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15- Ellen White's View of Women In Ministry

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.


  • October 3, 2014
    7:30 PM
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welcome everybody to this powerful presentation on NY 's new old women in ministry this is Doctor Isaac bulletins he adds a resident open University and also passed of those these conferences seventy minutes Sally Bauer usable word where eternal father to come before you and where asking for the North and of the Holy Spirit who is the great teachers of truth Lord Buddha nature word Lord and his presentation at the goals worldwide measles be blessed encouraged and strengthened because we have a more sure word of prophecy we thank you for answering this prayer in Jesus name we pray amen the Bible says in the book of second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen open your Bibles has returned the second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen I have to give this issue of women's ordination is become a subject the most common great importance in God 's remnant church and I want to assure you brothers and sisters at the Bible has the answer to this issue now the Bible says in the book of second Timothy chapter three verse sixteen the Bible says all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine so if possible in this issue of the study the doctrine of women's ordination ample reproof and correction for instruction in righteousness at the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished unto all good works are linked calling within a document statement deal with the Doctor McLean is out to you as it relates to women in ministry and we make that correction not in this issue here of women in ministry women's ordination we want to let you know that again that God has the answer on this issue here spans all falls on the issue of how we interpret now in the Bible how we interpret them on his analogy why we call in theology and hermeneutics so let me give you a sketch on this in the book of Psalms chapter thirty three verse eleven because some argument from a cultural cock cultural context it was for that color when that's gone on for all kinds of other passive essay on philosophies based on that but as we said the Bible is possible all things the Bible says in the book of Psalms thirty three verse eleven I love this gives you the word of God is one of whom was the most powerful book in the world the Bible says in Psalm thirty three births unleavened the Scripture says that will not counsel the thoughts of his heart the Bible says the counsel of the Lord standard library and the thoughts of his heart until all generations of this is what God will end on in the first century on this issue women in ministry women's ordination applies there were a unapologetic and all generations only down to be in on time with that nineties a man all because of the good today now we show you some things here at the lowest diploma heart what they want to do as we deal with before we deal with whatever life has had to say on this issue that the goals of the greater life the Bible amen amen we want to affirm that this book commissions of men and women in ministry Matthew twenty nineteen Charlie Matthew twenty eight nineteen a no we know what part of it one of those of the Bible the Bible talks about the commission that God is given me that when because the church is composed of men women and children and Jesus said in verse nineteen of Matthew twenty eight going therefore and teach combinations all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost verse twenty fifth teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and low I with you always even unto the and of the world amen this gospel commission is not only just for men but women to teach and preach this everlasting gospel so that Jesus can come back to this at the same thing in Mark sixteen fifteen one to all the world and preach the gospel and at creatures of commission to get the gospel is not all men and women to finish the work in both sexes are needed as we meet the demand the time John fourteen verse twelve the Bible says my fame one of my favorite scriptures as we talk about commissioning his people to go and finish the work the Bible says in John fourteen of birth wealth verily verily I say and do you keep babbling about meeting the works that I do shall he do also and greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my father so Jesus commission men and women of the power of the Holy Spirit to finish his work and went on to talk about this most powerful issue as we deal with what one has to say about women in ministry now because the Bible has asked we have to go to the myeloma ricin by the Bible has asked a second Timothy chapter two verse fifteen the Bible says starting to show myself hopeful of the God of work that needed not to be ashamed rightly the sliding wardrobes so on this issue is the right way to provide this issue and has all wrong way am I right somebody so is very important that we studied this issue out and I like what our president Ted Wilson said on this issue recently where president said Wilson's I would encourage each checked member that includes myself and enclose the symposium and certainly each representative at the annual Council and the Bulls will be delegates at the General conference session to prayerfully review this study on ordination and then ask the Holy Spirit to help them to know God 's will and the Bible makes it very plain that the Spirit of God will lead us if I was drove all true so therefore there's the truth and he thought yes this issue has been a controversial issue some places is divisive on on all of all planes but when we just great with the spirit of prophecy this is done eighteen eighty eight which Ariel is not a uniform of a donated materials not enough for the sir mother Laura Smith you need not be afraid of the plain teachings of the Bible is always a wise to be ashamed to preach this message is always awash to be scared of change this do not fear to go with the voice of Jesus is part saying follow me and we follow him in this agent for this will lead you right now listen to this do not let any man or woman or any counsel or party to lead you to suppress the precious life that God is permitted to sign from heaven in regard to the commands of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ can we seem into that so what seriously we shouldn't need for globally Nevada will think of us because he may take a certain stamp we had that right are constitutional and God-given right to do that now on this issue on Elba Dan Jackson President North American division likely sick vote but they are God-fearing Bible believing people who find themselves on both sides of the equation to represent this message I was in in Christian love sincerity but would furnace and balance to see what God says on this issue and let the people of God make the right decision now as we deal with this issue about Alloway and women in ministry we will be going to the right of the Elimite which deal of power women in ministry but we want to let you know that as she said her writings are a lesser line leading to the greater like the Bible lesson light is not mean less inspired it is a mean less authoritative but the function of variety 's must be in harmony it is in harmony with biblical principles so we got to get out of this book first and then asked to read the spirit of prophecy will see how she correlates and to harmonize what God has already said that what you think Ray controversy page seven the divisive that God is committed to me in the knowledge necessary for salvation the holy Scriptures are to be accepted as an authoritative and volatile revelation of his window and notices the probable law says that they are the standard of character why because the Bible is the last book and an libertarian means the measuring stick which means it any other revelation teaching outside of this book on a classic come from the Bible must be in harmony with this Bible boy cannot stand the test of Isaiah chapter eight where we know assisted the law and to the testimony she said they understand the character this is the review of documents now this is one in ministry boss under the doctrine in systematic theology of ecclesiology or the study of the church so what happens is this really the reveal of documents and the test of experience is very important that she says the spirit was not given nor Kennedy was stolen to supersede the Bible what principle whenever we win anything consistent Bobby got understand the spirit of God gave her an trial riding she said must be subject unto the spot of the of the Bible will be playing God with a more sure word of prophecy as you yourselves if the varieties never contradict the Bible Jesus quote despair was not given nor Kennedy was stolen to supersede the Bible for the Scriptures explicitly state that the word of God is the standard by which all teach how mistaken all teaching even on this and experience must be tested so there's attention on this issue it must be in a quartz with some Iraq semi- experience or slice of that McCauley it must be an correlation to what God is already revealed and so the spirit and cannot contradict itself so what we want to do and what is the distance is there so the Bible affirms women in ministry because brothers and sisters we need both MRI somebody before we got to want to just thank God for my precious mother was sleeping in seasons awaiting the first resurrection the Lord used in ministry the ministry of a home to bring me to the cross and I thank God enough for all my sisters in ministry who were instrumental my conversion but thank God Bible workers still call a mobile worker and Allegheny eavesdroppers at the Middle East knows it she who did labor among me and my family to bring me to the truth amen and still enable new network to get those Sabbath school class as those milliliters glasses at first surge in Washington DC and I think women like that as well as every other woman in ministering download at this point in the Bible affirms women in ministry so I was looking at some nosy and my men are shown to be involved in ministry to the same incident there several is apples like Deborah was a judge in Israel the Bible talks about in the book of Judges chapter four and verse in the book of Exodus chapter fifteen we see Debra was a prophetess and notices right here we have a second Chronicles chapter thirty four the second Chronicles chapter thirty four the Bible talks about another woman and I like this rake is on I specialize in teaching him about his ability white and I know that there's some outside Iraq both who look with negativity on women prophesied but the Bible does support women prophesy what you say have been a man the Bible says in the book of second Chronicles chapter thirty four the Bible says a second Chronicles chapter thirty four and verse twenty two the Bible talks about a certain woman who was use in ministry at a very serious time in the history of God 's church the jail was about to go into the Babylonian captivity but yet God will raise up a woman the Bible says in verse twenty two and help I have an day and that the king had appointed more to hold up the provinces know why a shout on the son of tick by the thought of housing rock key brought wardrobe Massey dwelt in Jerusalem in the college and they spake to her to that effect and ethnic kinds of the prophets became a hero worth in the Lord the Bible says in verse twenty three as the president saying us say that will somebody so is CNN only can a man give up a standalone all-in-one anointed by the Holy Spirit God can give a fuss if the Lord 's will to live saith the Lord God of Israel to leave a man that since belief Santa Barbara twenty fourth behold I will bring evil upon this place and upon the inhabitants thereof in all the curses which are written in the book and which they had ran before the King of Judah and she gives more preprocessing of the versus Augustine right here but God woman Verizon use all one and prophetic ministry so we see how that was the properties listed in the book of Luke chapter two verse thirty six the New Testament affirms women in ministry as well to an low chapter two member thirty six and what reads you some statements from the spirit of prophecy not every statement but I'm not to make the point and to confirm what the Bible as already said on the subject the Bible says in the book of Luke chapter two and verse thirty six he had the MX models that enables one and what somebody a prophetess the daughter of that e-mail the tribe of Asher she was of great age and it lit with her husband seven years from her virginity November thirty seven and she was a widow of about four score and four years which departed not from the what Temple with fasting and prayers night and day about is not talk about her prophesy but the Bible recognizes her as a private meaning that she gave prophetic word prophetic counsel 's jurisdiction to was involved in ministry with that I will save men wanted to be another script in the book of acts Chapter eighteen verse twenty six asked up to eighteen verse twenty six ago to ask the eighteenth chapter and with a look at verse twenty six and wanted to give God the praise for his word because bro businesses we have a more strong word of prophecy the Bible says in acts chapter eighteen and verse twenty six the Bible says quote and he began his act eighteen twenty six and he began to speak boldly in the synagogue upload and Priscilla had heard they took on to him Dylan fan and expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly BC woman here in ministry with her husband and I'm pretty sure she was giving a word to the young man who got converted a man so we see here women in ministry and one more on Scripture you will look at is the book of Romans sixteen and first one and we may be able to visit this back again before we close in the book of Romans sixteen inverse one of the apostle Paul in one fatal issue with you on this issue of women ordination with Frank I think that the same author of this book was the same author intimately and types as well as first Corinthians where God called one man to talk about this issue so you can't put Peter get somebody else appalled against somebody else Paul speaks for himself the Bible says in the book of Romans sixteen verse one the bottles I can then argue feeding our assistant which is a servant of the church which is at kick and era that you receive are in the lower ethnic Saints and that he assist her and was a business you have need of you for she had been a superior of many and myself also Paul himself affirm when an ministry were servant comes from the word would get the word deacon where she served as muscle nasal call a deaconess or a servant maid visual servant ministry will maneuver than a showing that what she did hear as a minister doing ministry for the church did not cock liberal Paulson on the writings and will get another one right here they were women up for a prominent role in the ministry of Jesus ever times they would give you that between one third it am researching Matthew twenty one through ten and the other scheduled examples chapter eight verse three Lodz update verse three chapter twenty three verse forty nine and then John Chapter 11 one through forty six twelve one through eight John chapter level one through forty six chapter twelve one through eight as always see this right here women along with Jesus working in ministry before the war so if this is this further no spiritual gift is unlimited is what the modern tin man and the list of the New Testament spirit to get a first read this chapter will wellness twelve first Peter Chappell and women were commanded to edify the body of Christ which included teaching according to the book of Titus chapter two verse four and as well as prophecy the Bible says it asked is that if you know a part in the last days and what is the Bible to pour out my spirit upon how much less of last and the Bible makes it very plain that sons and daughters show what rock design so we see that right here as well as everything else so the Bible affirms that women have an incredibly in what wall and God 's churches throughout the ages that hasn't changed however even though many women both standalone and significant ways we should not conclude that God 's intended meaning and limits of funds in the same capacity that very very important to know what is using analogy in football for those that watch football all ballplayers are equal all have the same role one has to be a quarterback one has to be a wide receiver with the most important position in the center regardless the center Volvo quarterbacking do anything but we all know the quarterback user gets all the glory and those kind of things but every position in the church is important to Paul says in Corinthians that those with higher gears cannot look down at those listed years and vice versa all the gifts of the Spirit are important but what I do right now for the next couple of minutes to read the Bible was written with the spirit of prophecy says that affirmation of women in ministry now we all in agreement that women as well as men are qualified to do ministry in Iraq that we were diligently what the spirit of prophecy says in correlation and Hollywood biblical principles gas estate was here we get from review and Herald January two eighteen seventy nine the probable loss this quote well it can be nationalist of righteousness that save men rendering holy service initiative it was Mary the first place a resident Jesus if there were twenty one hundred eleven when there is now only one who would make this whole emission pictures were wish to see many more converted to the truth in a man is that the refining softening influence of Christian women is needed in the great work of preaching the truth is you sent a letter seventy seven eighteen ninety eight she says quote when a great emphasize of work is to be done God chooses men and women to do this work and it will feel bowl all snow is afraid it won't fill the laws at the palace of both are not combine it's very clean we need systems in the ministry testimony to the church volume nine page one twenty eight women as well as me getting games in the work of hot election rules where it can work out and be manifested in evangelism page four seventy two Bill Clinton who sent labor and gospel ministry and in many respects they would do more good than the ministers who neglect to visit the flock of God within a come back to that as we do with this issue notices right here this is from benefit before nineteen oh nine that before nineteen oh nine if this quote we need workers man when understand the reasons of our faith and will realize the work to be done on a communicating the trolls and also refused to speak any words which will weaken the top of them and us all in the word of God will destroy the Fellowship that should exist between both a like fate warming on event was at page four seventy two this is also an letter one sixty nine nineteen hundred and three week tells the story what are two souls received show and the wonderful change in their features and in that character 's soul Mark Wagner labor at the convention of the very life of the neighbors is leaving others to the truth and they are now searching the script is diligently musicals on the site was as Schmidt objects to this system and system W which we know are women are doing just as unaffected work as the ministers meetings when the minutes are called away sister Debbie takes the Bible and addresses the congregation a man was in his radiator is this quote Maria Zamora essays here this is from their eighty fourth nineteen hundred and eighty four nineteen ten is using it says are cat meetings are to be conducting a campaign is back there what will you call event was the Crusades are cat means are to be conducted in such a way that they should be schools for the education of workers we need to have a better understanding of the division of labor and educate all having I carry this part of the work successfully let's sort this course is given in the Bible classes beyond the notices were here that the speaker be sure to women but should the Palm Islands benefit of intelligent women actually do I can act the part in the work of holding Bible classes Michaels back to the melamine with my Bible worker wherever he sat on love and believe the last of the Google amazing back to open relays a seminar in this scene or teach the gospel pair meet the baptism and when I got baptism she did a good job make a short on the stoop in this message I praise God for that and then she concluded by saying there is a wide view of service for women as whale is man to keep reading that he really this is a good and this is good news here is that women of forces from the review and Herald December nineteenth eighteen seventy eight women affirm principle and decided character are needed women who believe that we are indeed living in the last days that we have a last solemn message of warning to be given to the world the key reading on testimonies line six page one eighteen testimony slices one eighteen all work for God to have the Martha and Mary attributes amended in a wireless number one to minister in a sincere love of the Charles Mister says Doc calls for Earnest mother workers women will promote Walmart attendant showed a principal he calls for persevering women who want to minimize himself and their personal convenience and was sent to them upon Christ 's page and wears a child playing with the person double negative to accept laboring for the conversion of souls with that many use the men on love this very year praise God for the spirit of prophecy review and Herald December nineteenth eighteen seventy eight continuing she says quote they are normal women with Panama the moral courage to decide in favor of the truth when the weight of evidence and then Asante may have conscientiously accepted the truth they have ten percent so that ability I will make successful workers for the master a man ought to keep reading we need a couple more big women get into the real issue is is from review and Herald August twenty six nineteen oh two this is what the Lord has a work for women as well as for me they may take their places and work at this crisis and as we see the moldings of the Pope in these last days when they are sisters as well as the man is that he will work through them and if they are in view with a sense of their duty I labor under the examples of the Holy Spirit they will have just the self possession required at this time I want to thank God for this is if the Savior will reflect upon these self-sacrificing women notices right here in the light of his countenance I will give them up power fantasies out of me powerful not get the context they can do that in the families of work in the antenna theory important I have never in my church that I need them to visit certain people that I should not be visiting a man just that woman's touch a man to soften the hearts is this a work that reaches the inner life that you come close to the hearts of those who mean cannot reason this includes their labor is needed most is powerful that a thirty one eighty ninety four minutes thirty one eighty ninety four women wept the cause of thy heart and do a good work in the districts of which they reside Christ space open and help in presenting the true people others and Paul who nothing Paul also speaks for women labeled with him in the gospel how very limited that the work done by those who do a large work is because also Muslim it is read on this is from evangelism page four hundred and sixty five I can't accept when I read this he was the one who sees that I am paying because our systems in America on not more of them do the work that they might do for the Lord Jesus our body in Christ they would receive courage and strength and faith of the work many lemon yellow to talk but without all you nearly have to do that many women I cannot talk the words of Christ appears is all the more closely related to Christ the heart learns the wackiness of the soldier not know about them builds and Littlefield is on of their doing so Christ was brought them with a great rice entrées so much that the enemy keep going on this will have time to time is of the essence made out the back to a couple of these but what we want to do with one of willing get to the bottom line of this and see this anymore is that it is from the bed of the page for citizen event of the forty seventh is this quote when and if she wants to impose a time of faculties relied upon God for wisdom restraint may span on the quality with us and as an advisor counselor companion and coworker and yet little is that overwhelmingly grazed for modesty I thank God for event and receiver can read more more on this is from letter one oh eight nineteen ten devoted to the real issue they are women who are especially adapted for the work of getting Bible readings and they are very successful in presenting the word of God in their simplicity to others they become a great blessing imaging mothers and daughters this is a sacred work and build engaged in it should be should receive encouragement come to the last couple before we close but what we want to do is get to the real issue is quite the Bible supports women in ministry Mister the prophecy operating highlighting the local principles of the women in ministry so it is not as we all know the purpose of this symposium did you mean when it anyway MRI of only one of those mutual full and firm and consistent what the Bible says the real issue is that the Bible and the writings of Ellen White support women serving as ordained pastors in the eldership bishopric function best inch however when we can speak or teach position your day at a passed in the eligibility repulsion and things on the Bible has been asked now in the Bible we see a couple of things is going to the reference in the book of acts fourteen verse twenty three to write this down in the book of acts fourteen verse twenty three we see the Bible says that elders were ordained and Titus chapter one numbers five and Titus chapter one verse five we see Paul commissioning Titus to ordain elders in every city so we see the elders were to be ordained now one thing I will say as we forgo one of them lots on the argument on both sides I watched a certain constituency meeting last year not too long ago where one of the components for one's ordination plainly said that we can than when as elders then we should obey them as pastors now I have to agree with you on that philosophy stamp when not agree with his own conclusion because in the history disseminated ministers there were no women elders until nineteen hundred and seventy three were the first woman Elder was appointed and ordained in ordination service we quote what Paul says in Timothy for ordination announce and when ministers are doing Seventh-day Adventist ministers and I'm sure Ms. of other denominations the same text is used now is look at this woman is being women in the church being ordained elves with the same sex with them in the amendment is a WMA that man who the person who said that have one so the real issue is in woman the NL it should be annulled this should be ordained because they but if she cannot or should not then brothers and sisters the issue is clean one thing I want to present to you is God 's word first Timothy chapter two verse eleven through thirteen first Timothy chapter two eleven to thirteen possible roles of minimum in the church anomalies a very playing in verses eleven through thirteen without reading the text regarding written for other programs but the woman is to be in subjection and that she's not to usurp authority over the man should set the teach in an authoritative manner Overland in the book of first Timothy chapter three one two seven 's I relate the groundwork in Chapter 11 through thirteen so that only comes the first Timothy when he says Cosmo Moore lies able to manage his own home etc. etc. it was very gender specific and of course a Titus chapter one verse five is six he uses the term husband of one wife seven A- commentary page two hundred and ninety six now this is not why does it accommodate now seven BC battle Jerry Bynum seven page two ninety six this quote as the is the head of the home so it seemed a natural leader of a group of homes in a church on every government as the husband is the head of the home so he is he a natural leader of a group of homes in a church congregation so this is onwards it found that is a seven-day but his Bible commentary page two ninety six this is from the commentators now let's learn a little more alive than one husband comes in a great on their wisdom with a male spouse and is very interesting that in the book of Matthew chapter one verse sixteen as a talk about the birth of Jesus the Bible uses almost the same term but it's an essay on the husband of one wife it puts the name of a husband and wife and of course you know she was Paris where Joseph and Mary the Bible says in Matthew one sixteen also the men of Mary which was his one wife so the legendary playing that when Paul is writing about the admission or elevate he was very gender specific that may not be popular and rapidly correct but this is the will of God based on the Scriptures because God simply knows what's best for you and Paul he appealed to the culture that the culture in a male dominant society but a sinless perfect culture where the Bible says everything he made was he said Adam was first then the spirit of prophecy says and bow commentary volume one that Christ in a crisis that Adam was being indeed so he was king and even know the Queen one amen so the thought that Paul was saying is that elders or bishops were to be qualified males and noticed as a qualified because all men do not qualify memos with the spirit of prophecy is manuscript release body five page four forty nine this is called the qualifications of an elder are plainly stated by the possible a sequel 's first Timothy chapter three is used in the manifesto was the end the manager of the charts in his own house out the initial welcome in the management of the larger church outside Trenton Internet responsibilities it means so much if you cannot abrogate his own children why the simulation is not selling this matter will not pass upon the minister who neglects the education and training of this challenge it is the second class and he should not take is that people of the trust members of the fact that both Apple and the management notice the obvious home using the right hand and he and Matt and their which means that she talked about a qualified man or men should be a qualified Islamist they were house Bobby generic notices right here at the time of this writing there were no women at the time of his writing she says there were no women elders in the seventy ministers the first woman Eldon the SDA church happened in the nineteen seventies therefore we can conclude rifling but she was referring to males in this statement there were no women elders in the early Adventist church in the same thought the editorial from size of the Times December nineteenth eighteen seventy eight December nineteenth eighteen seventy eight a sign of the times would you be page three twentieths this quote the divine arrangement came from the beginning is this that the man is the head of the woman that ever realize that this is not all appeals in the smaller stage but the Scriptures always maintain this order in the family relation for the husband available why it came as quite as they headed the church of these is my twenty three man is entitled to certain privileges which are not given to one any is subject to the some duties and birds was the woman is the correct number for radon on the left was the wrong way he does anybody platelet with the wrong way on LI Belzer talk about men and women in positions to make a very playing on the station saying that their women is a special work for women as you make it very plain that all women should be the only ones who should be in why which today gynecologist or ostrich instruction and she explains why and when you read it you can understand from a common rapamycin is saying so out of this I was in possession follow the blueprint got the bomb blueprint there's certain restricted demon at the position notices later and mom and may play prophesy exhort and comfort the church but she cannot occupy the position of a plastic cup with this in mind in the strictest sense of the term in a ruling elder this would be looked upon as usurping authority over the man which fear and first Timothy two chapter two verse twelve is prohibited and not one word of rebuke from the prophet came to this person but somehow disable Doctor Olaf Doctor Latona did an elegy wife said quote it is the accompanying of the Holy Spirit of God that prepares workers both men and women to become passes to the flock of God brothers and sisters she didn't say the brothers and sisters that's what it says but the question is what does it mean if I say I am gay underqualified I write down Iraq because there's two definitions in Iraq but I'm happy even beyond cheerfully I didn't memorize Amy not be a bit so I was as if he does this as well in the impasse of the flock of God was there possibly is a very plain that men and women are to become past can be compressed of luck with that I have no problem with it so what we want to do is what defined in these last few moments what does it mean by a pastor and I got some good news for you God has two definitions of the past and with a reading from the Bible and spirit of prophecy in the strictest sense of the West says in the strictest sense Elvis and bishops who oversee churches are to be passed as elegy by Susan manuscript forty three nineteen oh seven in the strictest as those who occupy the position of under shepherds which will call pastors and elders all the charts market as they watched lability of the most mock this is not to be a long recording dictatorial vigilance they are to encourage and strengthen anything that I say when that number two and the brightest sense in the one cents men and women can be pastors who do pastoral abilities among the congregation or institution is very important where they are not functioning as an ordained elder old and I have pathology as an ordained Elder or Bishop over congregation example Chapman 's rehab hospital chaplain of military chat with shoplifting on college campuses men and women go to pass the labor and affect not far that our colleagues in ministry to heaven and limited our chaplains and children as they keep on pastor in the check was involved in the family dog about but they're not serving or functioning as ordained bishops and eldest notices later chapel is vegan vegan message Bible workers etc. so in the broadest sense may limit pastoring in this function without holding office the title of an elder 's scriptural bonuses right at the beginning of the teapot in Ephesians chapter four verse eleven of the good Ephesians four eleven four minutes but these are sharp the four emperors eight eleven we were look at something of thesis chapter four verse eleven the Bible is a very plain that when Jesus led captivity captive the Scripture says that he gave certain gifts unto men the Bible says in verse eleven and he gave some apostles then he gave some rockets and then some evangelists and some pastors and teachers and we know an Corinthians that teaching and prophecy is a spirited yet so we must conclude that a evangelist pastors and apostles are because of the spirit as well chilled so I believe that these gears here are gender includes Whitney 's mandolin can function as apostles prophets evangelists pastors and the bodices and teachers so that all of the population now so abuse or calendar confronted at the past teacher feedback it was a possible topics and most of the time NATO but the holes with these gifts these strangers do not have to be a Bishop one elder in order to perform all these gifted functions to Panama so or data held ourselves in a new spot capacities what happens is this right here there are also people who are not ordained elders or bishops who function in the same capacity including pastor I know pastors who are not ordained bishops yet they pastor doing self-supporting work or chapter signatures and the lack so let's look at the spot right here all bishops were passed but not all pastors were bishops to get them to give you an example system lacked now she was an elder or bishop but chief function ever get the profit MRI she didn't need to appear in the middle of a convulsion is passes on the spirits of just damp white as I said before their men as well as women who work in pastoral care were not combination of bishops and elders all of the world-renowned is look at the dealings of the pastor outlined by elegy wife on the time 's sake is not as often but I believe it's clear the box is the spirit posse says in the book of gospel workers page three thirty seven coworkers based three thirty seven the sermon the Lord says the passage of visit from house to house among his lap teaching conversing and playing with his family not to talk about this in the copies of the minister but we put a woman and Eric and woman go house to house right case you change house to house converse house styles play with his family wow they ran amazing work alone he begins this dimension amen SF and looking out the welfare of its own goals and manifested a desire to become acquainted with the present of the mapping should not be neglected book thoroughly instructed in the truth and even with testimonies one five seven twenty three responsibilities will be laid upon the members of the church and the missionary spirit should be awakened as never before and workers should be appointed as native will act as pastors to the flock putting for president effort to bring the church up to that condition were spiritual life and activity will be seen in all her borders and we need limited to build that role as where a man they reach another one right unit of what was read to you from him LW bagel is the current assistant director of the elegy what is the deal with this issue is this quote because a pastor he says is associated with the function of this is my year of personal work for the block of England is done by members of the church other than the minister great balance one of his rate he says who visits families who teaches and plays with them who shows personal care and interest is doing pastoral work whether it's a man or one notices regular key point of woman with the spirit to get up during the Diwali given a spiritual gift cannot be denied from functioning in that pastoral capacity can punch in his capacity without violating first Timothy chapter two will which forbids women usurping authority over men in the congregation which means that she does not have to be an elder or Bishop to be passed so the lesser light the spirit of prophecy is a connect well a man so at the woman to pass the flock of God it have to be in this context notice is right here where we key this really conclusion is a come to the conclusion men and women are called by God to finish the gospel commission because they minted that we need the labors of both sexes in order to meet the unique demands of the present there are women were now serving notice coppers departmental workers is you directors personal ministry women ministries of the ministries and others doing pastoral care as chocolate etc. as most of the ministerial functions that are not in violation of first Timothy chapter two in verse twelve second bellow my statement of specimens check the line six three twenty two does not contradict the widest Apollo as it relates to eldership in the church the Bible states that qualify me are to be builders bishops over their churches who must function as a past as inherent in a bishopric or eldership but what happens with Ellen Weiss said is not a contradiction notices right here past all work in its broadest sense carried on by women who have the spiritual gift of past which is not missed that necessitate the home office of an elder or bishop passing is a spiritual gift but eldership is in office was the first Timothy chapter three disco the first in the dejectedly misty with the Bible says in my last point is that hello my statement must be interpreted within this life if she is to be in harmony with Scripture the Bible says in first Timothy chapter three the manifesto chapter five because I don't want to him to leave this out and read a couple more statements with us in time there is you are demanding is a new argument is a new argument passed the board then on has been brought up to substantiate women as notes now and when I saw I was becoming like this recipe is like using a letter from exegetical step one but when we anyways look at first Timothy chapter five timbers and see when they would become with a suggested solution to this issue the Bible says and first Timothy chapter five verse one and to lose look at verse one the act is this quote review not an elder wedding treat him as a what and the younger man as what Brenda Mercer says and the other women as mothers and the younger assets as with all the new argument down with the going around but on the says the elder one as this writer but will make UBL you laughing because you know that that is not what the text is a that is purely high cities the Democrats the fact that a liberty PhD but if you know people see with easy but instead of the element of love is now available and some are not age MRI somebody in command of the alkaline as Lovett and let younger as my cynicism we see a correlation between owner and on and younger so the context you estimate be the same reply but what happens is this writer is called about something completely different writer or editor respect elders a man onto a pattern as well the dolor Alderete 's husband of the book of Titus chapter to try to step into the Bible gives answer what you mean by it on the women the Bible says that you don't answer is beloved and Titus chapter two and burst forth to read you a statement from I am a recent phone stabs who authored the talk about the ordination of women with ovarian very interesting point Titus chapter two and burst forth now talk about inversely verse one Titus chapter two verse one says but we found the place becomes found that that the aged man be sold grain sampling sound in the faith and charity appraisers first three and about eleven antigen when all of the elderly likewise the debut behave as become of holiness not also chooses not given to much wine teachers of good things that they may taste a little all these other things MRI such as that is the work for women and say the closer we get back to the New Testament write something the more blessed it is a very interesting to note that the Christian church the early church rule we are leaps and bounds without ordaining women clergy yet women were functioning in ministerial functions in Iraq about a possible those daughters in the book of acts twenty one verse eight who prophesied and as we come to the last days I believe in the latter Raymond without his spirit when the message of the third age of gold from the whole world and the closing work men and women will be endowed with a prophetic gift via prophetic guidance in the last days as we close the work now point back to first to ask chapter fourteen in verse twenty three when the Bible talks about Elvis being ordained one of my colleagues in ministry in the recent Sabbath school directs discovered school author Doctor Keith Barton a ministry magazine in nineteen ninety six as a very interesting that caught my attention this is from November of nineteen ninety six is this quote one notices in the New Testament it automates was reserved for those that specific leadership gifts not every gift notice may not ever get the man an official recognition of installation and first church leadership position from the wording of acts fourteen twenty three and Titus one five it appears that those who were ordained male under the general category of present Rob or Elvis out the automation was not to a specific leadership position notices rate that as teacher apostle hast me evangelist admitted that may have been a spotless least about your tuning this observation is further evident in the fact that the apostles Peter and John identify themselves as elders thus we see that Wachovia is mayhap one distinct functions available to generic distinction of Presbyterians or elder whacked out of this one is that going back to the argument of how a person can function as a past as a teacher as an apostle as a prophet without being ordained to the office of an elder or a bishop so with that I believe if the balance now of course there will be those that will not accept any of him counseled such as this right here as we discuss here in this symposium but for the honest in heart analyzer with the principles of truth let God lead on a cigar amen manuscript forty seven eighteen ninety eight manuscript forty seven eighty ninety fifth a great work is to be done in a world at every talent have a Dallas is to be used in accordance with righteous principles upon what is appointed by the Lord to do a certain work her work is to be standing according to his value and every labor meeting when and if the receiver just do I like to see since you are reading on those who work earnestly and unselfishly be they men or women ring she said the best and the souls converted by barely noon and women will bring their ties into the treasury with self-denial is required because of a dearth of means to a few hard-working man do all sacrifice a you know and love but today that's in the black since there's no one in his family needs the systems a man and has been set off than it was about the woman we wouldn't have a chance to one of the bottle called a woman about a prophecy search that all share in the day to sacrifice God declares I hate a great program offerings and any manuscript one forty nine eighteen ninety nine manuscript four one forty nine eighty ninety nine she concludes from this right here which he said is the top should build in the laboring word and doctrine the Damien omen and I believe in equal pay for equal labor one of my favorite women in ministry happens to be a perfect one of my former teachers not to say where she was teaching at but I love her seal her passion prescription a lot of them away and I set her feet in my classes and I said hallelujah are you with so in conclusion the Bible the spirit of prophecy affirms women in ministry payment in the spirit of prophecy talks about women as well as men being pastors but it must be understood in the light of past of being a spiritual gift the way women in the broadest sense of the time to do pastoral labor without being ordained elders and bishops and with that there is no contradiction this perfect harmony and as Tim Wilson says we must study this issue and seek with the possibility and I don't speak for anybody but myself based on this would allow personal study why because the Bible says that I must give account of myself before God amen the school to Titus check this go to first Timothy chapter three Sebring is to all I will listen to God 's will is in the script in his word the Bible says in the book of first Timothy chapter three verse one oh before me we thank you Lord wanted to say that equal pay for equal laboring men women I have no issue women studying theology on a batches level masses level and even on a PhD level and what am I have a female friend of mine 's lady activities she is so profound and teaches network but yet she does not have a theology that she is powerful in the Scriptures and reaffirming away at our church in Jefferson Texas a bastard of a season and should not pass at the one her being on a sheet said no because what the word says what is the worst thing verse one this is a true saying if a man desire the office of a bishop a desire for good work a bishop then must be blameless the husband of one wife and we know only may make of the other one what am I right vigilant sober of good behavior game in the hospitality and also said that since each verse three not given to wine no striker not good it will be looker but patient not a brawler not covetous one that will well his own house having his children and suggestion all gravity for a man know not how to rule his own house how to take care of the Church of God and God has appointed us as we with all the testosterone of God is given us a bear to be the leaders in our home and if the Seventh-day Adventist commentary states in the book of child I than one minute a half left in Soundgarden says that the chair the home is the expenditures we were to read that the Spirit of promises every home was in charge and when areas a male he is the be the price of his home in the beginning of time when sin came into the world even though the woman Sinclair 's talking today because he was responsible so therefore Paul was rightly said by one man and incident to the world because God made him ahead and got held them responsible and in the a.m. there will be many fathers will be called to account whether they were with their children are not what they abandoned it and was not asked the man wears that law giving and they are women such as mama who raised mock myself and my brother and sister without my daddy did a powerful work she had to be Mama and daddy a natural at any time caller that I called her mother brothers and sisters I thank God for the truth and method are amaretto wrong I thank God for the truth and brothers and sisters with that last night 's bushel a father Mohammed displayed that the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be blessed this will immediately Jesus and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to three seven audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. .com universe .org


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