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Natasha Dysinger
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Natasha Dysinger

Former President of GYC



  • December 31, 2014
    4:30 PM


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are in this message was sent to you I see some sequencing from Phoenix Arizona other resources like this visit us online at www. USC led him to pay me ten different for so it is my friendliest to introduce the speaker for tonight the toss and networks president of UIC I was just quizzing her a little bit backstage asking her how I should introduce her and she said whatever you do just don't tell them that I'm the boss in it so don't remember that but she did say that she loves her home she loves her family and she loves or friends now were often ask that you are seasoned leadership how do we go about finding leaders of July see attribute is a little bit of insight into the process of the Board of Directors we spent a tremendous amount of time and thought and more importantly prayer about the jet leaders of July see we got together one hundred and select the leader of UIC got up at a normal hour most of us we went down repetitive motions with a breakfast things like that the tosser was out that the rear floor in the morning that same morning on her knees while the Board of Directors was probably sleeping we don't look for people that have qualities of worldly leadership we look for people that have a deep relationship with the creator and that's always selected the tosser to be the president of GUI see and so she went through this process and energy came in the last role what's your vision for young people remember very specifically she said you know there are X number of children sold into select sex slavery every year if Adventist don't do something about that who do we expect you want to read there is an ex- number of people who are dying of hunger in Adventist don't do something about it who do we expect there to do it accept and I was personally inspired by her story and so tonight I get to introduce our president our speaker and someone that has personally inspired me but possibly we happy a interesting tradition that we do at you I see we have a Bible that goes with the president and in this Bible has had the privilege of going to different places and in China actually all around the world the presidents have spoke out of us for opening night and so tonight is my privilege to transition the Bible over to the cost as our president and as I said she has absolutely inspired me and I'm confident she will inspire you and so does the Bible and were thankful in what you listen to and will tell you this is amazing amazing moment for me just even taken after a years worth of planning actually takes more than years worth of playing priests you I see it takes about fourteen months of planning yourself working to fifty months of planning so this conference is that a long time in coming over planning it since before Orlando took place last year two thousand thirteen at the sea all they need in the conference calls all the e-mails all the work at the executive committee and the volunteers ahead puts all much time and effort into this conference are to see actually come to reality right here and right now is a truly amazing experience the all after all the work all the labor comes to nothing if we don't have one thing that's the spirit of God that were speaking this week and this weekend here to Gracie the living God to fall on all of our hearts and success another theme this year because it is it is the very center and that if the cataclysmic moments that take place in the existence of the most precious thing in the universe to me about Jesus Christ attend a prayer and then we will jump into our lifetime this evening heavenly father you know them small you know me I'm just a girl and I'm young you know they are far easier to be up on the mountain behind our home to train than it is to be on the stage Lord not a word that I say tonight can benefit anyone in this room will bring any blessing unless you spirit accompanies me please let me to decrease please increase please lift up your name tonight I pray that your spirit would fall upon me and fall upon all the gears here and everyone that's joining us via three BN lifestream morning pray that all of us Jesus announcing opening ears to hear what she would have for us right beginning at UIC and pray these things in the precious name of our team 's cars women ha ha alright so it's the beginning of July see how can we get the most of it I say first I want to my prayer already but I know how many you would necessarily I miss you send seeing myself with my executive committee in going around planning and whatnot that I am a very major introvert it is not easy for me to be up on a stage it is not easy for me to be a large crowd of people or even smaller people I haven't got it just like enables and empowers and I am so thankful for him and he gives me freedom it gives me peace and besides my God I have an absolutely amazing family I my parents pedigrees and I am what I am because of godly parents he then spent unnumbered hours praying for me and Danielle 's how many days this year my mother has fasted and prayed for me every things like advertising around Jesus going around the house and meal time comes that she doesn't fit down the much mommy eating on me honey and I find out later she was fasting praying for me specifically she's done this over and over again she fasted and prayed to for all of you as well my brother said thin unnumbered hours on numbered hours and have accompanied me to the most wild places to support what is happening here today and last is certainly not least one week ago today on Christmas Eve the most amazing man in the world proposed to me and I said yes so I have this very very glad and very thankful to God that he has blessed me with amazing man that knows how to care for my heart I protect my heart how to lead my heart and husband my heart and you get a chance to say hello to Paul by singer as he is the most amazing in the world and I am so honored that I will someday his wife him so how do we get the most out of what you might see they were right at the beginning of this babysitting through so many plenary so many breakout sessions had to meet gain the most out of bed right from the start I will be talking about tonight I'm pathetic and naming my messages but if I wasn't named to serve it would be called the impossible life impossible life we will get the most out of view I see if we do three things the first is good for honest about ourselves and where we really are Michael says that we ought not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think first of the bronze about ourselves the second is if we recognize that there is something bigger about Christianity than we actually have in our hands right now Christianity is an endless frontier it never stops and there's something more to be attained no matter how lonely business law if you have never given your life to Christ working the done so over and over and over again for years for twenty years or thirty years for forty years however however old the oldest person in I don't know but if we have given ourselves over to God every day there's still an eternity more there something bigger than the Christianity didn't we just have in our hands right now and the third thing that will get the most energy like the years if we are willing to be true to the word of God and who declares Jesus to be what is real Christianity certainly message with two stories of people that are actually currently alive and walking on this planet at least I think they are they were alive as of a few months ago I think you understand what action tell you the stories are not confident of their life right now two separate stories of the fright into that who can tell me where the true Christianity are Christian what's going yeah that's right Antioch in Antioch in Syria is where the term Christian was coined it probably was actually not of a complementary name Christian I notified very etymology of the word Christ I ate at the thought Christian Jesus people essentially that's all I can do is talk about Jesus that Christians in Antioch in Syria was the very center of what Christianity where that in Jerusalem it was at the very center of how Christianity than bread and went all over the world in one generation incredible passion because Christianity is just about enough of the nation of Syria today we had no official Adventist present in Syria not to bother anyone besides me tonight no official presence in the theory of the place where the term Christian was coined it was like the cutting edge of the hotbed of Christianity in today's is no happiness presence there tell you a story tonight becomes in Syria and what it means to be a Christian in Syria today is as of a couple months ago there was a woman can Syria she is a Christian not anachronistic and I said that there is no official presence of Adventism infuriating the entire nation the Christian woman and one B unrest broke out in Syria probably all of us were aware that if we were keeping track of the news she and her husband had been praying for revival for Christianity to be revived the nation of Syria and in the unrest broke out the killing was going rampant and it was the most unbelievably them near him or her labor started coming to them and saying why is this happening why God allowing them think that only was new the favorite Christian one day she was on her knees shortly after the war broke out and she said she was praying that God would make her witness and the only thing she heard back from doctors in the stillness of her heart and honorable life in the stillness of her heart the question she forgotten God with will you give me your life are questioning something quite different infuriating means here when we say here he only did it life we all were not meeting the same thing that means inferior Christians are dying left right and center in very brutal ways when God was saying will you give me your life she prayed about it that they and she said yes I did in my life messages on her knees again she was praying that God would make her a witness to her nation and the only thing she heard that from God was leading to mere husband 's life so that was harder for her she went to her husband they prayed about it together and he said yes Lord can have the husband 's life as well the third day she said she was back on her knees praying that God would make her a witness and the only thing she heard back from God was in the children's lives that was the hardest of all it's occur quite some time she went to her husband the two of them fast and pray together and they agreed that God himself had given them their children it was only right and to later children on the altar for the sake of the Almighty I went to pick up her directly when we agreed to lay our children on the altar this is her writing I knew I had to tell them my children the truth I told them that it was possible that men with swords would come through our door and he didn't know Jesus anything that thing to us and try to force us to convert to Islam but no matter what they say we should not answer them we should only tell them that Jesus loves them and that we forgive them I told him that we might see some blood and have some pain but would only be for a little while that we should just close a rival in the open and be with you that and she says and my good mother to have to tell my children such things I also told them that as long as God wants us to be safe we will be safe that's using control even during the bloodshed during the killing she is carrying our future and then she and by saying this is what he means to be a Christian in Syria what does it mean to be a Christian second-story is a gentleman in Nigeria he was under similar circumstances were on rusted broken out in his region of the country and he was a pastor he was pastoring in the area ministering to people and as many of his church members and underground church business church members were dying he was seeking to minister to them and those that were doing the persecuting realized that he was the pastor of this underground church as I began to target the try to get after him had were not always successful in catching up with him to take his life but it Monday surrounded his home in his life was very sick they knew he was inside but for some reason didn't break in the biggest seats to talk for three days he was unable to get medical help for his wife and she died there in the house he said he was so so poor five by by being there with his wife when she died that she said he couldn't eat for days couldn't eat contingent couldn't sleep I said three his communion with God was unlikely you never experienced before after that he can somehow escape that situation he continued ministering a while later the same people they were persecuting found his brother and they killed him because they bother with the past of the underground church a while later they found his sister they captured her raped her a while later she escaped but she living with the repercussions of that a while later they found his other brother and they also killed him a while later several months later they found his father and they also killed him all because this man would not give up his face in your lightness makes creating and she had some heart your family around to the part he should do something about this that he love it or mother more than me is Christ is not radio me there interviewing him he's still and I don't know if he's alive today than a couple months ago he was alive they asked him how are you holding up to this now your whole family is dead he said any time he counts not his life on earth year into himself any time you said is going to new locations actually Christians he makes a beeline for that location any ministers to the survivors surviving family members efficiency and had been killed they asked him how how you holding up under this strain and he said oh my inner joins constant I surprised my inner joy is constant what in the world how can it be that he has lost everything precious to him on earth what life believing particularly important anymore to him this has suffered the most is the kind of persecution that a person can experience the loss of his entire family because he will not give up his face him somehow through the hardship like to do the killing he is enjoying is constant I tell you they really think we should pray for the persecuted church and I think we should there is no question we should pray for the persecuted church let me tell you persecute your CV prendre event may have something to know and experience might enjoy is not constant no experience joining I think an attack they don't somehow put that Manhattan and I want it I wanted there is something more to Christianity than what we just had in our hands today and when the life of Christ comes down his reaction and response under persecution affliction around since that is not a human response that is the life of Christ living in that man and I want the life of Christ living in me I am tired of futility at UD Christianity because those long and and and and you know living below the life and and and get some ministry just on the side I want a life of Christ lives in me in a way that will shake the world listen the world is dying right now it is an indescribable agony Justin mentioned that this is one of my soapbox is already from the fit again therebetween one hundred and forty three to two hundred and ten million orphans worldwide between a hundred and forty three two two hundred and ten million orphans worldwide this probably does not include street children trafficked children forced child labor or child soldiers twenty to sixty percent of children in all countries of the world are experiencing domestic violence there nearly thirty million slaves in the world today thirty million that is more sleep there were ever a slave and William Wilberforce and Abraham free the slaves in Britain and America mostly on earth today we can we don't have a slave trade we do it is an unbelievable how most of those are sold into the sex trade some of them are being sold for as little as fifty US dollars for life long physical and sexual servitude what is going on in this world to put things in comparison the slingback and Abraham Lincoln Lincoln as they were being sold the purchasing power of in today's currency of five to forty thousand dollars the team another been barred for fifty dollars on the streets the world is in sample in shareable every four seconds another person dies of starvation or hunger related these right now and another and another many assume has never heard the name of Jesus Christ Camilla but closer to home not too far from here they are Native Americans living on reservations they had never heard the name of Jesus year particularly that you actually are living in the developing world conditions with substance abuse and squalor around them people that regularly held about an hour and a half of a reservation in New Mexico and they regularly on that reservation encounter demons it is the everyday life for them coming a little bit closer to home the people that were doing the preconference outreach here at your life you know how many do you know that there are about two hundred and people that came here ahead of time and went door-to-door to hear more about it as we go through July see went door-to-door here in Phoenix industry giving out field everything looks and whatnot month on several occasion encounter people perfectly secular people who have seen demons in their home right here the city of Phoenix will have a problem what is it going to take the life of God is born into eyes again in such a way of the world collides with it the way it collided with Christ what is it going to take the day the world we stopped and take notice of Jesus like it did when he was walking and breathing on the planet turn would mean your Bibles some of your same okay this was indivisible to have bargained for follicular stimulating ever given your life to Christ at all and you say are you telling me the story of you know some guided air joyous constantly when you experiencing the most unbelievable I'm not even are not remotely there is impossible for me to reach before you come to that conclusion let's go through this entire message and with the Word of God has to say to us about the relation relations to questions two twenty but it didn't take for the likes of God to be born into us in such a way that the world collides with it Galatians two twenty I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I let yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God who loves me and gave himself for me to let me and gave himself for me what does it mean to be crucified with Christ him when the North Atlantic he assigned the fifth what does it mean to be crucified with Christ I think that it is mostly methane I think it miserably probably grease can a fundamental of knowing are around you you serving as being presciently most of us would agree that we have to wait on our life to receive true life at this time the Bible time yields a nature we see it in the types and shadows of this the other the family of this and that that got set up in the Old Testament we see in Jesus later in life to receive true life he has eternal life and he was the one of the universal was most willing to die what does it take for us to receive that true most of us was that we can just do it on our own and we just come in thinking I I I want be crucified with Christ that those Christians you know that it are the persecuted church Chris is a leftist science adapted unconscionability I think that if the triumph of the Christian faith that enabled followers to suffer and be strong to submit an death to Concord to be killed all day long and that delicious like a catwalk that felt to pray read my Bible and I'm going to give half my income to seeing the work of God and I'm denied and they do some design work okay no I tried it okay hotshot have a limited check with black-and-white person I love I love the old bullet point concept do this do this do this and then a good process will come out I like that idea but in the Bible when you look at the way Christ died thousands I'm crucified with Christ crucifixion is the one desk you can do yourself a pricing guide view this Terry line of baby could conjure up a death like that if Christ and IP drowning while we begun yourself such as the one that you can't inflict on yourself how would you do it the one arm nailbiting nail you couldn't nail your own feet and the cost is still lying down how could you get the concept in your one arm is still free you can't crucify yourself know that we could crucify ourselves could we ourselves be crucified with Christ defending to have to come from outside of ourselves something that someone else has to do because we cannot just decide to be crucified with Christ and now you know now I have died it's something that has to come from outside of ourselves nothing we can do will work to get us there I cannot be inclined towards I cannot come to repentance I cannot conjure penitents within my own heart I cannot exercise faith or trust on my own I cannot with a science out of it on renewed heart I cannot have my heart be renewed I cannot work out any of this in myself I cannot make it happen it just doesn't it doesn't work and somehow somehow we want to be able to like you know make it happen somehow ourselves because we like you asking if I wanted to happen how can actually make it work it doesn't work that is why Christ Jesus Christ how far Dominica but the beginning of our faith because we can't even conjure the inclination towards and Ivan nonrenewed prior in we have the slightest inkling towards God if we have the slightest desire for the Christ life if we want them to come in renew his joy his triumph his life in our hearts it is proof that Christ is already he has already planted that the fire in our hearts he had Artie given us the longing for something better because we can come up with outlawing herself we can come up with a repentant we can't come up with the present we can come up with even the desire to turn away from the things of the world we can come up with a willingness to deceive it the world is actually it has leaves something to be desired but there's something greater if we had even the slightest inkling towards Christ is proof that Christ himself his party comes at already started renewing our heart and are you starting to draw to himself by his own life and by his own lust and by his own power faith and works of my favorite books on which says this I asked how can I present this matter as it is the Lord Jesus imparts all the powers all the great alternative all the inclination all participated in presenting his righteousness romantic that I living faith which is also the gifted we have a God has done something so complete on our behalf in dying for us on the cross we can conjure something better than what he has already done he has saved he has offered a salvation he has been a mighty work on our behalf we feel that promoted to simplify God-given inclination God works the tenant can I get their attention I give the card and you know how difficult that was the work that God gives the living faith it also gets them got out at the posted of the function wife is not a wise in my life like with like both Christians we were talking about the beginning the challenge because you keep the keep resisting him get back to me if they know races are you going to let your pride down and go make that right this is pure working in our heart liked as that would be so awkward to be so offered to call that person and tell them that you know they didn't speak the truth and so yelled God and right day we resist the drying of the spirit and that's why we're being held back in the work it in the Christian walk by being limited and limiting the holy one of Israel to stop exempting ourselves in the process was not resisting him when he said go make that right but when he says come spend time with me and we feel like doing something different we don't feel like going and having prayer time at that moment I stopped resisting the process it only comes down to one thing testing ourselves you'd use if we don't have the inclination is to produce the deck inclination if we don't have the penitent we have to go to have been taken if we don't have the experience the walk with God if we don't have the knowledge we don't have the power we have to go to Jesus Christ court if we need a surrender forever not willing to surrender it tries end of domestic help us to bring this will eliminate our own choice to be willing to to say yes to him overtrained to do it on our own if it works also says only says this conscientious soul that wants to give their lives to God that but they depend upon their own effort their own watchfulness against temptation they're all there all righteousness in some way this performance a certain duty he said when the go pray to the amount of time to bring them into a right relationship right right relationship with God that such person toil to no purpose there are no victories in that kind of thing I do not want to state that has no victories dependence on Jesus Christ my favorite quote in the spirit of prophecy is actually a couple of words that Jesus said he said John White lean on me lean hard lean on me lean hard if we look at the lives of these Christians and we say look I could never I could never reconnect never reach that level I could never do that than with her beginning to segregate to get a ride we're beginning to understand it is impossible it's an impossible life we can do it and that is like the beginning of when the impossible can begin just as much of it is impossible to have constant joy when that man has been what he has been through it is equally impossible for us to feel repentance right where we are is always a gift of God is never something that we've worked out within ourselves crucified with Christ nevertheless I live I'm crucified with Christ nevertheless I live this is just some martyr thing is vibrant life being hidden to let the Communists took over Romania I've been there was a passage there was also the church had to go underground obviously that point and he was pastoring the church and youth ministering to people and the Communists to get him out to integrate then imprisoned for fourteen years during that time commenting later on it because he he survived to tell the story he said he had been imprisoned for fourteen years he said he had forgotten that there was green or pink or blue his will was great he had forgotten that there was such a thing as trees or mountains or rivers he had never he hadn't seen them for fourteen years he had not seen woman or child he was in prison and tortured on a very consistent basis living on one piece of bread a week just on the verge of starvation and he was in solitary confinement had been for quite some time and one evening he said if he was sitting there in solitary confinement after fourteen years in prison is commonly about it was night I began to feel tired and he said he prayed that night he said at the imprisoned for fourteen years I don't have anyone who can speak to me when you speak with me tonight he said later that I'm in unusual circumstances God will do unusual things is about the only time in his life when asked the God spoke to him that night after fourteen years of being in prison most of those years in solitary confinement with consistent portrait between anything he expected God to give him some kind of reassurance that he was tuning you'll do some kind of encouragement for what he had no with had been through and what not but he said he didn't actually hear some kind of reassuring words the words that he heard were what is your name he said he'd always known all his life his name was Richard but he remembered right then but there was a a Richard backing Great Britain in the early years of the church made a mark for his faith you want to say that his name was Richard because he didn't want not to ask him I like that picture and him him on the Christian but then he remembered that in the early days of the church Christians have been martyred in the streets of Rome right thing early persecutions anyone within the Christian because he didn't want to think of him are you like most Christian is not like it am a pastor many of them in the past this was a watch over their flocks tirelessly day and night he hadn't done that he didn't want to tell God to pastor is anything in that moment what he said was God I have no name allow me to bear your name and that is the essence of Christianity have no name allow me to very joining the righteousness allow me to bear your righteousness I have no penitence Jimmy page and I have nothing on works of righteousness that I can conjure up give me when you have a neat guy I need to renounce my life I want what you have I'm tired of the futility of what the world has to offer I'm tired of the land is seen sort of Christianity on fire and the children dying at three children every ten seconds people every four seconds of starvation I'm tired of thirty million flames being there and just getting back acting like the Bill and Melinda Gates can do more for the world in Jesus Christ can write your name the current Christianity is a miracle no matter where we are in the Christian walk if you have never given your life to Christ or if you had given your life to Christ over and over and over again for forty years it is the same thing right now at the beginning of July see you will always be a miracle humanity to be a Christian a human cannot be a Christian because I feel it cannot be like Christ him to be like himself in our Christ can be like himself in the beginning and you I see if we want to get the most out of it we must lean on him and lean hard we must recognize that Christianity is not something we have to conjure up it is the gift of God into our lives when we lay our lives down give ourselves up which is the gift of God to be able to do that and be willing to accept his work into our own lives alone and when wrap up this evening so we think of these things if God is for us who can be against us even if they are not his own son but delivered him up for us all how will he not also with him freely give us all things before do we believe on him him not to leave on him to lean hard if regarding the list learning about the crop manipulating many things in the breakout if at any time you're tempted to think this is impossible to be able to reach that at that moment they praise the Lord finally my feet on the way to try because Christianity is not a requirement if the promise victory is not something that we have to construct is the byproduct of having a triumphant God living in our lives if you get guys like to get to us want to close by reading the one other life David Livingston have to read this quickly okay because running out of time and impossible life from childhood up an impossible life the work of God all the way through city with David Livingstone listener was born in Blantyre Scotland in eighteen thirteen he was born into a home where his father used to playing on his knee and reading stories of great missionary exploits one particularly called to slap the Dutch missionary who doubled up as a medical missionary to identity just look at Isaiah and that you know daddy when dealing human would-be missionary would be Doctor Winston God David Livingstone in his young life Avenue Cleveland Dayton prayed this prayer Lord send me anywhere only the Whitney Cambridge economy only sustain me some time but I finally to your service and your heart want that I want that anything threw it on the road and got teams meet love I am with you always even to the end of the age he packed his bags and went off to Africa and we took one glance at Africa and the distance from the ship at the enemy chose these words the haunting specter of the snow-covered villages in the morning sun burn into my heart he married a woman of the market family Mary was her name her father had been a great missionary David Livingstone life would like to explore you would move from place to place his only goal was in the lives of men and women finally Vicodin family can keep up with him anymore some of the children were dying of significant features that may want to take them back home you shortly nothing sometimes get too dangerous year so she went back home he continued on his travels and you know what he saw her again five days I pioneered by deflating when he said he got on his life she could not recognize him the one thing his jungle traveling preteen walked into the ranch retreat had completely blinded him in one eye and might be honored if they had been burnt under the applicants onto a critical mother and a son with his thing with things in Florida we had roasted his skin to the point I couldn't handle it any longer and one-time event I left a line it had torn his children he just miraculously escaped when Mary saw her husband again traveling in Berlin Marseille and physical and disfigured for the companion only hours before Livingston arrived back in England they buried by the Livingston we got there because he missed his father 's life keep in mind to tell who's going to hit on him hold him her hand biographical sketches in Houston when David Livingstone wanted to every university in the British Isles students and faculty would buy the piece is standing ovation they knew they were standing in the presence of the giant finally Livingston went back to life Monday the twenty haunting specter of the smoke of a thousand villages is still burning in my heart to go back and read he would go back David and Mary would say that the children because she may could not handle it again level while later may finally join join Livingston against the bases that on African soil that these she contracted a disease of basalt that she would contract a few days later Livingston was burying her in eyewitness said David Livingston Mills by the grade and was leaving his heart out and they overheard and praying my Jesus my King my life my all I can consecrate my life to be I shall place no value in anything I possess for anything I may do accept a relationship kingdom and price service and through it all he said there came the word of God into my heart low and we can only even to the end of the age he packed his belongings and went back to you were nearby there is little honey found someone who played a cruel trick on him installing the medication he so needed because the body was wracked with my bearable pain is one that you time to reflect the rate for himself to God promising he would only be with me I need that medication if I'm to continue to preach the gospel that he prayed he heard steps as the story goes he saw apparently even if it reflected for the first time he was looking into the face of the white men do not live in Africa who said the famous line Doctor Livingstone I presume he suggests I still think when you're welcome you these adopt location of a press reporter can find your story in your life and I want to know two things about me the first I'm the biggest slacker and atheist on the planet please don't try to convert me the second someone sent medication for you to give me medication please Mister Henry M Stanley started to chat with David Livingstone and four months later the biggest slandering atheists on the face of the Earth meltdown African soil and gave his life to Christ he said the power that Christ life was on them I had to buckle in I could not hold out any longer finally Livingston I began to struggle with the high temperatures in the pain he used to carry him from village to village on a stretcher because he could not be could not stand or walk anymore we did he was preaching he was and he was feeling so badly he said to African brothers they take me home and burial I need some sleep they took him back and got been emphatically admitted that he said don't open it my bad I want to help me on my knees I want to bring the claim on his knees and he began to pray this prayer is so profound to say surely God so you need to be active others thought it would be blasphemy to stay in the presence of the single union and communion with God they stepped out of the room something my old Atlantis uneasy Doctor Livingston a fish eye pleasing ring you will then use the means by accepting the things on his knees violated looking again he was on his knees he opened the bag he needs sleep they went overland institutional ikebana one Livingston fell over that he died exactly the way he lived in the presence of the Lord he didn't run from godly feeding labor land had no light he did not result in some earthly pattern the haunting specter of the villages had burned itself with this heart until he could think my team is making my life but all I can consecrate myself to you but we don't like impossible and we only look at it right now is impossible it would be impossible for us was that like it was impossible also for David Livingstone the only way that the power price comes and dwells within us that's why we say here we haven't seen across the cake when anybody says to you at this conference for the noting of recording the back as they were to die and see if it is true we want we want to the Almighty we want to write using what the Jews of the Bible not years of our own invention as he stands ready in willing to pour his life into the heart of anyone will lean on him and Leonhardt and when the life of God is unleashed in his people again the world will take note that does not stand back and say only one every half a century old I live to someone like I live David Livingstone known the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show himself strong in behalf of those whose hearts are perfect words and nothing on the family tonight my fields USENET but the very beginning and keep my feet if you hear something that's impossible for the Lord because of his life in our the only way will be able to live a life that glorifies God if we pour ourselves down and lean on him all him living in a constant value had increased to that and right now lean on him lean hard even if you don't have the inclination if you don't know how asked him to show you and you and you will this weekend the Lord most holy you know how often I try my own strength you know how often how often that amounts utility of Jesus C a preciousness kiss you I see let us see who you are let us see the possibilities of what it means to have Christ dwell in us the hope of glory compost to be willing to renounce the pleasures of birth the pleasures of sin the pleasure of being self-satisfied help us to learn to differentiate between your call drawing us towards repentance versus the condemnation of the enemy all aboard please drive the evil angels away from this place and give us your spirit help us to lean on you sweet Jesus help performing hard please give me that everyone here the experience that these Christians have your eyes are running to and fro throughout this room make our hearts perfect to argue we pray the less account this conference please give us your spirit and this night help us to cast ourselves helpless upon you be our great Savior we love you in Jesus name this message was recorded in Key West twenty fourteen the Arizona USC a supporting legacy of the Seventh-day Adventists S seeks to inspire young and vital faith question of so many Christians to download patches other resources like this business online is done USC but the


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