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Modern Medium- Part 2

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries




  • August 31, 2014
    10:30 AM
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Again Heavenly Father, we come before you just humbly in need of your grace in need of your forgiveness in need of your righteousness. Lord we are realizing that we are living in the last days of this earth's history. Satan knows his time is short. He's angry and he is putting out his message out there like a flood. And Lord, I pray that your people are not consumed by that flood but yet stand in the gap and witness to those around them the true nature of your character the true nature of your love, because Satan is accusing you that your law is not just and that you are not loving. So Lord, I just pray Lord, that you send your Holy Spirit to work through each one of us, to truly show the character that you are. And that is the character of love. We just praise your name for things you have done in this church and through us and will do through us, Lord. So just be with us in a mighty way and camp your angles around this place to ward off those spirits that really wish to keep us in the dark. So Lord, I just pray these things in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.

Modern Medium part 2

I want to start with this quote from Medical Ministry page 111 says

“For thousands of years Satan has been experimenting upon the properties of the human mind and he has learned it well. By his subtle workings in these last days he is linking the human mind with his own, imbuing it with his thoughts, and he is doing this work in so deceptive manner that those who accept his guidance know not that they are being led by him at his will. The great deceiver hopes so to confuse the minds of men and women that none but his voice is heard.”

That's really the time we are living in. I mean we are living in a time when literally it is an atmosphere around us. It is a Babylonian atmosphere. It is everywhere. Guarding well the avenues to the soul is, is what? What are the avenues to the soul? All our senses, right? What we see, what we hear, what we taste, what we bring into our minds, into our bodies. Both physical and spiritual, we need to protect and be cautious. So I want to look at just some of the people that are behind some of these popular films and stuff, and what do they believe? How many of you have heard of any of these comic book here? Watchman, Beaver Vendetta, Superman, Swamp Thing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, right? Alan Moore? How many of you have heard of Alan Moore? No? But you have heard of these comics, right? that have been made into movies? But who is Alan Moore?  He’s the guy who wrote these comics. Here's an interview with him.  He believes that he is following a god named Glycon.  This God appeared to him as a snake. Interesting.  He’s drawn pictures of him.  He’s a snake with a really frumpy hairdo.  He’s got this toupe looking hairdo. This is Glycon.  This is the snake that Alan Moore believes he is following and gives him guidance in his creative undertakings. So here's an interview asking him, the interviewer asked him, what's in it for you following Glycon?

“I believe that  every single individual human being  should probably make their own pace with the universe.   I mean, we are all of us different emotionally, we’re all different physically, intellectually.  It would be really odd if we were all the same spiritually.  So I mean that’s why I have a problem more with religion, put aside, because religion, the very word that comes from the same root word as leadership and ligament. It means to be bound together in one belief which I find a bit creepy and a bit unnatural.” 

Yukon has that conversation with a Christian fundamentalists. 

“What they call fundamentalism these days is basically intoned by no intents is revolution-ism.

It goes back no farther than the ITS.  Yet it is a very fraudulent and dangerous concept because as far as I understand it, the maundin, there are genuine worries, certainly in America,  that this could actually negate science, drag us back into a new dark ages.”

Interesting, huh?  So did you catch all that?  He is basically saying, I find being bound together in one belief a bit creepy and a bit unnatural, that we should all make our own peace with the universe and everything and if there are genuine worries in America especially that religion, Christianity in particular, fundamentalism, is going to drag us back into some sort of dark ages.  Right? That’s what these guys believe.  He believes he is enlightening the youth of today.  He is on a mission, this guy right here.  That is why he writes comic books.  He is in writing to the youth.  That is who he is writing to, right? Here is a quote from him.

“I decided I was going to become a magician. All of a sudden the lightning bolt hit and it got a bit strange for months after that.  I was looking back probably in some borderline schizophrenic state.  I found myself seemingly in conversation with an entity, which later he describes as this entity Glycon.  It’s presence surrounded my head moving and speaking lucidly to me.  I was very spaced, god struck.  You babble for an idiot. You babble for a while like an idiot.  I must have been unbearable for two or three months.  I've integrated that into the rest of my life.”

So he believes he is a magician, a modern-day sorcerer, right? Right here V for vendetta. He admits he did not write that film.  It was channeled.   So it didn't come from a human mind.  Right?  You look at some of these comic books, I mean Jesus and Superman, right? Actually, if you look at Superman in some of the the original comics, his mom 's name was Mary. Look Mary. And actually they had his dad, his name was Joseph I think originally, but they did change it.  So they changed it to Jonathan. Jonathan Kent.  Actually his real name is Jonathan Joseph Kent.   It was his middle name. They put in there.  So there’s all these parallels,  right? Well that’s kind of interesting.   I wonder why that is?  And then you come to this writer who wrote the 1978 Superman story and look at what he says 8:06

“On Krypton, that was intending it to be almost semi-biblical.  And people spoke in very stilted elegant English.  The metaphor was clearly there when ghirl sends superman to earth of God sending Christ save humanity.”  Interesting.  And just like Christ goes into the wilderness right after he’s baptized just before his earthly ministry, Superman goes into the Siberian wilderness before he starts his “ministry”.   It's interesting to note that when he brakes upon the scene here how old he is. “Age.  30.” So he is 30.   Same as Christ.  Interesting. 


This is coming into the newer thing now.  Brian Singers is the guy who did the Superman small bill series.   “I've always felt the origin of Superman is the story of Moses” he says.  The child sent on a ship to fulfill a destiny said Singer, the producer of the upcoming X-Men. And this was a story about Christ.  It's also about sacrifice.  The world, I hear their cries.  So what happens? He gets the knife in the side and later falls to the earth in the shape of a crucifix.  It was kind of nailing you on the head, but I enjoyed that because I've always found the myth of Christ compelling and moving.”  

So they are just messing with this story, right?  And this latest Superman film was directly written to a Christian audience.  That's what they were writing that for. That’s what all that imagry is there.

Just look at his name. Call El, right?  It's Hebrew, is it not?  And that means the voice of God.  And look who he is fighting against, Lex Luther! Right?  Lex is Latin for law.  So here you have all that is God fighting against the law.  The arch nemesis.  Isn’t that Satan’s arch nemesis, the law?  In the small bill series, the whole ending of the whole series is Superman removing this mark off everyone's forehead that was placed there by this thing called dark sea that's coming to the earth.  So basically like there's this Armageddon type thing it is a bubbly planet that is going to come and destroy the earth.   And it's Superman’s job to remove the mark from everybody's head and disspell this thing that is coming to the earth.  So again, just an inverted telling of the great controversy.

In Revelation you know it says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, who is, and was and is to come, the almighty.” So it is interesting the imagery that they used, using an Omega symbol in everybody’s head. We know that the mark of the beast is a mark in the forhead. It's a frontal lobe issue.  Its saying, I have the spirit of Babylon as my choice, right?

And see here, Superman can see who has the mark of Omega, which in this instance for this film is the bad thing.  Here is the dark sea coming and Superman flies up and he pushes this thing away. And he saves everyone.  And all the marks disappear. Ah, yes! And everyone is so happy. Interesting. So Satan obviously is wanting to remove the dark, or the seal of God, right?  He doesn’t want God’s people to be sealed in their foreheads. So it is interesting the images that they come up with.  The parallels.

Here, this is from, actually if you just look at superheroes, the definition of a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.  This classic mythology also has the definition of being a godlike prowess and beneficence who often came to be honored as divinity.  So here we have super gods in our time.  And what gods are they and where do they come from? 

“Many of the gods of Greece, Rome and Egypt still exist, only today they wear spandex and capes.  Superman is Zuse, Batman is Hades,  Aquaman is Neptune.  And they kind of fit into the phantoms of gods in the different cultures. Superman is as much of a Moses figure as he is a Christ figure.  You know, he’s coming from another world.  You know, having all this power and really saving lives.  Our redemption is not going to come from here, goes the myth.  Instead, we’ll be saved from the outside.  Batman, the darkling detective.  Gothan’s greatest protector.

His parents killed before him at an early age. He is the world’s greatest detective. He’s the world 's greatest escape artist and is arguably the worlds greatest hand to hand combatant.  He also has a bazillion dollars and that is not someone you want to go up against.”  “One of the reasons that Batman has been so popular for so long is his iconography is that of a demon.  You look at medieval paintings of devils in museums, the bat wings, the arms.  He looks like something that is dark and evil.  His origins are in an act of murder, and yet he is on your side.”

“Wonder woman is a perfect transition from the ancient myths.  There are echoes of the Amazons in Homer’s writing that refers to this tribe of women that lived without men that were terrifyingly efficient soldier warriers.”


“Flash is the fastest man alive.  He can move at speeds near the speed of light.  He can outrace a bullet to it’s target.  He can run off the side of the building He can actually cross the ocean before he has time to sink. There is the old Flash, and then there is the new Flash.  The old Flash is a perfect counterpart for Hermes, or Mercury in the old myths.   You know it immediately when you see the helmet, the helmet with the wings on it.  It refers to the God of the messengers.  In a fascinating way the artists who are creating today's comics are doing heroic work by taking a timeless tales that began in the world of myth, and bringing them into the future.  Are you with me?”

So they had it right.  Basically we are living in the same situation that the Israelites lived in.  All the nations around them followed all these other gods.  These are all the same gods!  They just wear spandex and capes.  And all that mythology is there.  We go, and think, Oh, it is only an entertainment piece.   And you watch a superhero movie would you don't realize you're getting a whole education in that belief, in that mythology, in that religion, because these guys believe in it like a religion.

Here's an interview with Grant Morrison.  He’s our writer for Batman and he's talking here about this hallucination that he had where Christ appeared to him.

 And he said, I knew it wasn’t the Christ of my father. It was a gnostic christ.  A christ of the Apocrypha. One you know, a cosmic Christ.  And he was he was breaking out in boils and everything, and was real sick.  I don’t know what kind of drugs he was doing or whatever but he basically realized that he was about to die. And this figure appeared to him and he says, you don't have to die.  He said, “I don’t want to die.”  Then he said you need to spread the light.  You need to write these comics. Basically, he’s on a mission, OK. And here’s him saying it himself.

“I was sweating constantly, and was getting these fevers.  I was having these shakes and … and freezing.  I just couldn’t get warm anyway in front of the fireplace in the home.”

… He was broken down in tears.  He was delirious, man.  Delirious.

“…This was the most amazing hallucination I have ever had. And it is jesus.  The first thing he said is … … cold, This voice identifies himself.  “I am not the god of your fathers, I am not the stone that breaks all hearts.” So then he said to me, “you are going to die, but you don’t have to die.”  So, I don’t want to die.  What I have to do?  So he said, “ If you want to stay here, you have to work for us.  You have to spread the light.”

Now you have to work for us, you have to spread the light, is what this christ told him in that hallucination that he had.

The guy on the left here is a singer from a band called My Chemical Romance.  It’s a tech band.  It's interesting how he's talking about superheroes, the writers of this this whole genre, and pop culture for the whole matter.  Listen to what he says here. 

These bands of something be it from pop … to  Superman to anything else. The real diehard fans.   I think there is a reason they call us all disciples in a weird way because I do think there is that connection with mythology that we almost take it so personally because it is, you know, in a lot of weird ways, you know, where 100% is religion or ornithology.  It’s our guideline to get our own moral code, our integrity, and our courage.  We actually use them as a basis.  And then it made me think that, in anything well if that's the case and it actually is,  Pop culture is actually the new mythology.  

So, if that is the case, then what a crazy power that any of us weild.  I described him as is almost like doing an ongoing series of the Bible.”

Ok.  So that is really what they believe.  They are putting out this mythology.  They believe in it.  And pop-culture is the new mythology. Interesting.   

Is 2014 the year of the Christian film?  I found a bunch of articles here that we are going to look at that are kind of interesting.  Another one says Biblical Films, Hollywood's Comeback.

Superheroes are being elbowed out by Noah and Mary as Hollywood makes 2014 of the biblical epic.  Hollywood has been, has made more Biblical films the last eleven months then have been produced in the last eleven years. Hollywood gets Biblical in 2014, Noah, Exodus,  Five films that make 2014 the year of the Bible. Movies with the GeForce.  Interesting.  God has never been bigger business in Hollywood.  There are currently two films projects about the emancipation of the Jews, one called Exodus is directed by Ridley Scott, starring Christian Bale,  out later this year.  And another one Gods and Kings directed by Hang Lee,  as well as Russell Crowe and Noah. we could soon see, be seen, Will Smith as Cain, Dwayne Johnson as Goliath, Brad Pitt as Pontius Pilate, Ben Kingsley as King Herod.  There is even talk of a Ben Hur remake.  And let's not forget Melvin Gibson the trouble director of 2004’s The Passion of the Christ is currently developing a movie version of the Maccabees story.  Interesting.  You guys realize  Melvin Gibson is a pre- Vatican II Catholic. Right.  So he actually has a little Catholic Cathedral private Cathedral in Malibu where all the services are still conducted in Latin.  And that’s why he made that film all in Latin and all that stuff, and here he’s going to make this story of Maccabees.


But the truth remains not since 1949 when Victor Mancher at his locks trimmed by Teddy Lamarr in Samson and Delilah, has Hollywood been so keen on adapting the Bible.  One reason, Mammon.  The Passion of the Christ took six hundred and eleven million on a thirty million dollar budget.  That’s a huge profit margin.  Yet Hollywood is previously been wary and at the back of many minds was the furor that greeted Martin Scorsese 's, The Last Temptation of Christ. Right, in 1988.  That film flopped.

The Catholics actually the ones that led protests against that film.  It was a horrible film depicting Christ being tempted off the cross by Mary Magdalene and that sort of thing.  It was totally messed up.  And it’s interesting here. But a more recent spur is that the hit ten hour mini series, The Bible, on the back of its success, a six hour twenty million dollars miniseries called Jesus of Nazareth is in production.  So they are already in production on the next one.  Now Hollywood is making at least ten adaptions of Bible stories, all of a sudden.  Interesting.


Several have the input of faith group 's. A pastor is among the producers of Mary, Mother of God.

Similarly, Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage is an adaptation of the novel written by two Protestants, and based on the book of Revelation.  But Christians will surely look askance at Will Smith 's, The Legend of Cain, a vampirical take on the story.  Now here we are going to have a little vampire twist in the story of Cain & Able.  They will also be concerned to learn that in Noah, Emma Watson as Noah’s adapted daughter, romances his sons Shem, a plot you look for in vain in the Bible in the book of Genesis.  Weird.  That's because the story of Noah was not from the Bible that that film’s based on.  

Hollywood declares 2014 the year of the Bible, unofficially, of course, the article says.  Russell Crowe is Noah, Christian Bale as Moses, Brad Pitt as Pontius Pilate,  pages of action and faith, and a faithful fan base. Hollywood is mining the good book for blockbuster stories.  One reason is because there’s no copyright law.   You can adapt the Bible all day long to pay no one.  You adapt someone's book, you’re paying.  Ok?  So that's one reason, right?

This article starts out, Pop Quiz.  How many of the top fifteen US grossing films of all time star  comic book characters?  None of them.  But two of them were based on the Bible.  And those were, The 10 Commandments, and Ben Hur.  In the 1950’s, 10 Commandments & Ben Hur teamed up for a one point seven nine five billion in adjusted domestic ticket sales.  So if you were going to compare that today, that is what it made.  One point seven nine billion.  That's more than Avatar, Dark Knights and Transformers combined.  OK.  It’s because we would live in a Protestant country.  I mean, look at it.  There’s more people in this country that are serious about the genre of the Bible than they are about comic books, right?  Hollywood's realizing that and they're trying to market that.  I, obviously, the whole thing about money is just a cloak, because really, what's behind it obviously, we know, is Satan, and he is trying to deceive everyone and try to paint God as the evil character and Satan as the Savior because, what’s he going to do here in the near future?

He’s going to impersonate Christ.  He is going to show up as Christ as Savior, right?  And things are going to start to get real supernatural around here.  And everybody's going to go, oh yea, all these things that are in their minds.   They are going to go right to it.  They are already set up.  So this may explain in part why the movie industry seems unofficially, of course, to declare 2014 the year the Bible.  Over the last eleven months Hollywood is planning to release more big biblical movies then it has put out during the last eleven years.  And the trend shows no sign of slowing down in 2015 and beyond.  For an industry that spent up, I guess I was the last little part I want to show.

So let's look at Noah here for a second.  The End of the World is Just the Beginning, the movie poster says.   Here is a synopsis.  It's a world without hope, a world without no rain, no crops, dominated by warlords, their barbarian hordes, It's a cruel world.  Noah was a good man, a seasoned fighter, a mage, a magician, right?  A healer, but he only wanted peace for him and his family.  Yet every night Noah was beset by visions of an endless flood, symbolizing the destruction of all life.  Gradually he began to understand the message sent to him by the creator.  He had decided to punish men and kill them until the last.  But he gave Noah a last chance to preserve life on earth. 

Here is the director, Darren Arinosky. Ok.  He is not a Christian.  Right?  Is that surprising? No.   He actually adapted this film from his French graphic novel by the same title, Noah.  This is the cover of it here,and this is, I’ll unravel it here as we go.  Darren Arinosky.  This is a quote from him.  He says, “it's about environmental apocalypse which is the biggest thing for me right now for what's going on planet Earth.   So I think it's got these big, big themes that connect with us.


Noah was the first environmentalist. And that's really a cloak for what really this stories is about.  This is another writer that was commenting on the same.  Having got a chance to read an un-adapted version of the script Noah, I want to warn you, if you are expecting a biblical faithful retelling the story, of the greatest man in history, and a tale of redemption and obedience to God, you will sorely be disappointed.   Noah paints the primeval world of Genesis as a scorched aired desert, dry cracked and gray gloomy skies that give no rain. And all this, caused by man's disrespect for the environment.  In short the anti-chronistic doomsday scenario of ancient of ancient global warming.  Now first off, what’s the first big error we see right off the top?  What was the anti-diluvian world like? It was paradise.  It was beautiful.  It was perfect.  People were civilized, I'm sure.  Right?  They weren’t barbarians living in this desert desolate place.  And so Noah,  He gets his, he is this magician.  He goes into this cave and there is this other magician there who gives him this magic seed that he plants that grows the forest that he cuts down to make the ark.  And six armed demons help him build the ark.

Breitbart .com is an interesting website, very popular website.  It had this article I found.  It says, Theologian blasts Christian leaders fooled into endorsing Kabbalah gnostic version of Noah.  That is what it is.  It is straight up Kabbalah Jewish mysticism.  Arenosky got his start, interesting, “that I went to stonedance festival for one time in my life and I bought a ticket to see one of the awards, like best director or best film or whatever is one of the ones that would win an award, I'd would get to go see.  And it was this film called, Pie.  It was Daren Arinosky’s first film that broke him into the Hollywood scene.  And in that film it was all about Jewish catalistic type ideas.  Very strange. I barely remember following it.  I just remember it was a weird movie but I just remember he is in New York and there was all these Jewish mystic guys.  There is a lot numerology in this and that. They were talking all this stuff.  These guys are not actors.  These guys look like the real deal. And they were.  They were there, he was actually filming people he knew in New York that were catalysts.  So here is what the article says.

“Doctor Brian Madison a theologian with a PhD in systematic theology from University of Arbordeen who now serves as a senior scholar of public theology for the center for culture leadership has written a scathing review of Darren Arinosky’s Noah that takes a special pain and numerous Christian leaders who endorsed the film directed from catalyst and Gnostic sources that has zero to do with the Bible.  This was thoroughly a pagan retelling of the Noah story direct from capitalist and Gnostic sources, Madison writes.  Mattson reminds that the subject matter of Arinosky’s debut film Pie was Kabbalah, so it makes sense that he was already familiar with it.  Moreover a number of moments in the film that at first seem like artistic flourishes, a glowing Adam & Eve, the serpent, the serpent skin Noah wraps around his arm, all have a basis in either Kabbalah or Gnosticism.  The world of the Gnostic mysticism is bewildering with a myriad of varieties but generally speaking they hold in common that the serpent is Sophia, mother, wisdom.  The serpent represents the true divine and the claims of the Creator are false.   Where the numerous Christian leaders who endorsed the film really got fooled though, was assuming that Arinosky’s Noah had anything to do with God of the Old Testament or the Bible.  It doesn't.


Noah is really about the creator a completely different being according to the Gnostics, an evil one.  If Arinosky’s God seemed a little bit antihuman to some, here's why.  Expect that when Gnostics speak about the creator they are not talking about God.  Oh here, in an affluent world living off the fruits of Christendom the term creator generally denotes the true and living God.


But here is a little Gnostic 101 for you.  The creator of the material world is an ignorant, arrogant, jealous, exclusive, violent, low-level bastard son of a low level diety.  That is what the Gnostics believe.  He's responsible for creating the unspiritual world of flesh and matter and he is so ignorant of the spiritual world he fancies himself the only God and demands absolute obedience.  They generally call him Yahweh or other names in the Kabbalah tradition. … and these other names they have given him.  They refer to Yahweh as this low level god.  This creator tries to keep Adam and Eve from the true knowledge of the divine and when they disobey, flies into a rage, and boots them out of the garden.  Mattson also explains that why Russell Crow’s Noah turns into a homicidal maniac in the second half of the film.  Listen to this.   Many reviewers thought that Noah’s change into a homicidal maniac on the ark, wanting to kill his sons two newborn daughters was a weird plot twist.  It isn't weird at all if, in the director 's view, Noah is worshiping a false homicidal maniac of a God. The more faithful and godly Noah becomes, the more homicidal he becomes.  

He is becoming every bit the image of God that the evil guy, who keeps talking about the image of God, Tubal Cain is.  Tubal Cain, I guess there is a guy who stows away on the ark and halfway through somebody has to kill this guy that was stowed away on the ark.  Right?  Noah was preaching, get on the ark! And here in this film, it is like, no, stay off my boat! The rain is falling, people are trying to come, and he's killing people trying on about the boat. 35:16 The door isn’t shut.  The door is open and he is killing people as they are trying to get on the boat.   Gnostic.   Straight gnostic. 

But Noah fails the creator in the movie. Okay?  He cannot wipe out all life like God wants him to do.  When I looked at those two girls my heart was filled with nothing but love, he says. Noah now has something the creator doesn't.  Love and mercy.  But where did he get it?  And why now? In the immediately preceding scene Noah killed Tubal Cain and recovered the snake skin relic, wisdom, Sophia, the true light of the divine. Just a coincidence? I'm sure! Unless Mattson is off base with his facts, which is doubtful based on his resume, Aronosky has pulled off one of the greatest data switches in history.  The director was not only able to fool the public and maybe the studio into buying into the idea that Noah was a biblical epic, he also fooled legions of Christians, thought leaders, who were apparently ignorant of Kabbalah and Gnosticism but also willing to put on the blinders when it came to the obvious paganism that those of us who are not theologians pick up on.  The scandal is this: of all the Christian leaders who went to great lengths to endorse this movie for whatever reasons, oh, it’s a conversational starter. At least Hollywood's doing some about the Bible etc. And all the Christian leaders who panned it for not following the Bible, not one of them could identify a blatantly Gnostics subversion of the Biblical story when it was right in front of their faces.  I believe the Aronosky did this as an experiment to make fools of us.  You are so ignorant that I can put Noah, granted it's Russell Crowe, put there on the big screen and portray him literally as the seed of the serpent and you will all watch my studio screening and endorse it.   He's having quite the laugh and shame on everyone who bought it.


In the opening of my Noah review, I wrote that Aronisky conceived this film for the sinister purpose of leading people to believe that Christianity and Judaism are something they are not.  At the time I had no idea where his ideas had come from but that the director was trying to lead people away from the God of the Old Testament and was blatantly and sickeningly obvious.  Indeed, shame on everyone who bought it especially those who should've known better.  Crazy.   

Because remember, we’re to be called farmers.  We’re called to plow the earth and to make relationships with people and to spread the word.  You know, really, the best way spread the word, the best advertisement we learned yesterday is what? by word-of-mouth. The best advertisement is by word of mouth.  The best way in which God… we look at Christ.

Christ spoke to people individually.  He loved that individual conversation he had with a woman at the well and that sort of thing right?  Yes, he got up in front of a lot of people and he told stories.  He used the art of stories, parables, to describe the things that were spiritual and heavenly. But notice, he didn't get his twelve disciples there.  They could have easily put together a play.  Right?  and done a play but they didn't.  There were plays around that time. but it was it was one on one and just speaking the straight testimony, is really where we need to be.


So I am going to end this just a little bit early here to where we can have some questions, if anybody has any questions?

Who wrote that last article?

That's off of the Breitbart website. His name was Mattson.  Dr. Brian Mattson.   I think he is a Christian. 

Just google these things & search them I found article after article and you know some of which are Christian based, and some which are not but still basically telling the truth about where these sources are coming from, that they are Gnostic and this and that.  So you know, So many people write reviews these days.  It's really easy to find tons and tons of information on a film, and especially if you are thinking of wanting to go see it. and want check this out first.  I mean, obviously we should be totally leery about anything coming out of Hollywood that is telling us anything about the Bible.  Because, basically there is an interview with  Silverstein is a big video on all sorts of production things in Hollywood. He basically said, you know,  There is no right in Hollywood.  It's all left.  There is no voice given the right at all.  It's a completely liberal agenda that they’re writing for.

Another interview with a Hollywood producer -  I remember him saying, a lot of people want to think that Hollywood has morals and, you know, and some sort of code of ethics.  It doesn’t.  Its here to thumb our nose at your morals.  They're pushing the envelope and at every level.   It's amazing.  Just within three shows, (Glee) a couple of other shows that were centered around the homosexual theme.  In those three shows they change the perception of America.  Twenty seven percent more Americans became acceptant to gay marriage, while only six percent got more resistant to it.  So they are gaining ground.  I mean it's a powerful medium in terms of changing the collective mindset.  

Question by audience

Yea.  The greatest story is in the Bible.  The great controversy is the greatest story.  That is the one they keep telling. So we really need to know are Bibles.  We really need to know the details of the great controversy so we can pick out these errors.  That is the only way we can pick out a counterfeit is by understanding the true genuine.

Comment – amazing actors – agenda with bringing all these Christian movies -  

Yeah. Making you think a little bit comfortable here, and you know, these are biblical films too. There is an interview with Russell Crow, and he is like,  you know, most people want to think that Noah was loving and benevolent.  Noah wasn't loving and benevolent. He was straight up evil killer.  He stood by and watched the whole world die. That's other painting Noah.  And we know that this is, think about it, He is a man of God and this story of Noah is a prophetic story for our time.  That is what Christ said.  So as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man. This is just meddling with our belief in God and in the Savior, in the plan of redemption, the whole thing.


 is just confusion confuses about one thousand one article in a right and a and is a my first thought is to a yeah and he is a very good those that are as all know and normal gun he is always on will will will will you and you will you are with like twenty and forty how many formulas no you are going him him using to have not then you know you love every unclean this is the room following word of God he had that really was I really want in a beautiful with a housing on the site and try as I is in a change in and I know is why you come to the healing version is in July he is an is will you and I you reading these are a species and there is a you live in July a move hello you need images on this free will is will that's right and what he is I is a way that I will price I chose not to knock on everything above is wrong and I got in my head where I is are you worried about what is your yeah you know is that this is a big time for you to you


I know that often times the question comes up, what about Matthew and John? These that literally take the Bible as the script? And that's my point exactly. You know, God has given us imagination for a purpose, and we to meditate on the life of Christ for an hour every day.  That's what we’re instructed to do - to grasp each scene, especially the closing ones. 

If we put in our minds, if I sit down and say, you know what, instead of reading the book Matthew, I’m just going to watch this movie. It’s the book of Matthew. You are linking those images, and that actors portrayal of Christ to the Scriptures, to the actual Scripture.  So when you go back to read now, now your imagination is no longer free for the Holy Spirit to impress upon you how Christ acted, what was his tone of voice, how was he lovingly.   You know, it is like in the Matthews, Jesus is kind of this jokey character. but then in like the John one he's more of this stern and angry kind of character, you know. That's conflicting right there.

So, and man, not to criticize those guys.  Actually, that guy actually came to PUC that played Jesus in that Matthew film when I was going to school there, and he said it changed his life. I mean, they prayed before every scene and all these things, and I believe they were really genuine in what they were endeavoring to do. but you know, still, you got to be careful and guard well the avenues because its just,  it's going to mess with our ability for the Holy Spirit to to impress upon our imagination exactly how Christ was.


Very crafty.  And he knows the Bible better than us.  I mean, you think  about it.  He knows it forwards and backwards. You don’t think he’s writing that stuff, and channeling that stuff into people in these films and twisting just like he did Christ and the wilderness? Trying to trip Him up with Scripture?



I think it's definitely paving the way for the cosmic Christ because the reason the world is going a fall for the cosmic Christ, Satan appearing as Christ, is because he's going to be a Christ that satisfies all religions. And anybody who is exclusive in saying no, you know, this is the truth.  We can't unite just for the sake of unity. We have to unite over truth.  We are going to be ousted. Yea, that is what is coming. You can see people getting more and more, just the bumper sticker, coexist. There is this cry for the religions to just get together.   Look at what is happening with the with the Catholic Church right now, with that guy that just died.  What was his name?


Palmer. Tony Palmer saying the protest is over.  Amazing! All the Protestant churches, evangelical churches signing this thing, joining back up with the Catholic Church. Saying Pope, we recognize you as the spiritual leader of the world.  We want you to be the head of this thing.  It's amazing.  There is Scripture right there coming to fruition.


Well it's 11:34 here so are almost up against lunch, so we’ll just have a word of prayer here to close. In the last presentation this afternoon at four twenty, I believe,  I'm just going to take us a little bit further, and do a presentation that we've entitled, Hollywood’s False System of Worship. and it looks at how the writers and the actors, their biggest way of bringing about these best performances, these scripts they’re writing and everything, is thru channeling, and it's them saying it, you know, not us.

And it’s interviews and articles and things that were written that, where these actors and writers admitted that it's by possession, basically.  So we’ll just bow our heads and close our eyes.

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord, I thank you for again being here with us, giving us insight into into the devices that Satan has so craftily developed in these last days that a lot of us are ignorant of.  Lord, I know you desire us not to be ignorant but to be skillful and to be wise, wise as serpents the gentle as doves.  We pray that you give us your spirit of wisdom to discern these things because it's going to get so crazy on this planet here in the near future.  Lord, and if we know we don't have a solid relationship with you we don't have the word of God hidden in our hearts, Lord help us.  Impress upon our minds now what we should we do when we go from here, Lord. I want to ask these thing in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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