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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.


  • October 3, 2014
    7:00 PM
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so it says in but is open to boarding that this man the mother may be humble but her influence united with the fathers is as abiding as paternity next God the mother 's powerful good is the strongest known on earth that's what I sent my wife for Mother's Day it's found in administering would also need about Jaco bed the mother of Moses is said that Jaco bed was a woman and a sleeve for lot in life was humble her burden was heavy but through no other woman save Mary of Nazareth has the world received greater blessing knowing that her child Moses must soon passed beyond her care to the guardianship of those who need not bought she and the more earnestly endeavored to link his soul with this woman was a leader but we also find leadership in terms of committees right whether you're leaving a steering committee to produce an event or whether you're facilitating a form or a think tank organization this is also another level of leadership that occurs in line we also think of company division leadership just like in this prestigious institution there is a department chair someone was leaving the branch of an organization or a business someone was overseeing the department of communication or theology this is a company division kind of leadership you also have military leadership whether it be a sergeant that is leading soldiers or whether this officer that is leading battalions or a man is leading his troops into war he is exercising leadership you also have government leadership and this is kind of leaving the whole educational system of England or the Prime Minister or even the presidency all of these things are different areas where leadership occurs in life but it has been said that ordinary leaders lead followers great leaders the leaders and extraordinary leaders maintenance with the global challenges that are facing society and our church incremental change of incremental change is inadequate and movements are needed to see when we look at the world today the reason why Isis has so much influence and power over the news and media and every single day now their parents abuse and all data is to take a vacation to Iraq they look at you like you're crazy because of crisis the fact that we are soon to embark upon a journey to Dubai to the middle east and the UAE is actively bombing ices are we not at risk let the child go on such a mission project but where else is there greater need than you have a movement of individuals who they say a friend from Serbia and he told me he said one of his friends is a supporter of crisis and he told him he said listen there are over a hundred thousand men in Serbia that would be willing to answer the call the crisis to be mobile lots to fight for them in just the country of Serbia a hundred dollars you're talking about a movement and a mindset that is now influencing everything in your world and in my that has nothing to do with us it will change the way you see a woman the way she covers and with the scarf or the type of clothing that she wears or the guy that decides the pray five times a day in the stairwell and in this kind of sense because of the movement is shaping exactly how you I see Islam it is shaping the nation what we need to accomplish in the kind of people we need to reach and I am one hundred percent convinced that what we need is no longer any more institutions we need this college to be putting out leaders that we can trust we need this college to be producing young people at every level and every echelon in every area of society with a certain mindset that makes crisis before he impairs anyone who should be feared it should be a seven-day Adventist young person if you want to the country of Haiti they are the ones that are feared not the people practicing the people who are practicing voodoo already know their spells and although seasonal work why because your seventy but unfortunately we are the ones who are afraid so that leaves us with the question if incremental change is insufficient because of the issues facing us as so as our planet as a people and as a church the question then becomes what is and what does that actually look like what is it that you're actually trying to espouse and submit to us a movement is something bigger than one person or one organization it can be a movement it is just time to it can be a movement it is just black people or is just like people would be just Hispanic people is not a movement it has to be bigger a movement impacts large amounts of people a movement cannot be controlled because it grows to rapid Malcolm Gladwell in Poplar he's the one that popularized the concept of the tipping point and this is what he said he said the moment of critical mass the threshold the boiling point where an idea of product a message or behavior becomes a movement that's called the tipping point how was that we came to the place where all the siding long dresses begin popular close my monoplane and you know they like to push his duty free stuff of duty-free duty-free so this one is like all surges take a quick look we have all kinds of products you just would not let up she was a hard-core saleswoman so I crack this day and she's quickly delicious it's all yeah your you're married right yes I am very one you know their seasonal addresses this was called new dresses you should purchase one so she flipped the page and there is this long flowing dress all the way down to almost did and this is this popular form of dress and I'm thinking to myself wait a minute so this is now the fashion of the world celebrities famous people are now wearing these addresses in their nice and light in summer and the fabricant selling the software that I'm thinking to myself here you have the fact that there was a time when miniskirts was the movement then you out another time where all you have big in O bassinets and all the things that was the movement and you have other times where yet was the genes and now unfortunately is the skinny jeans concept auto know how this became the movement but it is now I purposely by genes that are too small I don't even understand the but anyway that's not my sermon that I don't have a lot of time so how do we define a movement a movement and I'm quoting from Max Dupree is an inductee of the Junior achievement 's US business policy and create a country that is brought in billions of dollars and continues to mentor leaders of other major corporations this is how he defined a movement instead of movements is a collective state of mind a public and common understanding that the future can be created not just experienced for import this again in movement is a collective state of mind a public and common understanding that the future can be created not just simply experienced or into the house to exert leadership within a movement one must be willing to surrender control because it grows too fast all of a sudden when people post YouTube videos I have no idea which will become popular in which one before you know it this video seventeen million hits forty five million views you can give yourself why in the world of this video become popular in the other winded and the question no one really knows all of a sudden it becomes a now people take clips of people saying ignorant things in the news and ending songs out of it becomes popular and forty five million people wanted to share with all their friends it becomes before you all over the world in different languages and I find it different countries on the seventeenth and has very few countries you can go to Google notice all they don't know that only I know about this person and unlike how was that the spread so much faster than the cost that should be the question of our minds how is it that these things spread faster than the cost then the good news and we recognize that there are different types of movements we know about secular movements we've mentioned fashion meaning of the Internet social media I remember when Facebook was first being introduced it was only for students in college you how to have a university and yet approved the new attending that school by having a university e-mail but now you see what Facebook is now you apply for the job they want your fate book to analyze you before they can iron and I'm thinking to myself how did this get to this place but are concerned tonight is with the divine is with the spiritual and this is especially powerful because it's not just the human when you have the presence of God behind us this is a different kind of movement or to share with you an example of one happened in New York City back in the eighteen hundreds says in the North Dutch Church on Fulton Street in Manhattan enlisted Jeremiah Lanphier to lead the congregation 's evangelistic efforts that was his job made our evangelistic efforts the metropolis was filled with people who space and bottles cold or nonexistent sound a lot like where you are it says after several failed attempts to impact the massive city Latvia announced a known our prayer meeting at the church on September twenty third eighteen fifty seven section my sister 's birthday only six people showed up the second week twenty King with forty attending the following week in the fourth week there was a devastating crash of the financials financial markets businesses went bankrupt by the score and thousands of people were thrown out of work the prayer meetings were changed daily events and shown the North Dutch church could not contain the crowds so the meeting spread to other locations and one count dozens of prayer meetings were being held across Manhattan at the noon hour with thousands of people attending then Peter continued to be involved but his name things from the record as the revival movement spread across America and ultimately ignited cinema revivals around the world as far away great Britain and South Africa out of an American population at that time of thirty million one million were added to the churches in America and when you J Edwin Ortiz is supposedly a leading person on revivals he described this movement is the event of the century that this man started a career as we look at this the question we have to ask ourselves is what is preventing us from experiencing I want to talk to you about leadership because if we leave this place and we graduate and we get our degrees and we are just followers we are not leaders there will be no change we are beyond the time when we need incremental change unlivable get my job work as a computer software engineer and then I'll go about my weight get married how babies celebrate our Christmases and keep our family traditions and we would wait another generation for Jesus but there is an atmosphere in the world right now that we actually could be that generation that is what Paul could not do it did not do that dies when Martin Luther did not do or why Cliff or Ridley or Haas or Jerome that right here we are on the very edges and precipice of eternity if we decide to wake up and assess the privileges in the duty of the church that there is no greater force on the earth then if we decide in our minds that we are no longer captives the buildings that we are no longer slaves capacitors depending on whether he bridges a good sermon are not over whatever the church is the signing of that particular time in its councils and meetings that does not hit there also are moving more toward goddess called us to do the only thing hindering us is what is going on in our minds if we decide to believe that it is possible insufferably these elements of leadership are what make the difference only have five of them so take your Bibles go to the book of numbers numbers chapter sixteen I like to use a very unusual passage because those who want to talk about leadership we like to quote the nice pretty stuff but only use corrugated in the Bible entitled rebuilding when leadership was an issue of question who should be the leader and what quality should this leader possess that we can honestly say this leader was a bar so in numbers chapter sixteen the Bible begins by saying in verse one now call the son of Esau the son of call have to son of Levi with Days Inn and the Bible and the sons of Elian and Days Inn on side and on the side of payment sons of religion took meant and they rose up before Moses with some of the children of Israel two hundred fifty leaders of the congregation representatives of the congregation men of renown they gather together against Moses and Aaron and said to them you take too much upon yourselves for all the congregation is holding every one of them and the Lord is among them why then do you exalt yourselves above the assembly of the Lord now we must pause here for a moment to explain the context so here Moses and Aaron Aaron is the high priest Moses is the spiritual leader of the nation leading this movement in the wilderness guiding them from Egypt from being slaves to being a prominent nation and the world that Jesus said that they would be the head and not the tail how could he take for sleeves and eventually mobilize them so now Moses is leaving these people and while he's leaving recently gone has had enough and you decided you know what this unbelieving generation given a die in the wilderness you won't see the promised land because of ten bad reports from ten spots and now the people are condemned to wander in the wilderness for forty years until they die so now Corrigan can enough I wrote our thinking to themselves how do we know that the Lord telling us and is not Moses leaving us in his wilderness that may be perished so we can take our goods and are well so all of a sudden there becomes a question of Moses and Aaron 's leadership did you really hear from God Moses so then they accuse and conversely by saying two things doing not justifying your position Moses as a leader the Bible says the first thing is all the congregation is holy everyone is holding so we don't need you to lead us we all know the Lord were all walking by faith and not by sight and as a result of this they say we don't need leadership because everyone is holding now we all know the story of numbers these people are not holding they've been complaining since the beginning of time this is almost their spiritual gift find something to complain about and as a result for him to come to Moses and say oh yeah the whole congregation is holy are you seriously they were about to stone Joshua and Caleb say God is able to overcome the Giants the second the thing they say is and the Lord is among so if God is dwelling in the sanctuary with his people why is it that we need you most this end then the question is why then do you exalt himself above the congregation of the Lord so in other words everyone is holding we all know the Lord were all walking by faith we all know Jesus were following the Bible and then he says God is here what we need you they forgot that on the Mount Sinai they told Moses and one to speak with them when you speak with but now the questioning his leadership so now the Bible says in verse four when Moses heard it he fell on his face and he spoke to Paul Rob in August of this company saying tomorrow morning the Lord will show who was his envoys holy and will cost them to come near to him that one whom he chooses people cause to come near to him I just want to quickly both of these five points this time is against the first point is his leadership that is powerful enough to move a movement 's leadership that is bought in Michigan noticed the Bible says in verse five Moses says tomorrow morning the Lord will show who wishes the question of leadership Moses says I leave it with God if there is going to be a leader in his God will reveal that leaders it will be gone initiate you can question after this conversation who was the leader of Israel because God was showing as a result it causes us to ask ourselves the question when we save for positions of leadership is a God initiated or isn't self initiated to any times when people get into positions as a self thing is not adopting too many times when people are leaving out an organization what they are the face of the organization it's not because they were called it's not a calling thing it's not about being it's anything I want to put this on my resume in on my CV for your job opportunities I was the president of XYZ society I was the class president I was XYZ why not adopting but anything if it's not God initiated Gamaliel 's advice and accept a five rings true because if it's not a block it will fail he says you don't even need to fight it will come to nothing so the first thing we must remember is if we're going to become leaders it must be God initiated the second element notice in the verse it says in verse five tomorrow morning the Lord will show who is case in other words in order to be a godly leader we must be owned by God we must understand that we are only we must be his in other words when you think about this in the Bible most of the New Testament leaders introduce their books by St. James the slave of God we covered up as a servant because we don't like the word slave but that is what the word is in the Greek is doing loss it means slave and a slave why would James called himself a slave of God what is he trying to say about himself and his relationship to God in order to be a slave there must be three things that are true about your life the first thing is a slave is completely dependent upon his master he owns nothing she owns nothing everything you have and everything you are belonged to your best the second element about a slave is that a slave is also completely available for the Masters use so not only are you depend not only on what you are constantly available whatever the master tells you to do a massive drums of his labors has built a house this weekend say not an architect I don't know that note you will do with the last of those you to do you always available to do his will start we asleep is one hundred percent dependent upon his master in other words what else would he do he has a wealth that we deliver no way to support himself know when to provide for his family if he had a family he's completely dependent on his master and his kind so when we talk about biblical leadership the Bible is saying we must be one hundred percent owned by God this is a letter of a communist that he wrote to his girlfriend that illustrates this point he says America says we Communists have a high casualty rate we're the ones who get slandered and ridicule the fire from our jobs and in every other way laid as uncomfortable as possible a certain percentage of us get killed or imprisoned we live in virtual poverty we turned back to the party every penny we make above what is absolutely necessary to keep us a line when communist don't have time or the money for many movies or concerts or T-bone steaks or decent homes or new cars we've been described as fanatics we are fanatics our lives are dominated by one great overshadowing factor the struggle for world communism we Communists have a philosophy of life which no amount of money can buy we have a cause to fight for a definite purpose in life we subordinate our petty personal selves into a great movement of humanity and if our personal lives seem hard for our egos appear to suffer through subordination to the party and we are adequately compensated by the fact that each of us in his small way is contributing to something new and true and better for mankind the Communist cause is my life my business my religion my hobby my sweetheart my wife and my mistress my bread and meat I work at it in the daytime and I dream about it at night this whole morning groans not lessons as time goes on therefore I cannot carry on a friendship a love affair or even a conversation without relieving into this force which both guide and drives my life I evaluate people books ideas and actions according to how they affect the Communist cause and by the attitude toward I've already been in jail because of my ideas and if necessary already to go before the firing squad this is what the author to go to know for us tonight what time is going but I do want to end by saying this when you and I look at the very fact that life sets before you as a young person and you are wondering to yourself what is the name of your life will it even matter that you list but I can tell you tonight if we decide to do something that young people stop doing a long time and that is to dream that is to start asking the question what if when we get over the fear of failure someone question for you what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail and as you create that mental list in your mind ask yourself how many of those things are you doing and then you know that we are constrained by the fear filled but when we overcome the fear of failure when we start attempting to do those things that we would do if we knew we couldn't fail that's when life gets interesting that's when life becomes amazing that's when we begin to see God in ways we never saw before every head is bowed every eyes closed I want to make a very simple invitation tonight every head is bowed every eyes closed I was looking at your friends or single response of this feeling does not this between you and Jesus my dictation is twofold number one is there a young person here tonight I says when I look at my life I want something more I want something more than what I currently possess as I look at my life in his direction I want something more Sebastian for you I want and what you stand to your feet and when I look at my life I want something more whoever you are wherever you are when I look at my life I want something more my second invitation to this is there anyone in this room that is willing to dream and to say you know what I have been held back why the fear filled and tonight the brain my fears to the Lord Jesus in Albany dream for God and to pursue my dreams not because it's impossible for me to fail but because when I start moving when I start going forward in what bought I sense he's called me to what I start going for into my passion the thing that keeps me up at night it makes me want to wake up early in the morning life takes on meaning and significance now I have more than what I had your say am willing to dream forgot tonight and I invite you slip up those seats enjoin right here in front of this altar because that's exactly what are three exists I'm doing what I'm asking you to do we say I'm willing to dream for God again on the longer that had been constrained by the fear of failure and then attempt to do something that if I know I couldn't fail I would do whoever you are wherever you are doesn't matter if you're not coming you should be praying that the ones who need to come but we like to look around to see who's coming but that's fine in every victory this champions understands we decide which one we will be spectators were the ones who get crowned and by coming over you can press closer welfare have to be afraid I want to be very clear about the you this is not an appeal for you to leave this room and feel good about yourself this is not an appeal for you to go home and do more of the same back to your regularly scheduled program this is an appeal to fundamentally change the way you make decisions about life I don't do things based on whether I will fail or not I do them based on if I sense that I'm called I do them based on because I want to do this for him whether I fail or not is not my business that's his business but before we will for sure fail if we do nothing some are encouraged to use after we pray together at this moment need to go home and be alone for a minute with the board step into the audience chamber and begin to tell by these of my dreams this is what I would do if I knew I couldn't fail for your name and begin to pray and to plan how you will do it and before you know it you will be amazed how got begins to put the pieces together I didn't tell you that I know money to go to Dubai zero so I got an e-mail this morning the person said why did not tell him that we find you and your whole family to buy it on my way here I called the airline to make sure that my wife and my kids and I were sitting together two hours done over two thousand pounds out of God 's pocket and not to ask the court Michael one is a foolish question because is God 's will is going to do is done that's a small thing were going if you step forward and pray with you guys when my kneeling with me heavenly father many of us stood tonight because we sense that we want more out of our lives and we are getting we stood up because we are not content we are not people that love mediocrity but some of us have come forward in our kneeling here before your throne to confess to you that we've beaten we've been constrained by fear and the Bible says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind and that perfect love casts out all fear father we first went to pray that you would help us to rest England left that we would be one hundred percent assured that God has given all that has been for us that God is for us and not against us but Mort also we've come here to say that we want to dream for you we don't want to be constrained by the fear of failure any longer and were asking that you may make us free at this decision look at that woman and said warming the ones we pray that we believe this please no longer bound by fear but only constrained by the love that we half Christ more than we would not turn away from any daunting challenge or amazing opportunity because of the possibility of failure but only because of the disarming and father I pray for each of these young people that is to the drawing of your Holy Spirit and I asked that you would take them to be holy as I pray for this would give them a fearlessness in an unconquerable faith that will not shake before challenges that will not shake before opposition and I pray more than whatever their dreams or whatever you've laid upon the heart whatever the size that you called them to do however you've called them to be the more they would rice additional and live up by your grace into the empowering of your spirit to be and to do what we know that all this is vain unless the Lord builds and so we pray that you will teach us where you are working where you are building and how we can afford a comment with your class thank you for hearing and answering the only offered up as a media was brought in by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is more certain and www. on answers or


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