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Modern Medium- Part 3

Thom Mayer


Thom Mayer

Little Light Ministries




  • August 31, 2014
    4:30 PM


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I will thank you everybody for coming to the last of this three-part series Sarah titled modern medium this is the last of the battlefield Hollywood presentations are we giving here at test of UIC and I appreciate all your guys feedback and your attentiveness and that sort of thing and has been helpful to anyone and I praise God is yet we're definitely live in the last days and I totally believe that Hollywood is his plaintiff 's part so your images look a little bit more behind some of the actors and writers and how they come about their best system for start that will start the worker again heavenly father we come before you and we ask for your spirit to be with us in this place we asked for your protection as we look at these things Lord we know that the battle that is before us is is not against flesh and blood but it is against principalities and powers that are here I wish to deceive us alert us and your angels to camp around us and keep the spirits that I want to keep us in the dark away from us away from this hope can get away from us as we leave here or just put a hedge of protection around each person in this place their families and thank you for your love they give for your forgiveness in your mercy Lord open our hearts and our minds the things that you have us known Jesus thing so why is it that we worship anybody have any reason why you think it is that we worship God as we were created or set cancer right away I were not created to worship I actually end and you there's an article in as and proves that from a scientific standpoint interesting revelation fourteen seventy twelve if you guys undervalued turn their notional values right the three Angels messages right so the Bible says here Revelation fourteen starting verse seven the first angel says saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made the heavens near the sea and the springs of water and another angel came fine saying Babylon is fallen the great city because she has made the nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and the third angel followed saying the loud voice if anyone worships the beast or the image overseas smartness for header in his hand he himself shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out in full strength and the cup of his indignation so clearly good the three angels message has a lot to do with worship right and who we worship in EN is going to determine which mark we were seeing Matthew four ten and Jesus this is the Jesus being tempted in the wilderness right Jesus said to Satan get thee hence Satan for it is written thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve John four twenty three to twenty four but the hour cometh then and now is when the true worshipers will worship the father is and in truth the father seated such to worship him god is spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth as it is the definition of spirit that nonphysical part of a person the seat of our emotions our character we are to worship God with our very character and as he transforms our characters and we become more and more like Christ that is worship if you look in the Bible you look at these the stories there they're all there for our admonition right for us to learn from and alter the Scriptures there's been a fault systems of worship it had a eleven different individuals and groups try to set up right there in the very beginning the first two brothers Cain and Abel they were instructed to bring a sacrifice to the Lord of a lamb and representing the coming of the Savior right entertaining of course said I'm not afar I'm not am not a sheepherder on the farmer so I don't want to give a sacrifice of the landlord 's sacrifice of my fruits of my labor right and so was Keynesian enough hours in the know he was saying I want to worship your God but on a worship you in my way so we had integrated in the story we know that God did not accept Keynes offering Cain became enraged and Indochina 's brother becoming so jealous for again in the Old Testament there at the base of Mount Sinai the noses at God 's received the ten Commandments and the people became wary and they thought that Moses and I and maybe I am described on MA they asked they want to go back to usability group will not want to go back to Egypt remember this point and they said we can do back empty-handed we got we got a make in God we can carry with us say that this is the guy that led us out of Egypt as they were saying they went and listen and make us was golden calf and this is just idol worship that they had learned while being in Egypt and Erin trying to be honest you want to do this thing so he thought he would've he would appeal to their vanity and say while younger and younger jewelry and on make this thing and they willingly brought their jewelry okay while not do this so they did about it I mean this isn't something that he does without a day Irene and her father worked on this thing for a while right in the meltdown like golden form this thing into Academy when it went crazy art project you know the probably took him I don't know how long to put this thing together he sets it up and get your member from the Scripture when it was Bible say Aaron told the people sit tomorrow and we are to worship to the Lord 's power to come and worship the Lord around this cat so he tried to sanctify that type of worship and say this is this is a God-given think about that in today's world right how many times we approach worship me so you know what I want to just worship God in this way because I like this style of worship I believe our set ourselves up for all sorts of problems we should use the Bible and the Bible alone for our rule of of conduct and how we should worship in and think about this things here again in the Old Testament when the Israelites for their camp done that on the Jordan about the cross into the promised land and through the story of Balin him he was commissioned by the meeting I think they look to come and curse the Israelites because he had heard that these people were coming and he was fearful measurement take over my LAN and he knew that they them I was a prophet any silly you know asked them to come and curse Israel remember God told him yes no but Yamagata say what I say when I tell you say right and it remember they haven't blessed Israel right three times a blessing came out of it was mouth and they look was it's an and you know one of the killing actually something that actually gave Felix and the bison you know the Israelites have protection because they worship the one true God and if you can get them to worship an idol or some other form of worship built fallout they were with their God and you can defeat them so I suggest that you send some women down and there can and invite the young men's and some your guises worship services and therefore they'll fall and apostasy and Mrs. was a great terrible thing that happened lots of thousands of Israelites lost their lives as a result of this apostasy of the Jordan took place and at this time there was a remember these these these Israelites were kept just on the side of the Jordan they could see into the promised land and here we are the time were spiritual Israel camp on the side of the Jordan we can nearly see into the promised land amen and so Satan knows that he is attempting to send an update on women but understands by the Star Trek ten women down into the camp and entice us away from our forms of worship there was a warning that was given about worship there in Deuteronomy chapter twelve of verses thirty to thirty one final so that after they had been destroyed before you be careful not to be ensnared by inquiring about their God same time these nations serve their gods we will do the same you must not worship the Lord your God in their way because in worshiping their God they do all kinds of detestable things the Lord hates the even burn their sons and daughters in the fire as sacrifices to their gods so you know signatures counterfeiting what God is doing aspera sacrifice to represent the coming of the sacrifice right news that was a land in Satan 's is perverted at the time and gotten people taken religions and things to sacrifice their own children another excellent story and actually just and in all the stories are prophetic really when you look at making we can apply them directly to our situation at hand the Nebuchadnezzar setting up the golden image in the planet era and it should be very sobering to us the best throng was filled with thousands of Israelites and only three stood so in these last days remember the majority is getting the phone away and is a is what's called a run right is referred to as a remnant is a small few that will actually stand and that we are all called to be Shadrach Misha Bendigo remember this image Nebuchadnezzar put together right based on the dream that God had given him about the history of the kingdoms all the way through time the head of gold being Babylon and it was like an arrogant act of Nebuchadnezzar to make the whole image gold basically saying my kingdoms in Alaska Philly and the time right and of course this is a forced worship by way of the death penalty and I believe that the Israelites Isaiah would've been before this times oh I believe the three Hebrews there this Scripture in mind right having probably read the writings of Isaiah they had this promise in their heart and they were not fearful even unto death amen Isaiah chapter forty three starting verse one students but now let's say the Lord who created you O Jacob and who formed you O Israel beer not far I have redeemed you I have called you by your name and you are mine these boys even realize even though they were in Babylon and Babylon changed their names to Babylonian gods literally they knew that God had called in and in a new with their true name was that they bear the name of God and that they were his it says when you pass to the waters I will be with you into the rivers they will not overflow you when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned nor shall the flame scorch you for I am the Lord your God the holy one of Israel your Savior so easily see that in your promise and I got promised we walked to the fire so what he's got dressed in the fire who cares what can happen to us right and they went on actually they went on to be anything about what happened antiquated to write an musical he reported that they anything about what took place there the king brings not be says he was angry right because the guys to give you one more chance music plays now down and I said don't going were not given us no chance of King frozen the fire now because we worship the one true God and has even been known today that's a way to do even if we lose our lives that doesn't in many miscellaneous commanded his soldiers to heed the fire in the first seven times hotter and those guys into those three boys in felt that from the admin to the astonishment of everyone witnessing there that day saw those guys walking around in a fire the first thing Burns also wrote an extended or walking around the fire all of a sudden there is Christ walking around in the fire went on and often wondered man with what conversation did Christ have those three guys in a fire economy what an amazing story where three boys literally stood in the presence of God stood in the Gazan all-consuming fire and you think the Kanata fire never ruined unfortunately I don't yell I mean it was well and that message with everywhere these were people from all over the place at this that this worship service and they would only thing you will not believe we just saw there is a true living God and when witness a man when witness said today and we had this interesting ceremony by it has this big golden image the Oscars and down the one the only the Oscars and is referred to as the ceremonies of the Oscar show it's the Oscars ceremony on if you just look up the definition of worship it's to treat someone or something with reverence or adoration appropriate to a deity at the just the basic dictionary definition it's also defined as honor given to someone in recognition for their merit is that not what the author is all about a little patent on each other's back you did get in this movie and yet you did good run now on right maybe Star Wars and honor each other 's achievements and quite literally people worship people in Hollywood right and then there need they follow after the life of a star the Oscar event is typically the second most-watched event each year roughly forty million people watch Austro Academy Awards and down we've got a look at those numbers over the years I was in view not two thousand seven but it is right around there forty one forty three connect out of forty two and a fluctuates just over forty million people watching that each year and of course the number one watch shall the Super Bowl there may knows that the commercials Massachusetts and I or should not keep us coming as we got to be legitimate evidently leery about what the world is following after you know and then in the Super Bowl think I has this youth pastor actually came in our office he said you know I was the last time I'm an old Super Bowl party at my house yet he does I felt so uncomfortable sitting commercials came on the concert and then on everything is a mouse really a comfortable you hosting this thing at his house so yet it didn't get worse but before the latest years this is the the awards given for television productions is called Annie's and this is a number years ago where I John Stuart and Stephen Koerber got up and announced the award for reality TV and reality TV is hated by people and in the industry were working on mainstream you know dramatic television shows and movies and things because taken a huge piece of the pie in you will outside all the unions everything I worked ten years in Hollywood not joining a union so I was on reality television so they are making fun of the fact that there's even award being given to reality television so they're making a joke out of this whole thing and Stephen called bear family room familiar with single bearing his fake news show where he is playing a very right-wing right Democratic rebuttal I mean not yet Democratic Christian so he's he's it's a character is coming out on stage playing and he's telling a joke but notice everybody laughs and we laugh at a joke we agree with that statement is really what were his guru are we doing until he's calling Hollywood out for what it is the him to reality television celebrates the human condition him a file name is one of the minds of our children and we can resolve the ad and will and you go down on right and in those feelings they use their name is Angel withholding the world would he let his writing interesting the main loss there is a Scandinavian old English is look up the meaning of the name it means divine strength or divine beer which is interesting in light of the actual image itself and is actually an image that is holding a space sword that goes all the way to the ground that's what hands up your hands on the handle the sort finale the ground so here divine from God or godlike spirit weapon right obviously a shot with a and so we had a godlike weapon or divine weapon coming in meaning of Oscar night this is where the Oscars had been held up until nineteen ninety nine was a skilled in the black a look for example it is a Temple this is the shrine and it is a Scottish Rite Freemasons Temple founders of the shrine William Florence and Walter Fleming were both recent degree Scottish Rite Freemasons and a lot of Hollywood is a May sonics I all the bigwigs in Hollywood geography John Wayne acting Duke Ellington Cecil Danilo Clark Gable Walt Disney Oliver Hardy right all big big production houses Lewis Meyer Jack Warner Darrell Zanuck these were all high ranking Freemasons and you are not told until you make it to the levels that these guys are at it you are actually in a religion that worships Lucifer by name in the lower levels of Freemasonry are told God and you don't need big VRC can be a Mason and if you're an atheist you have to believe in a God and so is not told until your highest of these guys are were fully aware that they were in a religion that worship Lucifer my name these are Masonic tracing boards are used as teaching tools for initiates coming into Freemasonry to teach them that the language of symbology that kind unites the whole ball of wax where across language barriers they can communicate everything if you see these symbols if like me on this right so and it's it's steeped in astrological worship and all these things and that did the reason the images doing this is because it's saying what is in the heavens is dictating what is taking place on earth so for instance the reason that there is an upside down pentagram history plan Washington DC is because that's the procession of a certain star through the heavens makes that pattern on your so they believe in worship astrological worship that sort of thing and it's interesting that that may sonic temples are if you talk to the Mason and yes where would you guys come up with this idea for the Temple liquid sealants laid out like a temples got an altar one side and all the the relatives based on Solomon 's Temple as it doesn't you be told but if you remember God instructed the Israelites to orientate the Temple facing a certain direction with the most holy Place and at what what direction it was actually to the West soon as the priest went through the sanctuary his back was to the rising Sun okay all the Nissan examples are hundred eighty degrees around in their facing east yet so the Masonic tables of bases as because it's it steeped in astrological worship agency agreement all the symbols down here and everything rights incorporating all the religions and is even a across their and NEC the symbols of of the East European and the yang and and the crescent moon and the stars in the Star of David which David never use the symbol right this came in under his son Solomon and in his his involvement with vehicle at the end of his life so here is just an example of some of those elements from the Masonic tracing board you see the art you see the checkered pattern there and everything and basically when you see that image reader saying you know we own this and when you go into the shrine where they were they had the Oscars are on the wall behind the stage and everything it has all the symbols and everything this is no date they are running this thing now that the Oscars are now take place in the Kodak theater and this is from inside there the see the sun motif in the chandelier this is actually the this was a from the shrine here last time the Oscars were held at the shrine and you can see all this Masonic tracing board imagery there in the stage to the checkered floor an archway and in so there you can see up against another tracing the there is another year the last electric altar typing up here with this or something beams of light coming down on an alter and amend the Nevada sums right from the marry Siddhartha covenant right and it even has Solomon 's name you know on the thing there so we go to the Kodak theater you go to this archway here is only wooden island and this is the a gate to Babylon is Ishtar 's gate to get a star and is Isis and Horus Egyptian gods appear all around the school courtyard is crazy like the elephant looking things with wings and all this all these idols imagers imagery all around here and there's the Hollywood sign rights that are truly framed perfectly through the arch about one and if you actually go right on here it walked on the subtle ramp the handicap ramp is a little plaque down there on this calls this area of the Babylonian court and SSO then none of them in memory of this film that was that built the biggest set up to that date is a film that was about Babylon but it's interesting not architecture they decided to put their Hollywood and Highland on so here is an artist rendition of the city Babylon here is the gate of a star I see it the Temple as a garrotte being built in the background there and this is the beginning of all astrological worship it was believed that when you died you went into the into the heavens into the stars in the beginning of of ancestor worship and star worship Revelation twelve for talks about stars right in the stars and says and his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and the captain of your soak in the biblical sense we know stars are angels however falling from the zero of how art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer the morning holiday cut down to the ground which didn't weakens the nations for thou hast said in nine heart I will ascend into the heavens I will exalt myself above the stars of God I will be like the most time I I I up up up right right here is the beginning of the desire to be famous to be more famous than God right was in that listeners desire B you want to be like the most high he wanted to set his throne of the stars of God and that's where the beginning of this came from it's interesting that the time we got also start driving a possible stars football stars music stars music stars movie stars right and all the stars there literally worshiped by people in a not people we want life then in the concrete review Kermit the frog as his star in the sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard and the pentagram itself interestingly the Grammys actually uses the upside down pentagram as their emblem the music awards and two occultists the upside down pentagram knees the manifestation of Lucifer 's kingdom here on our that's the symbol means so when you see that the contract this industry this music industry that's what it's manifesting whispers kingdom Your Honor as of the same decimal if you just look at some of the symbols that are the production companies that make these films DC comics right has has the crescent moon and star it represents the moon goddess Diana the son of the morning and which couldn't white witchcraft right good witchcraft as it's called uses it out with this with the star up the last Satanism turns around down at the right so this is an language practice Satanism is what there basically saying that in the near Phoenix pictures legendary pictures of the Phoenix rising from the ashes the symbol acquired divinity this is the belief that that portal on Powell right out of out of chaos will come order to burn the thing down and negative there bring about the full doctrine of Lucifer is is what the vehicle does believe in Freemasonry and the illuminati and the third thing the Celtic knot is the image there that it legendary pictures and he is using its Mesopotamian origin it's associated with protective spells invoking the gods of four corners of the earth just extended in the inland 's in this symbology that these production companies use his Jerry Bruckheimer 's emblem and year going down a road lightning lightning bolt hits a tree Jerry Bruckheimer is involved in Kabbalah he's you know Mystic Jew basically an agonistic relation of Kabbalah tree signify self enlightenment can strike with all the power of thunder and lightning cobalt to take the symbolism of lightning as a creative force as the lightning flash ascends through the plane zigzagging between force and form so the tree takes its shape and structure service agrees they were to analyze new right with our belief is that what they're saying that not similar Columbia has this woman holding a torch there is a Donna's name Columbia and the flaming torches a symbol of Lucifer Lucifer having regained his star and his guide and will ascend is legions for new works of creation attracted by his flaming torch celestial spirits will dissent than the tort several signal from heaven to earth and the New Age Christ will answer from earth to heaven interesting quote from mystery market the New Age page two forty so they go that torches the torts of Lucifer and it is to herald the coming of the Antichrist really and we know that that's exactly same scheduled from great conversely page six twenty four is the crowning act in the great drama of deception Satan himself will person a Christ interesting that he is the word person may not impersonate personally easy I mean the leader in the going to appear by Christ I the church is long process professed to know to the saviors advent of the consummation of their hopes now the great deceiver will make it appear that crisis in different parts of the earth Satan will manifest himself among men as a majestic being of dazzling brightness resembling a description of the son of God given by John in Revelation the glory that surrounds him is unsurpassed by anything that mortal eyes again be held the shout of triumph rings out upon the air crisis crisis so we know this is coming and in first Timothy four one the Bible tells us that now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils in my personal experience again I believe this is true it happened to me because of my involvement by my focus on Hollywood and the music of the world and all these things I was I gave heed to seducing spirits and Doctor Dells and I left the fate so this is the time in which we live and it's interesting talking about worship here here's an article that we found the sea was from this is from my magazine time and CNN here who among us hasn't fallen victim to a little celebrity worship and now new scientific research has found that celebrity crushes are not only common but maybe even healthy a study published September ten suggest that the act of celebrity worship may be a boon to some people 's self-esteem steam the article goes on to say because people form bonds in their minds with their favorite celebrities they are able to assimilate the celebrities characteristics in themselves and feel better about themselves when they think about that celebrity says Gabriel interesting another article a new age of celebrity worship the article says here it's called being starstruck and it's a phenomenon that's not only bigger than life it's bigger than ever you have a confluence of forces coming together in technology and the media to make it happen in its worldwide multiplying like lice Sister Fischbach PhD spokesperson for American site cycle psychological Association a professor of Emirates immediate psychology at California State University Los Angeles this cough who has academically studied the cult of celebrity says that the very need to find an idol and follow him is programmed into our DNA there is a non-Christian source saying that we are programmed to worship and nest to write to me we were created to worship and if we don't worship God we will worship something leader worship self someone else something some idea right so yeah right there science telling us that we were created to worship now how are you how is it that these actors and actresses and writers write such amazing stories access amazing performances leaders into talking about how they bring about their best performances here's Denzel Washington in an interview on sixty minutes talking about his performance in the movie glory I was a while ago replayed a slave so the dictionary says as he was he shall create a series of artist John Burleson I see you are back there is okay and really what he was he believes he is he was communicating with the spirits of dead slaves and that they were helping him to bring about this part that was ill but he said I couldn't have acted Vatican and written it down and made a decision to play that and he's a professed Christian Denzel Washington's professed Christian yes but you can see where it you don't understand the Bible of the Bible truly says about the state of the dead right that know nothing I get yourself in trouble thinking of speaking spirits a bit evil is a quote from Opera house is on the most familiar is not as easy as I you and for me to wake me him a call please is rulers as you are over as were her with whom Mister shows you I will and I know I will and using a white actors into this but of course they don't want you don't mention that I will not have mentioned it in it it will put this presentation together Alastair Crowley is known as the chief Satanists of our time this this guy was a diabolical individual he actually is a endeavor in life was to become Satan 's right-hand man out was his goal he signed everything the beast six six six that was his signature and his life as a toy it's really horrible and it's amazing how many musicians are people in the entertainment industry follow up to the sky and think that he's really really great right Timothy Leary son Andrew Tammy said I'm carrying on the work of Alister Crowley as O'Leary said and and did the entire sixties revolution sex drugs and rock 'n roll you can step right up Alastair Crowley here he is up in the top left corner of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper lonely heart man out and cover as a result people to influence the Beatles he wrote a book on magic in theory and practice I've not read this book but I came across this quote and its an interesting here is that there are three main methods for invoking any deity the third method is the dramatic him brought us the most attractive of all certainly a set of the artist temperament for it appeals to his imagination through his aesthetic sense and Socrates basically saying the same thing in like manner the news first of all inspires men herself because they are inspired and possessed they are based are simply inspired to utter that which the news impels them for not by art or knowledge do you say what you say but my possession so this is something that goes all the way back to Socrates time in he's referring to acting hear the news was that spirit that would that would be no bring about creative undertakings and things it's where we get the word music just think Rudolph Valentino was the Brad Pitt of the early nineteen hundreds he lived a very short life in nineteen ninety five grades ninety five to nineteen twenty six spent all his films were really pushing the boundaries that were established in America based on Christian values and that sort of thing and either silent films and people flocked to see these things and when he came around it was it was coming this was the biggest factor of the early are the century and it's interesting that every night Valentino 's wife and talk to hold a séance calling for help from the spirit war world in her creative undertaking then pencil and paper in hand she would going to entrance and start writing snow is automated writing after her outpourings our type they were brought to the set the next day and given the director and these are the films of President Reagan so even those storylines of Batman were not even from a human mind is like telesales every night to get these ideas in the scripts may west this is just before Marilyn Monroe 's time this is this one is known as a one-woman sexual revolution that's her answer to every single dunk he made was about sex outside of marriage the sensational may west I'm no Angel this is a quote from a book guide to health and happiness by King Kenny Kingston who was her psychic and is what he said he said when she was upset that no one had been able to come up with a script idea she walked about her room saying forces forces come to me and help me write a script the force on that's what occultism that is in there in the Star Wars trilogy because of forces what occult is referred to as they are the spirit guide and you can use the force for good music for value be a white which you can be a dark which she would begin to hear voices and images as the plot was revealed to her they would summon stenographers to work with her round-the-clock as she would lie in bed in a trance like state dictating as the spirits entered Marilyn Monroe famous quote from her book Goddess page five here from Anthony Severson says that she says Jacqueline Hyde more than two and so many people they shocked me sometimes I wish it's just me that she was tormented she tormented by these spirits Kenny Kingston actually was her psychic is well and i.e. seventy at least clipping Hannah got corrupted I need to find it again where he talked about Marilyn Monroe being covered very just can't boring person really until a camera and in any camera still camera movement and whatever she just popped live in and the second shot was over should go back and her not so interested self so you interesting last day events islandwide tell this on page eighty seven among the most dangerous resorts for pleasure is the theater and she's not about that is that a performance theater right not even movie theaters and even there was there was no movies during her lifetime instead of being a school of morality and virtue as it is so often claimed many times you all tomorrow as the root of Marlin Emily I is the very hotbed of immorality vicious habits and sinful propensities are strengthened and confirmed by these entertainments low songs lewd gestures expressions and attitudes deprave the imagination and debates I Love Lucy I have watched every episode of I Love Lucy you I used to love the show I thought it was so funny and actually I Love Lucy is the longest running television show ever it has never gone off the everyday episode of I Love Lucy broadcasts storm and interesting I mean what was it really about and how did Lucy I get this job is kind of interesting Carol Lombard was a friend of Lucille Ball 's it was the spirit of actress Carole Lombard who guided Lucille Ball into taking a chance of television and accepting the offer to star in I Love Lucy Lucille Ball was a a movie actress at this time it was considered career suicide to go from the big silver screen down the little fuzzy one and so she was resisting this until the spirit came on her friend appeared to her and urged her to take this job the first meeting then died in an airplane crash nine to nineteen forty two appeared to Lucy in nineteen fifty one because Lucille Ball accept the spirit urging to take a chance having she made television history that's from Hollywood and the supernatural by Steger page two six brightness the whole premise of the whole show tell the truth don't you dare amigos always about her constantly lying and keeping the truth from her husband and from her neighbors wrapped in the garb of laughter right after the sugarcoating it would take him down and is and we just America was was top down we laughed and laughed and we we were taught how to be dishonest really I mean you know how to be dishonest to be funny about it that all the white lie here and there is no big deal interesting Alan Ball is a writer he wrote a movie called American beauty and which is not very beautiful at all horrible film actually IAA and that's enough film way way back in the ring came out and Amazon.com asked in the writing feels very cathartic did it come quickly our bosses yet I just got in the zone and its theme to have a life of its own the characters seem so real and it was like channeling that woman who wrote the Harry Potter series by having that you dig about Windows if you look at research when those books came out and they came out one after another to suggest his bow bow bow bow and she's professed which she says which and all the step examines real witchcraft in those those movies right and I'm yeah she's cheap I'm sure channel a lot of those as well same with the twilight series that we wrote I like serious Stephanie Meyers there was that she had a dream right and she said she would wake up in the know than I should have this talent exercise bench she said she could barely keep up with the images and the characters and it was just born out of our word that come from and he is in way and now I and how you and he is allows you a call on myself I will be sure to an ethical basis of active unity acting classes and in all this right it's obvious it's all about how to get into the character how to let the spirit of the character inhabit you interesting and bridges in the nation right there at the beginning saying you know she's asking if you channel Johnny Cash and our music out there yeah now as they these doctors believe that is taking place click on their again a new voice for this for the Toy story favorite Jim Varney who starred the slinky dog in this energized guide and then they needed to make a died not too long after Troy Street to make when it I third movie that I know who you have just thinking out they just got his friend Blake and says that as it turns out Clark actually knew the late actor and sees friends them keep we were really excited when we found out that Blake was actually friends of Jim Varney they they knew each other from way back and says and when I'm in the recording sessions with Blake he just channels the spirit of his friend Jim Varney and he's done a really awesome job at keeping the character alive and I hope you guys feel the same and they say we listen to it it sounds again you can't even tell if not Jim Varney right I mean the demons that they provided there their favorite thing to do is what act hypocrite by a sort of the work they I mean they can reenact any person from any point in history perfectly in Roger Reynolds book a trip in the supernatural that he has never read enough where he talks about all different people in that house that that that that Satan had given certain powers to them whatever right and there was that there was a historian a famous French historian that a history teacher that it was part of the circle and is in he was famous for his his writings about French history and everything and this is what you didn't go in the room he would have a few mediums there and he would say on here Napoleon talking to generals on such and such a date spirit to come in these people this conversation happening right because they were there you know and an Seo there their favorite thing to do is to reenact like people that we know and to deceive us using your sellers was completely one the factor until he understood this the fact he said is rather like being an EDM and laying yourself wide open insane I want to characters who inhabit my body or I want a spirit to take charge of me so that I can produce what I hope to produce which is really good acting and he shot right to the top is one of the highest-paid actors during this time you once he realized this member him from the other pink Panther series right away Robin Williams said this to us magazine yet literally it's like possession all of a sudden you're in you just get this energy and it starts going but there is also that thing it is possession in the old days you to burn for but there is something empowering about it I mean it is a place where you are totally it is Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde you really can become this other force distinct ice thing that homes and sky so amazing as he so funny submitting wasn't him with him the director Agnes Scott Holland from a directed a movie called total eclipse said that Leo is like a medium he opens his body and mind to receive messages coming from another person 's life the director of Romeo and Juliet Baz Lerman said that will leave you might see thirty people come out of me today the director Taylor Hafford of the devils advocate told movie Movieline Schiano reason very complex guy with lots of demons in and I was trying to tap and utilize that Johnny Depp says I know I have demons I'm thirty people sometimes told us magazine the cauldron and Vanity Fair nineteen ninety seven February ninety seven I know I have demons and I don't know if I want to get rid of them entirely but I would like to experience them in a different way because he probably feels a bit I used and confused as well but actually Brandon had a friend that there is a film being filmed in Montana somewhere and as a Johnny Depp movie and he disguised his friend Brandon 's got to go and be an extra on the film it all as great of you to meet Johnny Depp and everything he said he was the weirdest guy he just walked around babbling himself full-time of the and then when the shot was ready lively tummy do the shot the second was over he was off his own little world is talking themselves back and forth you have saw Morgan in Los Angeles time said that keeps creepy performance space out about his performance in a Batman as the Joker he's pitiful performance seems to have summoned out demons no one could have imagined accessible to him as because the Joker is the most diabolical character in the entire superhero genre because the Joker if you remember never that good in this film had it was steeped with with tarot cards and never the jokers always leaving a card right and in the end he needs the Joker are our modern day playing cards actually comes from tarot cards at Federation for suits there's four seasons it's all astrological and all the things I remember in the deck of cards the Joker doesn't play right Job resume and again the tarot card the jokers known as the fool and that Christ this is Christ in the all belief the Joker got if you remember from the previous things God is again is the whole Gnostic NL inversion of great controversy and the Joker is with your same Christ is the one it doesn't claim again he's the one that just wants to see the world burn if you remember from the previous in this film there is a preview where Alfred is telling Bruce Wayne some men can be reasoned with they can't even be reckoned with some manner just want to watch the world burn and I mean that's at the same estate God just wants to watch the world burn that's like the feel film no as demonizing guide dogs must kill everyone of the flood right eye is another actor talked about his path to stardom is is is is is is is will is the will and was just as he costs and what is and is you is is is is is a always always actually are is a is a is an and he is will is you is you is all in a similar and I I is a wrong and pain lands actually is a professed white which is well so interesting that did that yeah I mean her spirit guide all of a sudden informed her hate delegated to get back it is a video she had a little realization that right first Corinthians ten twenty two twenty two says that but I say that the things the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to devils and not the God I would not date you shall have fellowship with devils you cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of devils you cannot be partakers of the Lords table and the table of devils do we provoke the Lord to jealousy are we stronger than he so you know there's been used to have a upset can have a blending of the two right is issued another interesting sixty minutes is so is what is the root word is the way is this on all over the world report thinking where I now see that you are and she's good and deserve as a world fantasy is that Bob daily talking about how is he made a deal with the devil to get where he's at he's holding up his end of the bargain by these people believe in the back she sold her soul out which is impossible right reseller so that's something we can sell you know God is a repurchase as a man just tell that we are were were owned we we are out of time so next to get on skip to this year if you guys want you can follow all it's the engineer this is a a recording of a guy named John Todd who seven you cannot have called autism and into the Baptist movement and he sat on this Council of thirteen as a high good priest which oversaw all the conservation but booking agencies the US Motown records Columbia records RCA records the act of the management managing president about coming twelve zodiac productions as he got to know a lot of people in the industry and he got to know the workings of the industry he said that in the top rooms of all these Temple are all these recording skyscrapers you know RCA records and Motown in Columbia is a temple room where when the master of a record is cut to bring the master and on altar and they bring in a Coleman of witches and wizards and they conjure spirits into the master to any command has no spirits to command every spirit that comes out that master to follow every copy becomes a master he said rock 'n roll music is not just music it is a supernatural spell because I wish cannot cast the spell on you if you're bleeding bleeding Christian believing in God is a spell work but if you choose to play the spell to yourself in the spell work and and he says that that's the reason for rock 'n roll music and down if you guys rock albums that your Plessis says you know you can count at least coming demons you have their so one of those recordings on YouTube Amazon YouTube St. John talk to you DD interesting testimony there very similar to Walter by insulin it is his resealing of the illuminati Freemasonry and all that Anton the latest of the guys started the Satanist church right is going about the television is the television is a major mainstream infiltration for the new Satanic religion the TV set arson attack on the altar as grown more elaborate since the early fifties from tiny fuzzy screen is a huge entertainment centers covering entire walls of several TV monitors what started as Anna 's arrest by from everyday life has become in a cell arrest our replacement for real life for millions a major religion of the masses Deuteronomy eleven sixteen warns us to be careful or you will be enticed to turn away and worship other gods and bow down to them we are on the side of the Jordan we were literally about to cross into the promised land and Satan has literally created a device that is in our very cat in our very homes he can come into developing never at a time in history has Saint been able to speak to amend a megaphone like he has now to the entire world even at least on their blockbusters the entire world watches him and are all on the same page interest the Lord I just want appraised and our heads shares on a prayer Lord you protect us from the things that we watched protect us from the things that are out there that were not completely aware of Lord as we know that we are living in Satan 's world we know that you are ultimately in control Lori and you are allowing these things take place to bring about a revelation of your true character as the Lord as we is the governess mountaintop experience may we and we fully understand that we are just we on the brink of eternity Lord we are standing on the side of the Jordan we can see the promised land lord guide us and protect us these last days my previous powerful engines this media with a lot of my body over the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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