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Modern Medium- Part 1

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries




  • August 31, 2014
    9:15 AM
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The highest form of sorcery is being practiced on our planet today. Lord may you fortify our minds as we go through this presentation and we even look at these clips, these tiny little snippets from Hollywood Lord, may it not entice anyone in this room to go see these films, but to see the truth behind them, and so Lord I pray for your protection. Send a legion of Angels right now, to camp around this company of your believers, to ward off the spirits that are here, that wish to deceive us and to keep us in the dark, so Lord I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus, we love you, thank you. Amen.

     This is the first part of a three-part series I’m titling Modern Medium. We’re going to look at the effects of Hollywood on the mind, and then we’re going to go through and see how this business really is modern-day sorcery.  Yesterday we looked at how God is wanting to Incorporate us into his family and to co-labor with us as farmers, spreading the seed of the word. We know there is an enemy that is here, that is also spreading his seeds and his thoughts. But his are not like God seeds and he doesn't operate like God. It’s a genetically modified seed that Satan is planting; it’s been altered, right? So that it can be planted in the mind and poison can be sprayed on and it won't die so these things get in our minds, and I believe seriously, from my own personal experience and we, my brother and I, were raised Adventists. It was while going to PUC that we went away from God. Why? I'm not saying it was because of PUC, it was because we were focusing on the things of the world. Our church became the theater. We were at the theatre every week and we were watching every movie coming out, my brother and I were addicted to movies. That had started at a very young age.  My parents divorced and we grew up in a divided home. My mom left the church and so we were able to watch whatever we wanted. My dad really tried to protect, but when we were with mom we could see anything, watch anything. It got to the point where Scott and I were waiting till Friday, till the next movie came out because we had seen everything. We’d go to the rental store and we’d go, man there’s nothing to rent because we’d seen everything. We’d go buy one ticket and then sneak into all the other movies and watch five of them. We’d come out like zombies, like oh man, what was that about? I truly believe that's what led me away, because seeds were planted in my mind that choked out the truth, and I eventually left. You know, I’m not here to say that TV or the medium is evil in and of itself; it's how it's used. There are ways in which we are using it, right? It was a video that someone handed me that spoke to my heart. We need to be very careful and very wary and guard well the avenues to the soul, amen? Christ warned his disciples that in the last days,

   Matthew 24:3 the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

   Mark 13:22 For false Christ’s and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

     He basically warned us that deception would be the order of the day. And that we need to be aware that there are going to be people who will come up and say, oh there’s christ over here, there is christ over here, that’s going to just happen, and that’s what’s happening today, really.

     In Revelation 18:23 talking about the fall of Babylon it says

18.23  for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

     This deception in these last days is going to come by way of sorcery. When you look up that word sorcery, when we first saw this in Ibor’s “Escape From the Black Hole” this really got to us. This was one of the pivotal points that really helped Scotty and I decide to leave Hollywood and enter back into the work of sharing the gospel.

     Pharma kea is the original root word for sorcery, it is where we get our word pharmacy. The use and administering of drugs, poisoning, sorcery, magical arts often found in connection with idolatry, and fostered by it. Basically anything that medicates our minds so that we cannot follow the will of God, could be considered sorcery. It goes beyond just the things that we think about.  When we think about sorcery, which is wizards, witchcraft and the like, which the Bible says to clearly stay away from and it goes beyond that because there's other things that can medicate our minds, right?

Alcohol, the first thing alcohol affects is your frontal lobe. It starts shutting down the frontal lobe, that’s why people do things they would not normally do sober. They wake up in the morning and go, “what’d I do, I don’t know.”  Because their judgment is gone. The frontal lobe is the seat of judgment. We’re going to look at the mind here. The frontal lobe is the command center of our minds. There is a third of your brain that is frontal lobe tissue. It’s what separates us from the animal kingdom. There are for instance in a cat about 3 1/2 percent of the tissues in the cat’s brain that is frontal lobe; and in a dog it’s about seven percent. So you can see the dog has a little bit more frontal lobe tissue there. That’s why the dog is man’s best friend. But really, this is what separates us from the animal kingdom. God has put a third of our brain dedicated to frontal lobe tissue, the seat of our spirituality and our morality and our will. This is where we make decisions for right and wrong.

     The question we really want to answer is what is really taking place in the mind when we sit down and we zone out and we watch TV and watch movies and this sort of thing? In our research we came across this article entitled Weapons of Mass Induction. It was based on an excerpt from a book by Doctor Eric Sigman called Remotely Controlled, and he's talking about how children are affected by television. This is happening to all of us, so here’s what it says: 

     When children watch television the frontal lobe is not doing anything, with the result over a period of time, this part of the brain doesn't develop properly.  A study in the World Federation of Neurology outlined the concerns about the impact of visual electronic media, including television, on children because of stunted frontal lobe development which also impacts on their ability to control antisocial behavior.  Playing and interacting with others is recommended to encourage the fibers of the frontal lobe to develop and thicken and to make stronger connections.

So when we’re talking about childhood development this is where it gets really serious because basically when we are born we’re born with billions of brain cells and trillions of connections can be made. So the pathways haven't been formed in the mind, right? And that’s what is taking place when a child is developing those pathways are forming. That’s why they are taste testing everything, right? Putting everything in their mouth, can I eat this, can I eat that? As they crawl around and it’s touch and tactile and they’re looking in your face, this sort of thing, those pathways are forming, when you plop a little child in front of the television all the activities stop.  They go into a sedentary type of catatonic state and the frontal lobe is not functioning. Now what happens in the formation of pathways?  To make pathways stronger, you need to keep firing down that pathway. Each time a neuron fires it lays down another layer of protein called myelin, right, you’ve heard of this? The myelination of the axons in the mind.

     Somewhere between ages six, seven, eight, there is a pruning that takes place in the mind. The brain releases an enzyme and it dissolves all poorly myelinated pathways, so if you haven’t used it, you lose it! That’s why a child can learn virtually every language you throw at them during the time of speech acquisition, because they've got the neural capacity to make all those pathways.  You can learn a language later but it takes a little time.

     We actually interviewed Doctor Dimitri Christoffis, he is in Seattle Children's Hospital in Seattle. He has focused his research on the impact of media on children. He has been on Ted Talks, CNN you name it. He has been giving these warnings about exposing children to television. Here are some of his findings.

     “The concern I had was that exposing the developing brain to the rapid sequencing of television programs,  particularly baby DVDs which are more rapidly sequenced even than normal television, would precondition the mind to expect high levels of input and that would lead to shorter attention spans later in life.  Reality couldn’t really, if you will, keep pace with the expectations that have been created by watching too much fast-paced programming later in life. We found just that, the more television that babies watch before the age of three, the more likely they were to have attention problems later in life. Specifically, for each hour they watch on a typical day before the age of three, their chances of having attentional problems increased by about ten percent. So to put that another way, the baby who watched two hours of TV a day before the age of three would be twenty percent more likely to have attentional problems at age seven compared to a child who watched none.

     We followed that initial study up by looking at what children watch because as you might imagine not all shows are paced the same. If our hypothesis was right, the more high paced programs they watched the greater their risk would be of having attention problems. That’s exactly what we found. The more fast paced programs they watched, the higher their risk.  Slow paced programs, particularly those that took place in real time don’t appear to increase the risk at all. So that was part of a series of early studies looking into what I call the overstimulation hypothesis, that you can overstimulate the developing brain.”  

     Ok, so did you get all that? Basically he’s saying the more television a child watches before the age of three is in direct proportion to the amount of attention deficit disorder a child will experience at age seven. Interesting, so here this is Mason, this is Scotty's little boy, you can see how he is constantly moving around. And here is when his daughter was born and the mind was developing.  Here's a little animation of the neuro pathways in the mind and here's a little animation of the neurons firing. Each time they fire there is that protein sheath that is laid down over the axon called myelin.

     We found lots of articles too. Here’s ABC news saying too many young kids watch TV. The current generation of toddlers is already becoming the next crop of couch potatoes. A study issued today by the Children's Hospital Medical Center of Cincinnati says that forty percent of two-year-olds are watching a minimum of three hours of television a day. This is all in the face of the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines saying that kids under the age of two shouldn't be watching TV at all, and those between two and five should be strictly limited to two hours a day.  Interesting!  Another article here shows why babies and toddlers shouldn't watch TV. Media and children, here's the Academy 's website actually, their statement here says television and other entertainment media should be avoided for infants and children under the age of two.

In France they've actually made it illegal to produce shows that are geared towards this age group. In France they don’t even make television programs geared toward this age group because they realize this research. But they can’t keep everything out so American programming is broadcast in their country.  They put up a big warning that states, speech acquisition, all these attention deficit problems that take place when children under the age of three watch television.

     The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 3:16

   1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

     Where does the Spirit of God dwell in the Temple? In the most holy place, and the frontal lobe is The Most Holy Place of the Temple that we all are. That’s where the Spirit of God dwells and Satan knows that and he’s trying to turn that part off. He’s trying to mess with that part of our mind so that we can't have the ability, right? He’s trying to medicate that part of our mind so that we can’t hear the will of God. Millions of Americans are so hooked on television they fit criteria for substance abuse as defined in the official psychiatric manual according to Rutgers University psychologist and TV Free America board member Robert Kuby. Heavy TV viewers exhibit six dependency symptoms,  two more than necessary to arrive at a clinical diagnosis of substance abuse. These include: using TV as a sedative, indiscriminate viewing, feeling of loss of control while viewing, feeling angry with oneself for watching too much, inability to stop watching and feeling miserable when kept from watching. I’ve told people if you don’t believe that this is really like a drug, try stopping cold turkey, just turn the TV off for a week, two weeks, try a month and see if you don’t exhibit withdrawal type symptoms as coming off a drug. How is it that television is as powerful as a drug? This is a very simplistic look at the left and right side of the brain. The left side of our brain being the more analytical, critical, logical side; whereas the right side is our emotional, artistic, dreamy side. When we intake information, like you guys are sitting there right now listening to this and looking at these slides, the information is coming in the left side of your brain and your compartmentalizing it, you are organizing it, putting it in, weighing it against your past experience and saying, okay I’m going to put this here, I agree with that. Your mind is doing that, then the information goes over to the right side of your brain where you take a step back and you look at the big picture and you say, yes, I believe in the great controversy, so how does Hollywood and all the stuff come into play? Well within just thirty seconds to two minutes, the brain goes from an all brain thinking situation to predominately right brain thinking. So the left side of your brain literally shuts down and you are no longer analytically, critically, logically filtering the information that is coming into you though your senses.  It is going in your memory pool in one big chunk and details are lost in that. That becomes a whole basis of subliminal, and messages that are in your mind you don't know where they're coming from or how they are affecting you. When that switchover takes place when your brain goes from all brain thinking to right brain thinking the brain releases a rush of endorphins into your system. You actually get an endorphin, everyone knows what endorphins are?, the runner 's high, you exercise and you get an endorphin rush. The endorphins hook up to the same receptor site in every cell in your body, that same receptor site that heroin hooks up to. Literally you get an opiate rush by sitting down and watching television. Next time you sit down and watch television just notice the calming, just aaahh, I’m with friends, right, you kind of feel that calm feeling, that's your brain releasing the endorphins into your system and we become addicted to that.

     With videogames it gets even crazier because of the lengths of play and the reward system and everything, there is a whole another addiction that takes place there.

Now, how many of you have heard of Roger Morneau?  He wrote a book titled,  A Trip Into the Super Natural.  This is an interview that Dan Halton and his wife actually shot a few years before Morneau died, talking about his experience of almost getting involved in the occult. For those of you who don't know his personal testimony he almost joined up with this very high society occult and while he was coming to this house the priest was telling him all sorts of things that the grand master they call Satan was doing and had been doing.  So here he's talking about there was a grand council with Satan and all his angels in the 1700’s to make a plan on how to ensnare people because they saw the age of the end coming, knowledge increasing, and the industrial age about to break on this planet.  So they have this meeting and this is what was told to Roger by this priest that there is this threefold plan.  The plan is interesting here in light of what we’re talking about so I’ll play this clip.

     Clip with Roger Morneau: We’re going to be followed. First they were to see to it that humans would be made to believe that Satan and his angels do not really exist. Now the next thing in the three part policy that they had adopted there, the 2nd one was to find a way to get total control of people’s minds. That would be done by taking hypnotism out of the realm of the occult and introduce it as a new science for the benefit of mankind.

     Now the time came when Lucifer decided he had to choose a person to initiate this thing. Franz Mesmer was an officer in position and was chosen

Q: The priest told you all this? Oh yes, because he was the most capable. Mesmer originated a theory called animal magnetism, later on renamed mesmerism. Mesmer was led by the spirit to believe, was what the priest said, that certain persons have a magnetic influence within themselves so to speak that would cause them to have great power over other persons, even to the point of placing them into a trance.

Q: The third point was what?  Was to destroy the Bible without burning it.

Q: And what was the strategy on that? On that it was very interesting, It was at the great general counsel that it was decided that Satan would tutor Charles Darwin personally. In setting up the principles of his theories of evolution he was tutored by Lucifer himself, father Lucifer. And at that time it was understood, Satan and his spirit counselors understood, that if a person was led to believe in the theory of evolution it would, in his life, destroy completely the creation week of the Bible, the fall of man and the plan of redemption. And he said that every teacher of that theory is recognized by the spirits as a person of great value and would receive a very special unction by Satan himself,  given great power to induce spiritual blindness to convince and convert. Three capacities are given to those teachers of the theory. And that’s not all the priest says.  Satan considers the teachers of the theory of evolution to be so valuable to him that in the sight of all the inhabitants of the galaxies he assigns bright beautiful angels to follow that educator all the remainder of his life. And that, in the sight of the inhabitants of the galaxies, is the greatest honor that he can bestow upon his workers and all mankind.

      Interesting huh? And really that last point, that was really than death now in my experience while going to La Sierra  I was taught evolution as biology 101. I stepped into the class, and it was like, wait a minute, is this room on campus?  Is this not part of the college? I was seriously baffled by it. I had no idea that Biology 101 was going to be a straight course in evolution. Then I took a theory class from a bunch of other professors.  They were trying to make a creation-evolution theory out of it, like maybe God seeded the big bang, maybe he tossed that grain of rice out there and boom the big bang happened and God’s worked through the theory of evolution because this short chronology thing, this is not scientific. That’s what I was told, so I said, well then the Bible must not be really what it says, right? It must not mean what is says, because it says, the world was created in six days. Well, if that’s out, then the fall of man and the plan of redemption, that’s out too. Because there must be many pathways to God and the Bible is only one. That’s really the mindset that I went through.  Lord have mercy, because we are definitely in the last days, I mean we know that this time is coming.  We know there is a great shaking that is going to happen in this church.  We know there is going to be these things. It shouldn’t be all that surprising to us.

     That second point, to take hypnotism out of the realm of the occult and introduce it as a new science for the benefit of mankind. How many of you have heard of how positive hypnosis is?  You’re right we can lose weight; we can stop smoking, pain-free childbirth. I read of a guy who had open heart surgery.  No drugs, hypnosis, just strongly suggesting to the mind you will feel no pain.  Cracked his chest open, he didn’t feel anything. That’s crazy, that is as powerful as a drug. What's happening in the brain when we’re undergoing hypnosis? There are these brainwave patterns that the brain exhibits while we are in deep sleep, delta brainwave patterns, light sleep, theta. Awake and relaxed is the alpha state, awake and excited is the beta state.  When you're reading a book, when you’re having a stimulating conversation with somebody you’re in beta. You’re in the highest gear as it were that your brain can be in, and that’s where we really want to be. Alpha is a natural brainwave pattern.   It happens naturally.  But to be forced into this brainwave pattern is where it gets a bit dicey. Alpha is the state that mystics and meditation and yoga and everything, that is what they are trying to achieve, that’s alpha. Okay.

     That’s what's happening when you undergo hypnosis.  You go into alpha.  The brain is exhibiting predominantly alpha brainwave pattern.

     Hypnosis, it's interesting that the term itself comes from the name Hypnos the ancient god of dreams. Hypnos was the Greek god of sleep and from his name is derived the term hypnosis. Hypnos had a twin named Than Atos the personification of death.  So Hypnos and Than Atos lived in the underworld.  This was the ancient myth. So it even has an occult origin, just the name itself. Hypnosis is defined as a heightened state of suggestibility.  Such that the suggestions given are accepted as being true and affect the beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors of an individual in varying degrees according to the depth of hypnosis established, Interesting.

     The Bible tells us, Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 6:12  All things are lawful for me but all things are not helpful, all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

     Basically when you say I can’t stop smoking, I’m going to go over here to the hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapist please strongly suggest to my mind why I shouldn't smoke or do whatever you do. I’m going to give my will over to you to make that decision for me. The Bible is very clear on who we should give our will to. It’s God!  If we have a problem with sin He's the one who’s going to help us. Going to this sort of thing is not going to help.

     Here's a quote from Jimi Hendrix I found interesting talking about music. He says: We’re making our music into electric church music, a new kind of Bible. A Bible you carry around in your heart, one that will give you a physical feeling. We try to make our music so loose and hard-hitting that it hits your soul hard enough to make it open. We want them to realize that our music is just as spiritual as going to church.

     These guys take it seriously. I read an article by Simmons, you know of Kiss, Jean Simmons where he talked about this stage is holy ground and what we're performing is electric church. He used almost the same thing here.  They realize the power that they are wielding. He goes on to say that you can hypnotize people with music and when you get them at their weakest point,  the point of greatest suggestibility, you can preach into their subconscious what you want to say.

     How many of you have ever heard of the man by the name of Edward Bernays? A couple of you, okay? That fact right there just proves his point, and if you listen to this quote it is kind of interesting. “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.  Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.” 

     It's not who you see, it’s who you don’t see that’s really in control.  Look at what he says , “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element to democratic society.” This is how it’s been going for a while now.  He says “We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed our ideas suggested largely by men we've never heard of. This is the logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Edward Bernays was Sigmund Freud’s nephew, everyone knows who Sigmund Freud is right?  He was the first guy to take his uncle’s findings about what makes man do this and that and apply them to the masses.  He showed American corporations how to sell products based upon want and not need. We must get Americans to desire things they don't need and to desire the new one before the old one is entirely consumed. That was the whole mindset, right?

This brings us to subliminal advertising and messages that we’re receiving that maybe we’re not aware of. Right? That is what subliminal means. This is just a simple example of a subliminal message.  You’ve heard it said that sex sells. In this picture there is some sort of sexual connotation.  In this picture there is not a falac symbol, don’t worry. There’s simply the word written in this picture, do you see it? Okay a few people see it.  When I fill it in you will see it and you will always see it every time you see this picture, you’ll see that just written in the background there, right?  See, we pick up on things like that subconsciously but consciously we didn’t see that.  The reason that sex sells is because basically the way hypnosis works is by attaching emotions.  For example, the stop smoking thing.  You go to a hypnotherapist, he’ll put you into this altered state of consciousness and he will basically attach negative emotions, it is all emotion driven, negative emotions to the act of smoking, in your mind. Then he will keep repeating these instructions over and over again and attaching these negative emotions to the act of smoking. Then he’ll say at the end of the thing, when I snap my fingers you are not going to remember any of this instruction that I’ve told you right now, but you’re not going to smoke anymore. And you don’t remember what he just told you, but you’re like good, okay, I’m good, and you go out and you pick up a cigarette and you feel all this negativity, and you don't smoke.

     Well it works the same way with advertising right? The reason sex sells is because everyone equates pleasure with sex.  No matter what age we are, even if you haven't had sex yet,  you equate pleasure with sex and so it is an emotion that is attached to their product.  You see their product and you go, “oh, I like that product, I desire that product.”   You don’t even know where that desire is coming from.

Here is an actual campaign that Pepsi did in the 1980’s and wrote sex right on the side of the cans, so when they’re stacked up in the store you get that little subliminal right there. That’s not a coincidence, I highly doubt that, right? Here’s Skittles, that skittle in front of the word explosion is not there by accident.

     Here is a clip from the Iron Chef where there was a subliminal ad that made the news.  “Just for a second it went red, did you see it? When Eli slowed it down frame by frame, it turned out to be this McDonalds logo sandwiched in the food network show. McDonald’s is an Iron Chef sponsor, but the food network and McDonalds say they weren’t trying to broadcast a subliminal message in ad’s so short they’re only seen by the subconscious. It’s a flash frame that came up at the wrong time but it’s definitely not subliminal advertising. Yeah right, she’s lying through her teeth right, because we’ve got motive. It even said right there that McDonalds is an Iron Chef sponsor, why wouldn’t they do that? There’s no such thing as a ‘oh yeah, that frame was there on the shelf, and it just landed on the keyboard and made it in the lineup somehow, right. Purpose, it was put there on purpose.

     There is a an episode of Smallville that we found on u-tube that was another example of a subliminal ad.  This character crushes a cell phone and in that crush you see a little flash and if you slow it down frame by frame you get this little Sprint ad. I don't know if that’s a negative Sprint ad,  maybe it’s like crush Sprint. I don’t know how that really works, but clearly there's something they threw in there you didn’t consciously pick that up. A lot of people have tried to argue this you know it's been proven that subliminal messaging doesn't really work. Well you can find tons of resources that says it does. You think about movies and how detailed they are, everything in the frame is there purposefully. How many little details you do not pick up consciously, and you don't remember but they are there, and how are they affecting us?

     This is a small little clip from a documentary called The Corporation where they were looking at advertising, and specifically advertising towards children and the lady here that’s talking, works for a company called Initiative. They are the biggest advertising firm in the world.  They place like twelve billion dollars a year in advertising.  The year that this documentation came out, I think it was 2007, they were the biggest buyers of time, billboard space you know whatever to do advertising for their clients. They did this study called the nag factor. It wasn't to help parents cope with the fact that their kids are nagging, it was how can we get the kids to nag to their parents more effectively. That was the entire basis of the study so they spent thousands and thousands, millions of dollars researching this to find out how to formulate the ads to get the kids to go, “mom I want this, I want this.”  Because they found out if the kids nag, 9 times out of 10, eventually the parents give in because they don’t want their kids nagging all the time. So here's what she says about advertising. “You can manipulate consumers into wanting and therefore buying your products. It’s a game.”

     It is a game, it’s a game, it’s a psychological game!  You don't think about it when you see a thirty second ad. It’s just a little thirty second ad right? Well millions of dollars and months of preparation, and then two days of filming went into making that thirty seconds. They’ve hired psychologists and you name it, to figure out, how do we arrange this thing, how do we get this thing to totally capture the kids minds? That is really what they are going for.

     Here are some facts:

The average American household has 2.7 persons in it, and the number of TV sets is 2.9 so we have more TV’s in this country that we do people. And I’m sure from when we first did this in 2009, when we put this slide together, so it’s probably even greater now.

The average hours watched there are over 4 hours, almost 5 hours a day. That’s 33 hours a week, 142 hours a month, 2.4 solid months a year, and the number of ads that would be seen in that time would be 25,000 ads, just on television. If you kept this average up over a 10 year period, you’d watch 2 solid years of ads. That is not 9 to 5 that is 24/7, for two years. You could spread that math in education, that is a college education right there. People are always saying I don’t have any time, right? So really what are we spending our time doing because we are all given that one talent in equal proportion, are we not? Time. We can’t take back the time we’ve wasted, but we can be diligent with the time we have, amen, so to move forward in that regard.

     The most advertised product on television, what do you think it is? Food right, healthy food. No, no fast food is the number one advertised product on television and we can see the evidence of that right? The sixty percent or so, obesity rate in America is nearly an epidemic.  And then of course, right off the back of that, we’ve got the second most  advertised product. Alcohol is incorporated into it, as part of it, cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, drugs, are the second most advertised thing on television. They pop up all the time. Do you have a problem sleeping? Are you having a problem staying awake? Whatever it is, I have got a drug for you. I mean constantly there’s a new drug. Allustra, blah, blah, blah. Right? All these pharmaceuticals coming out.

     Why? Because the most advertised product on television is fast food so people get sick. And then, oh yea, here are some drugs to cover up the symptoms you’re feeling because you're sick right? And here we have the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration stamping approval here on this food, and then stamping approval here on this drug to cover up the symptoms you're experiencing from the food you're eating, interesting.

     We looked to find an example of a subliminal type of advertising and here this guy Darren Brown has a show called Mind Control, where this guy is a master hypnotist. I believe he is totally dabbling in the occult, even though on his shows he has lots of episodes where he is trying to debunk the occult, saying it is just tricks of hypnosis and this and that but he's part of it. Hypnosis came from the realm of the occult, so you can’t separate that and use that to prove this isn’t part of the occult. It’s from it. But he has an interesting couple of episodes that we use as examples here. This one he brings in two executives from Saatchi & Saatchi, a very well known advertising firm in London, and he says, all right guys you have twenty minutes. You’re going to come up with an ad campaign for of chain of taxidermy stores. I want you to come up with some sort of image, the name of the store and a slogan. Okay, go. He handed them an envelope before he left. And he said here’s some ideas that I’ve had before, you know, don't look at them, we’ll look at these when you guys are done. So here’s him coming back into the room looking at the ideas that they have come up with, it’s kind of interesting. 

     Clip: Let’s move on to the raccoon. First of all obviously this is a little unfair getting you to do this in 20 minutes. Normally you’d presume, how long would it take for an average project, a few weeks? As long as possible, as long as possible   ok, so this is obviously the first things out of your head. How many ideas did you have? We’ve got like 2 or 3 ideas. Okay alright, so let’s have a look. This will still be like Out of Africa? You don’t like taxidermy do you? Just looking at the different components, Out of Africa, that’s the name of the company? Yea, It’s As Real As It Gets. As Real As It Gets is the slogan , this would be like the…that’s great and this would be like the tears … are they similar or very different? They’re different actually. Are they the same title? I love these, they’re really great, it’s like the lizzardy dinosaury creature there. What’s this, a little one calling out mommy? It so real … calling out mommy. So the little one’s lost his mommy and is crying and again, you’ve got It’s As Real As It Gets down there as the strap line. Again, clearly you don’t really like taxidermy. No, one more, is there one more? Yeah.   Ok this is Out of Africa, add some wilds to your life.  This is just a funny visual where granny or an older guy is driving home and he just went shopping at the store and he’s got the lion in the back seat. What interested me most in this one is the fact that you used a car.  You used an automobile which makes sense to you only if you’ve watched the show back. I love these, they are great, just the kind of thing I was after. Thank you very much.

     I did have, you’ve got the envelope. I did have a few ideas before, which I kind of want to throw into the mix as well, to see what you think of those. If you an open that up for me.

     Go, so, shall we show him? Yeah, so by all means spot on.  I’ll put these up here. So Out of Africa, that’s great, you got that spot on. As Real as You Like, I’ve got here, As Real As It Gets, which is pretty close. And you’ve gone for the lizzard/dinasaur creature later on, in other pictures, yeah in the second one. You’ve gone for the crying thing here, and you went for the mommy, mommy, very similar.  Yeah, it’s very similar to that. It’s just that all the components are here. All the components from your different pictures are in this. Polar Bears as well, did you get polar bears at all? Yes, they’re in the last one, the next one, is that over there? No, we never showed it, that one was going to be a polar bear. So you got, all right, yeah, that is a terrible polar bear. But interestingly the fact that you were unable to draw it, to me is interesting because you’ve gone from polar bears to dinosaurs. On here there was only a word, there’s no picture there’s no visual, I’m not giving you a visual for a polar bears, but you have written it. 

     If you knew the amount of expense and time and effort we’ve gone in to making this work for you guys you’d be flabbergasted. The finale it’s a real comfort to know you’re are as susceptible to subliminal persuasion as the rest of us. So thank you so much for your time. When you watch the show back it will make glorious sense to you.

Ha, ha, ha thank you, thank you very much indeed. Thank you, pretty impressive.    

     It’s pretty much like one piece of paper all day the ideas we went through in the last 20 minutes. The idea even with the name bang on and the with the tag line on as well, pretty close. wow pretty weird.  If you’re wondering how I managed to predict what the advertising executives were going to come up with just watch their taxi journey again.

Okay, so he went and picked these guys up, he controlled their ride over to his office and if you noticed there’s just little things written in the background. Little posters that he put there’s Out of Africa, just things that were just pasted around on their drive, on top of the cab it says As Real as You Like. They’re just picking this stuff up not realizing it on their way to do this job. These guys are masters, this is what they do for a living you know, polar bears on the T-shirts, polar bears on the magazine the guy is reading on the corner, all the way to where right there he gave them a subliminal for the crying thing.  You saw he gave that little motion of tears running down his face and he was saying that right when he said you show me an image or draw an image for the chain of taxidermy stores.  So this really begs the question, I mean these guys are pros at what they do, they step into a room and they think that they came up with all these ideas, but they didn’t.  That really begs the question on a daily basis what we think about, are our thoughts our own? Are there things in our minds and things we are thinking about that are possibly suggested to us?   We’re living in a time when advertising is everywhere, you’re going down the freeway like this, trying not to read all the billboards.

     Here’s another episode where he uses a technique called neuro linguistic programming NLP. How many of you have ever heard of NLP? It is a way of communicating a subliminal message as it were through the act of gestures or small body language gestures and the person picks that up. Like here’s a simple example: I like to surround myself with intelligent people, but what did I just tell you? That I'm intelligent, because when I touched myself right here when I said the word intelligent, so that's a simple little example of what NLP is. Here he’s brought this actor Simon Peg onto his show and he is so clever the way he's done this, he basically sits him down he tells them him how he likes to buy gifts for people by convincing them to want what he’s already got them. He does that by, there is a little bit of work that goes into this beforehand to get them set up for it but basically he’s just touching him on the side and arm, they show he is touching him on the side of the arm and they put the subtitles on the screens you can see where the emphasis is coming, so he’s bringing emphasis to small parts of the words and things to bring about this alternate message that is trying to get across to him of what he wants him to want for his dream present, okay? So here we will let this play.

     Clip: Very nice to meet you and thank you for coming on this show. Let me explain to you how I buy gifts or presents for people, alright? This is the best way to handle, bar none, the problem of what to settle for when you’re going to buy gifts for somebody that’s a little bit difficult to buy for, alright? Now what I do is rather than recycle the same tired set of two bottles of wine or box of chocolates, which are no fun to receive. I go out and I buy anything, and then I make that person fall in love with it, alright? By creating a strong feeling of desire for that object, does that make sense? And it absolutely works, they get all sort of pumped up, they get that feeling of positivity, you would describe it, they beam excitement for it, and it’s a win, win thing because they get a present they love and I get rid of some stuff out the back of my kitchen cupboard or whatever. What I really want you to understand about this is that feeling is so strong, it can be so extreme that it can replace the memory of what they actually wanted. So even though two days before they may have said they want x, whatever that is, you know like a really nice car, a BMX bike, something they really wanted suddenly now they think they always wanted what I got them. Does that make sense? Yes, excellent, cool, good, so you can have anything you’d like.  What’s your dream present? A BMX bike. Alright?

     Yeah, all the imagery in the room everything right is screaming BMX bike right? And what color? Red, that’s what he says, what color do you want? And he says I want a red one. He takes him over to a box, opens it up and there’s a red BMX bike. I can’t believe this it’s like a childhood dream, I’ve always wanted a BMX bike. Wow, now he goes, ok, now can you remember what you actually wanted? He goes, what do you mean? When I asked you to come on the show I asked you to write down what your dream present was. He says yeah, yeah I have it right here sealed, the date he wrote it down, he’s like open it up. He opens it up and looks at it and it says a leather jacket. He says I don’t want a leather jacket I want a BMX bike. That’s my hand writing and he was kind of like totally creeped out because he couldn’t actually remember that he had originally written down a leather jacket.

      So again this begs the question, living in these last days, does Satan have a tool that is so powerful that he is actually attempting to replace a belief system in such a manner that we forget what we originally believed?

     Harvey Weinstein is an executive producer in Hollywood and has given Americans acceptance of things I don't think they would have embraced. Maybe they were tricked into it by an exciting marketing campaign but when they came out, they came out different. He knows and they know that this thing is powerful in terms of change and changing the collective mindset of the world really. The writer of the movie The Mission, David Putman, he said movies are powerful for good or bad, they tinker around inside your brain, they steel upon you in the darkness in the cinema to form or conform social attitudes, in short cinema is propaganda. It’s propaganda and people want to argue it’s entertainment. Entertainment it’s just entertainment right that's the question.

     Entertainment if you look at the root of the word there's three words that make up the word. Enter means to come in, tain is the state of or to possess, and ment is a state of actually to keep. So basically the word means to come in, possess and keep in a state of possession. Entertainment who speaks Spanish? What is the Spanish word for entertainment? … What does that mean? Enter, to have and what is miendo? To lie. Come in and lie to me. Make believe, they call it let’s make believe. Listen to what that is. Make believe, they are trying to make you believe something that is not true. It is interesting the terms that are used. 

     Here is an ad for a big online service called Hulu I'm sure some of you have seen these ads. This is them just laughing in our face really. I really hope this commercial upsets you in a way, because you see how blatant these guys are, here it is they’re telling the truth and here it is, right here

     Clip: Hello earth, I’m Alec Baldwin TV star, do you know they say TV will rot your brain, ha, ha that’s absurd. TV only softens the brain like a ripe banana. You know the next time someone says TV rots your brain laugh, laugh hard. That laughter will force our televised intoxicants deeper into your cerebellum slowly rotting it into a quivering blob of tapioca.

     Isn’t that interesting though he says the next time someone tells you TV rots your brain laugh, laugh hard, because what did he say? He said laughter will drive our televised intoxicants deeper into your mind, when you laugh, because when you laugh, you agree. Right, someone tells you a joke, the reason you laugh is you go, yeah, I agree with that, it’s funny. You’re accepting it. You laugh, interesting.

     Clip: your parents were right, your teachers were right, even that creepy scout master with the tight brown shorts was right. TV is slowly rotting your brain and turning it into a slimy, gooey, mooshey blob of pudding, and there’s nothing you can do about it, see? I just told you what was happening and you’re still watching TV, amazing.

     I’m Eliza Doshew star of the new show Doll House. It’s a potent land of twisty plot lines and insane actions that will keep your eyes glued and your brain rotting as your high school teacher used to say.

     Mooshy moosh and the best part is there is nothing you can do to stop it. What are you going to do, turn off your TV and your computer? Ha, ha, ha.  Now that we are beaming TV shows to your lap based computing boxes for free 24/7. They’re finally rotting your brains just like mom promised they would. so keep watching.  The sooner your brain has percolated into bubbly cheesy goo, the sooner we can slip them into your ear canals and pass them through our lower intestines because we’re aliens and that’s what we do. Hulu, an evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.

     Have you guys seen those? The whole basis of all the ads is that everybody in Hollywood all the way down to the PA, production assistant, who is paid a hundred dollars a day, are aliens, they are from another planet, and they are here to soften the brain through the medium of television and movies so that they can consume our brains. I mean do we not believe that there are aliens here on the grounds, spirits that are not from this place, messing with us. And look at their plot line, an evil plot to destroy the world, enjoy. Oh man, I want to go watch that, interesting.

     Harry Potter has this little wand in his hand. Does anybody know what his wand was made out of? No, good. Someone pointed this out to me in the books, he goes into this little occult shop to pick his wand and the wand picks him. This whole little magical thing happens when he picks the wand. The wand that he picked was made out of the wood holly. Holly is one of the sacred woods in witchcraft. They all have these different meanings. Holly is associated with the cycle of death and rebirth representing winter winning over summer.  It's good for spells that involve sleep or rest so basically you eat enough of these berries and you go to sleep permanently.  The holly berries are poisonous. Interesting, we live in this place where we've got this town, right over here, not too far from us called HollyWood. Could it be possible that it is a wand in the hand of Lucifer attempting to put to sleep the minds of God’s children? Putting us to sleep.  Is it possible Satan has a remote control?  He is controlling us from a distance?  He can’t directly get us to sin, but he can suggest allurements to sin and in a sense control us from a distance. Look what he did to us in the garden, with the serpent. The serpent became what we call now a medium.

     Isn’t it interesting today we live in a time where we have the mass media. And we change the channels. Isn’t that what mediums do?, they channel, the spirits, it’s interesting just the terms that are used to describe this industry. The Matrix is the most preached about film of all time a sci-fi film. More sermons have been centered around The Matrix.  As far as the great controversy books have been written like The Bible Matrix, The Gospel Reloaded, The Matrix Revealed.  The Theology of the Matrix these are all “Christian” books.   There's even a scene where Neo, the savior, dies, there’s a crucifixion type scene, and he comes back to life. This is the last scene of the film and when you really look into the whole thing it's a gnostic version of the great controversy.             How many of you are familiar with Gnosticism? It’s called inverted hermeneutics. It’s interpreting the Bible upside down, essentially, and say in the Gnostic tradition Yahweh is the creator yes, but he is not the only god. He is a lower-level son of another lower-level deity and he created the world to be evil. He created it to be physical and not spiritual. Then Satan becomes the logos, he becomes the savior who came to this earth to enlighten us all that we are god.

     That’s Gnosticism and so it flips it upside down on its head but when we see these films as a Christian, we look at the savior, we look at the savior character in the film and line him up with Christ because that’s what we believe, that the Savior is Christ but not them, that’s Lucifer not Christ. God is the matrix for those of you who have not seen the film, it is set in the future, computers have taken over the world and enslaved mankind in the matrix is this ginormous computer that that grows people in these pods, just to sap a little energy out of them to get a little electricity, because man tried to block out the sun to the keep the machines from using their solar panels, blah, blah, blah it’s this whole sci-fi thing. So here at the end of the first film Neo the savior of the story is picking up the pay phone and he’s talking to the matrix, and it is Lucifer talking to God and listen to what he says.

     Clip: I know that you are afraid. You are afraid of us, you are afraid of change. I don't know the future, I didn’t come here to tell you this is how it’s going to end, I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. I’m going to hang up this phone and then I’m going to show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them the world without you. A world without rules and controls, without boarders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

     Ok did you get that? What did he say, I’m going to show them a world without rules, without you, isn’t that Satan’s whole thing? Here he ascends, is the last image of the movie. He ascends up into the heaven, flies up. Interesting. There are many articles and things in our Gnostic Gospel DVD go more into depth on that. Thor, same thing, all these super hero movies. This is sympathy for the devil. This is just from the preview from the movie and look at where the scene is taking place. Who is Thor? look at this.

     Clip: I have sacrificed much to achieve peace for your arrogance and stupidity.  You have opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror and devastation of war, you are a vain,  greedy, cruel boy and you are an old man and a fool, you are unworthy, father and I’ll take from you your power and I cast you out, ohhhh,

     Please open your eyes, oh no, this is Oz isn’t it? Where did he come from?

Where did he come from? Like a lightning bolt fell to the earth. And he’s the savior, this is sympathy for the devil right? Transformer, you’ve got the same thing, you’ve got this battle between two types of robots, right? Listen to the preview again, it starts where? In the heavens, there was a war in heaven.

     Clip: Before time began there was the cube. We know not where it comes from only that it holds the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That is how our race was born, for a time we lived in harmony, but like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. And so began the war.

     Right? A war in heaven takes place. It’s interesting, what were the two sides called?    We’ve got the decepticons and the autobots, who are the good guys? The autobots, those who are operating on their own and the decepticons, those who are here to deceive us and remember this is a Gnostic telling of the great controversy so it's God and his angels are the decepticons and Lucifer optimist prime and his angels are the autobots. And listen to what he says must take place to end the war. Because in the beginning it said, in the beginning there was the cube no one knew where it came from, but it had the power to what? Create, and fill it with life, so who’s the cube? The cube is god right? So look what it says at the end of the first film to have peace here’s what we’ve got to do

     Clip: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, you all know there is only one way to end this war, we must destroy the cube.

     Right? We must destroy the cube. Imagery is everything. What is the cube? The cube is god. The cube is the thing that can make worlds and fill it with life. That’s what it said right here in the beginning, it said no one knows where the cube came from , but it could make worlds and fill them with life so to achieve peace to end this war that started in the heavens we must destroy the cube. Think about the shape of the cube, what is the shape of the new Jerusalem? It is a cube, isn’t that interesting? The more we look at it, basically in Hollywood this is referred to as predictive programming.  It's programming everybody to react in the way the characters react under this circumstance. It’s just telling it to us in these different genres and in the future in the past, and this and that but it’s just tinkering with our belief in the great controversy and how we align those things. And our children’s minds are so susceptible.


Ephesians 6.12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6.13 Wherefore take unto you the [what, put on what?] whole armor of God,

     Do you know what the armor represents? Jesus every aspect of the armor represents Jesus, does it not? Who is our salvation, the helmet? It is Christ.  Is it my righteousness that is the breastplate? No it’s Christ's righteousness. It is the belt of truth, who is the truth? It’s Christ, I am the way the truth and the life. We shod our feet with the gospel of peace.  It is Jesus who is guiding our footsteps, in our hand we have the sword, right? The word of God, Christ is the living Word, and the shield of faith, faith in whom? Jesus, it is all Christ. So when we take to heart some of these things here. We’ll close with a quick word of prayer, we’ll take a short break and we’ll start in the next section here.

     Dear gracious heavenly Father, Lord, as we contemplate the things that we have exposed ourselves to, Lord, I’ve watched a ton of these movies. I pray that you disentangle the inverted hermeneutic message that Satan is trying to place within each of our minds so strongly that we actually forget what we originally believed.  Lord, let us understand the true purpose of the great controversy the true ending of the great controversy and how we are to be a part of that end. It's all about vindicating your character, Lord and it’s all about a character development that you are wanting to grow within each one of us and perfect us and bring us back, reinstate us back to the image you created us to. So Lord I ask that you send your Holy Spirit to be with us, guide us. Lord help us to guard well the avenues to the soul, in Jesus name Amen.


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