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13- Women's Ordination and the Jerusalem Council

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia


  • October 3, 2014
    7:30 PM
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before we open God 's word let's pray Lord had given us a spirit understand your word it was a hard to obey the word and thank you for giving us your word in Christ name we pray amen our story begins with the ending of the very first Christian missionary journey traveling an estimated fourteen hundred miles Paul and Barnabas had led an evangelistic team throughout Asia minor baptizing numerous converts and organizing many churches and missionaries made their final stop at the port city of Italia here they caught a boat headed back to their home base Antioch we had completed three exciting years and they were ready for a furlough we begin with facts fourteen verse twenty six from the deli of a sale to Antioch where they've been commended to the grace of God for the work which they had completed for the testimony they had of miracles and wonders that God performed and when they had come together the church together they reported all that God had done with them and that he and open the door of faith to the Gentiles first twenty seven tells us this testimony was so important that God arranged for the testimony to be given again and again testimony is effective in this testimony galvanize the Antioch church into greater efforts to win Gentiles to Jesus a while God was using Paul's testimony to advance the gospel cause in Antioch Satan was inspiring his age is to carry a far different testimony to Jerusalem Jews would reject and oppose God that Paul's gospel message wrote letters and traveled to Jerusalem for business and for the annual feast their testimony was in synagogues being split homes divided by Paul in the most inflammatory manner how they told how Paul was causing Jews to cast aside long-established traditions and customs they blame fall Paul for stirring up dissension among Jews scattered throughout the Roman Empire this testimony stirred up the anger of the Jews that were in Jerusalem these how this made a very interesting situation as a Jew Saul had caused persecution in Jerusalem but now is a Christian it seemed like he was causing persecution in Jerusalem were Christian the life of Paul abounds with such ironies solves persecution of the church in Jerusalem caused Christians to flee to Antioch where they establish the church which Paul's ministry subsequently built up saw first went out from Judea to oppose Christians are Christians later went out from Judea to oppose Paul I brings us to ask chapter fifteen verse one and certain men came down from Judea though these men had been sent and asked Syria by the leading brethren in Jerusalem on official church business they carried an unofficial agenda for the verse continues that they talk the brother and unless you are circumcised according to the custom of Moses you cannot be saved the introduction of this new and false teaching made of none effect the life and sacrifice of Christ he did away with the prophecy of Daniel nine twenty seven the Christ the Prince of the covenant would cause the sexual sanctuary sacrifice and offering to cease it from it attempted to amend and restore the veil that an angel hand had ripped apart Christ death Paul was well familiar with this teaching once taught himself during the trial of Steven he had supported the accusation of false witnesses who stated that I thought that Jesus of Nazareth will change the customs which Moses delivered unto us has into solid made this accusation against Christians but now Christians are making the same accusation against Paul after his conversion Paul realized that in Jesus life I had met anti- type bending the purpose of the ceremonial rituals given by Moses at God 's command careful students of the word had recognized this truth immediately that unforgettable Passover weekend that Christ was crucified we should note the statement from desire of ages nine rating from the crucifixion to the resurrection many sleepless eyes were constantly searching the prophecies some to learn the full meaning of the fees they were then celebrating many who at that time united in the service never again took part in the Pascoe writes they got it the ritual service and no further value the deliverance from bondage in Egypt is in Egypt had been superseded by the deliverance of bondage from sin type of metadata type the communion service replaced the Passover service the one sacrifice on the cross of replace the daily sacrifice on the altar of burnt offering they were now Christians sketches from the life of Paul states it's distinctly the law of ceremonies was made null and void by the crucifixion of Christ the pro- circumcision teaching was a new heresy appealing to the culture prejudice the cultural prejudices of long-held tradition of the Jews it attempted to inject a fundamental change in the Christianity not authorized by Jesus in contrast the pro- Christian teaching of Paul with continuation renewal and flowering of the teaching of patriarch and profit accident verse two says therefore Paul and Barnabas had no small dissension in dispute within this was the proper response for his sketches from the life Ball State in every age the archenemy adapts his temptations to the prejudices or inclinations of the people it is the duty of every faithful servant of God to firmly and decidedly withstand these perverse of the faith and test fearlessly expose their errors by the word of truth Paul and Barnabas were both profits with an inspired message they pointed there here's to appropriate and plain Scripture this should have settled the issue but the pro- circumcision party was not open to the Spirit of prophecy Paul and Barnabas spent on this time in prayer God 's answer came to them by revelation instructing the bread and the go to Jerusalem for a general church council since biblically -based global church unity is a priority with God local practices that impact the church globally must be decided globally we say this is true from the very beginning of the Christian church that God 's instruction was counter intuitive how could a general conference in Jerusalem solve the problem when Jerusalem seemed to be the source of the heresy but trusting the divine directive the Antioch church members cease debating and sent representatives to Jerusalem and uncircumcised Gentile convert Titus went up with the LI tie the spirit he was willing to be certain saw I will remain uncircumcised depending on the decision of the General conference verse three continues so based on the way by the church they pass through Phoenicia and Samaria describing the conversion of the Gentiles in the cause great joy to all the brethren the trip south of Jerusalem was a little more than two hundred and ten miles and Paul and Barnabas as often as they could would stop and meet with believers on their way south to share their testimony their reports of God 's mighty work among the Gentiles were very inspiring these testimonies reminded the Jewish believers of the gospel message was to be preached to all nations and that God 's house was to be a house of prayer for all nations verse four and when they come to Jerusalem they were received by the church and the apostles and the elders once again they reported all things that got it done with them but the testimony that had gone that had brought great joy to Antioch Phoenicia and Samaria brought no joy to Jerusalem though they related the success that it attended the ministry their testimony contained an important addition sketches from the life of Paul tells how they tactfully also told and I quote the confusion that had resulted from the fact that certain converted Pharisees declared that the Gentile converts must be circumcised and keep the law of Moses in order to be saved sometimes Paul is missed for trade is rigid and dogmatic that might have been true of the Pharisee Saul but it was not true of the Christian Paul who is like Jesus gentle soft easily imprinted in fact for years after this experience when returned to Jerusalem with the Gentile donations he was so accommodating to the advice of the church leaders and it resulted in his arrest and imprisonment gentle tactful respectful courtesy was the strong writing characteristic of pollen it was the secret of his evangelistic success sketches from the life of all contains an accurate description she says by cheerful patient kindness and Christian courtesy he won the hearts of the people quieted their prejudices and endeavor to teach them the truth without exciting their combativeness in my specialty of dermatology I must sometimes tell patients that they have a melanoma this is never pleasant desire to hear I try to say this gently as possible but occasionally despite my best efforts patients are unwilling to hear the diagnosis Paul tried to tell this group of church leaders as gently as he could the serious and contagious spiritual disease in their midst but they did not hear him instead they viewed him as the problem and they presented their own way forward from time to time the free way of life brings us to a fork in the road and may we must choose which road to take there comes a time when compromises unachievable further delay is impossible a decision must be made between two choices the early churches face with just such a situation Gentiles cannot be partially circumcised circumcision was either necessary or it was unnecessary the Bible alone must provide the answer the church could not create truth it could not modify truth he could not abolish truth the church by vote could only accept or reject truth help open briefly examine the nine prominent characteristics of the circumcision party first we should note that they were sincere inspiration tells us they sincerely thought second the pro- circumcision party pride in themselves and a moderate and progressive they regarded the Jews believed that only the physical descendents of Abraham could be saved as the extreme right they regarded the Christian position and Gentiles could be saved without following the Mosaic laws is the extreme left they advocated a new position a third position that Gentiles could be saved if they were circumcised accepted the traditional ceremonial laws they sincerely thought they were introducing a new wake on medium ground between the two extremes of Jew and Gentile they believed this would build bridges between genuine and Christian and overcome Jewish prejudice but their bridge brought Judaism to Christianity not Christianity to Judaism it was the fast-track the pharisaical tradition the new Doctor was promoting a superficial and selective outward compliance to God 's law in place of an unconditional surrender to God 's will Helen Weitz says they sincerely thought that in taking this medium ground between Jew and Christian they would succeed in removing the podium which attached to Christianity but you cannot remove the cross of Christ from Christianity the problem with their compromising position was not only what it is for him but also what it failed to look for like fast food the pro- circumcision party 's solution not only contain that which was objectionable but it lacked that which was essential their message was an balanced and complete lacking essential gospel vitamins minerals amino acids and fiber the Christian message requires us to the oh God not just the politically acceptable counsel of man the pro- circumcision party 's testimony was false neglecting clarifying proves compromiser there always means surrender the truth third the pro- circumcision party promoted their approach is an important new evangelistic to they felt their moderate progressive view quote would gather in large numbers of the Jews how true is Solomon 's twice repeated warning there is a way that seems right and for man but it's in is the way of death in place of being the new right answer was just another wrong answer instead of strengthening the cause of truth it weakened the cause of truth by dividing the believers it is a law of the mind that the rejection of truth gives a religious seal the borders on fanatical inspiration is playing I quote those who will not themselves accept the truth are most zealous that others shall not receive it growing up in a minister 's home I had the opportunity to frequently observe how rejection of truth brought with it an energetic seal in opposing truth and promoting air the pro- circumcision party is important for us to study they are a prototype for last day deceptions within the church this will happen in the future speaking of the church Ellen Weiss stated in these last days false teachers will arise and become actively zealous false theories will be mingled with every phase of experience and advocated with subcategories this in the very midst of us will arise false teachers giving heed to seducing spirits whose doctrines are of satanic origin this is a clear there are unambiguous warning brothers and sisters forth the pro- circumcision party was sent to Antioch on official church business but they misused their church position they promoted their personal pet theories by exceeding their authority they revealed themselves unrestrained by God appointed church delegated authority since they promoted a party spirit they are called of the sect of the Pharisees of late sometimes they are referred to as those of the circumcision and of the concision Philippians three two six they divided and unsettled members fruit is a reliable way to test a message the fruit of Paul's message was strengthen churches but the fruit of the pro- circumcision party was divided and weakened churches which they then blamed on Paul the pro- circumcision movement was a repeat of Lucifer 's rebellion in heaven though professing complete loyalty to God Lucifer rejected God 's appointed messenger Jesus and God 's appointed or Lucifer profess to be promoting the harmony of heaven and accused the loyal of being the cause of the division in heaven it is little wonder that Paul warned the Philippians beware of the full circumcision and clasped them with evil workers seventh the pro- circumcision party exhibited a will earn an independent spirit Paul tells us they were contradictory insisting on their own way with apparent humility and conscientiousness yet they undermine divinely appointed church structure and lawful authority Titus one ten puts it this way for there are many insubordinate especially those of the circumcision volume for the testimony warns against those today who are according take a course of their own choosing instead of leaving persons that become consecrated to God and to listen to the voice of the church they teach them to be independent and not the minded opinions and judgment of others and eight characteristic of the pro- circumcision party 's rejection of Paul's instruction these men professed a high view of Scripture but they did not accept the spirit of prophecy as manifested through ball some regarded Paul's instruction is applicable only to certain local situations finally those in the pro- circumcision party Mister you missed on cultural sensitivity for biblical faithfulness prevailing custom and tradition profoundly impact all of us this is true even of the earliest Christians blinded by familiar culture fallacious arguments were persuasive to Jewish believers that were easily rejected by Gentile converts there's important insight contained in the statement of the pro- circumcision party acts fifteen five eighty is necessary to circumcise the real issue of most conflicts can be discovered by a simple question what is it that is felt to be necessary it is only as individuals bring something is necessary that they feel justified even righteous in promoting it it gives them a cause it is really morally necessary then it is not just related to the dominant culture of the times if it is necessary the nose agitating the questioner right to push it it is not necessary the agitators have lost their legitimacy for pushing merely a personal or cultural agenda there is a group within the Seventh-day Adventist church the deal it is NASA's Sarah Dornier in the office of overseer women's ordination supporters agree that there is no explicit Bible commands ordain women there is no contemporary living profit living to confirm its correctness yet woman's ordination to the gospel ministry is still felt felt to be such a moral imperative that some enthusiasts feel it is worth dying for for four thousand years before the cross it wasn't necessary Jesus didn't find it necessary in his life and ministry the early church did not find it necessary but great controversy tells us of the Waldensians in their purity and simplicity they resemble the church of apostolic times great conversations it they did not find it necessary to ordain women the reformers did not find it necessary God raised up the remnant church and it wasn't necessary for the pioneers in the new Jerusalem human culture has no influence in the mistakes of birth are corrected yet the men selected as leaders of both the old and New Testament are honored in heaven nothing is corrected no woman's name is adding on the foundation are the names of the sons of Israel not the dog on the gates of the name are the names of the disciples of Jesus all nails we continue with acts fifteen verse six now the apostles and elders came together to consider this matter the deliberation must be begun with earnest prayer for unity and God heard the prayer and sent testimony to bring unity verse seven and when there had been much dispute from a historical perspective I would love to have the entire transcript of the meeting but we are saying something about God 's not preserve the arguments that divided the early Christians and stated he preserved the testimony that would serve to unite and when I been much dispute Peter rose up in sentiment men and brother you know that a good while ago God chose among us that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe we should know Peter 's introduction carefully min and brother you know he wisely begins with something they all agree on something they are familiar with the accept as truth you know that a good while ago God chose among us God decides he chooses among us that's his right not alright God is the one who chooses among his angels and gives them their tasks and God is the one that uses among his servants on earth and assigns them their missions we do not demand our task we accept our test it is not our will but God 's will that is to be done J Jeremiah said it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps it was God who chose the apostles appointed them there were Jesus until the twelfth you did not choose me but I chose in you and appointed you got chosen long as Peter said that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe God selected a specific angel to deliver a special message to Cornelius of this angel was in every way more qualified than Peter the angel was not given the privilege of giving his testimony to Cornelius the Angels task was to connect Cornelius with the one who was appointed to give his testimony NH it was also given the task to prepare Peter this assignment was important that each did their assigned task the first manifestation of Lucifer 's rebellion in heaven was Lucifer stepping outside his assigned task got chose among us goodbye my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe when news Gentiles heard the testimony of Peter they did the ladies Peter continued in verse eight so God who knows the heart acknowledged them by giving them the Holy Spirit just as it did to us and made no distinction between us and them purifying their hearts by faith both could have purifying righteousness only by faith Peter statement was clear and uncompromised then moved by the Spirit Peter gave a sharp rebuke and warning to the pro- circumcision party he began with similar language that he had used was a fire at just before she was struck down by the judgments of God verse ten now therefore why do you test God by putting a yelp on the neck of the disciples which neither our fathers nor we were able to their testing God is a very serious thing to do will briefly look at what Peter meant by this expression first we test God by hypocrisy Matthew twenty two eighteen we just God when we profess icon that led to God that we do not really have the wily Pharisees and scribes said to Jesus teacher we know that you were true when and teach the way of God in truth but she this perceived their wickedness and said why do you test me you hypocrites second we just God when we use Scripture to promote wrongdoing like Satan did when he attempted Jesus in the wilderness inspired writings are not given us is a smorgasbord from which we pick and choose our practices and beliefs they are given as our exclusive sole source for doctrine and practice in testing God it is testing God when inspired passages are twisted and misapplied to promote falsehood we are forbidden to the gauges commands of God what is merely opinion of man Ellen White wrote in the review may give the words of Scripture meaning that suits their own opinions and they mislead themselves and to save others by their misinterpretation of God 's word third we test God when we fail to wait for his counsel someone hundred six thirteen and fourteen in the wilderness the Israelites became impatient refusing to wait for his counsel finding a compliant later they forged ahead and made a golden calf they had adopted the worship practices the cultural influences around them and then called this the worship of Jehovah this is testing God forth we just got my complaining of his ways Exodus seventeen two Israelites tested God by complaining of his providences are accusing those whom God was using to one individual Ellen White wrote you are continually finding fault with circumstances which is nothing less than finding fault with prominences you are continually casting about for somebody or something to answer the place of the scapegoat upon which you and then lay the blame lastly we test God when we pervert his commands Peter compared the pharisaical corruption of the ceremonial system with its traditions to an unbearable yellow for either Jew or Gentile quite different from the Ezio of Jesus we test God when we require what God does not require but we just as surely test God when we dismiss what God does in fact require Peter 's testimony was pointed the pro- circumcision party pretends the full biblical faithfulness was hypocritical they were misusing the Bible to promote air they were running ahead of the Lord worshiping their own way and calling their desires God 's commands they were against unrestrained by God 's instruction they were making accusations against Paul God 's anointed Peter then declared clearly and forcibly what was necessary for Jew and Gentile we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved in the same manner as they verse eleven by this important statement Peter declared that it was grace not race that saved you he declared that the pro- circumcision party had it backward instead of the Gentile needing to become like the Jew then surely needed to become like the Gentile and have a hard circumcision of the Gentile heart purified by faith in order to be saved Peter gently softened his home thrust by including himself we shall be saved in the same manner as they impede her statement remains true for us here today we are saved in the same manner as they are hard to must be sure a five by faith pointed testimony with a strong rebuke was the first step toward unity by and through the testimonies declares God designs that his people shall be a unit that they shall see I die and be of the same line of the same judgment this cannot be accomplished without a clear point of living testimony in the church when we pray for unity we are praying that God will restore a clear point in living testimony history today in this type of testimony they will come because as many as I allowed my rate Duke and Jason and Jesus loves me this I now with Peter 's review bringing in error here is verse twelve says all the multitude kept silent and listen the Barnabas and Paul declaring how many miracles and wonders God had worked through them among the Gentiles this was no slick PR marketing gimmick these were real miracles and wonders what stories do they relate we only have a few preserved blameless the source or struck with blindness virtually the entire city of Antioch the city is trying to crowd into a synagogue for a Sabbath service and unstoppable message of the gospel spreading like wildfire throughout the region of southeastern Turkey fears persecution resulting in a message being joyfully spread icon and work great multitudes of both Jew and Gentile converts were causing a citywide division persecution spreading the message to the cities in the region of like owning the handling of a congenital cripple resulting in an attempt to worship Paul and Barnabas is God followed by the stoning of Paul and his apparent with an apparent miraculous recovery persecution spreading the gospel to Derby resulting in another larger gathering of souls from time to time I see patients with open sores of parietal nodule errors they usually have scars the sores may be in sometimes I will see a patient with lichen simplex chronographs both these skin problems are self-inflicted from repeatedly scratching and rubbing in good shape the cure is to stop the scrap scratching and rubbing the church right now has a self-inflicted disease with wounds open to the world further and agitation will help this since it was the agitation that caused the problem in the first place this solution is the discipline that my patients need the discipline from the head to control the hands when Paul and Barnabas concluded their testimony of God 's work among the heathen a solemn stillness from the Lord rained over the assembly and the general conference was finally ready to come to a decision the hand was to regain control of the body beginning with verse thirteen after that and after they had become silent James answered saying men and brother listened to me Simon has declared how God at the first visit to the Gentiles to take out of them a people for his name and with this the words of the prophets are great just as is is written like a fair-minded brilliance James is comparing Peter 's testimony to the Scripture like the Old Testament church like Jesus James could speak with authority from it it is written a playing the same floor they dropped the profits plainly says the work of Moses of the seventy elders of the rulers and judges was simply to enforce the laws that God had given they had no authority to legislate for the nation this was just as I am continued to be the condition of Israel's existence as a nation this is just as true for the church James understood this way gave one references a sample he acknowledges that the writings of all the prophets agree it was on Scripture not the testimony of miracle and wonders that the early church placed its confidence a general conference is not above the Bible without Bible authority even the early apostolic church had no authority James doesn't say we believe because of the testimony and miracles being performed by Paul and Barnabas he doesn't even refer to them the early church was in danger of straying from the Bible by using the Bible just as it is written without complicated commentary James is using the Bible to correct the errors seeking it it mittens into the church in verse sixteen James continued by quoting Amos after this I will return and will rebuild the tabernacle of David which is fallen down I will rebuild its ruins and I will send it out so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord even all the Gentiles who are called by my name says the Lord who does all these things David's kingdom was a type of Christ's kingdom ultimately Jane Gentiles made up a significant portion of David's empire these Gentile subjects like it's AI were loyal and trustworthy enlarging in reaching and strengthening David's kingdom but David's Gentile subjects were not required to be circumcised to become citizens as it was as it was to type so would be in a much greater measure in the appetite Isaiah describes the tabernacle of David is the throne room of the restored kingdom of the Messiah would set up following the ascension of Christ in the heavenly pageantry of the enthronement in the heavenly sanctuary the good angels were energized while on this earth Satan 's angels were dispirited it was at this key moment but Pentecost came and in an instant the tabernacle of David was rebuilt in holy vision got had Shawn Amos Ms. restoration of David's kingdom and that a major purpose in this restored kingdom was to bring Gentile subjects for gliding into this kingdom those who were called by God 's name by the sure word of God it was the time of the Gentiles and further agreement with Peter James adds that God had planned for this all along verse eight inches says no one to God from eternity are all his works from eternity God knows what is going to do and he has given us his promise that he will not make changes in the future that he has not revealed through his prophets in the past God makes no hasty last-minute poorly thought through choices that recently springs on this his choices were long before we were born from his vantage point of eternity he chooses among us in acts fifteen we see the same pattern that is given throughout the Bible it is the present truth principle present truth is a past prophecy that is fulfilled in the present present truth is light that guides us in making our decisions there are many examples of this principle will will mention only for the change from the firstborn being appraised to the priesthood being restricted to the Levites Ashley to parent nights was first prophesied by Jacob but it was not present truth until authorized by the prophet Moses the change from judge to King was prophetic truth when prophesied by Jacob then Moses when he was not present truth until authorized by the prophet Samuel the change from United to divided kingdom was first prophesied by hijacked but it was not present truth until authorized by the private action my we must not miss this it is always God 's word that guides we do not look to the whims of the people for guidance we look to prophetic truth with prophetic authorization for any change we support this is why God 's Word brings unity Jeroboam was authorized to be chaining of northern Israel but no sought such authorization was given him to introduce worship changes were priesthood changes the divided Kingdom was present truth and must be allowed but the divided worship and praise the change was apostasy and must not be supported by the faithful in Israel Ellen White ask an important question what valid reason can be given for a change which the Scriptures do not sanction the conversation for before accepting a worship change my controversy admonishes us to demand a playing the sample Ward in its support the word of God is clear when the dispute is raving raging in the church Exodus twenty three two you shall not follow a crowd to do evil nor shall you testify this abuse was turned aside after the Manny to pervert justice pilot did not follow this Council will reward instead he followed the crowd to do evil the loudest voices make the choice to do it within easy popular side but when the early church leadership was tested they did not make their decision based on the local vocal majority Peter and James were guided in their testimony by the present truth principle not by the popular error principle they would not turn aside after many the pervert justice the wilderness was a type of God 's people to the closest time though all leaving Egypt were commanded to be circumcised a short time into the wilderness wandering the children of Israel were forbidden to circumcise the newborns those born during the wilderness wandering were uncircumcised and they entered the land of Canaan uncircumcised as in the type much more in the anti- this became prophetic truth by Amos Isaiah Daniel it became present truth when it was authorized by Jesus and the apostles with clear prophetic guidance James is prepared to make a motion verse nineteen therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols from sexual immorality from things strangled and from blood although circumcision was the flashpoint this reveals that there were three items that were also included in the discussion besides this meats offered to idols the use of blood and food preparation and immorality I like the ceremonial laws which were temporary these three involves the moral law the second commandment forbids idolatry this the mammon demands the preservation of health with avoidance of activities that would shorten the life and the seventh commandment prohibits moral impurity the Jewish Jerusalem Council recognized the eternal nature of the moral law and upheld that differentiating it from the temporary ceremonial system putting personal prejudices and feelings aside the apostles and elders and representatives of the world church pass this motion unanimously the pro- circumcision heresy was rejected the Gentile convert Titus was not required to be circumcised by the Council and apparently never did get circumcised furthermore the Council affirmed the work of Paul and Barnabas while the self-appointed work of the pro- circumcision party was exposed and explicitly condemned regardless of their church position their church connection these agitators did not speak for the church they were simply giving their personal opinion and private interpretations the Council sent respected church leaders to Antioch to give their testimony of the decisions of the General conference and affirm the value of Paul and Barnabas mission and message and that's the story of acts fifteen but through the centuries acts fifteen has been misunderstood and misinterpreted historically it has been used as a key argument by Sunday keepers to justify the change from Sabbath to Sunday although woman's ordination is not in the same category as the Sabbath the underlying arguments historically put forward by the proponents of Sunday are strikingly similar to the arguments sometimes put forward event today by those in favor of women's ordination since the Jerusalem Council decision is used by an art as an argument by those supporting women's ordination and why is sending keepers the arguments deserve a closer examination while sunny advocates acknowledge the Sunday was not explicitly commanded in the Bible they denied that it was explicitly forbidden however if subtly keeping is not a command of God it must be a command of man tradition is basing a doctrine on the commandments of men and that is testing God since we are to teach only what God commands and we are not to add to his words what is not expressly commanded is excluded from true doctrine since both Sabbath observance and circumcision are taught the Old Testament the Sabbath was likened to circumcision furthermore it was denied that the Sabbath was explicitly commanded in the New Testament the trajectory of the Bible was said to be the Lord 's day Sunday the clearest tax work misinterpret reinterpreted and explained away by scholars while other tests were taken out of context at first both Sunday and Sabbath were treated in an egalitarian way but gradually God 's order was reversed until finally was abandoned altogether those men pleasers who without conviction and were therefore tolerant of both Sunday and Sabbath considering the topic of the nonessential were lauded as truly induct lightened by the Gospel spirit physical history although efforts were made to give some biblical relationship to Sunday keeping the actual sources Sunday keeping was not the Bible but pagan culture Sunday keeping was urged as necessary to increase the number of converts undoubtedly to keep from losing young people and keep the church freshman rep a thunder began to be adopted and sing the cost of a problem each councils decision was never quiet and to satisfy those pushing Sunday worship but building on the last compromise those in favor of this innovation would bring it back again and again to gain further concessions the pastors asunder keeping churches reported how God is blessing and there were wonders and miracles those defending the Sabbath were demonized as Judaizers like the circumcision party scene in accident Sabbath defenders were marginalized inside Rome later in this apostasy refused to wait for the rest of the church and force they had professing God or Jesus by honoring the day of his resurrection of course the moment the church placed itself above the Bible and permitted Sunday in some regions it was inevitable that this apostate would would ultimately spread to all regions the foundation of the Roman Catholic heresy was it some supplementing the word of God like Isa steadying BR this permeates every part of this early Christian apostasy the Catholic Church disregards the Sabbath but it also disregards God 's instruction on ordination refusing to allow the bishops to be the husband of one wife Ray controversy states the very beginning of the great apostasy was in seeking to supplement the authority of God by that of the church in Rome began by enjoining she says what God had not forbidden and she ended by permitting imported explicitly enjoined for the church to be engaged in a major study on the laying on of hands should make us very humble since Paul lists this is a beginner 's doctrine part of the mother 's milk of the word they subject suitable for spiritual deities those unskilled and the Lord God Hebrews five twelve through six two the laying on of hands and ordination was easily understood and practiced from the beginning by the Adventist pioneers even before the church was officially organized though the laying on of hands is not a difficult subject is important for Paul listed as one of Chris J Christianity is foundational beliefs the Bible warns if the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do some eleven three since the pillars of the Seventh-day Adventist church are built on the foundation of the Christian church anything that attacks the foundation of the Christian church threatens the pillars of Adventism I would like to return us to the great miracle of acts fifteen the Jerusalem Council closed in unity unity and love is a DNA marker of genuine Christianity this unity was the most important testimony and is the testimony that is needed today this is not a super superficial unity built around compromise they were of one accord the Christian church which began in unity in acts one and remained in unity and ask fifteen must close in unity men and women youth and age every race and culture working together in harmony under God 's direction this is the only testimony to the world that matters coordination is an important part of unity was designed of God to preserve our unity coordination restored unity in the early church when the seven deacons were ordained Christ prayed his prayer for unity where we could overhear with tears is that I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe in me through their word that they all may be one as you father are in me and I and you that they also may be one again asked that the world may believe that you sent me Christ prayer was not only that each separate generation of believers would be in harmony with each other but that all from the first generation to the last generation would be in harmony the last generation one with the disciples and the early church this is the remnant principle the last of the bolt is like the first the Christian churches to form one antiphonal choir all following one director all in harmony into without one discordant independent note it is important to examine the original cloth on the bolt was the early church like is the Seventh-day Adventist church today living in teaching what Paul and the apostles taught are the two churches want separated only by time not biblical belief or practice if the Jerusalem Council had been considering the question of ordaining women how would you have decided any general conference must be focused on making the decision that would keep the body of believers in the harmony with the early church by keeping it in harmony with the Bible the decision must be based on the divine order given in Scripture not some in time politically correct and cultural preference juices do not allow the culture of the times to influence his decisions such as in making disciples his decision was clear it says he chose those he himself wanted is the corporate body of the church utilizing the women of the church like Christ and the apostles utilize the treating each with dignity and importance what ministry did Jesus give women is the remnant church the promoter of the same women's ministries the ministry of Peter 's mother-in-law was so important that Christ killed her so that she could resume it on the Sabbath unselfish women ministered with their substance work his ministry was so important that God resurrected her so that she could continue it Paul list of the qualifications for women whose ministry entitled them to church and the church assessment patient five first Timothy five she has been the wife of one man well reported for good works if she has brought up children if she has lodged strangers if she is wash the saints feet if she is relieved be afflicted if she has diligently followed every good work is the remnant church in unity with these early believers is the church second a Paul's emphasis on the importance of women bringing up children in the field below we don't have to wonder if Paul wrote this passage for some unique situation they are in Ephesus we don't have to wonder if he is trying to describe both men and women in this passage is writing for women on the other hand what did God expect from men who were overseers the man desires the position of a bishop he desires the good work Paul set a bishop then must be blameless the husband of one wife the Catholic Church rejected this instruction we should not join them in rejecting his clear instruction temperate so reminded of good behavior hospitable able to teach not given the wife the papacy rejected this as well and they rejected the next to his also nonviolent not greedy for money but gentle not quarrelsome not covetous one who rules his own house well having his children and submit submission with all reverence for if a man does not know how to rule his own house how will he take care of the Church of God again we must not join the Catholic Church in rejecting this important instruction of Paul not a novice lest being puffed up with pride he fall into the same condemnation as the devil moreover he must have a good testimony among those who are outside lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil are pioneers early adopted this biblical instruction as an important element of church organization if we would be one with the early church this must be cut this must continue to be taught as a component of church organization killed Jesus comes those of the circumcision party didn't accept Paul's instruction they felt that at most it would apply only to unique circumstances and acts of the apostles Ellen White states emphatically and I quote Paul had been enabled to communicate lessons of divine wisdom which met the necessities listen carefully of all classes the report will apply at all times in all places and under all conditions though there is nothing difficult to understand about the word all we have difficulty understanding what we don't want to do to say that Paul's instruction on church leadership doesn't apply to all classes at all times in all places and under all conditions is to contradict the sworn testimony of Jesus himself Paul's instruction on leadership qualification applies today just as applied claims inspired to write it those in the circumcision party didn't accept Paul's instruction the Catholic Church chose not to accept Paul's instruction as it reads now the Seventh-day Adventist church is at a similar crossroad where we learn not to go beyond what is written Satan would love to hijack the remnant church as he hijacked the early church he advances his program little by little with gradual erosion of faithfulness to the Bible he would succeed but for the cost of protection and watchful vigilance of Christ over his church today Christ calls us calls you calls me to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. on universal thought or


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