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Presumption: Counterfeit of Faith

Kurt Osena


Kurt Osena

Assolciate Pastor of the Collegedale Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 3, 2015
    10:00 AM
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our father which art heaven we went thank you so much for the Sabbath video Guinness we want to thank you that you have provided us a place you this morning to be able to worship together and it is my sincere prayer father as I speak on your behalf I pray that you would touch my unclean lips and that Lord you with you would speak to me I pray father that you please touch my heart as well be viewed my mind that you gather my thoughts and I just pray father that the message of the show this morning would be a practical one I printed this message father would touch our hearts and that we'd all be a will to leave this place blessed is my sincere prayer father once again that I would hide behind the cross of Calvary that you may be lifted up ye may be seen and that your message would would be heard I think you so much foliage across father nasty things in the precious name of Jesus Christ and everybody said in an all right while for those of you that missed last night 's meeting we had a meeting therein out Cutler Hall and the first sheet first message of this series was entitled righteous is my fatality of ever higher prices is by faith for help everyone has heard about righteous by faith it is a message that we should be sharing in a SMS is that we should be preaching about teaching about getting Bible studies on righteousness by faith is a very powerful and a very prominent message within our church isn't it is righteous by faith that we all should understand ourselves even before you try to talk about it because righteousness by faith is a message that God wants his church to hear today righteous by faith Megan summarized simply what we were talking about we're talking about how righteous is by faith okay I guess it might with a working all right week is able to hear anything I said in the back arcade RSS get set up a subtle overhead but you are talking about righteousness by faith how righteous by faith is a very important message because it is a message that shows us how is that we can be saved I have ever has a question house you say that one question that we'll have that right out of the question that we all have to deal with as Christians in righteous by faith the constant the idea helps us understand how that process works you see what we truly exercise based in Christ what ends up happening is Christ's righteousness is imputed to us amen in that regardless of the say that you may have committed in the past if you have made those mistakes when you come to the father and shrewdly when you repent and you give your heart to Christ he imputes his righteousness on your behalf in that when the father looks upon you he sees you as righteous is not possible the righteous is my fate is a message that we all should be proclaiming the top of our lungs because as a very important message and I talk about righteousness by faith on what works what we need to always understand is that righteous might have a lot everything to do with Christ you know when we want to experience righteous by faith we need to go to Jesus he does without going to Jesus there is no price is about eight and a we need to come to Christ Megan share this quote last night is a quote that Martin Luther should I love this quote it says this when I look at myself I don't see how I can be safe but when I look at Jesus I don't see how I could be lost and then is inexorably look to ourselves that we look at how wretched form is a widening in the art if we look at our sins were just go to be discovered ever discussing how in the world how is it possible that I could be saved but when we look to Jesus is looking at Jesus that we can see how we can be said and there is no way we could be lost if we cling to Jesus might my second message this morning is presumption counterfeits of faith now I want to think about this if salvation comes by believing in Jesus right onto the dreamer sixteen says what if God so loved the world him to love the world again Monday on Sunday was a letter last beleaguered on hands and not but have everlasting life the question how is that we can receive the gift of salvation based on that one passage by believing in the in Jesus Christ so if they are it salvation comes by faith do you think the devil is marinated counterfeiting you are definitely in fact if you look at the book of Revelation you will find as you study out there about your father the devil has created a different counterfeit if you study to the book you'll find that there is a counterfeit Christ namely the antichrist right there is a counterfeit charge that there is a true church there's also a false church there is the counterfeit seal will be the counterfeit zeal okay which is the mark of the mark of the beast right you also have counterfeit miracles that are performed and what were we talking about is a counterfeit fake and so if if we exercise true faith in Christ and that's afraid I is what helps is obtained righteous is the righteousness of Christ then it should be true that if there is a counterfeit faith that would be a counterfeit righteousness right and that would be self-righteous to talk about that this morning from you guys know what presumption ends okay to get a Monahans presumption if I can justify it with you the initiative that I found presumption is a belief that something is true even though it has not been proved into believing something to be true even though it has not been proved another definition is is the willingness to do something without the right or permission to do it unless you have a question this morning how many I've ever lived presumptively as Tristan had he lived the sleep I know many times I've always that trap Young God has given us the word of God right it is the guide is the counseling is provided for us that way we can live a life and safety but there are many times that we find ourselves living presumptuously right not not taking regard of God 's will but rather we are taking for granted his will and we live according to our own will the other valleys of guilty of that bond myself guilty that many times but consumption is the counterfeit of fate phenomena be talking about that one of the certifiable 's revelation chapter three revolutions have been three looking at versus fifteen and sixteen Revelation chapter three even over the book of Revelation is the last book of the Bible Revelation chapter three rickety looking at versus fifteen to sixteen when you get there saying that not very that you can say have mercy are known to never see his role that is all right relationship with me looking at verses fifteen and sixteen now whatever you know what messages of this is a message to whom the Laodicean church rights which represents no costs to revelations of the three looking at verses fifteen and sixteen a watch and noticed what was in this message and it's very important that I point this out with verse fifteen I know your works that you are neither what cold nor hot I would not work cool or hot so then because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot I will spew you out of my mouth no question friends die Jesus speaking to the lives you charge e.g. easy send them a message and the message says that they are what they are not called what does it mean to be cold spiritually speaking please read that spiritually write me that you're living in the world anything at all the rebellion against God if you are a hot Christian which we all should be in that what is it with me on Christian you have a zeal you're on fire for Christ but here's what's interesting to lay undersea insurance Jesus looks upon discharge he sees their status and you recognize that the Laodicean church is in a worse condition than being cold they are lukewarm if funds are what does it mean to be lukewarm let's continue on November seventeen the answer is just right there verse seventeen says because you say is I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art wretched miserable poor blind and naked eldership question is the Laodicean church do they seem to have a problem I see a lot of people neither has Wednesday that they don't see a problem I together say I am Rich 's increase in goods and have need of nothing so that the church that see themselves as perfectly fine when in all reality discharge his ratchet for visible blind and naked silk is issued here that as we look at this passage we find that this is a charge is deceived by a charge that is self deceived they think themselves to be something that they are absolutely not and a lot of that is the deception that he wants that he wants them to have this you want Christians to fall into the deception to think that they are okay when in all reality they are not in fact tell life says the pictures and Prophets page six thirty five for those taking notes as she says this no stronger evidence can be given of Satan 's delusive power than that many who are thus led by him deceive themselves with the belief that they are in service of God so how can we know that the devil has has been using his elusive power how do we know that it is is by seeing people or are are are organized by people in the church who are deceived in thinking they are in the right with God and are serving God when real reality their cervical sink and is not a good place to be there to end the reason why Jesus says it is better for them to be called is because those that are called they recognize that they are cold as for those that are lukewarm them to see themselves as the Darrell K when really they are not now the survivals were going to looking at the story of Saul Saul of the Old Testament of survivals the first annual Chapter thirteen first Samuel chapter thirteen looking at versus five through nine percentage of the thirteen versus five United and went away a man first Samuel chapter thirteen looking at verses five through nine were to be looking at a couple instances in Paul's life where he lived presumptuously working move forward without write permission remove for disregarding God 's will percentage of the thirteen looking at verses five to nine when you get there saying that I found that everyone there the diversified and the Philistines gathered themselves together to fight with whom with Israel and continue the same thirty thousand chariots and six thousand horsemen and people has a son which is on the seashore in the multitude and they came up and pitched in the master eastward from the payments of using here clearly that the Philistines had an immense army right then multiple chariots that multiple men we see here that they had up people as the sand of the seashore they look at verse six Sosa says in verse six when the men of Israel saw that they were in a straight for the people where distress than the people did hide themselves engaged in and think it's in a rocks in high places and events but here you can imagine yes lets with her tiny puny army right with this consisting of a few thousand versus the several thousand abilities that the Israelites they looked upon the Philistine army and they recognize that there is no possible way with the amount of people the ability to have an amount that you know what what what they had on them there is no possible way that they can defeat this listing group and so what is the Bible city is elected this is the began to hide right against that power away to begin to hide into the case and try to just to try to hide behind the rocks us that a leader we can provide avoid the Philistines a diverse set in an solid Hebrews went over Jordan into the land of Gad and Gilead as for Saul he was yet in guilt on all the people followed him trembling and he tarried seven days according to the set time that Samuel had appointed but Sanyo came not to go down and the people were scattered from him now here's something interesting here Saul is obviously making at this time is in charge of all these Israelites and he was specifically given a command from Samuel has to what to do in this situation and you can see as we just read he was commanded to wait how many days seven days a want into your Bibles real quick the first annual chapter ten verse eight percent of chapter ten looking at verse eight 's notice what God tells Saul to do their Samuel the first sentence of intend looking at verse eight the Bible reads and you shall go down before me to go down and the whole I will come down unto you this essential speaking to offer what burnt offerings and to sacrifice sacrifices of peace offerings notices seven days shall you tarry till I come to you and show you what you shall do so Samuel told Saul Saul this is what I want to do it in this case when you the face of the listings I I wanted to wait patiently seven days I promise seven is a happen under to come in when I come and offer what burnt offering peace offerings you can easily do a performance and sacrifices before the Lord and then he says I'm going to show you what you ought to do was refine your turn back to set for censorship and thirteen we find here that salt does try to wait right he went with the first day second a third day list on Verizon phone Lookup for Samuel doesn't see him forth they did a six day seven they used at the point where just and just now maybe perhaps very very scared trembling in his boots making what is the interview with Sanyo promises that in seven days I'll be there with the percentage of it searching the dampers nine was sold to and Saul said bring hither and what burnt offering to me and peace offerings any offer the birds offering of was also the day that Noble was his command he was told to wait seven days of Samuel Kamen who was to offer the burn off offering Samuel was to do it but out of his impatience he offers a burn offering a look at verse ten and it came to pass that as soon as he had made an end of offering the burnt offering behold Samuel Kane and Saul went out to meet him that he might solution as you read the rest the story find that Samuel is confused he is disappointed and saw because Saul had just transgressed what he was specifically told not to do or what he was when he was posted and so here we see Saul does something that many of us do when we lived presumptuously what's on this even though he received specific instructions from the Lord how we got to go about and then you making his decision at this incident in his life we find that's all that's something he becomes impatient he grows impatient and perhaps out of fear he decides to do that which I did not want and he moved presumptuously friends is it possible that we do that a lot in our experience have you found yourselves maybe and experiences in your life perhaps in relationships maybe you move presented in the sense that perhaps this person that you're not exactly sure this is the Lord 's will for you to refer you to be with that person but you end up trying to go for that person anyway even though God says hey listen take the patient hold on in the multitude of counselors there is safety right instead of hearing what the Lord has to tell you these continue to move on without relationship is a presumption that presumption or how about and maybe decisions for your future maybe you have things in a mongrel of things that you want to do maybe want to be this Sunday maybe one of you that someday but instead of waiting on the Lord patiently and and and trying to seek out his will in your life you move for because of perhaps impatience or perhaps the pressure of your family there are many times in her life for God gives us those experiences were replaced in the ballot decision of the question is are we can be living according to God 's will are realistic with our own got up to see what's is little point then because in his will there is safety we find here the rest of the story what ends up happening here is instead of Samuel or Saul taking the victory right for the Israelites went to gain the victory for the Jonathan Jonathan Nassar Bibles now to was go-ahead and turn to first Samuel chapter fifteen first Center chapter fifteen really another instance installs experience where he lives presumptuously presumptuously by the way it is a taxi and some twenty five or forty other Turner says wait on the Lord be a good courage and he shall strengthen your heart wait I say on the Lord is a virtue and waiting a minute as it is important for us to be patient because God will always respond to our calls for Senator to fifteen looking at verses one through nine is another incident worth all this presumption sleep Breslin says Daniel also said the salt the Lord says needs annoying you to be king over his people over Israel now therefore hearken thou unto the voice of the words of the Lord thus saith the Lord of hosts I remember that which Amalek did to Israel how he laid wait for him in the way when he came up from Egypt to get a low remembers what Amalek did to Israel Emily did not do a good thing to Israel and so the Lord remembers this and so now God is asking solve digital against Amalek the animal rights delivers three thousand dollars might Amalek and utterly destroy all that they have an spare them not but slay both man and woman infant and suckling ox and sheep camel and ass L here's a question how did God want to solve to conquer the ammo types based on verse three start the utterly destroy my from the King all the way down to his subjects to completely destroy the applecart else he would have been first for install gather people together number them in the land two hundred thousand footmen and ten thousand men of Judah and Saul came to the city of Hamlet delayed week in the valleys you he's waiting is waiting for his opportunity to attack public and animal rights but ever since and Saul said unto tendinitis goal the part you are among the month has less to destroy you with them you showed kindness to all the Jews in Israel when they came out of Egypt so the canines departed from among the Halifax his breakup happens or seven and Saul smote the ammo packs from Havelock until now so sure that is over against Egypt and he took noticed this and he took it again thinking of the animal kinds what I live and utterly destroy all the people with the edge of the sort but saw the people notices spared a gag and the best of the sheep and of the oxen of the fattening lambs and all that was good it was not utterly destroyed them but everything that was Bob refused that they destroyed utterly that itself follow God 's express will obviously not the command was to utterly destroy the animal types but here we find Saul and his wife do something else Saul spares who spares the key and the people spare the animals reference sacrifice for other things right and so here we see that Saul does not listen to the command of God that's very interesting because I was looking at this this phrase utterly destroy by the words utterly destroy and that literally can also be translated you utterly destroy US and plural so that means the responsibility for the ban on the possession of it and the kinds rested on the members of the Army themselves it is from the Abbott 's Bible commentary by the way does this but the burbs might number of what number that you see there's my in the command smite Amalek is in the second person singular in other words placing the responsibility for the extermination of the animal kites on Saul personally as seen of Israel so the command shall utterly destroy the outlet pipes are hard to smite the king and maybe I'm a height that command the responsibility weight on who shoulder specifically on sols shoulder when it was interesting in this story offers you continue to read down you'll find that solve the something but Samuel confronts him about the issue and says you're basically what you doing what you spare solvent points to himself as someone is guilty for the point to the points to the people I believe it's in verse receiver to find it we have verse fifteen yes first fifteen and Saul said they have brought them from the animal kites speaking of the people for the people spared the best of the sheep and the Vioxx of the sacrifice and what I got and the rest we have utterly destroyed so this off a RAID non-native speaker know he says who is to blame is the people is the people that brought the sheets in the livestock over the Sanyo here in this chapter we find that he does not blame the people himself but he blames the people not actually what happens when you really live presumptuously when you live presumptions that you try to find ways to justify your action in both cases you will find that Saul did that instead of blaming himself he was found someone else or some other people that blame and that's what happens when we live a presumptuous life we try to justify ourselves by blaming others rather than ourselves I know what I want to talk about here is there are three popular at least what I thought about it three popular mindsets of living presents us with that how many as three others on this window down this list the first one this type of mindset is this one they live presumptuously they would say this at least I am doing some things good yesterday at least I am doing some things good so what is the justification for the think they are not doing right basically there is there viewing their life is a balance that not to in other words as long as I'm doing more good than bad I as long as is good in my life than that outweighs the bad so when God looks upon me that he sees me as someone who is good right because I'm living a good life you know you I I I know I made my mistake yacht I know I have issues in my life or sometimes I like people are not issues when I lie but you know I go to church faithfully every weekend I pay my tie every time I need to pay my thought your back they add a little extra and offering plate innovates basically those people who say you know I live the good life fairly good life therefore outweighs the bad those of the type of people that would use this to justify their actions during a Bible to Jean Shepherd to James chapter two and these are the people who would say all you know I'm living a balanced life I am living a balanced life but your CNG interprets U-verse ten and eleven when there is when we are living with their parts are life or we are cherishing senna doing evil that is not bound by federal ice where on the opposite end of the spectrum fungicide righteousness and unrighteousness those with engine sugar tumors eleven I was then in the model says for whosoever shall keep the lot the holes are entire law and yet offend in helmeted points one point is guilty of what a while verse eleven for the innocent do not commit adultery set also do not kill now if you commit no idolatry yet if you kill you are to become a transgressor of the law so is okay for us to break one commandment yet keep the nine is it okay for us to cherish one evil yet do good and other aspects of her life no God said that if we break one law we are breaking the entire law like the weather says here is a quote that says the chain is snapped by the failure of its weakest link as one note may spoil the whole harmony as one wounded part injures the entire body or as leprosy in any part causes the whole man to be called by Chris sold the breaking of one commandment spoils the completeness and harmony of the whole law for the transgressor through so it is not good the habit mentality of thinking that you know it's okay for me to commit these other sins because I'm living a pretty good life generally speaking God wants to make sure that he eradicates all sin for my life and then he wants that give us the victory over our sins and in fact it's important because it testimonies volume five page fifty three paragraph two says there's even one wrong trait of character notices one sinful desire chairs will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel regular ones since shares will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel desire of ages page six thirty five paragraph four says this is premise is a palace that just some mornings of God 's word or the spirit many Lysol yielded temptations of the become blind to the true character of sin they flatter themselves that they had some good object in view Jeanette Salvati had some good object in view but notices and have gotten out no longer part of the Lord 's requirements this is the key phrase thus they do despite to the spirit of grace until its voice is no longer hurt and their left illusions which they have chosen so why is it not good for us to be cherishing any evil or heart holding onto any sense is because when we hold onto that sin we continue to hold onto that sender can hold onto that send it eventually starts to what the word for this gold of the voice of the Spirit of God their lives using the spirit of God doesn't give up on us but as I say gives up on him that you missed there is always want to disable Deutschland invested to move us on the right but one we decide to reject it will be become stubborn and our hearts and we openly we just rebel against the spirit of God what ends up happening is you our minds become hard and when the vote voices spiritualized because the Moore movie commits sin the harder part is to hear his voice doesn't want to the set the first mindset with what at least were doing some good right at least for doing some good they think that life is like a balance is not the case according to James but the sentimentality of this God is too merciful is that God is to what God is to merciful is God merciful all very much so if God loving and patient oh yes years but is God to merciful to one where we could do whatever we want to do the certifiable Sassanid chapter on my previous eighty five Psalms eighty five him and Psalms eighty five in the first ten songs eighty five and verse ten is deftly a merciful God Bible also says that his mercies are new how much I actually got every morning right sounds over eighty five in verse ten he is a merciful God but I want to notice how this text balances things out sans chapter eighty five looking at verse thank you they're saying that arts on seven eighty five looking at verse ten minutes with the tech says Mercy and what truth Mercy and truth are met together righteousness and peace have kissed each other so is God so merciful that sometimes he pushes aside from or justice no right mercy and truth come together righteousness at a verse ten righteousness and peace have kissed each other another way you can see as Justin Justice and pardon seemingly alienate alienated from each other embrace as loving friend right so justice and parted both have to be there in order for God 's character to be the right to make sense and worth God is merciful but he is also a God of justice read this is our greatest page seven sixty two said this through Jesus God 's mercy was manifested to men but mercy does not set aside justice the log review of the attributes of God 's character and not a jot or till of it could be changed to meet man in his falling conditions notices God did not change his law but he sacrificed himself in Christ for man's redemption God was in Christ reconciling the oh to himself sale basically what this is saying is if we ever have the mentality that you know God is merciful therefore I can just live how I want to live my life I can live a righteous life I can just transgress God 's law it doesn't matter because God is a loving he is so merciful because he gave his son by the way right the cross is all that we need Jesus died on the cross so that we can send out your does the fact that Jesus died on the cross give us license to sin not at all in fact the pool basically cocktails your God did not change his luck buddy sacrifice himself in Christ for man's redemption the reason why the reason why the runtime get it basically what I say is this in order for us to be saved God cannot just say this data center with him and taken to heaven I can't because the center is worthy of what that all of sand and upon for the glory of God Bible says the wages of sin is death I cannot just take it as sooner taken to heaven have have eternal life because the consequence of breaking the law is that the thing is the reason why Jesus gave his son is so that by sacrificing his sign that can meet the requirements of the law yes on one thing because the law require that what someone die right and so Jesus took the place of the sinner 's guide for our sake to meet the requirements of the law does that make sense so that the basically the sacrifice of Christ testifies to the fact that yes God is a merciful God but God also remains just are the last one the last one is this for what what is the first one at least under a something 's going right the second one is God is too merciful and in the third one is this there is always tomorrow there is always tomorrow I understand it's order that those of the fees meant hepatology run deep on the cross eyed mentality that you like you just got I just live my life the way I want to live but you know what if I get sick in all four of your favorite issues and audio air if it on my deathbed make a decision for Christ because there's always tomorrow that your friends she really like that there's always tomorrow is a small guaranty is not guaranteed the others illustration will share with you in the early nineteen hundreds and nineteen twelve there was the ship that was built he has no election was yet a great Titanic right and the Titanic was considered a the unsinkable ship right was called the unsinkable and the reason bought reason why is because it is structured the way it was built because of how how how started how safe this shift was put together and what was interesting is when this when the ship was built you would see the newspaper headlines and human seed everyone just posting on how great the ship was how indestructible the ship was how the ship was on suitable but it was one woman by the name of evil heart was in it in the heart she saw those headlines she heard what everyone was saying but it was her that it in her own mind she recognized that know that is not true that has as great as the Titanic may have been built you this ship is not unsinkable she recognizes this that that there was nothing safe in this world that cannot be bringing broken down and so she was a God-fearing woman this woman and she had this spiritual conviction in her heart that something would happen to the ship in fact she would hear she would overhear a basically are sure she read an article oh the claims of the shipbuilder had made no thing of unsinkable the Bishop will never see and basically what she read those claims she stated that she says this is flying in the face of God this is why in the face of God and so here was in the heart she was in the ship she had her awesome or family members there as long with with her and as the ship was sailing in an end that very night in which the ship with Tennessee in the heart for some reason was convicted to stay up and so she stayed up and understand read this analysis it says the woman was a mother of a seven -year-old in the heart recalls that her family was saved from tragedy because of Mrs. Hart spiritual convictions throughout the voyage Mrs. Hart stayed awake at night waiting for disaster to strike and dust was able to move her family to an upper deck almost immediately after the ship collided with an unseen iceberg so she had these agitations in her heart she knew that something would happen efficient so he took her family and she was able to save them why because she did not have that mentality that tomorrow is wrong yes Saint she recognize that that tomorrow is not always given that anything could happen that we are finer right I want to look at what it says in him James chapter four and move faster James chapter four amount of time James River for the king of verse thirteen James chapter four looking at verse thirteen I would strongly now is okay some of the time left James said before looking at verses thirteen to seventeen thirds of the text says in James River four versus thirteen and seven to seventeen the Bible says go to now ye that say today are all we will go into such a city and continue their year and buy and sell and get gain whereas you know not that cell whereas you know not what shall be on the morrow what is your life is even as they what's it is even as a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanish away for that he ought to say if this is the Lord will we shall live and do this or that but now rejoice in your boasting and Olson 's resolution is evil there for him to have been known to do good and do it did not to him is set for the Bible say the smallest promise it doesn't write it so that our life is as a vapor it can vanish at any time as a how important for us or how important is it for us to make sure that we are living in God 's will today and not wait for tomorrow and I listened to two more passages it was turned to that message of reform at the chapter forth so I basically talk about the three different types and mindsets that some have lived presumptively right the first one is at least on doing some good either others would say what that God is to immerse what deliberately the way I want to and in the last one we address that in that last one is there is always tomorrow we know the Bible says Miles not promised that he should before looking at versus five two seven oh metaphors about what it is right now together for is about Jesus being led into the wilderness by the spirit and who is there the government Satan himself he appears as Angel flight he comes to Jesus and their three temptations that he gives and gives them but I want us to look at the second one versus five to seven notes of the says a person Bible says diversified than the devil to get him up into the holy city seated him on a pinnacle of the Temple and save them to him if you'll be the son of God cast yourself down for it is written he shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear thee up left at any time you I foot against a stone Jesus said to him is written again you shall not tempt the Lord my God the first temptation was taking a stone and the bread right of the first edition just to get back to me proving yourself the son of God or the second temptation put them on top of a pinnacle he says cast yourself down why not permit from the Angels are going to save you to know take care of you now indigenous cash how is that the devil was trying to tempt Jesus how is of the devil was trying to tempt Jesus in this instance of him are not reliant on the what is this what specifically to the use would be cool very interesting the devil uses the Bible to try to attempt Jesus is impossible that you think but he counts the Scriptures he said in verse six he quotes Psalms ninety one if you redesign the cash is about for it is written right he's it is written he shall give his angels charge concerning the and in their hands they shall bear you up lest at any time you shall vastly foot nowhere Satan is basically trying to use the word of God to justify the temptation to hate this in Jesus if you do this guess what the Bible says in Psalm ninety one but the Angels are going to carry what I think it was with that feature with Angels have moved no in that case Jesus would have grew presumptively in his interesting thing basically some anyone in verses eleven and twelve is where it comes from by Satan was knit not misquoting but taking a way a certain phrase from that passage is no other phrase was the phrase that he omitted was to keep you in all your ways to keep you in all your ways I like how the commentaries brought licenses as perhaps this was designed to obscure the fact that the protecting care of God is available to us only one remained in ways of God 's own sometimes the devil what he'll do is fill sometimes even use Scripture to try to cause you to live presumptuously I mean he can use Scripture as it is within its context but he'll take certain passages Scripture to try to get you to live a presumptuous bike in this case unit of the words to keep you in all your wings yesterday that so is enough for us to be buffet Christians yes I want anyway there we go to the thing what is the what is the luxury of outgoings of the faith if it shows what you want right if not enough for us to be with a Christian because if we just going to the Bible we just try to find you know promises here and there and yell we don't read texts in their certain passage but we take those passages that sort of our guideline right if we don't read passages within its context what's good happen or just in a follow up your own ways that you were to follow after that that the promptings of the answer is very important for cross friends as we read the Bible and we understand the context and then if there's a passage of Scripture and we see that passage is sort of a yacht media a good guideline for us to move forward in life we also make sure that we understand that passage and this is a very smart we understand his context Islam and think it's not good for us to be the fake Christians were taken choose what it is that we want to see you read this quote read one passage in the league okay but that's Universal decided messages page two eight one Christ came off victor in the second temptation he manifested perfect confidence and trust in his father during his severe conflict with the powerful foe our Redeemer and the victory here gain has left man a perfect pattern showing him that his only safety is an firm trust and unwavering confidence in God in all trials and in peril how may trials in all trials and perils notices he refused to presume those that word he refused to presume upon the mercy of his father I placing himself in peril that would make it necessary for his heavenly father to display his power to save him from the danger this would be forcing Providence on his own account and she would not bend me for his people a perfect example of faith and firm trust in God Satan was just trying to get Jesus to live presumptuously he was trying to get Jesus to exercise a counterfeit faith which is a big of a network counterfeited by the way if Arctic a dollar bill and I wanted to copy that dollar bill to make a counterfeit right would it be smart for me to die that the counterfeit bill orange known not all right would it be smart for me to put a different president on the bill why was I not smart because it would no longer be a good counterfeit is to what makes a counter for the good counterfeit if it has a resemblance to that of the original and so that and that is what Satan wants to do to lots that's what he was doing which is when the second temptation he wanted to strategies that think that he was exercising faith in God 's word right but in all reality he wasn't if you did that to we see that the basic the devil you is the truth he was sans ninety one by using a counterfeit way so friends we should make sure that we are not living presumptuously but that we stay close to what God has given us in his word and then AR type of righteousness by faith yesterday this evening and I'm talking about a today but how is it that we can obtain or build our faith what's the practical way in which we could go about doing that I thought about last night how important trust you to look upon the example of Jesus housing dependent upon the father first look at the closing scenes of his life because as we look at the closing scenes of his life you can learn how to be more great how we can trust firmly upon God but the more practical way is this moment September seventeenth is what sulfate cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God so how's that we can increase our faith friends is my hearing God 's word by listening to what he has to tell us by being obedient to his express with MN is not enough for us to pick and choose the letters view the Bible as it reads C everything within its context and we can do that if you can hold fast to God 's word the devil can configure down is that you number and uses temptations you was tempted to retire but every time he was tempted to use the words it is written is written this is your safeguard this is a short this is your shield holdfast to a man on the closer where the word forever just to remind you guys at four o'clock Wednesday afternoon we have one more message and the message is entitled Devil 's legal deception mostly what that is yet to become this afternoon if you want to hear that I advise for WordPress our father which art in heaven I want to thank you so much for the patient's needs here this morning I think you that you have provided us with this message about the counterfeit of fate which is presumption I pray father that we would not have that mindset of ill God is too merciful or not I have done so many good things that it outweighs the batter had the mentality that that tomorrow is promised but I pray to special way that that we would like all of those that those mindsets and that we would hold fast to the truth as it is in Jesus I pray father that when the devil comes with his temptations to cause us to exercise the counterfeit faith I pray that we as Jesus would also say it is written and father I just pray that you would help us not be the fake Christians but that we would understand the word of God as it and I just pray father you would hold us a whole this fastens a week to come back a second time for you have also promised a working start interest you will finish the gauge is in everything you give us guess his newspaper and media with Rod audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more and you would like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. audio tours .org


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