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The Devil's Lethal Deception

Kurt Osena


Kurt Osena

Assolciate Pastor of the Collegedale Korean Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • January 3, 2015
    4:00 PM
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in heaven we want to thank you so much for this high Sabbath we went thank you for bringing us back here I safely to be able to study new by working together and is my sincere prayer as was ready pray father pray for your Holy Spirit to truly abide in this place but even though my heart I pray that you would be the one speaking to me asphalt as we talk about this topic but introduce a print out of that it would again be a practical message and one hand which would give us a fair warning of the devil 's deception and his profile that you please help us to be prepared at all times on how cover minds to be spiritually sound and I pray father specially that you have our hearts be ready to receive your word is a disposition accessing and using a recent payment all right so as a medicine this morning this is a three-part series a little miniseries and having this weekend on the first message they shared with you for though they were here Friday evening was in righteousness by faith and I talk about how in order for us to be saved in order for us to receive the righteousness of Christ out what is necessary what condition needs to be met that we believe right that we exercise that genuine sincere faith in Christ faith is really good the key to salvation and then I also talk about this morning I talked about presumption being that counterfeit of what a phase right the counterfeit invading the reason why talk about that topic is because when we talk about righteous by faith we realize that faith is an important factor element in our Christian experience then it would only make sense that the devil would have a counterfeit of fate and was later this morning that that counterfeit of faith is none other than prison now this evening this afternoon we are to be talking about the devil 's legal deception the devil 's legal perception answer go ahead and tell you what that is that is spiritual is what is that everyone is spiritualism and basically the reason why talk about faith and your presumption is because presumption where the page the way for people falling into spiritualism will talk about that this evening and so you have your Bibles your Bibles and then at least you have your cell phones with the Bible and it you have that right and take that out in the VI studying the word again this evening all right what a spiritualism summons only what is their children hurt talking with a social talking with the right or talking with those who are either the spirits of the dead really what it is as if the if the belief that you can communicate with those who have already died but our spirits are living in the spirit world and so you can have this direct communication with them and so these who are the people who believe in Spiritualism believe that there is a spare her alters there is a afterlife that the moment you die they don't believe what we believe where when you die you what you are asleep they believe that you are the spirit that is roaming around in the spirit world and therefore you can communicate with them turned levels in the first Samuel J for Senator to twenty eight working to be looking at Saul again and I noticed this morning I spent a lot of time talking about Saul and the reason being is because as we look at solace we studied the life of solubility seeing this progression happened in his life as we studied this morning we found that salt was living in what type of life a very presumptuous for life now let's look at first tentative and twenty eight when looking at verse three and will go ahead and read the verse twelve percentage of the twenty looking at verse three readings in verse twelve there were then and are you beat me to it with the percentage of the twenty first three Bible says in verse three now Samuel was dead by the way Samuel had at UA it is Samuel here action had been dead for a while but here we find that Samuel had a ready path analysis at all Israel had lamented him and buried him in Rama even in his own city and Saul had put away those that have familiar spirits and the wizards out of the land so here we see Samuel had passed away it's the Bible says he is dead but the interesting thing about this is notice what song did after Samuel passed away when you do what you do a going to the text the Bible says that Saul put away what he put away familiar experience in the wizards out of the land of the Bible visibly specify as to why solved in this but it is really safe to say that the reason that he may become you have done this was because Saul was fighting a battle with an evil spirit yes member that Saul had issues with him he was possessed with the spirit and so so it is said that the reason why Saul is putting away these familiar spirits and getting rid of these wizards is because he just wants to make sure to try to deal with this issue so a person the way he tries to seek out for those that are involved in this type of work and so he tries to destroy this you did this these nice birds and wizards balancing is with the next verse fifteen and Philistines gathered themselves together and came and pitched in she and I saw gathered all Israel together and they pitched in to while this is verse five when Saul saw the host of the Philistines he was afraid and his heart greatly trembled but here again we see Saul is coming to see the Philistines before him and he gets what he is afraid he's afraid of the Philistine forces and sliding military response and when Saul inquired of the Lord the Lord answered him not neither by dreams nor by your run nor by profit the dressing easier Saul the moment you see the Philistines he gets afraid and he does something he turns to God and he tries to hear counsel from them the right he tries to get counsel and the Bible says he turns three means he tries to go try to find tells the Lord through dreams or through what they are around or by profits now that's all received anything from now the Bible says that the Lord answered him not know there is a reason why the Lord wasn't answering him here the reason being is because the actual Lord purposely did this on he did not respond to Saul but let's look at verse seven Mosley says in verse seven then said Saul unto his servants seek me a lot of that engineering will then locate seek me a woman that had a familiar spirit that I may go to her and inquire for and his servants and behold there is a woman that had a familiar spirit at Endor install disguise himself and put on other raiment and he went into men within and they came to the woman by night and he said I pray you divine unto me by the familiar spirit and bring him up whom I shall name unto the very interesting we see that Saul was not solid have an issue everything that first three one acetaminophen gets rid of the familiar spirits and wizards times the Lord tries to get some councils and advice on him he doesn't we receive a response is that he thought he was right and all of a sudden we see saw the something he ends up going to the witch of Endor interesting so he goes to the witch of Endor and he asks of the widget and earned by the way he was decided this time so the which did know that's all with all right because he was disguising himself but he asked the witch of Endor he said the witch is that hate if I tell you a name I want you to call this person over to call this person over to knows that with a witchhunt which response is going to look at verse nine in the end and the woman said to him behold you know with let's all have done how we have cut off those that have familiar spirits and the wizards out of the land wherefore then lays out a snare for my life to cost me the dying out I was there which was afraid because of what solved it in verse three members always try to wipe out familiar spirits and wizards and obviously she was a witch was involved with network and so she was afraid she was afraid to do anything that would call a spirit anywhere because she knew that her life would be at risk eleven percent and Salzburg to her by the Lord saying as a more vivid there shall no punishment happened to the furthest thing they tried to reassure her about no punishment in verse eleven then said the woman who shall I bring up onto the any said bring up bring up Samuel interesting verse twelve and when the woman saw Samuel Chi high with a loud voice and the woman spake to Saul saying why have you deceived me for you are so so the witches on receipt terrified of you stinking mess already must have set her up right and he's afraid because these are life is about to be taken but Augustine FL my solidarity saw wanted to communicate with Samuel so here we see here Saul asks this which you call over Samuel and sure enough Samuel does appear Samuel appears before his eyes and we find in the rest of the shaft reminder of Saul is able to communicate with Samuel out of the Bible condone that does God want us to be communicating with those laptops why because their debt by their debt so why is it that we are communicating with those who are demonstrated by Olympic to Deuteronomy chapter eighteen Deuteronomy chapter eighteen and I want to notice the Bible says here in Deuteronomy chapter eighteen but ever since seven to twelve Deuteronomy chapter eighteen looking at verses seven to twelve when you get there seen that not there yet say have mercy all right note the number zero got very good R Deuteronomy chapter eighteen verses seven to twelve as of the text says it says then he shall minister in the name the Lord his God as those brethren the Levites bewitched and there before the Lord that is not detected yet it's in verse Yeltsin G1 verse nine X E when you are come into the land which Lord thy God giveth the you shall not want to do after the abominations of those nations of the Lord 's warning not to participate in the activities of a heated those are abominations in verse ten there shall not be found among you anyone that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire the string as you know is or is it divination or observer of times or on enchanter or anyone they wish or a charmer or consulted with familiar spirits or a wizard or a neck roll answer why does verse twelve all these things to undo the old engine is based on abomination to the Lord and because of these abominations the Lord thy God that drive them out from for the God was warning Israel why because he knew that if anyone were to get involved with these enchanters these charmers use wizards any of these witches he knows that they would be seen using Sonia that giving song you that God was against wizardry and witchcraft you certainly certainly saw new this but whatever talk about a few things it was from Ecclesiastes chapter twelve in person Ecclesiastes chapter twelve number seven Ezra talk a little bit about Saul and why is it that he started to get involved with the very thing that God did not want to get involved with these the aftershock of twelve and we are to be looking at verse seven please yes these is right up the book of Proverbs and reliving at chapter twelve looking at verse seven RI business as a person then shall the dust returns to the earth as it was and the spirit return unto God who gave it the question what happens when we die we return to what our body returns the dust and the spirit returns to God who gave it turns Ecclesiastes chapter nine yes seven nine looking at verse five yes I would never survive you will react but never slide the Bible says the living know that they shall die but the dead know what not anything neither have they any more reward the memory of them is for content also their love and are featured in their MPs now perish neither have they any more portion for ever and anything that is done under the sun the question what happens to our thoughts that we perish right we have no emotions and the great there is no love there is no hatred there is no reward in the grave is the final sentence so to think that there is life after death right after that is not biblical that you because the Bible has specifically told us here at what we die our bodies go to the dust working from and the spirit returns unto the Lord and the Bible says that our thoughts and our feelings also perish with the John Chapter 11 to tell us as we look at the story of Lazarus that is considered to be a sleeve that is really the state of one who is dead second brigade chapter eleven I don't want to a lot of text were just cannot try to reach duties that we really get to the meat of the messages this evening second Corinthians chapter eleven and were going to looking at versus thirteen and fourteen are to route Internet brightness it says in verse thirteen and fourteen before I get into the actual images talk a little bit so we know what the state of the dead is and I'm sure many of you have grasped onto some Bible studies on this very topic in the state of the debt we've ever done day of what the majority of you have studied this topic seem to know what happened is believed by the state of the debt so that you only think about the stories of young people having these experiences with the paranormal were having experiences with guilt meeting face-to-face with a dead one and that seems to be a liable study what are these things that they see their what the demons are listing the Bible says that anchor the Chapter 11 looking at verse thirteen and fourteen the Bible says for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into the what apostles of Christ is speaking out these DVDs the Angels ran those within verse fourteen and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into a while Angel of light the question who are these people that these people see their farming the demons why because these angels have the ability to do what transform they have the ability to appear as someone that you may be familiar with online thing and this is very important to understand because this is the truth is not an heel it's really interesting sometimes adults alike out of this chapter treats and I'm sure some of you perhaps has similar experience but you know sometimes you would hang around the campfire and you will be very dark in the middle before S and everyone's like you know taking up the s'mores are the other scenes and songs and add at the night gets later and later lesbians well one at night all of a sudden saw someone says a I you guys ever seen a ghost writer and in what is happening as you know some the young people the ability not to get excited about that will gather together and all the Sunday start Sarah is close stories as they talk about how young they gave heard the stories of people Joe seeing ghosts in in in a Third World country where they have experiences of her cutprice personal experiences themselves are experiencing a growth in the very house and is over seventy abolition people was interesting and sometimes y'all approach them and I'll ask you questions they hate him he believes in these goes here did you believe in you know these PC spirits annual some of the most day it's really those that had that had personal expense of the eye I believe in it because I've seen it with my very tenderly the other young abbess would never had an encounter with any ghost image of the stores and that it would say now I don't believe it I I don't believe that there is anything there is a such thing as a ghost the Bible Odyssey says there is either is no such thing as someone who is dead roaming around the spirit world and what's interesting is those people that say July I don't believe in these those vans up when they leave the camp in the ring like five are the ones that lock up their tent for the one that put on the Dell ball deadbolt under another in the cabin is very same people that say no I don't believe it goes I don't believe in the spirit yet there are actually specify that there is simply finished the Bible clearly says that there is no such thing as someone dying in roaming around the spirit or soul the Bible clearly teaches us that these souls or spirits that people do see these are fallen angels either demons posing as though they are someone familiar spelling as you question if sometimes we say that we don't believe in ghosts we don't believe in the spirit it's but why is it many times we find entertainments with watching things of that nature why is it that sometimes we find entertainment in reading about spiritualist spiritualistic activity is a wonder yelling to talk about how we don't believe it but yet we find entertainment and watching or reading things of that nature not the master question that affect us I sure about that is watching something of that nature or reading books on the nature affect the federal house so it opens the door someone says okay if it goes choice of conscience okay very good answers I want to turn your Bible who need to this morning trying to Philippians chapter four now there is a beautiful principle that we should got to follow as Christians Philippians chapter four looking at verse eight 's because many of their many Christians are many sent and to believe that is very innocent but you know it's not a big deal if I go to the movies and I watching horror films are watched these shows DVDs drillers is not a big deal if I read these books I know that I have met spiritualistic nature of of ghosts and demons that this is just entertainment yachts is something innocent I'm just enough no read the register entertained by and put it aside a beloved there is a danger when we do that and the reason why so much of the Philippine chapter four verse eight notice what Paul says here he says in verse eight finally brethren whatsoever things are what our true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are loyal more lovely whatsoever things are good report if there is any virtue if there be any praise he says the all these things at all and see the need to guard our mind convinces right here and tell you think on these things that are too honest love you can report a Paul recognizes that what you put into your mind will affect you that you as really interesting because I love how he used that first where there is use the word true your means for to put what is true and your mind that refers to anything that is morally or spiritually sound and that means anything that is morally or spiritually sound so what were watching those films both horror films or other films of the guilt walking part of its TV shows like the walking dead or things like that is that stuff that is true is that stuff that is pure and lovely of good report no so we ought not to do that we got not to put those these intra- mine because it will affect us in the meat is further illustrated because in Matthew chapter five verses twenty seven and twenty nine you have to turn ever you can think of notes Matthew chapter five verse twenty seven and twenty nine talk about the dangers of looking upon woman less than the wood essay the dangers of looking upon woman lest thou be connected also were vice versa I but Jesus says even the look of lots cause you to be guilty of what law the seventh commandment which is adultery right after not commit adultery which is a sixties thing is even though look itself even the land itself affects you more reason that you double of it what if I get ideas as Christians as people of the book is important awesome car windows into our mind because Jesus knows Paul knows that what comes in from mine will eventually affect us in our liturgy is a great controversy page five fifty one paragraph one notice of the bar of what that profit Lord says to sing but said the doctrine of natural immortality first borrowed from the pagan philosophy and in the darkness of the great apostasy incorporated into the Christian faith so how did it start this business perception of spiritualism start to calm or creep into the church what was their pagan philosophy continues on sacred faith as a plant of the two soul plane positive for the dead know not anything so this adoption of natural immorality it came from pagan philosophy treacle arts I think pagan philosophy treacle into the Christian faith and basically undermines the idea that the dead know not anything are bottles at me for some senator for fifteen versus twenty three to twenty four first Samuel chapter fifteen versus twenty three to twenty four Fujisawa house event that this philosophy or the ideology of spiritualism of Natalie Morton how with the one hundred people in short while it was the pagan philosophy back you'll find that it's roots are way before that as well let's go ahead and look on chapter fifteen versus twenty three twenty four notice of the Bible says for rebellion is as the sin of what of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because you have rejected the word of the Lord he has also rejected the from being key verse twenty four and Saul said to Samuel I have sent lab transgressed the commandment of the Lord and your what I feared the people and obeyed their voice interesting how he tried to justify something and I blame me the people rather than him self with interesting is that burst their verse twenty three if at first there in twenty three and the reason why I think this verse is very powerful is because now let's think about this that the liposome I know for many of you are not happy this is my expenses and agreeing to the Lysol it really baffles me that the key of Israel right making of Israel got so far as to communicate with the dead were coming as a surprise about that I was very much surprised about that that's all little as far as communicating with Samuel who obviously was dead how is it that he would get that far and we find that as a result of him getting involved with this spiritualistic activity we find that salt eventually does what he dives right he dies what a very sad ending that we see with Saul 's life but here's a question on how is it that's all it can become anointed as king to take on this high responsibility within Israel yet all that that will be answered as their verse twenty three for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft John sees rebellion on the same plane as what witchcraft house that sold a simple friends spiritualism or witchcraft finds its basis on disregarding God 's word is not to the Scriptures plainly states they that the soul is not immortal the at the same and that no nothing but spiritualism find the spaces on disregarding those simple statement the same thing as when rebelling rebelling is simply that is disregarding God 's word and so this is why God sees witchcraft in rebellion on the same plane because both of them have their basis I'm rejecting God 's word yes you read this you I see before me that let's would in turn to Genesis chapter listen to Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three utility men Genesis chapter three really looking at versus one through six Genesis chapter three looking at verses one through six oh is a wire across friends to be only after God were most definitely right as it is important why because if we don't hold fast to God 's word and we presume we live a presumptuous life are and not to be any different installs into and it could be possible that if wielded a present just like will find people to the study we may be falling into the same deceptions as Saul fell into Virginia Genesis chapter three the campus is one through six this is obviously I was speaking on the fall of man the notice was an inverse one of the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field to Lord God had me any sense of the woman gay half God said you shall not eat of the every tree of the garden and woman sin and the serpent we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God had said he shall not eat of it neither shall you touch it lest you Leslie verse five for God to know that in the date you need thereof then your eyes so then you shall be as gods knowing good and evil verse six and when the woman saw that she was good for food and I was pleasant to the eyes and it's freeing to be desired to make one wise she took of the fruit thereof and did eat and gave also unto her husband with her and he did he now this is a very important passive process understand spiritualism a little bit more because what we see about spiritual only thing about specials and just about it we can about the ghosts we think about the floating spirits spiritualism is deeper than that and the good review this quote goes with it says here on this is found in great controversy page five fifty four paragraph one great controversy fight before paragraph one and two is what he says seek and beguiled men now as he beguiled Eve in the garden by flattery by kindling a desire to obtain forbidden knowledge by exciting ambition for self exaltation it was cherishing these evil that caused this fall and through them he aims to encompass the ruling of men shall be as gods he declares knowing good and evil Spiritualism teaches that man is a creature of progression than that of the creature what of progression of disease on to say that it is his destiny from his birth to progress even to eternity for the Godhead and again each mind each mind will judge itself and not another the judgment will be right because it is the judgment of self is wrong is within you so the spiritualistic teacher as a spiritual consciences awoke within with an enemy continues on to say my fellow man all were unfolding demigods and another declares any just and perfect being is cracked is there so that is more than just VI idea is close and these floating spirit spiritual spiritual and has to do with this idea August philosophy Batman is a is and it is a creature of progression in other words it illegal not to say that that spiritualism believes in the fact or the idea that man is a demigod is what is a demigod and continue read this and this is important as well as the paragraph to she says this does in place of righteousness in place of what in righteousness and perfection of the infinite God is true object of adoration in place of the perfect righteousness of his law the true standard of human attainment Satan has substituted the sinful airy nature of man himself as the only object of adoration the only rule of judgment or standard of character this is progress not a word but downward here's a discussion of Spiritualism Spiritualism says that man is a creature of progression more so that man is a demigod right and so in other words instead of looking to God for rises as man looks to me to them selves dominant connect a few dots here because my first the first time I spoke to talk about how if we exercise should be in Christ what is the result with the result friends righteousness right the righteousness of Christ as we had the term righteousness by faith and then this morning I eluded to it but if they is so essential nutrition experience that it is it is true that the double would make a counterfeit fake right at counterfeit is a position that there would be a counterfeit righteousness right and what is I kind of the righteousness by counterfeit righteousness is self righteousness and inception is it is the same since the beginning of the Garden of Eden the devil is basically using through spiritualism is trying to teach people that listen you are God 's results you are demigods and notice how he talks to each associate even however that she was able to convince Eve into eating the fruit juice exercises as verse five for God to know that in the day need thereof then your eyes shall be open and you shall be as gods knowing good so what was singing basically try to tell you will number one God God is a liar the number two God is pretty much trying to hold you down got assigned to prevent you from really experiencing true knowledge God is trying to prevent you from being what a God US falling but if you want and by the way this this idea spiritualism the immorality which immortality of the soul but this is a basically a believe of many of the major religions that we have today I is a Hinduism i.e. I can go down the list of even Christianity many Protestant beliefs are Protestant churches believe in the mortality of the soul on their other think Islam and the high store ushered nudism Judaism all of these major religions they believe in this idea of the immortality of the soul they believe in Spiritualism so is very interesting as you the religious holiday how do you believe is mind-boggling new eaters also have a similar believe in fact new agers claim that God is pantheistic I got is what God is happy is the next immense are a divine numbers of the whole which is God right and so hence they believe that we in a sense our divine nature we are demigods declined to was reading on this accords the new ages and I Jesus came to reveal this pantheistic nature of God to teach humanity the gospel of self realized station so says this is this this gospel does this idea that you know you are a demigod you just need to run realizing yourselves need to grow in that knowledge if you hold onto spiritualism does affect the way you live that affect the way you live your life is what it says a great conference I know reading a lot of quotes but I rather read from her residence it myself in a business setting great controversy page five fifty five paragraph two send this to the self-indulgent nonsense the pleasure loving the central spiritualism present itself under a less subtle disguise into the more replying in intellectual energy grosser forms they find out which is in harmony with the inclination season studies every indication of frailty of human nature he marks the stains which each individual is inclined to commit then he takes care that opportunity shall not be wanting to gratify the tendency to evil New Testament access and that was in itself is in itself lawful causing them to intemperance to weaken physical mental and moral power is destroyed and destroying thousands of the indulgence of passions thus brutalizing the entire nature of man and here's where the main paragraph part of paragraph one this is listening to know if it says and to complete his work he declares the spirit as knowledge places man above all law of level one above all love them every eighties is right by God do not condemn and that all things which are committed are innocent when the people this led to believe the desire is the highest law and liberty 's license and that man is accountable only can sell who can wonder that corruption in the Iraqi team on every half more to eagerly accept teachings that leave them at liberty to obtain the promptings of the carnal heart and infinity uses a range of self-control are laid upon the neck of lots of powers and minds are made subject to the Adam continues in seeking insultingly sweeps into his net net thousands who profess to be followers of Christ so how does if one were to accept the teachings of spiritualism what how do they view the love God is irrelevant possession desire is everything right so another words if you believe is fair to those teachings as fruit then you're going to live your life however he wants and it makes sense why because Spiritualism especially if they don't believe that you sleep at happiness rewrite that when you die you sleep but they believe that the moment you die to become a soul or you are a soul your soul is immortal and so your forever alive so death is really meaningless because when you when you die you'll do you continue while I fear the afterlife member spiritualism Switzerland believes that that that human humans are a creature of what progression so in other words you get better after he dies after so basically when the devil is trying to try to do I see people to believe in the diseases nationalism so they can disregard God 's law what is happening his judgment is unnecessary was in a sense especially as obvious as we believe in what is called the investigative judgment right which began when aging forty four goals a little difficult of probation will you hold onto the teaching the spiritualism investigative judgment is irrelevant yes falling our role is done here turn your Bibles would need to Robert 's chapter fourteen verse twelve progress chapter fourteen looking at verse twelve Friday night and a progress after fourteen looking at verse twelve notice of the text says it says there is a way which seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of the question president of the what would we do well to follow our own inclinations disregarding the law is it is will it do us well we just live build our lives the way we think is best brought no because the Bible says there is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof are the ways of death the reason why God gives us the word the reason why Kottke was the law is not that causes to be these miserable Christians did give us a lot to the causes to feel restricted or to feel like we can have fun that's another reason why you gain the law when he gave us his word the reason why Jesus 's words he gave us his law is because by keeping his word by keeping his law that is relicensing and that's what life is and that is where true for the this James says that the laws also be looking to turn the lives the law of the beginning you keep the commandments of God when you follow God 's will you're saying you're sick part so here's a question how is that we can prevent ourselves from falling into this trap very simple turn your Bibles and needs Isaiah chapter eight looking of verses nineteen and twenty Isaiah chapter eight looking at versus nine nine and twenty one nineteen and twenty Isaiah Tucker eight looking of verses nineteen and twenty how is it that we can make sure that we are not deceived right first nineteen says and when they shall say unto you CNN's of them that have what familiars until wizards that Pete and that mutter should not have people see consumer God for the living to the diagnosis first twenty four the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no one like very simple and very practical way asked how we can never be deceived we just need to hold fast to what the long possessed study God 's word understand God 's work for yourself so that when the devil comes to knocking at your door when he had a temptation that he brings more acute when he tries to when he tries to teach you the spirit spirit spiritualism all you can do is refer to God 's word I think you it is very interesting how life as a great offers him up and read entire quote which basically says that the antichrist form his marvelous works our site so closely with the counterfeit resemble the two that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the police is cast out devils counter at the session that he and he will present to the world won't resemble that of the truth that it will be impossible for us to distinguish it unless we understand God 's word so therefore presently studying this very much so it's important for us to uneducated databases friends study the word of God understand what it is you believe because the devil is no dummy how long has the ability studying humanity thousands of years he knows your weaknesses he knows he knows how humans think and so he knows what is the best I passed towards humanity as a friend how important is it for us to make sure that we are keeping our minds focused on God 's knowledge and wisdom in a because that is where we find true safety turn to second-best leisure achievers nine ten ninety twelve second Thessalonians chapter to looking at versus nine through twelve second Thessalonians religious observers is not just what was at the tech says if you read this this is talking about the antichrist power and in verse nine says even have whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders nurses verse ten and with all this evil scheme of the list of unrighteousness in them that perish why do the pairs because they received not the one the love of the truth that remains so it's more than just reading the word of God just for the sake of knowing those that perished will perish because they don't have a love for the truth how important is it for us to have a love for God 's my calendar he was a really pray for that to really pray that God would plan and love in your heart for his will for his truth is that the Bible clearly says those that perished for those that don't have a love for history wife is important like the one that I'm sure you guys that isn't more for us to hold fast to God 's word Wolf it's very simple but it says here this is a near not the page one ninety paragraph three humor me two yellow line I very this is why by the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy in violation of the law on our nation the United States will disconnect herself wholly from righteousness when Protestantism Shaw stretched her hand across the goal to grasp the hand of the Roman power when she showed reached over the abyss to clasp hands with spiritualism with what was spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold union our country shall reap repudiating every principle of this Constitution as a Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions then when they know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan at the end is near what is she saying she standards time or Protestantism is in a clasp hands with who when what with spiritualism as well as with the people power and once this threefold union happens then is that there's nothing the Constitution by and notice what it says here it gets even deeper she says there's through the two great errors Tony Ray Ayres do that shoot great errors the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness seats and will bring the people under his deceptions while the former lays the found this spiritualism the latter creates a bond of sympathy with Rome the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the handle spiritualism it will reach over the investor class had with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold union this country will follow in the steps of Rome in trampling on the rights of conscience now is spiritual unity prevail in the last days definitely in fact stairs of the movement of spiritualism if you play a major role in the last day Spiritualism is a part of that threefold union spiritualism with Protestantism and what else the papal power and once this union is put together then the Constitution is done away with and guess who gets to the United States turns deterrence to the Roman church normally and I'm not here by the way this is not a scare tactic for you to choose to believe in God that's not one here I just want to share with you with truth of the matter is what we are to experience in the last days and here's another thing the Bible says that we look at second Corinthians but the devil has the ability to do what to transform himself into the Angel like to become a time with the devil won't hear as though he is Christ's you walk on the earth he will perform these miracles he will look kind he will have the characteristics that you would think of Jesus having characteristics of but obviously what comes out of his mouth will be different than what the word of God says it would be from a human talking about how you ought to be keeping Sunday rather than the sound you be speaking of things that seem to be held to be very busy speaking of things to cause you to disregard what God has really established in his so how important is it for us to hold class to God 's word the other is a story heard from the vandals once of a pastor and his wife and his pack the pastor was discharged working and his wife was basically at home doing her chores another time she's watching her dishes she receives you that she was at the sink and she was washing her dishes in just to give you background on this couple this couple major attempt to have a child they had a child the child unfortunately ended up passing with early age as well as this as his mother are that as this is the wife was washing her dishes on issues your minding her own business all of a sudden she heard it voice from the back of the room and the voice sounded like a little girl she listened very carefully note that the Doug the little girl continued to call out her name and she started realizing that voice was none other than the voice of who her daughter into the voice was that of the little girl was calling her name she ends up turning around she turns around and sure enough she sees her daughter wearing the same clothes you would typically wear in the mom turns around at the Mont mother turns around but that the little girl starts running through Mother's Day mommy mommy mommy I miss you and she she goes over to the mother she hugs the mother and the mother is utterly confusing she's holding the daughter you feel that the daughter feels like her daughter smells like our daughter seems as though this is her daughter but the mother knew in the back of her head this must be false there is no way that this is my daughter is obviously my daughter is dead coelacanth of doing as she's holding on it she's holding the daughter at an utter confusion all of a sudden she has conviction to just pray that she closes her eyes is holding onto her daughter Michael Gore daughter is holding onto her she prays she says I don't know what's going on right now I know what the Bible says I know what it is that you say about those that die and this cannot be reality and so she should pray this is not true whatever this is father I just pray that you would really you happens the motion except prayer the daughter disappears the daughter disappears while ensuring its uncertain as not to scare us by not to scare you I'm sharing this because that is how devils can work spiritualism is getting more prevailing in the last even we can ever imagine and spiritualism is no joke yell what would happen if you started to see a loved one you love so much but had passed away and to an unfortunate experience and all of a sudden you see that person at the bottom of your doorstep and you will love the person the person feels just like a person when you want that person smells like that person that person communicates just like he would he or she would usually do and how easy would it be for us to fall into the trap unless we hold fast the Gothenburg in unless we make sure that we are grounded in God 's word we understand the principles of the state of the dead we understand what God had told us if we hold fast that will never be deceived we will never be deceived it is important for us friends to hold fast to God 's word is again dwell in September seventeen says the faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God is not good for us to live our lives based on what we think is right or live our lives based on how you write because of the steps that the devil is in a work so hard to confuse your senses and when that happens when your senses are confused is very important for us to recall Scripture to remember what it is that the senseless for every temptation icon such as diseases in the wilderness all we need to say if it is written in a different and how many today wants to make to be more intentional I know that this morning I talk about how support for student understand a word but how many are today want to be more intentional but I mean by that is how many of you want to really try to study God 's word if you don't already if that is not bizarre please restrain that you God will help in a because if you see me with all of your heart you shall you find God is hiding behind the screen is not trying to play peekaboo Revue God really wants to get to know you God really wants you to get to know and if you seek for him with all your heart it is his promises guarantees that he will reveal himself as long as you just take time and onward by the way I know sometimes it can be challenging sometimes can be very challenging for us to pick up the bottom line and when I was young I would you really want to understand God 's word and so I would start the book of Genesis and I would say to myself at a recent book of Genesis although it's a book of Revelation is a return to that rhetoric for the book of Genesis all the book of Revelation seminar the young kid I went to my room on my bed and I start reading a book of Genesis on chapter one SRV Henry I got the genealogies and I was like for the Bible put it aside I think this is too hard this is way too hard revisiting God is not calling you work for you to just sit down in a room for hours on an English writer with the Bible right away but I wouldn't call Uganda's of Gaza reasonable God me illustrate this land will close at this illustration was a safer example in your in Ethiopia right in your units use commercials with those kids were malnourished it what a place of writing the face eyes and your team played over the radio is worth maybe that those kids that are are malnourished you take that H&M and you would cannot play with them would it be possible for them to finish the plate in front of you why is their stomach is small strong they're not used to having that amount of food that capacity food as of the product feedback but that's eliminated the one minor Gbytes and the like okay thank you right seemed happy they only have a small stomach so they can only take that much but here's a question if you go to EDR that that little child we see that child being in day out and get a good meal every day arguing for breakfast lunch and dinner whatever happens the person that young could stomach against suits that in the more and more than each more more their stomach begins to crawl beloved at the same thing with our spiritual experience and I do some of us have small stomachs we can only take so much Angela God is for the Congress to do it's okay you can not call you don't know Genesis to Revelation one day he basically think Kate what you can handle so they just means five minutes solid five minutes five minutes will eventually become seven minutes will nicely become candidates will eventually come thirty minutes to an hour and that but the point is we just need to start somewhere and we need to start feeding from God 's word and has received from God 's work our spiritual belly is that in the more Mormon have a hunger and thirst after righteousness amen to that your desire that's my desire even now I want to roll without more does I strongly desire to understand God 's will for because I know that his were it is important to know the LE bother me so much for your word and we think you that the word has the ability to increase our faith as the Bible says in Romans ten seventeen so faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God on their newsletter for any special way that you and please help us as many of us have committed to being more intentional and studying your word understanding the doctrines understanding the prophecies understanding your will because we know that by understanding your will will be safe as he and approaches resident was reliving these times you please help us we empower us to your spirit Brassington December this media with Rod audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe the more certain and www. audio person or


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