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From Broken to Breakthrough

Christian Berdahl
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Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry



  • January 1, 2015
    11:00 AM


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are in this message was sent to you I see some sequencing from Phoenix Arizona other resources like this visit us online at www. USC led him to good morning him and thank you young people for that beautiful music amen that is music that glorifies God you know anything about our ministry you know that music is one of my little hot button before we begin I like to have a word of prayer but spray together braces seventy father become before you on these Boutin hearts bound me ask father that you would bless us now as we go through this testimony of how amazing you are f I be lifted up I'll draw all men unto me and so this testimony is not about me father is about you we want to meet you at the foot of the cross this morning so please Lord blesses that the Holy Spirit now in Jesus name and no matter what you have gone through no matter what you are going through and no matter what you will go through if you are the surrendered child of God you will get through it and that's good news morning because I know a lot of us are going through trials and tribulations anybody hear trial laden while only ten of you while really if there's only ten of us having trials they were probably not doing something right in our Christian walk I told brother last night 's and how are you is that I'm blessed but on trial laden music and you must be doing some him whom we come to Jesus when we meet Jesus at the foot of the cross the devil puts his crosshairs on you Eddie hates you because you love God and he hates you because God loves you enough the only reason that the HQ when he wants to do is the diamond to God 's heart anyone is to tear apart and he does that every single time that we surrender to the devil and not price the devil takes a little piece of God 's heart if you will because he's taking each one of us and today I don't want to be that person how about you I want to be the man maybe you want to be the matter of the woman that stands for God even though the heavens fall that is what I want you might say but I'm going through stuff you don't understand Christian ongoing symptoms and things that are so hard right now I can't make it through this with God on your side and you surrendered to him you can make it through I stand here as living proof you can get through a lot of junk and by the time I'm done with this testimony is warning you to see that that's true without God you're right you can't make it through with God you will not maybe not sort of not not maybe someday but today right now with God you can make it through I don't know what it is going through but God knows and that's the one that really needs to know about it amen first Corinthians ten eleven if you have your swords with you you may start wielding them now first rankings ten verse eleven that no temptation taken you but such as is common to man so in other words there's nothing that you're going to go through that some authority hasn't but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able in other words God is so good at helping us through our problems no matter what problem you have he's going to help us through it God is not a full Google will not suffer you to be tempted above that you're able but with the temptation will also make a way to escape that you may be what say about able to bear it so God is saying you can bear the thought of saying that you can get through this then maybe you're the one that's wrong is not set it and I believe it and that settles it for Christian Murdock if we are the surrendered children of God notice is the key phrase there not proclaiming just to be a child of God but it were truly coming about say not my will but your will be done ever truly surrendered then there's power in the word of God for us if you've given your life to Jesus Christ I hope you have if you haven't disappeared great weekend to get on your knees and asked the Lord to do for you what he's done for many of us in this room he'll never allow also a fourth surrendered only given our life to Christ Christ will never allow God will never allow anything to come to us that our measure of faith cannot handle so maybe you have little faith right now will does not send out a balance sheet 's trials that you can handle maybe your faith is grown to go to get some bigger trials in fact friends when you become a Christian trust me you're going to have trials and you can Jesus but don't hold yourself in the thinking that the world doesn't have problems I used to be in the world I was not raised a Christian and so I understand what it's like to be solely in the world and it wasn't trouble-free I had just as many problems but I have no helper but now as a Christian I have an ever present help in Jesus Christ praise the Lord that is so amazing to me that God has given his only begotten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life and while were here on this planet wouldn't have trials and it really becomes a choice is a well I'll be going to big boys and big girls I just say okay organa how trials stop whining and complaining about it and it still slow work in spite of those trials that was a great perfect place for a hearty amen I know you're not awake yet last night was a late-night back a lot of people want to stay up until the stroke of midnight this is a happy new year by the way happy new year in fact I hope and pray that this is the most connected year of your life with Jesus Christ it is a good if you are the most connected in two thousand fifteen figure to be the most successful for God most surrendered the greatest servant than you ever been what an opportunity this is what we clean the slate may be minute I hear them and amass this whole past year Bigelow past decade will today's a new day and today we must choose whom we will serve I want to live my life for Jesus and I know that I can live a life to glorify him because he's promised this and this is only a happen if we mean Jesus Christ across RU daily meeting price that the cross or are you waiting and you're only meeting him all every seventh day doesn't work friends are encouraging the second day Adventists not just the Seventh-day Adventists Revelation twelve eleven Mister and their together Revelation twelve eleven before we read that I just wanted to clear to you because this is a testimonium supposed to give and his testimony my testimony is I believe God can fix me I believe God can save me in fact I believe God can fix this universe what you think I believe God can fix this planet what you think I believe he can fix this church you can fix this people he can fix this guy and he can fix you Revelation twelve eleven and they present referring to the church and they young people and old people and they overcame him was that the devil that's right and the church overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb is that referring to Jesus Christ and we overcome the devil by the blood of the Lamb and by the word out there wants testimony I don't have a testimony Christian yes you do because the over comers have a testimony at the end of time every single one of us and I'm testament to give up mine 's not crazy like yours and will get into the craziness of money just a minute I was raised a Christian home I was raised by a married Christian magnificent children we love the Lord never let the bank is not that fast testimony ever be John a scoundrel and a drunk and doing drugs and you have a testimony Jesus brought me out of it ha ha I had a young management means a community to the world while cyber better testimony I have mercy his rights I said let's back up what you did you just say what I thought you said you realize how scary that is I said brother you're not guaranteed your comment about why because you're making the choice you're in the driver 's seat now unites may stay on the interstate that leads that have been and they overcame him by the blah laminae the word of the testimony and they love their lives unto the death then that is a committed people is that you this morning I met praise the Lord for over the years I have been privileged to go literally around the world now and is seeing and to preach but the thing that I love most is actually give my testimony and as Mark mentioned we are now been releasing a three-hour personal kind edited down more of my testimony with full on interviews with my brothers and Mike my father and my mother it's it's good to be it's already I sit there not editing it I'm just like bawling is obvious it hits me the most but I love to give my testimony because friends this is how part of how we overcome in other words you have to re- testify you don't just testify to a meter you have to testify to people and so for testifying witnessing therefore were laboring for God and they overcame him by the blood of the land the connection to Christ right and they think by the word of their testimony and allow proper lives unto the death that is more to go out for them to share the message of what is done in our lives no matter what happens to us even if we die the worst thing that somebody can do to us his kilts that's all in fact I think my time just jump down only twenty eight minutes I better hurry up I was not always raised a Christian home my mother was sixteen years old when she got pregnant with me my father was eighteen years old but my mother didn't know was that my father had started using prescription drugs stealing it from reticent cabinets when he was only twelve years old and he was a full on daily drinker by the time he was a sophomore in high school and so they to meet up and nine months later here I am my mother finds out she's pregnant one week later they got married sixteen eighteen living on her own married one week later even my conception was a stressful situation I did not come into the world with everybody going to a came into the world with everyone but all in all one of these young kids got to do with this baby unfortunately the stress would be continued in our lives for many years my brother my two brothers were born Aaron and Brandon and my father David was not around to do the things he needed to do he wasn't taking care of us he wasn't that paying the bills and when you're a drunk serious drunk and you are deep in drugs you don't really think you better get up early go to work some other time I was seven years old we had moved thirteen times in house to house even across the country and back is when you don't pay the rent they kick you out my mother finally got tired of all of this and when I was seven years old she said you know what I I can't handle this anymore I can't have you not coming home and not paying the bills and taking care of the family and on coming home one night from a party he was drunk and swarming all over the road and my mother same pullover pullover were all in the car with them and he will not pullover jerseys just blitzed and finally they get home we'll get home safely and she says it's over I'm divorcing just seven years old and my brothers work off for and to relapse my mother had to start her life over she had to get a job and she had to start working in the world and so she put us in day care and a very traumatic event happened after my dad had left a pixels one date were leaving and so they told us that their divorcing one of my earliest memories with my dad was in the foyer of my aunts house and I was standing there and I was holding his ankles and you literally had to peel me off of his ankles as he walked out of our life newbie in and out kind of for a while and eventually just disappear totally for twenty something years my mother gets a new job she put some daycare and at daycare when the most dramatic events happen in my life the babysitter 's oldest son was molesting about six of us little boys each day as we went down for nap time and that went on for some time and I remember this being one of the biggest secrets that I kept rubbing the first big secret that I kept and I didn't tell anybody in fact I didn't even tell my mother until I was an adult I wish I would've told somebody I wish I would've even even if I was in my teens it would've been healthy for me to tell some of you to talk it out and someone he has done something to you sexually are inappropriately friends you need to go talk to somebody you I do not want to keep this secret anymore in our homes and in the church and in the conferences ever having issues we need to talk it out because of we don't it's going to ruin you trust me I was messed up for a lot of years it is never okay for someone to make a sexual advance on you until you are married and is that marriage not as men and so my mother didn't know this I tell her one as an adult bankruptcy discharge break announcer cried I was noticed that something because friends I don't know how many other children happen to him I live with that not just for us to save and help us it could be to protect someone else it's a good thing to talk to talk to some of you trust talk to Samina has some tools that can help you my mother got remarried about a year later she got remarried and unfortunately this man turned out to be our worst nightmare this man he was from the day one he was very heavy-handed he was authoritarian he took over the discipline and is very heavy-handed and an unfortunately this this heavy handedness turned into outright criminal abuse and he was abusing all of us all three of us boys and my mother mentally emotionally physically and these days that he would play or just horrific anyway you just twist our little minds and I was referred to as a customer to my brothers had another customer that was their names and we were just these horrible little creatures in his eyes and this went on and on and on pretending years until I was a sophomore in high school I've been with I've been beaten I've been tied up I was it so hard in the head after a long day of stacking firewood in cutting firewood I got hit in the head so hard I am at a grand mal seizure wound up in the hospital so not just talking and bowling were talking the real deal I started this message by saying what you're going through you get to annoy the message is entitled from broken to break through the break is coming in man so unfortunately we boys became very violent I was terrible to my brothers I would just be a mop and they would try to beat me back when I was the bigger brother than they grew up in Pasadena became like freight trains unlike a nevermind but the reality was my Sahara I still have the mental edge the right so they said that they stood in line I say basically can survey whatever you criticize and while I stood in line twice for brains and you guys did in line twice for muscles against and so what happens is my mom remarries this guy is very abusive we go through this for ten years and I got to the point to where I started fantasizing about killing myself I did attempt to take my life one time I have started to to reveal that my brother rest of the night out of my hand it was just a mess work violent kids living in a violent home and we were lying to everybody acting like everything was okay it was a shoes the song another secret we have to keep act like everything 's okay when it's an absolute mess my mom was being beaten over and over and over again she got the worst certain kinds closed as to cover the bruising on her body he never hit my body that lets of is within your switching the art with a belt or whatever but he would hit our heads and he would grab her hair just shake us currently like this like little ragdoll and there many times I don't know how many but many times I would wake up laying there in the hall know what just happened is that I be blacked out and so I don't want to glorify the devil anymore I just want to tell you we had a bad situation my mother finally put a plan together I don't know house you will do but I want to child protective services at my high school and before you know it I got a plan I sit down with my mom Dan I think I've been talking to people at school and the beatings about his stop in archetypes what's one more parent I had an solitaire suitability within Matt Ellis aikido telling in this life my knees smote one to the other you know and I was the gun Lord Lord I didn't cry out to God I wish I would've but nobody ever talked to me about Jesus Christ I never knew anything about it in America to not know anything about Jesus that almost astounds me but I'm one of those guys and I'm here today that's amazing so basically what happens is that we leave my mom it's a plan of escape and we get out of there without a police standby got all the guns and ammunition outhouse because this guy was a little and we didn't want anything tragic to happen and so we escaped his God we got our back we mistakenly moved to a new little town they called load I California and is unfair I just reinvent myself so you know I'm just not that another a deal with this define me I can Cialis works but for some reason I just went forward I didn't care about all the abuse had a terrible about the molestations by similar stations because when my dad when I was ten years old my ten -year-old birthday I had my first beer with him and he had written printed some pornographic movies that night and we built three little boy sat there watching pornographic movies why because the guy was out of his mind drunken on drugs and that night he molested me and my middle brother friends tribulations I get Jesus Christ frees God for him and he can get us through anything and so as I go forward to this new high school like I get involved in theater arts I sorted to re-create myself and so I got involved era I got up a lead role my first play was singing dancing and acting and in the creativity just design first out of me for being so oppressed is yes I didn't even know what to do with the freedom totally we were so controlled by this man but now all of a sudden I'm free and I just I didn't tell anybody about my past we dislike because my mom got a divorce that's all ever told anybody my brothers decided to go down the path of their bother drugs and alcohol both of them my youngest brother Brandon starts drinking and doing drugs when he is twelve years old my middle brother fourteen when they started when he started eventually their lives would spin out of control my file that was in and out of our lives of each as he delved deeper into his addiction and enforce me would have those blacked out kind of weekends and that was one of the weekends where he did what he did to us so I began doing crazy things to try to basically discover hurt myself at certain points I would go forward with this new kind of guy but other times I would I was just still like this track kind of guide was going on in my mind I didn't understand what was going on my emotions but it is but I just kind of put it away talk to the way Bush again said ion crisper really on the inside it was a mess somehow someway I was able to navigate to my high school years and unfortunately my brothers did navigate very well by the time my brother was in his my youngest brother was in his sophomore year he was a renowned drug rehab my parents paying for him to get in there my mom estate parents and my mom remarried to the third guy but he was a gym and he is a gym and they been married now for over twenty years praise God third times a charm essay eventually I get involved deeper deeper into theater and I go through high school win awards at a theater arts competitions and earning these lead roles and I enjoying what's going on and then finally I graduate high school and I go off to junior college and then I started studying comedic my dream was to go into TV production and so eventually as I dropped off the theater I didn't get into Bob Buell Theatre which is not a fun and I also got into a professional theater for a while and I was going to school doing theater and had a full-time job during the same time you know when I slept at the back I don't house a possible forty five now go I could never do that but I was able to do it when I was twenty Simmons led dropped off the theater and I delve deeper into production I started a company with two other friends and week we built three different companies three different businesses that we were wildly successful it was going great at twenty four years old I eventually discovered that one of my business partners no one had left one of my business partners had embezzled our company into the ground so at twenty four years old I lose everything everything everything I worked so hard for lost my business with thirty two employees I was making money not like millions of dollars but I was on my way and I lost it all and then God gets a hold of my heart Festival I generally advances I got fifteen minutes left Lord have mercy so I think I'm on page two of twenty years of my death the sixth this vital if if you want go on a website in March and you be a last testimony or you can pick up your own and watch it in your home so anyway what happens is I lose everything I get deeper I have six-figure bankruptcy and might not know my credit is ruined on sailing all the programming of how ideas failure and how I was a lose all that came back alive in my mind and I had all these emotional things going on it was just a mess yet I decided to get back into TV production that by this time I had only worked in production and I was continue to grow my skills as it had started off with a tape operator with the cameraman into a director and a producer and writer only forty four years old and I was loving so I decided you know I'm not to let that hold me down I'm going forward so I went forward to study sheer tenacity even know I had a rough terrible childhood it didn't strengthen me it did give me a thicker skin as I understand before so I went forward and I was trying to rebuild my life I get a phone call from a producer is a Christian I got a job it's four days long and I would like to see if you want to take this to be director will be some camera people here's what it pays you want the job it's insured and he said I said what is it citizen can't meaning as it was at that meeting is at an all meeting about camping I said right I grew up camping awesome so I took the job and I find myself going to bring festival grounds and Mona California looking for this guy named Danny Vieira and Danny was running Vista meeting as I show up as motorhomes go camping right this tends camping ladies and impresses with hiking boots and a weird but camping right title it is a major fashion violations the Lord has the real me and really and come back racing from the other goes like they need Danny and he tells me as I episode it were here for you know your cat meeting and would working be set up and talk about cameras maybe camera angles and and I said you need like a hand-held camera camcorder you know and stuff I got for your remote demonstrations or something and he says what will you when talking about something like the needle dental high-altitude cook stoves or something in a music channel on now these are religious meetings that people can have my production career is this low now and so I think therefore for a in all these different previous apartment on America and prophecy and Jesus Christ on a monthly and and I literally started to see Jesus through the eye of the camera and I see Daniel and I don't have enough time to get in all this but he that is not God tags got a beautiful family thought about that that I is a good way Paul's Daniel Paulson unlike Paul six three public there's vampires in the Bible what I do resent and it is a know it and I finally figure out a farmhouse foods anyway my brain was just being less than twelve minutes Danny and I began a little bit of friendship eventually I meet this young lady named Kobe Kobe 's more married to today which is really exciting my face always lights up when I say her name or think about her other members at a distinct coping the anyway I wind up moving to Santa Barbara to go to film school and so I got involved with high-end production there working for Nickelodeon TBS and ESPN personal sports and all kinds of things commercial production and Mike my resume just started rolling and I decided not to go to film school because we had to move away events is America's I got LB pregnant starting to follow little bit my mom 's footsteps and unfortunately lost the baby at five months and that was very dramatic for my dear wife and week we moved to be closer to her family in Arizona and I could not find a job production long story short I find myself going back up to California and I had an overwhelming desire to go see my friend Danny Pierre and he's a guy run the campaign right one he runs a ministry and sourcing the window hey man I think we know that enjoys coming to me kiss on the cheek of the and what of it so I don't mind it now but you cannot get it right the Bible talks about greeting one another with that of the holy kiss Roy anyway with three days later like you were talking I can't a little story but we we wind up coming to an agreement for me to work out his ministry ceiling guy working for a something of his history because I could use in production I can do some office work and I can do some design in that something had really is a guy like you and I was set up in my life everything is not going right and finally I go to work for God that God works miracles coming I've been separated for about six months now she still in Arizona puts it back together and I got to eventually lead I came to Christ Danny led me to Christ through the Bible the spirit of prophecy the back I see the crazy polls I is the one of ice with me in the cool is awesome I love you brother and so eventually Kobe and I are now on the phone talking I'm witnessing there her eyes filled up with the Bible the spirit of prophecy sets of Christ desire pages radically changed my life and so I started witnessing to her before you know it he brings God brings her back into my life and we she sets the truth we studied out she gives her heart to Jesus I got the lead the woman that would become my life to Jesus Christ as amazing and got started performing surgery on my heart and you change so much my thinking asserted helped me with all these emotions and are always emotional baggage that started coming off of my shoulders I became more free I was free geographically before when we moved but now is starting to come freed spiritually and freedom motion we actually saw a difference and she wanted what I had a whole of crisis Jesus Idol season is not looking for what is real and is tangible he really helps if you like this is awesome I wanted to before you know were married guess who married us the crazy guy so the joke is he led me to Christ he baptized me he married me we hope he doesn't bury me but I needed a miracle friends I need huge miracles my brothers were spinning off into drugs and alcohol deeper than ever before my biological father is nowhere to be found in January was nothing to do in my life and he was just gone I needed a new heart and I found Ezekiel thirty six twenty six a new heart will I give you in a new spirit will I put within you and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh and I will give you a heart of flesh not maybe you don't don't okay sleaze give me a new heart no music done I will give you a new heart now and I will mold and shape you for the rest of your life thank you Lord may I have another song money one four and he shall cover thee with his feathers and under his wings wings out of trust in his truth shall be thy shield and buckler when some twenty seven ten when my father and my mother forsake me and they had the Lord take me up it's amazing I finally discover I have a father in heaven doesn't want to molest me who doesn't want to be me but has every awesome possibility in store for me amazing so I had gone through certain things that I had a bondage wife that I it took a while to to overcome other things really fell off pretty quickly in some wrong thinking that they know was hardest for me was the forgiveness truly forgive people eloquently think that if years really got to be a son of Jesus and a child if you have to forgive everybody have become forgiven completely I can understand what that meant for a long time so basically I did develop my mom had a lot of resentment buildup and she kept us in that horrible situation for almost ten years and we sat down we had our crime we headed out and an you know I'm very close with my mom closer than ever been we have a beautiful relationship a man but an end I also forgave her and I also predict my evil stepfather when I was being is enduring is down for that decade and I for gave him God finally brought me to another and took longer God brought me to a place where I honestly forget Batman because God gave us something very special he wants to give it you do a different perspective of things it wants you to see them through his holy eyes their fallen children making bad decisions and is impacting other people that was my life it doesn't excuse what happened don't misunderstand me but it does explain you understand doesn't excuse it but it explains it and God gave me forgiveness for my biological father that was actually the hardest one for me and after he got clean and sober which is been clean and sober now for twenty years he's still not in my life for that twenty years what's wrong here now your silver right-thinking but now the guilt of all of his decision the guilt of everything that he had done this is controlling him and seasonal press by this sum is out of my life for a long time eventually I do forgive them completely Margaret is similar I given to you my brothers start to come to the Lord Brandon finds sobriety eight years ago he's now married he's now a Christian and he's given his heart to Jesus Christ and now he goes back in the prisons that they both my brothers got involved in drug manufacturing drug trafficking and prison so my brother Brandon of those back into the prison witnessing to those whom he was once like brother Aaron Tron trafficking prison three different prison term he winds up finding Jesus one day by the lake with seven oh seven and you have a little seven minute loop and you can see the interviews of my mom and my brothers I just can't watch it would have an icon constant loop all weekend it's it's so powerful what God has done not only in my life out of me my wife's life and my children's life but also in my brother 's life in my mothers like God is like good with viewing and fixing everybody by the way so now my brother you'll see it is when a black cat this is just OTC soldiers of the cross he ride his Harley Davidson McGowan and eight witnessed inner-city kids about drugs and also if that is so awesome how God will use any one of us do you want to be used by God and simply surrendered similar not my will but your will be done my mother continues to grow and seat suffers from many years of my brothers but she starts working with Salvation Army in a battered woman's shelter you see all of these things in our lives yes they were horrible but with God they can all be used on was going on your life but God does I don't let the devil have you another moment so I worked with Danny for two half years there learned health message loved it embrace it learned that said that business from there we went to another ministry ended TV broadcasting and evangelistic broadcasting for many years there and they guy calls out to start her own ministry don't have time to get in all that God calls to ministry of singing of preaching and a good media production this three things I probably love most in this world and God does want to get ministry just like that what is it that you love to do it is something done work with humility surrendered to him and so eventually God works miracles in my father 's life my biological father 's life and as we were getting ready to go out to California in the summer to go videotape and interview all of my family members I get a phone call and my my father-in-law works in the ministry was with us and he says that Christians disagree on the phone he says he knows you like him or what is I don't know what he said his name is sorry what he wants talkies is very important that they cannot because I Christian its dad and I my heart skipped a beat friends I went below to what you call this is because I'm ready you ready is every time ago Jim over and over and over and said friends listen to me I would go to you over and over and over again and he would say I'm not ready notices on ready and we start talking and then I fly him out to meet us because this man is converted never found Jesus Christ himself and know what the relationship of those three boys and so I fly out to California and I interview I said in an almost twenty years I was sitting a talking face-to-face interviewing a you can see it is that is required on the video at this dog is amazing at the same people all my will at least be fixed have got to do this for my family friends taken you are you I am living proof I am living proof that God is alive and well none of this would've been possible if I had not met Jesus across any overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of the testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death from broken breaks this is my test in this message was according to Key West in twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting this evening the Seventh-day Adventists and seeks the spying on the Bible faith and so when I download patches and other resources like to visit us online at www. 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