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14- The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training


  • October 3, 2014
    7:30 PM
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welcome to Sigrid 's unsealed welcome to our symposium on the Macintosh and the last night we started the journey looking at Timothy we were asking the question isn't relevant for our time last night we looked at the problem that had developed their in the first chapter and I found that quite illuminating when I was discovering and researching at it indicated that Timothy was very very relevant for our time and I also am delighted that so that we as a church are engaged in a global study of the topic in a even though it might seem like it's negative I would think always think is positive when people are studying the Bible the fifth volume of the testimony says this every controversy every reproach every slander will be God 's means of provoking inquiry and awakening minds that otherwise would slumber itself in L I I see a lot more people engaged in the Bible study and for that very thankful once this bar heads before we begin by that Heaven tonight as we study your word again we do ask that your spirit would attend the same spirit that inspired the world has all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and profitable for doctrine you provided that revelation and now we need illumination from your spirit that we could be involved in having a transformed spirit at all lives and hopefully in the lives of others as well pricing we pray amen over years ago this was quite a number of years ago was when I was recording my wife and I used to go to her house and she had a little brother who is now not that little and when her younger brother he was probably ten or eleven years all of that time anything I would they follow me around the house and he would listen for a while and if he agreed with what I said he would say that's a fact and if he disagreed with what I'd say say that is of opinion needless to say this was quite humorous at times I will say something to my my ex- fiancé now my wife right on I would say something to her like you know you look beautiful today opinion would say something health fact and he followed me all over the place fact or opinion all we've heard a lot of opinions over the last few years those of other than attending top and one of the opinions I want to start with the night one of these was heard was summer suggesting that nonaligned women to be ordained to the gospel ministry is what they call the sin against Scripture and the Holy Spirit they intimated in their paper that this is not allowing Christ to return but here's an example of their reasoning specifically quoting from one of their documents in these last days wonderful most of the everlasting gospel was preached a priest God has called his church a return to original blueprint for every area of our lives our diet are they worship in the three human relationships mentioned and Galatians three twenty eight grounded in Genesis one and two are churches already taken courageous stand against slavery and racial prejudice got also calls us to return to the identical ideal for male-female relationships that allows women equal access to the gifts of the spirit jolt to his reasons for notice the particular timing the authors suggest in relation to the call for women's ordination and his paper exactly forty years ago a clarion call try denying creation male headship in affirming the ordained women in pastoral ministry was sounded to the spiritual Israel at Camp Mo Haven conference now forty years later it's time for spiritual Israel to stop wondering in the wilderness and entertainment as the spirit gifts women for ministry distributing to each one individually as he wills made the charts follow the spirits leaving so the suggestion being made by the author is quite clear were being led to believe that the truth concerning the needs ordain women to ministry came to camp Mo Haven in the nineteen seventies and if we don't respond to the clarion call we are according to the author in essence wondered in the wilderness not entering Canaan were not following the Spirit 's leading when essence setting against the Holy Spirit that sounds pretty serious I do get some research no ordination of women know all point in the spirit no I'll point in the spirit no second coming well before you get too concerned about this line of thought let's consider what a non- ordained by her own choice lady who most definitely had the gift of prophecy what she had to say about what was causing the delay of Christ by Lacie never said anything like we deserved but what did she actually say first out why believe Christ could of long before the nineteen seventies so that's the first problem with our hunters suggested something written way back in eighteen eighty three had at Venice after the great disappointment in eighteen forty four help after faith unfold on unitedly in an opening providence of God receiving the message of the third angel in the probably spare proclaiming into the world the work would have been completed and cries go calm air list to receive his people to his reward it is not the will of God the current crisis be the delay so Christ could've gone more than one hundred years before the suppose of clarity and call the nineteen seventies that's interesting secondly why clearly stated what was causing the delay of Christ's return and it was not the issue of ordination of women is what she said in eighteen eighty three or four years that unbelief murmuring and rebellion set out ancient Israel from the land of Canaan in the same sense of the lathe the entrance of modern Israel and the heavenly Canaan in neither case were the promises of God at fault it is the unbelief the worldliness the young consecration and strife among the Lords provides people that are kept us in this world of sin and sorrow so many years third the issue of women's ordination is not new within the last forty years phenomena in fact during fellow whites time many denominations today and I've been counted over twenty and he is twenty seven I'm up too many denominations during her lifetime began ordaining women here's a partial list first Congregational Church eighteen fifty three the Westland Methodist Church eighteen sixty three the Salvation Army eighteen sixty five the Disciples of Christ eighteen eighty eight the national Baptist convention eighteen ninety five while so much for the people that are dating women in their churches since her time and there are over twenty of them ordained I will now this doesn't sound like a very factual problem the authors dealing with attacks he sounds like an opinion and might even be an untruth for consideration of the subject at the General conference level is also not a new thing even though our author might lead us to believe otherwise the administered specifically at the issue of your nasal women during the General conference session in eighteen eighty one not only was the issue discussed it was called then a resolution with the polite way of saying it was passed onto the executive committee was a resolution which according to David Tran who presented at the Tosca was specifically rejected ninetieth think of a problem God was widely aware of what was happening in over twenty denominations were churches in your day do you think she would be aware of those things of those ordinations giving the property took a decided stand on the slavery issue when not taken one on women's ordination one who took a decided span on even like eating meat I decided stand on temperance issues would not have picked up on something so seminal as this hot issue at least the way the author describes it do you believe what if as our author suggests the issue of ordaining women the measure is linked with wondering in the wilderness and to a denial of the truth of Scripture and the outpouring the Holy Spirit that Al light when not spoken out vigorously on this issue finally the call for women's ordination is hindering in my estimation not hastening the second coming from what we've seen in history spanning in support of this divisive issue the divisive issue of women's ordination is actually moving us toward more worldliness in the same or less than many other churches have experience with made this decision and the continued agitation by this author another's as actually cause strife among God 's people and for some odd reason some hold that calling for disunity which is actually would be done is positive for some reason facing bank that calling for this unity would hasten the coming of Christ while that leads me to today's memory verse November yesterday we started with the members from percentage at the one everybody remembers you remember the river is why I taught my daughter driven over that one do not rebel against the war now this one is also taken from the pastoral epistles which were to look at all the pastoral epistles tonight this is why I need to be talking much more rapidly today's reverse is taken from Titus chapter three and verse ten this is what it says reject a divisive man after the first and second warning knowing that such a person is warped and sending being self condemned now why is it that this text is in the pastoral epistles while that word divisive it is literally means one that wants to separate things rejected divisive man after the first or second warning why should these types of people being rejected and also perhaps the things they stand for Titus chapter three and verse eleven the next verse avoid foolish disputes genealogies contentions strivings about the law for they are unprofitable and useless you know I have I must tell you something I'd hunt I'm trying to be as gracious as I can but I think that the issue of women's ordination is one of the largest distractions I've ever seen in my lifetime it keeps coming up again and again and again and again there were thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars that of been spent on this and the same individuals keep bringing it up again and again and again it's a divisive issue but why was it that this tax was mentioned and Titus why is such a divisiveness unprofitable and useless very simply it's because it hinders evangelism that's why the reason we reject things that are divisive and brain this harmony and confusion is because of the visit what we should do that is open our Bibles and I thought we should look at every single chapter in the pastoral epistles just briefly I think that's ambitious and what I wanted to go backwards in the pastoral pistols okay because what I wanted to as go from Titus the pastoral proposals are first and second some of the entire disk I want to go backward so that we and Chapter two and 3-D saving the perhaps the most challenging for the last but I want you to get the idea of what it means what the pastoral epistles were written for some people try to save these epistles were written just for local phenomena and opposites my friends these books were written to found churches within the Gentile cult culture around the Gentile world and here to see that when we look at these verses together go back to chapter three and verse fourteen Titus three verse fourteen let our people also learn to maintain good works to meet urgent needs that they may not be what does it say next on fruitful so another words were supposed to be fruitful in the Lord that sounds evangelistic to me look at chapter three percent rejected abusive man after the first or second admonition knowing that such a person is warped in other words don't tolerate divisiveness it's going to get in the way of mission verse four through eight going back but when the kindness of them and love of God our Savior toward man appeared not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to his mercy he saved us to the washing of regeneration the renewing of the Holy Spirit whom he poured out on us abundantly through Christ Jesus our Lord that having been justified by his grace we become heirs according to the hope of eternal life this is a faithful saying and these things I want you to affirm constantly that those who believed in God to be careful to maintain good works these things are good and profitable to amended you noticed evangelistic thrusts its sharing the gospel it's reaching others it's a life transformed in going backwards with a diverse one remind them to be subject to the rulers of authority and to be ready to obey for for every good work another were to do one arrange the authorities being poised to do good works in your city and in your center I'll talk more about at the end of our message Atticus say that in Chapter three it's all about evangelism must go to Chapter two Chapter George's look at one verse verse eleven through fifteen for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men doesn't sound like a local phenomenon does it taking us to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present age looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Christ Jesus who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from every lawless deed and purify himself a people his own special people zealous for good work works speak these things exhort and review and let no one despise you I did and what is that passage all about it's about evangelism reaching people with the message of God 's grace that not only know justifies but sanctifies and is the picture that's given go back now second Timothy chapter four verse seventeen and eighteen on the sea would it says but Lord stood with me and strengthened me so that the message might be preached fully through me that all the visits they next the Gentiles might hear also I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion and the Lord will deliver me from every evil work in Peru preserved me for his heavenly kingdom to him be glory for ever and ever so again and evangelistic focus go back now to verse five but be watchful in all things endure afflictions do the work of late what does it say next an evangelist but they administered the pastoral epistles are all about what is evangelism that's correct look at verse one I tried you therefore before God the Lord Jesus Christ will judge the living and that ad is appearing as his kingdom preach the word so another words we preach so we hasten hopefully the Lords coming verse one go back now to chapter three were going backwards to try and go forwards verse seventeen that the man of God might be complete to complete equipped for every one kind of work good work why would you want to do good works because you're reaching other people not for your salvation but to reach other people is that right look at verse fifteen from childhood you've known the holy Scriptures which are able make you wise on the salvation through faith which is in Christ again all idea is an evangelism focus with the word bringing conviction and conversion chapter two verse twenty four through twenty six a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all able to teach patient in humility correcting those who are in opposition it got perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth and that they make to their senses and escape the snare of the devil haven't been taken captive by him to do his will again what's the focus saving people oh from destruction going backwards verse ten but you have carefully followed by doctrine chapter three verse ten manner of life purpose faith long-suffering love and perseverance so this idea is no continuing to share what God has done go back to chapter one now on chapter one verse eight or nine or other should be kept up to date Chapter two verse ten I guess I read the wrong verse ten seconds in the second seventy chapter two verse ten sorry I read chapter three verse ten therefore I endure all things for the sake of the elect that they also may want obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with a eternal glory all right school chapter one second Timothy chapter one verse eight and nine hundred or getting a picture it's all about them the point is what really struck me as every single chapter has something about evangelism and verse eight and nine look at it therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord nor of me his prisoner but share with me and the sufferings for the gospel according to the power of God who has saved us and called us with a holy calling not according to our works but according to his purpose and grace which were given to us in Christ Jesus before time began the numbers one Paul an apostle in other words one cent of Jesus Christ by the will of God recorded that the promise of life which is in Christ Jesus is and what I'm I'm sent to share the good news of life and it is a lot Titus and secondary every single chapter has something to do with the vandalism and the way a pastoral end of work beware of anyone that brings business of nests not to allow evangelism the Gulf forward okay so back now and continue our journey backwards to the future and first Timothy chapter six verse seventeen first command those who are rich in this present age not to be Lottie nor trust in uncertain riches but in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy let them do good that they may be rich in good works ready to give willing to share startup are themselves a good foundation for the time to come that they may lay hold out what a journal life on other words that is a big money difference in ministries like secrets on sale Lehman pouches gave that money of your watching Senator and if you're wondering another ministry going to contact me button out cigarettes on sales this is the idea is there guarding the ministry lot of people have a lot of finds that they're not doing anything with a guy needs to get the word out on this gospel that's the picture was given a man in all I have to say it here given weren't white eleven Sawyer no one was going right and right now is the time to get the Saints and the circulation of Robert Cromwell he took over and he decided that he wanted to get rid of all the abbeys of all the different statues and he said we need to get the Saints in the circulation and we certainly do need to get the Saints in the circulation amen so a very practical to go back to chapter five and verse twenty five notice what it says there likewise the good works of some are clearly evident from those that are otherwise cannot be hidden courts that text is alluding also to the investigative judgment and wants to have a day of atonement people who are living a holy life on earth because these cleansing opportunities also cleansing earth and those people will be not only transformed by transformative agents for the kingdom of God look at verse ten of chapter five going backwards being well reported on for good works this is talking about the wife of one man if she is brought up children if she has a lot of strangers this is why the Saints think it she has relieve the afflicted if she has diligently followed every good work very powerful text as well on the outreach that can happen when dealing with home and family and children first eight are think that's all I have from that one per se I guess there it is but if anyone does not provide for his own phone doesn't leave them out especially for those of his household he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever again as a witness if you take care of your family there is a witness if you do that as a as a woman as a witness if you do that as a man and if you do that it raises a lot of people amen all right now look at chapter four were almost done our journey backwards I think this is been a good journey backwards I want you to get really the point that all of the pastoral epistles are about church planting and evangelism and about reaching the world not just for local situation have I made the point I did need to was right there is ready to verse sixteen chapter four verse sixteen percent before sixteenth taking to yourself and to the doctrine and genuine them for doing this you will save both yourself and what those go here you again evangelism burst out of the same chapter for this and we both labor and suffer reproach because we trust in the living God who is the Savior of all men especially those who believe these things command in the again look at not only is the Timothy four ethicists and has a message for all our money man all men not only is Titus for this written to the area the titers was ministering but the salvation of God has appeared down the man all men the idea that this is just for a local phenomenon is I'm so glad the stack there are many were glad there for us not just for people back in emphasis all right verse eight is another one godly exercise profits or bodily exercise profits a little but godliness is profitable for all things having promise of life that now is and which has become a examination here to health evangelism I don't know if it is than a man but I work in health evangelism and others a lot of people back I talked to some of you the way you came into the church was set out methods until someone was telling the other day that said here tonight they were on the plane and they were witnessing to someone about the methods of how self-help evangelism and it's it's it's especially in in this this chapter here look at verse three for instance for bidding to Marion commanded to abstain from foods which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth forever a creature of God is good and nothing is to be refused it is received with thanksgiving and arresting those that God created looking back at the creation story and utilizing that in help evangelism course is an exception here that's mentioned as well but all of these chapters when I look at us it certainly does anyone chapter since art is that those that are are are claiming that this book you know is just for emphasis or largely for emphasis the study one chapter doesn't have anything except for about ethicist but every single chapter has an evangelistic text that are meant for the entire world okay all right let's point number one why do we reject the divisive man after the first or second warning because when they talk in a certain way that brings the vision the message of the vandalism or the Minnesota evangelism is frustrated that's the whole point of the one why were Hymenaeus and Alexander in our last study delivered to Satan remember that that was our last provocative memory verse of whom are Hyman Addison Alexander whom I delivered to Satan that they might learn not to what blaspheme and what exactly were they doing this to remind you because again I want to bring into focus that the digestive people I'm talking about here are Alexander and I'm in areas they were causing great division and frustrating omission right what were they doing they were striving about words in Scripture they were subverting the hearers causing a catastrophe chapter two verse fourteen they were not rightly dividing the word of truth first Timothy R chapter one of verse jet set into verse fifteen this led to an increase in ungodliness first secondary chapter two verse sixteen it was like a cancer verse seventeen and they aired concerning the truth verse eighteen they like we learned last night were blaspheming and we discovered what was the definition for blasphemy it wasn't just against God trying to make yourself God is a man it was all the systems of order servants and masters first of the jet the Sixers wonder but husbands and wives tightest at the tumors treated by everyone in his text if you were with us last night it looked them up and it says that if you desecrate that role relationship as well the main look them up if you have or whether for or what's the message before parents and children on his children are unthankful and to their parents and not taking care of them so for blasphemy and then members and elders that was the definition of blasphemy they were creating doctrines that tended to ungodliness they were departing from the faith of the gospel we learned they manifest lustful ambitions they wanted to be a different position they had sinful habits and practices specifically what was the specific sample practice they had life sensuous and his and their changing had endangered the purity of the believers all these things we learned last night when reproved they attributed the wonderful revelations made by Paul to say and when they rejected the words of Paul they were actually rejecting who Christ himself do you remember which of the Commandments they were especially struggling with from our study last night the seventh commandment remember how he went through all the commandments and so now they all were there in first Timothy chapter one verse nine and ten the seventh commandment thou shalt not commit adultery the very words whore mongers poor not us fornicators adulterers or those that defiled himself Arsenal court case which means men or males arson quite tests are quite case in bed and as we learned last night in Leviticus Chapter eighteen verse twenty two and twenty first thirteen that the direct illusion to what was described they are both in the old and New Testament that being the sense of homosexuality so they were struggling they were life sensuous event either be adulterated or homosexuality but it's interesting to me that Paul actually spends a word that is never used it before that's ever been used before to describe what's going on and as of this was the situation at last night we also discovered what we give a contemporary example of someone that stands up against the homosexual lifestyle that last night we talked about that and when they stand up for that I made the point last night and talking about Doctor Eric Walsh that here was a committed some of the evidence Christian and when he decided to teach and preach on this there were some people got upset with him found his sermons on audio verse and played those sermons for the the college where they didn't want him to speak he lost not only its when his job the sad thing was he wasn't even backed up by the church in the press releases and the different things and that's it what vested solemnize us because the same people that are standing for many of these other issues that were studying were the ones that did not back them up now since that time last night couple people I guess watch what I had to say on streaming and so I got a number of e-mails morning and one of them I decided to look a little further and I was given a link to a sermon that I have heard about a year or so ago I was wondering why was it that people didn't stand up for Eric Walsh will happen to stand up for Eric Walsh when in a university that is very close to where you live on there is actually a professor that was preaching a sermon this is the title of it seems even recognize the sermon on patriarchy and petrol sexism of repenting of the sin of patriarchy and heterosexual sexism and this particular sermon was being pretty so how could you stand up for someone else if they were a lot nine that makes perfect sense right as a matter fact in that message which I watched little bit of this morning because still online the speaker was suggesting that her favorite song was by of Lady Gaga if you've ever heard about Lady Lady Gaga she's not normally at church events Lady Gaga was singing this particular song is the sun and beautiful in my way goes God makes no mistakes I'm on the right track maybe I was born this way don't be a drag just be equally as many were born this way no matter gay straight or bi lesbian transgender life I'm on the right track baby on board to survive and unfold it in this church she said that's her favorite song she then told the story about and took her boy to see the movie Seventh-day Adventists and was happy because afterwards he said when I grow up I want to be a mommy these were the things being preached from the pulpit and this is a professor in a university relativist this is why they were not standing up for Eric Walsh because they hadn't even set up and selecting professors look I happened to look it up I said I'd is putting Adventist University and lesbian gay and all the and guess what for every single one of our large university there are groups on the campus is one of the PUC campus called gas there is even a whole issue of the student movement and enter university that was published concerning that issue and that I could go through the others wiser than I mention this wise limits in this this is what Timothy was dealing with it is time to they had Alexander and Amadeus we understand up to them because they were promoting licentiousness so the message of first Timothy is not specifically dealing with women's ordination but it is specifically dealing with this is doable homosexuality at least the first chapter having to see what I mean and that is the issue of all moral distinctions and I'm so happy that at least I discover that I had no idea until I really deeply looked at the Scriptures presented in chapter one verse three what needed to be done in the situation in Ephesus and what needs to be done now I besought the ball says to Timothy to abide still anyone believe that you want to get out of jobs is Obama will stay there when I went and Amanda Macedonia that thou might discharge some that they changed no other doctrine and the same thing was said to Titus by Paul chapter one verse five for this reason I left you a preach that you should set in order balance and remember that Fred is now organizing were to look at that now set in order the things that are lacking and appoint elders in every city that I commanded you see the work that Timothy was supposed to do and the work that Titus was both to do and I see the work that elders do is to set things in order set in order because things were so this order okay so that's what needed to be done that word order is interesting set in order at the depot deal of throw or through at the knees over and then the other words or thoughts on other words to stand over and make things make sure things are going straight sets what it meetings setting things in order for mission and here is what I want to show in the list show you in this this is what needs to happen or what needed to happen back in Timothy because things were so out of order was that they immediately set back in order but on the basis of God 's law on the basis of God 's law on the basis of his order now if you get that idea it will unlock chapter two and three for you completely analyzed to get this other idea when you understand that the purpose of setting things in order is for evangelism that you really get the idea of chapter two and three Okinawa sortie because it's very exciting I'm still no how only get you these things all these things but it is so exciting to see this the idea that is what to set things in order on the basis of God 's law or they look as an Anthony's uses it hallelujah there is the patience of the saints there are they that keep the commandments and have the faith of Jesus that's our whole will you call it the vegetarian mantra if you will predict that's what we say again and again and in there you have evangelism here they are and they are being looked at why because they have ordered their lives based on the faith of Jesus which is a gift of the Spirit once needs to all bands which is a fruit of faith which is also a gift and let context of patient endurance which is also a gift of the Spirit these people have a latter rain like experience are you with me so now is look at this goal the first of the chapter to an verse one through fifteen and chapter three verse one through sixteenth I'm really start going down and seeing this unfold first Timothy chapter two verse one to three therefore I exhort first of all the supplications prayers and assassins giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence for this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior point number one pray for those in authority why so that there can be peace and quiet SES is the word but saying that I have some great scholars here tonight and have to doesn't really matter the Greek word means peace and quiet I'm only twenty because later the passage will see the word again okay Plutarch had this to say in eighty forty five the one twenty which would instead contemporary emphasis time this epistle was around sixty four sixty five sixty two give or take two or three years Plutarch uses the same word and he talked about how society should be filled with harmony and PCS score quiet harmony and peace is that the same way it therefore was a word that stressed not just silence that was not the issue wasn't stressing silence complete silence copies you pray for gangs of your were silent and do dozens rise drastically silenced but a positive and proactive effort to seek peace and harmony so number one what are we supposed to do to set things in order number one Frederick Kings pray for those in authority and that's what he do that because chains are the only ones many times I can set things in order that's the idea so you pray for them even if you don't believe in their political party assayer a Democrat and is a Republican is a president you pray for that president let's say consider the opposite way that's the point the next chapter to verse three and four or four and five school desires all to be saved second Timothy or first in the step wonders for but who desires all men to be saved if I come to a knowledge of the truth for there is one God and one mediator between God and man the man Jesus Christ who gave himself for all to be testified in due time this is a powerful message why is it that we why is it that we pride because we want the case to set things in order but then noticed this we focus then I'm the King of Kings together what because he has died for us and ransomed us why is it so important later on injected to you to find out verse fourteen it says Adam was not say but the woman was deceived having fallen into transgression she's not the only one that fell on the transgression right she fell and then Romans chapter five verse fourteen says what that Adam himself was a transgressor right this was the whole point I'm none of that would have any hope unless Christ had given himself as a ransom Paul himself understood the season on the chief of sinners Romans chapter one verse fifteen and he was saved I love this quote today from the pen of inspiration as soon as there was a sin there was a savior Christ knew that he would have to suffer it it became man's substitute as sodas absent the son of God presented himself as Sharon Tate for the human race can you say hallelujah to that so here is the Savior of the notice something else first five and six one God and one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus why do we pray for things in the the authority because they can set things in order why do we pray to focus our prayers in Jesus name because he paid the debt to take care of our problems is the only thing that SLI life back in order that's the point of the text is making but he's also our mediator now that word mediation about pants are beautiful word that comes from the root word from mid- storm themselves the actual borders mess suggests which means one who intervenes being between two others either in order to make or to restore peace and friendship is the mediator can you say hallelujah to that way predicates and those in authority because they can create order for us we pray to Christ because he rants about and we can bring our lives back in order but not only do we do that we pray to him because he is the mediator and he can bring people and practice again I may think that this verse right here waiting to focus on in this current conflict because we can't do anything only he can now on the cross justice and mercy kissed each other both what he did for us he brought justice and mercy together through his death he mediated between the two and he became a ransom for you and me in other words this wonderful doctrine of salvation is focused on the person of Christ and his cross now when I look at these words of mediation and a few months ago and study them all as many as I could have his whole mediation document I mean I have like so many things I will love to read you right now but only read a couple here here it here's how the pen of inspiration describes this Jesus became a man that he might mediate between man and God hallelujah another were bring us in the right order and then think low visibility with humanity he associated with the human rights that with his long human arm he might encircle humanity and with his divine arm grasp the problem on infinity get that picture in this that he might restore to man the original mine when she lost any good that you say hallelujah and said that his mediation is to bring back cerebration is mediation is a bring back the ability even think of right hallelujah so bring back the original mileage you lost and eaten through Satan 's alluring temptation what was that the vision about the need for bitten fruit it was a breakdown of the roles that right and see if you followed the woman who desired to rule over him his does her desire was for him and Genesis at the four and verse seven a use of that word in describing how Kane wanted to rule Grable that man might realize that it was for his present but get this point repeats unrelated event I would almost underline on my computer screen here that man might realize that it was for his present and it turns like to all day the requirements of got the mediation of God makes our mind change and we say I want all day here bringing things into order I want to live according to order power disobedience is not a accordance with the nature which God gave to man and even sold mediation we pray that we predicate symbols of authority because they can create order with credit crisis because he brings order in our lives we pray to Christ because he is the mediator and mediation brings things together is another this will my mine but it shouldn't happen because we know that you know from the foundation of the world it was salvation but look at what mediation Christ is mediating in the half the man and the war up I'm saying will also is preserved by his mediatorial will watch it's not just our world is preserved by his mediation it is the same worlds that are preserved by his mediation on a new know if I can grasp that are not these things is a visit magnitude importance of the gator of thought and call for their gratitude and adoration to God another words it looks like Christ was the internal mediator is a powerful concept of so number one crate Kings and those in authority why because they can bring order number to pray to Christ because he died for you and from a day in his life as a ransom to bring are all lies back in the order number three train and because these of mediator and it will quicken online double-click on heart and it will bring us close to God God closed us one arm around us one arm around God and it will restore what we lost in the original temptation now that's the picture that's given corporate prayer everybody praying I would want to be involved in corporate prayer right that's really what we need in the midst of a crisis like replacing what we name is not argumentation we need restoration we need to be praying to God because he is the mediator that generates the blanket rates in fact lives even send now may have been inflammatory to people man's as the old stock in the the only way to make any difference in the price comes in and through the Holy Spirit makes that make sense Philo I so then after that knows what happens next first of many chapter two verse eight it moves from a general call for prayer and then focused on the man of prayer Christ is praying for us were praying to him right and then focuses on what gender specific verse eight I desire therefore that the man pray everywhere let's think up holy hands without wrath and Downey men are called took publicly prayed with them even when we can never publicly pray now but there's a special sense that men are called to pray in public and it can be powerful and it's not just a you know what is as I desire that word is gold mine it's a deliberative it's like the deliberate will of God I want you to price old like a man I'm not I just don't just want you not to note you need to pray publicly day man here tonight you need to deprive public and when the big things in the church when renting on startup or anything and an evening finale be there unit is not a private notice what it says it's a public humbling on themselves how everything is good the humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and in the side of those that you love and lead America's positive thing to do the same when you humble yourself before God and you can see you do that or a procedure that they do wait a minute on everything that do that before is under someone else's authority is not just getting orders based taking orders under God 's orders so it's a public humbling and it's an N-word it's without wrath or doubting you see here's the point pray with integrity don't try a way that would bring the wrath of God down on you or the wrap your family and don't pray what the house so many men struggle with these very vain no one I get a proprietor why below Gregory goes again pray liabilities like at home so that want to get because they know like the weather like in the also glad of a preacher I know every way to be right with my wife and right with God in him I'm just telling the truth is a great blessing to me I want my prayers hindered I want to be able to get up and say I might have made a mistake but everything is right with my wife I'm not getting enough appraisal that right that's why many people never met never take the leadership and the one of the biggest needs today and one of them you just need today is read yes women to be involved in ministry but meant to be involved in ministry this e-mails me a lot why is it that why is it that the women are having to come in and at say what we doubt no one tear I'm in I've been in search of what is no man there is ever made know but that so lift up holy hands about rapper doubting this is a holiness so used to wash their hands before they pride because they prayed by the Riverside and and when this was written why why is it that they're to pray because this is the foundation of authenticity their life is ordered by God everyone knows it if their prime without rapid outing and why do they need that kind of order and authenticity because later in chapter two verse twelve I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over men with me in silence there got to be teaching exercising teaching often ten oh authority and they need to be authentic to be able to did teach authentically with authority are you with me no one anyone doubting no one wants to live anyone who know is under the wrath of God that's the point prayer is essential it's the way to authenticity not a picture their synagogues were places of prayer and the Rio script is he that man's hands are lifted up lifting up holy hands that's what they did the synagogue was called by Josephus the prayer house and so that's where they went and men were expected to pray a devout Jewish man of Jesus they kept the personal 's Folly Birdsall schedule at sunrise he would print repeat the Shema at three p.m. the hour of the afternoon Temple sacrificing would pray perhaps that the fella which is the Shema another scriptures I miss and then at Sunset view repeat this login again prey to those very specific prayer public prayer defined man in that day but they had a problem Jesus criticized the hypocrites who stood and prayed at the street corners is a some people pray just to be saying they like just the possession they like the power got needs no man like that you means no man like that everything idea was to be seen of men and they had wide phylacteries and an long tassels and some Pharisees you see there the picture apparently arrange their schedules so they would just happen to be in the middle of the market when the Temple trumpeters were praying and they could be admired by the crowds for many Pharisees however these long friends is an phylacteries had become badges of status and operatives across awesome opportunities of ostentation so another words when you pray like that who was upset if you got is wrath of God is that he is holding them back but is not happy with you are you with me so when we labor site we have to understand something is directed at man got always the starting here with the men first is that everybody for now we get down to brass tacks man show off show up the services be authentic and don't be sunk on a sailboat that dislikes power and abusing power don't do that and expect to get anywhere I got to say is that this ordination study committee and I listened to some of the folks around the world that's been a lot of men who messed up when one hadn't shown up number two they done things that are abusive and that's why were dealing with some of the problems that were dealing with I think we just have to freely and frankly and fully admit that are not tolerated me with boundless as the picture not fair that's done by a leader in public can be properly begin you one example out of the Kansas when my colleagues on the ministerial Association was a pastor Joe Wright and let me read to his prayer that he went before the legislature the state status brother and pray one day only product we come before you today to ask your forgiveness to seek your direction and guidance we know your word says Walter those who call evil good but that is exactly what we have done we have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values we have ridiculed we confess that we have ridiculed the absolute truth of your word and called for all of them we worshiped other gods and called multiculturalism we have endorsed perversion and called alternative lifestyle we've exploited the poor and call it a lot a read we rewarded laziness and called it welfare with killed our unborn and called the choice we have shot abortionists and called it justifiable series doing here what is he doing he sang all of these things need to be righted everything needs to be put in order these prayer and ordering prayer do you see that when we pray where as man were to pray ordering prayers and this is what he was doing we want our cost of the order after God 's way that's what Brian the continues on when the discipline our children and thought it building self-esteem when abuse power and call the politics we touted our neighbor 's possessions and called ambitions with polluting the air with profanity and pornography and call it freedom of expression we have ridiculed the time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment starts as though God no arts today and cleanse us from every sin and set us free what that prayer were around the world around the world that was on the air for years after the committee we knew the men of prayer Minister not have his fellow white reply that text first of the two eight the faith we required to have his on not do nothing faith saving faith of that which works by love and purifies the soul level words in prayer with holy hands is not just praying you don't just show up as an elder on the end at the weekend and not do anything else in the church he will lift up holy hands to God without wrath and outing will walk intelligently noticed this in the way of what God 's commandments literally say that everything needs to be ordered one would pray for James and the little authority because they can order society was that the wink right to Christ because he can reorder our lives why is appropriate to the mediator because he can bring things together and why is that man should pray publicly because it could bring order back into society and they can live in accordance with God 's commands so men pray publicly in all these different things I think the repeated the homepage there now what about the women now finally we get the women of the Bible is much harder all the way from first Timothy chapter one verse one all the way till now it's been all about men men men men men men and it's been rebuking man been talking about man has been taking on the task amen I can see the ladies here saying fellow with the block but we just jump right here to the women as if the man hadn't been dealt with is dealing rather straightforwardly with Matt I guess good now finally gets the ladies what does it say in like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety not with boarded here or gold or pearls or copyright or that was become of the women professing godliness with good works now let's go through this text if men have a problem with public prayer and being authentic women have a problem with dress on improving to an general women wardrobe you're supposed to be dressing in a way that brings order as well women verse nine adorn themselves outwardly in a way that acknowledges authority another words they were dressing and when it wasn't doing that but to show you what it means exactly because I was so interested in this text unlike one the world is this text why is it here and I think this text is actually related to the head covering in first Corinthians Chapter 11 it actually is talking about the same type of thing emotionally liming outward ornamentation appear all that manifest honor manifest self-control and Peter talks about having self-control women verse ten adorned themselves inwardly don't deck yourself out deck yourself in a way that acknowledges authority inward godliness and always this is done for men this is done for God verse nine birthday is between a man and God but impacts others submission to God by men verse harbors a submission to God by men verse nine intent is submission to God by women right inward dialing this is done for God the result then from this inverse onto it says that you might lean a quiet and peaceable life in here as a result of addressing the right way in first Peter chapter three verse four it also uses the same word that they might I lose me a peaceable life in other words you dress a certain way have a disordered life is just another way you'll have a peaceable life you don't understand this get with one of the ladies afterward but this does not mean that men get a pass when you do something wrong they should be self-control but ladies talk to the other ladies and explain this to each other with their others say is a man sometimes ladies wear things that caused it to be very hard for men to have a well ordered thought process he then understands say a man no longer look at the historical context of this look closer for Zeta nine how did women dress in the first and second century Roman culture to do this I researched a bunch of stuff maps and pictures here for you dress in the Roman women on self preservation our presentation in society a new book that just came out not so long ago the last couple years of exhaustive research of the way the women dressed in the first and second century on when I read this it was amazing I will show you why that their choice addressed to mitigate anything within their culture and do these discoveries have anything to do with what we're talking about here's a picture next picture there is a narrow and Agrippina his mother or might be one of his first or second wife look at the hairstyle that she has that's not something you just wake up in the morning with the next picture you can see it from the front you can see it from the back I was just over overall but not in Rome I was at one of the Roland Boggs in England and there were people dressed up there and one of the ladies had her hair fixed like this was that how long did it take you to fix that he says it takes about four hours to do that and you can see how the hairstyles are there is these pans depends the next picture these were all the pens that they would put in their hair and they had all kinds of those of the Roman bath where people would leave them an animal in cases or I was over in London I also had gold that they would put on the planning of the hair on the goal and these were gold poppies the next week to see this lady all those nice curls and that she has a pan on the top and then she has also what does she have that gold on the top and then all these castanets that are hanging down these pearls now you don't understand something cosmetics contributed to the one is Presti 's and Mark her social status the word cosmetics is the same word for cosmos and so when they would use the word caused me to it was saying where do I fit in the order of society the whole passage here is getting in order and these people realized that the way that really show how they were in order was how they dressed in a little different people they had to follow them around a phone dirt what annoyed his mistress with perfumed oil a set of flow or scenarios would curl her hair I caused me to was in charge of the makeup actually advertise me to talk to me tonight and alone allows working it seems like it might be fallen off and in Angela like an ancillary person would hold up the mere and order tricks seem to have been in charge of the beautification and adornment generally today there were two ladies that were tentative I cannot one put this stuff on maybe a lake a phenomenon on you will look pale you will look like your dad can do that in the news you like to have order tricks newly discovered back to I know him and so I don't know picture of this actually tonight as I see quite white scary now notice what is says next next made the long commitment of time and the scaled order tricks which by the way means are these are brilliant the makeup artist here new and have no idea how many tons of speckled is on my face the commitment the long commitment on that skill on the tricks would've marked the woman as a lady upstanding and was a sign of social rank and power so the way someone dressed showed where they were now want to get this point don't miss it I want to say before I forget it this was not just an emphasis this was across the Roman world Greco-Roman world and these studies were pictures of people from all over the place what about Pearl eight here reverses don't have the planning of the hair and earrings in those different things pearl earrings called Thalia or castanets a cluster of two or three pearls tinkling together had become so popular that even the poor desire that the justification offered by when was that a Perl is a woman's Lichter or attended in public women work gold even on there she moves and when they die but the next picture it's a picture of a lady and there beneath dirt you see what a picture of America and a picture of Oliver Makin faces another words it was so important to showing where they were in the order of society that when they die on their tombstone and put down a picture of the curling iron everything else the paraphernalia of beauty and beautiful rituals also marked status and such items were depicted on tombstone now you lest you think that this has nothing to do with all our culture I can take you on the night I can't take it personally but I does happen to know that a lot of people that are of the female persuasion are tied up with this type of situation in fact why else are equal later she says this is a specific area as she says this particular passage should be applied universally because women struggle with it in the same day to Julie and I will read this whole thing he basically said they spent a lot of money on their on their their jewelry the next one talked about Molina Polly Elizabeth Russell dinner when she got married you have a million bucks worth of stuff on a million dollars worth of things on her that she was adorned with Pliny the Elder the next quote said this I thought this was fascinating it is fascinating is that badness history Adventist history typically no one in America at least I wore wedding rings even goal gold ones but notice what happened back then the use of the gold ring created a new division a lot unnoticed and to visit with an Roman society tertius ordo a third order between the Senate and the plants and then affect was regrettable if this was to become a symbol that will create a third equestrian order between the plebs and the stolen another was when they started wearing nose rings and disrupted the order I can see how this passage is totally related to the passages before policy predicates because you knee-jerk that you need society be in order he sang what pray to Christ because he can reorder your life because he paper your sense is the only thing they can put things in order to pray to Christ because these the mediator he's the only one that can bring things back in order by laymen you pray in a way that can bring order and ladies you dress in a way that can bring order but now notice this next one I think is can be fascinating to you too much adornment this is Marcus Valerius forty to one four oh four a the same time too much adornment might be linked with a refusal to bear children at all fashion and schools in Israel itself was anti- radical to childbearing she wants to be a beautiful harms her womb what they associated with song was all looking about how pretty they were they never have kids and by the way never once movie stars even today I can't get to the mess myself up in the later later later life again finally said I don't have kids I got the bill myself we did notice is not something this is back to understand the relevant today Marshall describes a woman wanted to see it or goes into a beautiful white large twins and then goes on to say not boys the pearls galea lesser pearls mothers sons bound by her vanity and finery Theodore London subverted the ties of family and household buyer infertility and therefore bread social disorder is born woman showed an extreme problem session with himself and with the South as social spectacle rather than displaying a devotion to her husband and family out how to get the point here verse nine is it is now it should make first of the chapter two verse fifteen come alive nevertheless you will be saved in childbearing is a continual love and holiness and self-control in other words don't focus on the adornment was that when you were put in society for the show up for that do something exactly worth wow have children that can be godly children and can be your crown of rejoicing a man well I won't read more of those only than for you to read because I must hasten on I will just say this about the next slides a little wife had this to say about this text one undressing adornment it was I was directed to the following Scriptures said the angel they are to instruct God 's people then ask the apostles likely to last and you can read the others the lesson applies to believers and how many ages reagents so what's all lights I attempted to it applies to every single age why wiser do not dress that way I won't read it to you but I'll does put it there is anything a Sonata second and then review and Herald she gives this story about a lady who came had a ring in her one of the believers to take it off this you can have influence with the outsiders and she said or keep it on so you can have influence and she said no I will follow the Bible and that she talked to the lady and she said you know the best thing you can always do is follow the Scripture and that she quoted these Scriptures and said they'll wear any rings whatsoever because that way you have given fans a listing influence are you with me so we follow God 's order we have what evangelistic influence so let's review briefly everyone was to pray for lot order number two they were to pray to Christ to buy his cross like the foundation for everlasting order within their own lives number three they were pray to Christ who is the only mediator for you you will right the wrongs and reorient the mind he keeps the mind and the universe in order and men were publicly to pray without rather dining and this demonstrate that they were not only bearing witness but that they were under orders submitted to God and men who would do this could preach and they could evangelize with power number five women were to public redress in a way that showed that they were a submission to got dressed and went its evangelistic awaited shows God 's order and by the way men were respect one another's roles also in family and public worship that's the next verses read them with me let a woman will learn in silence with submission and I don't permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man but to be in silence for Adam was formed first then Eve and Adam was not deceived but the woman be the CFL and transgression notice that men and women are mentioned there they're working together to further the work of the church yes one plays a leading role and yet the same focus they both have the same focus and by the way when it says that a woman learn in silence remember all those words that is we just did silence didn't necessarily mean verbal silence admit what silence concerning the order of free that's the point that was given now and I never thought that I would run out of time having to ours but only of thirty minutes so I need to focus and here is you got to see something very beautiful let's just read a couple passages you want to just tell you on its value so you after it goes through this passage not a conceited beauty of it now tasted a bit of it it's order order order order order because everything was out of disorder disorder disorder disorder you get that's the point and everything is being brought back into order and the reason given for the order is why verse thirteen for Adam was formed first then ease another words the reason that everything comes back into order in this way is hearkening back to end many statements we write our convective because of what creation or are you with me that's the point almost everything hearkened back to what creation or the mediation statements were backed the creation or the press things went back to creation order all the things the right went back to creation order it's very logical in three sequential attacks a quite simple I know some real estate ostensible things quite simple be faithful about mountain now on that's chapter two but the notice what it says this is fatal saying first a chapter thriller this something here I will read it all but this can make a point chapter three gives eighteen qualifications now for elders and it's no one argued at Tosca about whether or not it was talking about men they were not that unintelligent to do that at the thing although it was males being mentioned none of them argue about at all no debate whatsoever the only item was does it apply a steelyard and there was writes something all it doesn't apply because it was just for their time I hope we totally debunk that the night wasn't just for their time that we debunk that the night right wasn't for their time and others say like Kimberly other arguments the point is no one really argues about one hundred men being mentioned here to be elders they do argue about whether or not it applies now concerning the man and the deacons whether the elders or deacons it has a list of qualifications that about the same there's not too much difference how was it at this point you go through each one of them and this is the point on there's a huge list of qualifications and their rigorous for both the elder and deacon we have a misconception today that somehow deacons are lower and spirituality than elders best is totally not in the text it's a high calling for both groups and so the issue is not okay on the main outer so I'm higher than addicted now on to do the best I can have the character qualities got get along give me to do best what I'm doing what I'm an elder and deacon I think it has or nothing are you with me but especially those who are called to these opposites need to demonstrate these characteristics of the thing I found interesting but I want to show you okay on as the church is organized in an orderly way you have green groups here you have elders verse one through seven but notice the punch line remember we said we went all the chapters from Titus three all way back in the punchline of every chapter was what be ordered so you can do is evangelism now notice it's in here as well look at chapter three percent moreover he must be have a good testimony among those who are what does it say outside lusty folder approach and understand them another words the reason that your church or your your elders must be ordered is for a evangelistic success and by the way they can do their job and less there working with the woman they have to be the husband of one wife he is a him and to the Pacific Donna was the next one begins it has all the list of qualifications but then verse thirteen for those that serve well as they doesn't obtain for them a good sta


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