had actually been able to offer if you will something for the Lord there if you read the story but notice what it says in this quote here cc one twenty nine because he had been commanded to offer sacrifice upon the rock where the Angel had appeared to him Jillian concluded Kennedy and concluded that he had been appointed to officiate as a priest without waiting for the divine sanction without waiting for the divine sanction he determined to provide a suitable place and to institute a system abortion settlor to that carried on at the tabernacle will we see right here on ordered a reorganization of God 's original tabernacle service in a way to just make sense he wouldn't he was asked to offer up something right to vote with the angel there and so what he did as he decided what you want him him and he was everybody's on jewelry him and put together this on the fodder number put it in my city and since I'm the one that God is called to organize all these things because you know I did offer a sacrifice on the McGowan said it in my city and and I just believe that this is okay what kind of nothingness where the Bible says to himself and to all Israel I don't think we can change these organizational systems and the symbolism without there being serious consequences is it moral let's continue looking let's go to in our heads for second in return for Bibles durable terrible chapter on-site first Kings chapter or two nothing new of the section the Bible go to Jeroboam please know first James chapter fourteen versus fifteen sixty notice was that the Lord shall smite Israel's a good thing or bad thing as a raving what is shaken in the water they shall route up Israel building a bad thing out of this good land which he gave to their fathers and shall scatter them good thing or bad thing the on the river because they have made their groves provoking the Lord to anger and he shall get Israel building a bad thing because of the sins of who Jeroboam who is in and who made Israel to sin notice what's being said here God is prophesying to his people Israel smite Israel Road up Israel scatter Israel and give up Israel because of the sense of Jeroboam question what did Jeroboam do during the Bible now followed me to first Kings chapter twelve Chapter twelve and it says in verse twenty five Jeroboam built Shechem in mount Ephraim and dwelt therein he went out from thence and bid build NUL verse twenty six Jeroboam he said in his boot in his heart remember the Bible says the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked he said within his heart now shall the kingdom returned to the house of David okay this is envious he is desiring that he would be able to be the king with more people than rebel his neighboring King River this is just shortly after Israel asked for the first team is as in verse twenty seven F these people go to do sacrifice in the House of Lords Jerusalem then they will say in their heart that they they should turn to the Lord even of the real bone king of Judah and they will kill me and go again to ramble on king of Judah so what happens is he lacking faith in the protection of God he's being envious verse and jealous verse twenty eight whereupon the King cook took counsel he took counsel good thing and he made two calves of gold when they took counsel and found out that he should make two calves of gold what time era is this this is in the king 's right remember many years before when the children of Israel came up out of Egypt they were told by somebody's name is Erin to do something what was it made a calf of goal deal hate if it worked back then thank you so much my dear counselors everywhere expected to make telephones what really works today so what happens is he took counsel made two calves of gold set of them is too much for you to go to Jerusalem behold your God so Israel which brought you up out of the land of Egypt wait a minute they not only made twice as much of a problem that occurred before but he was the same words as found in Texas Jeopardy due is there a problem with is absolutely terrible problem with this he decides that he's good to do something in his deceitful heart and it ends up affecting the children of Israel in fact remember in our previous quote first things twelve fourteen God is going to give up Israel is given a scatter them what else is in a root them up reason for Second Life they don't remember exactly what it says but you can see if there in first Kings fourteen notice what happens it says in verse twenty he took counsel and he said sure gods which brought you up out of the land of Egypt here's the problem the children visual should've known their own history well enough to be a look back and say what all we have been here before my friends old kangaroos Jeroboam you need to step down because that is wrong notice what happened back there in Exodus chapter thirty two that happened with under the lead of really the foolish leadership of Aaron and the children of Israel were revealed by God the Commandments were broken showing that they broke the covenant on and on and on you cannot do this for us King Jeroboam but they didn't remember their history my people perish for lack of knowledge in their own history because we rejected knowledge says their verse twenty eight again verse twenty nine run to set one of these golden calves in Bethel which by the way is right next to Jerusalem and the other input and Dan which is where the north of Judah first thirty I'm sorry of others are verse thirty and this thing became a want of sin transgression of the law sin organizational matters changing up symbolism read organizing gods original plan this became a sin absolutely noticed Roberta go through a lot of Scripture about this part it says this thing became a sin for the people went to worship or what before the one in even to Dan verse thirty one he made a house of his high places he made priests of the lowest of the people which were not of the sons of Levi C Goddard said specifically of the sons of Levi I want you to take my own take these people and make them priests but here he says he took of the laws of the people which were not of the sons of Levi Levi verse thirty two Jeroboam ordained a feast in the eighth month we can never find a face that God ordained in the eighth month and says that he said at this feast in June that was similar to the one in Judah he offered up on an altar he did it in Bethel sacrificing of the calves that he had made he placed it in Bethel or replaced priests of the high places which he had made so he offered upon the altar which he had made in Bethel the fifteenth they be eight-month even the month with which he had devised of his own heart and ordained a priest under the children of Israel and he offered upon the altar and he burnt incense just like Damien that sounds very similar to the original tabernacle service that got it set up a feast priests and sent an altar sacrifices all these things are right there given to Jeremy Arbeit Jeroboam to the people and it became a sin God is going to reject the children route them out scatter them wide because of the sins of Jeroboam now you can have to listen for seconds on the race through some Scriptures number one the first being made down the son of Jeroboam he received went for two years and he did evil in the side of the Lord walked in the way of his father and in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin his father was Jeroboam king number two it was Beja twenty and for years he served he did evil in the side of the Lord and the way of Jeroboam in his sin wherewith he made Israel to sin King number three zero three it says he was killed by a fire unfortunately because his sons which had sinned in doing evil in the side of the Lord in walking the way of Jeroboam and in his sin which he did to make Israel to sin King number for all three even worse than all that were before him he walked all the way of Jeroboam the sins of notebook on other side of me that in his sins wherewith he made Israel to sin to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger with their vanities with their what with their vanities in Maine they worship me Jesus in Matthew fifteen teaching for Doctor Watson would make the commandments of men these are not scripturally -based will surely have a nightmare very similar they look just like what God did Jeroboam son of this amazing system where you have to go to Jerusalem as so much clutter noted that think of all the time we can say nonsense these vanities of taking number five a hat he did Lord above all that were before him it came to pass as if there were a light thing for him to walk in this and the Jeroboam he also took to himself the wife Jezebel and he served barely worshiped him to never six eight Uzziah he served only two years he did evil in the sight of the Lord and walked in the way of his father in the way of his mother and in the way of Jeroboam the son of me that who made Israel to sin for he served Bale and worshiped him and provoked to anger the Lord God of Israel according to all that it is father had done to number seven Jeroboam the son of Ahab are not the son of me that Jones RER there's another there's little in the next was durable Jehovah and thank you the son of Ahab he wrought evil in the sight of the Lord but not like his father and like his mother for he put away the image of bail that his father had made nevertheless he claimed under the sins of Jeroboam the son of me that which made Israel to sin he departed not there from what were the sins what was going on the next one Jeroboam the son of me that caused J food this is thinking of great help to depart not after his sins which sins were those the golden cows that were in Bethel and that were invented and the Lord said of the J.Crew because thou hast done well in executing that which was right in my eyes and hast made him to the house of Ahab according to all that was in my heart thy children of the fourth-generation cells shall sit upon the throne of Israel but Jay who took no heed to walk in the law of the Lord God of Israel with all his heart for he departed not from the sins of Jeroboam which made Israel to sin Cain number nine Joe Hoa has reigned seventeen years he did evil aside the Lord followed after the sins of Jeroboam which made Israel to sin to number ten Johor Ash he ruled sixteen years evil in the sight of the Lord he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the something that which made Israel to sin but he walked therein to number eleven Jeroboam the son of Joe Ash King of Israel he ruled forty one years he did that which was evil in the side of the Lord and he caused all to follow up the sins of Jeroboam the son of me that who made Israel to sin King number twelve Zechariah the son of Jeroboam it says he did evil açai Lord after his fathers he departed not from the sins of Jeroboam the son of me that who made Israel to sin Cain number thirteen men than him he did ten years in Samaria he was evil in the side of the Lord he walked and listens a Jeroboam the the seventy that made Israel to sin were not done yet to number fourteen pick a higher the Son of Man then the rooms appears individual loci Lord departed not from the sins of your blog for some of me that who made Israel to sin finally pick up the role twenty years King number fifteen individual aside the Lord he departed not from the sons of Israel the son of Nevada who made Israel to sin we have just spoken of Sears and Sears and years of leading people away from God because of something that was not organizationally God 's design that is sinful it is wrong Jeroboam is going to pay the price I'm telling you what he did and how he led the children of Israel and the sense was straight up wrong but in lung cells color a lump sum close it was almost there I mean they were priests and it was incensed and there was a sacrifice and there was an altar and there were places for worship even and there was even a face wrong it was wrong and what happened generation after generation after generation was led into sin as a result I say church no let's not do it again to set up of the lowest of the people people not saying that women are low I understand no don't get me wrong women are high I'm married to one I love women especially my wife I love the way they minister I love all the valiant audio to clarify that I would be careful listen I truly respect the ministry women my wife is good be preaching tomorrow morning and I tell you she's a powerful preacher she believes what she teaches she walks in the of the ways of the Lord and she raises of my children twelve and nine in the way of the Lord I praise God for what she's doing listen I believe that this here is talking about the lowest of the people announcing or trying to ordain the lowest of the people and ordaining women but it was not of the sons of Levi that's my point they were not of the sons of Levi they were different than the sons of Levi today were trying to bring in somebody into the ordination of umbrella to be pastors and elders who are not of the sons of Levi if you will they are female they cannot be you understand it was very specific gender specific so now I want to read something in second Kings seventeen nineteen through twenty three LB skipping through quickly notice what it says this is not a king after the fifteenth king this is a nation okay Israel was run by durable job onset of a fall system that was so similar to Gaza mean you and you wouldn't have known in Jeroboam stood up to preach and one of those meetings to thought wow that looks just like his brother though it says Judah kept not the commandments of the Lord their God who to the nation kept not the commandments of the Lord their God but walked in the statutes of Israel which they had made in the Lord rejected all the seed of Israel and afflicted them and delivered them into the hand of the spoilers until he had cast them out of his sight for or because here's the reason he drew up rent Israel and start seeing red Israel from the house of David and they made Jeroboam the son of me that Jeroboam 's rave Israel from following the Lord and made them sin a great saying okay when she was following Israel and Israel got to where they were because of Jeroboam it says in teams there enhances for there is another reason for the children of Israel walked in all the sins of Jeroboam which he did they departed not from them until the Lord removed Israel out of his sight as he had said by all his servants the prophets so Israel was carried away out of their own land to Assyria unto this day wow submitted instruments was make this clear Israel was carried into Syria right where was Judah carried into Babylon now that Mrs. understands happening Jeroboam sense of the small system that was contrary to God 's organizational design contrary to God 's symbolism in his church you know the husband-wife scenario so what happens is Jeroboam leads generation after generation after generation into sin which led Israel into a Syria what Juneau follows the example of Israel and Judah ends up in the Babylon let's read it right before Judah goes into Babylon Jeremiah chapter forty four please turn in your Bible of what you see is what Jeremiah forty four the Bible says in verse eleven alternate quickly what happens Gerald Jeremias speaks to Judah and Juneau response okay that's with happening in the section Jeremiah forty four starting verse eleven therefore thus says the Lord of hosts the God of Israel behold I will set my face against you for evil and to cut off all Judah and I will take the remnant of Judah and have set of that have set their faces to go into the land of Egypt to sojourn there and they shall all be consumed and fall in the land of Egypt they shall even be consumed by the sword and by the famine they shall die from the least even to the greatest by the sword and by the famine and they shall be on the execration and in the astonishment and a curse at her approach for I will punish them that dwell in the land of Egypt as I have punished Jerusalem by the sword by the Feynman by pestilence so that none of the remnant of Judah which are gone and the land of Egypt to soar during their shell escape or remain Michelle or they that shall return into the land of Judah to the which they have desired to return to dwell there for none shall return but such as shall escape then notice here's the response then all the men which knew that their wives had burned incense unto other gods the wives in Judah were the one offering incense meaning their wives were the priests this is if you will they alright ready to go into Babylon Jeremiah is speaking to them saying lessons are going to be destroyed and the men which know that their wives have burned incense of the other gods and all the women that stood by great multitude even all the people that dwelt in the land of Egypt and a cross answer Jeremiah saying as for the Lord of the sort as for the word that I spoken unto us in the name of the Lord we will not hearken unto you but we will certainly do whatsoever thing goes forth out of our mouth to burn incense unto the queen of heaven and to poor out drink offerings under her as we have done we and our fathers our kings and our princes and the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem for then had with plenty of vegetables and we were well and saw no evil but since we left off to burn incense to the Queen of heaven and afford out our drink offerings under her we have wanted all things have been consumed by the sword and by famine and wet we burned incense to the queen of heaven important remember we make her takes to worshiper and pour out drink offerings under her without our men were the words they knew all is going on I want to say your friends listen way today as we understand the book of Revelation are going into Babylon and God is saying come out of her my people there is got to be company after company relieve the seven administered and tried up to try to come in to replace them don't call into Babylon my charge no there are so many people that are in this church that unfortunately will not heed the word of the Lord and will end up on the wrong side and guess what the children of Israel do not rather the children of Judah they wouldn't listen to the voice of the Lord Anderson on we like our women as priests right before they went up I think that is profound there are three chapters in an amazing book if you never read it's called prophets and kings and amazing book is called the rending of the kingdom Jeroboam and national apostasy after Jeroboam set up to assist the national apostasy which led them into Syria and into Babylon I don't want my church to go into Babylon I want my church to come up out of Babylon so that Babylon also can come up out of her event with understanding numbers chapter sixteen something was mentioned in the last part coordinates in a viral moment to point out a couple things that were not mentioned number sixteen court days and viral the Bible says Cora Nathan of viral and on the sons of Peter now why core lies the first will guess what Corot was one of the sons of collapse and Co. the court fights they were the ones who reduce numbers for they were the ones that were supposed to carry most sacred portion of the art of the Temple they were to carry the golden vessels including the arc of the coming they were called to a very high purpose they were carrying the throne of God okay this is serious business that was given to the sons of coal have the court but of which Cora was one of a self color his getaways up and he says in verse two he rose up before Moses was certain of the children of Israel two hundred and fifty France is don't forget that word France is of Israel for the assembly famous in the congregation men of renown these are no small fries these people are respected they have a strong voice they are grew right preachers well renowned verse three they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron and said to them a intent to much upon you seeing all the congregation are holy I mean look at us fights were caring the most sacred things enough in the planet everyone of them and the Lords among them all wherefore then you lift yourself up above the congregation of the Lord or Moses heard it is says and he fell upon his face the responsible leadership was prayer please God have mercy don't let this happen again it is happen sometimes in the past and frankly Moses was getting tired of it but you think it says in verse four I'm sorry five he spake saying listen tomorrow the Lord to show who are his and were wholly or six take sensors were seven foot firing them fire in the incense before the Lord and tomorrow there to see that you're taking too much upon yourself so what happens this in verse three you said to Moses you take too much upon you what Moses thinks those words and puts them right back November seventh to take too much upon you then it says in verse eight Moses and said the core I hear our prayer you sons of Levi doesn't seem a small thing unto you that the God of heaven the God of Israel has separated you from the congregation of Israel to bring you near to himself to do the service of the tabernacle of the Lord to standard with accommodation and to minister to them I wasn't there that you are the son of call after you are carrying the most sacred things on the planet isn't that enough was Hussein's been playing with Burstyn it says and he hath brought them near to him and all your brethren the sons of Levi with you are you seeking leadership also seeking the priesthood in the notice he calls for a gathering says they come in a bar would you come up in the verse twelve uses we will not come up they literally disregarded the leadership of God in this rebellion it does and so what happens is right there in verse thirteen they use the same words that Moses used to them is that a small thing you can see the person on the Judah brought us up out of the land of the flows with milk and honey and so it goes on the you make yourself a pretzel Russett says in verse thirteen this is wrong were all holy army don't you realize we're caring God 's throne through the Lansing Army Navy have you forgotten who we are this is going to the attitude that they had it says in verse fourteen moreover thou hast not thou hast not brought us up in the blend of flows with milk and honey verse fifteen Moses was very raw and on verse twenty one pieces go and separate yourselves are God said rather separate yourselves from among this congregation that I'm going to consume them in a moment Stephen God was upset what was happening and when Moses came just as he done before and how do you learn from Abraham in Genesis chapter eighteen December twenty two God the God of the spirits of all flesh shall one man's sin and will you be rocking all the congregation the Lord said okay get you up from around the tabernacle just coordinate the environment when Moses rose up and went to Dayton in the Byron annealed follow me set a listen guys it apart I pray you from the tenth of these wicked men and touch nothing that snares lest you be consumed in dollar sales get out of Babylon lest you be partakers of their sins and your consumed by their play it is the same exact call in different wording don't be partaker of this kind of attitude this kind of rejection of authority this kind of change in God 's organization gets wrong all unrighteousness is sin it says there inverse twenty eight Moses said to listen this is how you know first twenty nine if these men die the common death then the debt this death is not from me and sent by the Lord verse thirty but if in the well as this new thing happens in Europe opens its mouth and swallows them up then you know that the Lord was provoked to anger verse thirty one the ground clave open verse thirty two and the earth opened first thirty three they perished first thirty four all Israel around them fled and cried out first thirty five there came out of fire from the Lord and consumed even the two hundred and fifty men that offered incense or Moses what is he doing first thirty seven thirty eight he says please Erin take up the sensor run out there and try to stop this playing interstate for these folk and so he's standing there between the dead and the living the Bible says in verse thirty nine Eliezer took the abroad brazing sensors that they had used to they were offered to the Lord and he made broad plates out of for a covering of the altar which was commanded by Moses and then noticed first forty please here verse forty that broad sleep it was made as a covering of the altar was to be a memorial unto the children of Israel that no stranger which is not of the seed of Aaron Davies are many were talking about here no stranger that is of the seed of Aaron we're not even talking about females here were just talking about people that have not been called of God people that are not in the seed of Aaron that they come not near to offer incense before the Lord that he be not as Cora and as his company says the Lord so what happens you can read the rest of the story but I wanted to get the least of that part God made it clear that if you want to go against the leadership and the authority an organization that he has set up there is Ghana judgments read this chapter and please please read in patriarchs and prophets and I got it right this time the chapter called the rebellion of Cora its chapter thirty five please read Exxon numbers chapter sixteen and the rebellion of Cora chapter thirty five of patriarchs and prophets it is extremely important for the stock Miriam Armitage is read something quickly I don't know if I have time to read at all but I'll just get through quickly in an appointment of the seventy elders Miriam and Aaron they were not consulted what jealousy was excited because of Jethro 's visit and they had a fear that Jethro and his influence would more with Moses when Miriam 's parents and so they decided hey what will our position and authority are being ignored and so they came up and they said hey listen out we have been chosen to a new Moses and so it says there they quote they regarded themselves as sharing equally with him the burden of leadership so they have therefore further assistance of Jethro they felt was uncalled for Erin had been highly honored already the sons of Aaron are going to be the leaders the priests the rulers and it had had enough it was almost like modern deeds he was given and I were a thing in the garden including is unlikely that everything you want just don't touch that that's for me and it's like women have my wife is made out a list of things that you represent a list of things that women can do in the church and are encouraged to do a huge list it's beautiful I hope she reads every single one of them because of their amazing and they also want a true above all the things that they been given so here it's like Hill what's going on is like Avenue more than honored with so much but regarding themselves as unequally favored they felt that they were entitled to some position of more authority to hold team down he stood in the door the tabernacle called Aaron and Miriam their prophetic gift was not denied it is a listening volume twenty he called in this province although them Moses Joe Mrs. Melissa and I got organization here and if you try to usurp authority you're wrong and so what happens while this wages of sin is honest in her death right so to Moses it says he the meeting with him in a greater way than you commune with others is aware for that are you afraid to speak against my servant Moses and the anger of the Lord was kindled against them and he departed the club disappeared from the tabernacle and Miriam was smitten how with leprosy notice I will revisit this manifestation quote this manifestation of the Lords displeasure was designed to be a warning to all Israel to check the growing spirit of discontent and insubordination insubordination is a rejection of the authority or try to usurp authority back if Miriam 's and V and dissatisfaction have not been signally rebuked it would've resulted in great evil quote and he is one of the most satanic traits that can exist in the human heart chain was envious that God had accepted Arab tables sacrifice and not his own the same thing here it's one of the most baleful in its effects says the wise men from Proverbs twenty seven for wrath is cruel and anger is outrageous but who was able to us than before and pay Georgian province three eighty five made Avenue by Hugh on AWI do they change things up didn't they in fact what they did is they change something that was only symbolic it was God 's command yes but it was only symbolic it was a fire burns stuff right so they use different fire that will still burn stuff but it wasn't the fire that God chosen to be symbolic of his own divine presence and it was sent to alleviate it even these little things end up with death as a result of sin we have to be very serious about keeping God 's organization according to his work and his symbolism correct as well Goddard explicit directions however a part of his service should be conducted that all connected with his they worship might be in accordance with his wood character any deviation from the expressed directions of God in connection with his holy service all of it his organization was punishable with death Aaron 's sons took the common fire which God did not accept and they offered and sold to be infinite God by presenting this strange fire before him the fire did the same thing it burned stuff no nominal women can preach yes but it's not God 's direction amen God 's direction for ordaining is for elders and pastors that armed men don't change it up church in the master cells of so says God consumed them by fire for their positive disregard of his expressed directions all their works whereas the offering of Cain there was no divine Savior represented symbolic no we can't change stuff up like ordering pizza and cola for the communion service even symbolic things are important to God because it stands for his gospel it represents something greater and the salvation of men and the deception of man is involved serious things Saul first annual chapter ten verse eight says thou shalt go down before me to Gil Gallo and behold I send it says will come down unto you to offer burnt offerings as a sacrifice sacrifices of peace offerings seven days you will Terry till I come to you and show you what you must do now quickly please turn to first annual thirteen first Samuel thirteen the Bible says being in verses seven to fourteen suddenly he was won over Jordan to the land of Gilead and as for Saul he was yet in Guildhall all people follow him trembling times seven days just as it said in chapter ten like you should according to the set times are not appointed but Samuel came not to build all according to Saul 's timing and the people were scattered from him so Saul said in verse nine bringing other of our offering to me and peace offerings and he offered the burnt offering and it came to pass as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering behold Samuel K on what day the seventh day just as he had said so they receive invitations for God 's province impatience for the prophecies to fulfill impatience for God 's mission to be accomplished listen the children of Israel are scattering when we got until we got to do something outside of God 's will to bring in your as divine blessing but no it was contrary to God 's will and what happened it says their verse ten Samuel came verse eleven what have you done and salsa whey because I saw that the people were scattered from me and you didn't come according to my divine understanding that the Philistines gathered themselves and others scherzo in verse twelve p.m. I forced myself therefore and offered a burnt offering verse thirteen Samuel said to Saul you have done foolishly not only that you have not capped the commandment of the Lord your God which by the way is sin and it says for now with the Lord have established your kingdom upon Israel for ever but now your kingdom shall not continue he said that the salt because he was not following God 's organization of the priests offering the services not the King or a limited solstice the kingdom holds the tabernacle write the reader over the whole thing which includes a damnable lie can I do step down from my high position and why can I do something like what I think and God says all is not as much a business your kingdom is being taken from you notice what happens because Saul didn't listen to the word of the Lord through his prophet seer what happened a few chapters later go to chapter fifteen in verse twenty two and twenty three and Samuel did not kill as Samuel Unser Saul did not kill a single headset so it's in verse twenty two Samuel said hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice and the Harken is better than the fat of rams for rebellion once you've done salt rebellion against my specific commands and God 's organization is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as the iniquity of idolatry guess what Saul was saying just like Cain just like Jeroboam just like Miriam and Aaron just like all the others I am God before him that's the commandment but I think every one of these is breaking above thou shalt not covet okay God has set up his design in the word of the Lord amen and if a cauldron of those things were setting himself ourselves in the temple of God showing ourselves that we are God and putting him down just like what happened to Dan Chapter eight with a little more for the state of the city rail what about other of the put forth his hand and we know that that didn't work out very well he was trying to help God out well anybody would I think guess what daybed was the one at fault there is because the Philistines and put the art upon the Cartwright a new car and they sent it over to I don't remember the names of verb place I doubt I'm a bigger try as I thought but the best match so they take this art on the new car to Beth Smith will guess what David saw the Carnegie was in of love the fifth it was the soonest you for so long that it ends up that he thinks okay guess what I know how to move the ark all put on a new cartridge cyclicals like that and I'll take it over to where God wants a debate and will offer offerings will send prayers were to really nail down where the offerings were no prayers were new but all these wonderful things that God must want and what happens the art rocks back and forth as a front help up the king and articles for the chance to he lost his he lost his life and David was the blame why because he didn't understand the history the way that the Bible and laid out that was the blame for that one shame also he probably could've understood the history better to the counsel of God better I think Dave was at fault without what about your site inside the King was a leper on the day of his death the Lord had ordained men to certain positions in his church and they would not have them step out of places for which he appointed them when the Lord gives them a measure of success they are not to become listed up and think themselves qualified to do a work for which they are not fitted and to which God I'm not called fast use I wanted to what happened is I the Bible says pretty clearly second Chronicles chapter twenty six second Chronicles twenty six starting in sixteen when he was strong his heart was lifted up to his destruction for you transgressed against the Lord is his God and he went to the temple of the Lord to burn incense upon the altar of incense just like Jeroboam and on right just like Saul had done not offering incense offering and offering it says there he offered incense well verse seventeen as a writer priest when and after he said Walla Walla low there were four score or any priest with him all the immensity of the tough guy showed up liking lesson you are not supposed the business will continue to listen all presenting they would still use either King and seventy and it does it is not in your possession is our to burn incense in the Lord but the priests is reserved for the sons of Aaron that are consecrated to burn incense go out on the sanctuary king you are not welcome here you have trespassed neither shall it be for your honor for the Lord and from the Lord your God verse nineteen desire was angry out these pre- speech me like that he and a sensor in his hand to burn incense and while he was Ross with the priests the leprosy even rose up in his fore head before the priests of the house of the Lord from beside the incense altar as a rival chief priest and all the priest looked upon him and behold he was leprous in his four head and they thrust him out from there J consult paste it out also because the Lord had smitten him he was a leper unto the day of his death I tell you this is serious business we can't just change of God in his church which still represents his symbolic beautiful Gospel and think we can get away with it it leaves into Assyria it leads to Babylon it leads to destruction related to scattering it leads to the destruction of God 's people at least in the division of his church to follow the story of David Epperson about that not too long going and believes that the destruction of the priesthood that eating the showbread you find a way that that that ended up being the death of the prettiest and it ended up being the death of all eighty focus war the linen that day and it was the instruction of the top the entire city of not including women men and children I think that was the wrong move from the change of God 's organization and his symbolism is liturgical matters it is sin it is wrong and I plead with my church do not do this we talked about Kane we talked about Gideon we talked about Jeroboam we talked about Cora we talked about Miriam we talked about NATO invited we talked about Saul we talked about other and desire one two three four five six seven eight nine or maybe ten nine or ten stories you have to count it again if I want to but I'm not going to nine or ten stories from the Scripture themselves that show if we as God 's people take lightly his organization his specified desires in his holy Word and even the symbolism that represents the gospel we will lead ourselves and others into Babylon but my Bible says in Revelation chapter eighteen verse four come out of Babylon my people that you be not partakers of her sins and that you are not consumed by her plagues it says from life schedules of Ellen G White one ninety six nineteen oh two we have nothing to fear for the future except we accept as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history may the God of heaven bless my church I am a Seventh-day Adventist because they follow the Bible may God bless my teacher with the blessings from on high rather than the planes coming in this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than is www. audio person .org


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