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Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • August 23, 2014
    11:00 AM
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him or looking at practical lessons for the Christian life is nothing holding the making so basic but are so fundamental to the development of Christian character and practice Christian lifestyle and they were looking at high and offering no last time we were together we look at our health and physical well-being and with the Lord expects of us and standpoint of physical health and diet we noticed in Genesis chapter one of course you don't have to remember it's always good to five o'clock we can double check to make sure it's building your Bible but in Genesis chapter one effect the opening statement of all Scripture is that in the beginning God did what created it is not said in the beginning God instructed man to create the leading grid we can't create only God can do that thing and create in the beginning God created the heavens of your and all of Genesis chapter one simply outlines sequentially chronologically that creation process that God himself it in at the end of that creation week he sets up man humanity the man or woman as the caretakers of his creation he said let them have dominion over the fish of the speed over the birds of the air and of all the earth and he gives to man not the honor of being the creative or about the honor and responsibility of being the curates or the caretaker of that which he had made it out in the original 's sentence there that original statement you don't find the word steward or stewardship but that's exactly what is being described mankind is not to create for on anything but we had been left the responsibility to be the curators of God 's creation the caretakers or stewards of all that is his just merely by the fact of creation alone this is completely apart from redemption even if man had never said I feel for him one of the along with his family and those would be on the earth would be the caretakers of this planet but of course we know dry from Genesis chapter one we have another beautiful chapter chapter two and we have to agree where we fall into sin at the same creator who built us who brought us into existence now bought us back with his own shed blood thus the apostle Paul could write in the book of first Corinthians you can find this in first Corinthian 's chapter six I would like to go there first Corinthians chapter six he gives his beautiful premise this beautiful principle about Christian living first Corinthians chapter six verses nineteen and twenty in any context he's talking about sexual purity but he's also indicating a broader principle of our responsibility to God a service in such a way that they should be common sense look again first printing chapter six first nineteen these or do you not know the implication of this is stuff you should already know do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God it appears that principle and you are not what your own very simple biblical principle you are not yours God created usually has right to you by creation and he redeemed you the same Jesus Christ who brought you out of the clay now bought you with his own blood and he says do you not know that you owe Christian are not your own again two weeks ago we look at the health expectations one the diet he would like for us to maintain to maintain these bodies that are not our own and today with an extent that in Lucknow not to the physical but to the financial what what is God 's plan for money very simple premise of the title is high in offering but before we knew it he studied God 's work but start with WordPress Emily father thank you so much for this beautiful Sabbath day thank you for giving us life at all and giving us this caretaker responsibility of all that is Lord help us to understand what you asked of us and help us to execute your will faithfully for a prayer in Jesus name amen money is well how I say this money is a weird day let me explain what I mean a little bit money at least from my thinking that you might have a different perspective on it that's totally fine but from where I'm sitting the landscape of life the money is weird I fear church treasures looking right at me with the about the state money is weird and by this I mean each of us has certain needs we are not like the endlessly beneath clothing we need transportation we happening there's a whole gamut of things that makes life operates the weenie and I don't just barter and trade the things themselves we have this third-party denomination called money right and it is the juice that goes in between every interaction is the oil that makes the engine of commerce Ron all the things in life require this exchange of currency money is when you give this nebulous third edit affects everyone whether you have a lot of it or little of it we all need some of it and have to do something with it all the cares of life about this not know their idealist and say things like all don't need money because they love you don't you need money try going to Meyer and buying something with love and they will not accept it it will be denied the Lord understand this and you put into our lives this injures finger is what I call weird construct of currency exchange we have money the question is what do we do would now all finances impact this to some degree another and they also have a significant effect believe it or not on our Christian experience there's a reason they are only a few things enough by the dinner table politics religion and money as they bring out some interesting character traits and some people right some things in the intense things get interesting holidays can be memorable either for the better or for the worse our dealing with this commerce has an impact on our Christian experience in a related sense of what you for instance if you are in dire lack of funds lack of money and the things that of course money afford such as the catches up with the things the food to clothing the extra things with what you become susceptible to certain temptations that other than I may have some bitterness some reason some anger jealousy tempted that you might take on an attitude of while is the only other head if you have access of money you got all the temptations your susceptible to some other issues they deprived some arrogant so maybe some well look at me very closely related totally opposite of the spectrum but interestingly enough by the way ironically both scenarios lead to the same in it I have enough or you got a whole lot you could be susceptible to the same temptations of sense of dissatisfaction and a hunger for more than what you currently have selfishness it is the exact opposite of godliness the kingdom of heaven is built upon finances can have a significant impact on our Christian experience and her character either formation or be formation as the case may be to understand that money has such a direct implication for the development of character it becomes less surprising when we turn to Scripture and as one scholar noticed we find that Jesus talked a great deal about money we've gotten a lot in the Scripture talk about money and finance sixteen of thirty eight parables given in Scripture that Jesus gave were concerned with how to handle money and possessions in fact in the gospel believe it or not an amazing one out of every ten versus two hundred and eighty eight in all deal directly with the subject of money now maybe if they know we don't talk about much but Christ and his word has a great deal to say about money but to give you a couple examples of Christ's instruction in regard to money and the things that he can afford to Matthew chapter six Matthew chapter six and you can tell me what audience was Christ speaking to them he gave the following counsel Matthew chapter six this is part of the sermon on the Mount Seminole noticed out about the chapter five six and seven in right near the heart of it Jesus gives a principal and explains it was the first twenty four of Matthew chapter six and you can by thinking of what Jesus is addressing you can begin to understand who he is addressing the future six over twenty four no one can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will be loyal to the the other you cannot serve God and what men that is money in the things that influence the things of this life so he sets up this construct is like theirs God is money and you can't also the line without harming the other you have to have a priority can't they know I love you both equally minimal if you do one of the other and then he begins to explain what he needs verse twenty five therefore any time you see in the Bible board therefore you have to ask yourself what if it therefore it's an explanation of what he just said and therefore in light of what I just said price repeat therefore I say to you do not in what that word worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food in the body more than clothing notice that Jesus is addressing people who are tempted to worry about having the basic necessities of life food drink clothing this is very low on Maslow 's hierarchy of needs you know they're not talking about how we can of reported nice Iranian income individual in the talk about how I live today in an appendix your tomorrows taking care litigated his audience that Jesus is addressing here this is the poor class a with the birds of the air for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than day which of you by worrying can add one cubic to his stature makes me wonder if the sexiest was in the audience that day money and short were his two big issues right because on so why do you worry about clothing consider the lilies of the field how they grow they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not a like one of these the now becomes the principal now if God so clothe the grass of the field which today is in tomorrow's front of the other will he not much more clothe you O you of little faith goes on to say therefore do not what word saying what shall we eat or what shall we drink or what shall we wear for after all these things the Gentiles seek now is it wrong by the way to think about what you eat drink aware out we decided that we should think about what we eat we should think about what we went but where should we worry about that in the sense that God will take care of us know this is what crisis teaching and he says the Gentiles seek after those things the implication is with no thought of God in their thinking they just focus on their continue their substance what he then says let's see when first the what the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you know we thought that sometimes we even get this other certain Scripture songs are so famously get stuck in your head you can't read a passage which is not singing that song another good breather today if that would get us off track but this is a very well-known saying of Jesus I seek you first the kingdom of God and nothing but notice the context of anything that he's talking to people about money about the things that money for food drink clothing but he says in your financial dealings in your personal economy in your commerce you should put God where first and then leave things will come along he makes a principal he says you can in the Bermuda expounding on you can either serve God or man of subject which do the things of heaven of the things of earth in the bottom the new man you put God first and he will take care of all the other thing the principal deposit and noticed to be selling into the poorer classes right in fact if you go back up to verse nineteen of the same passage again the context of whom Jesus is talking to hear he says do not lay up for yourselves treasures where on earth where moth and rust destroy with these break in and steal but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven and entity expounds on that about there's a difference in heavenly pigment rethinking and we had to choose one of the other therefore to God first of all this is an explanation logically flows out of the concept of store Crystal treasures in heaven don't worry about the things of the art you the reason pointed out is that was Christ's counsel financial counsel to the poor the same book of the Bible same Jesus giving the Council go to the right to Matthew chapter nineteen fascinating enough to remember Christ tells of the poorer classes with CG first letter treasure in heaven now we have an interaction between Christ and someone on the opposite of the financial spec and some exceedingly wealthy and notice what happens verse sixteen of chapter nineteen now behold one came and said to him good teacher what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life now let's just pause and analyze the question visit they did it in debating there's a thing that you can do which is to did reject the premise of the question in of the famous of winded you stop beating your wife you can't without accepting the premises but yet the reworded things slow down that's built on the false premise right this man asks Jesus a question one good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life notice implication Christ is the one who has to think that he wants which is eternal life yes this guy doesn't have it but would like to have it and so we proffered strife in the username the price and I'll get you named action you do the thing you and you tell me what it takes and I will do is looking for a commercial transaction for eternal life .net the money itself but it's some sort of the club about the company did you name the price and I'll pay it he's used to dealing in a commercial way you have a thing I want either the nuance let's make an equitable deal Christ begins rejecting the premise of this question first of all the SRU community is a good teacher to think that I've got some good instruction on financial living are you coming to me is the son of God that is the study said still in chapter sixteen of the nineteen first sixties was started now behold one came and said in good teacher what good thing shall I do that I may inherit eternal life so he said to him why do you call me good faith interesting the way started a question no one has been the one and that if God so you coming to me as looking to God for just a wise man but if you want to enter into life keep the Commandments a simple piece of them which ones him that and it's interesting he starts within the month that would live you have to be like the all of them but this guy has something in his head and Christ is walking through it right now what's the watch carefully the ones Jesus said you shall not murder you shall not commit adultery you shall not steal you shall not bear false witness honor your father and your mother and you shall love your neighbor as yourself first off you notice what Christ in this own that since I own this from that list well number four also number three two and one the whole first table the law is out as no probably do a God that he addresses his issues with the fellowman that he lifts off really interesting how does this he doesn't start with number five egos six seven eight nine six seven eight five right any leaves off one for the federal law which is the very last one you shall not covet right six seven eight nine five elite operative he's wiggling in on this guy 's problem he starts the neighbors yourself and coveting and noticed the man's reaction the young man said to him all these things I have kept from my youth what do I still lack so they all kind of almost playing out a charade writer nobody wants to say the thing right the price is great login Jesus said and if you want to be what's that word perfect but as I didn't think price that it is about training for it which you do go sell what you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven and come follow me treasured the identical counsel he gave to those who are poor enough give to those who are pitch seeking first the kingdom of God let yourself treasure in heaven endlessly for their lamps are dependent don't worry you put God first delight even in the presence and God will take care of the necessity for this man happened upon this and don't worry about hoarding it for yourself you can give it away entrusted to the poor God says I will give all that you need to the Ritchie says I will give you just what you need but not the ultimate object is to trust God and his provision for our needs but the poor and the rich and his counsel is word for word identical store up for yourselves let for yourselves treasure in heaven now gone financial plan on you make sure to hear this I wrote a carefully pictures and the prospect cause financial plan concerns character not merely capital a God 's plan for our use of funds our finances our money is not about the money itself but about the relation that we have to God in relation of that money it is ideal is that we develop Christlike character not just that we have an ample amount of capital which by the way strikes right at the heart of something very popular today which is prosperity region concept that if you send in your nineteen ninety five Lord all you nineteen hundred and ninety five the Lord never said that the report it was never about the accumulation of capital but the development character for how we deal with finances but an important distinction and while there is much much much much more that could be said about God 's plan for finances some of which I anticipate will be covered next Sabbath when the trust services director for the mission conference Joel nephew pastoral nephew will be here in presenting the morning message I anticipate he'll deal with service issues but today I want to briefly cover two of the most basic structures of Christian financial management hives and all possible now let's go back to Genesis chapter fourteen we look first at the high end look at the then look at the offering because there's a distinction clear distinction and absolutely necessary distinction between the two classes of tithe and offering the distinction between pilot offering five is one thing in offering is a totally different thing that in Genesis chapter fourteen we have Abraham before he was called Abraham he was simply known as Abram he doesn't become a branch of Genesis chapter seventeen but in chapter fourteen is still a brother and he's going to the promised land in his family member law has come along and for better for worse even bear and in this case it's much worse is headed off down the city the planes there's been a war and Abram have to go in rescue him you are likely aware of the story but in the midst of the story after Abraham rescues Lot of session any port and will be great bounty that you come in entity is received from this action all of a sudden we're introduced to a character by the name of the president look at chapter fourteen the Genesis verse eighteen it gives is no background to him doesn't introduce his earlier on with the story of him growing up in what he was like none of that just that and then there is no ethnic verse eighteen then not affect but he does give us the title King of Salem brought out bread and wine he was the priests of God most high but I don't anything about that anatomy and context it just mentions his name is the king of Salem and priest of God most high and he blessed him that is Abram and said Blessed be Abram of God most high and noticed this possessor of what heaven is analyzing the possessor of heaven and earth because he's the creator of heaven enter yes going through David later on say island the cattle on a thousand hills everything is mine all the earth and all the oldest of minds is the Lord right a year the priest of God most high clearly says that God is the possessor of heaven and earth as in verse twenty and blessed be God most high who delivered your enemies in your hand now look at Abrams response and he that is Abram gave him a high of all very simple premise it's five it literally means ATM of all all of you increase from this experience e-mail gives to the Lord through his person of no president through his work or on the earth look at so he returns the Lord the possessor of heaven and earth that which is hidden which is why Christ can say pay tithe because the payment to him right but it's really we just returning top right all the world is God we are simply the caretakers so God by rights could not disclaim ten percent he can claim fifty could be about ninety that about ninety nine about a hundred deaths he can take a very long to be wanted to it since the start went right but instead of taking it all back he says I'm let you keep ninety percent but I want you to give me ten and I expect you to give me back I require you to give me to look visible bit you'll never ever hear at least one time from the open I hope that appeal for time we don't solicit side window ask you we don't make a flowery like all would be nice to get out of it it's nice to give an auto to be happy do it think I do know it's cold in the Sanskrit name but God never once appeals to our gratefulness in our thankfulness in our happiness when it comes to time he simply says all beer this mind returned to me the time of all simple structure thus even in our own home we have went a little new little denominations of five or ten dollars of income and for the kids the Google fidelity and practicing everything you have now that you didn't have before increase goes to the last question does it go to him after you pay taxes now seeking when first the kingdom of God and then all these things what does you put me first and everything else in figure a message with his God need our finances course not he already have to the own necessity want to check out your bank account he does not begin to invest you can make his own myth a myth you can make the you create out of nothing about me below you can speak it will be there so why does God require of us this pittance in the present when he owns all have an inner integrated benefit no it did teach us a lesson about needing to rely upon the Lord for our daily living nothing any doesn't appeal to any kind of gratitude he distantly says this is a Christian duty return Simpson out what happened with Abraham and not because it was formalized or codify in the ancient Israel economy in fact of the Leviticus chapter twenty seven Leviticus chapter twenty several just look at a couple of views this again like if it isn't much much deeper study to give you on this but I just wanted the high pointing to the idea clearly across the bow ties and offerings Leviticus chapter twenty seven was look at verse thirty what does the Lord called time Leviticus twenty seven verse thirty very simply you said that all the time the land whether the seed of the land or the fruit of the tree and the Lords and watch this it is what holy to the Lord is holy to the looking you think of anything else that is holy to the Lord sure the Sabbath comes rapidly to my were experiencing it right now it's only to the Lord not what I find fascinating is there's a lot of similarities between hiding in Sabbath keeping for instance both or established by God as a reminder of his unique ability to create us and sustain us right think about that the Sabbath is a continual reminder a memorial to his creative power the tide is a continual reminder of his sustaining power you put him first that all will be provided whether you need you drink whenever you wear said that the continual reminder of my creative ability and my ability to sustain the multi of the Sabbath are referred to as holding and just as you never see a path is the reverse of the Sabbath of the Jews you never see a type of the Jew if the drive is holy unto the Lord as the Sabbath is the Lord Buddha day of the Lord right holy to the Lord both are to be observed maintained regardless of other circumstance think about Sabbath keeping what if you only kept Sabbath when it was sunny right this circumstance determined whether you are to keep Sabbath that we were not well in Michigan speaking you have six months of both but think about it the Sabbath is not in itself the day is not longer than other days if not brighter and better it doesn't just always turn seventy three and sunny every Sabbath day you know to be nice but it doesn't but he doesn't say whenever you feel like it's a good Sabbath day then you have yourself a step that will rain or shine the amendment is very simple remember the Sabbath day to keep it only felt upon the same principle of the time I look at your bank account is huge or tiny if you feel blessed you feel regardless of other circumstance the time is wholly to the Lord and consistency steadfastness faithfulness is what the Lord is looking for in both the memorial of his creation and the memorial 's power to sustain the creation interestingly not both and high returning with things the Christ in his own life and ministry had to correct the people 's understanding up for example when Christ indicated issues that you can recall this his disciples and he were walking through field one day and they had the audacity to marry to run their hand through the heads of grain they were right and squeeze their fingers together and raise them to them else because that of course was harvesting and that was therefore working and that the violation of the Sabbath day so they've had the audacity to accuse Christ the creator of Sabbath of violating his own principles and of course Christ had to correct he explained that the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath basically I'm the guy who built it trust me I know how to keep it and what these guys are doing you might have come up with an extra things that I'm breaking a lot of the real law earning God 's law has not been violated they are doing just fine so did Christ abolish the Sabbath and no he clarified he recalibrated what it's supposed to be yes there are big it are practical things we are to do nothing but the principle is resting in worshiping and fellow shipping with the Lord and other relievers and doing his work was that they not our own pleasure that they can those details and focus so much on the details of Sabbath keeping and even added to them the principle of that even with law it actually becoming a burden conservative now notice the price has addressed an issue of time but in Matthew chapter twenty three very similarly to the issues with Sabbath keeping Jesus had to address the issue of type returning twenty three verse twenty three Matthew chapter twenty three verse twenty three if you want to read some of the harshest words of Christ is all in Matthew chapter twenty three the weld to the hypocrite scribes and Pharisees and here's another one first twenty three Matthew twenty three says Walter you describe Pharisees hypocrites I claiming one thing but not actually doing it and now he's specifically going to address high return is that you pay tithe of mint and anise and Truman is these are not like brains and barley the massive big truck with a user like a little boxcar new herb gardens at home and all I got this much of another chocolate one tenth of that nature goes back they were fastidious in their type returning the money goes on to say and have neglected the weightier matters of the law justice and mercy and faith so while you were focusing on making sure you have the right amount of minutes return to the Lord you forgot to be nice to people to be kind to people to be just and to be generous you focused and on the principle out of the practical with removing the principle so this Christ say that they therefore no longer ties just be nice old quickly said these you ought to have done without leaving the others undone what Christ is looking for weapons and Sabatini report five returning or any other duty of the Christian life is not just blandly keeping the principle of no practical application or just focusing on every practical thing in losing sight of the principles you looking for principal and practical spirit and truth to be mixed together he was a harmonious blend of the big picture and the details sure how infinite in the Coumadin and that's good also be just and kind and merciful you should do all those things so that high holy of the Lord is on the increase and it comes first before all other things it's a very simple premise by the way I love the simplicity of the typing receive a hundred dollars if you don't calculate how much driving techno one took a simple prison into much the same with the Sabbath you doesn't just taking a seven days a bus that abated one particular day that the same thing with attempt which tends the first ten not so whittled down to a dollar ninety five I got it when I get the Lord you going seek you first and all the things of God the last seventh for Sabbath the first ten times the clear DCL simple that is I praise the Lord that he gave us the type system and not a complicated tax code in the bracketed and bulleted in this and that in this visit and then find a loophole in the Lord that you got this much give me tips what you mean it you know what I mean it's very simple but for all time zones and good for all cultures everyone can do it whatever you've increase seek you first the kingdom of God and return the faithful to you that's just time let's move the offerings even inside the word offerings gives you a hint of how they should be given they are to be offered it is not a requirement per se but it is unexpected offering was the difference is a big difference the exodus chapter twenty five Exodus chapter twenty five Moses as they are on the mountaintop of the Lord and the Lord gives an instruction about the build sanctuary but I want you to notice how the building was to go forward exits after twenty five MorningStar with verse one and the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak to the children of Israel that they may bring me and what an offering and what if the front how many people everyone who gives it how willingly with his heart you shall take by offering billions and look at the complexity but the beautiful of the if his offering your bringing it to me you can offer to meet my offering and I want you to take it very one who would like to give everyone can participate in is just as much as time but this one now as the conditional phrase if your heart is stirred though the time required of your happy about it it was raining your journey but on this one is I want you to choose and cooperate with my work he goes on like that he wants how practical this is as this is the offering would you shall take from them he said here's what I need notice telling the bring me whatever you want here's what I actually need gold silver and bronze blue purple and scarlet thread fight Lenin and goats there ran skintight red badger skins and acacia wood oil for the light spices for anointing oil and for the sweet incense onyx stones and stones to be steadily defined in the breastplate and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them look at the lordosis he paints a picture of what the project is developing into a mindless sleep because I want to have a sanctuary among you and I want you to help build it I want to do well among unit of something you are you can choose to help the building campaign the building project in the Lord doesn't take the time he asks for offerings if your heart is moved to get out of the fascinating premise that we see by the way of urethra Chronicles twenty four interesting account of Joe Ash the boy king who became king at seven years old and Linda Temple was in disrepair apparently you look back at the original building of God 's sanctuary said let's do it like that and he's set up blocks probably seen the children's book about this with the hole dug through enough instead it right by the Temple gate so that everyone come to could give as their heartland give the gift of being about the pimping a box because it kept going over phone because people wanted to give to the Lord 's cause editing go to pay Lords workers but he did go to forward the Lords work highest pays the workers offerings cover the expenses of the work is a difference in Bethlehem Malachi chapter three the quintessential text they are probably only a few phrases that people have memorized from Malik item guessing chapter three in verse ten is it if you've ever picked up a kind of love you been confronted with Malachi chapter three verse ten but only noticed it was just an act to start the first eight of the review to the people of God for as he says robbing God Malachi chapter three and verse eight he asked the rhetorical question will a man rob God yet you have robbed me what you say in what way we robbed you notice what he says in times and offerings you are cursed with a curse for you Robbie even this whole nation that he doesn't get how to remedy it bring all the time in a zoo where the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try me now in this that the Lord posted by will not open you the windows of heaven and pour out you such blessing it will not be room enough to receive it again let's please not get into this the type of the contractual thing off I returned my tidbits in the Lord always need to know you going to bless SEC's bit but our obligation is return what he required reason I'll be faithful to your faithful in return again offerings a situational is what we have offering appeals NLB for different things in different parts of the work different projects that are going on different immediate needs that are not always the same but five always the same five our continual offerings are conditional offerings are solicited what time is simply collected type this with a consistent maintenance of God workers while offerings of the forwarding of God 's work in special projects as use of the Holy Spirit leading you to give the question often comes up what is the storehouse of data obviously when the president came walking in he was the priest of God was either turn if either directly and in the evening ancient Israelite economy the question was asked about a wood you wouldn't have to ask where you go you go to the Temple you go to the sanctuary and there's the priestly ministry it's very clear-cut but nowadays that Jesus is gone now that that old covenant if you will be old systems are gone away is there a store house anymore or do I just give it is time to obliterate do we pay the workers from the time is still a thing well let's consult the New Testament I would be always the authentic genuine explanation or if you will of the Old Testament is the new test very simple premise of your nicer with the old means the other usability adjustment and what the Pachelbel Paul does hereby the Galatians Chapter three Galatians chapter three this is one of several different places were Paul employs this instruction Galatians chapter three starting with verse seven he says therefore no that only those who are of faith are sons of Abraham you have to understand how radical the statement that is the people of that time the Jewish people that their entire identity was wrapped up on their genetic connection to the patriarchs Abraham Isaac Jacob and all the fathers about how public that is our line Abraham is our father and Paul has been deathly to say only those who are of faith are actually true Abraham lights right political person would do that recall Jesus did John chapter eight he's dealing with the scribes and Pharisees and he said I know that you are Abraham 's children but using to do things that Abraham never what you want to kill me Abraham never once one to kill me that he goes on to say you do the deed the desires of your father you want to do your father the devil is like G&A DNA you might have a genetic link to Abraham but spiritually your other different father and here Paul picked that up and said the specialness of Israel is not their genetic know lineage is their faithfulness to God 's word and I think it's a very confidently and Janice 's relations inside Chapter three and verse seven therefore know that only those who are of faith are sons of angry and the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith preached the gospel to Abraham before in same game you all the nations shall be blessed so then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham to make a very strong case that Israel is not just the territorial borders of the faithfulness of God 's people regardless of their time era now we can add that first Corinthians chapter nine Paul was a minister of the gospel a worker for God 's cause in the New Testament time in the question might come up well now that Jesus died on the cross is the systematic benevolence or that regular giving of returning of funds to the Lord to support his workers even needed anymore is it just every man for himself but look what Paul says again first printing chapter nine starting with verse one not an apostle am I not free have I not seen Jesus Christ our Lord and you are and are you not my work in the Lord is a couple of people to believe what you want with you and I raise you up if I am not an apostle to others yet dollars I am to you for you are the seal of my apostleship in the Lord my defense to those who examine me is this do we have no right to eat and drink do you have no right to take a long unbelieving wife has to also be other apostles brothers the Lord and and Cephas apparently the implication is that the wife to travel with their husbands doing these ministries is like somebody finances that food that drink that travel now how did Paul finance a large amount of his work is evangelistic work through tent making his own stuff right there we spent part of his unless the money 's been administering any make the arm had I should be paid for the work I'm doing he goes on to say whoever goes to war at his own expense who plants a vineyard not even spring to tend the flock and does not drink the milk of law do I say these things the mere man or does not the law say the same also what long talk about Roman law was not the Old Testament law anything the same thing applies now good and bad for it is written in the law of Moses you shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain in the picture this is often working the grade usually Lebanese and then he goes on is it often God is concerned about or does he say it altogether for our sakes for our sake no doubt this was written that he who plow should plow in hope of you thrushes and hope to be partaker of his hope if we have sown spiritual things for you is a great thing if we read your material things if others are partakers of his right over you are we not even more nevertheless we have not used this right but endure all things as we hinder the gospel of Christ is fascinating how Paul built this whole argument is that I could make this whole argument but I won't exist on I should stand here and demand payment it only writes the law says I'm over this I have the right to collect from you in material things as I worked in spiritual things but nevertheless I'm lay down the right but I want to hinder the gospel but he does make the case that the same thing in the Old Testament should exist in the new down you'll notice your tithe envelope everyone has access to one he could pull one out please review the little object lesson is right in front of you I will what is the storehouse again in the in the days in which the timing system was codified in the Old Testament was very clear there was the sanctuary of the temple near the priest worked there there were the Levites the whole tribe I believe I didn't have their own lands to work their own commerce they had to simply rely on the returns of tithes and giving off for their subsistence the gain for the work the same is true today only the organization and ensure the New Testament and in the seven Baptist Church this structure has been established that ties back to goes under on the back part break them evening tides and offered a simple net of you never studied it but I'm guessing you have but just as a review is a good crash course your personal giving plan five if ten percent of income very simple when you faithful return your tie the act of worship it is then held in trust at the storehouse of what notice it does not say of the Muskegon seven data search the local congregation in symptom search is not the storehouse the local congregation does not hold property it does not pay its employees it all goes through the Michigan conference in the Summit Everest restructuring that's where the local churches have their ownership and operating funds and so the storehouse for the payment of work for the ministers goes through the Michigan conference so technically I'm not an employee of the Muskegon seven data search nor I'm an employment agreement seven Dennis Church raised Lord I'm in for the Michigan conference and they happen to operate the Michigan Muskegon and three months of the Mister does as well as Alpena and bad acts in Lansing and you be all the places of the all day returns now all rings in addition to that I is the how does that is the type of people ask what was weird I know what really he doesn't go to my pocket directly I I drive better vehicles and authenticity goes to the conference and they distribute among the workers in an equitable fashion but it doesn't all to stay here in Michigan it is also staying at Muskegon to get a piece of it in Michigan keeps a part of it but there's a global structure if you understand the seven Baptist church is not just the denomination it's a worldwide movement to hasten the coming of Christ we have three angels message to give to every nation tribe talking people and not as it says here from there from the mission conference it blesses God 's work at your home search by supporting the ministry in religious education another portion of the flows to the General conference so in return with high-definition coffers some of it comes back down to our local church and another portion goes on up above it to the general conference of seven Dennis which is the world field of church where it is used to support the spreading the gospel into all the world and yourself we could would love I would love to have got enough I could get it I love to see a good seminar on exactly how time dollars it was like a perceived old films about how a bill becomes a law it first go through this because the visit comes out often way too much money on the other but inside the same thing happens returning typos in this person does the competent a portion of it is going to a local church a portion of the general public the portion was here and you can see from thirty thousand feet how the Lord 's work is spending all over the world interest but then you have offerings love offering is your free will gives to God may be used as all the obligation of the diet is not free will offerings are in this several different examples here local combined budget so if you would like to get to this local church as King George the design of the building thing ongoing repairs or maintenance of insurance or ministries of happen evangelism or if you want to give directly to want to skip evangelism this would be like to begin flawlessly philosophical from maintenance expenses community outreach programs adventures Pathfinder Sabbath school expenses all kinds of things from the local church now to go out to what if I want to give the Michigan conference with good way to do that Michigan advanced partners which is what our offerings for today and it goes to help all of the different entities inside of Michigan further there were assistance is given to evangelism funding scholarship for the students to attend our counties as well as helping with building projects and the list goes on and on been eating into the world but if you'd like to spread the three Angels messages in seven hundred languages your gifts mingle with those of Abbott is all over the world to support world missions radio in meeting events and address universities are not neglecting the special needs of the inner-city or disaster relief that you want to get to humanitarian causes to the work the church and after you want to help spread the gospel to our unreached places that are this world radio were different media outlets is all kinds of opportunities that you can give if your are so chooses to give a course trust services will be addressed next Sabbath but the point is this the inside of the Lord expects us to return to him so that we have a continual reminder that he is the one who not only created us but stains us through our life when offering seat appeals to us to help further his work by giving to the cause and hastening the coming of Christ all of which are the Lords to ask for expect review with a simple statement here from helpful on stewardship page seventy three as we close God 's plan and the tidings system is beautiful in its simplicity and equality all they take hold of it in faith and courage for it is divine in its origin in it are combined simplicity and utility and it does not require depth of learning to understand and execute it nothing we talk about the day is too deep for anyone to apply very simple ten percent require the Lord and anything else you want to give beyond that the loading urges you to finish his work in the world always feel that they can ask for Gary for the work the precious work of salvation every man woman and youth may become a treasure for the Lord and maybe an agency meet the demands upon the treasury great objects are accomplished by the system if one and all except it's each would be made of vigilant and faithful treasure for God and there would be no want of means with which to carry forward the great work of sounding last message of warning to the world the treasury will be full if all adopt the system and the contributors will not be left the poor may you think in a very finite sets if I give this now be out of this but you forget that the one who's asking for the giving is also the one who can provide on the other for the license test the units trying in this area you out give is as if your faithful I will be faithful return through every investment made that will become more they will become more wedded to the cause of present truth they will laying up in-store work for themselves a good foundation against the time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life begin God 's plan for our finances are much more with their capital base in reliance and continuing the finishing this work as soon as a media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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