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Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • October 18, 2014
    11:00 AM
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as you're probably aware this quarter were going through the sequence found in them great little book steps to Christ as we look at ways to be closer and closer to Jesus in our walk with him to Sabbath ago messages about how God truly loves us in the sprinkle all of our motive with a walk with Jesus is the love of God not our love for him but his love for us to be simply respond and a laugh that if we look at and recognize our need for him some of us do not realize yet that Jesus loves us and that we need him in our lives when we do we come to a conviction that we should be closer to Jesus than we already which then leads us to today's topic which is repentance you recognize that God loves you see your need for him and now what repentance but before we begin our study on a topic and got bored with the course begin with the word heavenly father thank you so much for this beautiful fall Sabbath day thank you do we can be here in your house and thinking that we can now study your word and fellowship together please guide us through the power of your Holy Spirit hopeless not only to have a superficial understanding of a problem but a deep-seated repentance brought about only by you and your Holy Spirit or prayed in Jesus name amen I get a little book we find this interesting definition or explanation on page twenty three of steps to Christ we read repentance includes sorrow for sin and a turning away from it we shall not announce sin unless we see of sinfulness until we turn away from it in Hartford they will be no real change in the life genuine repentance nothing about this logically if there is a definition for genuine repentance the implicit to that there's also some things that a false repentance is accountability are the true there is a fall that the original data counter so as the Lord has something called true repentance but he longs for us to have been certainly there is a counterfeit repentance it might look like it might seem like it might smell like sound like it but in its very real nature is not what the Lord is looking for for instance we think of examples from the Bible he Saul repented that he sold his birthright to Jacob but that he truly treasure the responsibility came with it or you just want the privileges of the birthright course dealing with the privilege was genuine think of Judas Iscariot the Jesus Christ when his plan unraveled he saw that it was it was total folly and he repented but if you had to do over again or things might a change in the outcome would be truly sorry if you betray Jesus everything on the turn if you would see the book of numbers chapter twenty two as we look at one statement that seems on its surface to be genuine repentance it has the look and smell it sounds just like it could be the real thing numbers chapter twenty two verse thirty four from a gentleman by the name of bailout bailout might be familiar with the name probably know a bit about the store that lets you look at it in light of genuine versus counterfeit repentance numbers chapter twenty two in verse thirty four reread the statement and bailiff said to the angel of the Lord I have what sin I have said for I did not know you stood in the way against me now therefore if the displeases you I will turn back he admits he said he scheduled turn back and it sounds from every human standpoint like it's probably a genuine conversion experience genuine repentance so how do we know it's not in how can we tell the difference in our lives mean genuine and fall today with the story of a little bit more detail in who can see what leads up to and then follows this particular verse thirty four let's go back to the beginning of chapter twenty two genocide of numbers of sorry numbers chapter twenty two starting with verse one and will give a little background on the individual called Palin up they loved why is that once on a faithful prophet took up God he was righteous in his behavior he was a messenger for the Lord but he was not of the children of Israel he was not an Israelite bank fact the children of Israel at this point in their history were just coming out of Egypt Boulevard with leading into the desert way on to the promised land he was making up in a nation for himself and as they were at this point very faithful to him they were growing very steadily across the territory of that time striking fear in the heart of the surrounding nations and at this particular moment they had come and encamped right next to the wicked Empire of Moab so we go to numbers chapter twenty two and verse one the children of Israel moved encamped in the plains of Moab the side of the Jordan across from Jericho now they look with a K not to be confused with Belo but they lack the southern support saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites and Moab was exceedingly afraid of the people because they were many and Moab was sick with dread because the children of Israel you get the picture my lab is watching all the Moabites and their king they look are watching what the Israelites have done as the Lord has led them out of Egypt and anyone who's come against them has fallen and now you can't write your territory they're shaking their booties I think we have to muster some sort of defense against these people embed lets decide on a strategy not just the defense be decided on the office is I think a countermeasure against the encroaching power that is as real and he realized that the only reason that they are doing so well is because they are blessed of the Lord states that if there power is in supernatural assistance maybe I need to get some supernatural assistance of my own and he called upon Bay love the prophet of God to curse Israel so that the burst forth so Moab said to the elders of Midian now this company will lick up everything around us as an ox licks up the grass of the field they look for some of the core was king of the Moabites at the time beneath it messengers debate alone the son of Baylor at that door which is near the river in the land of the sons of his people to call him saying look a people has come from Egypt see they cover the face of the earth that are settling next to me therefore please come it wants curse this people for me for they are too mighty for me perhaps I should be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land for I know that he whom you blessed is blessed and he whom you curse is curse others is important to you in verse seven so the elders of Moab and the elders of Midian departed with the diviners see in their hands now where they can ask them to voluntarily curse all is that what you do is very important practice of strategic straps it's part of the strategy we have against them nothing about it if you are a nation McCain nomination and another nation were coming against you instead of raising up an army instead of getting all the military weaponry you wanted one supernatural weapon to end it for you if you are develop a weapon system that would counter an entire people in one fell stroke would be worth the money to you absolutely need think about even in our great nation if we want to develop a new weapon system we think will take care of other enemies that might be out there it does cost a great amount of money in their putting all their eggs in the basket of pain limited they bring a theme with them instead work to be very willing to make it worth your while curse these Israelites verse eight and he said to them Lodge here tonight and I will bring back word to you as the Lord speaks to me so the princes of Moab state with Belo verse nine and God came to mail them instead who are these men with you so Balin bailiwick the king of supporting a blowout has since anything look at people 's come out of Egypt and they cover the face of the earth come now cursed them for me perhaps I should be able to overpower them and drive them out now look at verse twelve carefully tell me if you see any obvious station any vagueness on the part of God verse twelve and God said the bailiff you shall not go with them you shall not curse the people for they are blessed now is there anyone here today who did not understand the Lords response is the Lord thing to go or not to go not to go anything to curse the only thing that you will not do it right blessed don't go don't curse they are blessed of the three points regards it story continues in verse thirteen so Belo rose in the morning of the Prince of the bailout go back to your land so far so good listen very carefully to the wording of his decline for the Lord has refused to give me permission to go with you as requested is that true or yes it is true but can you discern a maybe a disagreement on Palin 's part with the Lords declaration you get the impression that if the Lord works level allowed him he would be more than willing you would be quite eager to go with them but the only reason he's not because the Lord told me not to for the Lord has refused to give me permission by the way did he also mentioned about them being cursed being blessed and you can curse them know he simply says the Lord won't let me that's it think about it from the perspective if you are these ambassadors from this nation you might be inclined to think he's actually just trying to negotiate a higher agreement maybe he's just playing hardball basically hard to get maybe we should try again because it was impossible it is that will let me right now so what happens verse fourteen of the princes of Moab rose and with the debate look instead Baylor refuses to come with us you won't do it then they look again since princes more numerous and more honorable of the day what is Baylor drinking we didn't put on a good enough show we did make a grand enough invitation we did make it appealing enough why don't we send more and more honorable you are guys with the second class was that the top shelf the highest level of emissaries to go on my behalf were sixteen and they came to Baylor him him since they like the sun of the poor please let nothing hinder you from coming to me for I will certainly honor you greatly and I will do what ever you say to me therefore please calm person is people for me to notice that that that that that natively opportunity you name your price was in the highest level and will say please really nicely maybe that will induce you to come with now it sounds good again know what closely verse eighteen the thin veil of answered and said to the servants of payment for obey liquid to give me his house full of silver and gold I could not go beyond the word of the Lord my God to do less or more you can offer me everything in his house full of gold and silver be nice I can do it won't do it sounds like a man of principle until we get to the next verse now therefore please he should since they make your way home with you please you also stay here tonight that I may know what more the Lord will say to me about takeoff to quit what you guys stay around like the last tested and I take you what all check with the Lord again and see if you want to add anything to his original offer of no better than the Lord been unclear before no buddy kind of hesitate to bid any kind of lingers on the ground attempt to nation but what I want to pray about this now I'm not making application here in the real life yet but maybe the Holy Spirit already it but we know that they are sometimes things are not we should not be doing but because we don't want to stop doing them or we don't want to start doing what he wanted to do we think you know what I'm not sure what the Lord wants I take one of you would pray on it a while before I make any rash decisions like you know stopping doing what I knows all are starting to what I know I should do when we just pray on it it sounds very pious and very spiritual but as a real motive underneath it we want to do what we want to do Bill Bixby I will not go unless the Lord lets me and let me check with them to see if he still verse twenty and God came to Baylor midnight and said to him and that is what slow does your very carefully if the men come to call you rise and go with them but only the word which I speak to you that you shall do I don't worry no cursing us can accommodate up and I'll make a deal with you if they come and get you in the morning and go with them now we read verse twenty one so Belo rose in the morning saddled his donkey and went with the princes of Moab not because I grazes by a rather important point there had the Lord put a condition or stipulation on this going with them and what was it if they come get you there's no mention of verse twenty one of them come in knocking on his door early in the morning just as he gets up he's ready to go regardless of whether they come after him not now commenting on this you can find the story I will chapter entitled to bail them in the book patrons and profitability give you couple statements here first of all on that hole what if you stay tonight and let me check with the Lord knows we find in page four forty patrons brought a second time they love was tested in response to the solicitations of the ambassadors he professed great conscientiousness and integrity assuring them that no amount of gold and silver could induce him to go contrary to the will of God by he belongs to comply with the King 's request and although the will of God had already been definitely made known to him he urged the messengers to Terry that he might further inquire of God as though the infinite one were a man to be persuaded so though he wants to be faithful to God and he's saying no I cant inside you saying boy I wish I could sew his actions are not in harmony with his motives it were up to him he'd go for the godly Cantonese attention there is as I'll go back and negotiate with the Lord see if there's anything else you want at suite then commenting on that next morning the Bible simply says he saddled his donkey rosewood with them notice what we read here again this is page four forty one and a drug product Palin had received permission to go with the messengers from our lab if they came in the morning to call him but annoyed at his delay and expecting another refusal they set out on their homeward journey without further consultation with them the morning can't calm than their sitting around talking to the bailout has come out of his house get to say anything they like you know what all organisms that fourth wait wait no it is another know the Lord apparently been clearly not the letter what are we waiting here for they said let there therefore do not make it on out of there they take off and then comes out you'll use waiting room waiting for them to come to him right that with the stipulation if they come to me and I can go to wait and wait nothing happens so what if he decided to step out and what these the web the distance of the industrial of them headed up and instead of saying clearly the Lord 's condition was not that he runs after them in shape to the don't you want me to go he chases after them the north is coming up every excuse for complying with the request of Bailey could now been removed but Palin was determined to secure the reward and taking the beast upon which he is accustomed to ride he sat out on the journey and check this link he feared that even now the divine permission might be withdrawn if I can quickly catch up to them that will still count as them coming after me and I could be inside of what the Lord of the latter like go at the knees pulling on every little phantoms during a ten to go with them and he pressed eagerly forward inpatient resting should by some means failed to gain the coveted reward and now the famous part of the story I like reading through it just because it's so fun but it's in the Bible look at verse twenty two and the God 's anger was aroused because he went in the aims of the Lord took his stand in the way as an adversary against him he was riding on his donkey and his two servants were with them now the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand and the donkey turned aside our the way the field surveillance struck the dog you turn her back on the road and the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path between the vineyards with a wall on the side and a wall on that side of when the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord she posters up against the wall and crushed ravens put against all so we struck her again then the Angel Lord went further and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn either to the right hand or to the left and when the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord she laid down under Babel so Balin 's anger was aroused and he struck the donkey with his staff three times the thought you've been beaten by bay window and the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey and she said that they loved what have I done to you that you have struck me these three times now perhaps the greatest evidence that Palin is not at ever noticed that sometimes if you want something bad enough you stop thinking clearly you get so focused on television so myopic on the goal at hand that you want to do what you want to do regardless of what the Lord that even though I hear the background you don't really living I'll bet that you don't the decided all your focused on doing what you wanted to believe in the clearest voice from the Lord is not even recognized notices them some of the weirdest words in Scripture are right here verse twenty nine and bailout was said to the donkey that we doesn't matter what he says right he is talking to the donkey as though that were normal he is so intent on myth that his mind is like yes don't you need to start talking about it reminds me of when the Lord in the Garden of Eden came to find the man one of these is called the manifest where are you and Adam says to the Lord that is what he says the jig is up to anything I'm over here fighting your thinking clearly not make any sense Balin said to the donkey being enlisted with luck and I would think the faulty logic here because you have abused me that you read that story has been more abusive bailable donkey or David Bale by the way in what position was the Angel Lord standing and standing at the adversary right with a what sort an event breathing sort of pointed at the donkey or bail but with the donkey doing saving his life that crushed was nothing compared to an open run through the four available to the scenario thinks that he is the victim because you have abused me verse twenty nine I wish there were a sword in my hand for now I would kill you for your lucky all I have is rounded off stiff because of the sharp pointy sword it became over so the donkey said the bailout am I not your donkey on which you have ridden ever since I became yours to this day was I ever disposed to do this to you is this the relationship we have business lizards come down to Elizabeth Smart the household objects they alone and valence that anything no effective anytime you're in the point in your sin we are like you bring up a good point donkey somethings off writing he says then the Lord opened Bay lungs eyes he saw the angel of the Lord standing away with his drawn sword in his hand and he bowed his head and fell flat on his bank and the angel of the Lord said to him why have you struck your donkey these three times behold I have come out to stand against you because your way is perverse before me the donkey saw me and turned aside from me these three times if she had not turned aside from you at the aside from me surely I would have killed you by now that I love this part and let her live don't we been fine you'd be dead Elkanah verse thirty four and Palin said the angel the Lord I have sin for I did not know use that in the way against me now therefore if it displeases you I will turn back taken out of the context of the story consent like verse thirty four is genuine repentance but we can tell from the rest of the context of his heart isn't change in fact look at very carefully would look at this next week will do more but look at the nature of his I'm sorry statement what do they say again first thirty four I have send for I did not know you still in the way against me now pause right there did you know that there was an angel in the path no did he know that the Lord was against his way yes all I've seen it from my own children I didn't know that yes you are not out of Senate right this moment I might not offend where you want to come with a sword in my hand but you know what was right and wrong the situation sometimes we parlay within a little bit like the main ignorance all I didn't know it was issued they limit he's trying to play innocent I didn't know you were standing in the way against me and now I can't watch what this line would also now therefore if it displeases you as they spent it displeases you I will turn back or simply because that's then I will go back even in the light of adhesive now and it displeases you that open the door to the possibility that the other might be a slim chance that I can still vote this bailout is mail-in repentance of his sin or the repentant because they than Angel of the knife at his throat sure I will turn back it sounds so noble but is not genuine amazingly the Lord does allow him to continue and let his Lackawanna but he tells him again when you get there when you open your mouth I'm going to win it will be blessing and not cursing why by the way does the Lord so adamant at this point that Israel will not be cursed as they are being faithful right back reminds but we does Israel even know that this battle is going on up about Moab elected but no they're completely clueless just think that the Lord going about their daily business in the Lord is running interference for them he's fighting their battles for them then back remind us right now but if you do go through the rest of the chapters outlines what happens than it is Palin goes up there and he tried all kinds of ways Bailey gets discouraged he tries one time this way both another hill any building alternate tries the sacrifice he tried every which way to curse at all that will come out his blessing and interestingly enough during this blessing process was intended to be cursing but in a big blessing Belo was shown the future of Israel he was shown what they were supposed to be with the woman would've looked like a bear mission had been successful at they had not fallen away from the way of faithless he saw the coming of Jesus Christ and he even saw the second coming and the resurrection of the dead and read about a bigger profits but even right here look at chapter twenty four I'm sorry chapter twenty three and sorry starting with verse eight the proclamation the blessing one of them Palin 's first blessing that he receives the greatness of Israel as he says in verse eight how shall I curse whom God is not cursed how shall I denounce him the Lord is not denounced from the top of the rocks I see him from the hills I behold him fair of people dwelling alone not wrecking a self among the nations in the second verse ten who can count the dust of Jacob or number one fourth of Israel let me inside the death of the what righteous and let my and be like this how many times this happened was too we see the appeal of a faithful life we know that it's better we've allowed to have the reward becomes being faithful to Jesus Balin saw the appeal of faithfulness and desire the Lord 's approval I'm guessing everyone of us would love to hear well done good and faithful servant but we wanted enough to value that higher estimation than other things come along you value the earthly gold of wealth more than the heavenly gold character and though he saw what he should have wanted any one of the resorts result of reward of faithfulness his heart was not truly change you in many ways they love and the Moses faced this same decision both have a choice between the opportunity for a life of great wealth by displeasing God or to lead lives of humble faithfulness that would be that would allow for a closeness to Christ that would be its own reward being that this Moses had to choose between the humble life of the Israelite camp or the grand life in Pharaoh 's courts Hebrews eleven tells us his choice in his seven versus twenty four to twenty seven of Hebrews eleven by faith Moses when he became of age refused to be called the son of Pharaoh 's daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God been to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he looked to the reward by faith he forsook Egypt not fearing the wrath of the King for he endured as seeing him who is invisible they will have that choice to but he chose differently than most by the way few would go to the last verse of numbers chapter twenty four after his fourth time and forth prophecy of blessed instead of cursing Baylor and Belo my guess mutually agree that the docket work is wasting our time Michael does go home in verse twenty five of chapter twenty four we read how it all ends so bail arose and departed and returned to his place they look also went his way and if that's all we had he would get the impression that they look in Belo him with their own ways and never more were to have anything to do with each other but I'm guessing that a back to Palin 's mind was still that diviners the he starts gaining if I can't read what's the very next thing the Bible records chapter twenty five starting with verse one now Israel remained in the Acacia Grove and the people began to commit harlotry with the women of Moab they that is the Moabites invited the people to the sacrifices of their God and the people eights and bow down to their gods so Israel was joined in bail of Baylor and the anger of the Lord was aroused against Israel continuing on we find this incredible apostasy be continue reading the chapter resulted in the death of five flag of twenty fourth house and Israelites what on earth happened on the previous chapters they were so faithful but the Lord is running interference for them blocking every attempt to curse them and he was keeping them bless yet now the very next thing we read twenty four thousand die in a play now if we send the story I will be going fun and very fascinating details for example in numbers chapter thirty one BC the Lord instructed Moses to raise up an army and go after the Moabites for their trickery and for their seduction and the other into to get vengeance on them in numbers chapter thirty one we read in verse sixteen now the details you go home and read about more particular that I want to bring out one important point in verse sixteen how did those people of God goes from such strict faithfulness the Lord was fighting their battles for them the very next chapter started drifting over resulting in the death of twenty four thousand Israelites how did that happen number thirty one look at verse sixteen look at these women caused the children of Israel to the Council of Rome they love to trespass against the Lord and the incident Taylor there was a plague among the congregation of the Lord where do they come up with this strategy of luring them in with the win in the festivals of the idol worship and then apparently they got that idea from Belo 's you get the picture Palin goes home after the Parkway and realize that I cannot curse the people of God and thus get this divider speak so is that going home and repenting his thing Lord how can I be more on your side indeed protecting an inner instead he goes on the strategized how can I weaken their defenses and bring them down so I can help they look and as a result get my apparently he goes back after the part ways and holds a meeting with a woman says bail them I have a new idea forget this direct cursing business as well as their faithful it's not going to work but have you ever thought about just and by over for dinner spring them on over bring us of the most enchanting things are most enticing women do all the things you can't and bring them down to your level of unfaithful and it worked no one is also fasting is the Bible does not record whether or not bail them receive the reward but we do know this that even if he had received rewards it was very short lived still in first chapter thirty one now go back to verse eight speaking of Moses forces that went against Moab said they killed the kings of Midian with the rest of those who were killed at the reckon sir her and Reba the five kings of Midian they love the son of bail or they also killed with the sword is a sort of poetic justice that Balin died by sword and I don't know if he had the divider speed tucked away in his pocket he was headed home with it but I don't know if it was an IOU I don't know or maybe had sitting in his luxurious wealth that he was state but all we know is that he led the children of Israel into apostasy and then he died in his entire reward was lived out in that space we read in steps to Christ page twenty four when the heart yields to the influence of the Spirit of God the conscience will be quick and the center will discern something that the depth and sacredness of God 's holy law the foundation of his government heaven and earth conviction takes hold up on the mind and heart the center has a sense of the righteousness of Jehovah and feels terror appearing in his own guilt of uncleanness for the searcher of he sees the love of God the beauty of holiness the joy of purity belongs to be cleansed and to be restored to communion with heaven again also please note that the fear that accompanies true repentance is not merely a fear of punishment but a fear of appearing face to face with Christ and regretting that you didn't choose to become more like him when Marcie was still a bit basically repentance is that state of contrition wherein if you had the opportunity you would not repeat itself not because you got caught and not because you fear the punishment but simply because you didn't want to grieve the heart of Jesus you think of other great since the Bible by the way inside of the camp of Israel inside the leadership of Israel even the cannabis really think of David David's sin with Bathsheba Uriah was heinous on a level that even now we shudder to think of it even in non-Christian circles it seems obscene extreme think about it he took for himself Bathsheba the wife of Uriah one of the bismuth loyal soldiers in with their liaison resulted in pregnancy David orchestrated a scenario where you're right I might believe the child with his when that scheme failed because it derives integrity David arrange for a hopeless military engagement they killed not only arrive but also a number of his fellow soldiers David committed adultery that he lied that he finally killed people to cover his tracks and from more than a full year David lived unrepentant in his sin until at last Nathan the prophet boldly declared his guilt to his face and you remember the parable he says thou art the man chapter fifty one of the book of Psalms or Psalm fifty one a should say Psalm fifty one verses one through four and see if in David's repentance you can mark a different tone than that of Belo 's repentance Psalm fifty one this song was written particularly about his experience with that she died back a little note at the beginning of verse one says to the chief musician a Psalm of David when Nathan the prophet went to him after you'd gone into bashing this is about this instance he writes have mercy upon me oh God according to your loving kindness according to the multitude of your tender mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin for I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is always before me against you you only have I sin the pause right there at these syndicates Bathsheba that's a even if Uriah was definitely about those other soldiers not this whole nation in fact but all of that aside when he looks to Jesus he said the person I've hurt the worst and done this evil in your sight and notice carefully that you may be found just when you speak and blameless when you job not only does the knowledge that he is sin but he acknowledges you are right the punishment your judgment on is correct he's not doing this to escape punishment he just wants to be right with God he wants the purity of heart that only God can give later in some one thirty ninety would write verses twenty three and twenty four search me O God and know my heart try me and my anxieties and see if there is any wicked way in me and lead me in the way everlasting barely David was over then he didn't just think Lord hears this and he said now while you're here look around the house of the dignified anything else I don't want to just get out of the resulting punishment of this in what I don't want to have finished me anymore there might even be things I'm not aware of but I want you to find them if I want to be right with you more than I want to be okay the day of judgment I just want to be good with you that's a different motive that's correctly for we are told that David saw the enmity of his transgression he saw the defilement of the soul fuel loads to sin it was not for pardon only that he prayed but for purity of heart you long for the joy of holiness to be restored to harmony and communion with God it was not for pardon only that he prayed think about the words how many of us even when we have sent our main thought perhaps even only thought is forgive me so I'm not lost to forgive me so don't get in trouble or forgive me so that the David's repentance genuine repentance went beyond merely pardoning me and making it okay on paper he said Lord certainly make me good in person give me the purity that I don't even see that I need yet but you do now that might sound very nice but one of the questions that they immediately should spring among Elizabeth my mind is let's just be honest I like said it fun it is a reason I'm Ron Ford don't like punishment and sometimes renegotiate or I know do as much of this as I can but if they don't get away with this is if it were even left up to me my repentance even would always fall short of God 's glory by repentance would be incomplete if it would be just enough to get me out of trouble right but apparently David's repentance and what our serpent should be Jamaica legally on your pardon but beyond that the purity Lord why are they look around is there anything else is there something that you know I like but I should and left to my own devices I would just keep liking you oftentimes they look to Jesus for forgiveness but you know we need to look for him to report repentance to we know that Christ is the only could forget but we realize that Christ is the only one who can give us the repentance that leads to forgiveness we don't have it on our own left out the house we all be impaled on talking donkeys Anita I don't know if you've ever talked with a donkey but I'm guessing there's something apropos in your life something similar where you negotiate with God we know it's clear will be fixed in a letter this time remaining until I get clear answers over just a little bit longer or for any start in a piece of the cards they lord I don't even want purity but I want to want it left my oldest son something unnaturally drawn toward I don't have it in me but I know you can give it is a reason why in the book of acts chapter five in verse thirty one the apostle Peter explains a very important facet of our walk with Christ looking at acts five thirty one record top quote God has exalted Jesus to his right hand to be Prince and Savior listen carefully to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sin noticed that both forgiveness and repentance are gifts from Christ we don't have the repentance to offer God that he needs that we need to offer to we don't have it in us nothing we can start to cry six Christ is the source of every right impulse he is the only one that can impart in the heart in the tea against him now I can have him at the against punishment for sin because that hurts but to actually hate the sin itself I don't have any new to you but Christ can offer he is the only one that can implant our enmity against sin every desire for trip your feet every conviction of our own sinfulness is an evidence that his spirit is moving up on our hearts friends if you recognize in your life that there are things that are wrong and you will like it's praise the Lord at least the recognition that it is wrong and that you like it is a moving of the Holy Spirit to say yes but you should like something different and you might submit I know I should but I don't that's with the Holy Spirit 's first point of already leading you to recognize the problem and then you recognize the double problem not only to have a thin problem after problem and I like that I want to stop and yes I'd love to truly repent but I don't have any prices as a gift for me to do you want to want to want that much of start right there nine don't know where you are in your walk with Christ I have no idea but please don't come but this study was convicting for me I understand what it's like to wrestle with some particular center particular sinful tendency of using powerless not only to stop it more importantly from even wanting to stop the change in the heart the change in motivation comes only from Jesus and unwilling to get at least a few people here today the need to not give need to give to Christ not just repentance but you need to receive from Christ repentance to get back that make sense I'm not making appealed today that you give repentance Christ as you don't have it to give appeal today is simply asking Chrysler repentance you know that you need even if you don't feel that you want that make sense beyond what naturally comes to me that that but the Lord can change your heart believe it or not he can actually came even as I got it can make you want to be done with sin not just afraid of the punishment that comes within stench angel tastes for righteousness instead of wickedness readings that the Christ page thirty six if you see your sinfulness do not wait to make yourself better raise the Lord for that how many there are good think they are not good enough to come to Christ do you expect to become better through your own efforts there is help for us only in God we must not wait for stronger persuasions for better opportunities or for holier temp yours we can do nothing of ourselves we must come to Christ just as we are so here's my appeal today by the way appropriately enough our closings on the day of them at three twenty seven I'd rather have Jesus than anything including silver or gold or mentions her glory we can think available while we sing that song if there is someone here who feels a genuine not just the sorrow for sin but I need for the sorrow for sin does that make sense and not just you feel sorry for them but you recognize that you don't feel start with that and you need to if you need not only to return and got to God anyone recently repentance from God I like to amount to have a special remedy will a media was wrong audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe is more certain and www. audio person or


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