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4- Wooley Farms & Sunizona Family Farms

Byron Smith Janice Smith Brad Johnson



  • November 13, 2014
    4:00 PM
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our first present this afternoon is Brad Johnson from California Willey Farms I have never met Brad before until this conference we talked on the phone but some daring Greenfields one of the board members new button Brad from out there and recommended him as a speaker and so we think Brad and his wife for coming all this way it's a big sacrifice to come from California but some you know from from our point of view Brad is a big-time farmer he says he's just the small farmer from a California point of view and I'm sure that's true but Brad 's been doing it for many years and I'm anxious to see what he has to say Brad 's daughter is in Clarksville here so dead that gave them a little more pull to come back this way is a good see their daughter glad she's been able to come the conference to and then after Brad we will go straight into Byron and Janice and they've been introduced already so I like to look at their when I look at their I start to think about growing stuff people ask what we do my answer as a farmer we turn sunshine water dirt and the grace of God into something beauty as a salesman would grow produce and sell romance I will try to give you a taste and flavor of our farming experience how can you fully described you can there is nothing else like it it's the families in more ways than one I'm not just talking about you and me but the set satisfaction and the struggles to put it lightly what Jesus seen an insane I'm thinking if you feature to share with you some of our farming roots after this I will if I have some time as more pictures of our farm etc. and answer questions that will have so I'm guessing most terrible than farming our gardening in some fashion organic and conventional or a combination of the two my personal lands inorganics netted my primary emphasis but I have some involvement in the conventional side as well I think both have something to offer economic and learning experience I'm wondering how many in this room form for your primary source of living that may be we may be we maybe under the national average here was it two percent lesson one and if you're again against real small and if you're my age or average age fifty eight somewhere near so if you garden by the more how many of you neither as everybody every as needed neither forms for Barnes last several Emmy don't farm or garden I may know what you're doing okay for my presentation is for information parties reduce our journey a little romance and part of what was that within a beatitude for sure so but I think it speaks for the human side of our form a plan like to make is you can make an informed but I would be where I am now without all the help along the way from acquiring land support from family neighbors and friends generous with their equipment land and time great marketers research people and the people who won't we grow I have this phrase stuck in my head every human being created in the image of God is endowed with a power akin to that of the creator individuality power to think and to do in this of course I'm banning this to the farming site enter a versus God placed man in the special garden called the Garden of Eden you can keep a beautiful and another God arranged a special guard for man to live in which was located in an area called Eden this is the place where the first man made his home in this garden God not only placed trees for food but also ornamental trees most beautiful to look at so I picture a garden as origin of my first home and a place of pleasure to work the depth of a few words can still be prone also rest we may endeavor at the priory taking Saturday is the day of rest many of many associated with this wonder at times why as well at times find it difficult to make the discipline the biology the work calls and many needs do not stop the passing water the cows the mapping etc. though the human side of our farm stops to rest to look enjoy learn without the driving force of business without the visit or not enjoy the quest to be give life now one of my main features and a favorite quarter-mile in the cultivation of the soil the thoughtful worker will find that traders little dreamed of our opening up before him no one can succeed in agricultural regarding without attention to the laws involved there are some good things that have felt for me over the years this is one of them when developing larger crops with a no kill system I was wondering how to get the trees are better benefit of Bremen and Lawrenceville applied organic matter here is one way that is opened up with few downsides nightcrawlers you may be thinking worms everyone in organic farming has worms but these are my worms look at it this way in the dog world my dog is better than your doll these are not regular earthworms many of you know these are huge topside night feeders with very deep holes I have done at least to three feet deep following a whole to see where they went all the organic matter compost manure please produce leftovers getting taken down and reduced worm castings with tremendous soil aeration this is fun to see at times I walk the gardens in the middle of them walked over to the mellow night to watch them my daughter and I did experiment to see what their favorite food was the I reviewed I think these are just a very short time walking around my orchard if you stomp your feet and you can hear them moving back into the ground they have a large expense entailed much like overhead which keeps them anchored in the soil as a Fiat units in the sixteen inch diameter around her whole as it was said traders little dreamed of our opening up I think this is one of those and you thought as ringworm for the soil some of my roots this photos says a lot to me because I know some of the history and encourages me to tell a lot about my grammar housewife my monster and homesteaded here in the nineteen twenties or so in the northeast corner Montana and built this over the years here's original home at their perhaps original House on the Prairie if you are wondering about building something from nothing this is a thirty minute this is thirty minutes of the nearest town mom said sometimes fifty below in the winter horsepower with mode of the day just as I know I went up there renters in the Journal of one-time look like my grandpa ran twenty four hours a day with horses on a solid week with the crew future grooming or star was a mode of the day no electricity except when generated my cousin about my health oranges in case you're wondering about some are spiritual roots both sides of my family parents and grandparents beyond that I'm not sure but probably were brethren of future marital brother from Holland Europe the whole and for religious freedom then the Pennsylvania Linda from their my dad was from Idaho Oregon but this is where this Montana farmers were EMO met they may settle in California to form an reason damaging kids will suffer labor force is why it's a spontaneous tribute to my mom had her memorial was everyone thought the were her favorite my grandma my grandpa and grandma Johnson moved from Oregon and California they were great and happy folks grandpa and my dad had a commercial fertilizer business in grilling gritty California and souls shall any street or local farmers now that you need two percent nitrogen how's that for balance nutrition this is a nineteen fifty seven calendar from their business I still love the look of this calendar every month is fascinating but the future was different for me so honey farm organically or form at all I'd be successful for us maybe it was just staying at and thinking I'll do better next year maybe it's like the mouse drowning in a bucket of water Byron spoke of last night now I know why eating oldster pills gives hope or maybe it's like how to build the four first yet find placement for menu outline after that you start digging to you get in deep enough then you put more time and while they're still little hole roof you make a fireplace after they make a door when you get in seal up the cracks then you get out and get a bucket or something and fill it up to about two inches up with water and put dirt in after the all newspapers and put them on the horse and put the money over as often I guess so what's the point in this is really more to it than that but you got to start somewhere in other words starting with what you know and have imperfect or not how do we really do things back when we called our business Johnson's backyard produce now woolly forms and there is some work involved here are some pictures passing through some of our nitty-gritty but now follow work in the ground trend compost Latin grain laying up banners these are for vegetables in our transplants rated well few years ago is no younger than transplant amount the field covered them up and govern taken them all opinions pack and apricots watermelon in readership of Le Mans the trucks were good man the numbers have some so we did all the work we had all the stuff you made in that situation to what you do with all this loan is going in the same Cisco way overloaded to one of our first distributors back in the mid- seventies we still do business with this cup with them today as probably so those two elements in the other young farmers house probably early twenties no kids not married had the proper twenty one twenty two besides all the work we did fall in love with the beauty so you're just a run through some of the stuff of our pack and are priced many yellow watermelon small one way to find these are sugarplums and crops but what our favorite is homegrown tomatoes dry mouth like you got it we have some great people working force those gals been with me for quite a while I love that there been some great avengers along the way one is getting married Judy and I have this fun banter her phrase happy why good life my phrase good wife happy life but you asked for this because you wanted to marry former Little did she know truth be told the GDS for this because she wanted to marry a farmer little did she know truth be told it takes a brave and while woman to move to this from the city and Marriott form what while woman would want to marry a former sometimes you need someone to hold you tight we have a lot of a lot of fun along the way one of my brothers the better brother and his wife made it fun nine hole golf course and driving range on form we are not golfers in fact I think it only made it through five holes let me a good way to get together with business friends and family look around the farm in a fun and casual manner often we would meet in the cool evening shame his family to enjoy dinner and have some fun watching each other to get those things try to hit those things here you can see a map of the course one of our individual holes we call the greens browns this a golf cart with golf cart with a few local urchins and on occasion we had hayrides for some of our family friends when they come to visit this a favorite borderline on the last isn't my one-page original growing practices paper for my markets I've included this illustration because when we first started forming in the mid- seventies that was what we gave our customers to explain her growing practices before certification sorted since then it has been a growing avalanche of paperwork farming looks mighty easy when your plows a pencil in your thousand miles from the cornfield thinking he was talking the Congress and smite song about careless you could say a proceeds if there were such a thing I have put this in as a mild expression of the expansive paperwork keratoses are not the only thing that has grown over the years will will will will will will will will will outline will will need him as well I see so I would be content to let everyone whether a food I remind Carlisle he wrote yours and we share as other working in my garden in the day I realized a simple goal to grow my own food and share with friends has really come through but my thinking is meant to small in my field of friends is grown with my garden to a much broader field around this country depending on time I can move more pictures and explanations or take some questions hearts that's a lot of time so there is an otherwise I can move through some pictures it rather fast but if you have some pressing questions I'm glad answers and questions otherwise like around to some pictures yes I don't know which and what they are now owe me have in our area yet Hugo you all sure that the well yeah you know that's our talk around the note new losses during pioneer days yes well cut hydrating your form with wizened guys to go producing John Spector produced within the we got out after a while sold also more equipment and are in our and our houses and stuff and then with the couple we sold it too much in your later wanted to get out and so we got we bought about sums up back from them and then we took their name at the same time Willy forms we just kept and so we got acquired up to the purchase of that aspect of what we would and we just could jump I can do it again Johnson said so in many acres of United Farm about sixty acres of organic and then now we form another eighty some with my brother and then over the years we've have leased property with Konica cutdown glass from in the last five years so he said of most of our ground and heirloom tomatoes we grow roughly for fighting tomatoes I think in and we would probably have three or four of heirloom of that dress aroma will group will really go any standard slicing tomatoes just Roman heirlooms yes everything 's got me you you know if all the guidelines in their gang rules you know either through armory or through yesterday the certification process the others course in all chemicals you know there are every enough part of our lives you know what so there's there are products now that people have out of natural products Dennis to make it easier and organic farmers are for we used in a very sexy arsenic from a week or from a bacteria 's for their biological controls the company Nielsen which yes we would go on and wants we do more wants now to avoid injury that we had pictures of all the harvest and handsome or other women operations you want me some pictures equipment but timewise I think were run-up to run through aware if you want to see just quick run through so here's a deep ripper for old-time cultivator later some band 's cover and some government with the syncopal fabric over fields hate him I had had I will finalize draft here on earth and hereafter in this case ran around downward and Republican leaders as couple weeks ago plans and apricots there is a single video take too long there's trees we just wanted one or cultivators we got his soulmate we cultivate real close of the plastic with this we call it after every shot rains so we keep the weeds out some simple tools like using already here this whole Brockport has made a small potato potato reports we we welded together and just these are what I used data from a garden this is based on real use for that sum we use a small vinyl blinds for markers and honest real vacuums here for plot proceeds felt sure that the sulci nor for more now week between the trees this tool here's a nice fuel overall string weaker of using these of the vertical leader Reinhard lowered and heard the trumpets which vertically to cut the weeds away from the tree where the sprinklers summer wants your plan in two thousand nine wrote figures trees real nice we've already taken three harvests off this is two thousand nine test taken the trees that slowly shake him on the ground then we threw them over the sweeper of women when Rose this is a definite employment comes through the Swede Thomas off the ground fix him up with another wagon behind the NATO went to the door of another shuttle car and then as it dumped oligomeric on the trucks to go to be dehydrator would run these the past Technorati 's turnips some are products we ship the market are sugarplums from plums Woodrow a rather be used together this cling peaches harvest time Netherlands made of these these get way too big Marcus Alaikum some are back gruesome we all felt a little bit sometimes and then pass this cucumber pack line for cucumbers him tell him I will just think you must know in the meantime put them in the hands limited however the metaphor for bizarre but to waybill we packed tomatoes on this house wash watermelon he got things on bill but in a plan for a market is a bathhouse is one our best controls we go get ladybugs on occasions a fun trip will be delayed until the field harvest them bring back to the farm to put amount field realized just it is warm enough in the in the mountains fun zone level funds only bring friends can just look around the farm level fun to something for guess a common exit hayrides this similar bad stuff happens that of the this is recognize as far on their that's from three if your revocable trip there they spread virus in the Nelson began estimated lost libraries and his one-year defrost not completely lost we lost it all the growth some of the disasters training new workers how to drive forklifts they learn how to think about momentum and turning corners of IDs we had a lot of days I had a hard he's one time with your needs our neighbor overspray one-time kill them designate the grass the spray was on such young were not appear the disasters in the shop Pinot Quitman breakdown whatnot my low rank is planned see this is where all starts right here this is where I like to be in the garden and then Judy and her professional sources and just another picture of our place so they can very much thank you Brad really appreciate you coming all the way here and and again look these people up got a lot of knowledge and experience and I hope that you all are taking copious notes in a little things you said one little thing down the markets don't like big tomatoes that's an important tip to learn and come on up I'm just going to talk what you are getting set up so another thing that I hope you are seeing is that farmers can become our they need to become very ingenious new niceties shown new pictures of all the equipment that they modify their manufactured and not the kind of things that you now can can save your bottom line if you can can come up with something rather than having to buy new piece of equipment so I'll let you start your partners and is so we are sunny on a family farms but you are only seeing ironing jackets right now studies on family farms is really a wonderful group of people who we appreciate helping us grow food for the people that we like to share the food and I guess my big encouragement would be to each of you out there you're starting a farm or haven't done it yet to think about really the reason you're doing it is not only for yourself to the people you're going to see that food to and that is such a privilege and from here on things that has been talk of a way way way way way way way way she always does this to me that you know I like to just make a comment on about what to send health evangelism is a really important part of what Seventh-day Adventists can form and I when I was seventeen I went to Weimar College and I went there and part large part because of the help program that they had so even I did not work directly with the patient's I was taking a as is marvelous and amazing to see these people but all kinds of diseases and handicaps limitations can walk twenty feet without angina among how Islam lying down for years and I would see them transformed in twenty one days or whatever length of time was was really remarkable but what's interesting is that these lifestyle centers and I love them lifestyle centers make a big change in the health of a few people farming gives you chance to make its incremental change in the lives of many people in the interesting thing about that is that by making the food attractive healthy and really desirable in some different ways that the aroma that the freshness the colors and all that can stop your encouraging people to start transitioning more about plant food and the like which is really only going to get really if they went to lifestyle center so you have a chance to actually do to someone marketing when you become a farmer you also become a lifestyle educator and it's it's a really wonderful thing and by the way I met Brad we were both students the first year we mark back in nineteen seventy eight some are just updates both must not but years later I wanted to Brown's farm and he showed the pictures of the earthworms there's always the first time that I really brought a permit I was astounded by the earthworms that I've never seen anything like it anywhere else I've ever been I use the leaves drove nine sticking out of the ground all over the place I might wait a minute or it is leaves curled up in the little squirrels and sticking up out of the realm of earthworms come out during the night and ground and will and started pulling down another whole and so it was it was really impressive this united beautiful farm anyway this is this is our family now unfortunately most of most of our family is not working on on the farm physically although all of them chosen to make farming the rotation and are involved in it and still supporting us are at least emotionally but we live in southeastern Arizona forty five miles from Mexico and forty five miles from New Mexico about as far in the southeast corners you can get we moved Arizona in nineteen ninety six and about three hundred twenty acres of bare farmland on the level on it was just and I was surrounded by mountains the plan itself is a slap and knows nothing on it and so we built as you can see in the background there we built a greenhouse about an acre and a half in size we began as a conventional hydroponic greenhouse and when you talk about being at the head and tail we started at the tail of the hydroponic movement and it was not too long before realized that we need to start making some transitions and I never like hydroponics is a means to an end and so the fact that that was a waning opportunity James a chance to start doing some things we really want to do two thousand three we began transitioning from local marketing we started with selling to restaurants and the Wii trailer stint at farmers market and that's a whole different story we may not have to couple years and then in two thousand nine due to some real amazing provinces on we became began back and certified organic and then we began growing some outdoor crops and that was an adventure we sell on more people think of Mrs. tomato growers and tomatoes are a.m. important part of our product mix but they are paying out a much smaller hardware product now in other things we grow hothouse cucumbers green beans make plans and peppers and just about everything else in the produce department that isn't fruit yes on this we cannot for my wife's benefit will go back and seriously because their so we sell to whole foods and other retail stores obscure restaurants and resorts and that's a very nice actually on market to get into you do the upscale resorts and you establish good relationships with your customers then sometimes you get some really nice person that we were on celebrating an anniversary here and was two years ago and we happen to be in Phoenix and we called for seasons Scottsdale and as we said we resulted one of the restaurants there at the resort and with will reply to be like to think about the possibility off eating at your restaurant or not to have anything vegetarian and Janice announce that the shop so he said Cheryl I custom make a meal special for you so we came over him and of course the whole customer service and do not like parking in the and ninety leaving her friends over you as you walk in and opening and closing the doors for you and to get inside and they send this e-mail and only when he wants in my lifetime it was really amazing on the course meal and not along with the stuff from our farm visits a fantastic meal and then when they're all done they told us that that was their gift to us from my nine hundred and fifty dollars meal and was a wonderful little anniversary present so we've enjoyed that and then we sell direct to customers via our farm box program which will get you a little bit one of the things that I think is really important farmers are the Tory us for liking to do what Mark Novartis farming involve dirt work on seeds weeding and then farmers have challenged financially because there is a new thing I like the Wonder Bread and Doctor John Kennedy seven pharmacy only people in the country who buy retail selling wholesale and pay the freight both ways so so it is really really important the right at the beginning before you put a single scene the ground you have a marketing plan and business plan in place and done our our business strategy on some of these things sound like they are really obvious but they're not as obvious as you think I blacked out the Golden rule and no when you look at a job number three we provide a no questions asked guarantee on both customer service and product quality if you don't like the way that we deliver the product to even the product was good we will give you a one hundred percent refund and replacement product without asking any questions and we had an Italian chef owned probably the top rated restaurant phoenix and he took advantage he would order stuff from us and then he would call us up and said I like product suite give a refund so this went on for quite a while and finally was not on what order change our guarantee we will change our customer I bought done is done has yet that is noticed I was just saying that story to say that sometimes people take advantage of your number that is very rare and they benefit it provides to business is asked I have the number for helping to ensure really really important to try to maintain a connection with the customer and one of the things that the job I did not actually gives you is a long evangelism potential but it did not matter so nothing that seems obvious as well to eliminate the middleman the average produce United States cells for twenty cents on the dollar for Mark I'm informed e-mail unprogrammed Wednesday in which the farmer gets about twenty cents for every dollar the customer pays for fruits and vegetables and not works kind of sort of for large-scale factory farms but they are set up for economy of scale economy and when you are doing something small-scale really important to try to get written amendment and in one of the things even though that sounds very obvious I can't tell you how many people who been getting and farming tell me in what was talking to Walmart and they said they would buy everything I can produce with a public and nine thousand acres of land have a thousand acres and tractors and machinery to go along with them so I can't celebrate most of them I don't want Walmart prices because I don't have Walmart volumes so don't get sucked into hey I can but don't buy everything that I can grow because the price they want to pay for that everything you can grow is insisting what you doing on a really small-scale and I may take advantage local organic and beginning trap Dion vegans are one of the largest growing food demographics and take advantage of and I've mentioned this before but not be marketing driven don't think about you marketing after you start think about marketing up front and in both the context of a marketing driven and and customer oriented this particular this particular dinner that we served we had invited a non- group of all the produce department leaders team leaders and the some of the other staff from whole foods they drove out our farm and we gave them a mixture and meal eaten meal all the stuff we grown and done in the truth farm and so on it's really been a very important thing to try to keep them on side we regrow micrograms and I see Tiffany have their migraines there are just amazing things and Derek there are really the really fun thing to grumble that they can be challenging the very very fun thing we know this when you can't see very well at all I knew that my job I great picture have a we grow outside in the windshield but detractors and stopped we don't do very much about Arizona is the desert and places of the desert because they don't grow plants are well Arizona you might like the sunshine but it is the most difficult place to grow plants in the continental forty eight states hate you think that you have troubles because it's humid or because it's bugs or whatever the fact is is the town of research that and I don't think that and I've grown and in multiple places and it's it's a very very challenging it's a hostile environment plans so we have we have favored by protected agriculture and I'm tending to favor not everywhere not just in Arizona but I didn't want to highlight in this picture the fact that we have chosen to grow and can certainly and as part of the hotly grown raised bets the box plans and as you can see there on the boards along the answer we make the raised beds on two by sixes and fill them with our own formulation of media to grow it godliness it's just built on on the soil way we can custom tailor the soil that are plants grow into give us what we want as opposed to being stuck with whatever kind of sorrow that might be naturally present me a place on the very nice to work with other times but John it also gives a lot more control over the moisture oh well I'm not can be really important you you don't have the same amount arraigned you don't have the same temperatures and I soil itself is not that consistent and so there can be wet spots dry spots and so on some we've chosen to do that and we get them very very high productivity by doing we also do continuous succession plantings and thing where we are and we can do that year-round not outside it's too cold outside we grow in and greenhouses by his another another picture of how the greenhouse with a yellow summer squash there but we grown high tunnels and yes thank you that Scarlett confronts those are actually growing in and not by expense again the good results with onions and garlic 's and everything else and were working more with low titles that's a separate point is drunk on the guerrilla this is a picture of insider one of our iCal with the box and not scale on the synergy beds and beats on the outside the VI mentioned earlier that kind of our RN flagship product is the farm box and it's really a CSA but we highly modified it because we didn't like the fact that CSA 's basically tell you that you pay up front and that you have to buy whatever the farmer gives you and things like that so what we basically done is create an online store where you can order whatever you want whenever you want with absolutely no commitment she can order one box not sit or you can order a box once now in the months from now or two months now you can order once a week for three weeks whatever whatever suits you and this is a sample of one boxes and this is this is a acting floor I was setting up for the four action-packed packing our firm boxes and you can see the girl standing there holding a piece of paper she is the team leader for four acting and she's got the people remember doing the packing every time they every time they need do that they have a little meeting and she reads to them reports from e-mails that have been sent about four marks complaints people and product quality issues packing issues as well as as complements to try to keep the feedback happening for forgetting the nuns she was she's a Mexican girl that I heard when she was nineteen first it works of Summit fire somebody which I don't generally do my wife doesn't fire but she saw me fire somebody and I wasn't upset about it I just told God human more she knew why and so she came to means is that the water have to do not get fired size of this work but she's gone from being incredibly shy to being very self-assured and I think that's a result of and she is she's the reason why can be here probably more than any other single person because she knows what she's doing very very I will say here in terms of evangelism and I know I'm not happen a few more minutes left but John this girl 's Catholic background and I keep befriended my daughter she tended UIC and ninety cents to keep the Sabbath Nelsons and personal things came up in her life so she see I didn't continue that commitment but she did I would say our employs as I mentioned to watch somebody some food related movies and so she is really gone into health and yes pretty wide spread and are among our employees but she came to Janice Lynn morning with a box full of tomatoes and you started to Janice Janice was like yeah that's okay and then she kept pulling at their and then finally said Jensen would you take this suggested that she ruined what was going on and she said not so much weight I've lost him last month and it's been exciting to see what God does with employees not just people in the community on this is a picture of them actually putting the far Marxist together that's a a.m. rolling conveyor thing that we stacked boxes on Stefan and this is the finished product stacks of boxes with our farm box logo and thing on the side customers names on the end and wouldn't be fair to to run not show a picture of other things that we grow that we don't sell well I know yesterday do you like to sell quite a few marigolds and just about the blossoms off people like confirmed for garnishing her for salads and a surprising number not we grow again I think this means we don't use any animal products at all the nutritious plant -based and there is a lot of people that can ask what difference it makes and don't have time to cover that right now but this is something that we saw on a.m. John I think describes around beginning is everything good about organic and more on these of the Fiat fertilizer pellets are self-evident we used to fertilize with in case you're wondering that's a look in our tomato crop in the greenhouse and I think since it shows that you can certainly get a excellent nutrition and there's the finished product was first mentioned concern on here is another picture of the high as we grow inside the greenhouse these are beats here probably only grower that I know of in North America the gross these kinds of crops inside the computer control heated greenhouse and I think that it's actually cost effective to do that on another extra beds and here's a slide of oblong assortment of some of our produce we grow everything we do is on less than three acres for our growing field crops actually begins which we did this year and it's it's a intensive farming I believe is a much more effective way for the kind of models were using Sinatra try to hold out for a Renaissance by John one day during the farm Mark 's program microorganism we do we set about seven hundred boxes a week may have about three thousand customers and they just order when they are ready to mention before about evangelism we we been the last two years we've done a fine day my wife and daughter youngest daughter came up with the idea of maximizing our customers to come out and and dive to the far and I'm an optimist I'm a real optimist and my optimism but what about ten people and willing to come out so so we we had we are an hour and a half basic clerical closest customers and I never knew my wife is going to want to clarify that because we do have some customers that close but the bulk of our customers are our in Tucson and Phoenix Tucson is an hour and a half in Phoenix is between three and four hours depending on where in Phoenix your ends I said no is going to drive out to a farm for the week told him that we would give them vegan vegetarian meal it would give them a cooking class it would give them health election and I we would like them get their hands through urban farm format but really emphasize male partner that's what people do in church or anyone have a health seminar you give them a meal when you get him help lectures etc. not on top of that we charged them to do it we cutoff registration at two hundred people I was I was amazed that we could get two hundred people to drive anywhere from oh two three hours each way to get some help lecture from the Seventh-day Adventist and and I can tell you a lot of stories about not on our market pass my time so we thought out finished with this last line evangelism isn't just the people in the community insults the people in your family and endorser two of my granddaughters are eating some fresh corn on the cob and I think that makes farming worthwhile this bar history for father in heaven I want to thank you for giving us the privilege of farming of being connected with you would read the story about how you fed the five thousand we think it's amazing that you could take a basket of bread and a couple fish and feed five thousand people and when you think about it that's what you are doing every day through these farms proceed in the ground and outcome watermelons tomatoes and cucumbers and giving us the privilege of working side-by-side with you and feeding the world 's teeming multitudes ask that you bless us so that as we believe that we will have an opportunity to reflect you a drug test this is a media with broad audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is much more assertive in www. audio verse .org


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