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  • August 31, 2014
    10:30 AM
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but I want to give myself completely different picture God wants to use women in anti- way we can be used okay we talked about the spirits of darkness in the last session about how there is an agenda out there and some of the ill effects of the spiritualism on the feminist the Theosophy and theology of the day how about a somewhat influencing our church right now I want to completely shift gears and I want to talk about ministering and run insurance and show some Monday beautiful examples of different people that really have work for the Lord had been wonderful for winners and all evangelists and people carry so lets before we began I would just like just our heads to turn your heavenly father thank you for needing your people you could finish this work with just angels UK have just not needed any other but thank you that we can have a little part to play in your large plan and please teach us today how we can glorify you and all things as we studied this we look deeply into it and you will give us inspiration and excitement about how you want to use us in Jesus name amen my first precedent to as what is in your hands what unique gifts has God given you he will give you matching opportunities to serve him if you have a child in your arms that I'll be a means of reaching other people and other persons other mothers other families what is in your hand God when you set aside today that I will get this going and coming spiritualism as we saw messes up the roles and makes Raymond is satisfied his is a science for sure so much more than we just got through talking about last session and unfortunately to my great grief we all must agree that there have been abusive misrepresentation of man's leadership on unfortunately sometimes you have a man does not lead that is what we would call a win and sometimes women need to stand up and help in any way we can and this is where that group great race is that men are not being met and are not being the leaders that God wants them to be besides being wimpy on the other extreme you have those that are very very dominate and how to use a and have her limits your time and this has so damaged God 's kingdom because people that are overly dominant and angry and cynical man all these things it only furthers the devil 's agenda and so abusive misrepresentation and some people may just get so sick and wellness class may throw up their hands and say us forget that I don't want anything that would count me out and the other thing is that God uses when I'm back home one half they are all incredibly busy you notice that people do seem to zero these days than they ever have now sometimes I wonder that prophecy in Daniel of running to and fro is not just about how incredibly busy everybody yes I know I have ever met somebody lately and just going crazy with everything I have to do inspired dishwashers and washing machines and computers and devices as in all baths that all supposed to help us out because we have all those things we can do that faster and we just take on more and more until on or about going crazy I also is on the devil 's agenda because we are so incredibly busy everybody I talk to so what is God 's response each one of us are personally responsible to our Creator God made us each unique with Harry special gifts and very special ways of doing things special smiles special whatever many countless parable of the ten talents you have time talents then you will have much more required of you your lamb shall you're still responsible for that one talent but government people have much more responsibility so I ask you what is in your hand I hope that I share some of the stories of some of these powerful women of the Lord in bygone days that you will take some inspiration from them are my favorite people is Mrs. FMI Henry and what God can do will shy lady she was a little girl out on the plane her father was a itinerant pastor that went from town to town doing his pastoring jobs and she was very very close to her father and her biography it tells of how she would jump up onto his bed right by him in his carriage he as they went right around along her father with teacher from God 's word are hardly right out of the Bible and as a young child she just so all this became the spiritual giant wave down in the deep as she got into adulthood she married a Mister Henry and they had two children and Mister Henry died home he went off to war at the Civil War came back and was a irreligion from then on and eventually die and here was Mrs. Henry with these two children no way to support herself and in those days there was no welfare society like we have now but she began using what was in your hand and began writing and she wrote poetry she wrote articles she wrote books she is Allah to publishers and she was able to slip I support her tiny family with with her writing abilities and she tells about how she and her son were lost her son didn't know she was following her son was going down the street and the mother notice they are going in the certain building she let alone a marriage in way that building and she had never even noticed that before and had peace comes swinging door and she went over there and look like a repulsive building she went over and looked and hear the slow boy went in there sense of why you are and she walked in and so she sent behind mother can coach my child is doing is little swinging door she went right in there and what did she see by her precious boy talking to a bartender and the bartender was sitting here and he was holding out addition dirty panties to her precious boy and in trying to entice him to like this place she said everything in that word was so repulsive she can hardly stand it it's now about and looked dirty and was terrible this was the saloon in those days and there was one other solos on every corner and that alcoholism and Doug Purdy perverseness that was released from the game went throughout all the towns were because of these saloons and from the experience she marched right over there and she's not the candy out of her son 's hand and said it clearly I will get you nice clean can be new come with me that was the beginning of her involvement with the women's Christian temperance Union the women's Christian temperance Union was not just against alcohol they had a very huge ministry at that time dealing with prostitutes who were being abused by drunkards all is as people who were addicted to alcohol they were at alcohol may again and actually were successful and now the prohibition they also have a very large began soliciting and Mrs. Henry Scheib Mrs. Henry started preaching to crowns as an evangelist for the WCTU calling people to Jesus because the basic premise of the WCTU was Christian that God would help with all these terrible habits and so she was really really very all instrumental working with the people in that path on eight counts of her working as an evangelist she would go into a town and people which is flocked to hear her she would have three hundred five hundred more people in these areas and when she went half Vauxhall people would come down there I'm streaming they would be weeding and giving themselves to the Lord the whole place would would have a revival she was a woman on the word and has she's studying the words she will say the word and she longed to share Jesus with just everybody SMI humoring you know anything about Seventh-day Adventists it was a very fine Christian lady but she didn't know about Alan by Ashley Holder her health began breaking down till she was a total invalid she was in a wheelchair she couldn't go anywhere and hurt family brought her to both create and carry out okay Battle Creek Carolyn who are all over the country over place where people could get there and so in hopes that she would get better they brought her to the cemetery and when she was under the care of Doctor Trask said the lady Doctor Trask of course superintended by so on himself and some very famous woman evangelist is now in that country sanitarium albinism sanitarium and in her book how the Sabbath came to me it's just a beautiful book her testimony of how she became a Sabbath keeper she said as the first sound that came the sound blessing extended on the whole sanitary and there was a snap it seems that permeated the place that we wish all of our institutions have to pay to see that that beside the Sabbath day and she was so amazed here she had been on one another word she knew the Bible from beginning to and I can't say never in all of her life studying about the seventh day Sabbath she first started spreading at him she saw that the Bible was a very plain in what it said that this Sabbath day was the center I she sent him home and down this huge battle start raging in her hand her heart should she do this what would her family say by what Oliver WCTU colleagues at all the things that has Henry bless her heart began keeping seven ASAP and became a Seventh-day Adventist one day she was asked by you carry on staff to come to an anointing service in a surrounding the person that they were anointing and they were praying for God to heal this person and God put in her head ask for healing Mrs. Henry she can't resist the net potentially began praying and then she asked the rest of the group and Mrs. rate rose up from her wheelchair that day DL because of praying for the other person and she detained Seventh-day Adventist that was now mobile and could now speak and can now have an impact as I was actually on in Australia at the time Mrs. Henry and Mrs. White never met because Mrs. White was in Australia but you know they were good at writing letters back and forth and pretty soon she heard that this rate woman had joined us and this is why it was so happy that now we would have somebody that had a vision for the dire homes of our church and could make an impact on that the women of our church and make them strong for the Lord and Mrs. Henry and Mrs. White began having this beautiful correspondence back and forth and Mrs. Henry wrote Seventh-day Adventist women needed to be taught how to work they need to be set to work and made to feel responsible and Mrs. White concurring with that's an correspondence between the two women is just beautiful because Mrs. Henry is a good writer Mrs. White is a good writer oh sorry this is great it occurs that the women of our church pretty similar to previous point out that they can't release our consortium going to all the different meanings sharing about what God has at her experience and because she had such a gap of Christian experience women would begin to drink her and what went on my Henry what about you in the elevator and she became a counselor and she realized that really the one of our church needed something and she began a weekly column in the comment add in the review and Herald and it was called a woman ministering okay all see it was a huge sexual reviews on the whole page sometimes a column and a half sometime and Mrs. White's letters with these sometimes to two pages and and Mrs. Henry was asked to give a sermon to the General conference assembly in eighteen ninety eight all about a woman's gospel ministry and she had a small book called a woman ministry which is wonderful if you ever have a chance that you see it and secondhand store something snap it up right away it's just that marvelous little book I actually went to home any university library went back when I was studying xerox the whole thing and having found myself so I have a xerox copy in the correspondence back and forth between Mrs. White and Mrs. Henry Mrs. White told Mrs. Henry address the crowd whenever you can hold every job and influence you can the Association that can be made the means of introducing water into the meal this is why was anxious and Mrs. Henry have a spiritual impact such a giant of a person and so she told her I trust the crown this quote is actually in the book are evangelism now you can find several of the statements from evangelism from that correspondence between Mrs. White Mrs. Henry I was nefarious Henry for women's ordination it sounds like another one in ministry how had that counsel ordination no Mrs. Henry was not for she was and for every warming becoming a minister in her own home in her own environment in your own neighborhood in working with everyone around and necessary road deaths and the woman ministry page thirty eight she also said similar in her general conference address this after Henry felt she was forced in the public labor because an emergency like Panama Railroad smashup was upon us as a race and start everyone who can get hold of a light must carry out into the darkness can take a hand in the work rescue regardless of age sex or condition once her daughter Mary met Francis Weller now Frances Willard was the top person in the WCTU France as well I heard all and wasn't very strong personality she was the one that all the whole idea but she was very pro- women's ordination she was very much a woman's right person Christian woman I might add thanks very into women's ordination and so married after my Henry's daughter was talking to Frances Willard once and I said her biography to about her mother she talked with enthusiasm about the wonderful opportunities for girls in my day and found my mind as to any latent ambition I might have to study theology and help compel the ministers to let women into their ordained ranks case on this is that here's this is a national alert working on Mary here but why was Mary's response to that mix from her biography of her mother but I shared my mother 's views as to the spirit of woman and my whole child being shrank from the Fox tag that tells you that Mrs. Henry was not for ordination she was not for pushing women out of the that an infinite putting women into the pulpit and pushing me out this was definitely not her thing and Mrs. Henry today is his is an example about one one nine great impact in our church Gary Shirley but you have to realize that ordination was not part of her curve ideal right as time best picture hair do not know that this can now see that anybody know now announced by combat in time for if iChat audio Batman is no room that is AES Maxwell uncle Arthur okay and that is how Arthur McArthur asked Maxwell got his darling little white why is Rachel Maxwell and everybody knows who our uncle Arthur E has but few know below diligent woman he married Rachel Maxwell she was a career woman and had a care by it he was attracted to her there looking at the press they are in England and she was one of their finest editors I understand why she stepped back from that host and became an influential mother of all those Maxwells right and I'll show you some pictures of them and says AES Maxwell her very popular and important husband was always going on the children shared that it was Billy 's mother who raised them to rear them for the Lord and instilled in them all the things that they learned later on I talk to her family his grandmother grandson and have gotten some of these pictures from the family so here is a picture of them in later years you can see over on the left mouse home in Maryland Birmingham Pauline these two I know very well conveyed were members of our church that this family he writes always exciting stories about prisoners and and doll everything that the Maxwells have missed writing genius and it just kind of goes down through in fact Stanley's daughter now seems to have it to there just so talented in writing i.e. Lawrence Maxwell Lawrence was editor of the signs for years Junior died Graham of course he was at Loma Linda University and then of course Malcolm was at PUC Maureen Bowie and she likened doctrine at Loma Linda in nursing something and I'm sure all of them are really important but I don't know how all the histories about I just fished out that the influence of the mother is very very important okay and probably my kids will never have be famous like all of these people are but every one of us have the opportunity if shaping a prelude child in the ways of the Lord and sharing and rereleased child children for the Lord Pacino as Maxwell her husband was the one everybody knew no uncle Arthur he was such a wonderful author and we still use the bedtime stories and all the Bible stories and all that and nobody know what a powerful wonderful intelligent woman that he married but yeah she was the one who really shape these children but was happy living in the shadows sometimes we think off I have to give all the credit if I wrote this I know I need to say whatever there's really nothing wrong and I just want to say it's not it's it's something that all of the struggle methods of self getting started in the beginning with Lucifer we think we need credit for everything we do and we need to be first and we need to go on and it's just part of singer really in our hearts but there's really nothing wrong with living in the shadow there's comfort in shade and protection Psalm ninety one tells us that we all need to live under the shadow of the Almighty and there is protect Angel theirs there affects all glory goes to die anyway who are we why we need credit for anything it's it's easy for us to send a meeting like this and say these kind of things but believe me when you are faced in the real world with some of these challenges on Friday somebody else got faster whatever there's something inside from the baring your soul that goes I did yesterday I like that sir Chinatown and you know that start feeling I didn't even really Sarah Prince with compressor poison or we can be white like wormlike and be willing to live in the shadow and all unless need to learn humility hearing on willingness to not be first learned to be okay with someone else getting your laurels and why are your motives I like to share with you to take out Bibles one of my very favorite passage as it's found in Luke seventeen not a common one people don't talk a lot about it but it's a story of the unprofitable servant fresh the apostles had absolutely going to Luke seventeen verse five and the apostles said unto the Lord increase our faith realizing that faith is the whole essence of where were going and why we're in this world and then it is clear we are saved we all want to have our faith increased and the Lord said he had faith as grandma mustard him me and my faith in the second line treatment by root and be thou planted in the sea it should obey you then he goes on with my favorite parable here but what you're having a servant plowing or feeding cattle but once they understand by-and-by when he comes is come in from the field all sit down to meets and will not rather say unto him make that a murmur I may suck mice by self and certainly till I have eaten and drunk and afterward some even drink of take care me first you know that verse nine does the master that he thinks that servant because he did those things that were commanded him I shall not so likewise he when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you say we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do Jesus takes occasion to use a bad loss might make you say to chicha at the spiritual lesson here is the sponsor says you don't need first got to have it all you know you been working hard all day that my dinner date added down to have all the things that he's telling them to do the serving doesn't the guy never even says thank you but instead of being better this person says profitable servants we have done which is our duty to do and really the key to Peter Gregory talked a lot about the kingdom this weekend the kingdom is not made out of fancy kingship is going well and being willing to live under the shadow of the Almighty in a shadow anybody that cast their shadow over you we can live sweetly gently painfully and know that true has experienced God is teaching us great and important things so many times means tireless labor if we do is ask he will supply we submitted all we must learn to trust him he will never ask us to do more than we are able to handle as the will of man cooperates with the will of God it becomes omnipotent whatever is to be done at his command may be accomplished in his strength all of the meetings are enabling I love that passage on you if God asked you to do something empty everything you need to accomplish a and it's a beautiful thing we have another woman that I want to take a quick look out her name is Henry Haskell she was a woman or man he counts very brilliant lady her husband I asked Anne Haskell sorry Mrs. overlaid like this her husband was married to an older woman at first I don't remember exactly twenty years older maybe fifteen twenty years older than he was at first and talk about being a wonderful husband she was a she was a him alive and after Haskell served her that this woman was a great woman because she prayed for her husband at all a lot of times when he was away he was she was praying for him he found such a flawless night at a comfort knowing that his wife was spending hours a day praying for him next time she's one of you will be a prayer person like that what would happen if every Sabbath morning when you woke up he started just going down the list of all Europe your church members and praying for them okay here is your small groups to spend time praying for you Friday just like that first Mrs. Haskell she was such a prayer warrior and when she died after several years many years Stephen Haskell was just lost because he missed this strong spiritual component while Mrs. versus low woman had a hospital she was a Bible worker and they found her she was sourcing from extreme of having a woman several years older than him to the extreme of having a woman selling is an interesting relationship here I had a Haskell the Lord 's and white through sad that she was just the right person for this special event aging man but together they had a very wonderful soul winning Institute and some other soul winning schools that we have these days I use the mono set up by I will consider Haskell they would bring a group of young people into their home if you can imagine how losing a group of fifteen or twenty young people who carry that was on her and then they would train their evangelistic lady mysteriously as they taught you will have worship went down and all of them were excellent teachers of going deeply into the word of God Stephen Haskell have varies wonderful face and you can read many letters going back and forth between Stephen Haskell and in Mrs. White in which you could see that he so much believed in the prophetic word and he always supported Ellen White's ministry and you can follow this wonderful couple as they go through evangelism in New York City and Nashville later on in California and always with these people these young people in the mermaid and learn the evangelism help ordering the cooking school that had integrated health with all their things Mrs. Haskell would teach them how to to do the health programs as well so happy she asked she then she preached always under the godly husband this is why is very strong about ministers wives working with their husband and I would like to use this opportunity to Teixeira that defends theory beautiful home function on woman can serve in doing pastoral ministry by alongside the husband had this is going out and dealing with the dead members and anthrax helping you want to do that as a pastor and strong women as a pastor at pastor can have a strong woman is a wife and that person can be really really important white guys that does what you need to be paid from the type and that they should know be free to help with all these things now unfortunately this is one area that our church really hasn't followed very well if we had been maybe more faithful in in our payment down through time it would be less of a rebuke to us because unfortunately we did not do that right we have not done that justly and people have had to assume in order to get right pay my soon a church that that's a very sad thing for us but it has happened and so the special counsel is given to ministers wife and pain I hope someday we'll see the full fulfillment of this this team ministry in our churches and that people will actually take note and start paying ministers wives those that are interested in working in ministry now when we start talking about ordination invariably the question will come up while this is why dummy after all we have for this in our church no longer charges had that deer were behind them are in recognizing women and that is why it was dad and Sharon all credentials and she was again down on us that the other thing and my question is is that all true we finally have a prophetess and this is why but less let us take a good look at her role this is why understand that she was a messenger of the Lord shall call her softly a prophetess okay just a ladder messenger for it understand the messenger is not the important one is the one sending the message L if I have a message to you from Obama doesn't matter who I am that the messages from the president Kerry and this is how she saw her ministry that she was a messenger and in the sense that she was conveying was not from our authority but it was a hunt authority and God was giving messages through her interestingly she was never an elder no one ever called her elder wider elder L1 L1 four Pastor Whiting or Pastor Ellen never sister weren't okay that fortune she winced when she was riding along and heard her documents sometimes and she thanked a sister wife insisted that that's what she calls herself sister white never elder never elderly white her authority was based on word from the Lord in anything she had to say she wanted to be the invisible the transparent medium between God and the other person she wanted that kind of an experience outlined the many many books she wrote letters from the Lord to church leaders she was a friendly and kind neighbor he read some of her diaries since it's so beautiful to the emotional talk about going out the carriage and going you are calling on somebody has said and disconnecting shame she was a wonderful woman she kept on our sobriety had never noticed she shows talk about being up to three o'clock in the morning she just got up the angel awakened her sometimes shall say Angel awakened her and she got up and started the fire in and started writing and trailing out as a quiet time of day where all of us can grow in the Lord he will buy she kept long hours of writing she spoke publicly we Artie saw that she told Mrs. S and Henry address the crowd as often as you can and she encouraged women to work for the Lord and his goals for Ministry that she advocated she talked about home visitation to families she talked about getting evangelistic Bible study theater if you look at the books welfare ministry and evangelism you'll find a lot on women in ministry in the correspondence of God talks about pulp ordering she talks about pastoral teams with husbands who are pastors I just talked about that we were talking about the hassles she talks about teaching and she talks about how elementary school teachers out of school cheerleading of Bible classes all these different kinds of teaching she discusses preaching in the pulpit and she even talks about chaplains and personal counseling so those are some of the areas that she discusses temperance leadership and work of course witnesses of some of Henry that was one of the top persons so this latter proved our proclamation of the gospel Christian education Bible instruction exposition and rotation the mantle is always a funny different parts of her writing by phone and witness testimony by one other roles were missing from her list notice this is very interesting when when somebody ever talks to you about Mrs. Wiley and using her as an example for ordination at the rate highest responsibilities in the church leadership were not on that list okay she didn't ever talk about women as elders and ministers shouldn't talk about women going out and baptizing she didn't talk about women going out and organizing churches previously restricted to persons with full ecclesiastical authorities out his/her own term and you can look at that term and see what all she has to say about full ecclesiastical authority is that if we want to limit the authority when we really a lot of people are talking about how home we shall be maybe we shouldn't even have ordination and we should just all be on a plane but now how I talked about the old ecclesiastical authority it's important to have those in leadership to give direction and for the ones that God can use specifically to lead a church now comes a question myself alike are ordained I want us to examine the evidence there are three stereo licenses that I know of that still exists in the white estate and by the way if you want copies of those licenses everything on the show you right now is him there's pictures there from these ministerial licenses now medicine water ministerial licenses anyway well ministers carry credentials that allows him to if there's ever a time when they need to prove that they are a pastor like nowadays if you go into a hospital parking and you want that clergy rate you show your credentials or you can get any old times you can get cheaper train tickets through whatever and it was as if it authorizes that person to be a leader in our church and saw Alan why carry the highest ministerial license there is no doubt about that our church authorized her with the highest credentials that were given to anybody in the eighteen eighty three financial okay all that has been certified that sister Ellen G White Battle Creek Michigan and four games minister in DC that red circle in grandstanding in the Michigan conference of Seventh-day Adventists is authorized to perform the duties of said office for the conference near commencing October first eighteen eighty three and unit has meetings etc. okay so sometimes they'll say what you say is he's an ordained minister about stand under the discussion there so she ordained we have another credential eighteen eighty I'll hear this as I just got down here so you could see a little bit better when it actually says eighteen eighty five credentials this verify this is e.g. wines of Healdsburg California it has a hand ordained minister on Sunday honest and is authorized to perform the duties of said office for the conference year December eighteen eighty five by the order the conference is a very interesting one because from where you're sitting at the low hard to see but if you even get our clothes you see that each level are all aligned to our house a line through it he has a line through it hey each and each letter is and is not in a straight line through each letter is so saying issued a stern good standing but it says she is not ordained because somebody very nicely knocked down off eighteen eighty five this is after eighteen eighty three saying she was an ordained minister fell eighteen eighty five she was an ordained eighteen eighty seven we again have the same name that Mrs. EJ why have he'll start California it has an ordained minister in good standing in the general conference of Sunday happiness and is authorized to perform the duties of said office for the conference year commencing November one eighteen eighty seven by order of the conference G.I. Butler SF now this one there's no little lines through that okay it's as ordained minister for the treatment of all deaths in eighteen eighty three ordained eighteen eighty five are getting eighteen eighty seven ordained again so see you again in eighteen eighty five her now that somebody does not mark through the column I ordained this or is there something that is very very clear to answer this question can I and that is the nineteenth oh nine biographical information sheet that somehow by the General conference and it's part of the quote that record high as I usually hear about main allies worldwide you will form Ellen G White date of filling this blank March five nineteen oh nine when a white guy nineteen fifteen so how many years is that before she died okay so it's almost sitting in her ministry is almost over okay and so we're going to look at this and see what it actually says and goes through her draftsman plays a personal thing to come to a place there number nineteen says it ordains space when where and by whom what is there and okay so this is enlarged they are in here is the taxpayer okay so nothing I ask what he actually means in a pattern if you ever have a question about what taxes means many show you what it means because number twenty six says it remarried to eight and two oh and again ask what this is why remarried novel and so she that was her way of filling out insane and a not applicable this is all her own handwriting business her handwriting in a for all this is why herself said when so I asked her and biographical when they come coordination not applicable and remarriage not applicable she was never remarried to anybody so it are we clear on whether or why was ordained or not it's very clear from the historical evidence outweigh the organization certificate so why why and sometimes should be crossed out and sometimes left the home and small somebody didn't cross about and she seemed to carry those credentials those were actually what she carried but we know that she was never ordained from her biographical info sheet half-hour wife had great longing for women to work for the Lord I noticed what she sat in welfare ministry when I came in and doing families of work that men cannot do a work that reaches the inner life they can come close to the hearts of those whom men can not reach are going important to God for ministry they are very essential that you reach a wholesaler the church board like that you can never reach yes wherein are very important nationalism for ninety one says training exercise of moment to attack a wise use of their knowledge of Bible truth they can remove difficulties that are brother and cannot meet and said what do women can do so yeah we made towards their specified hot job in Paris and Arab rainfall every person involved backflip the priesthood of all believers there were all in this together we work together with our highest on our best efforts and Ellen White was certainly very very in to having when do their best for the Lord so in conclusion I just want to ask you what is in your hands now women all of us Moses out on that wilderness God asked him what is in your hand he had a staff and he said though it down and it became a snake and that became something that continues to prove God 's Godhead when he was talking to the king later on the feral the same way what you do what you have your place is that your pastor will never go and you can do everything for God 's work in the same way you don't have to hand coordination late on Tuesday that each of us that God has given you the gift that he expects you to visit spiritual gifts are very important they don't throw that we have to have ordination card authority ordained us by giving us a gift and we can use it all to God 's glory let's pray and father thank you that you trust us with a tiny part of your great plan now we each one of us wish to get both our hands in our hearts to you to be used as you see fit for furthering your gospel just now I want to ask each person here to reconnect themselves totally as profitable serpents not necessarily getting any credit for anything but knowing that we are working for you the great hiking thank you for coming to be but this is going to bring us back later on filtration is is is is is is is is that God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about hothouse is more certain that please visit www. on answers or


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