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16- Male and Female Created He Them

Julie Mesa
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Julie Mesa

Registered Nurse


  • October 4, 2014
    7:30 PM
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him what to do here right again I want to say that I have dear friends and family that are on the other side of this issue and I want you to know that while I take a different position my love and my respect for you still remain the same and it is meaningful to me that that were even having to deal with this issue in our church at this time I collapse in a wonderful home my parents and surrounding family instilled in me and my brothers and my sister my brother and sister the idea that we can set our mind to do anything we wanted to do they believed in us and come from a long line of very strong running you can ask any of the women in my family we are all very strong opinionated and stubborn I felt about the role of the woman was just high and exalted as that is the man and I never felt that high because they respond position that were not open to women in fact I usually don't want to do this and anyway so when the issue of women's ordination came up I wonder why women would want to put themselves into that position the ministers talk to a black high calling I know because for a while my cat and I have been led eleven after I was the minister 's life and all I want adding in the Haaretz on duty in the research and when I caught about if I want to be a minister you know when this question was coming up I thought it would be a mother and a wife and him and he probably did too much so for me but I don't even need a state of shock as for me and not you are really unnecessary then friends and family of mine started taking five on this issue and urging me to study it out and I is I want to risk the whole thing would go away and I didn't have to focus on occasionally I would spend down and I would take some time to study a little bit of it out and I put it down again I didn't interest me but what caused me to pick it up again with my fault what would happen in our church I fall that some of our union and conferences were choosing to ordain women despite being on fire General conference to hold off on some of these steps I went into effect that would make our conferences and in some of our union dues like sure very rebellious to me and ends and create documenting what we call Diane Sawyer and you know I really do need to take the time and study the stopped and when I came to the conclusion of my study I saw a beautiful picture for the Ministry of men and women that I hope to share with you today before I get into the main part of my talk with one another prayer Lord I pray that you would be up here with me that you would speak through me that it wouldn't be my words that are heard yours nitrate that does the power of the Holy Spirit with the self-confessed place hearts would be convicted to follow you Jesus and he and Sally say what's in her thought overcoming dyslexia talks about three reasons of the brain that are very critical to reading one of called Broncos region is located at the front of the brain and then there are two other regions called to try temporal area or temporal area or region now with entrusting about dyslexia is that people that are dyslexic only generally only how Broncos region in their brain functioning during active reading and so one-sided Gilbert take a group of people and daughter dyslexics that only have this one reads another brain working and were going to flip them through a period of tutoring at the end of the time we want to see what kind of an affected attack on their brain and faith and through several months of triggering and at the end of that time people were reading wonderfully fluently this is struggling before that now they were reading when I finished I wonder what kind of changes were going to see in the brain when we look at and so they look at their brain and they found that instead of just that one reads in working all three of the regions were working at the end of that tutoring session and what they're there conclusion what was that in order for a person to be a fluent reader they needed all three of the region to be involved and do you think any of those individuals who were struggling to read before would wish to go back and say you know my Broncos region of the brain is pretty amazing and it can do its own job and the job of the other reason we are discriminating against this region by stating the other regions do a better job at their job right we went quickly replied that Brock has demonstrated that it can harbor for the other areas closets but the result will not be what God designed to be at all the regions worked together on my friends have all the divine specific role when Jennifer 's one twenty seven thousand now and female created he them everything now and now were female and female God created men and women of equal importance just like the regions of the brain and he resigned to work together just like the reasons of the brain toward a common goal to bless this purpose he gave us a different role if one of us tries to do Arkansas plus the top of the other one weren't going to leave a job undone he created us male and female and killing that is equal that was different and important functions today the idea that men and women are actually different times of the surprised the phone is you know that I just read a story of a woman found to the psychologist Susan Pinker and I'll quote some of her thoughts later on in she said it came as a surprise to me that my husband and I were not just alike after they had been that they didn't react the same to the birth of their first child she said I thought everything he could do and was like I was like as well as a result of the whole feminist movement if you haven't heard Laurel down six talk on the connection between feminism and the full issue I hope you can can go back and listen to that but ultimately my church family we haven't been in the devil who would like to obliterate the image of God within us the blurring of distinctions between the sexes is one of his methods when Ellen Fleiss saw this happening a hundred years ago in draft and it was happening with something called the American cost and they were trying to blur the distinction of the fact that at that time and see warned prophecies they are an design that there should be a plain distinction between the dress of men and women and having considered the matter of sufficient importance to give explicit directions in regard to it in the end that the best part for the same dress worn by both sexes would cause confusion and great increase of crime are we not seeing that great confusion now between rabbit regards to the role of men and women get some articles or would like us to believe that male than female are different not because God created an different but because they are socialized to be violated in another new idea out now that we are only different because girls were given little dolls to play with when they were little and boys were given little cars to play with when they were little and so of course providing a Lang Dalton they get older and of course boys are in a like Carson they get older they faced because that's how parents train them to fear about how society trained them to be but just so that we can be clear this idea of socialization is not to read our Bibles get and it is an idea question even today by biologists and psychologists and I was asleep take a little bit of time to be before we get into other parts to just enumerate on some of these differences there is a book that's just been written by a developmental biologist his name is Louis wool part and the title of his substance why can't men or women be more like men and he'd give a whole list of biological differences between men and women number one forty hours after birth girls will look around and choose to look at the faces of people more than boys and boys on the other hand is that do they like to look at mechanical object fan and and others got the fatal their interest is in that forty hours after birth four months of age twice as many girls will cry when frightened in a strange room out globally at twelve eighteen or twenty four months of age girls will look at goals much more than the life while boys will look at cars much more than girls do it Lewis said about this he says quote it is hard to attribute these basic differences at such young ages surely social influences another different hypothalamus of the part of the brain is much larger in men Benitez and women women show their emotions more than nine men tend to be more aggressive than women and interestingly even the words we choose can reveal our gender did you know ladies than men if we were to take the paper and write it and send it off to someone who never knew if we were a male or female if they do it they just took a look at our writing they could tell generally what gender you are simply because women use more words related to psychological and social topics while men use more words that refer to the properties of objects and impersonal topics Susan Pinker a psychologist I mentioned before says in her book the sexual Paradox men women and the real gender gap she says women are more likely to choose people oriented professions and more willing to change or leave jobs when they run to to destabilize their families or infringed on their relationships in fact eighty percent of women all maintenance and repair career support these priorities man on the other hand tend to have one passion and pursue it doggedly and interestingly since it also states that women tend to have about ten to twelve career changes on average whereas man only have about two again pointing to the fact that women will change the if it affects their social or familial relationships where the man is that's what he was called the damage he's just going to pursue that the list could go on and on and when applied to the majority of men and women who should we believe examples you know sometimes I find this funny ladies do we ever know when we can get a jar up and whatever color daughters with a honey could you try and open the store for me now literally we call her husband are we call her sponsor we call our fathers because in general men were created stronger than women but which parent to children typically go to when they scrape thirty and they want comfort and encouragement they go to mama because the mother tends to have more empathy and your church family we were created science did this because we have actual film are going to spend some time on these special roles but before I do I just want to mention that there are roles and Mike you've probably heard throughout the series there are there are roles that men and women are called to fill and also briefly go over those the candy is our roles such as teacher missionary profit cook city builder degenerating that women were also called to the study builder you can find that in first Chronicles eleven twenty four business owners agricultural workers are all being jobs were shared with men and women in the Bible but there are certain rules that God has created which are physically unique to a man to a woman and these are the ones the focus on the lips start with and if you are married men God has called you to be a husband and not only a husband that he has called you to be the spiritual leader or head in your home so what is the husband 's role is season five twenty five and twenty eight percent husbands love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it so on name to love their wives even as their own bodies he loves his wife loves himself no man you are called to die for your family just like Christ died for us if necessary answer roll it it's a beautiful high self-sacrificing role of husband and I know God put that desire in men to be protected by CNN my husband I stated my funding is not my daughter that will think money watch out be careful it's usually my fund money without much better be careful of the he 's very protective and I'm I love to see that I saw this tendency growing up in my father and in my brother I remember a time when I was a little girl that when my brother my sister and I were coming home from school and I think it was probably getting close to dark and our school was on one road and you just do one run over in there for our house was that you get from that road to the thread he had to go down this theory gravel path it wasn't scary in error the darker and so the three of us were headed home and I believe it was getting dark as we neared the beginning of that little gravel pathway we heard a noise in the bus and Sydney it sounded like there was someone in that post was very scared and looked at my sister and she was scared I looked at my brother and I thought he looked scared but he never said if he was and he looked back at us and he said you girl you run on home and he could than older than ten he says you are not home health and so we ran and I have no idea what you did who he thought what happened I just know that after that my brother was my hero he was strong and he would protect me when I called them to do the Adventist home page two fifteen says the Lord has constituted the husband to be the head of the wife to be her protector he is the house band of the family this means finding the numbers together even as Christ is the head of the church and the savior of the mystical body let every husband who claim to love God carefully study the requirements of God in his position Christ's authority is exercised in wisdom in all kinds and gentlemen so let the husband exercised his power and imitate the great head of the church God calls you husband did you get to protect to be with wisdom kindness and gentleness let me emphasize that they can before we move to the next role that God has also called to the spiritual leadership in the home to lead as Jesus leads the turns out here that I have appreciated so much the spiritual leadership of my husband gives and our family and women want a husband that will come and sit home and say all right family was gathered together for worship come and talk to God or we need to take this to God in prayer I appreciate that as a woman and then we want husband that are like that this is a call for you it says the Lord and agonist homepage to fifteen the Lord has constituted the husband the head of the wife to be her protector he is the house and of the family binding the members together even as Christ is the head of the church and the savior of the mystical body now God has called you to be a father he has also called you to a unique and high role the Bible instructs fathers to provoke not your children to wrath but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord Ephesians six four the word nurture this is an interesting work of sometimes we would we think of this word as being a imminent type of work that the word nurture according to strong is the whole training and education of children which relate to the cultivation of mind and moral father it is your job to make sure your children receive a complete education in the things of the Lord and this is your job it and demanding see the spiritual leader of the house the home the father and I'm quoting from the advanced homepage to twelve represents the divine lawgiver in his family he is a labored together with God carrying out the gracious divines of God and establishing enhanced children are writing principal enabling them to form sure virtuous character because he has occupied the soul with that which will enable his children to render obedience not only to their earthly parent but also to their heavenly father I hope you caught the father is responsible for helping cultivate a relationship with the father must not betray his sacred trust he who must not on any point yield up his parental authority a father new studies are also showing have perhaps a greater impact on the ability of his child to form trusting relationship and mother have as well to listen to this this is from a recent study on taken from science daily June twelfth two thousand twelve that's where it was reported that it was the is the scientific study where they took more than five hundred and actually the result of more than five hundred studies and this is what it says quote when it comes to the impact of the fathers long versus that of the mother results from more than five hundred studies suggest that while children and adults often experience more or less the same level of rejection from one parent as opposed to the other often times the fathers can be much greater than the others and then later on it says BN Hortense of a father 's love should help motivate many men to become more involved in nurturing childcare authors you have a huge impact on your children and I know from personal experience what it is like to have a good father my what kind of man that did help me form those trusting relationships I can remember being a little girl and always thinking I can do what ever I wanted to become my my father and my mother for that example said that I could and I called my father 's spending time with God every day he would always take time in me my church family to spend time with God on my own as well and when ever I imagine that God I always thought this had at the God who loved me even when I disagreed with and because my dad whenever I imagined God I thought he must be kind because my father was my father will always have my respect and love for the thing out a beautiful picture of God don't you mean that our fathers one that for your children what a beautiful legacy to leave them I quote again from the Adventist homepage to sixteen the father 's duty to his children can not be transferred to the mother if she performs her duties she had heard and enough to bear only by working in unison can the father and mother accomplished the work which God has committed to their hands God is also called meant to be the providers of their families first Timothy five eight five but it in a man provide not for his own and especially for those of his own health he has denied the faith and he is worse than an infidel that you can be a Christian and if you don't provide for your own family it's almost as if you were not one as a child I used to think we were very poor because when ever we went to the grocery store and we would pass that all I'll don't the glass case and I would ask my mother for one student oh no we can't afford on the front you the really poor we can't even afford and don't but even though you probably should get it for my health we can't necessarily afford to because my mother chose to stay home as we lived on one income on back then but even alive I thought well were poor we can't afford done it yet I never was concerned about the real necessities of life because I knew my dad provided this for us with God 's blessing it was a very sure feeling of the child to know that I don't have to worry about where I would sleep when I would eat what I would wear I never had to worry about those things and men this is a need that God is calling you to fulfill for your families that's your job to be a provider for them God is not only called men to be leaders in their family however that he has called you to be leaders in your church there are certain spiritual world in the Bible which are specific to men now I'm just a layperson who finally taken the time to study these issues out and they get I do have for my family describes is a very strong personality and I believe in the fair and equal treatment of women but in my family I have not seen any strong scriptural evidence to support women holding the following position the first is Deacon first Timothy three twelve but let the deacons be the husband of one wife ruling their children and their own houses well it does not read let the deacons be the wife of one wife that would be confused my brothers and sisters it is the role of a man it explains the need for them not a Bible scholar that this is what it's saying I know baby has been brought up as an example of a female deacon but I felt when I heard how I got started at ABC Wanless but then I found this quote in the North Pacific Union Gleaner December four nineteen oh seven the Lord how the work for women as well as for me to see the difference work for women as well as for men and then down a little to further assess Paul and his letters to the churches makes mention of women who were laborers with him in the gospel might want to talk about writing to the Romans he said I commend unto you feeding our sister which is a servant of the church which is that pancreatic now if she were really a geek widened with white call her one there she couldn't have it seems to me that that's what Senate then done if that were the situation even further on down in that same quote it is not only upon those who preach the word that God has placed the responsibility of seeking to save sinners she has given this work all when she mentions Phoebe and not sections she's talking about the work they do with taking part in a work that was given to all that seemed very clear to me and then she goes on to say all who are ordained unto the life of Christ are ordained to work for the salvation of their fellow men that was the work that Petey was called to do to me that's associated with a laborer in the gospel a servant and all who are again until life should be and I do believe she actually held a special role that I'll talk about that a little little bit later the priesthood was also specific to men never one in the whole old or New Testament you ever carry from rural to a female priest at least not one that was not an apostate on no Israelite and apparently in Judah there was a time when they upon the five and and there were women serving in that role and you also see in pagan religions priestesses but you don't see it in in the priesthood that God ordained you don't see that one now men and women and children were called a kingdom of priests and Exodus nineteen fix but still had a male priesthood at the same time so there was a difference there between those two men there is the role of ill elders or bishops the role we often equate with our gained ministers and elders and this is also very clearly specific from the first Timothy three choose that a bishop then must be blameless the husband of one wife it doesn't say the wife of one wife vigilant sober of good behavior given to hospitality apt to teach again this is a noble and anyone can see that finds the white that a layperson is just very clear right here that this is the nail role listen to these quotes from the pen of system whiteness was found in the thick testimonies page sixty and this really stuck out to me quote the primary object of our college was to afford young men an opportunity to study for the jury and to prepare young persons of both sexes to become workers in the various branches of the cause differentiation it was the young men an opportunity to study for the ministry and young persons of both sexes to become workers in the various branches of the cost another quote also from the fifth volume of the testimonies page five ninety eight for those who enter the missionary field said the men and women who walk and talk with God those are missionaries men and women those who stand as ministers in the fakery should be men of blameless reputation enclosed with this section I'm sorry page five ninety eight the fifth volume of the testimonies in clothing men gone have specific roles for you he has called you to the husband that you are married fathers if you have children you called all of you men will hear the call to all of you but those that he call Armenta these specific roles that are different in that it peaked elder and this is her roles to spring the high calling and we need a name to fill those roles that we don't have man who felt ladies know for the part that is exciting to me because there is a special role for us to fill them before we get to that point arena talk about some others as well in these roles are specific just like the roles he gave to the different parts of our burning and they are a equal importance to that which men are called today are just friends and they're just different if you are married one of the roles of God has called you to is that of the wife we were defined to be our spouses companion the Adventist home page twenty five state God himself gave Adam a companion he provided a help meet for him this note this is why compares outward help me to companion we were to be actually companions for each other a helper corresponding to him one who was fitted you will and who could be one with him in the love and sympathy is not beautiful we were created to be her husband the equal five so with distinctive roles the notice of public appointments that we are equal and yet we are seen as well women should fill us with a quote from the agonist home page two thirty one women should fill the position which God originally designed for her as her husband equal the world needs mothers who are mothers not merely inane but in every sense of the word we made the police say that the distinctive duties of women are more sacred more holy than those of men to see that we are equal and yet we have this link this duty we were also created to complement our spouses not to lose our independent individuality not to let our powers lie dormant for ladies go on Dublin you just to be a doormat he wants you to have an education to to use all Helen and feel that God has given you to the best of your ability because he needs you and she has created a hold you to a high wall in this way lessened in this quote the wife and mother said not sacrificed her strength and allow her powers to lie dormant leading wholly upon her husband her individuality can not be merged in his she should feel that she is her husband people again we are equal the most notice to stand by his side she ate away her posted duty and he were equal but yet we each have our job to do immediately this is a tough one for me I imagine that is a tough one for some of you but we are required to the net or judgment to our house and my husband will pay back it's hard for me to do sometimes until they submit yourselves unto your life when I'm getting up on my high horse it we are required to the net but let me continue this it is not contrary to the will of God I just have to include here and this is very very important abuse in any form or a husband who seeks to turn his wife against God that is contrary to God 's will and he should not have met about that is why Colossians three eighteen says wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as it fits in the Lord it is not fit in the Lord we should not the neck but it is played it is our duty to graciously acquiesced in a letter to Mrs. J M Walker ensuring that eighteen sixty one Mrs. White wrote quote we women must remember that God has placed the object to the husband she is the head and our judgments and views than reasoning must agree with hit it possible if not the preference in God 's word is given to the husband where it is not a matter of conscience we must yield to the head lady is gone has called to as well to be a mother he has called you to one of the most sacred imports and position a mortal could hold councils for the church page one forty three fifteen upon his throne has no higher work than half-bath for mother the mother is the queen of her household she had in her power the molding of her children's characters that they may be said for the higher immortal life in the event an angel could not for a higher mission that I only and don't think because some of you choose to stay home with your children that your role is less important than if you were in the workforce I used to be tempted to think because I'm not out working I chose to stay home with my children and because I'm not out at working full-time I was tend to feel that my role was not as important but then I would remember the sacrifice that my mother made for my brother my sister and I and we were little and see how the college degree and she could've chosen to go out and get a job and help support our family that she chose to stay home and take care of us children and I can tell you with great assurance that that is one of the reasons that my brother my sister and myself are still Christians today celluloid hat is a high calling mother you will you will have stars in your crown if you do your work faithfully again from councils for the church page one forty three if married and then go into the work leaving their wives to care for the children home the wife and mother is doing fully as great an important work as a husband and father now ladies this is exciting God has also called us to fulfill our spiritual roles in the church out and I know in the last session that briefly and we went over the medical profession I just want again at that God has a specific role for a man and a specific role for women in the medical profession he needs now nurses and seeing the owner says he needs now that that's settled and the mouth of the Cynthia a new survey back in the early nineteen hundreds that we thought of the position role of being more of a male role in the nurse 's role as being more of a female role-playing needs both of us and just like our brother said earlier the reason for this was not really been counseled one health page three sixty four Mrs. White says the light given me of the Lord regarding this matter is that as far as possible lady physicians should care for lady patient and gentlemen physicians have the care and supplementation but I think the fulfilling of Interscope as a nurse we groped how left to a lot of things like that they just didn't bother me but I hate it to me when I was there communication on and they said I still feel uncomfortable having a note to expose myself in such a way and I thought I know that bother me at the nurse but it bothered it bothered them and you know it because I created us to be imprisoned and sent him to keep our modesty men and women and he may and went into system will be visible in a sign so that you can treatment in England can treat women if possible I know oftentimes there situations where that's not possible but I didn't think this idea was so silly when I needed to find an OB/GYN because at that point I wanted a woman is well you know when I working on maternity intervenors I first graduated on there were no male nurse up on my floor you know why women don't want namely the help in hunting fishing and I know we have melted this and sometimes they even if the women had a choice she often which is the phenol physician at the female midlife over the mail as well some ladies that you are need building on important possession God also called women to fulfill the FX spiritual role in the church that can not be filled by anyone else appalled to find that as a labor with me in the gospel you find that in Philippians four three times of finished or not the gospel labor expand on this in the review and Herald July twenty one eighteen ninety six machine women who have the cause of God heart can do a good work in the districts in which they reside I speak that women who helped in improving the truth before others and Paul also speaks of women who labored with him in the gospel must let us but how near you Limited is the work done by those who can do a long-range work if they would be there but all the women to do this kind of work that the laboring with the minister in the gospel the gospel work designed for women is the role that Ellen White's minister for Elimite for the minister 's wife should fill when possible but Jesus and Paul as far as we know Paul didn't have a wife and she doesn't have a wife so they needed these women to fulfill that part in the ministry which they were called up manuscript five page three twenty seven says those women who labor to teach souls to speak for the new birth in Christ Jesus are doing a precious work they consecrate themselves to God and they are shocked as verily laborers for God as are their husband they can enter families to which ministers could find no access please see that work is a specific work for women but it is a laborer there are they can enter we enter ladies where ministers men can find no access in this quote goes on the lessons of the sorrows of the depressed and oppressed they can shed rays of light into discouraged old they can train with them they can open the Scriptures and enlighten them from a thought and the Lord Ellen White goes on to say that our cause will suffer great loss without this kind of work she says quote in many respects a women a woman can impart knowledge to her sisters at a man that caused with supper rate law without this kind of labor to see how important it is women that we fulfill this specific role that God has called us to fill in the church again and again she goes on the Lord has shown me that women teachers are just as greatly needed to do the work to its he had appointed them as our men are appointed work manuscript five page three twenty five this work is they work for women by women the cause would suffer great loss with women are just as greatly needed to do the work which God has appointed Arvind just is greatly needed and this role was considered important enough and talented wife they bet it was to be paid position she says injustice has been done to women who labor just as devotedly as their husbands and who are recognized by God as being necessary to the work of ministry as their husband it is the work just for a mistake is made when the burden of the work is left and primarily upon the minister 's leader the differentiation is not the ministers of work but it is a work that is just as greatly needed and just as necessary as the man's breath the minister she goes on this plan was certainly arranged without the mind of God some women are now teaching young women to work successfully as visitors and Bible readers the Lord has put his Spirit upon them both if the husband should die and leave his wife she is still fitted to continue her work and the work that's different than that of the minister but it's still the work that needs to be done she is still fitted to continue that work and to receive wages for that work which she then sucks manuscript forty three a fixed role was considered so necessary that if a wife and mother felt the call upon her life to do this work and she was able to leave the high work of being a mother in the hands of someone else and she was called to do so and go ahead and do the work we try to cultivate I quote Seventh-day Adventist are not in any way to belittle women's work if the woman puts her housework in the hands of the faithful prudent however and leaves her children in good care while she engages in the work the conference should have the wisdom to understand the justice of her receiving weight women helped our Savior and this goes back it's combined now with the gospel labor that Paul was talking about women helped our Savior by you nineteen with him and his work if women do the work that is not the most agreeable to many of those who labor in word and doctrine and if there works testify that they are accomplishing work has been manifestly neglected that's because sisters were not doing the work that God has called us to send not such labor be looked upon as being as rich in result at the work of the ordained minister manuscript five page three twenty four notice again different but it's just as important for me might certainly we are facing some options not heard about three different options with the first option the second option and the third option and this reminds me of a situation that took place about five hundred years ago can you remember a man named Martin Luther and how he was called to get a message that was not agreeable to many during his time and when he was called to go to the stand up for his faith he did bravely and then later he was not allowed to go in so in place twelve princes went and if you read the book called the great controversy you can read their story in a chapter called protest of the Princess and in that chapter we are told that those twelve print that went in the end they presented their case and the opposition recognized that there was their position was so strong it was creating such a division that they said well instead of in time instead of taking the first option or the second option one was to entirely stifle the Reformation the other was to let the Reformation continued they said let's make a compromise to know that they didn't they sat in all clothes this is from the great controversy page one ninety nine the priest and demanded that the states which had accepted the Reformation submit implicitly to Romans jurisdiction the reformers on the other hand claimed the liberty which had previously been granted today been granted liberty to preach the possible in their state they could not consent that roams again bring under her control most states added with some great joy receive the word of God so that is what they propose as a compromise it was finally proposed that where the Reformation had not become established the edict of worms should be rigorously enforced and that in those for the people had deviated from that and where they could not conform to it without danger or verbal things that at least affect no new reform they should touch upon no controverted point they should not oppose the celebration of the mass they should permit no Roman Catholic to embrace Lutheranism you know this situation that were up against his we have our first option whenever such an option or we can choose the third one which is the compromise but is not really the right it sounds to me very much like the situation which took place back in Martin Luther 's time when we lose ground by getting compromised again that was found in the grid at one ninety nine my church family I want to urge you and then of ordaining women to the role of elder ambition creates the position in the church which God has called my name to an end without which the cost will suffer greatly ministers that need that cold laborer with them in the gospel and if that can be there wife Harrison but that is not possible then other mother in Israel need and take that position otherwise the clock will offer great will my dear sisters the devil has tried to deceive us into thinking that we are missing out if we can't do everything a man can do and now we are paying the consequences Suzanne Tinker in her book the sexual Paradox men women and the real gender gap states quote many years ago when women were so far behind and so excluded to get what men had we had to act like them we had to dress like them we had to have careers like them we had to make the same choices we had to work the same hours and I think now forty years later this can have huge cost for women and paradoxically can be more discriminatory and she goes on to state tinkers says women are much more likely to suffer from depression part of the cost of trying to be like men or wires trying to be everything we women have tried to be like Broncos region in the brain and fulfill our own role and that of men as well and it is wearing us out there on I I don't have this quote here but you can look up in the fourth two thousand eleven on issue is and I will try to get that in fact to put it up on the website later but it says that women who are trying to fulfill the role of the man and women are that it says their children are suffering loss because even women who come from very well-to-do families as they are so worried about the direction that their children are headed and the rates of depression are so much higher among women as a result of trying to do everything it's where enough out my sisters but even more serious than this is the damage that gender blurring has done to the word of God secular website and see how .com I'm sure some of you have happened upon this when you're looking how do I do that for how delighted I can go to eat how .com and they have answers for everything when I was looking up on biblical Bible roles I thought i.e. how .com had something to think about how I will be interested since the secular Web I wonder what they say about the biblical roles the men and women what do you know what they think they in for an all read the quote that Christians who don't follow the biblical headset model no longer believe the Bible to be the uncaring word and you can find this when you search Bible roles for men and women on the house .com and this is what it says about the idea of subservience held sway for much of Christian history the Bible was understood to be literally the word of God is that it was understood to be literally mortified and therefore had to be obeyed without argument isn't that what we believe that started to change it says with the Enlightenment and then the industrial and scientific revolutions biblical studies slowly developed as an academic discipline and close study of Scripture undermined claims to it and inerrancy the long accepted Bible role of a man and a woman with their ancient origins in the Adam and Eve stories in Genesis increasingly came to be questioned if the stories were metaphors or met rather than historically true when I think for equality with men without defined or D9 God do you see what they're saying they believe we don't believe the Bible to be the unsparing word of God is not how we want the Christian world to view us that the kind of picture we want to leave with the world gone have a higher calling for men and women in the mind of God and the Ministry of men and women existed before the world began for West created manuscript release eighteen so what was that ministry she goes on to say quote perfection has marked out every feature of true ministry Christ the son of the living God did not live unto himself but unto God that true ministry the ministry which we are all called to to reflect the image of Christ through not doing our will but the will of God who created and just like the region for the different regions in our brain that help us to read God has created man and women with equal importance but with different roles to fulfill many you have been called to the highest night you have been called to be godly fathers and spiritual leaders and our church don't let closer to take the role you are to follow especially when God has so clearly made about women you are called to the fellow role that is so exalted that even seems to when we honor to have that assignment don't let our culture make you think that this role is a low or demeaning one not when God is shed so much power and light and honor upon lady she is also called due to fill a role in the church that men can not fill it you leave not roll the care just be vacant and you leave that role to go with the felony control then you are creating a great loss for the ministry you will leave a void that will ultimately hurt the cause of God no you're not that they which run in a race run all but one receives the prize so run that you may attain and pray Lord I pray that you would help us to step up to the roles that you have called us to help us to be men and women created in your hands the filling the work that you have called us to fulfill Jesus and this media was brought is my audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the something more certain please visit www. audio tours or


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