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Practical Prayer

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • September 6, 2014
    11:00 AM
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in this corner we be looking at practical Christian living in things that should be just basic principles of the Christian life in our daily living and today he noticed the title of our messages practical what prayer practical prayer prayer is one of those things that at least I know how you felt about it but sometimes I feel like when you need to learn about you just by adding talk of the new finished and then you're done praying you have prayed and that's all you need know about it but the Bible asked who teaches a lot that the Lord himself taught us a lot about prayer and we are going to learn those lessons by his grace today but before we study anything he got word we need to begin with award for excellence power had to be begin heavily father faith used so much for this beautiful day thank you for Sabbath and now thank you for this opportunity to once again study your word in Christian fellowship would help us to understand that word by the power of your Holy Spirit for spiritual things are only spiritually discern so we ask you to be our teacher today Lord open our eyes to see things in your word for it pray in Jesus name if you would please turn to Luke chapter eleven the third gospel of the New Testament Matthew Mark Luke chapter eleven or go to be looking at verse wanted back Luke chapter eleven will be home base for us today in our study of God 's word but we find something in Luke chapter eleven beginning in verse one that will launch us into our study today Luke chapter eleven starting with verse one Scripture reads now it came to pass as he and of course the key in this case being Jesus as he was praying the in a certain place when he ceased the one of his disciples said to him Lord teach us to pray as John also taught his disciples now there is not a very long passage reports were good-looking when Jesus responds to this request but let's look at the context look at the scenario that's being described here in the gospel is that McCain a pass as he was praying noted that the state as they were praying and it's very clear that they come upon him while he is praying Jesus is not with his disciples he's not with the multitude he's having solitary personal prayer as he was praying and where we pray which is simply says in a certain place in a certain place when he ceased but one of his disciples said to him see you get the picture the crisis here alone at a particular place having personal prayer time and his disciples come upon him and it doesn't say that they interrupted him and he doesn't say when he saw them coming you stop it just said that he was praying as when he seized they ask him a question the implication is there and will see from spare profit makes it patently clear that Christ is present with us to his father communing with his heavenly father and of the disciples he doesn't like interrupted stop everything and put the prayer holds about them he just keeps going until he's done and then they asked him that question Lord teach us to pray now let me ask you a question is it possible to imagine the disciples never prayed before of course they prayed they probably bring a whole they had prayers for food they had prayers at church .net print probably personal brakes on but something about Christ's prayer the way that Christ breaks something about he is conversation with his heavenly father struck them as so significant they said Lord teach us that what you are doing with that prayer we don't have that love that you have one you have significant quality the caliber of prayer you'll experience we don't have and they make this humble request Lord teach our to pray by the way I make reference to the spirit ruffian Christ's object lessons page one forty we read about this encounter Christ's disciples were much impressed by his prayers and by his habit of communion with God citizens they were impressed with this one particular privacy wow that was astonishing talent to do that they were impressed by his prayers plural and by his habits of communion with God apparently in Christlike much like going to the synagogue on Saturday prayer was just the custom he did easy in Scripture when prices go to the synagogue of that as was his custom and you notice he didn't go to the synagogue only when it was nice weather and it was only when people were nice to him in fact most of the time people were not nice to Christ the church but he wouldn't just did it anyway because that's what he did as part of who he was it was part of a lifestyle of living that you developed apparently in the same way prayer personal community not just public prayer or prayer when it's time to raise the data item miracle happen walk or feed the five thousand or anything like that though those public prayers are important apparently Christ had a half it of training personally to his Emily thought and in the disciples were so much impressed by his prayers and by his habit of community God the one day after a short absence from their lords apparently did in way for a little bit doesn't tell us how long but they found him absorbed in supplication seemingly unconscious of their presence remain unconscious of his think about it they came up and were noticing his brain and notice them in return she just kept praying he continued praying in itself this allowed unless an interesting thought I've often kind of wondered new underwear with what he's about to teach them we commonly called the Lord 's prayer but clearly that wasn't the Lord 's prayer the Lord 's prayer was the one he was praying that they interrupted or they witness right and our prayer is the one he gives us of the template but how would we know what France is the most famous prayer and Scriptures John chapter seventeen with the Lord praise himself that he prays for his disciples these undoubtedly pray for them but those who will believe in me through their word you know how do they know what he said will apparently part of it happened with Natalie Dupree but also to pray out loud and so they were listening in they were able to hear his communion with his father not to see them in a posture of something they heard his words and something about that communication between himself and his heavenly father was so striking them and they said Lord you just do that scene in unconscious of their presence he continued praying aloud the hearts of the disciples were deeply moved as he sees praying they exclaimed Lord teach us to pray so there's a couple things only take away still to go here is the Christ prayed not just publicly but also private it was part of having an thing about this Christ had no sin to confess yet he still needed right is Christ our sinless substitute needed prayer in his life friends how much more do we need personal prayer in our lives they lead he didn't have to come with it all I've messed up to get a daily start with all the even have to go there but still he needed the communion with his father how much more to be needed also I didn't want public prayer is important to highlight the fact that he was alone in a certain place praying to his father if you go back to the book of Matthew Jesus gives more instruction on prayer and he gives an example of what not to do when you pray Matthew chapter six to begin with verse five the first book of the New Testament Matthew chapter six will begin with verse five he teaches interesting of Elizabeth raising and when you pray you shall not so whatever is not to say he shouldn't not be a part of our prayer life and when you pray you shall not pray like the hypocrites for they love to pray how standing where in the synagogues and on the street corners in being public places now is there anything wrong with praying in public course but what is their purpose in doing their prayer time was more of a Showtime and they love to be in the synagogue of front having those being oration draw the straight order even his big grandpa 's declarations for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets that they may be seen by men assuredly I say to you they have their reward all they get sure people out of the steam them and that's it plot number six in contrast that but you when you pray go where into your room and notices and when you have shut your door don't just go in your room if you like allow people to come on and shut the door find that play this this certain place for you to community father personal place of secret prayer when you shut your door pray to your father who is in the secret place by the way there's you the place for you can be truly alone away from the Lord is there they would talk about the sunlight on the mountaintop in there I called it after they are vital to see you there there is no place for communion from I get away from you raise the Lord I and you can get away with it away from me no proportionally praising the Lord but the goal is not to escape reality is to come in touch with the ultimate reality which is the continual presence of God these is going to the secret Place shut the door will have to be a big clock proclamation and big demonstration pray to your father who is in the secret place and your father who sees in secret room reward you openly now the reward will be coming as Christ Artie said behold I am coming soon in my reward is with me it doesn't mean you're going into the RIF has been mechanism friendly get ten hours for the uplifting that it will not exchange is not a transaction its communication with your heavenly father they also by the way ironically goes on over seven and when you pray do not use vain repetitions as the human view for they think that they will be heard for their many words just saying the same words over and over and over and over a wrote this a test at a ceremony or ritual says don't do that is inversely therefore do not be like them for your father the things you need before you ask him and then he says in verse nine the same thing with the Luke eleven back to it in this matter therefore pray so often times I find it ironic that we should know the Lord 's prayer part of Scripture into the template for our prayer life we should follow but with Christ giving the Lord 's prayer to be able to set of words you say over and over and over and over again though he specifically said do not do that I'm giving you this template simply as that a model for instruction that you can develop and put in practice in your own life and so I find it greatly ironically take the Lord 's prayer we do it word for word verbatim over and over and over and thought that I'm getting this if you don't do that that is nothing wrong with a nothing wrong with reciting it but more than just the words he's looking for an attitude of prayer and an understanding and communication with our heavenly father so we go back to the Chapter 11 of the request of the disciples of the Lord teach us to pray about the instant the interesting thing I think we sightsee there is apparently prayer is something that can be taught and therefore learn it is not something apparently they just comes naturally though we should pray that our God our heavenly father in a natural manner it's not uncommon that people who don't know how to pray you have you pray today well I am not sure I think I've blessing me to be good medicine something is is one of the door I highly know what racism for having no good they look at their life within what we have is like what you have Lord teach us to pray to the Lord 's prayer was given as a template an example of the type of prayer Christians should pray so let's look at it Luke chapter eleven verse two now so he said to them when you pray say our father in heaven hallowed be your name now this is interesting I don't know if you see the tension interesting juxtaposition of two concepts we address God as our father but we we must remember that he is in heaven and his name is hallowed so there's a reference that goes along with approaching the Lord but a familiarity that comes through Jesus Christ so when we go to God were going to our fathers and we should feel comfortable but not presumptuous that make sense so he invites us to come boldly but remember were coming boldly before thrown of grace she says when you pray keep in mind these things they are father was in heaven how would be your name is because balance between overly formal we have to put on airs and dresses right to say just the right words approach Babbage's proto- Lord is asking for formality but he also isn't looking for overfamiliarity really a what's up slowed he's got thrown in he's our heavenly father at the same and God says that our father in heaven hallowed be your name now look at verse two uncensored stills inside of her stoop your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven now just to me is a standing rebuke to my life violated any several things in this particular message and other messages in this series that are rebuked to my life I am not standing up here opening upward in thing here is what God 's word says that here's what it looks like lived out Christ is what it looks like without and if we look to Christ we all learn lessons of where we need to grow and then but notice what he says here as soon as you address your heavenly father our first idea should be to seek his kingdom and his will and not our own but how many of us completely turn that around we say something introductory statement lower thank you for the data is when he and our values is the problem the happier the need to have is the one that is either that is nothing wrong with having needs or desires or want to having your will but the question is close got the trial are seen in that hierarchy apparently according to Christ God 's will comes first in arts follow along not the other way around it was Christ who otherwise intended this interesting bio if you want to break this down some funny look at this model prayer compared to the sermon on the Mount and they're very similar that Christ includes it in the sermon on the Mount and you see these ideas embedded throughout that beautiful sermon the basically you think this is a template for how to pray those concepts of those principles that I can come it will be done and it was in the sermon on the Mount Jesus told people seek ye first what became of and then all these things is there anything wrong with all these things will but we should make sure that our will is in harmony with his will and that obviously should be added and we might even find that some of the things we think we need we think we want he knows we don't so instead of seeking our will first we should say Lord what is your will and how can I conform to it you are will be done on earth as it is in heaven now in English that phrasing something as something else and have a couple of different meanings for this I could be here preaching as you are sitting there and in that construction means they were both doing the same thing at the same time but it anywhere but doing something at the same thunder thunder through the same thing I'm doing this as you are doing that were doing different things just think that I'm not sure that that's what the Lord had in mind when he says that your will be done on our him it is in heaven facility say I want you will be done here at the same time but it's done there I think you think in the same manner that it's done there the same way that it happens they are Lord let it happen here I think we'll see that later on in this model prayer but apparently what we should see is the will of God and the principles of God 's kingdom to be executed in this world as the same way that the executed at by the way it happened I know this goes without saying but God 's will is done to see perfectly in heaven when it really says something it occurs in apparently the same thing is supposed to happen on earth as it is it happen and we should be those messengers we should be those hosts here in this world but obey God 's command when he says something we do it first three give us this day our daily bread by the way everything is mostly in the King James version which is what will likely familiar with either of you ladies are words that were probably very very familiar with our lives there's nothing wrong with that I sometimes the newer translations put a twist on like I thought I knew what that meant but just the familiarity sake give us this day our daily bread notice that our needs are presented to God after we asked him for his will to be done in our lives so Lord whatever I need now in accordance with your well that we party talked about you know what I need please give it give us this day our daily bread notices Bailey the implication is I would have to come back for more tomorrow even inside of this model prayer is the implication that it's a daily activity it is not just a we believe or occasional practice give us this day our daily bread we need to recognize and be grateful for the daily provisions of God who not only created us but sustains us this day verse four and forgive us our sins and again women by thinking James on this one as we also forgive those who sin against us the reason I say that is because the new King James it reads and forgive us our sins for we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us unless you let with the verb tense means and let me explain what I mean by this every one of us according to Scripture has sinned and come short of the glory of God so when we come to God were not coming to appear in and we are indebted to him and we need to ask his forgiveness you have a law that we have broken and I would beg of you be specific in that remember you're the privacy neuronal near the privacy of your certain place no one else is there talk have you ever seen a fake apology you see it in the media all the time some smooth person of renown some sports figures some politician or something like that does something incorrect or inappropriate hurts someone or done something illegal or stomach and the apology you can tell it's fake it'll be something like this if I did anything that somebody took Ron I'm sorry at all men it is trying to get out of trouble right is a blanket statement I don't know what I did but if you are hurt by funds are not that's not how the Lord expects us to confess our sins apparently he wants us to understand what it is we didn't talk to him specifically Lord I did this thing we forgive me Lord I've also been doing this I wish they weren't of interest to him about this is the forgive us our sins and it goes on as we forgive those of this is the more difficult part we survey all love the fact that God has promised to forgive anything we bring to have a minute but notice that promises and proportionate were willing to forgive others the same way you would in thing that God 's promise to forgive on his directly proportional to our willingness to forgive others that I want the Lord to forgive everything I've done but they are something people don't give me that I like to cut hang on to allocate my time with it an off fiend that little bitterness or something like that added build up some resentment in a bottle of the Lord clean slate every day anything I bring you one hundred percent guaranteed but that's the language of the passage says that we should do we should expect of God only that which we give to others appreciate another example is again go back to the sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter seven in Matthew chapter seven Jesus this is perhaps one of the most often quoted passage the Bible and people don't know where it's found in the Bible but the Matthew chapter seven were Jesus gives us this principle is that the verse one Matthew chapter seven shots and thoughts that you be not what God know why does he say that this got not one is to judge between right and wrong no notice he explains what he needs if we just keep reading look at verse two for this reason with what judgment you Josh you will be what drives the measure you use it will be measured back to you so whatever you think is just to somebody else do justice and judgment on them at that I met the standard I would use against you nothing about this you are God the judge us according to his mercy or according to our mercy of friends in his mercy had better become hours we should not ask of God but were unwilling to give up by the way this thought hit me across the headlight to buy for a few months ago when I found this passage is rather insecure passage is doing a study on something else that is found in manuscript releases volume twelve page four one three eight him R twelve four one three for those of you taking notes which I hope everyone of you see now you have something to ask forgiveness for the many surgeries line twelve page four one three notice the statement Satan will be judged by his own idea of justice it was his plea that every sin we should meet its punishment but even with the story in Zechariah chapter three of Joshua standing before the angel wrote Lord he was dressed in filthy garments and Satan with his right hand to accuse him and I'm sure you have a list of all the things that Joshua the high priest and done wrong because they had been part of the eleventh of those things right so we can stand before God think he has done this and this and that any deserve to die you cannot be in God just doesn't forget these things he must be ended he cannot be taken on all and not of course says the Lord rebuke you is not this one five Aaron Gibson forgiveness but commenting on this again think about these words Satan will be judged by his own idea of justice it would have pleaded everything should be punishment if God remitted the punishment he said he was not a God of truth or justice Satan will meet the judgment which he said God should exercise Satan will meet the judgment that he said should exercise my question front will be meet the judgment that we think others should be judged by or do we want be judged according to God so we look at this forgive us our sins as we forgive other to have you thought that we need to become more Christlike and are very characters as we treat others and finally says and do not lead us in the dictation but deliver us from the evil one friends we need to knowledge our weaknesses and seek the life appeared to you by avoiding temptation and friends I know it is up the names of the you the very first place I would go is the very last place I should be my right in my own strength the very worst thing for me is the thing I want the most is a lawyer you have to lead me and not into temptation not that mean that if you walk with Christ there will be no more temptations none of the just like you said I'll walk with you through the fire walk with you beside Lord as you leave me don't lead me to temptation and leave me there I'm done for but lead me through Mimi passed give me a way out which by the way is exactly what Scripture has go to first Corinthians chapter ten first read this chapter ten verse thirteen Paul writes with such power and clarity no temptation has overtaken you accept that is common to man but God is faithful who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able but with the temptation will also make the way of escape that you me able to bear it as you get up from it in fact before you even drop in these statements trying to get you down that driving distracted to discourage you could tempt you to down make your downfall happened the moment you get up you want to write about a bad fall flat on your face as you leave the house the dirty work that is you drive the car to be working to put other people life would be easy that were probably other people editing at work and family things any other thing that at all either then you turn on the television the general rate of your bombarded with all the stuff it we live in a world saturated by evil and its results to the temptations of the process but if we put our hand with price he said Lord bulimia and invasion would lead me through it and provide a way out in the promises given that there is victory but only in Jesus Hebrews chapter four Hebrews chapter four verses fifteen and sixteen when the most beautiful promises of victory and help found in all Scripture Hebrews chapter four verses fifteen and sixteen he rejected for verses fifteen and sixteen for we do not have a high Priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but notice the language there we don't have one who can't would you deny the other way therefore we do have one who can we have a high Priest who can't sympathize with our weaknesses they meant when the awful to go talk about the trials and troubles of the day to someone who's never had a trial or trouble one day of their life I think the really neat thing to talk to Bill Gates someday but I don't think you understand how to make the bills every month early for that alongside Sofia guide but when we talk to Christ we talked our heavenly father through the person of Jesus Christ were talking to someone who's been there who's had that happened in him who's been discouraged distracted and has had those forces to contend with Scripture make this play we do not have a high priest you cannot sympathize with our weaknesses but was in all points tempted as what as we are in the same way that we are those that manner again yet here's the big difference without sin let us therefore come how boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need is a powerful thing death would lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil if we ask him he has promised to be able to do what he says he can do it's an elegant try to make this intensely practical title of the message is practical prayer how do we take this template I don't think this model of praying and put in for regular source of tips and practical things to do I have been convicted that more and more of our teaching of our preaching needs to be teaching and more of the principles need to be made more practical by so we had the sloppy we should have these great ideals repairable what does that look like in my life when I double so I must give you a list of full practical points of prayer you can take them down your notes or if only one person is taking notes they can be the most popular person they can make Xerox according to Christ's instruction and is unexampled here's a good first start praying in a solitary place every morning praying a solitary please find your place that certain place like Christ that that clock that people do go in shut your door in your room or maybe he thought it would I don't know what it is related Luke or the basement her little place of work where ever it is that you start your day started away from the mask the crowd don't have the TV on don't have the Internet going have your life situated in such a way that you can have a place to talk to God Jesus not only taught the importance of alone time with God he lived it we read in Mark chapter one verse thirty five now in the morning having risen a long while before daylight he went out and departed to a solitary place and there he prayed its best to pray before the date begins in a place for you can be alone and without distraction we should do this day in the little book entitled prayer of compilation of the rice was widely read in page twelve neglect the exercise of prayer or engage in prayer spasmodically pickles as living on it which will prayer now and then as seems convenience and you lose your hold on God at least was the continual daily dislike cryostat habit prayer or number two if possible if physically able Neil Wiley Brett now either maybe like all what's the importance of that we doesn't matter what your body will think about this logically let's save your prayer time is the very first thing the morning just as you wake up and you just lay there in bed the Star Trek what's good happen the prayer might start really strong almost guarantee that within a dwindled down to a snooze apparently the Lord doesn't want us to be just so haphazard so let's feel so relaxed that we forget when the present of the Almighty God but if possible given the posture like like kneeling if you can't physically able to do something along those lines you understand and think that they can focus your attention but you don't indent getting distracted likely than honest and economical breakfasts of the just go to that place enemy needs if possible talk the Lord the focus posture of prayer by the visas did this as well Luke chapter twenty two verse forty one e-mail down and prayed is another one we can learn from the example of Christ pray out loud we get this again from price optimism one forty disciples found him absorb and supplication seeming unconscious of their presence he continued praying aloud others doesn't mean to go to the far extreme so that you're not doing allowed so that other people can hear you they are doing allowed like okay I'm just doing this to me loud and it feels really often the purpose of saying things out loud is because you remember those things if saying you articulate the better it's actually liked the conversation I do not even understood this I don't know what happens in your head for his Lord but I know it happens my head if I start a train of conversation but only in my head also this other idea pops up with other thing that often lost in the fall the little bit you know but if I have to speak to someone it's much better to stay on topic if you're actually engaged in conversation of having this discussion with the scholar the other day and it's fascinating that God builds us with language you know we don't just look at things in reactor just enter grunted snort always I hope we don't but he gives this speech produces patterns of Bobby not only do we happen here but we express it I'm about the heat engages us in conversation about the God could've written a whole book in pictographs writer hieroglyphics and just a flip through it like all I could picture that a know you think these are words don't you think of these ideas and communicate with others and in our communication with him it should be the same thing speak to him that if it were for prayed earnestly again Luke chapter twenty two verse forty four and example of Christ Frank says being an agony he prayed more earnestly friendly as things get more difficult your pressure people hoarsely more earnest now I can tell you where the temptation my life is when things get hard to take the control of myself I don't have time for this I know how to run this on honest I just let me take him to let me handle this thing I'll get back to prayer when things are easy but according to Christ's example when things got hard equity was pressed to pray even more effect were told in the book of James James chapter two verse sixteen the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much to pray earnestly number five similar to that freight consistently and persistently I should say I persist in Matthew chapter seven and Luke chapter eleven that will stay right there is still nubile of the loop Chapter 11 look at verse nine so I say to you and with his regular spot in the context he finishes up with that model prayer and then he goes right in the very next words verse five and he said to them which of you shall have at midnight if they didn't friend lend me three loaves for a friend of mine his company on his journey and I have nothing to set before him and he will answer from within say do not trouble me the door snapshot and my children are with me in bed I can't rising to between I think you though he will not rise and give it in because the yet because of this persistency will rise and give his miss as many as he needs to appease grumpier birthing I don't have time keep knocking his regular letters and I really need to know your opinion I need to come back again have you ever noticed that sometimes our prayers that we ask don't get into that day does that mean the Lord is failed of course not we just coming in another language is no right and that's the premise of his next words first not so I say to you as it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and it will be opened to you for everyone who asks receives and you knock that will and you thought seeks finds and the have-nots it will be open not in the great produces richly written we think of knock at the event up with a knock and now that is done in the past since it knocked but in the original language with crisis saying the finest in a few Bible translations like the amplified Bible it keep knocking keep asking heatseeking if it continued concept Vacaville compilation book of prayer eight seventy one oh White wrote God does not say at once and you shall receive unwittingly persist in prayer persistent prayer is not to appease or persuade God but to prepare our own hearts for the answer he's going to get earnest persevering prayer will change your heart be one line with his praising Faith when we pray we should believe that God hears and answers our prayers according to his wisdom now we may not get the answer that we think we want or we think we need we will get an answer and we need to believe that God forgot that we talk we talked to will answer Mark Chapter 11 verse twenty four Jesus himself that therefore I say to you whatever things you ask when you pray believe that ye receive them and you will and again at according to God 's will by faith many present before God the promises of his word if God has promised that he did that is exactly what it is a promise to do what he says number seven pray for curative character pray for purity again were not asking the Lord to make us what we want us to be but the Lord to make us what he wants us to be we should seek his will for an notice that we may be able to change our behavior through strong willpower we can for a time do a good thing to put up with some endorsers but true genuine conversion and exchange the heart of a change of the character can only come from God is willing to give it but he wants us to Ali how does he do it he sends the Holy Spirit which brings us directly pray for the Holy Spirit still the Chapter 11 member that persistent asking seeking and knocking it goes on a verse eleven to save Luke eleven if a son after bread from any father among you will you give him a stone ovary after officially in the circuit is beneficial for the effort and will he offer him a scorpion if you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly father give a say whatever you have for event how much more would look good your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him by the way what has always been of this is an interesting cycle think about this we ask the father for what we need any gives us what we truly need which is the Holy Spirit then what does the Holy Spirit do for us teaches us what we should ask for that what does Romans chapter eight verse twenty six Romans eight verse twenty six likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses so when we go to the Lord by the way boldly before the throne of grace and asked for help in time of need in behalf need because we have weaknesses what does the Lord send us the Holy Spirit likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses for we do not know what we should pray for as we ought so apparently there are things in our life that we need we don't even know we need breath there are some things we need to confess that the duty that we should be doing that we don't argument conscious that wraps there's something we need the God knows we need on behalf of the Holy Spirit gives us not what we wanted but what we actually need something about this we asked the Holy Spirit he gives the Holy Spirit in the Holy Spirit works in the heart to know what to ask for the return of the cycle where he sends us the Holy Spirit to be returned to God very important number nine pray for others else fine to pray for your needs but simply put it cannot be the entire prayer life without us pray for others Jesus told Peter in Luke twenty two verse thirty two I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail friends that are probably people in your life who space is failing in I need you to pray for them we should pray that health and salvation be given for families our friends at church members and leaders of others with whom we share God 's word again notice the confidence with which Paul could write the believers in Rome and again this is Romans chapter one now verse nine he says for God is my witness that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers he's always praying for somebody else and by the way we should even or perhaps especially pray for our enemies again the difficult part Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five starting with verse forty three you have heard that it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy but I say to you love your enemies bless those who curse you do good to those who hate you and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute that you may be sons of your father in heaven and here's why for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust but would it be nice to be able to idle to be nice and not the inserted interesting of the Lord differentiated between the good and the evil right now my blessing only the good and cursing over the evil like it was always sunshiny when we need to be only for the good people at the Nevada people always got the drought and the good people always got the rain in just the right proportions it is always interesting we will have both sometimes get on the Sabbath morning fix it's such a beautiful Sabbath day the Lord truly a blessing us what that's truly is the best of the mean we are good we could be evil and at the same I got nice to everybody that's kind of interesting and I noticed some slippage and try but put into practice no problem plan for my family I pray for my children pray for my parents my family like church family those were hurting those were need but what about that guy just doesn't like you trust me I've got a few notes so you like and am looking right at the Knights picked because but seriously what about those people who don't like you who don't love you in fact go on their way to persecute you or even harming the easy thing is to pray for Christmas we should do the friends we've should also pray for our enemies and again that same new notice the parallel therebetween that in the judge not I want to be as merciful to my enemies as God is to me because the Bible says that he died for us while we were his enemy was about number ten take time to pray again the week about the spirit of Christ in Mark chapter one verse thirty five having risen a long while before daylight he prayed I don't I give it takes a conscious effort to get up earlier than your body wants to addresses me okay sometimes you have to make make time for the important things it happened than personal relationships as well if you don't set a part-time for those things that you prioritize objectively say okay I need this much family time it is much getting letter to work on Vista to do that if you don't put time away the time goes away that is not if you don't cordon off all of it so easy to lose time and lose opportunities and apparently God wants the highest priority like that first moment of the day to set up part-time .doc instead of years they know start your first to three hours in prayer though if you need that that's fine but I'm telling you if you can start with five minutes discussing long at first the start the little time little effort into that I would tie the set time apart be with God we must dedicate ample time for prayer it would experience life-changing power of prayer there are no shortcuts taking more time in prayer can help us to get beyond your repetition become more earnest and pouring out our hearts to God no one of the things and this will go into our next one number eleven work out your prayers seems little bit weird but I don't anyway work out your prayer have you ever noticed that people who are doing things are more interesting to talk to if you haven't notice that I've noticed that I've noticed in my own life in my own public if there were a day why did just nothing and someone else would like me to get all kinds of things that they would go on atomic audit is and this is all you can been then I would ask about this a thought struck me I was remiss one thing is always powerful and list of what you do today I ate I know I was away them rated be done with that in the same thing happens in our walk with Christ of course our prayer life will becomes shallow and vapid and hollow it in feet if there's no substance with which to discuss the Nixon work I relate one to pray for the window in favor to live as though we expect God to answer prayers get up and do something Jesus life was spent between the mountain and the multitude between prayer and ministry to others the best with what the steps of Christ page one oh one think about the power he who does nothing but pray will soon cease to pray with Eddie who does nothing but pray will soon cease to pray if you're only life is the prayer life and you'll have a life outside of that what you have talk about you it is not for it who does nothing but pray will soon cease to pray for his prayers will become a formal routine you might pray but you can talk to the same stuff over and over and over when men cease to work earnestly for the master they lose this object matter of prayer and have no incentive to devotion if you're not doing anything the cause of God what is there to talk about to God so not only will you pray and were to work and then come back and report and get further instruction and communicate with God and have an active dialogue with our heavenly father in number twelve twelve pray even when you don't feel like it let's go back example of Christ he went to the synagogue every Sabbath as the Bible says as was his custom but he didn't just go on the days when it felt good in fact they were many days in strip Scripture records but most Sabbath days were not days the people were very fond of Jesus or those receiving his ministry riff on the limit those witnessing his ministry those who opposed his ministry with out of their way to persecute Jesus on staff they would nitpick and they would talk bad about them they would get off activation in fact they would try to kill a button after a Sabbath we had a painful awful difficult on the Sabbath would try to push lock left stone them with stones name denoting it next week with right back the same thing is true in our devotional life Satan will go out of his way to make it miserable to make it the least appetizing thing so that you don't want to get that refreshing connection with the father we eat so richly need so whether you like it or not keep going Luke Chapter eighteen verse one Jesus says this man always ought to pray and not lose heart the implication is you can start to pray any can become distracting a disparaging of this and that don't lose heart just keep going it's a fatal mistake to be irregular in prayer to pray only when we feel close to God are we since the special need is a beautiful passage again from prayer page two ninety eight on the contrary when we feel that we have send an and cannot pray it is then the time to Brett Boehm of power that when you think you can't pray we don't want to pray that the time you need the most specified rent a consistent prayer life doesn't come naturally spiritual things are spiritually discerned the natural man is foolishness with God faith and see it requires faith time and commitment we lose sight of news heart of inconsistent our prayers will open the door for the enemy to come in such a cry for the rabbits on this passage the darkness is page ninety four the darkness of the evil one encloses those who neglect to pray with stakes this high friends we cannot afford to neglect secret and again I'm not preaching to your preaching to me with this were living in a world continually devoid of Christian principles the darkness is getting deeper and we need the light of Christ Word and the abiding faith that can only come through prayer and him more now than ever before individually personally privately and collectively publicly in open friend me back to the girl more than ever will know any day or lease five is a media was wrong audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. 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