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The Beatitudes of Revelation- Are You Wearing the Right Clothes?

Chris Holland
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Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio



  • November 8, 2014
    11:30 AM
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for him to be handsome dude test of time God 's will the Bible student in today's complex defeat him to him to a essay and was soliciting white the water was warm in fact it was usually worn and it was clear that happened something on the usual something extremely out of the ordinary the water just disappeared it was as if the OSHA have gotten thirsty and swallowed back itself boat sat upon the sandy ocean floor sea creatures and shells were revealed people should have known what was coming they should have referred back to history and noting their mind what was happening but many didn't they just seem to enjoy the moment walking out as far as they could in exploring then they heard it all rumble and in this sound like that of a jet airplane they didn't know what was coming but it was a wall a wall of water moving at a speed that is equal to the square root of the product of the acceleration of gravity plus the water depth it was most likely moving at anywhere between three hundred to six hundred miles per hour the wave itself was probably anywhere to fifty to one hundred feet tall the moment over two hundred thousand people died in the destruction of that terrible tsunami on December the twenty sixth two thousand and four many should have known that the destruction that was coming was about to be up on them but they chose to ignore it how many are there today go see the spiritual tsunami coming but are choosing to ignore it and over the last two weeks we have been studying what we have called the Beatitudes of revelation revelation one three being the first Blessed is he that Reagan and David hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things which are written therein for the time is at hand and in Revelation fourteen thirteen blessed are the dead in the Lord from henceforth ye a safe the spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them and now today we come to be added to number three it is a blessing given in the midst of the six flag as we study the passage for today we find its context in Revelation fifteen eighty the Bible says in Revelation chapter fifteen in verse eight it says these words in the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God and from his power and no one could enter the Temple until the seven plagues of the seven Angels were and what is the scene that is happening here the temple was filled with smoke no one can enter any longer the ministration of the Temple is over there is no more ministry happening there why decisions have been made people have made a choice for right or wrong and now Jesus is readying himself to return with everyone's just rewards probation as we might call it for humankind has ended all humankind has made their final choice the revelation of Jesus Christ is a revelation of the beauty of the character of God and in Revelation chapter sixteen it opens with the seven last plagues which contains the wrath of God they come in all their fury each of the plagues is brought by an Angel by these plagues fall on those who have refused to recognize the sovereignty of God the first angel brings a plague of boils and the second angel brings a play that turns to see the blood the third Angel brings up legs it turns the rivers and springs to blood in the fourth Angel a plate where the sun scorch his men the fifth angel brings a play that brings darkness upon the earth and finally that brings us to the sixth angel who is another play but within this plague there is a blessing the third beatitude of revelation in Revelation chapter sixteen beginning in verse twelve this is the what the Bible says then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up so that the way of the kings from the East might be prepared I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and all the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great day of God mighty behold I am coming as a thief blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked and they see his shame they gathered them together in the place called in Hebrew Armageddon here God uses a literal event that happened in the past to symbolize and foretell future events in order to understand this passage we need to go back in time to historical event in the history of Israel as you'll remember in the sixth century BC Babylon was the dominant empire of the Middle East they had conquered Jerusalem they taken captive many Hebrew young people not one of those young people was the prophet Daniel knelt while Babylon was in power it was and will force that was emerging in the East this force was a combined force of the means and the Persians they were uniting to become very considerable Nobel Shatzer was the cold raining Babylon with his father and that will nineties in Babylon not now the night is allowing the Babylonian troops out from Babylon to contend with this emerge enforced and crush the rebellion however Neville nineties was detained and his troops were defeated but in Babylon Babylon was considered an impenetrable city some scholars believe that they had supplies within the city they could've lasted and twenty years and during the battle to take Babylon the Persian general Cyrus his favorite horse was killed he was so infuriated by this event that he decided that he would take this city of Babylon at all costs as we led his troops to begin digging trenches all along the Euphrates River River Euphrates River ran right through the center of Babylon by digging those trenches they diverted the river so much that it lowered the height of the river to only as high as a man's thought I want all of this was going on that will nice his son who co- reigned with him was left in the city but what do you think Belshazzar was doing do you think he was preparing for war and doing all he could to defeat the coming versions now in fact the Bible records that he was living the lavish lifestyle and partying she even brought the vessels that had been taken from the temple of God to serve drinks and at his party but God sent a message to Bill shouts and his kingdom was taken from him because unbeknownst to him Cyrus and his troops were marching up the lower Euphrates someone had left the gate to the city that lowered into the river open and Cyrus and his troops marched right into the city and defeated thoughts spending Babylon 's reign so what then is this passage in Revelation chapter sixteen telling us we'll see it's going back and symbols and it points us with the symbols back to this ancient story of history first when the angel dumps the plague upon the earth it says that the Euphrates is a its water was dried up but what is the symbolize with the Euphrates and ancient history provided the basic necessity of water to ancient Babylon however in addition to that revelation chapter seventeen in verse fifteen give us a clue as to what the Euphrates symbolizes the revelation seventeen fifteen since this the waters which you saw where the harlot sits are peoples multitudes nations and tongues the story of revelation is the story of Jesus the Lamb versus the beast power it is a great controversy between good and evil that these our revelation which represents a false religious system and as Revelation chapter thirteen verse three points out listening to his words about the beast power and all the world marveled and followed the beast so the whole world was following this religious false religious power people multitudes nations and tongues as the sixth plague is poured out the support system of followers of the beast power isn't tried out and people stop in their support the people begin to turn away in the midst of the place because the promise of prosperity is failing and standing they are receiving the planks so the Euphrates drying up is the trying on of the support of the beast power but the text goes on to say that this prepares the way for the kings of the east is a story of ancient Babylon Cyrus came from none other than the East no it is very interesting to note what the Bible calls Cyrus in the book of Isaiah chapter forty five an inverse one the Bible mentions Cyrus listen to these words him offset the Lord to his anointed to Cyrus whose right-hand I have felt that word anointed in Hebrew is the same word used for the word C Cyrus was a deliverer of God 's people it was under Cyrus 's nation and the beginning of Cyrus 's power that the Hebrews were able to go back and rebuild Jerusalem so Cyrus was a Messiah so to speak he was anointed one of God this is a symbol of the preparation of Christ and his return remember what Jesus say about his own return in Matthew chapter twenty four and verse twenty seven for as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the last so also will this coming of the son of man be Jesus is coming from the east and so as the support system of the police powers dried up a prepares the way for the coming of the true Messiah the true King Jesus the revelation sixteen goes on to say and it speaks about three unclean spirits and I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are spirits of demons performing signs which do want to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great day of God Almighty friends as a support system of the beast power dries up there was a concerted effort to try to win back that supports to all kinds of deception the false spirits the slots interesting choice the only other time in the Bible that it discusses frogs is in the plagues that fell on ancient the fraud was a symbol of ancient foreign gods and in the last days the false teachings of Egypt will continue onward into the future through the beast Antichrist power to deceive the nations and that is done through demons and devils working miracles try to trying to reclaim the support that had been dried up they won't also world into a frenzy for that last great battle another passage also gives us the clear timing of what's going on here the passage in Revelation sixteen speaks of behold I called as a thief this is the second coming of Jesus I want you to notice the time to friends who believe in the secret rapture this passage clearly demonstrates that Jesus coming as a thief is after the planks God 's people are still on this planet during the plagues and during the great tribulation but the key piece of our study today comes next here's the beatitude in Revelation sixteen blessed is he who watches and keeps his garments lest he walk naked NAC Duchenne here is the boss and a blessing with a twofold instruction number one it calls us to watch at work watch literally means to be awake to be alert to be vigilant in Matthew twenty four forty two Jesus himself said watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming for Izmir to be in a constant state of readiness we are to be always seeking Jesus and maintain relationship with him is to be constant milliliter Jesus would give the same counsel to the ten virgins in Matthew twenty five thirteen watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming and why were those virgins who are ready prepared for the return of Jesus because they had lamps of whale representations of the word of God and the Holy Spirit friends this is not a works oriented Gospel where we prepare ourselves but a being awake where people are both heroes and doers of God 's word but then there's the second instruction in the second instruction is to keep his garment garment is being referred to here it's very interesting this usage is clearly an analogy that takes us back to the garden to be back in the book of Genesis Adam and Eve in their perfect condition for garments of righteousness but then in a tragic turn of events Adam and Eve made a choice to be disobedient to God and when they did this in Genesis chapter three verse seven tells us then the eyes of both of them were opened and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings to be naked friends is to be self-sufficient to be covered is to be dependent upon the sacrifice of Christ to be closed is to be covered with the righteousness of Jesus Christ to be naked is to be self-sufficient and have shame in our life as friends this is been the nature of man throughout history the nature of man throughout history has been an attempt to cover never works out that leads a person D Revelation sixteen they are blessed not because these individuals are just starting to watch and keep their garments no they've practiced and prepared to a faithful life for the final great day of God what if the people of God been preparing for what have they been prepared for those who are blessed are blessed because they watch and they keep on their garment of the righteousness of Jesus Christ and the Bible says that they are prepared for Armageddon this symbol of Armageddon it is difficult to identify exactly some have thought that this was a literal place for a literal great ballot battle however all of plague six has been spoken of in symbolic language it would seem only logical that the symbolism would continue here with Armageddon this Greek word Armageddon literally means the amount of Megiddo think it was a literal place of ancient times and Megiddo was in the shadows of Mount caramel and because of this it could draw our attention to this showdown on malt caramel with Elijah and the false prophets of Bale was a reference to God 's decisive victory or maybe it could be a rough reference to Jehoshaphat and his story and second Chronicles twenty or possibly a reference to Israel and judges four and five and in all of those stories the overarching theme is clear God is the supreme power in the universe and even though at times it may seem is there all alone on no come through those who watch and are faithful to Jesus and keep themselves under the cover of his righteousness will be able to be faithful even when it seems as if all is failing when the support of the beast power is waning and drying up there will be a great deception but who will be able to stand those who would've been the last time watching and keeping their car are you watching for the return of Jesus anyway surrendered your life for leave to amend and that you live under his righteousness alone today why not make the commitment the soundness of the book of Revelation is the unity blasts you do so let's pray heavenly father we want to receive the blessing that is promised in Revelation so our prayer is very simple but helplessly watch and help us to be in a constant state of readiness for your son 's return help us to be ready at all times but Lord we also we also want to pray that you help us to keep on the garment of Christ righteousness that we would have 3-D as I prayed that we would die daily fungus through all of this may be submitted to your well to follow you minimal cost this is our prayer in Jesus name amen and in June two for him now that I have a will hi everyone and if you are nice about now he will be glad to hear that eating a small handful of every day can help lower cholesterol and visiting different disease according to the Mayo Clinic enough to have a healthy diet because they are hard and a number of studies confirm this to be true despite their diminutive size one for passing on good nutrition including protein omega-3 fatty acids fiber vitamin E trace minerals and something interesting called L arginine L-arginine is a substance that helps major arteries more flexible thereby aiding in lowering your blood pressure so what's your favorite nuts I love the rich creaminess of caching is the hard kinds of result much the way walnuts well stated in the Heights and sweetness of almonds when they plump up after soaking in water speaking of soaking is a good idea to fill peanuts for several hours before using them this makes them easier to digest by neutralizing protective enzyme inhibitors in the service of the knights soaking times vary for different nuts and you can Google the Internet to find more information when purchasing that law is them leave the fountain and talk to everyone on the grocery shelf at home story nuts in the fridge for the natural oils don't spoil to quickly what all can do is not the list is endless make your own and not milk not by various detainees sleepers favorite creams achieves a high cross scrambles and more careful about with their high fat content is easy to overload by eating too many nights in there done that keep in mind that about a quarter cup of nuts daily is enough to derive all their delicious health benefits if you have high cholesterol or would lose weight however you want to curb your intake of this week is the process and how to land your own helping not milk instead it's super easy and so delicious show you how to make almond milk the only one cup of raw almonds means them well then soak them overnight before he was about one half cup of almonds three to four cups of water depending on how thin or thick you like your milk and filtered Myers asked about for drive stays focused to soften or two teaspoons of honey and half a teaspoon vanilla after soaking overnight drain and rinse the almonds and place them in the blender add the dates the vanilla and half the water blend on high speed until creamy and the remaining water and blend until you have the consistency of milk you like to understand and do that right now I've got my water already in here and something of clicks is not using hands that they can do what I usually don't ask me living a life or not you can do that this time that he would just put this back on the mixer this is Kenya of the lenders so here we go him a him pointed out to show you look at this when I make it I don't drink here on nail ensuing in good health and the book of Revelation is the unveiling of the character of love of Jesus today we want to offer you the focus on prophecy lessons which will guide you through the book of Revelation to better understand and to receive the blessings that Jesus has promised to receive today's radar seriously information you need to requested a song or just log onto www. Canada .ca and www. uses written and ended on CA and select the TV program that Canadian viewers the offer will be sent free and postage-paid reviewers outside of Canada shipping charges will apply if you prefer you may call toll-free at one eighty day call I I W that's one needed a call by IW called any time lines are open twenty four hours daily that's one eight eight eight called by IW or if you wish you may write to us at it is written August twenty ten Oshawa Ontario L1 eight seven before and thank you for your prayer requests in your generous financial support that it is written box twenty ten are from Ontario L1 eight seventy four the revelation heart seizes his blessings pronounced on God 's people in these last days I know I will receive the blessings of Jesus and I know you the call today him why should be ready for Jesus and listen to him on a daily basis and put on that robe of righteousness thank you so much for watching I like to next until then remember it is written Man shall not live on bread alone but by every word that proceeds the mountain of God soon


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