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Humility 101

Martin Kim


Martin Kim

Pastor and Evangelist




  • September 1, 2014
    7:00 AM
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but for what I want to answer the question that he meant our heart related that were not covered can you get to the real symbol for example acceptable to God than agreement for a sound install the seven with one incident it is almost everyday having my turn with me to song seven shows that what the brain and in why God answers our prayers Psalm fifty seven versus one that God be merciful to us and let us and cause his face to shine upon us what a wonderful prayer and also why the better your way may be known on earth your salvation among money going to memorize I pray often if you want God to bless you what many analysis to present understanding of God will hear and answer prayer is not disclosed you can blessing you is that you can be a blessing to others only right that the Holy Spirit will be given to all come begging that he might have left because they don't let me what it looked like it to others is another question that he mentioned his friend the only medium to reach God is present thinking yet been out of the story about the window and the women who let the club years she distantly went into Elizabeth that he was out to God it is through prayer and faith that we reach out to God alike right that our operators are need is a great argument doesn't be making along with this they just displayed a pleasant and just wait on him and understands what you need all right our think the brother who went for a run on a list there was an apprentice him God was listening to me that the message unless you want to get the message that he wants presented even on the other name for this weekend has been getting back to basics and we've been talking a lot about what we believe in the morning I want to talk about the basics of Christianity my message is titled humility one oh one online design ages the only greatness is the greatest humility and a very invisible to milky says that the highest lesson I believe it has to learn is the lesson of humility to do the work for you thank you Lord for bringing us together when an opportunity but we can hear word from you I just pray that he would send the Holy Spirit the greatest of all teachers to teach us lessons with understanding but more importantly looking something to take the things which are in a plight into our lives please let you strength perfect in my weakness is my greatest Disney and do not ever get irritated or annoyed and if your spouse or Google or someone of the opposite gender taught you how to try and tell you this is a guy thing for the ladies also get irritated when the driver Canadian and irritated when you work hard all day long he didn't look very hard to prepare nice meal and your family members is down and it'll appreciate what difficult that is how many of you men get irritated if the food doesn't taste as good as it looks on the table that is a question for all of you how many get a little irritated when some additional advice for talking to your wrong zeolite as I that is correct answer is looking for it in my pride in the root of every citizen and every evil and what is the opposite of life humility we can easily irritated because we lacked humility which is the root of every which tell me in your Bibles to the seventeenth chapter seventeen shall read this parable which begins in verse seven in the parable Jesus teaches us about servant hood what is expected of a servant and what must be the proper attitude of a servant for seven incident which of you having a servant plowing or tending sheep will say to him when he has come in from the field come and sit down to eat if you are serving raise your hand well everything is quite poor servants of Satan and Jesus is your message they met in no service spend their day out in the field do not like the fields need to be worked in and in the days of income in verse eight but will you not rather say to him prepare something for my supper and good yourself and serve me till I have eaten and drunk and afterward you will eat and drink the sermons always put others first consult seconds verse nine does he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him to do that what commanded him I think not so likewise you when you have done all those things which you are what commanded say we are unprofitable servants we have done what was our duty to do him humans is why they humility and of being in regard to true characteristics just seven DC thought seven of Christ and what are you an obedient and humble servants what mothers see you have an obedience and humble servant will not be told that the part of a servant how do we know if we happy servant 's heart by how we act like one finish it with your definition of humility that is very hopeful to meet cumulative academic assignments when you are treated circular underwriting and your spouse said honey can you drive a little faster you can send money ultimately drive on the man I've been driving for fifteen years .com address they feel like I even got along him if you are a servant is a twenty eight in delegate is in him and then when you boot and you said that your husband or your children aren't appreciating all your hard work you can get an attitude and signaling is now on because he thought I your servant because I I'm so sorry they want lots of interruptions and asked him to help what you meant it would usually got what you wanted to you can complain right but if you are a Christian you want is resorting in him I have an in room thing that they met many great women in the point is that they him to do so within the home what you end up with a piece of heaven and the reason we get easily irritated including usually have been Addison's leaving is because of our right in thinking this wasn't usually irritated by people patients know and design ages in the chapter titled a happy child for seventh we are told that Jesus manifested a patience that nothing could disturb the now of course Jesus had righteous indignation located in the diminishing and righteous indignation and is not yet identified problem but because he had a problem with sending you is holy but the reason we get easily irritated by others because of our life so when we are irritated when they feel like my begin to boil before pushing all of our questions we had two options option one is Google up we can be like this for a legal and up and up Lucifer said I was sent into heaven I will exalt my throne above the fact that I will be like the most high than England or we can choose to go down and be like Christ went down and down and down it was Christ he made himself of no reputation into the Formula One survey came in the likeness of men he humbled himself and became obedient to the point that debated a lot to choose to go down already before reasons why we ought to humble myself why we ought will then fill out we get irritated the number one selling to be happy Monday happy Gilmore Paul yourself is then that if I was quite blessed by the meat in other words happy by being humble you know people were always people who are out people cannot be wrong and even if the wrong ethanol the argument to prove that there might be less people are never happy and they make everybody around them possibly miserable accomplished people e.g. are I went to the retreat at the beginning of the year and together they could talk about PGR is economically what is you are is someone is going to come your mind you can edit your tenant needs your what is a GR extra grace required to make sure that we are not your cartridges thirteen verse fifteen to sixteen Jesus that's right giving you an example you should do as I think he wanted kids just do it for speaking these words give that hobbled and thought he got out of the any wash the feet of the disciples because most disturbing video servant is not greater than his master nor he who is sent greater than he who sent and then it's on thirteen percent in Jesus that if you know anything left it are you you do that we have nowhere left to get in the KGB it reads did you know anything happy RT CPQ the fuel home yourself and you will be a servant as Jesus was a servant he will be an nasty Chapter 11 verse twenty eight to thirty seasons come unto me all you need to labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest there is not a one of us that is not in need of the rest of reviews can offer him while very heavy burden heavy burden to carry the burden of sin and the moon the Boston this life because of that arthritis is when it's out Jesus could mightily upon you and learn of me flying meat and lowly in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls from item is easy and my burden is light and when you come to do this we need to learn of Jesus was neat and lowly in heart only then will experience a rest parcels and will come to understand what true happiness is all about designing the chapter called the invitation and it's about this invitation in that he kept eleven twenty eight to thirty my favorite chapter in the design ages and the last paragraph is probably my favorite paragraph in all of this prophecy on right after Jesus we enter into rest heaven begins here and it begins where the begin once legal half the pearly gates after the resurrection begins year we was marked with in addition learn of me and in the learning we begin the life eternal heaven is the ceaseless approaching to God through Christ the longer we are in the heaven of bliss you are expensive lists you go to give the but only worked one in the book evangelism there's no greater blessing on this item have been bidding winning souls to Christ and he will lift you go to Jesus and then you go work for Jesus happiness astounding going to Jesus and going for Jesus she goes on to say the more still more of glory will be open and the more we know of God more PR happiness eleven as we walk with using the life we may be filled with love satisfied with this presence all that human nature can bear we may receive you but what is this compared with the here is the last time I had where there will be more no more tears no more pain no more hunger but all that human nature can bear we may be seen here to be number one is to be happy have you ever heard the saying happy wife happy life for our amusement but when the woman healthy the whole world is I come to find out the business that you have any married man no I think the street zone and everyone will tell and begin act like sermon we going to be way happier and happier marriage is going to have happy homes if we all have happier homes that have happier healthier churches because of them without destroying such as any he doesn't effectively registering marriages yet if nothing came about because the Lord will enable speaking to meet and was thinking meeting exactly seven home and I started at my sister Mister Pringle to make you around the home just as the discernment and telling you within a couple days my wife notice of defense as she started saying I love you no less than ten times a day this unit of running with different filler and certainly I know works but the reward have a set of methods all hundred times because you know that I needed your argument had remembered to this to be guilty of this there are many people in this world who will never oh and learn about is the only way some people will see Jesus is review and to me that we need to think about the law but you likely want to rebuild his best my wife and my family were closest to me you know why my family lives closest to me and knows Liselotte nasi Jesus in the and everything I get outside my house is its photography which all of the life we come to church but we can't do a study Wednesday can have nice big smile painted on their faces at a really good looking right but what would the children and yourself do they see Jesus in you this is where the rubber meets the road I want to reveal just how much of in order to rebuild you this we must humble ourselves that these two eight is set he humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death if you follow Jesus what would that have a human travel on look like I like what Andrew Murray says in his book humility and it is a fantastic book I hate recommend this book and you are he says humility in the past to death I'm tired of trying to act like Jesus I don't act like he is want to reveal Jesus Jensen the defense I want to listen to live in the and be seen and it can only happen if I die to self what are the past and that humility and humor he also said humility needed to perfect that she really means the giving of self and taking the place of perfect nothingness before God how many would like you to pick the perfect nothingness before the really I think that run that it is indeed less than fifteen happiness of heaven to be self-created whatever it is that unless and until a law is flawed up in the file that Jesus is all you don't even get really irritated and upset if someone looks at us the wrong way or if you like assignment is because we are so full of salt whistle life but imagine to be so attempted assault however is that if you're done you can all be small enough in the plot that Jesus is all in Matthew chapter six hundred and twenty fortieths is it any wonder that come after me that it did not himself to pick up his cross and follow me I used to read this and think of all the things I had to give up I love Keith cream cheese not the keys cheddar cheese in my Doritos at Taco Bell she is you name it without Paula I would pick down with my dish of food it was sleeveless and quite frankly it was useless outlook over the next connect with the help of the good book is the TV and I couldn't help but feel just a little proud of myself and me know if not I was getting I was overcome beware of the crime of loneliness and what is my willingness and you very recognizable there is no price of dangerous because none of those subtle and insidious add fried of holiness and forced onto hubris fifteen Johns talk about not loving the world the lust lust lust the back and right of what you and I really do is find a way we need to be aware that flight leader him with twenty four hundred and eleven denying something up his cross and follow me there is nothing wrong with denying us all achieve and all the things that are harmful for your body but if you're reading the words of Jesus in denying yourself of things humans in the point Jesus is asking us to be nice saw and die to self in other words do that is to humble ourselves and to walk on the path that leads to death do I believe the T-shirt is a downward path empty sixteen verse twenty five he says for whoever desires to save his life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it so when someone comes along and pushes all the wrong weapons are you going to save your life another was he going to go off I don't exhaust yourself what you going to lose your life another was I going to go down in humble yourself if we want to be guilty of this to the world as she is to humble ourselves and take the path that leads to that William Law says the one true way of trying to soften the weight of patients meekness humility and resignation to God so we talk to Florida to revisit the home results one is to be happy the second is to reveal Jesus and the book humility and array right let us look upon every brother who tried or is not means of grace God instrument for our purification because God loves us so much and desires to purify it that he can want a taste of heaven he will continue to place people in our past who annoy and they repeat us and that's what happened until the day we are so purified as so much like the Jesus that we will not be irritated by the EDR 's for your husband I know that primary instrument is that God uses me presentation yes Mister White and kids doing it thank God I went into the net in life unit with high management is they got to the rehabilitation Mister husband and mother-in-law and then got secondary estimate market petition is of course the church members living in think on this judgment within in the smallest and invite everyone related to classes there are the same and in that there are those who irritate an anything goes here did you and divide them into four subclasses some people do get offended because of the actions or because of some works with unique as one class like myself and love them so much but it just it just sat in an antithesis even the ones with the another class of people the people there okay until the open amounts due to their wife and instantly you are annoyed you feel your blood boil is also third class this class feeling often amounting to show up in their present alone begin to heritage in the fourth class you can get home find enjoyment and peace and rest and able to make their way into my and a lot of them just yesterday and God gives all the people for your purification and you know about and give him all the people who irritate us love them and serve them and the like Matthew five forty four Jesus love your enemies bless those who curse you do as an prey on those who slightly use you and persecute you the real life who can be adding enzymes lower to get to her server framework study wondered what I love my enemies now you have a very good reason there got estimate for your each the devil will destroy you Angela tried to do it using your enemy and thought that they any good spot to correct he uses your enemies for your education so you connected with enemy unit that will estimate for your destruction or even in the cost estimates for your pictures the choice is yours with number three by the Oklahoma health it is his experience revival there's only one pathway to genuine revival and that in the past way of humility or brokenness scriptures make it clear that this is the number one prerequisite to meeting got the Bible F Acadiana was a man may be used by God in the nineteen seventy three revival in Borneo she says revivals do not begin happy with everyone having a good time you start with a broken and contrite heart in it it is that it was fifteen assessment of the high lofty one who inhabit the charity whose name is holy item the high and holy place with them was a contrite and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart contrite ones what is God dwelt in the high and holy place within whether contract and humble spirit phone thirty four were thinking that the Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and phase such as have a contract but if I was gone within the palette gives grace to the humble homilies all under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time but did listen to the worth of lien law would topple the truth of this tribe must die annually in an inconvenient under the banner of the truth give yourself off beneath an humble spirit of the holy chief humility must so the seed or there can be no remain in heaven look not try on and on becoming Emperor Norton humility only as a decent virtue for the one is the death the author is like the one is all help each other is all strong language or so much as you haven't tried with the meeting the fallen Angel unlike and you so much as you have some humility some of you have the man of God within you could you see what Everest during a pride best useful you would pick up everything you need to pay the piper from you though with the law the hand or not could you see what asleep transforming power there is in humility how expelled poison ivy nature makes room for the Spirit of God lives in you you'd rather wish to be the first full of all the world and want the smallest degree of it and that's why think Michael sent fourteen if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and we must first come humbling home life health and pray and seek his face turned from the police then you will hear from heaven will forgive our sin and heal our want to be number four is to be honored and used by God how many want to be honored and just like and publicly tuberous what humility and the fear the Lord are riches and honor and like something I'd like that he hungrily diving to the and the humble he teaches his way the story of Moses like give me great encouragement it's been said that the first forty years of his life though the thought he was a somebody and hit good reason to think he was somebody the next forty years of his life giving themselves the wilderness detention and for the next forty years but some that Moses is a nobody and into the next forty years got chosen and if people what God can give through a nobody and if you want to get nobody both eliminated and that whoever studied as leader of the people of God was greatly honored by God not an experience which it gained independence in court but because he was the neatest .net with what you need defendant got taught within a certain faith estimate talks with a friend is meant exactly honored by God and be humble does it carry over God 's work should be distinguished from all others by their humility that's from a commentary volume one page one thousand one hundred thirteen the only spoken about him then greatly use Nikon is that if we are going to be used by God we have to be very humble amend the list close to God will be the humblest I heard a man hitting on all issues as the vessel is close at hand that is cheap near him in the book humility January defend the highest glory of man is indeed a vessel of the enough of a baffling to see and enjoy and show forth the glory of God and I can only happen as we are empty I will more and more this is a glory in his presence and his power so we can talk about formulas the homely soft while a reasonable one to be happy remember to everybody this is number three and to experience the Bible and when the boy to be honored and used by God I want to talk about how we can daily humble ourselves in a very practical way I do not give the opportunity our hour in each state to give opportunities to humble ourselves how can we humbly thought I can summon up in one word anybody have an idea with that one word is served to further the good answers of the four letter word the LOD even wanted to show me that if and not as she a lot how can he love you I would be coming I thought God had shown me that love is impossible without humility and restraint inserting before I quit in nineteen hundred and that is patient love is kind it does not envy it does not both it is not around you know my mother is not proud because love is humble there is no love without humility and if there is an inseparable link between love and humility and you can see this you look at the life of Jesus Jesus sends on predicting predicting greater love has no one than this and to lay down one's life you look at his life from the Manger to the cross Jesus did not live to please himself he did not come to serve but you do not come to be served but to serve to understand the low humility of Jesus now for us in America is very easy for us to get confused about the meaning of love because we use the word love to describe things that we enjoy chocolate I think Karen below ice cream David and we love our neighbor at least the ones that need the loan in order to what is my what we wanted at home and we know that love is not dealing with a high and holy before they even would you like to know how you can type your husband or your boyfriend really like him I wanted to thank you and I want to be discovered on the thing I'm not interested nothing wrong and you see how we respond if you like you do know how to respond to that of any kind he's been introducing readability of the upset freefalling to think of the levy didn't even get you that you is because of what's in it for him if he wanted something that is a something that may sound very dumb but if you think about it the night profound do you know why would you be upset irritated and angry with people because we don't know how to lock the significance the reason we get so easily upset you the irritated and angry with people is because we don't know how the ridiculous upset with people because we don't get what we want we are selfish and we get upset with our expectations are not met but if we know how to live we would get upset if we want to love will respond with kindness and patience him both anatomy and savings like I've done this and this is in this and that when you looking for me and I think you might be between record does not keep a record but hey I think that's unlike many of you I love those who love me and I'm good to those who are continued and I do things for people expecting things in return I get irritated that people do not become expectations when it comes to loving I know better than the tax collectors and Jesus thing notice the words of Jesus if you love those who love you this is Luke chapter six verse thirty two the report if you love those who love you what I did that to you for even sinners love those who love them if you do good to those who do good to you what credit is that to you for even sinners do the same and if you lend to those from whom you hope to be feedback what credit is that to you for even sinners than to sinners to receive as much back but love your enemies do good and then hoping for what for nothing in return and your wee war will be great and you will be sons of the most high for he is kind to the unthinkable and evil therefore be merciful just as your father also is merciful friends are we children of God and we need to act like children about a month the genus that the disciples in John thirteen mystery for a new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have let you that you also love one another why would a new commandment because the disciples didn't understand truly helped a lot locked it in understand that we humbly fall and you lay down your life we fought one another disciples work nine they were always arguing about who is going to have you can always knew what a selfish love practice by definition and pack collectors the juice is saying to you and I today a new commandment I give to you that you love one another as I have left you that you also love one another listen to the words in a like advantage of chapter seventy one title a servant of servants should does how could he show that a mere profession of discipleship did not make them disciples or ensure them a place in the kingdom just because you literature stop after stop the leak and you call yourself a disciple doesn't really mean it doesn't really make you a disciple against your spot and just because you know all create monopolies and to provide proof text for each one of them doesn't make you a disciple or ensure your spot in heaven how can we show that it is not in service shows humility which constitutes no once again we see that there is an inseparable link between love and humility you want to be great in the kingdom of heaven he be a servant I love you servant the apostle Paul understood how important this is English in chapter five verse thirteen to life through love the servants went to another is it natural for me to serve athlete not it is natural for me to want to be served as I need help with this soil for the Lord show me how to serve somehow disturbed my wife on Sabbath morning floor somehow to serve my leaders somehow to serve the church members the documents are first gone with Phyllis how we can work how can serve how we can not in practical ways the sweetest chapter thirteen verse forty seven says the the long and different kind if you choose to love you will suffer to the life as he was serving if you suffer that he did not have the law and if kind love does not envy that does not parade itself is not puffed up it is not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth there is all things believes all things hopes all things endures all things there will be people that will come along it even today and it will push your buttons and you will feel your blood begin to boil and because you chosen to be a servant you always find responded kindly and with patience colossus at the three versus one to thirteen it says put on tender mercies kindness humility meekness long-suffering bearing with one another and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another even if I forget you so you also must do we must humble ourselves and be willing to forgive those who have long if you are struggling to forget it I often because of the evil of a heart and what is the root of all evil fried you want to be delivered from five humble yourself to forgive the five reasons to love owning and getting you five minutes love will be reasonable like to be happy reason number two is to reveal Jesus Ms. number three to express revival below before the honor and used by God and reunify the strongest argument in favor of the cost Ball lighting is not present and to love you I want to live in so many ways and I want the user and you need is not simply to command I want to live video love you committing to making God wants to below enables you when we begin to live as he loved us isn't on thirty to thirty five by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love one another your desire to be a loving level this media was gone audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. done on universe .org


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