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Ellen White and New Believers

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • December 13, 2014
    4:30 PM
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previous in series Arkadelphia I think of the hardest lessons for our visitors was the one in the market and these but I cannot in this series Chad has a biblical approach to the issue of the mark of the beast that just strikes me as the most sensible eyelids seeing an evangelistic campaign that has the ability to gather those close from the Roman church in Tel Aviv established very well the metaphor of the ceiling for Hanrahan the law God like a Bible study instead of a historical who say so and just went over almost without a lead in our meetings we literally lose people there we lost two nights later over the question of Ellen White's which was the same sermon identifying the Seventh-day Adventist church that is the approach that chapter said Rosenfeld seventeen that once you identify own white verse seventeen then you just identify the Roman church and I mentioned to you Jiang earlier I looked him case to my house the Sabbath before last Sabbath and are suspended and his church to weekends in a row now great candor and I live right by the on his church like a eighth mile walk so we walked there from the church when he came to my house into my living room he did what I do when I visit your house I go to your library and look at your box he went to my library and looked at my books at least once in my living room in my living room I just have one but yes but only for CNS Robert Vaughn and how one you know is awesome not that and I think either he people like him away from the bookcase or need to do something different because you realize that the question of Ellen White is a very difficult hill to swallow for persons who are critical thinkers are listed as not to you again for the for the type of contacts who has never really been studious never really been inclined to stay the Bible seriously and comes to an evangelistic campaign that now she's because you make friends with him and your close to him he loves you only he he wants to be with you and it stops the truth any lots two thousand he's baptized and for that man Ellen White isn't a real necessarily is a real roadblock but for the man before you even need to has been studying his Bible for many years the man who's been careful in how is evaluated various doctrinal issues that confronted him in the past that man has come across with Jesus and Jesus said anywhere of false prophets that man is conscious and where the heat from this to this issue of alliance it is upfront created for him to treat this issue with a great deal of caution development time to communicate to our I know that you do an analysis of serious year every year I think you do every year due to every year as every other year so every year as they just give you an idea I our first class but our research is already sure to spend away for three years and we call our church is still number one alludes the church plant mentality and we say to ourselves to teachers we don't want to hold you and Ellen White as an authority inside the school we say to our preachers we don't want to looking on why as an authority during church if you want to do that we have permeated in it and have thus those programs we can have afternoon meetings but we want to make sound school insurers a place where anyone can invite their neighbor our friend or relative for their very first ever visit this church and that is it cannot have too many strange surprises that increase since June I'm trying to say your church should be a safe place for new believers I don't even know the language was reviewed here are some of their and if so we remain a very different approach to how I feel about these things and if you are you Frank approached anyway but what I'm trying to communicate to you is that since we found our beliefs on the Bible we do not want to create confusion by the way the top ten combat until last Sabbath our fellowship meal were certain their aging and I don't know how it came but somehow came up the question of whether or not humans in the resurrection will have ways the Bible just so you know doesn't address that the Bible doesn't say anything about humans having wings in the resurrection at the so when it came out I was sitting right by Kim out of some purpose right now accident because we need to surround these people when they are visiting our church we don't just let it go sit wherever they want to buy themselves I was right with him and this question came up and I quickly replied that the Bible doesn't say anything about that but since it doesn't the cable will get along get around quite well with them that we will be going to heaven for example that it won't surprise me if we have some means of locomotion this show is that my view on this is founded on the time but a lady was sitting right next to me I benevolent write-ins there's abundant evidence that Adobe wings why she even saw little little children winging their way up Tim took it really well but it wasn't the best in the first one turned assurance you right now is about making your church a safe place for new and not yet believers even that little thing that a lot will do the same one my favorite author says such and such in the given flow a reference of it and that's like encode you know people into here that's why Stephanie Miller something 's up that makes sense to them saying it really isn't so subtle as we think it is brothers and sisters the Bible is not efficient we really can a solid sample schoolteaching by using that all by itself we really could preach the word and it would not be a loss the to understand so what what do I expect him to ask sass before he can join the Seventh-day Adventist church I'll tell you I don't think that I can demand that exactly alike as a prophet I don't think I can do that but for your Bibles to the Ephesians chapter four the baptismal vows say something about that I think too much Ephesians chapter four are going to look at verse eleven and he gave some apostles and some prophets and some evangelists and some pastors and teachers pastors and teachers being one gift that they are supposed to for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edit line of the body of Christ so we all hung in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God unto a man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ I expect him to accept this passage says that the guest of the Spirit are present in the church in detail Christ's second coming no I don't expect him to believe that every gift is always present you don't even believe that like you don't believe for example there's a profit right now some of you might not know but I don't think that even those who do believe that Luther was one every moment for the last hundred and sixty years we even Victor who just didn't get on the scene until like eight years after a lifetime of just this is a soccer rosters and silver not inconsistent but what we believe in patients for verses eleven through fourteen we believe in this passage is that when God gave the guess of the charts in getting them for the purpose of building up the church helping the church keeping us from being easily to see the guests were given for a purpose and one of the purposes was to bring the full measure of the stature of Christ to bring us into a unity of God say that the purpose and how long having just been given until the purpose is achieved so I expect from this and several other passages that you will acknowledge the gift of prophecy did not hand in the first century I can prove that the Bible that I can see is available if God chooses to get it in the Old Testament weather process she was later to profit come and go in the history of the Old Testament you will estimate the prophets came and went sometimes over multiple profit sometimes was one sometimes there were zero and so we stood against the prophecy is continuous through the ages doesn't mean that in any given year that there necessarily be a prophet but that Rossi is available in God given when he chooses to get it out which is together tentative steps that I think you know Revelation nineteen eleven Russel twelve Muslim Air Force Revelation twelve in verse seventeen some people here in California have opined that claim to be the remnant is an arrogance egotistical thing to do I think it proves they don't comprehend the word remnant doesn't mean special revenue that means the saying the left over once the same as the beginning once rather than as a reference to being the most special people is reference to the devil is upset with those that have the same fate as those beginning to those who have held the remaining zone and was says in verse seventeen is the devil is wrong with the woman went to make a raft with the amount went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus I expect him to a knowledge that that shorts the remnant church in this verse is the charge that keeps the Commandments it has the testimony of Jesus and I expect from Revelation nineteen ten survey knowledge that that has been Jesus is the spirit of prophecy I don't even mean by that that that is where Jesus is the writings of Ellen White I mean and that the test when Jesus is the gift of prophecy as it is given the profits I is comparable versus your list of events intended to see housework nineteen ten or John first commits angelic idolatry he falls at the feet to worship the angel and the angel said to me ACA don't do it not I am your fellow servant and of your brother and I have the testimony of Jesus so who are call me towards her brother in this verse Paul Johns John and Robert are the ones that have the testimony and among them is that Angel is an angel one of the brother and he has to testimony no compare this book and what is the testimony of Jesus it is the spirit are you referring to chapter twenty two in verse eight this is the second time when Angel and I John saw these things and heard them and when I have seen and heard I felt down to worship before the age of the angel which showed me these things then said he unto me see thou do it not for I am thy fellow servant another brother in the profits and of them brother in the know who the brothers in chapter nineteen they're the ones that have the updated this is a fine point I hope you can follow less compared to ideas will have the testimony of Jesus one idea is the profit tablet the other idea is those who read the prophets have those aren't exactly the same idea as you catch the contrast between them one idea is that the prophets have the testimony the other idea is that those who read the prophets have the testimony if we say in this post to read the prophets than anyone who has the Bible has the spirit of prophecy because the Bible certainly written by the prophets only compare chapter nineteen chapter twenty two and chapter nineteen if the blogger and have the testimony in his chapter twenty two is the brother in the art of the profits in other words the spirit of prophecy is possessed by the prophets who prophesied the spirit of prophecy coming you can follow the logic of the idea and you couldn't follow logic that idea thank you some sense again when you compare these two verses you see the profits and chapter nineteen of the ones that have their crossing the process and interpret cinema are the ones that have the spirit of prophecy is free to use either the brother of the ones that are the profits out of the brother of the spirit of prophecy the profits are the brother and the brother of the spirit of prophecy Prophets are the brother to brother the spirit of prophecy is just dropped a brother the prophets have the spirit of prophecy the more sense NASA logic and chapter nineteen twenty two so when we go back to chapter twelve find the red shirts gives the commands of God is a test which is us we think that the church must have been it the gift of prophecy but you can see this more clearly reported that he should also in first Corinthians chapter one first Corinthians chapter one and looking at verse five that in everything you are enriched by him that is by God through Jesus Christ and how do they enrich us in all utterance and in all dollars whatever post about the Corinthians that sources being in Rick 's favorite receiving some sort of rubble well that came with words and with knowledge verse six even as the testimony of Christ was his essay confirmed in you that is important because Jesus was confirmed they are whatever that means verse seven so that you come behind in know what so what is the testimony of Jesus in verse six it must be a gift to the church which is where Jesus is a gift of the church is exactly comparable to versus and it's a gift that enriches them in the church in knowledge the church is as always as a gift of the Spirit of prophecy says in verse seven waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ the Corinthians were shards that were thinking about my second coming they were happen as we know they were thinking about it because of chapter fifteen number that that's a long chapter all about my second coming they were thinking about economy and book of the half the only congregation of the math that have a living product that also in the false writings have this never start many of the long sentence for you there are several churches that have profits and again in the Bible there are several churches that received that matters of feeding vessels from Paul or Admiral Paul but there's only one church in both categories Master Church of foreign and what does Paul say what he introduces his message to Corinth he says that you are waiting for Christ's second coming he says that the gift of the test when she is just as confirmed in you when you are waiting for Christ's second coming they have this gift of the next verse says who shall also confirm you what unto the and that you may be blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ when I sat him to access before joining the obvious church is that Jesus aims to prepare people to stand before him and one of his means of preparing people to stand beforehand by making sure the last page church is not lacking any gift particularly that those are what the price coming would have the gift of the testimony of Jesus but I don't expect him to be settled on the quest I wonder why I have that gifts I think the film I was sitting here she would say amen at that time she indicated that we ought not to urge on any one conference in her writings because Jesus did say you shall know them by what other people think when Jesus say about telling true from false prophets young the limit we know that takes time it takes time to watch and to see what are the effects of confidence in this person where does that leave takes time to read especially on one because it's not like you wrote like twenty pages you know and so it takes some time to consider and to compare I told him Tim and I have had a very open dialogue about Hawaii I recently needed to write I had a bookcase and he heard that about the wings is not true that Ellen White says a lot about us having wings in one statement about the babies is about all you and the fine I think that I didn't bring it up I didn't want to get an argument about this it really wasn't the point it would've really it looks like that what we believe is and we found our faith that what is written in the Bible that is the standard that is the standard if you take a wider word that she says is standard to what the Bible says the standard I want him to understand that there's a difference between how I view the writings of Ellen White and how I view the Bible I don't mean difference in quality of inspiration does not mean all I don't even mean are you how seriously I take what it says I don't mean that all but I mean that the Bible is the book that gives the authorities in the writings of Ellen White's the Bible is the one that satisfies not prophesy the Bible is the one that tells me that yes are is accident at the end of time it's because I take the Bible seriously but I don't discount on White House to say how do we expect our new believers to related homelike we want them to see if her as one school of quite a number of tools that God has in his toolbox for helping the church there is the gift of prophecy but also the gift of church order that elders in the church for example the pastor teachers I would guess her reasons for two they have some of the same purpose there there but should you want are new believers to see is that we believe in the gas because we believe in the book turn your Bibles to acts chapter two acts chapter two verse seventeen this is a verse that has been used quite creatively in the discussion of women's ordination which I'm not discussing SS and it shall come to pass in the last days saith God I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams that was a prophecy and according to acts two was also fulfilled right here in acts chapter two but asked to you don't you are prophesying but do it at twenty one what to look there at twenty one verse nine we just let it drop to the says in the last days your daughters will prophesy and when you come to ask twenty one and verse nine you find about still a SS and the same man had four daughters and virgins which did prophesy lest as we read about Angels chapter to be accepted to do that to somebody but asked him to send the last major daughters are going to prophesy and then we come to act twenty one and when we find daughters doing prophesying let me just tell you is that the idea of daughters prophesy is not something new in the twenty first century to see that this place can be ideas all through the Old Testament to and God this is helpful to you and you would with the new believer because some new believers especially if they come from the camera lights that is the Camel lights are the old name of the church of Christ the Church of Christ don't want to know that they are accountable lights you have to be very tactful and introduce them to the idea Mister Campbell was a Presbyterian he was disfellowshipped from the press carrion church he became a Baptist business fellowship from the Baptist Church beside his own congregation and called it Christians a call for churches the churches of Christ and everyone today who don't play any instruments that mentioned this morning and I but you know what everyone else call them when they're calling themselves the churches of Christ for decades URLs Campbell lights the Colorado area the defendant in the churches of Christ 's nonexecutive terminal is coming from then I said people got over that was called in by what they call themselves now today anyway that's how things are when it climbs to how you introduce Ellen White to new believers it's a great idea to give a book that we have the we do too much that sometimes it in any way it's a fine idea to give them a book to read I recommend giving them books to read I also think you ought to consider what Jesus said in John sixteen when he was speaking to his own disciples but I have many things to say unto you but you are not able to bear them now that's my paraphrase of the site where Jesus ever got around to saying all those things will he he he did say one hundred thousand words worth of them much more hundred thousand one hundred thousand pages Jesus did testify to own life a lot in the fact satisfied at all is not mean that everyone is able to bear so when I was at a meal on Thursday nights I with it we're invited to an illness of our contacts and they really try hard to prepare a meal for us that would please us it was no meet anywhere in the meal we've never mentioned it than anything about baking soda anything about cinnamon anything about chocolates any say about actress anything about she's anything about Mel and well if you remove all of those things from the meal they would be blackberries and and vegetable soup I'm exaggerating but that was a pretty good portion of what was there don't eat you know I didn't eat a fairly good portion of things I don't eat I didn't eat a fairly good portion of things that I don't each because I sense that they are not able to bear the stains right now and we as a people with new believers should not be so excited about the things that got us taught us in twenty years that we think that people are ready to learn down in twenty minutes I had 's anyway I've had experience for students who were who would have all day is a big employment and all day long Bible study with someone who does the church for the first time in their life they are visited a second time because we don't practice they sensitivity at John sixteen Jesus loves the truth even told that that was he was hesitant to share he held that because he cared about what people were able to take when trying to say to you and then said it may be several thousand more people on your verse is that in this work of bringing new believers to understand the spirit of prophecy we don't have to I have been we found a great lesson in her writings we don't need to hide the fact that when we evaluated them I said the splendid young I told him that I have myself gone through these tasks of a profit and I have concluded that only have the gift of prophecy but in a few words down I would say to you I did say to him but you can't trust my testing offer you have to go to this process yourself take your time no one 's urging you to hurry you can afford to hurry and it is you with as much weight as this this is a very serious time because we are to be aware of false prophets you know if we encourage them just to accept just after reinventing sentimentally in fast we just set them up to accept more than L don't you know that there are many false prophets and isn't it just amazing how when one of them rises up with a bunch of silly things to say how many people are just impressed in the last that's according to use the word blessed accordingly I'm sure that you have a certain nights in this maybe this is all common sense to but I say it again briefly we have the most precious gift in the writings of Ellen White's authoritative and useful but that gift that precious gift that was given until we come to an unity of the faith that is which marks the remnant church that gas is not the bottom is not all of the source of authority and when we are currently closed this approval are once when we barely could have or straight from the Bible we communicate a deception the people that have really are not found in either phase on the book but rather on the gifts it's a shame Ellen White one foot up with it she told people herself never Ellen White again and tell initiative from pretty stringent conditions she didn't mean the notion ever closed her that she did not put up with this idea of this place and Bible study with just saying hello Mike said a lot of things that people say is absolutely no license how to set our fiction should send them at all don't want never to say a breakfast like a king and ones like it we suffer like all she didn't say it she doesn't someone else did not just from the given example soon understand that we have a habit that is separating us from what we want to have the reputation economy people of the book out and that made me so happy he shared with me two weeks ago that one thing he's noticed about Seventh-day Adventist as they know their Bible I had to open up to him a couple days later to take him I don't want to be deceived from our meetings here could be that eight or ten of these people will join our church and when they do there will be no magical increase in the Bible knowledge they won't know a lot more than they know right now not everyone at his church knows a lot about their Bible study since you are insane oh Thomas growing concern are stored to where the laws so that we can gather reason for the hope is not when you get the reason you show your reason like I don't think you have felt that first you give your reason from the gifts I think you need to give your reason from the book are I will not refer to much philosophy hope you have a safe I don't think you can make out hoping to a successful program because you invite the speech here who almost her entire presentations from the gifts but when you do your evangelism you should talk to your saddest schoolteachers and your creatures for the next month or two after that just make sure you make a safe place do you hear me I think it needs to be done if you want to give them the best chance to steal from our father in heaven I thank you for the gift that you give I'm sure that you give us a gift because we needed and I'm sorry that you gave us the Bible also that we have not treated it has the valuable gift that it is please would you develop in us that have been sensitivity that Jesus had that we would know what people are able to bear and when they're able to Barrett please have a sense of when we audit clients teach us how to share our the blessing we find an Allen White without confusing people regarding our sources of authority I asked these things in the name of Jesus and this media was brought audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more no more about how I feel like this is more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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