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3- Berea Gardens & Bountiful Blessings Farm

John Dysinger Bob Gregory



  • November 13, 2014
    2:45 PM
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current heaven we thank you so much for this opportunity to come together with her brothers and sisters that have a desire to know more about you and your book of nature I pray this is how we go through the course of these meetings and particularly this one natural clearer minds and open our hearts to the message that you would have us received and that you might use me as a vessel to us asking Jesus and I want to just take a moment to thank the Geisinger family for doing such a marvelous job of helping to organize a series of locator facility in a venue that can accommodate all of us in relative comfort in this and this rather brisk weather it's wonderful to see so many people here and I am grateful beyond what I can express for the interest is being shown in this topic of agriculture it's my conviction that agriculture was the first industry ordained for mankind that when he placed Adam in the Garden instruction to him to address and to keep it was not because of perfect garden needed a gardener but that we needed the influence of that garden in our lives and we heard and will hear more evidence of that during the course of this time I kind of came to the Adventist message and to the point of agriculture that I'm doing now I kind of through the looking glass icon it came through the other hand I was a of a secular farmer for many years I worked in large scale agriculture in the Western states I did crop consulting and I worked with some organic farmers including of the Lundberg Rice family but my primary my primary role was basically doing assessments for growers on how they can grow the most the cheapest and fastest in that involved using a lot of chemistries and a lot of methods that I no longer subscribe to I've gone from my actually making cultural decisions on over sixty thousand acres a year down the forming my own land now in West Virginia where we form approximately three acres and I can tell you that my quality of life is better than it ever has been and I am so very very thankful that we have the opportunity still here in this country to cut a real rivers that the direction that we been going in for the past two or three generations and that there is an entirely new generation of young people that have recognized that there is real opportunity in agriculture today and I want to emphasize that I spent the last three days after Louisville and I don't get on the road very much because farming is a very demanding lifestyle but I was compelled to go to the the slow money conference it was recently just concluded yesterday actually Louisville and that conference a Cecily was an assemblage of about twelve hundred investors about a hundred farmers and a couple of hundred people that were involved in various stages of marketing and how to aggregate and distribute local farm produce and the biggest problem that exists today in this country when it comes to high-quality nutritious food is that the market so far exceeds that of the pretend that the production there is a charm men this demand right now for small-scale high-quality nutritious agricultural food and I want to encourage those of you that are here seriously considering this as an opportunity to support yourself and your family that it is an opportunity like I have never seen in my life to the above the markets are crying for product right now I'll give you a few examples will be talking about some of this little bit you're on this week on one of the aspects of growing crops is that it is just as difficult if not more so sometimes to get back crops sold and distributed as it is to produce since a growing food in sustaining yourself with the market farm is not just about how to produce a good quality product a few years ago my wife and I decided that we wanted to establish our own farm for many many years I worked in consulting our work in large-scale farm management I taught the agriculture courses over at heartland for a period of years but we were ready to settle down and establish our own small family of scale market enterprise and we also wanted to provide training opportunities know the Lord knew what we needed long before we did because after we purchased the farm that we decided we wanted school building adjacent to the farm became available to us and not some which you see in this picture here is a about a twenty four thousand square foot area of school building that we now live in and make the as as as the sorcerer are housing fruit for students to come and spend time with us to know we were able to purchase this for fifty thousand dollars and you know the Spirit of prophecy is instructed us to do for faithful and important were seeking to accomplish the Lord 's will were going to find opportunities on this so I know that in today's economy was so many of us having to go to work so hard just to make ends meet that that the prospect of buying land for a lot of people is really quite a challenge I was one of the topics it was addressed at this conference that I just attended but know in your heart and I can tell you with confidence because it has been true for me that if you are faithful to the Lord in every way he will be faithful to you as well and he will make a way possible no idea we were fleeing from an institutional we went to find her small farm the last thing in the world I wanted is another large structure or large building but it has become invaluable to us in what we do today we didn't know we needed it that he did so we took the playgrounds around that building we use the classrooms for instructions for some of our training programs we hold farmers markets in some of these classrooms in the winter months we been able to do up of a variety of things that we otherwise would not have been able to do without this facilities are just some some shots of the building to give you size that we essentially pulled out all the footings for the playground equipment that used to be there and surrounded this building with plans that did something really startling to that we never anticipated what it did was it opened up doors for us with the community that we never imagined that we could open we live in a very rural area in West Virginia when one of the few counties left in the country that has no stoplight no four-lane road highways no fast food chains so the people that are there are art are close to each other in fact the root of of of about ninety percent of the people in the county that I live income from just for families so they all know each other and when a stranger moves in your stranger and in a place like that you can be a stranger for life but because they saw we did with their school building this building was built in nineteen fifty and virtually all of our neighbors and an end that have become friends and other people that we know to the farmers market have been through school in this building so they see what were doing with it and guess what they appreciated is not just another eyesore on the landscape it's not you know it hasn't been turned in the low income housing in their thankful that were growing food containers pretty neat thing to do so it's opened up a lot of avenues for outreach and evangelism into the community to and you cannot you cannot do agriculture in any way without affecting the people around you Larry was Larry Lesher was speaking this morning about the intimate relationships that are developed when you're selling food to someone that's a very significant exchange because there's an exchange of trust that goes on there that you don't have when you're buying a new car or a lawnmower or a chainsaw so people are open and willing to to get to know you as a person and it gives us an opportunity like no other I can think of to be a true living witness it is part of the medical missionary work just as those of us that are engaged in serving the needs of others with their physical ailments were serving the needs of others by preventing those physical ailments and they understand that and know that and it's an extremely easy extension of that to to engage in dialogue and to begin to talk with them about now since I'm basically coming home from a world where I was trained in large-scale industrial agriculture I particularly appreciate this statement from this is from this selected testimonies in a in August of eighteen ninety six and no one white wrote that agriculture should be advanced by scientific knowledge and unfortunately today because the last two generations particularly have been quite abruptly divorced from a connection to the soil there are all kinds of winds of doctrine blowing in terms of how to conduct agriculture this is one of the reasons why this conference is so very important because we must recognize the connection between book of nature and the Bible and the only way that we can express that connection and a viable way with agriculture is if we do you have an understanding that there are fundamental truths that must be abided by and these fundamental truths must be based on scientific knowledge not simple anecdotal evidence not a simple opinion of one grower over another growers were going to get to the core of truth about agriculture as our pioneers got to the core of truth about the three Angels messages we have to recognize that it has to be legitimately scientifically established unfortunately we don't have a lot of that and that's one of the reasons why it's important to come together here and to share information and to hold fast that which is good we need to be a real difference when it comes to her study of agriculture just as we do in the study of God 's work in our program we have have have chosen to specifically provide practices and to demonstrate how we go about doing things that fulfill a few primary principles these principles are that a has to be scientifically valid now that's not to say that we don't do some experimenting but we don't share our experiments until they're proven that has to be scientifically valid what that means is that what went with you you will apply when you apply these principles they work one hundred percent of the time not ninety nine nine percent but a hundred percent of the time I take my mouse ear drop it on the floor what's can happen how many times every time okay the other is that we want to conduct our agriculture in a way that is the safest and most healthful for me and my family for my crops for my environment and for the long-term security of my land for my children and my grandchildren so we are environmental stewards in that regard and it's not it's not like responsibility to be a good environmental 's word in today's world but that is what were called to that means that when I grow my cops at the end of the year what I want is a soil that is better condition to grow the next season crops that was the year that I planted the crop that I just harvested and I want to talk you from moment to about scale scale is very important economically and in agriculture and our scale as it can can can vary depending on what our perspective is a view here of of of fourteen hundred acre rose field that I used a manager was part of a twenty four hundred acre farm now that's a beautiful picture is and we step people that would come out for Sunday drives and take pictures of our our fields and we worked very hard out there and does spring a lot of toxic chemicals and other things out there that I would no longer want to admit you but if we scale this down it's still kind of pretty isn't it because each of those plants on it has an individual routes each of those roses has a panel and most petals if you look at them through electron microscope have individual cells that are also quite pretty so the point I want to emphasize here is that you can do a lot even on a small scale now our farm in West Virginia is a hundred twenty acres hundred twenty four acres exit with the school buildings and included that my wife my daughter and I basically only grow crops on about three of those acres using this this photograph here the woods surrounding us are primarily stolen the natural state of we don't have a lot of of of of of space that were that were farming but we do format very intensively we do format scientifically and we do work that soil very hard so that essentially what we do by crop rotations and cycling are crops through the season is that we end up turning that three acres into about fifteen acres of actual action and even on that three acres last year we were able to generate an income of sixty seven thousand dollars from from three acres with three of us working on it and actually my daughter and I dominantly do most of the farm work my wife does most of the marketing and will get into talking about marketing I think later in one of our later sessions but marketing is a full-time aspect of of growing fruit juice or if you're thinking that you're going to grow your food and someone's going to come and knock on your door and you'll be able to sell at all that's probably not can it be the case as there is a lot of of effort involved in doing that to if I can do it anybody can do it this is my philosophy we lived in a very eroded part of the Appalachians the soils that we have are frankly lousy they're not just not get their lousy and it has taken a lot of work after hundreds of years of abuse to manage these soils in a way that they can become productive but they have become very productive in a very short period of time we been on this land for five years now and by using array of cover crops and appropriate crop rotations and infusing it with some other biological inputs in the way of composts we been able to take our organic matter for example from less than one percent in this field that you're looking at over four percent in less than five years that has some tremendous advantages to us and and also allows us an increase in crop production of this is that same field that you saw the picture of the plowed ground this was taken about three weeks ago of this assembly where the late fall broccoli some brussels sprouts lowering a cabbage around up there that's actually being harvested today by my loving wife and daughter couldn't attend with me because there freezing their fingers trying to get this stuff often to some of the schools we supply behind now we still have crops in the field as well and you know one of the advantages of buying the old school building as we were three high profile when we moved into the community it was like and you don't instance of recognition I remember the first time I walked into the hardware store after we moved into this community and the owner coming came out in and introduced himself to me and said hello Mister Grigory and why was and because of that it's open a lot of doors in the community for us to and because you learn us for small-scale agriculture is growing so profoundly we have many of folks that want to come and see what were doing this is a picture of a high school classroom from Clay County high school their vocational and department that came out to take a look at our farm and to see what we were doing was given an opportunity to teach them for ten weeks and then now through some grant money that we located through the USDA reacts a set five the students up with their own farming opportunities we bought the fencing about the electric fence chargers we got them drip tape and the seeds in the plants in the supplies that they needed all they had to put into it was their sweat equity now let in all things so more diligent in some warrant that the one that was most diligent ended up making almost nine thousand dollars on a field of sweet potatoes here and when he showed up in the parking lot that fallen his new pickup truck he got the attention of his is other than his other classmates of appointing again to the fact that this is a viable industry now I can't be done with simple brute effort along this requires some thoughtful guidance but just as Adam was guided in the garden of our heavenly father the Holy Spirit is there to help guide us to and with some fundamental understanding of the necessity to balance the soil chemistry properly and applying some simple principles of plant care it's not a complex task but it is a task where you will be learning every day just as someone can go to one of our evangelistic seminars and perhaps gleaned some of the key points of the messages of the book of Daniel and Revelation even after studying those books for many many years we can still learn more from our study countering and that's an important point through to realize that the opportunities that we have in agriculture art at this point really quite untapped I'm more of a astonished at how little we know about soil microbiology for example the influences of various different strains of bacteria and fungi on plant growth of symbiotic relationships that take place between the plants themselves these are areas that are wide open for investigation and understanding in nineteen oh three own wife wrote that agriculture should be VAB and see of the education taught in our schools and we heard this morning that that first school is at home with mom right at race my heart to consider where we would be as a church today had we truly followed that counsel because rather than being a church that was holding this massive evangelistic outreach we would have people beating a path to our doors to find out why it was that we weren't sick that our plants were so healthy and the land itself would be a testimony to our Creator to emphasize that it doesn't take big to do big things in this industry this is my propagation area this is less than half of a sixteen by fifty four foot greenhouse in the area that you're looking out there I produce about ten to fifteen thousand plants of the year for transplanting into my garden restart everything in our firm in plug trays that can be transplanted this is partly for reasons of economy but also for reasons of selection when I take these plants and transplant them into six fax to grow on for another couple of weeks and then take the six plaques and transplant them into the field at each of those stages I have an opportunity to select so that if I don't have a really strong vigorous plant it doesn't go in the ground and by doing this that ensures that every square foot of appreciated Allen's comment this morning about not measuring in acres but measuring in square feet each square flat has a viable productive plant that is going to return something to you and also by doing this we can also suspect salary are our period of time between our crop successions as soon as one crop comes out it's not unusual for us to replant that same bed the very same day and this accelerates our our capacity to produce four five human six crop cycles year in and some of our dads which is very efficient for us because instead of having to care for fifteen acres we simply have to focus on the three acres and do things successively these are some of the pictures behind her school building how this is a summer garden crop that I also have some photos are ownership you are our winter production is actually you know we retry to toe to talk about times we can organize having this meeting and it on the kind that under him one of the weird ones as I'm busy all the time I got you know folks come and say hi Bob you know the weather 's getting colder snow on the ground things must be slowing down well not really that's that's by choice not by necessity we also are very involved in working with the public on trying to encourage small-scale agriculture there's a large movement that I have been involved with over the course of the last four or five years with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture the USDA Department of Agriculture in this particular group is the Northeast CareGroup the sustainable agriculture resource and education arm of the USDA were were looking for solutions to some of the problems that we have to produce more food locally you know this is one of the that of the reasons that all those folks met up in Louisville earlier this week was because it's been recognized that this is a national security issue is not just a health issue is not just a matter of finding good quality food to eat because of the globalization of agriculture today any disruption in that supply chain poses almost an immediate hazard and myself to mediate I'm talking seventy two hours for virtually ninety percent of our society today and so there's a lot of engagement here about what we can do about that and one of the solutions that I postulated small-scale farming small-scale market forms and finding ways where we can aggregator produce together to meet broader market so that we can supply school systems nursing homes hospitals as well as the general public with good quality locally produced and ripened fruit my wife I need a prepared prepared a vegan meal for these folks while they were there we didn't tell him it was a vacant meal and all we enjoyed work or their expressions of gratitude afterwards considered it was truly a fabulous meal from from stuff that we had produced right on the four when I say intensive this is kind of what I'm talking about how we grow in an five foot beds outdoors and him him up in the high tunnels there a little bit closer than that but so we we try to squeeze the most out of every square inch in the garden which ones itself to a lot of different advantages in terms of weed control strategies has control in that kind of thing to do so will get into more than some of that of the later breakout sessions 's just another picture the farm this was in late September and this is what it looks like inside are hard tunnels now our high tunnels are small and are small for reason we don't want to use any power ventilation I don't like using rollup sides on Heights because it shortens the life of the plastic so on our high tunnels are small enough so that if we do get a heavy snow load I can reach the top of the porch room and board off there are short enough so that I get adequate ventilation just with the natural breeze moving from one end of the tunnel to the other two to evacuate year that's why we has five smaller ones instead of one large one and when I get home I got two more high tunnel sitting on a trailer ready to be assembled that will be building us year I'm I'm I'm I'm almost ashamed to say this but I'm actually in a big money building my own high tunnels there is a program that is sponsored by the NRC asked the natural resources conservation service in many parts of the country today when they are trying to encourage people to grow food and this didn't happen because I'm a commercial roar this is available even to just homeowners but they will help you finance and essentially pay you to put up up to two thousand square feet of high tunnel and it was my responsibility to make it the purchase of the high tunnels but what a allocate for me in putting those up as accident of pain will to erect them so I can pay for building my own structures of their only requirement is that I keep some records for them for five years of about what is grown inside those tunnels over the map there's no strings attached and at that five in about five year period of time I can use them for whatever I want to set certainly an opportunity for some of you out there too there are a lot of sources of support and ways of developing creative financing and developing of folks that can help you I get your feet off the ground if you demonstrate that you are truly committed are willing to stick it out and want to produce food today I be happy to talk with some of you later about some of those opportunities the other thing that I want to emphasize is when it comes to growing crops throw your growing calendars away go broke if you don't we make the bloke of our income this time of year right now and also in the early spring in February and March before the farmers markets typically even open now redo the summer gardening to bizarre gardening is no fun anybody that's been out there in July August knows that with humidity and heat islands and weeds and grasses it's no fun regarding this timing here is is good to me the most fine because it's also the most profitable to buy were dealing with a lot fewer problems this time of year this is what the farm looks like right now is a combination of high tunnels and low tunnels those low tunnels can be very productive for you this is a picture of some lettuce some romaine lettuce that survived our last polar vortex we got down to thirteen below the night before at this picture and I expected to get to check him out and find everything pretty much frozen and Eskimos plants are frozen solid effusion with your finger the shattered but once a warm bath and a thought out we were still able to to time-to-market this lettuce and that's with a very simple structure of some of some electric congruence across corporate accurate sensing same thing so I'm making use of some of these systems we use tunnels within tunnels through which is also helpful we have some seedlings that word is coming out some beats and in radishes and things from the school and we just put a tunnel in the tunnel that will give them a little more protection but anyway these are just some glimpses of what we do there's food all over in that picture you just can't see it once once the snow melts then then it all becomes apparent again my troubles or folder somethings in the beds there also adopted your picture we have beats and insurance littering the ground under the snow that we also harvested after after things thought out and I want to emphasize to the original have to be big to do this this first row cucumbers and looking at in this picture hears about this five feet wide and fifty feet long we harvested eleven hundred pounds of cucumbers off of the bed it's astonishing with yours can produce in any of these large multinational corporations that are telling you that we've got a grow genetically modified crops to feed the world have absolutely no idea what they're talking about because the amount of food that can come from a very small piece of land is really quite astonishing it's quite astonishing and for those that those of us that that that do it according to God 's methods I think there's another rule becomes in the plan that is that you can never grow just enough for yourself you know you never meet just your own objectives it's difficult to develop markets that almost always you're going to finding you to meet your markets and you're still getting a produce to give away it's just it's just as the law of of of increasing returns we do propagating on the farm to weep we've got berries and fruit trees as well we've got a small orchard of about forty treat forty two fruit trees and we've got some blueberries raspberries blackberries and grapes planted and most of those we really propagated ourselves right on the place these are some of her blueberries these are two years old starting to get ready to produce only also do some ornamentals to think it's important that for those of us that are looking for sources of income particularly to realize that the public will pay you much more for something that looks pretty than they will for something that's good for their health that's a sad reality but it's true that by adding a component of ornamentals and your operation you can find that you can get a very good return on that also I think I'm just about out of time I wanted to just leave you with a couple pictures here should back up and for those of you that haven't met her this is my wife Anita and one of her micro draft forces we have a pair of half wingers that are the joy of my daughter is having use a half winners for our farming operation Yep they're fully capable of in human reason we don't ask as a rent equipment for them to pull that there is a wonderful asset to the help on the farm we do a lot of canning freezing of the cellaring handstand drying and it's it's it's an amazing thing for me to stand here today and and and know that I am fully secure in my food supply I don't have to worry about a thing and one of the things that I emphasized in my classes I think one of the problems that we see in society today is that eating food is an extremely important activity having is something we need to engage in at least every couple of days or so but most people in society today have no idea where their food comes from let alone how to produce it and that engenders inside of us and I need insecurity that if it is not met I think can manifest itself with all kinds of apparent behaviors that we see in society findings also great way to get to know your friends and neighbors I need and I were out having this seal we had about three thousand transplants to put in one Sunday morning neighbor drove by sauce after Stott said hey and I hope this later another neighbor stopped by hey can I help another winking buys it hey were you doing out there can I help him by the end of the day we had the field planet everybody had a great time so it's a great opportunity to build community to and this is something that we should not overlook all right you know we can I I knew more about agriculture than anybody at the local farmers market we knew more about the Bible and health and anybody in our community but if I came into that community without attitude I will fail miserably so we made ourselves vulnerable and we have learned from them as much as we have taught them and in that process you develop trust and sharing and I believe that's the way that this gospel commission is to be fulfilled his heart to heart hand-to-hand eye to eye and elbowed to help all right thank you very much view you get the reoccurring theme here that it's about a lot more than just growing your own food and are even growing food for others it's about outreach since about ministry and what an incredible opportunity so many opportunities and I wish Bob 's place was big enough to hold this conference we could learn a lot from going there I want to introduce my family we where we were supposed to be doing this altogether and we argument do it together but I'll just be honest with you right up front we didn't we ran out of time to practice it in to get it all together so were going to work and I get through it and were going to give a view of our farm where is Jonathan you're here summarizing family let me just introduce is is exact here I'm not sure as Zach is a video wing in another session so we've got to work deaths of our children here Kiersten involved this is my wife Pam my help means and Kiersten is our oldest and then Jonathan Pearson 's twenty two almost twenty three Jonathan 's twenty one Joshua is eighteen Caleb is eleven seventeen and Zach is seventeenth asked the one missing so thank you all and I will call you at this okay this is my help meaning she's in a stay right here just a quick history and I wish we had time to tell him give our testimony and how the Lord led us into this because as I said last night we we have no background in this we were starting from ground zero but the Lord led us into it in the fall of nineteen ninety eight it was really we were teachers and he called us out of teaching and into farming we thought on paper we had it all figured out that we can earn enough money we were get a live simply but we could earn enough on an acre of strawberries to provide for our family the network enough time hindsight is twenty we were really very naïve really nice farmers and always looks good on paper and I'll just warn you and because I'm the same way farmers will always tell you the best case scenario you can I was just thinking about that is I have to say about the finances and that's farmers always paint the biggest the prettiest picture because they love what they do and they know that if they don't make it look good you wouldn't even have a chance to experience what they've experienced the hard and be easy the good and that but we're pretty passionate group thank you good insight so we did we did that we we bumble the line for five years and we had some success the Lord bless we had assuming rentable ER from the Tennessean which is the greater Nashville newspaper we are on the front page your doctor about that this morning 's front page of their local thing so anyway the Lord blessed that we sell we really weren't making it we were you were struggling and it was the Lord sustain this weekend give him enough credit because he did it that we realize so much I want to say that in the end in this spring of two thousand three we lost basically our whole crop to it rained the whole month of May and it was devastating and we had just invested a bunch of money in the farm to try to make it really viable and it was just but the Lord brought good out of it and one of those good things is that we started diversifying and it was really it was what's the word that it was a desperate move because we didn't have enough money to get through the year to the next robbery season and it was too late to plant summer staff so we started a winter CSA through the inspiration of Elliott figured if he can do that mean we can do it and so we started that fall with twelve members and it's grown from there so you just tell a little morning this year so and once family sans brother joined us in two thousand six we had just we were just starting to feel like we had figured out the winter production we had gone through to full winters without having to stop now maybe just one so it was starting to come we kind of are starting to feel like we have some some some control over what were doing maybe and then in them two thousand eleven we branched out and we added where most people start John mine really are good at doing things the hard way so we restarted where no one starts and we ended where everyone starts so in the summer of two thousand eleven we we decided our farm was had a great farm presence in the winter we wanted to expand it had been continued with the winter production and our family branched out and has done this summer production for the last three years and so that was in two thousand twelve we divided this two seasons and it's been it's given us a lot of we just have a whole year round presence in the farming market around Nashville without killing ourselves like for Bob is doing year-round well he's you knows what he's doing more than twenty we have to regroup ourselves at the end of the season Wednesday okay with cats her breath and try this again so our operation is where we can have a split operation in many ways we do about two and a half acres of field crops and that's with tractor and you know tractor implements and it now let me emphasize at this point we are talking about our half of the farm you know in other words Edwin and Jennifer do their thing in the winter and in so this too half acres is what we're doing in the spring and summer and then we have about three quarters of an acre of intensive beds he's a thirty inch wide beds that we used basically all handtools or the walking track to the BCS on and that includes about fifteen thousand square feet of how space one thing that I just want to say here so I don't forget is that I think any farmer will tell you invest in a house because the quality of produce you get out of the hoop house is just so superior that the greens are more tender that you don't have that the dirt ottoman everything there much cleaner it's just a win-win in a course of your winner growing it's so much easier to you can enjoy working in a hoop house were certified organic you know we could spend a lot of time debating that chosen that for now as as a marketing thing and also Bob talked a little bit about grants and things available in our state here in Tennessee there is a lot of money available for farmers in matching grants and if you're certified organic it's a 50-50 matching grant so that more than pays for our certification we don't have any idea network and keep that forever you know as the regulations increase at some point Morgan and drop it because we have our customer base and your customers trust us labor force you know that's a little hard to manger because we now I some of our children are still schooling and and they got their own things they're doing but this is kind of what I have estimated one really full-time three almost full-time in an NL full-time farming is different than full-time office job you understand that and then into half time and again we've got quotation marks there half-time sometimes looks more like full-time so were blessed with a large labor force with our family we couldn't do it without them also i.e. I don't want to fail to mention that I'm Nick 's been with us for two and a half years now started out as an apprentice and stayed on and we really have come to rely on his health market Sony just say something about what we do as the essay and this year we had just over seventy members and some of them get weekly and send it every other week farmers markets we cut back to two this year I guess last year that was a principled decision and God bless that principal decision and we made more honor to markets and we had made on her three markets so God is is in the business of blessing us for principled decisions and we sell to restaurants that mainly those are pretty high-end restaurants they pay us a premium price for our produce this is unrehearsed in case you hadn't look at this article on honey problem Joshua come up here and I'll just bring Jan Josh ideals that are wholesaling just tell him how that works for you so we don't really route for wholesale return done too much like growing a lot of extras for wholesale but we have no certain times in the season will have extras is Palin beats and stuff like that the main hole so that we've used is a websites the guy nationalists started a organization national grown and she has a website where he has quite a few probably twenty or thirty farmers and they'll post any extras they have the chefs will order for him and he'll come and pick up at the farmers markets everything you have for him so it's a pretty simple way to sell wholesale through the restaurants and stuff and you don't necessary have to grow some out for them it's just your extras you can post as much or little as you have an Scotia that it doesn't fix this is not not a lot is not a lot of work for us to work and also to the restaurants it's mainly worked out really nice for us after our markets you've got a couple restaurants and going to and take them or extra stuff and note yell else what they like and can sell our leftovers for markets to them which is works well to the season unfortunately this is an will will be talking more about marketing tomorrow so we won't spend more time on that but some I like to talk through mentoring and have my children talk about a concept that that Joel salads and some of you know Jill Saladin is on call stacking and that is rather than trying to just grow more of vegetables you know trying to provide enough income for all your children and as they branch out just growing more of a few things the idea is to diversify with your enterprises on the same LAN base and so we just don't talk about a few of those that have been doing and were just getting into this more as our children are children yes on the farm in a wonderful place for it ever since very little we are always starting businesses are in the great debater in a unique and going farmers market at very easy to take launched by Kayla had Tracy washcloth and that will take us a long and within the farm and a great way for on young people to come at we've had a lot of library interests through the years and I got a great way to get to expand and make the farm on a broader more rightly doing this yet I decided I was going to growth more flour as it has really and I going to conference earlier in the year and their point it becomes like fire is that him and the more dispensable thing compared to pretty but their point it loudly he married now in time and always having to make up the flowers are indispensable and I have found that the very to the summer so apart from working full time with us in the production I just painted humidifiers and I was quite shocked with taking it even hates market how much are they both make the summer as if I is a great way to expand and add to your pretty standard track people the beauty times out at Florida theme liar and close to twelve hundred dollars just taking a few bouquets are we to market others the couple had and so I can inform much of my time and energy into that because I was on fully invested with their produce it's hard to try to have everything going on on Delhi I work full-time on the farm with accredited mainly doing marketing and more communications side of the farming sofar is a great way on to adhere to what you are you doing are wanting to do on the farm another thing I have done is making and selling bath and body products another great way to find farmers market already it's just something you can take with you and his father 's nakedness is something I do in winter will make their commitments or other products and the like I can take them through the summer to the markets and then there's endless opportunities for young people on the farm to expand their ends what might their God-given talent Iranian interests lie in great ways to earn money it's great once you get something going there very entrepreneurial enough sort of been our goal so I wish Jonathan could come up your batons is running out of time three discuss it quick Jonathan started and Joshua of a business of doing maple syrup tapping maple trees sticky brothers maple syrup and that has that has been a great little business and it actually has brought into the whole family because it's a hard business to do it's just a small workforce but it has been a lot of fun and this year Jonathan went to a young farmers conference in New York and was inspired with the idea of maples that so this year we took to our markets frozen maple sap and I tell you it was a theory hot item once people got a taste for it they loved it the original flavored drink chickens you want to say something quick and while I've always enjoyed animals since it sickens one thing I've been interested in for a while but the form wasn't really sure what to get into the Magnuson price order for it but I try and I got about a year ago I got hundred things about a hundred and ten six and spoke underlaying I had maybe eighty left and so went to the summer with those I bought I bought some more from a guy near the was a bit of a learning experience I got there partially grown there like couple months old and I brought them into the flock and they brought sickness of the flock and so for about two months almost have really been in getting angst so they just in the last two or three weeks they just started picking up again so that was a bit of a learning curve but they that a huge hit market I could sell probably fifty plus dozen a week our markets so I like him for the unsung for six dollars a dozen and a friend is another guy who does organic resources for seven dollars a dozen and nobody seems to think it's unreasonable price about what we do use organic feed they just aren't certified organic we haven't gone there and you don't weekend we could probably debate doing Angus Young we don't need them ourselves but I guess at this point I thought is it's better than what they are eating now and somewhere were taking him on a journey and it's you know I I think John Joshua Skinner and figure out how to do it and make money at it some he left and he goes out there and all those hands just flocked to him he's like a big Mama it is a lot of fun to have animals take the compost out there and I love to just it for a few minutes and watch them it brings a lot of joy Zach does some bees and you know these are all just complementary things we could do it all that's the point but there are things that are just as to what were doing on the farm out just you know other options Caleb is our little woodworker young mushrooms breads jams jellies fruit trees I mean it could go on and on and on but I have to bring I have to be the one to bring the financial and I don't like to have to do that but that's my job so it's it's always a look at humbling but God I just want to say this our God has blessed our family and stretch the dollars in ways that you can imagine since I saw you that our family lives on basically thirty thousand dollars a year most people would say how is that possible and if you had any clue of how much company we have and how may people we see God knows how to stretch the dollars so this is this is a bit of kind of the way that our income is divided we get about John didn't often cost of his head but it's a pretty good guess I was pretty impressed me so about forty percent of our income comes from CSA that the weekly boxes that we deliver to people about fifty five percent of our income comes from farmers markets yet that's Kenneth that's probably just right Q and then between restaurants and wholesale five percent max we really don't do much wholesale it's you have to grow a lot more you have to sell a lot more and we find that we've done pretty well just with the direct marketer customers besides the fact that we really like the direct one-on-one with our customers so the actual number is this year our CSA brought in thirty seven thousand six hundred forty three Farmer's markets were thirty five thousand seven hundred and ninety two efforts to market one of them one of those markets was two thirds of that and one of them I I go and fight of whole foods and that's not as good a market as our real farmers market and then we separated strawberries out that still one of our that's really her only real cash crop and that's not that number is not very reflective because we put a lot of strawberries in our CSA and those are discoveries that we actually sold at farmers market or from the farm so the gross income that our family and check in often the farm is as you can see eighty six thousand almost eighty seven thousand so when you figure what we figure that for farming you can really only count on percent to take it takes about fifty percent to run the farm forty to fifty so we're looking to get lower but that's percent honest reality of our last summer were still investing in the infrastructure trying to get into where we wanted to be and you basically were earning what we need but were trying to increase the pay of our children because they are the future and you know someday we want to turn it over to them if they wanted and so that's that's where were headed we want to just keep paying them more and more that's our goal profit sharing just quickly important tools and as I told you we can have to two different systems the fieldwork we have a tractor with a front end loader is just invaluable the front end loader is the best two on the farm and least attracted to open and then like Larry said we have a reciprocating Spader great tillage tool very expensive that's the downside their Italian but do a very good job of tillage flail mower I'm using more and more I really appreciate of flail mower because it chops things up and leaves them in place rather than a bush hog which wind rose into the side and down we do also have an Allis Chalmers G that we bought from summary they had at retrofitted it to electric and so we use that for cultivating on the field scale but in an intensive bed we use a BCS and I hope you've looked at those with a Rotary Herald that was new for us this year were to try to get Richard to demonstrate one tomorrow down in the little garden plot that really revolutionized things I wish I had more time to talk about that but some tests we got from this market Gartner the market gardener book I just want to promote that again because that really was a huge blessing this year using tarps will talk more about that may be in the weed control wheel how if you don't know what we'll how is you need to do some research incredible tool Rod Fort quick cut greens harvests there if your growing baby greens at all I highly recommend it I'm a little biased but some and enclosing just some advice to others make sure you're doing this not has it looks romantic and in an exciting make sure you're doing it because you feel God is calling you to because then when the hard times and they will come you can say you know God called us and he's not giving us out to dry get experience with others who are already doing it I can't emphasize that enough don't just go out there and reinvent wheel go learn from people who are doing it successfully that's the best education you can have read all you can from the experts I'm a big reader I believe in reading books and again you're you're not can agree with everything but any chance you can gain means you don't have to to make those mistakes on your own so we've got lots of good bucks here don't put all your eggs in one basket that was our mistake with the strawberries we we were trying to make a living on one crop you know we we have crop failures every year but we've got so much diversity that it doesn't hurt us and and diversify not only in crops but also in seasons you know we do spring and summer this year our spring season was incredible it was the best we've ever had our summer season was not so good but it balances out start small if you can see you make small mistakes be realistic with your expectations you know you're not going to go out there and make thirty forty thousand dollars your first year and less use of the premises on some really good farms and you know what you're getting into so be realistic but the potential is there like Bob said there is a lot of potential right now and how do you get the last word seek first his kingdom service and I I can this is really one of my passions I will say when I got a farmers market I just pray Lord give me opportunity to blast give me off and when I'm at the farmers market and I'm tempted to think about while not a very good financial day the Lord always reminds me you're not here for the finances your spirits of laughs and I could tell you so many the Lord gave me so many amazing experiences this this summer much more than I've had in the past so it was really a minute in our families ministry and the Lord my surrogate we need is a a this media was brought to you by bodybuilders a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the more certain and visit www. .com universe .org


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