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Adam Ramdin

Youth Director for the North England Conference of SDA



  • January 1, 2015
    7:45 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I see some sequencing from Phoenix Arizona other resources like this visit us online at www. USC led him to the money and happy new year Apple computers used to have a logo around the end of the nineteen nineties that said I think different and it caught on they struck a chord with society a cultural affinity today in the Western world in particular the value change over tradition through an existing different it struck a chord with us we put merits in something that is new as opposed to what is old and if we examine something everybody previously we consider it to be a waste of time and meaningless youth conferences in the Adventists that sometimes are affected by this mindset with committees will spend hours actually thinking up a medium for the youth conference that is new that is different than is actually the memorable because we value what new all about what old I like to congratulate GUI seated here on a great theme MN and I pray to myself when you speak of Aaron in the workshop are able to do justice to his feet you see it is not a musical the hot of Christianity to validate you about the event that changed the unit about the event ball went three to mold across the day-to-day play the field we have a problem athlete of the government definitively that the we have a problem with having endless pursuit of knowledge and recklessness it doesn't necessarily need more knowledge but they want more knowledge we want to know something new we want to know something threats calmly find the deviant and upright anything more in a Bible study on the plasma kneeling down for the Lord teach us something new from your work we want they had something fresh something different something that we have not heard before the problem with the Laodicea is the one knowledge some of us have downloaded ten gigabytes worth of settlement onto all mobile phone some of us have a favorite settlement we've them over and over so many times we can recycling what were we want something fresh we want something new I was talking to a young man in England once on the Kindle app runs the company but was doing and he came all the way through did not get baptized to his later I met the other youth event I was talking to him about his walk with the Lord and he said yeah you know that the things are going well and then he said something to me he told me to sit on Bible prophecy that he was studying and he said something to me he said athletes only when he was studying music yet I'm not level now the study anything under my back level now in other words what he was saying what I'm not dealing with the sound anymore dealing with the problems that he woke up on past the gospel of climate this level now if you sometimes that's the way we think we got a graduate from the easy stuff and get to the deep stuff and then we really are a mutual Christian the problem is that I particularly think you might jump all to often we think yet offer the already the cross you I I checked I boarded the discernment on the cross I read the last ten B via major yes I know that I know that I put it before I seen it already is fine for me to move on in my Christian experience we see this weekend there is no moving on payment in Matthew chapter thirteen of those fifty two the Bible says that every scribe that is instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like a man in the household that was brought forth from the trust things new things that are all busy this weekend long weekend we got to discussing an old theme but I pray for myself and for your self that was able to uphold new things out of the old fee payment that will involve will become you what all may become fresh and I thought maybe an old theme across we may gain a new experience by encountering Jesus Christ whilst not because you may be familiar with the cross you may have heard sermons on the cross you may be familiar but what happens around it you may be familiar with the LOI quotation we need to spend the full Larry's day in silent meditation the life of Christ especially the closing theme you may remember all of that but I pray at this GUI sleep through the cost of what we discussed together that we may not does not know something new about the cross but that we may come to the floor of the crops this ballet does we start with a word of Bram father in heaven look truly it is up on let's open your word as you spend the next few moments in the pages of John Moore I pray that you would speak to our hearts teach us Lord today from your work I pride a lot of the experience that you went through on the cross we may see in a vividness today we can apply to our own personal lives I cradled that you would speak through me at this time in Christ's name we pray amen if you go to the West Coast San Francisco there was a bridge that called the Golden gate Bridge is because it is God 's IQ got I-95 when you hit forty New York City was another bridge that called the George Washington Bridge with them into quick for the problem with both of those branches that when you cross you have to pay money before you go over the bridge is as a drive into the break you'll see a sign up that that will say or exit before a lot last exit before the whole not every thought that I approached a preflight network funnel and you see just fine last exhibit both old I don't know what is with this elaborate in my mind even though I know I'm driving over the break even though I know ongoing onto my destination and eighty one two of reality like every time before come into my head so I get off the monthly before a half the party at all usually when you think about this Gethsemane represented to Jesus the last chance he had to get off the road before you got the Calvary Gethsemane represented the last opportunity that Jesus had the last chance to get off that road it was the last time is not a ministry that Jesus had a chance to get off before he had me the price down to the bottom of this one and I can buy it determine the Matthew chapter twenty six that we wanted to but as they relate to the closing theme of Christlike Matthew chapter twenty six Gethsemane the name although blood Gethsemane it means oil price it was the name of it all if God that sat at the flux of the mount of olives if your privilege to go to Israel today if you encountered such you can go to where they say Gethsemane lots there I ate all the trees there in the God in the Gethsemane the enemy take you through the Orthodox Church is not a God of Gethsemane they have one across the road and they said nothing on the Gethsemane but if you focus on Bible scholar they'll cite none of the Madonna Gethsemane it was probably several hundred yards away we estimate Gethsemane this is why Jesus came often times the pray with all of its altar in Gethsemane he took all his disciples that the God of Gethsemane he felt some of the weight that and the needs of his three favorite disciples and he took them a little bit for these that you wait here and then he went a little bit other found that knockout of eyesight we laid there on the ground and then he stopped at the parades with heavenly father and Matthew twenty six convert fifty nine the Bible says and he went a little farther and fell on his face and prayed saying all my father if it be possible that this cup pass from me nevertheless not as I will put thou wilt but I want to do what you think is worth a look through it step-by-step he stopped up the Bible says he went a little bit but not for the words of Jesus in red this focus on the Bible all my father the Word of God to me that signifies close enough in a relationship today he would say of its bobbing vehemence if my wife said to me all on the Missy went on to say something else it would probably may not always in a good book at that time amen all father trees of this closely to father in the phrase signifies that it goes on and if it can be a lot possible to the left of my favorite chef it is possible is there any way is there any possibility about what I'm about the last three Jesus when he came to the point he was looking at death you look at the cross Strait of President Kennedy took one look at it if the father is it possible if anyone is any way around this it was soft like a rhetorical question receive the nude we came down to people get off the dime across that becomes that across and see their front the event is it possible if any of the way I was reading story about a young man that was hiking in the mountains and here he was hiking the mountains and the boulder fell on him the boulder fell on him it almost hit them on the body we managed to move his body out just inside the bold only get his the problem was the boldest eight hundred pounds and is stuck on it and crushed if is there in the mountains in the canyon no one knows you back any that you tried anything to push against the boulder again often ridiculous of a hundred pounds he realizes he's afraid of energy for something more intelligent and later on that veiled in next week 's rugby with a climate like that people will he give a highly of it we try to make the placed around the rocks we could put at and dislodge it didn't work plant by a people tonight out of pocket and he stopped to snap away in the rock you can dig a tunnel in the rock and pulling on plunder the let my good month next needs I could only get the ninth night he wanted you need to get the county the yes the night and he tries the cockpit on the night was so blunt it would even puncture the skin he waited another day now one six basics you been in the county designates you can stop the deaths and even a dive behind racism but he needs to get out what can he do to save his life he takes the terrible decision in Maine with Erin tells the maybe write about them in the news and you thought anything the terrible decision he twists himself to break the bones in his with no anesthetic and then after the boat will broken it down it's about a knife that wasn't able to cut his skin before any monies to how often are the Camaro to then he walked six miles out to the road when he found himself some of the fourth and they took them out the point is the hottest thing the same and did it last but I don't like him when he tried to move them up and we join your cup broccoli then we tried everything except under the cut my arm off when Jesus came to Gethsemane if you look at what is there any way is there any way around this is it possible to go the text goes on and if it lets this copy past from me to the cup veggies with asking the press from him was two things it was the cup of suffering Jesus was about to go to experience of suffering unlike anyone has seen before or since in fact White said that no criminal what ever treated as bad as the cup of suffering the pain and the agony he looked at I said no is it possible the pink thing in the company salt one cup of death a cup of eternal separation from his heavenly father when you look at that console what it was that the last and dock pole of death he said no is that many of the white teapot the problem that we have to they would say and I believe our love affair with saying this because we really don't understand what decades Jesus saw one death laws in that moment of seeing what death what he says is there any way around this is any way around it is any way around this problem friends if we can get a glimpse of what he wants to left away from the misunderstanding of God 's goodness that leads us to misunderstand his wrath no one are suggesting that we should be scared in the following God payment bolts often we misunderstand his goodness for guessing that the Bible says the rain the just and the unjust we misunderstand his goodness comes the evil people prospering only thing all a bluff not too serious about what he says about sin which is a little McCroskey sought death right in front of the music is it possible if any of the weight I can get around this menu that it wasn't you that wasn't what he wanted to be spread address you and John took the twelve and the twenty seven in John twelve and the twenty seven is a very similar that this one where the Bible says father John twelve twenty seven figure any of my was on twelve of twenty seven the Bible says father save me from this hour but for this cause came I into this world is a very similar bus to Matthew twenty six John says father save me from this hour lots this is the reason I came into the wild Matthew said is it possible nevertheless not my will but yours be one I see both of these two methods they have in them what we would call a con jump to a book a conjunctive of the wood box in the woods nevertheless he seemed above us in Matthew twenty six Ibiza and that it must be twenty six Ephesians on that one what never the less the Eskimo what this could be something like nonetheless it could be however no conjunctive but up their function in a sentence is to do this is dependent to independent full of old clothes this together know it above in a will to work with a conjunctive but it looks at Sue sentences could be to complete separate independent thought and it puts them together and depending on the above in the middle with her is one that compares with this one the contrast whether it's one that emphasizes the sentence after the reading now this one here is nevertheless nevertheless if more formal notice more and take than the one we more often use which is however is not too often that you were not in our daily combination used with nevertheless because it's very very emphatic most of the time with a however and what these the discontented top of nevertheless all how would the God is this a come past to sentence its reports with exactly more emphasis in the second sentence of the second half of the sentence done the best top of the sentence more empathy Lynnwood five the second half of the posted a fast up to thirty defendants of Bob is it possible that this cup pass from me not back in standalone of a sentence benefit nevertheless he goes on a my will but what will be done for the more important emphasis is that is not what I want but if what you want even though I don't want that I will be willing to do this because you want it nearly daily conversation we would we may use these words in different ways for example we could say something UIC we could say something like the food at UIC is not exactly gourmet non- standalone of the sentence however the food e.g. lysine is not exactly gourmet nevertheless I will be thankful I will be happy and I were now knocked on Friday by men so the more important thing is that you want to complain to be thankful and even enjoy as best you can the food in as opposed to talking about it's various types you see it signifies the second half of the sentence is more important in the first off too often the wing operated with every thought and operated in a communication and relationship with book our experience is that the second half of the sentence holds less weight than the top of the sentence we count on what we want we tell about everything in your nose and then at the very end we might just all like the spare wheel on the back of a cop yet whatever you will is going to tell global career with children we tell the web in a study within a wall in a study in the music all of these gardening we tell them who to marry we tell about why within a marry them we get them all that is the reason your denotes enemies like all but but please guide me you will note two weeks ago I got an e-mail from my grandmother in law my wife's grandmother is ninety eight years old and healthy and strong as you have an e-mail address now Win98 -year-old grandmother in law say anything you pay attention when they send me a possible e-mail I think it I think it does not tell my why my grandmother is why stopped reading e-mail what is my grandmother memo site these as I understand it coming as he is in California soon I have spoken to the head elbow of the church and he would like you to preach the e-mail went on to say I have spoken to both the past of the church they also would like you to breach as you said a few other things and then she said these words she said please respond to this e-mail with a yes I worry much about the fact through this one when I get you to think I responded with a yes when your grandmother Rendell was ninety eight years all rights delivered these was one of the S a I respond the nut I'm about one third of the age is a bit more it's okay in human something to tell me listen I like the one possibly reach everything yes imagine if before the shoe was on the other foot so to speak I am writing an e-mail telling you what to do Jan know you ninety eight years old fit healthy and strong but as they nearly did him this will be cleaned off the disrespect I get all due up in our relationship with God when I like myself it has got enough that I went that he had gone you can you get it mightily please say yes I think we've got be polite read something say yes nevertheless in operators stands that signify the with the rendering power Wilco gone as opposed to us what to do it's paramount and alive but in our prayer life that we recognize the second half of the statement is more important than that that's off and I were willing to submit willing to surrender whatever it might be the block can claim a victory this week on the Dogwood I pray that all too often we tell God how we don't claim the power and the strength that is found across the way Jesus David was willing to surrender submit himself think how is it with us how is it with us to rethink the God we should think about what I have chosen this career I know it's only because I want the comfortable life and wage packet if Korea brings nevertheless I know God wants me to change now I'm not willing to change I have chosen to marry this person nevertheless I know the Holy Spirit plug in my heart that is not the book that I should marry even though I have set a date altering I have decided not to go into ministry due to my family present my mom my doctor tell me don't go to ministry be a doctor dentist a lawyer from the elves I decided not to go into ministry even though blood economy nevertheless I will risk my family 's displeasure and call into ministry that I know is the path that God for me I do not like the person I am married to in fact I nevertheless I recognize I vowed to get to us I am addicted I am addicted to sex and I am not married nevertheless I will claim victory on my bellhop I feel attraction to same-sex nevertheless I claimed lots power is any victory of the people 's thinking on the subject and I don't value my body I want the Ha my body nevertheless I will take hold of the promised land valuable insight about I enjoy his secret sin no one else knows about that nevertheless I will claim the promise that God is able to give me victory over every secret sin God and let me lay it aside I have dreams and desires I could be the last one in my family to have a Masters or PhD apparent my uncle none of them I could be the last in my family nevertheless I recognized what is going to drop it now and go to the mission fields I'm addicted to watching pornography on my small only I have the fingerprint to open its and no one can check my history only have the four digit code no one else can check it no one knows nevertheless I noticed destroying my character changing my view of the upper loading my morals and I will I know God is able to deliver me and I'll get rid of my smuggling to dump onto to think the temptation away I like sin nevertheless I want to love righteousness I'd like enjoying the pleasures of sin nevertheless I want to enjoy your think you wait a phrase beginning blog power ability to be victorious on the half Jesus went on to think of the abdomen the twenty sixth he then went on to say in Matthew twenty six he went on to say nevertheless he said not I wailed but as one but let your will be done he said never that's not as I will have this prophecy has always given me some kind of is in the will of God and would achieve the same don't we think that Jesus and God while different classes are the same in full purpose character desires and motives Jesus and his father were on John says it enjoyed for over thirty four hundred and five minutes that the wiki that I seek not mine own will in my visit but the will of him know what sent me examine Jesus said not I will I believe this with the humanity of Jesus speaking through what Jesus came down it onto each one in the form of Mount Isa but in the current top man he took on human nature had been degraded by four thousand years Allstate and he is on so you what I can identify with him so he can identify with us Hebrews says that he was touched with the feeling that a lot of medieval to all points tempted like as we yet with out sin to Jesus on the same struggle you when I have even more when he said not as I will not have a high will you too often we come to God the infamous second half of the sentence the main point of Jesus was not it plus you will love it like well pain-and-suffering but with the father smoking the plan of salvation which I was with us when we pray to God in the mundane situations of life the all too often we pray for both will only when we get to a crisis Jesus and a connection with father throughout all the mundane situations of life when he got to calibrate it was no big deal when he said not my will but yours be done with honesty was a big deal but it wasn't like it was a change of character event it wasn't like it was out of character to Jesus every day of his life possible fatherless we woke up in the morning once I wet it was think about spending money what's I spend my money and we thought I wish Michael God was guiding him all too often in life though we separate the natural and the supernatural and so we can handle the natural world we can handle will be working on the web we studied we can handle all these other things only if the crisis happened to be comfortable we don't write the book also amassed along I will become the example of guide me know what maybe multiple and you may get you through the regard wants to be with you all the way along we don't write the Lord will guide me how to spend my money when I go to the shopping will know we could spend the money we want to get the debt with them about the releases crisis but does not want to be in every aspect of your life I want to be this more and ask the little things Jesus went on to break not I wailed lots of what you will team us in John eighteen and verse eleven the Bible says that you can pick up later on the Bible says the cup which the father has given me shall I not drink it to the cup of death and sin I will thought was the most important thing I went to surrender to see the applicable submission to respond in total submission Festival have to be the desire and the willingness to be obedient to God he was willing to be obedient he submits some time in our relationship with God when we sonata by will but as you will we don't have a desire that willingness to surrender and we don't even have the desire to be obedient either the two of them go hand-in-hand what went went went when Jesus surrendered the total submission to his father 's will the data theme of the day 's total submission in the context of the cross the key aspect of Christ the King what is willingness to complete what he has started to be obedient to the task at hand over the key questions for us in the question of submission it are we willing to be obedient to what God 's will is made for the story will boy us in on a stool and his mom told any bonuses that could been a naughty boy enough reserves there for a few minutes he says was mom is if I may be sitting on the outside but on standing up inside too often our obedience quote you bought is often like that we may externally complied but internally we are not really submitting everything to the father we are submitting all of who we are to God you see today we uphold to deny ourselves and this is one of the motivating factors in denying ourselves that we have given to us in the Bible is you deny your self because Jesus denied for you make sense Jesus is not for you you do not have the way I think of the way it goes in this you deny what the back you deny your cell what so you can gain what is called in on yourself then you can gain heaven not yourself all these doublethink on it you can gain its editing the deny what's that you can gain back what's good when Jesus was denying himself he was not denying anything that was bad to gain what was good it was the request with Jesus he was denied what was good because of what was he denied a place in heaven because of sin is different the denial that God pulled off the denied in many ways Jesus denial would like to level ten on denying eternity because the wages of sin is death we go I just called to deny what's bad so we can get back what is good it's almost like the diet version of self-denial the digging of many many people exhibit what according you make the denied this week things have a hold on you you just can't let go when addressing attended the self-denial Jesus would be the same in many ways a slightly different he denied what was good he denied what was good to get something that is kind of like when you are buying something that you don't need anyone running for this you buy something you don't need and you don't use it properly in a few months when you translate that you finally come around to the point when you sell it on eBay or something and you set up for a fraction of the cost to you both before it does not give you a good feeling eBay only is a good feeling when you buy a proto- feather for a high price if they pray the Lord in a one-time a few years ago I bought myself a boat we look at me wondering why did you buy a boat why don't no be the way I tried to explain it I think I had a midlife crisis but only when I was fifty years old this month we forgive fifty but I think I'm unenviable I had one ready that's got to buy a boat who knows what reason at all these dreams of driving his bowl and being that it would accomplish what the Spirit weight portal whatever led by myself about of music twice once in Wales and we took on a use for balance Croatia's of the address extremely user down that a great time it was about program in two thousand and eight four back to England finally got it fixed after five years my uncle was a mechanic fix it when you uncle who the mechanic fixes a fully free you can't push and if you want to think five-year than you think by this money and ethics at the five years it looked very good the above are very good job the engine was nicely and we record it up rebuilt it whatever for playback on eBay the Senate for the same price I bought it both of himself I lower the price by a few hundred pounds boat without a lawyer again by a few hundred pounds both of us up our Lord again by a few hundred pounds both of us up I lower not the half the original price of the hotel I won't even tell you why both before and what I sold a book is too painful for me to fill sites on the thankful to have a very good wife was very patient with me but is also there for me now that I'm out to stop me doing such silly things again needless to say I believe encapsulate a little bit Jesus gave a good comes in with the weblog called us to deny something that is back in order that we can get something good back because of the liberal life of self-denial to deny something what is God calling you to deny today and what you want here at UIC the people talk about sacrifice Jesus gave up something good to get something that my question for you this morning what if the according United to give up in order to get something that's good what is not and never the less in your life this morning that but according to you I know that nevertheless I will give you power to you to give you victory what is holding you down with seemingly unbreakable chains maybe you're struggling with prime so bit.ly of saying that we cloak and hide away definitely high on the was what I want to be the best foregone the people I can be forgone lockable to be the head but failed from the clunky and things like that while those words are true we know in our cell is just pride we just want to be the best roster according to surrender your product maybe it's you I'm patient that God is calling you to surrender today maybe you've always dreamed of being set in Korea in your life and what is according to the latest aside maybes of dream to be a pasta machine is even your dream to be a doctor may be accomplished in the drive you in this world from day to day each day ambition drive your advisory drive to the lack of ambition but you know not yet what have any ambition is made even elected to a position of leadership in the church we do community or your youth group on the only recently been elected to the leadership if you find a nice cock and how do you know seem to do well in life successfully and is filled in with spiritual ambition is to bankrupt anyone a safety lock nevertheless even though I have the the fundamental I want your power in my life to give me heavenly ambition study about the roots of the five endless light without elastic the minimum this morning to five hundred five and there looked at the five and Best Buy we have a bus like the kind of sums up many calculates will we have been looking today moved to the five and verse five what is the cooling you to surrender today what is not according you to submit today Luke chapter five and that's fine the Bible says and Simon answering said unto him Master we have toiled all walked we have toiled all night nevertheless you'll want I will let down the next these effigy that we were up all night we are fishermen we have pointy old all I do with it we have toiled all night need you this morning you feel that a new relationship with God as a struggling with something as you come into view I think this something that you toiled all night against the struggling against him saying the struggling against some vice of suddenly having some addiction addiction holding it down applying is holding you down diction the wasting your outlook outlook and outlook on the Internet addicted the scrolling of Facebook and twitter the incident timeline will run all run over again not because whatever it may be to try and convert medical you want to think about more today I point out all night I have struggled with his big bold on bold and over again I went on you and you want me you still didn't love me point out with this one you want to think this morning nevertheless your will I will let down my neck on the emphasis is on a woman whom I met the emphasis is not well all night the applicant is not your struggle one week one month old one yet wondering if it is not that the man whom we wanted down the more you wanted to go you were one of the complainant on design morning this morning will become cool to go to variously look to make a quick feel comfortable everyone was going to be struggling with some vice holding a distance Christina no one else knows about your family looks at anyone knows about the one that you just enjoy you have some addiction that you are struggling with is that some poison in that you have in your belt by secret sin addiction poison affected what is it going today this morning on new his day on NEDs across I've boiled all night with me nevertheless I want to take your leaving of great power and victory in my life you are all well and I'm informed on DiBella is nevertheless a hill who I blame down my neck is this morning you feel the Holy Spirit bringing about the signs of heaven to hell when they begin with a lower respectively victory times when I wondered on the site naming the specific something likes secrecy going holding down surrendering this morning best of design when it wanted to come to run when you are all the the quickly and some random damage leading almanac for now all in victory over here I'm fine China fishing on the side of one victory over here when victory over Lord grant me the doll had to be closer to cram coming while I closed with a wood frame father in heaven what is the people still come from those who have come towards you know what it may be what it is that those will come forth to the front of a video files are struggling with Lord you know what's holding them down you know what they afraid of will will will will be done but not when the really believing what the powers that will do no one beat people happy only language what secrets to ignore addiction on the hot aptitude that is holding them back Lord I pray this morning units into the next plea of their hot this morning that you would read their thoughts as you know what's best you would see that desire and as they say to you today nevertheless all the items that down my neck into the endless well of your grace and power Brent but we'll week currently touring we pray a meal spirit Lord Tabernacle with this as we go on various ways anything Jesus name we pray this prayer a member of this message was recorded in Key West to twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona Jean Leslie a supporting literacy in the sense that this is just as satisfying on the Bible faith someone questions the downloadable patches other resources like this visit us online at www. 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