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  • November 3, 2014
    11:30 AM
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well if I would award a crown I know we have much disgusted and I know that God is going to can press it all before twelve fifteen think I'm only need to pray for the spirit of God amen without had father and is reminded with Susan Joel chapter two men your hearts not you're going father we need the Holy Spirit is a very unusual times that were living in an God we need a message that will search our hearts and will try us in the flyer of the spirits gone we pray you would bring that the heavily surgical knife right to our very hard for anyone to cut away the evil that's their that we may reflect your character more and more to this dying world Jesus we thank you for every person with you today because we know there's something special you want to communicate we pray that as we come into contact with your Holy Spirit that we walk away changed for this we pray in the name of Jesus amen in the sermons called scary stuff scary stuff there was one thing I forgot to tell you and that was that we were passing out I gloated that has to immediately affect a very special rebuke I think I needed to hear is that this idiot guys bleeding of why you pass by getting candy they live the rebuke that I took my internalized may well are well it was a service called scary scary stuff now this week I actually got into a fight you know not as fatal exit got into a fight I got hit in a lot of different places is me note the black guy as well actually not be I lost I will suffice and an individual I lost the fight to his name was James unfortunately James wants to talk to you today as well everybody take your Bible let's go to the book again James has something very interesting to share with each and every one of us today something that's going to really really challenge you at the step all over you but that's okay because we want to become the very best people that we can become a man so we're going to the book of James today the book of James today book of James Iraq and if you're there going saying then that's page one thousand one hundred fifty eight the book of James starting with verse one of the game starting with verse one James after he brings very first word of the book of James in what James a very interesting way to start the buck James the bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus left crying knowledge and pay attention James introduces himself in this letter something very interesting to understand about Jane 's award James is actually a derivative of the war or the named Jacob there was actually a lot of variations on the name Jacob James was the first quarter of the roof on Jacob very interesting a lot of it name their children after their local paper so that the individual would always be reminded of the story about a drug as a lesson or two reminder to them so James writes the letter of James and he's he's writing into a church that's going to a lot of of various challenges and smiles and issues James this James is actually not the brother of John the brother of John James actually died early on in the book of chapter error or I think it was well with Ms. James is actually the brother of Jesus Illinois this was one of the sons of Joseph from Scripture you can tell that Joseph had about four different songs Josie 's James June and Simon of Simon Peter but a different signing and James was actually one of the brothers of Jesus but I wanted up the sons are married but rather one of the sons of Joseph prior to the marriage to Mary now James is very interesting because James was actually called a pillar of the church by Paul himself when you go to the book of acts you discover that James also held the position of a general conference president so when it was his great dispute in the Jerusalem Council it wasn't Peter sunup it was actually James who stood up and made the final decision about what to do so James was somebody who was a great pillar in the early church you have a lot of influence he was somebody who dealt with a lot of troubles a lot of challenges a lot of ministration issued the Dell with people he dealt with what people outlined here but how many people here feel like the greatest challenge in your life because the other people raise her hand and had now many people here also believe that the greatest joys come from other people raise your hand and then fell into sync the thing that causes the greatest amount of joy and happiness is relationship healthy relationship with other people the things that causes the most amount of pain and sorrow is unhealthy relationships with people and so what James does James have a very interesting task before him he has to write a letter to the church the church is going through a lot of issues a lot of trouble a lot of different things and you have the final-round event together to continue the work of God so wanted James chapter one starting with verse one again James a bondservant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ to the twelve tribes that are scattered abroad greetings watch what you said in his variable grocery list of lessons very first thing my wife rather counted all what joy when you fall into what various trial notices the first thing we can tell the church is it something they needed to hear he said count it all what joy when you fall into one various trial for something to pay attention to it the word count the word count in Greek is actually a mathematical turn in other words that you're looking at the budget and your placing things in your category and you're hoping to see what dates the final accounting if you're looking to see what the conclusion of the budget it am so when you saying that which would change the things like when you're looking at smiles and your twenty hundred up front it makes sense he says look full write-downs of mathematically can't do that the right conclusion and it is in town it all what joy when you fall into what various trial now maybe we are falling to various valve exam okay if you have a car that before the year two thousand and thirty car trouble right problem with anything today's card is probably a little bit later on as well right so there are trials of cars transportation we deal with trials with other people we deal with trials at all works we deal with trials and are at her job with our families everywhere around us when dealing while you think you think these that when you fall into various kinds of this and thinking diverse kinds of trials not just one kind of trial by different kind and he said something so incredibly simple count it all joy had it all up and he said look count it all joy when you fall into various trials even when you cause various trials even when you fall into various trials going as you question when you think of the trials that surround your life right now are you thinking on this is just a joyful experience for me right now are using it using and wow I just found this really excited about the way my car broke down on the way to church I'm so excited about that it was very intrinsic to trials is pain and sorrow and if it doesn't cause you pain is probably not a trial right it doesn't cause discomfort is coming on file is just a challenge that can overcome but what pulls the implications this is very important he says it looked counting all joy when you fall into July oh okay the average person who doesn't know everything about Christ and you think they're going to find you think then I want you to count it all joy right now you look at unit is the one for but watch what Jane says as the reason why full powerful count it all joy when you fall into various trials now we know what the sentence is not sought knowing that the testing of your faith produces one patient okay no notices as an extremely important he says this line rules will have your faith being it will test your faith and testing of your faith will produce patient now the word patient is not aware patient for you finally a mother fighting again a group of random favorites and I'm just trying to be patient renovations this is actually tempting to if not the patient the one you just trying to keep on billing with the ones allowed it is actually happening during a half doing in trying to finish a marathon in your write-downs that very last laugh and service changes I make this point he's a look at the testing of your faith during this trial is producing this really powerful special enjoy a new it also interesting when you take a look at nothing something twenty four and all the entirely next Jesus gives the scores with the earthquakes and you know also that the masses and a happy bidding of one promise he said he will endorse to the end C Shelby what faith there is one attribute glottis lines developing your character probably about all the other activists below the attribute of selfless love in your document if it is enjoy anything drive is the point where you're not giving up anything when you're flying into various trials because County joy and the reason why you could be joyful is because God is doing something special in your hearts that cannot be done under under any other circumstances the legitimate about those probably going to bring out or those issues that you are dealing with and you're bringing in the perspective right now in this trial God must be doing something in my heart you know something is very interesting just an observation and I mean probably generalizing right now seeking new affiliate on and talking if you want but I generally find a lot of people who are a lot older will generally fall into wanted to voice extremely better with life or extremely joyful to see what happens when you get older you begin to look for rapid sanctification process the last two years of your life you begin to notice people around you dying people you pool up with family passing away you also notice that the younger generation no longer pays attention to you find yourself with your own body falling apart that's one reason I think there may be some blessing in losing short-term memory anyone got does retain them long term and many what if I want when they were younger and they were joyful and full of elderly people they will become very bitter by the Rapids live in either one of the things that happens to is that they begin to lose many of them begin to lose their ability to be useful my dad when he lost his license because of his fading eyesight two years before he passed away it was my most devastating Manta loses drivers license and so you can imagine as everything is basically no point in his Latin sanctification process all these trials are happening now detachable mobile phone phone phone phone and what happens if we are going to a trial you can allow yourself to become better find it while you can allow yourself to develop enjoy and unique while enjoying no matter what happens to you anything into that but you would Jesus of incumbent that's the type of person I want to be I wasn't feeling well and elderly people still doing the work of God seen people around the church telling them they need to keep their scarf I learn stuff like that I want to be paid to rock in the church was planted was committed to God and come and appear willing to do anything particularly new I don't want to become better my files I want to learn to become more and more jointly backed the great work is the zero four because the file not if if developing me more and more and more and more and more and more do I really believe people ten times legal to a lot of trials would only fitting that controversies the realization we work the anticipation that will they think of it again to jump all building times but there's never been before then and will do things that are developed early blow their minds wake will almost swap you really believe that my generation can be the most happiest people in this world because they want to count it all joy that God was working in an something special but look here's the thing James isn't just finished it is envisioned that love is what God wants of developing a different look what he says in the continuation of this report but let patience have its perfect what work that you may be perfect and complete lacking what nothing human thought is ultimately trying to develop with the enduring he's trying to develop a more mature character I study something that the boys and the University were saying about character in the Bible the word character in the Bible is generally never used to describe a failure with character images that completeness and perfection in the Bible is not generally used to describe a thing with character is generally used to describe a much sure character I'm not deciding on which our Seminoles had handled the finances properly on the limits sure they become to mature emotionally intelligently insisted spiritually and become more mature because of these things that I have really good with all my heart whenever generation was going to overcome at the very end in a very special way but here's the thing to understand why was just trying to make you silly defines the maturing of character design develop you into a person that assault beautiful that when people see just why feelings that I want to know more about your entities is my debug your character he's privatizing you for having images that you know it means to a client climate science of what it means raising anything underneath the climate types honestly knowing inclined to Himalayas by wasn't me to privatize get you getting used to the area in other words after climbing the mountain to climb the mountains may not even happen you can possibly diet lose your breath rate and indicate off the mountain so what happens is when Explorer sorts of people were crying announced they'll stop in a certain area just made one base Camp Pendleton 's weight they are and wait till they gotten used to the lack of oxygen to the atmosphere to the terrain after about a few days ago to the next step up and they wait till they become used to it and the way till they are ready for the next that they don't just illustrate up there and you think the way the one of the reasons why God just think everybody straight ahead what is because they know some people are not ready for and so what he's developing each one of us is preparation for having anything meant that amen to that what you going to get a look at verse nineteen this is powerful stuff verse nineteen Sullivan my beloved brethren let every man be swift to hear slow to speak and what slow to wrath the human body showing when you're here showing the qualities to overcome in a trial easing up when you wanted to try out the yeah we want to quickly jump in and insight opinions is not be quick to hear and has been slow to speak and insist me slopes around and anyways this for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God very interesting he's actually describing not just different characteristic he got to think this is a sequence that when you bought into various trials and situations don't be quick to immediately defend your opinion but beat somebody who's quick to hear somebody was in the chair so I will send you what I wanted to discount and then he says do not be quick to speak just quickly say what I wanted to say something when he says slow to speak and insist be slow to wrath that's where I stumble I be honest with you on your something out like all in a year from now the ramp in the now as if I'm dealing with guilty employees describing something so powerful that the people of God need to understand for NH while the any trial that you're a part of be quick to hear be loaned to speak it doesn't mean slowly speaking it means don't be quick to interject and then be slow to wrath event if you fall the sequence you will discover you will be very photograph if you are quick to hear and so to speak in some jumping in and this will solve a lot of issues so here's game please try to write my to the whole church because the notification issue over there and with this issue over there some people are fighting over ERP providing amenities of the unit to be swift to hear maybe slow to speak and you need to be slow to anger because the angry man does not produce the righteousness of God I will buy you but I've never seen an angry man was really represented Christ and you we have to learn not to react the Apple learned to act you know that we have to learn not to react we have to learn to act to be intentional we cannot have this in the axillary Christianity was reactionary onto impulsive enough when we deal with situation we have to be quick to hear why concerning slow to speak and that will lead us to be slow to wrath this is something that God wants to develop each one of us as we deal with various trials to happen any trial that happens Baathist be swift to hear slow to speak and slow to know if you're going to want something very interesting go all the way to verse twenty two now this is the one that really caught me up right here verse twenty two but be doers of the word and not less hearers only deceiving yourself if anyone is a fear of the word and not a doer he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror or he observes himself goes away and immediately forgets what kind of man he was but he looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it is not a forgetful hearer but a jewel of what this work on the work this one shall be left and when he definitely said patent and the next two verses he makes a difference in what you think if anyone among you think he is religious believing religious I hope so that's where your church anyone among you think is religious and does not bridle his Hong but deceives his own heart this one's religion is useless PR and undefiled religion is this to appear on about religion before God and the father system visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep one on oneself unspotted from the wealthy only saying this is very important that you low don't just be a talker be a dealer don't just be the talks religiously these are all out there killing your actions speak you don't just be someone who talks religiously bigoted out their boldness of the windowsill Ms. of the orphans he's trying to make a difference between goals were merely serializable work and those who are doing this he wants us to understand that we need to be doers of his word anything into that now you make something very interesting I will share something with you guys when I was younger I been forcefully watched a lot of horror movies one of the things they so watch with movies about zombies just know it is obvious I wish he didn't but a zombie is something that's not quite dead if not quite alive it's something that undead right is usually some just ridiculous horror movie action guide or figure out whatever you like rises from the dead is chewing on people when we call people which you want other people recalling cannibals right and so still today because of what I want to have younger these images are still seen among my door when I reviewed anybody as the light these things ourselves here in my minds agent Watson type of thing that sticks with you and so we think of zombies when intangibles because with him when what happened just a few weeks ago Batman Florida you guys aware that is out there cannibalizing on some nice race now we think of cannibalism as something horrible something disgusting something solo protest only somebody was crazy or wicked what ever do can you say amen to that but outlet she says they are something far more worth think Hannibal Islam we thank on the part unaccountable reason on the fail one and friendly flesh out the victim of what we thought of even this practice more detail on NAR are the agony and ruin caused by missing representing motive blackening reputation dissecting character let the children and youth as well learn what God says about these things death and life are in the power on the long do you realize that the family was inspired by God 's values does my next available to you haven't my emotional this is something hard-core and this is what the Spirit of God is trying to express to the people of God and so guilty of this myself designed by Philippe Gable about somebody just think it's worse than cannibalism blowing when you're drunk and caused more damage to somebody than someone who's cheating somebody and when you begin to realize is all of a sudden you begin to death it begins the think within you wait us to provide written guilty of a friend for worsening cannibalism is very possible church family all words are so important either saves lives or it destroys lives and God wants every one of our word to be Stephen with salt to be encouraging not that we don't sometimes have to tell people things they need to hear but we need to always be with the red tent the prospective that what I'm going to say hopefully it helps that this person and they doesn't make a difference where the individual flaws in whatever arena charts are not we are not called to destroy people you think that because if we are we are all more than accountable in Scripture she continues that writers are class with haters of God with inventors of evil things but also without natural affection implacable unmerciful full of envy murder debate deceit malignancy it is the judgment of God that they commit such things are worthy of death he will not account defendant is he that speaks the truth it is hard that that might have not witnessed the Lord takes a reproach against his neighbor when I was reading intuitive hitting me over and over again I think guilty of harming somebody with my words this morning at the glossolalia I said I does one apologize for you apologize to you because I have been guilty about talking behind your back regularly predict the folks here's the thing Bob holds me accountable for my words there's something to understand about gossiping with his back to the person you know that there is a law on earth is called being right back to the present I want to demonstrate this they many ever gossiped about you present at enough because they got back to you is a left-wing Pentagon wants that as a church too he wants us to limit set all words there is life and death involved in it on hold us accountable and yesterday I got things experience Lord reminded me of this experience so I had interviewed I would say one of my supervisors who I really wasn't fond of invited me to lunch one day want to talk to me about stuff the site really dreading it and saw the day of eating on the opposite side of him and were just talking I'm just my cell phone detects one of my friends and in my text I say something negative obesity with us don't I text tech something negative about the supervisor send it that I look back on my phone and I accidentally sent it to the supervisor when I realized I did that my heart was beating soul that I was hyperventilating music are your family can find I was looking on the phone ousting myself very deceitfully I'm going to delete get the phone and delete the message God was teaching a lesson that I needed to hear or experience in this supervisor Pauline MO back punches and he had to get up to go to the bathroom in the cell phone was right there and are forgot out of the fight we walked will stymie other using the bathroom in her access to cell phone to get to the messages and delete it walked away and I'll think of it goes back to the cell phone walks off out of the fight I started praying outright to help me help me to get in and out of identified by the faithful log delivery before the Red Sea and I just praise the Lord and Donny asked at situation but here's the painful dog will bring us back together individual many times when a person as much heart it works the year things that are said about you than I truly and gone all words to be uplifting and we hasn't charged on at least supporting people like you think just because he wasn't positioned differently format guidelines anyway just the White House still attacking them to become the only different position just because the president in this model politics that are happening there is never a justification for Christian to attack another political individual number there is never we are not called to attack people can do with issues we are not called to a ten the mental lot one understand that when Mark hacking that individual more attractive to potential partly on the kingdom of God holds us accountable with something very great he wants us to understand something think about with Revelation chapter fourteen how to say something very interesting about the hundred and forty four thousand this occurred to me during the weekend suspending and what does all this limelight away when I was meeting this revelation chapter fourteen Revelation chapter fourteen it should be our prayer that we should become part of that special group Revelation chapter fourteen get a glimpse amen intention verse one then I look at me all the Lamb standing on what now fine with him a hundred and forty four thousand names on the forty four thousand having a father statement on the fourth and our voice from heaven like the voice of many waters like the voice of loud thunder and they heard the sound markers claimed the heart they think the war on new song before the phone for the four living creatures and the elders and no one to learn seven hundred and forty four thousand will redeem from New York these are the ones who were not the problem women spiritually talking positively for they are virgins these are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he goes these are redeemed from the first fruits among men to God into the lab and in their mouth was found what known to see what is it about these untimed people they have no one in the mouth defeat now what are the characteristics that we can see about a hundred and forty four thousand gods people that they will be a people who are known to seek development at about what the implication if you have noticed the implication is they must be full of luck of truth and love the same Internet I love to hear something so powerful and said I'm in this report they can model good Isaiah fifty three Isaiah fifty three what identity theory about the Lamb who was led to the slaughter right I definitely think talking about the life of Christ blew me away when I met this idea fifty three Isaiah fifty three Isaiah fifty three let's start with verse let's start with verse seven talking about the Messiah he was oppressed and he was afflicted and he opened not his mouth he was let of a lamb to the slaughter of the sheep reports years of fun fully opened not his mouth he was taken from prison and from judgment and will declares generation for he was cut off from the land of the living for the transgression of my people he was stricken for our sins when it made his grave with the wicked and with the rich at his death because he had done no violence of intentional nor was anyone that see in their mouth what was found in Ms. Watt now bids and to achieve this and no deceit in his mouth in a statement that the hundred and forty four thousand the one of the reasons why men have no deceit in their mouth is not good because of the independent attribute because they are likely to choose an otherwise the people up in time most represent Jesus than anybody else but here how this here is what is so powerful is in John chapter six people came to hear Jesus the people came to hear Jesus and you wanted to rest in New York they said never a man spoke like this they were blown away by what Jesus would say by his words that were seasoned with grace that all artists even if I believe that this man no one speaks like this math know why that's all remarkable because Jesus wants to give you a bad name attribute can use statements that that when people hear you they are blown away by how much long and grace enjoying how the Holy Spirit is working in your life by the words you speak can you say amen to that so let me ask you questions and family this week how do you build people up what have you brought people I do edify others or have you destroyed others in what the Bible says he was chapter thirteen if this rather daily when daily let us exhort one another lesson may be hardened by sin not the other individuals among them I think what we do not lift other people appeal happens in all heart were hard cold for the rest of this world is not a friend is so cool and simple friends and usually the story how he was just driving and there was a big lots lots and the truck was there and it's going to be six and then have the sticker yet the sticker says how's my driving call one eight hundred link link link except the following causalities like yeah Alexis report something about B6 an individual the operations that yes he's an excellent roofer is really been blown away by the way he's driving there was silence on the other and she was like excuse me yeah the president running is just a great driver he's signaling excellent he stopped he just does Wells brake lights are on just everything the way he's doing this is awesome awesome things in original thank you I appreciate that we don't get calls like this ever you're welcome thank you thank you and he built anybody up recently have you encouraged somebody people need encouragement we don't need discouragement they need to know that people I just appreciate it when I was coming into Pentagon's help with USA people were speaking to people even are told they were communicating our tones there's something more encouraging people agrees a lot of good people by my elders they come walking in and up to sell electric members and no check on me Chris I'm not incoming and idyllic after the other individuals that unit of the exact unlike arms will be ministering to these people but their solo lifting and encouraging gone once look to us to be that same way and people say there is nobody like you you will want to start one the cash everything is new people just make a bunch of mistaken I think I might be doing good keep it up and just even the words it will change people 's days analyze it would just encourage others and let them up and swallow them to the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of this world raising Johnny God wants us to understand that we need to be a people we encourage it not discourages people who are edifying others that when people around us they are drawn to us can you say amen to that how many people want to be like Jesus amen let's pray father in heaven thank you for the gift of the tongue more involved we false hold short now we thank you for your incredible grace that gets us back up Lord today we want to be a blessing for the rest of the Sabbath but into the new week that who ever we encounter what we will look at find ourselves likely failing to oversee waters others will himself be water they may be uplifting and encouraging like a hundred and forty four thousand you are dwarfed as your brother who's hurting sister who's down that we would go out of our way to lift them father help us not to be fearful but help us to go after those who are broken and need a new word thank you God was speaking to a make you look at things as synergies as a a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more to know more about our universe as Moore asserted in www. audio tours .org


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