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David Obermiller


David Obermiller

Farm manager at Fresno Adventist Academy.



  • November 14, 2014
    8:00 AM


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I was a middle manager Fresno Adventist Academy then asked to moderate the group this morning with my scratchy little voice song complete with you to ask lots of questions so I don't have to ask them as Robert businesses use in agriculture panel in the starters and reorganize as you start the group will go from my right to left it he just briefly tell us your name and what farm income from her little bio on yourself my name is Alan Siler I'm twenty years old and I hope run our family farm in south-central Houma better together for my name is making asked and I've been working on bountiful blessings farm I started as an apprentice and that now become one of the co- market managers of one of farmers markets and just enjoyed working on the farm and thinks another enticing your families and get nice and twenty Q and I have grown up on my family found on environment and I throughout on farm without choice in the matter in the ninetieth day by Terry and I cannot take like anything I love it with passion my name is oddly silent I am twenty two and I work at better together farm I am my brother 's assistant and business managers and connection videographer by profession and I'm attempting to calm transition over to the farming world my name is entered that some twenty five or come from Maryland article at last farm currently I work there with my father and my brother and asked my sister and my extended family as well and the weather are there more you know I managed to Stephen Gordon Zanders my name is Andrew Fisher income from fishing funds in Oklahoma family farm and twenty five minutes behind and I work at harvest fields armed with David in Fresno California twenty nine cities of the state but I I've been oppressing at various farms and started on your farm one oh one crash course on life agriculture lifestyle by this agribusiness of farming and after that I is finished the year at Black Hills and now about three gardens with the duties and I'm currently in transition on Alabama so young still on the journey not quite settled down on a single piece of the importance of Jerusalem is start this with a question while sound like there's a least one all cheer motors and want to learn agriculture and think we we pick up on that motor printer but if you are on the phrases question two different ways if you are grown and raised on a farm or we would like to know is why you want to continue informing and you come from a non- farming background why you have or how you gain an interest in farming and agriculture of course this is as a presumed life calling on a short-term decision so I will take as many views you want to answer keep your answers short as possible but answer the question thoroughly beaten I grew up on N/A multigenerational farming family with many thousand farmers around and for most of my life I wanted to be a farmer and I think the reason is the training my parents put into the togetherness of farming often family time work was play and play with work and I know as farmers many of you understand that but they didn't make it drudgery we would go the client and laugh and talk and spend the evening quiet hours discount applauding down the rows talking about various things and we we enjoyed it and so I think I have must speak my pants I hear but I think them for making making it an enjoyable time until I is completely unbeatable and it's a lot of hard work and a test on the family to get a net hear you're working janitor your planes landing and this is nothing like anything you've experienced and tasted it you believe something I experienced on the farming life was this quite new to me as Allen mentions in his seminar yesterday when we first arrived on the farm it was one of the hottest weeks of it ever had been an awkward with highest on record and in our calendar sharing yesterday his struggles and he is in open and agriculture on a number of years but now I entered that after leaving the work desk and air-conditioning and say with a bit of a transition for me as you can understand but I began to realize that I began to feel satisfaction at the end of the workday that I never felt on you know when I had accomplished something on the computer versus a competent something with my hands it was tangible and I I realize that my my spirits a life was mature are my emotional life is maturing hands and I realized that these things were tied with the lifestyle and agriculture that I was experiencing and it gave me a desire to thirst for exploring it more and I continue to find to get to find what I've been seeking and have been growing since then I also did not grow up far but I driven the country and that was always very appealing to me it was the best of the best parts of growing up as being in nature and playing outside the family and things like that but my dad is a physician and so having a hands-on practical kind of occupation was not something I saw firsthand in any of my family but we did work together as a family outside and I enjoyed that but one thing that really started an interest in agriculture for me was that I was a junior in high school I was homeschooling and my family 's rereading the book education as a family and just seeing the benefit of work and more specifically agriculture and farming in developing the character and developing the experience of the student who inspired me and I started getting into plastering orchard on our property and from there I just got more and want our culture and lifestyle is really what keeps me out it is like being in nature working with friends that become family and it's just something I wouldn't trade for any desk job I want to put it employed there he mentioned about education I wish I read that book when I was in my teens I read a book until actually my first friendship farm and I was very disillusioned and frustrated thinking Man I wish I went to college before reading this awesome truth and nine Kurt any anybody before in young people in here are those annoying people get book education just just read for yourself to our students in a calendar reminder audience of this example of an interactive discussion of you have questions for these young people love to have your questions for them when I ask a question myself now I'm asked you questions actually familiar in the congregation are farm managers on institutional campuses or in some way are related to forms on institution campuses this is probably fifteen twenty of us met fifteen diet I work for Fresno address again I have two hundred young people on the campus of the K-12 school and use in America right now are known for not wanting to work notice sent to and the one of the challenges I think many of us face is how to get young people interested in articles I think you've partially answered that her urgency some of you address that and what I like to see is if you could give us one word or a short phrase of advice on what we could do managing farms on school campuses institution campuses on how we can encourage interest and ask a second question have you struggled on the farm become to a point where you said boy I don't know I really want to do this and then he wrestled through that dilemma and you said yes I do despite that challenge despite that all despite pushing my character in that way I want to keep doing this soon to question their leaders sure word of wisdom for those of us managing farms on school campuses and again secondly you're at a moment when you doubted your evaluated that decided I want to keep doing this is well worth the cost to me was the gophers on we have some neighbors that live near us that the Braun family and they have therefore kids and didn't really need yes but anyways and they've lived next us more starting a little farm operation notice luck coming over I don't like to really take on responsibility but they dislike watching her pretty little plants in the ground and actually critical but they also help us in the washouts in Washington but here's one thing that I think would be really cool I don't know how many of your institutional forms actually interact with the community any work it's just for on campus of produce but if you can take these kids and get them interacting with the community like a market say hey guys today were going to take root are former to set up the way that we can actually interact with the committee were to take the community food because for me and for the I preaccident one of our neighbor kids and when the market today with his challenge the market you know think they see working with the plants but when they see that actually affecting people in a practical way boys engage them and I know that's what it is for me because sometimes you get so it has hot up here and I don't really want to be doing this but you take it to the people and was so excited about it you're their fan club right is just this is amazing wow who had has amazing henna okay not to know cultivate pride but now it it's like I'm doing something that it's not just work this is actually important and it's affecting people in a practical way looking at me and ask and answer provinces would taste and see that the Lord is good buses mass trust in him and does so many young people that just haven't had a taste they just demised to their home I told her invalids and believed it and am actually had a recent experience where I was as wrenching feeling relieved just trial after trial lost punishable when a man of his things were going right we're it I was in South Dakota the weather there is very volatile and there is a young man who came to the farm who had never worked on had had and hadn't had job ever home and people he was treated like an invalid people were telling him ever since he was in school on just nothing encouraging and seeking the farm and within three weeks his whole demeanor changed when you realize yet Hans got good hands and abilities that no one saw and him and showed faith in him and given the chance to just work with his hands and taste that God is good and see how he provides an and trust in him so simply exposure just we need to be able to give people a taste and I believe that is also say a quick word to go to those don't estimate fault I'll take you saying that it's so enjoyable but the problem really is that most evils never have the opportunity is not really that valuable of people it's it's perception we could grow the best food and give it to someone who has a really bad thing and just there is difficult times the farmer where we were harvesting going to evening 's market that I wanted man are we to have enough is this is this really great on top produce the was looking so hot in an unseen there is something at God bless the food you need to bless the food that's going to these people because I can't affect their perception of the food or how they experience the flavor enough food and enjoy it so it's really a perception that is for him a question and answer the question that there's joy there's intending doing things it farming is a way of getting your eyes off of yourself if you put yourself in a room the worst thing you can do for persons put them in four walls with their own thoughts and farming doesn't allow you to do that I get you out to get you focused on God 's creation spoken it wasn't when you see his thoughts expressed in nature and he get your thoughts out yourself on to others your growing food for who and why my doing what I'm doing I've had days my first depression the first week was over a hundred hundred ten degrees and we be out there five morning I will call in and on the long rows if you get focused on I may realize what I'm doing here were my boys to get to market once you see the Angolan wider graphics are going to people who whose tables it's going to the trust adults instantly barriers go down the trust that when you're giving them is good and not harmful and it's all about getting the focus off yourself and onto others that's the joy of it thank you for asking say real quick something for me as a young person has to hunt apprentice could be as a youth student but made a difference was when we first came to the farm where apprentices we didn't know we were doing we always had to go to the person in charge now what are you now can get that what would we do next bus the dicing is less one time for weekends and David and I have put on the market ourselves we were given responsibility that we weren't quite sure if we could handle that we were interested with it and it gave me a whole different perspective that we can this was just similar to know if I don't go out harvest the green means nobody's been a duet know when you do buck stops that you know you can to get the youth give us a chance even if you don't know onto presented in a make it and do it right responsibility brings in more pleasant to read I think now I love to get a results feedback as the singers because well I'm in California okay and I got to young people who never farmed before managing my far right so that I could be here within the so I could quite easily think more this could be really bad that hard for you that made it easier for them to you neither trusted you is one of temptations I faced when you have young people in your farm we work with young people in general you often know that you could probably do it better faster easier more efficiently and make but that opportunity that empowerment would've never come evangelism and is visible better register here now that same questions sorted out skip the remission to ask you questions the same time having it is discouraging moments where you read had doubts and you evaluate those doubts you decided she wanted to stay on the farm yes no be honest eBay you're not thought that okay I got on anything and happens on a weekly basis we appreciate her honesty right you Valley Eileen Andrew everybody I will call you leave my mad at everybody in the screen on I actually gained and informing through my brothers absence he left the farm to go diving a elect of the areas up to you you can even work requirement make money on that you can use that money to buy whatever you want and I'll let while I really need a lens for my camera and videographer near and then I worked all summer I felt my mom and value for users my dad was at work all day and night is come from we my wife had lots of friends as on this farm by my mouth I was at my transition and and so yes there are often times I am wondering why on earth am I doing this because it's very different from anything that I would ever chosen I thought I do on that you see I found a lot of mental healing to form and not wholly above anything else has a encouraged me to continue because not only have I found mental healing process thanking others have that same thing on the left really encouraging and also times I try not to market pretty much every week the two of us we pack of Parliament event of the granite drive it down they usually run that sounds like only you ever wonder why writing is thinking however I read a lot other things the vibe that currently we docked about that now the question by Alan if it's not this that were doing what else is there better that we could be getting me go we think that we go around in circles any connected fact that this is the best thing we can beginning right now at last call with you right now because not only having to gather as siblings which most siblings are age are to gather over the other McCain which multifamily our age I can gather together that is wedged between it such a unique experience in a blessing on my town of becoming a market retraining I suggest and believe that we work with at market so sweet that were there kids free month-to-month or will he also became the wedding was let down our back and is not completely lasting from the last day of the walk in there and they just light up like this is by review of review in our back that's when he realized that the business why do you like to forget I appreciate the honesty and left ten years of ministry to work on for there were days where I said what am I doing it you know what makes a statement about the prophet Elisha there was in the humble duties of the farm that Elisha was prepared for is called it wasn't because farming was always enjoyable that Elisha was made the man that God needed them to be and don't live on a farm is not always rosy that's exactly why it's good for us and that it's okay to have those days as long as you can press through those days of any questions from the group of your bars you'll asked these young people yes first such rhetoric because the sake of any future questions we can come up here when I do my statement was that when the Bruce's Timothy wind farms you want to so much and then his daughter went down there she liked it so much as you stay for much longer than she anticipated and that parents should view farming as an experienced almost as a would you say that mandatory experience of source so now you want click just so were cautioned the parents being very careful about making things mandatory especially not farming one thing I also talked about we have a halfway house that not very far from our house and when inmates are whatever halfway many are our managed they have to go into guarding what better way to make somebody he agriculture and make it a mandatory thing so please be very careful any of your children like Daniel Weiner Linda has an interest and the like say and I think the hollow Lilia Prindle I encourage that really careful about making it mandatory because I think a lot of the reason why we still have used struggling with things like farming is because on a lot of our places and institutions given mandatory thing and so then they length you heat it and they don't want anything to do with farming so just use caution I like about the question about young people institutions and when you're working with them and unfortunately a lot of people have a perception of farming is a negative thought the bad rap out there torture and your slave laboring away pulling weeds but this summer and the opportunity to work the farm critics of the Academy and the bit of advice I would share is enthusiastically lead make farming books so appealing that it would be like why would you not have fun afar and I worked with us you tend students at a time and I just had fun with them at think a lot of them but in the summer had perception of that was the best mercenary they felt like they were family they felt like they were productive the ones that were failing in school became the best burgers on the farm and it just was a great environment for them to work in and out because the staff is led enthusiastically and just rub often students and they had to have regular wheels will races it's a lot of fun is okay were to be even in the field of Europe it's a lot of work but many peoples as you know it's competition I guess but hey you know it's it's kind of fun and sometimes it in the comments and questions from the group you come up here you and those in the agile appeared to microphone will remember your name you mentioned something about image something about how all the about of how so the worst student speaking some of the hardest workers how do you guys see farming as helping other young people who are in difficult positions at that industries are or were troubles at home in an incredible way farming has possibly impacted every person I have seen work on a farm from my younger sister to didn't really have lots of work experience when she came to find soma for a couple months to coworkers to have worked in retail for a couple decades home and they soften and become more spirit Lee interested in also students there was a student I worked with the summer and he really didn't fit in with his age group he heart on indicating the authority and he stuttered and stammered got frustrated whenever you get instruction in the summer because we all have worked with him and because he had demonstrated that he believed disabilities but in the summer he was training of young people how to do their job and he was communicating very effectively with all staff and other students who just really care about their school work and really had no self-motivation became motivated to work because they saw that they can meet other people and just every student there really benefited from it and doesn't monitor backgrounds as long as they know and I'll slung the staff show them that they had potential and we worked with them they saw themselves and really change their ability and their perspective on what they could do no responses the question became taken on so we've been counseled that as leaders and teachers we should come up to the gardening work with you to teach you two questions has that happened and if not how would that affect you and how you think it would affect your peers you see the sort of the negative do think that could have been influenced to to encourage them to be in the garden more when I was out anymore working in the media department part of the first semester it was we fifteen that we would go and spend time twice a week twice a week on the farm and is a music team that you decided a class as he they were not really were entering a flashback of the confusing dynamic and left to work in media and computers all they are decided to go out and work on a farm twice a week the power and done here the Mister Green Silver on an button above and try to find a dime Phil is now add that teachers in the college would come out like the first couple weeks it seemed as various a few years ago some things may change but on the head of the valley near the medical Department however came out a couple times and religion cannot couple times but the one teacher that was there every single time we were there was the teacher for massaging hydrotherapy in a medical missionary Mrs. ninety and it was always so encouraging to me while between regular monthly with ahead immediate department identifies teacher they are there on time and working with and drinking community embracing to see that they would give up time from what they could of been getting to go and confirm and out of all the teacher and then I became closest in size and identity teacher ever said this summer on living something that's that's really powerful is if we really believe in Adventist education and the role of agriculture believe in that then what is more powerful than for a teacher of academics to lay aside the book and lay aside all the things that come along with academics I the term Halloween they unfairly can farming and I have to sacrifice him to spend on the flyer because if we want our young people to darling you likewise how can we expect them to go and do likewise without proper example now I understand for farmers is an institution that can be frustrating because they are the primary threat and Alex while everybody should be here all the time in on those you help incorporate up yes it is important it is very important to have the older and more experienced working with younger and less experienced example and if you were handling there many many stories during what were one in World War II about commanders getting the trenches with their men and those commanders were the ones that have the most influence with their men and I think it pleased you in any aspect of life in anything that you do if your commander you get in the trenches of the influence questions from the group that your place of how would like to ask you my thoughts on leadership and farming is correct in and vote if you want but heard it said on the dicer farm that the sum of farming is basically little attention is often needed when you take care of us and the other thing I would like to answer that if you can cannot evaluate myself people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care and if you take that to the front of your farming effort to think that will make a better farmer for you in a better pupil for your state this fight him on one second before you make sharia summarizer questions here's a question number one matters that are correctly is success in farming essentially determined by attention the little details of it don't mingle off limits the first questionnaire you should vote on that okay I meant to add to that old wife says this is a letter written to an individual she said that she could not be a successful farmer because he did not keep his farm tidy and nice the quote you look at the words tidy and nice and it was his inattention to little things the small duties of life she said in the preceding paragraph that made him incapable of being successful farmer that I think that Elway also would vote yes on that and that's encouragement to us to not only keep our farms clean because want them to be presentable but because there's a functionality to dealing with those things also so the second question you can summarize a formula for exactly what people don't know don't care how much you know until they know how much you care basically it's a statement asking you do you have a Christlike attitude toward those who are your subordinates answer to the people you type produced any comments the second link is yeah and yeah I read that the sane and self sums up the matter I think perfectly so you answer yes and the questions from the group will look what to request the question I would like for everyone in this room to stand to recognizes young people twelve men of James the world of the Christ the with the knowledge and the experience and he listens it is told and honesty of these young people informed I think they can change the whole world of phone on I think with this time twelve feet nothing pride but in humility I just recognized him as I would agree with that I would add anything to it this is the Lords day was also one of millions Sudan is carrying on many of you have some express that you're going to make a career out of this and I think wristlets of that I'm wondering how many of you have really thought through the implications of this and how are you planning for the future how are you what is your plan and timeline if you have one for purchasing your own place how do you think you can be going about doing that on I know many young men your concerns and Associates at different places and saw a Swiss see how you what what is your wood is the ultimate vision what's your ultimate goal you have already see this going with your own personal life that you are pushing for MySpace is probably quite different than most people up here but I I grew up on a farm I wanted to farm but I knew farming was risky and so I went ahead and got a two-year degree in construction management as a backup all and then on my own personal farming I printed thirty acres and I do organically on the as well as farming with my father and so my plan is minutes is different because I can use his equipment but I was able to start on that on that level all and start my own business and with my construction management was able to build myself a house on so farmers know not to put all the eggs in one basket go about it smart to start small and there's opportunities around my brother became a vegetable fire because the amount of money he had that's what he could start doing and so there's this all different types of options depending on on where you are at some more answers that question we have about seven minutes let's please keep your answer short okay sorry okay so okay so the first I graduate from hundreds of articles for degree and okay feedback soul I got into agriculture mingling of California no experience with article agriculture whatsoever and at that time I was interventions and looking for what truth is and I was listening to a sermon from David Gates and Gessler realizes that from all that studying is that word white on our meeting so I looked in four years ago I looking to institutions or places that had agriculture and about time it was only after the pastor was about several universities universities such as Walla Walla PC Union much of Southern but they all had agriculture and it seems like I do so I prayed about it and the Lord opened the other two opportunities for me to be at at Andrews and from there to work super about the eventual what I would like to do is to about the countryside running and but in order for me to get there is to build up experience and and and bets stated that it was nearly at a certain someone and opportunities occurred and happened that for me to get answers to get the experience will help in the future when I do about the countries okay understood address kind of my thoughts on the economics of how this all can work fortunately her family that's tested twenty thousand so far in my venture but first I would take writing do this for say that I was working on my own before but the one to two years in an internship that you can save you a lot of headache and make sure it's a good internship where on the farm helps you address fertility really well economics as far as letting you see their economics and how that all works and circulates to how they manage it that's very critical because on some farms don't address that very well and they were all struggling so I don't I don't get but if you're if you have only a year to two years make sure you choose five thousand twenty manager fertility is it makes sense economics so not part of that you want after two years in my case on this dispersal extrinsic as I don't know what it will be for the rest of you but were starting off very small currently redoing one symptom of an acre one one seven two makers archly less than that but on where you grossed nineteen thousand three hundred out of one seven seven acre fifty I think we get up to forty five thousand next year at least I think that's a reasonable goal we saw this year and from on that if we get up to one half acres you're looking at anywhere between a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred thousand year what your net take-home will depend on how well you can manage your inputs that you have to buy but what growers are seeing now better doing small-scale one and a half acre production still looking at about forty five to fifty percent net profit so you're looking at anywhere between sixty to seventy or above thousand dollars net profit take-home pay which I think that's as good as a lot of people do in other jobs as well so that's my thoughts on it it seems reasonable to me because of what I've seen other people do and what we've seen on one's of the maker if we can scale it up appropriately I'm on my family five get and you are making our climate launching Young were going to be there long-term or if we'll start on five key is to start small and if you're willing to work hard and you can make a success at it anyway one is as skewed as to what Alan said the people the mentors that I appreciated the most of what once you are the most honorable it is tempting when you have interns especially they're not your family Roger saw not your daughter it is it is tempting to put up a wall I'm speaking to those for managing farms your it is tempting to put up a wall and say this is private you're an employee this is personal you're not family that is a fatal educational mistake young people need to know that you trust them to the point that you're willing to open up to them your personal mistakes your personal struggles on fighting personal business and personal personalty sure you had personal struggles on the farm and that they need to see that I think but that's what you are Alexander the part of the good internship program it is the farm the invulnerable and says I trust you enough to give you the sensitive information that might embarrass me or might hurt me I've always appreciated that in the people that I value his mentors once you have done that can want a short response of each person take one last question and the question is not experience but other skills that you feel you need or thus still you feel you need the most is that administrative ability is that business management is that organization is that fertility is that what is this skill you feel you need the most please be sure ratified will take one or two things from each of you the failures that attending the soil health seminars that is something that is really crucial we got calls us to be knowledgeable and and he will provide the wisdom if are truly seeking and Julie was during the soil work saw this thing this creation not just full Atreides type just randomly but he wants he wants us to understand over doing surgery studies creation the soil the life in the soil and forward that can not picking on you but we are out of time one or two words on business management and soil fertility marketing and marketing soil fertility business management and marketing accounting soil fertility soil fertility has and crop timings planning scheduling business management is kind of timing on crops to put amendments are critical for succession planting in on a small farm having a accurate count seasons that I can adhere to get to the customer that's very valuable there's nothing out there to really manage that very well so I tell people there we thank you for your answers in the light of our brothers a moment ago I think we needed and with a well deserved break father having the misses a sacred moment is sacred because you created the earth and you designed this process of farming to participate in the plan of sanctification and you also designed it to prepare those people like Elisha who will hopefully soon be the ones to carry that final message to bring us one day closer to the garden and have a father though it be special we should not leave your flattering these young people this humility there was to be learned on the farm not the thought that were special because reformers and we pray for all of us that you are give us the characters that we need the possessed girl in your name thank you for the sovereignty is really wrong you go with own research is a media with God audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. audio source .org


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