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4. Proverbs: Divine Wisdom

The Ambassador Group


  • January 19, 2015
    8:40 AM

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will my international father I got to be kind and any five year by the messaging explanation for denying wisdom the Lord possessed me at the beginning of his way before his works of old Proverbs eight verse twenty two nuclear James version at this stage in Proverbs wisdom reappears and it's clear that wisdom is true the truth as it exists in God the source and foundation of all truth this accent on the absolute character of two contrasts with some contemporary thinking especially in the West in which truth is seen as a relative contingent cultural with one person 's truth different from someone else's but this concept is not biblical treatment should be the same as yours because the truth is universal it does not belong to anyone in particular but to all humanity whether or not all humanity recognizes it interestingly enough it's famous question to Jesus what is true came in response to Jesus statement everyone who is of truth hears my voice truth absolute truth exists and even speaks to us what matters for us is whether or not we will listen to and obey what it is saying her her her question I have eight verse one through twenty one the value is to try to understand and put forth her voice to stay in the top of high places the way in the places of the past she cried at the gates at the entry of the city the coming in at the doors unto you I call the mayor only a simple understand wisdom any follows is an understanding heart cheer for I will speak of excellent things and the opening of my lips shall be writing from RML shall speak truth and recognition of nomination to my lips all the words of an offering righteousness there is nothing forward and reverse them they are all playing to him to understand and write to them that find knowledge receive my instruction and not silver and knowledge rather than choice gold for wisdom is better than rubies and all the things that may be desired or not he can pitch it I wisdom dwell with prudence and find out knowledge of witty inventions fear the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance in the evil way and a photograph do I hate counsel is mine and sound wisdom I am understanding I have strength by me kings reigning princes decree justice I mean princes royal and noble in all the judges of the earth I love them that love and those that seek me early shall find me riches and honor are with me they don't have all riches and righteousness my foot is better than gold even Feingold and my revenue than choice silver I leave the way of righteousness in the midst of the paths of judgment that I may cause those that love me to inherit substance and I will fill their treasuries according to Proverbs eight one two twenty one what is the value of wisdom did you hear these values wisdom speaks of excellent things wisdom always speaks truth wisdom always speaks in righteousness wisdom offers personal instruction and knowledge wisdom is confident that it is more valuable than what is prudent to price free counseling understanding and strength wisdom can be experienced regardless of age if it is respected but I treasured wisdom is so important that it must reach everyone to create all human life to Christ for each one of us so wisdom and knowledge of God and the salvation he offers is for every human being look at the words used to describe reasons vocal presence cry out lift up your voice call voice sneak opening of lips met words however when understand these metaphors what is clear is that wisdom is to be communicated it is to be heard by all who will listen after all as we saw in our previous exploration what wisdom says is a matter of life and death each time who isn't talks about the truthfulness of her words the description of wisdom here interestingly enough parallel the portrayal of the Lord Deuteronomy thirty two verse four he is the rock his work is perfect for all his ways are judgment of truth and without iniquity just invited he is parallel of course should not be surprising because God is the creator of all things and is the foundation of all truth as John one versus one to three says in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God the same as the beginning with God all things are made by him and without him was not anything made that was made in writing Proverbs eight versus ten and eleven the question is what do these verses say about wisdom Proverbs eight versus ten and eleven say received my instruction and your silver and knowledge rather than choice gold what really all I think that may be desired are not to be compared to it so many people have lived and still lives in ignorance and folly and in darkness many live with no hope at all or with false hopes what makes this sad state of affairs even sadder is that wisdom and truth are so wonderful doesn't hope and promise for a better life now and the surety of eternal life including having any all thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus all the love in the world means nothing in contrast to the knowledge of God that is what the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes chapter two verses eleven to thirteen say that I looked on all the works that my hands had rocked and on the labor that I had labored to do and behold all is vanity and annexation of spirit and there was no profit under the sun and I turned myself to behold wisdom and madness and folly for what can a man do that cometh after the team even that which hath been already done and I saw that wisdom excels folly as far as light excels darkness continuing on to the New Testament book of Matthew Hunter how well your life reflects the crucial truth of chapter sixteen verse twenty six is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul for the creation in your mind how is this related to creation compensate verses twenty two to thirty one say the Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way before his works of all from everlasting from the beginning or ever the earth was when there were no gaps I was not for when there were no fountains abounding with water before the mountains were settled what was brought for what I just had made their fields the highest part of the dust of the world when he prepared the heavens was there when he is upon the face of the deck when he established the clouds about when he straightened the fountains of the deep when he gets busy he's increased that the water should not pass his commandment when he appointed the foundations of the earth then I was by him as well brought up with him and I was daily his delight rejoicing always before him rejoicing in the habitable parts of his Eric and my delights were with the sons of men so how can the question how is wisdom related to creation the answer digital when mentioned eight times or the other time related terms such as in the beginning from the beginning before while and then in these texts wisdom is mysteriously related to the Lord is the creator this poem shares many common words with the creation account in Genesis chapter one into an even reflected literary structure organizer on the three basic elements of heaven water in our intention of this parallel is to emphasize the primary credential of wisdom of God himself he is wisdom to create a positive the oldest tool older than the universe itself and so fundamental to its existence we should all the more use wisdom in everything we do in life there is also a strong emphasis on the divine origin of wisdom the first letter the poem is the Lord Yahweh who is said to have begotten wisdom the Hebrew word translated as possessed a nuclear James version has the connotation of beginning writing creating that is the way the word Connor is using Deuteronomy thirty two verse six in the new King James version which they I will be eligible for release in and race people is not your father who brought you not meet you and established you edit Genesis one verse one also says the new King James version now add a new Lee's wife and she conceived and working and said I had acquired them into the next way the technical word that is associated with the Genesis creation she the way for beginning in Hebrew which is out in the first verse of Genesis in the beginning racially God created the heaven and the art yet the legs tingling in Proverbs eight twenty two is used somewhat differently than it is in Genesis one in Genesis one one the word is related to the creation itself in Proverbs eight twenty two the word is related to God himself to his way which means his nature pessimist them is part of the very nature of God himself with them therefore is situated in time even before the creation of the universe the existence of wisdom at that time when only God was present traces the antiquity of wisdom from everlasting so the system does not originate in this matter is revealed to us is something that we learn something that is taught to ask it is not what we generate out of ourselves shortly to walk in her own right is to walk in darkness we are told that Jesus is the true light which gives light to every man John one nine new King James version every man needs it to the moon he in just one at the creation of the same refrain some of it was good we can arrange his assessments in Genesis chapter one verses for ten twelve eighteen twenty one twenty five and thirty one the last step first anyone goes even further it was very good the Hebrew word for good contains idea of enjoyment it also implies relationship at the end the whole creation week not positive fully enjoy his creation Genesis two one two three the term of this pause the Sabbath is blessed likewise upholding conclusions with wisdom enjoying the creation wireless wisdom rejoicing compensation versus thirty and thirty one provide a glimpse of wisdom 's relationship with the creation was by him as one product with him and I was daily his delight rejoicing always before him rejoicing in the habitable part of his areas and regulates what was the subsequent wisdom is rejoicing reflects God 's rejoicing a creation is rejoicing the only happened different at each step of creation but also crowns the work of creation when the creation of life on earth itself was completed in front of state we find the reason for wizards rejoicing my delight was that the sons of men verse thirty one nuclear James version at the end of creation week on Saturday I entered into a relationship with humans the immediate application of this divine cause and rejoicing after the work of the week has implications for the human experience of side in a book entitled the sadness in Scripture and history written by Doctor Kenneth Strand published by review and Herald publishing Association in nineteen eighty two on page twenty three Doctor Geer also cowrote what the Saban experience offers us today on the creator he e-mailed back upon his finished work of July pleasure and satisfaction to screaming at me rejoice not only of God 's creation but also in his responsible relation not explication creation what is next for verses tell us about Jesus 's role in the creation itself why is 's creator so important in understanding his role as our Redeemer the first text is Colossians one versus fifteen through seventeenth in the image of the invisible God the firstborn of every creature for by him were all things created that are in heaven and that are in the earth visible and invisible whether they be thrones or dominions or principalities or powers all things are created by him and for him and he is before all things and by him all things consist a second text is Colossians two first-rate in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge the second text is Revelation three verse fourteen and unto the angel of the church in the Laodiceans write these things safety on the faithful and true witness the beginning of the creation of God the final text is job one verses one through fourteen in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things are made by him without him was not anything made that was me in human life life was the light of men and the light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not there was a man sent from God whose name was John Kasim came from witness to their witness of the light that all men through him might believe he was not that light but was sent to bear witness of that light what Mike Ridgeland every man that cometh into the world he was in the world the world was made by him nuclear he came unto his own and his own received him not as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on his name which are born not of blood nor of the will of flash nor the will of man but of God and the Word was made flesh and out among us and we beheld his glory glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth so what was using his role in the creation itself verse ten says that Jesus created the world he was in the world and the world was made by him and the world knew him not is a role as creator is so important in understanding his role as our Redeemer moon is she young the last few series of Proverbs eight turned the personal into the practical application of witnesses to have wisdom by contrast the intellectual knowledge about was his preexistence about wizards president at creation is certainly keep but I will check most always at some point come down to the human level and how you respond to it we had been given in Jesus think about having a persistent agent to thirty six what a life-and-death message can be detected in these verses now therefore hearken unto me the children for blessed are they that keep my weight and instruction and be wise to not at me watching daily at my gates when the posts of my doors from suffering any kind of life to obtain favorable toward making a significant sneak one in his own soul all that hate me love death what life-and-death message does you hearing these verses say that these verses reveal that our ultimate destiny is affected by based upon whether we let uses a vice thirty five tells us that who so find it we find that life is to obtain favor of the Lord so finding Jesus results in life while hating Jesus we hurt ourselves and looked at the Hebrew word translated as blasted the word he used the new King James Christian means happy according to the revised standard version and his passage delay blessed is attached to two compositions the first one describes an action accident is to keep my ways first thirty two new King James version the same languages using Psalm one nineteen versus wanting to regard the law blessed are the undefiled who walk in the law of the Lord blessed are those who keep his testimonies new King James version the second when disguising attitude blessed is the man who listens to me by study for a king James version in both cases the requirement implies a continuous effort it is not enough to have discovered the right way we have to keep it is not enough to hear the word of God we have to watch daily and follow what we know as Jesus put it blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it eleven verse twenty eight meets James version this is desirable which is to be found in the disobedience and transgression of physical and moral oh I life brings out the true source of happiness and how it is to be attained if they would be happy indeed they should cheerfully seek to be found at the post of duty during the work reached evolves upon them with fidelity conforming their hearts and lines to a perfect pattern is what words that she went to approach the small inspirational book entitled my life today page one sixty two this can be elusive and only strive for it the heart it seems frustrating why should faithfulness to God as opposed to the pursuit of happiness be our first priority besides which is likely to produce happiness seeking happiness by seeking first the kingdom of God to rule to the landlord following Wednesday's appeal expired contract talks encourages his audience to make a choice now between two lifestyles wisdom or folly the first and last six verses of Proverbs nine versus one two six and verses thirteen to eighteen are symmetrical to bring out the contrast between the opposite camps when comparing two sets of Bible texts happens nine one two six comments nine thirteen to eighteen the question of which we will try to answer is what is the difference between wisdom and folly wisdom have to build a house she actually went out to her seven pillars just killed her beasts she has mingled wine Jeff also furnished her table just so for me to she cried us upon how places in city who so a simple question turning hither after him that wanted understanding she said to him come to my bread and drink of the language I have mingled for sister Flores and live in going the way of understanding was wisdom you only hear about falling incomes verses thirteen to eighteen a foolish woman disclaimers she is simple and know if nothing was she said at the door of her house on a seat in the high places of the city to call passengers right on their ways so assemble them turning hither transfer him I wanted understanding she saith to him stolen waters are sweet each in Institute is pleasant but he knows not of the data there that her guests are in the depths of hell firstly to verses one to three wins and is efficient and is involved in creation seven verbs are used to describe her actions in those verses seven how is she a human verse one seven days of creation finally on the other hand Simpson got nothing just pretending to be someone when in fact the verse thirteen in the new King James version describes fault in this way she is simple and there is nothing secondly although listen and find call the same audience in identical ways in verse four and sixteen and provided essentially different verse five tell us that wisdom invites her guests to eat the bread and drink the drink that she has prepared for seventeen Safari offers nothing to eat or drink she simply boasts about stolen provisions daily wisdom calls us to forsake full shapes and therefore to live finale is more tolerant she is not demand that we proceed anything but the result is that the following similarly advancing verse six intimate version they will go in the way of understanding later in the same chapter those who follow folly will be static and it will not know how to nine for seven to nine describes how the wise men and legitimate response the instruction of wisdom what makes the wise men wiser than the wicked man verses seven to nine say he got recruited a scorner get it to himself Satan can you get a wicked man dentist himself a blot but is not a scorner lest he rebuke a wise man and he will love me give instruction to Wiseman and he will be yet wiser teach a just man and he will increase in learning a wise person welcomes strong correction they are teachable the key to wisdom is humility the wise man is the man who is teaching book and responds to instruction with an open mind when it comes only to the ones you like a child feels the need to grow this is why in the most explicit manner Jesus taught that unless you become as little children you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven who is he he he he is this a happiness desirable which is to be found in the past and disobedient transgression of physical and moral life points out the true source of happiness and how it is to be attained if they would be happy indeed they should cheerfully seek to be found at the posted duty doing the work which devolves upon them with white down the types of timelines to the parquet pattern and page thirty four of the book attracts and profits as a way Christ the word the only begotten of God was one with the eternal father one in nature and character in purpose the only being that can enter into all the councils and purposes of God and the son of God declares concerning himself in portions of Proverbs eight versus twenty two to thirty the Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way before his works of old I was set up from everlasting when he appointed the foundations of the earth then I was by him and one brought up with him and I was daily his right rejoicing always before him if time is an irrelevant question and answer questions get it right after each question think of all the ramifications of your responses why is the belief in the Genesis creation account foundation of biblical wisdom why the idea of evolution contrary to the Bible in every way once you think about the idea that true wisdom is something that we cannot generate ourselves that must be revealed to ask what that implied out who is the wisest in your life what are some examples of important truths that you would never know other than there being revealed by divine inspiration for instance how preaching about Christ's death on the cross and what it offers you would not reveal what about the seven days having or the second coming how does God 's work as revealed in Genesis one testifies to the fact that good cannot be mixed with evil in other words in Genesis one we only read of God 's good very good creations I imply about it for what implications does your answer half for the idea that one could for instance incorporate evolutionary worldview into the Genesis creation story if you want to acknowledge that there are two broad categories in the universe is an evil in which category would you place evolution having decided that that influence your thinking about incorporating an evolutionary worldview into the Genesis creation story how does God 's enjoyment of the creation help us to understand how we can have a deeper and richer Sabbath experience in Guwahati remove or a this media was that I is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more and he would like to know more about hot house is more certain than it is www. audio tours .org


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