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The Devotional Life of Jesus

Martin Kim


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  • August 30, 2014
    7:00 AM
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thank you so much for being us together Lord this morning because you want to draw new tools lesson is once again proving your gringos just credit union minister to our hearts and minds of his trading Eugenie hidden behind the cross that Jesus would be seen heard and it is a devotional life of Christ notice that the latest statement from his agents were called through continual communion what community is no continual communion can we see life from God that he might impart life to the world and our life goes on to say that she says she understands this to be our experience in a few new things is I no longer believe that we are headed for the last thing I believe that we are in the and if we are serious about building the mission of the church was given what we must know the basics friends but we must also have the best advice and diligence the devotional life of Christ must become our experience now I was seventy two paragraph efforts the underwear up on the screen but before we go back to being advised John chapter fourteen in John chapter fourteen verse twelve then made a promise which is just what John chapter fourteen verse twelve it is most assuredly I think you humiliating me the work that I feel she will do also and greater works than these he will be because iTunes my father when I know who is Jesus speaking to their the cycle and did the disciples realized that the lumen of the one hundred and we will do that and certainly we give the public on the closet door and that it'd only make it clear that Jesus when he made the comment you think there what would happen why do you expect and not that there would be nothing more evil character she's religiously into the morning of the first is the one in which your disciple and I believe that one day Jesus is the fulfillment on who I arrested with you a couple of statement from his ages that all white makes about as the meeting on John chapter fourteen verse law should write the figure was deeply anxious for his disciples to understand what purpose she has been in and he was united to humanity to change that will display the glory of God that man might be collected by gifts restoring power God was manifested in him that he meeting in enough Jesus revealed no body exercise no power that men may not have the intended as a meeting initiative want to write the perfect humanity is that which all his followers made that they will be in subjection to God and he will is it your desire to be suggestion to go because it's so to perfect humanity is not which all his followers need the left that one statement this is another statement is on the disciples together on the solicitors to the end of time I cannot design that is one of actually being that should she wanting anything that can be multiple handball and significant results in your mission field I need your phone service what they are using significantly ballpoint anything below you know that you are interested in the NAP the North American division he averaged six if I remember for years that significantly it is in the ball is constantly being that she would achieve only insignificant results she goes on to say all will go to work for not being what it is most convenient but if I can get more and certainly the one you can be sure you did that because I thought my father how did you want to realize that the elements of this amazing woman that we went to work for you let me are soft and you but it was not the way it was when we be following the example of Jesus you notice the words of Jesus on the number of all these attacks come from the book of John Jesus speak and it is also the son can do nothing of himself John five nineteen and John chapter five mysteries as I myself do nothing my judgment is righteous because I do not seek my own will but the will of the father who sent me Johnson thirty one down from heaven not to do my own will John eight twenty eight I do nothing of myself John eight fifty I do not seek Longhorn will the life and is getting the ways they are like I'm convinced on the father didn't live a life of entire submission to the father 's will Jesus was worth nothing and God when everything on and you have to be nothing they got to be a Jesus calling to live a life of utter dependence and to follow his example because it is went to work for nothing what he himself into but it was what they wanted to do more negative than it is for this reason is that so much time in prayer defining so if you want to relate the fulfillment of this partisans onto the fourteenth wall is going to finish as the devotional experience of life because our devotional expects now I was with you somewhere to put him down before we get to the chief the statement that it put on at the very beginning message you know has written many books on the subject that Bernie Primus divided her great author in his book weapon at first he writes is where the language of a person with a sense of wisdom was that like reggae need for the language of a person burying with a sense of needs and ways of the were conscious of the poverty asking of another the things she needs it is not a language laugh but it will left cautiously real-life Fred eleven of those who need something something which they themselves cannot supply which was then only what they ended and for praying prayer is not the same thing for pork from a lack of the fence of need while Brown was born in the same soil not to praise and nothing needed and to admit there is no realization of the need this is what men find the sin of progress is that this is what I sent up from it Robert invented and treated at hand of God is not sufficiently about half of the light into the declaration made in God that we do not need to and have to not range this is the state in which the Holy Spirit is not the subject is in Asia found the Laodicean church is based had come to stand for one in which God is rolled out expel the lot but out of the entire combination of the church is summed up in one expression because they now say if I need not this is the most alarming space into which a person church or a preacher and come he finishes by saying something as rich as the social position infinite power and material the church and have yet only gone leaving him out the pictures and pensions work and declare either by their omission of prayer I need nothing in the faintest idea book by Douglas after he writes conservative pastors at a conference in Dallas indicated that more than ninety five percent of business today is to get it as pastors but at any difference after 9/11 I presented the Ministry of pain on average five minutes today welcome seminary one of the professors who will lead the power of prayer is that if you want your members to break during the day you have to need instead is our right thing for the Georgia members to pray Howard and in everything in her alone in my pastor 's on any likeness of the Odeon downstate availability and they had come to stand for one in which God has brought out the life put out on the authority has shared with the optimist points at the time it is simply to prepare you what what would be the desire of ages about five emotional experience to help you understand how it worked for was deprived into my life was utterly dependent on the father and he was burdened with a sense of the divine I think that it is not unlike with ever so crowded with labor and responsibility as was that of Jesus yet how often he was found in her how constant was his continuity with the heavy everything I would framework when simply too busy and anyone can admit atheists is vitally communicative situations it is rare that we speak to God and is primarily through his word that he communicates to us that are speaking a lot about where I want to understand and make communion we also need as much timing buzzword continues you wanted to again and again and as life are on record such as easy as a great while before day he went out and did part us all take a end there great blog is unique in your mourning in the present that Sherry is present I'm not a morning person and I hope it over this to get up in the morning there is an argument about why to begin making the morning but I have that fact that my Google stomach most notably make begin maybe I didn't afternoon in one of breakout sessions talk about how you can have a more enriching devotional experience that that is of interest to you Lisa is that you need on the Rosen of want to walk with Jesus about the day we must begin today in his present concerning artifice great multitudes came to hear me shield my view of their infirmities and human consultants in the wilderness and pray I came to pass in those days then he went out into the mountain to pray and continued all night for those that form is the only place in the Bible that she felt was that he spent the whole night were but as you'll see later units within this state which is often spent the entire night for a life wholly devoted to the good of others as they were on the withdrawal and the broker of travel from the wrong that all of him day after day cannot certify from a life of excess activity and content with humidity just think retirement and unbroken communion with the father and we can turn aside from our lives of these the activity are they billed this is any is less interface is living with us my thoughts with the event e-mail access with with Facebook and twitter as one for sure parties and witnesses and was wholly depends upon God and as they suppress you thought you find strength that he and Michael raises what Judy and slide the whole independence the father being converted they need this is what the development to his knees and aromas that you think are struggling for careful and communion and got been unburdened with all our crushing him she found comfort in July that you set the price if I have United Nations a father that she is complicated on about the humanity was charged with the current is not seen nineteen with indignity and out of the income started through continual communion he was in life from God that he might impart life to the world to experience is to be our devotional life of Christ must be the devotional might of the remnants if we want to realize the fulfillment of Jesus words in John chapter fourteen verse twelve Jesus says we were indeed Shahid you definitely get some time working for school fourteen verse twelve is as necessary I hate you he who believes in me the work that you came looking also at greater works than these he will do because I go to my father because the amazing promise Northwest thirteenth season and whatever you ask him I know that you that the father may be glorified if you have anything in my name I will do with defending gun at you and is not an again and again that the system over to John chapter fifteen percent chapter fifteen percent is if you abide in me and my words abide in you you a lot ask what you do not initially done for you listen the page on the team birth extreme you should not choose me but I chose you when you really should go and bear fruit and they should remain that whatever you want that whatever you ask the father in my name he may use you goods on August sixteen the good verse twenty three John chapter sixteen verse twenty three and in that day you will ask me nothing most assuredly I think you whatever you ask the father in my name he will give you until now you have asked nothing in my name ask and you will see exactly why maybe again Jesus is making is so clear on the name of his crucifixion as last evening with a disciple is so important that he had that he moved forward in for a job in front we're told the men of prayer are the men and is related to Internet and then the women of prayer are the men and women enough throughout history you look at the waist that in usual by the video background effects of different faith but the one thing they all had in common with it they were all men and women were between missionaries that they wanted and preserves of yesteryear blocking all had in common with that was that they were all men and women were able to listen to me what I is again where John Wesley spent a minimum of two hours paper and not I think that a response to believe where I want to want to answer one of the most common objections that comes up when people cannot spend more paper and have the kind of delusional like they went off in the long here is completely busy to pray the form of me too busy to pray I want to Mozilla but don't want to believe the lie from the devil will come to a handle on my mind and he'll come to us in the voices of the first person and will make you think that you know we came up with a couple of patient and I believe that the devil as he is this library successfully is attending so many people from having a richer devotional experience on the back to the chapter five fifteen sixty which means we read earlier when we went to the antigen and perspectives of the report around concerning him all the more and great multitudes came together to share you still have other infirmity so imagine the reported going out to heal all manner of diseases can imagine this is what which one is that you will go to a village I often do not be one with you have to imagine how badly Jesus what a worthless sixties say so he saw often withdrew the one and she made sure she and I didn't even go to know more about eighty million cattle to get you the next and the Lord were vulnerable he shall receive power I've been examining the record of his life we found that out on important occasions she made trying to growth or to Catholicism not to an offer earnest persevering prayer to God this is amazing she bluntly you what you really want to debug and entire night prayer just before he was called upon to work some mighty miracle community while a mighty miracle that you want to conserve the feeding of the five thousand the rating of the Christmas Day she frequently devoted the entire night to practice before he was called on to what I now know beyond doubt out of the Scriptures I believe that you can do on you because you are right but we remember that anyone are busy debating the clothes of humanity she walked at the man on this earth any complete in the family and we depend on the father and dependent on the block and framed as I write software to Britain where he was known as the figures are very gifted creature she is that we are too busy to pray that is likely to mistake for praying is a meeting time frame you what I pray that they will only come to experience this as you make a priority in your life what is there was once asked what his plans were for the following day and after what worked what early until late that had so much to do that in the first hour that is why prayer is a meeting of time that you get the more time you need is then confirmed and efficiently that I know this from experience there before going overseas trip to how my plate I discussed some still have to definitely overwhelm and I know that I got a picture time as they begin the day and hour and a half of English at all and shoot Mark for our morning devotions had everything a going away is putting everything into place and everything is the most market aggressive electric train if I get the more I pray the better it wouldn't understand this friend because we need to pray even more and we pray you understand where the city I just want what I was in someone's of what Christ coincidences have been and when I don't write you don't I think of them as miracles what happened and when I don't pray you don't ever have to pray to the new appointment so I was too busy to pray or too busy not to pray Re: chlorine was a close friend and associate the great evangelist DL Moody she wrote we are committed to break the will to power we had a great deal of activity of the accomplished little any services in much machinery you results so I been working on a select number of people Lord was as we began to me and I think you need to want to get making for a greater priority in humans and it is a relatively safe ranges to spend time on my knees praying to donate Mister and Ed yesterday morning I get on the plane and I had these the guy next to me he is Spanish because all you look really hot individual that I was going from having on likely be just that how are you and to exchange a few words and help wondering if this guy would be interested in conversation but anyways as a thing with enough people will know what on prayer praying Hyde and seventy in your destiny he says are you a Christian outbreak began out of a conversation now I initiated Helen at the amusement of Christian will be in talking to offer window coming the other you and that the lipid levels of the health and basically doesn't bother one to begin but I is an exchanging contact information and I will think more I know that the reason this happened is a direct correlation with between the best and unique to this experience because I know that if I would also like to spend much time in prayer God will bring people to mean that are searching for the truth but when I than I had time to practice what I was thinking that Jesus said this is to say him before they came to my mind yesterday so I think with forty four Jim doesn't know a company unless the father who studied law and no one can come to me on the father who sent me law is into my mind yesterday and in whatever way it is trying to be dealt with there is like who is blind people that she was going to find people you have for this reason I believe that even in the over forty nine that he be more a hand on my father upon you to carry in the city and is so you are you with power from on high she told me to pray for and if you get in the area you directly you are you are in the Bible the order paper cannot quite recall you were paid a three eight eight whatever praying and they live in obedience to Jesus command unit is that of a computer goes out and pitches for ten minutes and overcoming our party will easily pay for ten minutes we reached for ten days and eight and the pathos of Peter will only happen if we really were called in prison serviceable to be carried on to completion by the cooperation agency the lack of sufficient meeting apparently acting in the work of God but if they are present there what firm lifting technique is no bail could be looking to the censure of the incident and the level for the removal and civil wrongs and Jesus must be mingled with or they are as aware as well be offering a committee on him yet he is metallic I definitely forgot we would see that only the work accomplished by much prayer with defendant might have been there I will then adjust where the grand review of the eighth Re: return of the sampling method and in that service cannot suffer there is almost totally due under the sun is gone in a flash is going to what is accomplished by much for OS X what the tests of judgments when you want and if there is enough to work in we got to fray in the spirit took me to Matthew chapter seven one one to twenty one not everyone is speaking here so that everyone who Stephanie Lord Lord said unto the king in heaven but he who does the will of my father twenty two many will take any of the people who are suffering upon arriving in a cast out demons in your name and then many wonders in your name that can be a lot of churchgoing people is a very active than the one I think I would expect that I never needed are you a flawless sure this applies to the person who knows about that should I continue to be sure but that look like those who have all the truth and yet we're doing the work in the flesh without prior the dependence on you over and over the brain is traveling deciliter as you spend much time in prayer has got to get to know you with this community time for enclosing LSM and you are the statements about enough is also example for Enoch walked with God three hundred years previous to this translation to heaven in the state of what was not that you are capable of the profession of Christian character than it is today and how did Enoch walked with God he educated his mind and heart to ever feel that he was in the presence of God and when the friends list that you want to keep in it used to take any course that was offensive to God he kept the Lord continually before him he would pray just the way that I may not care what his pleasure concerning what shall I seek to honor the Michael that he must constantly shifting his way in court in accordance with God 's commandments and he had perfect confidence and trust in his heavenly father that he would help she had no car will develop it was also immersed in the will of the father now having read about because someone else is different for these reasons that she left with a complete suggestion to his father 's will just like they know what a representative of those will be upon you or I shall go be translated to heaven without seeing how many of you are looking forward to try and how many wonderful knows what premise of being translated to heaven nothing that I don't believe simply because you are they are the last generation that you have I believe those will be covered when you have will be those who had a special law on the surface yeah those that have been bad enough that your desire to learn to write in much prayer and God 's word will not unreal engine in the media was brought by bodybuilders in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain that the visit www. audio person or


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