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0. Proverbs: Introduction to the Book of Proverbs

The Ambassador Group


  • January 1, 2015
    4:45 PM

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will arise in connection to the harbor I got to be defined vacuum by the impacting while many books of the Bible I felt a deep spiritual and theological truths the book of Proverbs is filled with practical and down-to-earth advice for daily living brief well-balanced Hellenic salty and often humorous the Proverbs are universal are easy to memorize and make their point well sometimes even more efficiently than do eloquent speeches and rigorous argumentation Proverbs six verse six the King James version commands go to the anti- sluggard consider her ways and be wise for Proverbs twenty one verse nineteen innings better to dwell in the wilderness then with a contentious and angry woman for Proverbs twenty five verses twenty one and twenty two new international version if your enemy is hungry taking food to eat if he is thirsty give him water to drink in doing this you will heap burning coals on his head and the Lord will reward you who is going to forget images like these other conference in the wisdom that had accumulated over generations many will assume that Solomon wrote all wise things that we read in the biblical book of Proverbs however the human authors are referred to as five different sources here are the five sources for the five biblical references to Solomon conference one verse one to chapter nine verse eighteen products ten one ten Chapter twenty two sixteen and Proverbs twenty five to twenty nine some proverbs were written by unidentified Wiseman from the ancient near Eastern world such as Proverbs twenty two verse seventeen day chapter to before verse twenty two Proverbs twenty four versus twenty three through thirty four and as the non- Israelite agrarian Proverbs thirty verse one to thirty three the lucky technologies King Hezekiah 's editorial contributions he is mentioned in Proverbs twenty five verse one also in some cases the book reflects ancient near Eastern texts especially those from ancient Egypt yet the book of Proverbs is the word of God because it was under divine inspiration that the office pulled their materials together although that is rarely explicitly mentioned in the text he is always present were ever we are in the marketplace are as we speak eat drink work by cell socializing love the Lord is there the God of Proverbs is not just the God of the religious person whether a priest or worshiper in a few godliness is in the book of Proverbs put into working code the book of Proverbs also teaches what it means to fear God here are two examples problems one through seven the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but full despise wisdom and instruction and Proverbs thirty one verse thirty five not with a man without cots if you have done enough harm so to fear God means not just how we act in church but as he got out of everyday lives because the way we live speaks louder than the way we preached pray or even sacrifice as to why things indicate Proverbs twenty eight first nine moorings he then turned away his ear from hearing the law even his prayer Chevy abomination and Proverbs fifteen verse eight says the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord but the prayer of the right is his delight Proverbs leave them Canfield when you're not so Lord in all your ways Proverbs three verse six needs and James version in other words wisdom is living in faith and obedience to get out what it means to be human before the God of creation from the book of Proverbs we will learn how to be wise completely impractical ways the answers such questions as what and how should I teach my children how can I be happy and successful why do I have many problems how can I get a promotion in my job how can I resist sexual temptations how should I cope with my anger on my tendency to vent finally wisdom isn't necessarily intellectual might on the contrary the one who is sure of his or her brainpower in most danger of playing the fool begin even the smartest person know so little one may think of oneself as already wise and therefore as having the need to seek more knowledge and prerequisite for wisdom is instead to be humble to feel our need and then to ask for wisdom Proverbs is deep and rich angels of many topics given the limitations of time it's been necessary to pick and choose which material we could cover we can't cover it all but although we had indeed worthy of our prayerful contemplation just a word about the translations of the Bible which you will hear unless mentioned otherwise I will be quoting mainly from the King James version from time to time you will hear the new King James version used a reference as well as sometimes the new international version the principal contributor to the expirations of the book of Proverbs is Doctor Jacques B decline who is professor of Hebrew and Old Testament exegesis and director of the Institute of Jewish Christian studies at the Seventh-day Adventist theological Summit University of French citizen born in Algeria Doctor Yukon has a doctor in Hebrew from the University of Strasbourg and a doctorate in theology from Andrews University now that we have an overview of Proverbs and learned a little bit about the leading guide for expirations let us ask God to direct our journey dear Lord we ask you to guide our hearts and minds Indian Island training in the book of Proverbs is killing your wisdom is being e-mail in error her in a


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