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Get Off the Couch and Do Something

David Caukill
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David Caukill hails from Australia and Asia. He is a keen human rights activist passionate about freedom for childslaves--especially those who are sexually exploited. He has worked in the non-profit sector for 15 years; mostly withICC Australia, where he and his wife, Esther, cherish the opportunity to fight poverty face-to-face each day. In hisfree time, he likes to work in his gardens and orchard in the mountains of Victoria, Australia. He and his wife have four amazing grown children that are a constant blessing in their lives and one gorgeous grandson. Although work itineraries keep them away from home for eight months a year, he and his wife make time each day for worship and running. They thank God each day for the ability to work in His service.



  • January 3, 2015
    2:00 PM


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are you are in this message was sent to you I see some sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. MySQL midafternoon this is the part of July see where you get to an Israeli and is my pleasure to be here with you this afternoon I even have a great Sabbath that's good minutes earlier it's a tradition on Sabbath afternoon satellite activities targeting of phenomena do not have the next fifty minutes if I see anyone is having a little season essay and then wake you up my wife and I work with children of light of the world but you know we have a wee house for my right shoulder low grown up and we account about that and the next stage is very nice and the highly emptiness that empty nest financially that are in come tapping is relying every week it's lovely that we work with some of the poorest children in the southeast Asia region countries like Philippines until unfair I Cambodia grammar and Thailand's some beautiful kids and I just put a few of them up on the screen as I wanted to say hello what do I see they couldn't make it themselves they can get from way back if you want but it's a case you're embarrassed I want to tell you a story because you see you you have to forgive my lack of eloquence I'm not a another pasta I didn't go to theology school in fact I failed school at U nine said I'll do the best that I can today but I'll tell you some stories at least and I'd like to take you on a little Jenny some time ago I was on the river in India the Ganges River and I was taking a trip to have a look at a place called the house of death and as I was growing down with my boatman down this river I was able to see just this incredible side of people washing bathing rinsing drinking the water begins if there is pretty dirty it's them it's got floating on top of it and it's brown you know it looks like a chocolate milkshake or caramel milkshake from McDonald's it's a mistake that I came to the house of death are quite interesting place and you can see there on the screen this building Seo left it looks a bit skewed because you know I got on the very good with the camera but this is a place where devout Hindus come to die and they believe that there is meritorious favor and dying by the Ganges River at the house of death where they believe that they will receive a special dispensation to a tendency if they can die in this disgraceful looking building and their bodies burned by the Ganges and the asked front out into the river they believe that there is merit but there is a downside to this rather naïve and twisted theology and that is that some of these people unfortunately don't die quick enough and that taken out of the house of death and left in the street to die because someone else is more open to dying quicker and said there abandoned in this day that I was in a I was with some friends and we went to the sisters of Charity hospice that takes care of these four people these eight will mostly strengthen the suffering in terrible pain and then left the dive it was one lady who writes at the ignoring of her head because she had been left in the gutter was unable to move on I spoke with this lady from that the charity unknown spoke perfect English and I asked if I said why did you do this job with absolute pronouns that profound theological eloquence she said I must preface this by saying that the sisters of Charity hospice is the building almost as growth he is the house of death it doesn't have electricity I have this old I indoor that creaks as you walk inside into the docking ring my these old people lay on pallets and stretches on the floor and she said with such eloquence where else would I want to be I get to hold these people in my 's and in their last dying moments I get to share with them the love of the Savior Jesus Christ you know this reminded me of experiences but it reminded me of my I haven't been to the house of death on the inside but it comes with time you come to a place sometimes and yet in life where you feel you may get the house of death you wonder where to from here and I do same day I looked into the eyes of these children just for kids needing something needing food needing shelter that were living in little hots with the snake of sticks with cloths and tarpaulins across the top of them and it took me back to a time in my life where I would like that but where I made a choice I would do all that I could to help children like this let me share with you some testimonial time that was the last talk I drive I drive five million kilometers in the end of the trucks from one side of his family to the other for seventeen years that would be like driving from Phoenix to Maine every week there and back nine thousand diggs hundred kilometers every week on and how many miles is about five and half a six thousand model things and it was during that time that I met this gentleman he was very nice man and he said to me David he said to them let me tell you about Jesus Christ and I felt on one of these religious and not I wasn't religious at all and I was in this little tiny little tiny town we call it one most town yelling that uneven levels of run away with sensible and it was my friend that he was the he was the local everything sick sick man and I would then we were chatting Everett C about whatever it wasn't and he was telling me about a method and an article he read in a magazine co-op stock and barrel some shoot them up cowboy magazine and that the article was about the New World order that I knew nothing about and he was telling me about all in the future you might have to change on your fridge because Froot Loops are going to come and steal you so you know this is the time of the New World order 's open me weird and dangerous and that I am just making a way to myself and in the men's crazy and then this guy sits me you will not get through the future unless you have Jesus Christ in your life while I was very patient and I was I showed the respect of this man who was at least twentieth held in the Mason is not and I listen nothing for a talk believe me he told the talk of reality in our pages the other sorry I I learned so much in every out that I forgot at home in the next as they minute but anyway the heat he was a very interesting chapter many things also some interesting places I was inside that but anyway at once getting that hungry so I will be crossed to the take away feet like to get some sleep and any follows making wouldn't give me grace and so we walking across and I got my normal lunch which was probable account remember but it would've been at least one hamburger or a sausage roll or something like that on some content and ice cream and chocolate bar and and anything he said you don't need to worry about a lot of stuff in the future then you will loan because you run a live long enough we sat on the outlook for my flight at any age his latest health message in a I was very thankful for that man because you know about fifteen minutes often I left that little one holds town I was driving in my truck and I felt this incredible conviction to what he had in his life I needed in my in last it was really a website simple this man in we had a lot decided that he had a lot of interesting things and he talked about Jesus I also might send so I I driving suppressed a remaining six array any and any way EI I got to I don't see the to the office at the site dispatch yada and I said that so that the secretary has said all he is Maya in a he is my manifest with all my paperwork and abide away I cannot if her company is a set of wide awake I just become a Christian awesome to be wanted I assume that Venice and she said no I'm one to you know what the first thing that I thought all was not a fool with both the lead Venice why didn't you tell me to give the what you told me yesterday that you know what exists is that why this is an idea is an appeal to challenge you grabbing some first free people let you know that your friends with you you are more evenly might believe it my thinking is coming soon because she did not thought about that many times when the opportunity comes up you to shed Jesus Christ and his silence don't hold back this crazy truck drivers like me out and it needs to hear and so she sits in May would you like to get relief rally tomorrow while I said yes Joe I guess etc. violently working so well she says only the truck stop I'll pick you up we'll go together and in the morning at my I put on my best clothes which was a pair of old blue shorts and a blue singlet you know not this thirty dollars date of the governor chief marketing Cambodia and I hate these things until we walked anyway and she comes in this old clapped out rusty mess of the sixty seats and he's got two sons in the back company pimples and spots from the much pizza and I think to myself I'm not going to be huge rally because look at the car it's not known when anything can look at the use of benefiting a ram without it what you probably was using and that instead week we are than I think no I did promise so I am going and so we got Linda we arrive at this talk in the middle of the middle of the mountains and when I discovered that a youth rally is a religious congregation as a preacher and on us that when we pulled up in the top part where the Los Angeles Times the Mohawk runs in a anyway I was learning but it was a case that is another thing that happened as well I had a problem him was because I just become a Seventh-day Adventist and I just told your eligibility and I used to drive a lot of miles every week you just taken one seventh of my working week why don't you need to provide a way out from a because I can't physically do that many miles in that sort of time and I needed to get away from the seventh art a lot of financial commitments these trucks don't come cheap and I was the hearing date I needed this work so I prayed for two days as I drove along I did other things as well only say something don't tell anyone about this but anyway I went cerebral is drawing by three comics anyway if that's right right in Australia Missouri and them honestly I've only ever Wednesday people of the writing it wasn't my fault and so I started reading the Bible instead of reading comics and then how is I was reading and I got to this place about Joseph and he meets his brothers I'm reaching for tissue admire you and I wasn't driving along this is an amazing story from reading him nowhere yet Stossel started at Genesis when I got see the dispatch office on the other side of the country at a diner half light up and I went in the office of the morning that it's been playing about this for two weeks I'm wondering what was Mangini was like the young emboss this and that makes show that US interview with TV truck breathing consists frightening to get their files and so I went in the office and he and I said I need to scroll any suitable beverage glasses he gave me that look as if the site you can crash the truck you and I said I said them lookout become a Christian art it also fell at wrong been rehearsing this with the guys enough and it is at all become one of us in that for working women found that some products is the new religion I even took off his glasses and a ten grams of fights Manny said David he said you need some religion in your life you cannot set a grandson that he wanted and did I want I was so thankful it out I didn't even check the speed limit without driving them the free welcome Claritin on an ongoing and then that's when my Christian experience really began having read the Bible and I didn't like someone gave me another book as well take Johnson profits on that ahead of such things and and then it was a good book to my lips to read that was drawn about the big print version and then I didn't know it was a serious sort of the whole series and I read it was so good I read it again it was great and then a line of thought there's other people that must be like me that want to hear this good news of what we don't find them so this was the pre- Google days you guys are the fine program and I wanted to find the busiest place in my Heinz cc which is Melvin the best place to be in Australia and it was the number ninety six tram stop in Pitt Street Mall in the city center so I decided us from going on Saturday afternoon I might spend our life activity but I'm going to talk with you fight so I woke up to the tram stop but before anyone could say now if I get I hate argument that we do in this very good I hate you doing an outside antenna sound guys and I want to share with you that Jesus Christ before I can say now I think what imminent white majority of the first many things I know I'd tell him a little bit not much just simple stuff tonight and that amount say uncles if you read you can recount units a year show undertaken that say thank you that you remember what I told it down but I remember about a book down the tram stop that from the time of the end Google rushing to get on the chunk of the him best as I think you forget none of me remember anyway went just thought you got a spot where the people are right anyway we had a chapter in the time it was good tonight please together again and that we weren't mad at night that's another good Australian expression and the freedom is sometimes for as we went down we talk to twenty one and a half thousand people I for a few years time it was a great experience we got very professional at this what Lisa do we take a little table and put a few other things on there as well and then would we do brings a crab instead render the subtitle and off to ten questions and withdrawal crowd amended with the United Internet and then put it was still I felt maybe honest with you on the front with you I still felt it was something incredibly good about what we were doing that I was missing something very very important it was to me what appeared to be in a holistic part of the gospel message what a cool day yet the hands and feet the dirt under the fingernails but doing it I debate where I feel more comfortable when it have to wear a coat article my sleeves up in island and get in and do stuff I'm I met United truckdriver farming background I like to see stuff with my hands and I wanted to do something you know not just preaching talking all the time you have been so wet so let me let me take you on a little bit of Virginia federal authority a few more stories by Kate is where you need to listen because now we would have to fund it this is now the serious threat let me tell you there are twelve million children and slaves against their will today this date while we here in Phoenix many of them the prostitution this is real this is how it is and this is today children are not fissile another Christian as a father and as someone I know who has seen these children and worked with them for so long I can tell you when you looking to the eyes of a child that is held in bondage and they feel to you even if I cannot speak the language that I will appeal CU gun you turn away and say no and do nothing you have missed the most momentous opportunity of your life to share the gospel message of the living testimony to this child we have to do something we cannot just look and look away what would Jesus do a simple look in the Bible lends it a good was still letting above is free honest people here seek justice at a press defend the cause of the alternate site for the rights of the regard did you notice off the name when he came to the plenary session that you'll break seeking help in defending and fighting there was a time in England which is my best country where there was a great man William Wilberforce you might have seen they could write maybe amazing Grace came out a few years ago William Wilberforce was a great statesman of that with a great man that stood up for the rights of people and he him along with his friends they began a process which took many years seventeen years help to free slaves in a polish on the other side of the Atlantic the disgraceful trade of slavery finally it came about it was a man that start out in the face of political correctness and said this is wrong the Bible today speaks volumes it tells us what pure religion is a tells us about emancipation it tells us about freedom and what it means to bring freedom to others Renoir was even the thought of going off from his mother means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles and refuse to let the will corrupted there on the Narita backwards if you are being corrupted by the will that is because you don't carry for the orphans and widows and you don't have your religion the father like you like and that way because that's how it really is freedom it does come with a price look at this freedom this is freedom on the face of the child that was suffering the indignity of slavery the Bible tells us in Isaiah remove the chains of oppression in the heads of injustice let the oppressed go free share your food with the hungry when I bring a high instead a harmless for give your close to those that do nothing somewhere and do not refuse to help you Ryan it's very clear very clean they could be no argument that could be no misunderstanding of what I say were assigned to us as a certain desire for justice Jesus shed it should we can do it we need a new William will before sin no century to century figure he stood up where is the where is the the new man in a standoff this lady have fifteen children when I met her that her oldest is fourteen years old she was this pregnant with her second FS was on around fifteen to him head-on ten deaths and one family why extreme poverty this is one of after this season administers the one amount owed same face in another country this is a time to get a cooking pot that's critical that the bed the two children are iron younger this kind of strike some way pertaining for the photograph and she lives in destitution and she lives in poverty and children were malnourished pseudonymous refeeding program where they came along the free healthy nutritious meals a week one of them happens to be on a Saturday morning special dice that I've and because it was on Saturday morning we thought we death do some fun stuff for the kids and started a BBS program because that's what you don't set I did not and the mothers were involved in this program as well they go to work number of shifts through the week in the community gone which we provide in a grocery and they couldn't get themselves for narrowing children after wildly children are no longer hungry and malnourished and when these children get sick from the municipal health nurses being healthy the moms can apply for micro line of today let me tell you Sonia our friends as not just a happy mom but have faith in humanity and then head on our guard has changed I'll introduce you of this that you may or may not read before micro finance is an incredible concept and it's right here in Scripture if there are any foreign yachts hands and I'll be ha ha to the I told them instead be generous in letting them what they needed to say given Fed lend that the new concept is that we lens I say micro finance women small amounts of money hundred and twenty dollars at a time and I've been appear that we've been working on we now have thousands of micro- finance clients we have used this as a bridge into communities that we would never otherwise be able to go and I can tell you that we with our women we are speaking the words of Christ to the men in the mosques of pots of this world because the doors of the night women in the Philippines we have the only shower your approved micro- finance programming the whole country and we have brought with welcome open 's to work and impoverished communities where Islam is the state 's acquired religion Jesus will find ways for us to work to share his word if it is will work with them in partnership alternate communities recently see them that are ravaged by typhoons and many of you would have remembered only a year ago the super typhoon that hit the Philippines when your house is made of sticks and stroll a typhoon will rip it's a thesis hurricanes typhoons sidelines they just say destructive and we found that we have this beautiful is beautiful mother her name is Anna and Anna a Muslim lady was struggling to cross the river with a little child to get to safety a house was demolished he lost everything the religious talk hall on a way and she was left destitute hardly even with the clothes on my back unsettling him for a child in an instant her life was just as all the possessions which is flushed away she came desperate for how we started a program out stuff baseline seven discover the needs in the community people may need clean water there were diseases which are endemic they need a food they needed shelter had lost everything we gave free we opened our -esque school flight of Earth 's opening your heart and to the heart must pull we happened at schools and Anaheim's where we have so many other children we squeeze these families in the blood lost everything and had nothing in either funny guards that even brought their dogs with Emily went to accommodate adult statement I came in the school classroom and and I brought my cooking talk tonight we would give them some rice and they would cook it up but it was okay we were helping them I was at this time that many of their data the families in the community got together and they came to his United instead we need help but we want to help ourselves what can we do with you to fix the situation so we cannot housing and so very generous people back in my country they write some money and we were able to provide housing kits and one representative from every single family came and they worked and I have to do a minimum house of work and for that I would get a housing can it was valued at two hundred and twenty dollars out some lumber and some nihilism hammer and a few bits and pieces and some items for the roof and they could rebuild their lives again and have a place to sleep safely say these ladies came to work now this grandma came along she's pretty cute I hear that the and she you know how to write your for dating you know I'm talking about she can have a quarter acre day to sixty four sixty five years old and she said to me I have just write to my grandchildren there is no one else to look for them I'm fit and strong but I have no you must help me anyway I said I get a rifle get you started IBM I said you mind if I take your sites across and see she started smiled then she thought about Smoltz but I think and it was a little embarrassing moment for and I'd was trying out the love and active underachievement and then stop laughing and I said to a fifty minus five put your site on Facebook and see what I think you got a face like a book but anyway it was okay it was a Canadian teamwork since you were taught into God there was another lady and in seeing her husband was working away and it's it's talking destroyed that position since he had some children and they would think and she had no one and she was struggling in season I can't come up go to look off them I think children with the Dead Sea caves you have a buffalo in and said the Buffalo came to work for five days in place of head on we reckon that the barfly would clarify the matter anyway and so you know but that the deal was that they helped themselves that he was a community they wanted to help themselves to get out of poverty and the day when the lumber arrived in the building materials arrived there was so happy because they had done the work themselves we had just provided the equipment I have volunteer program and you may not know it but you need to know when I'll share with you at the end that we have an amazing volunteer program and with so many volunteers that came from Australia sorry it was not from the US that we can change that and that and they came every night help since and I don't with the hand the gospel the date on the defendant 's doing something physical as well as just the preaching and go to get you know the Muslim lady crossing the river she came back she was the only lady that came back and she said time please work a little longer I want a house with a cement floor and so she worked an extra week for two bags of cement and she makes the cement with some mom and she's the only lady in the community Davis has a concrete floor in Iraq she has such a young sense of desire and hunger for truth she no longer whereas the hair covering and she is from the face on you thanks we need you there is a difference between needing and wanting on I know you understand that so let me clarify we need you not we want you there is a difference we just came the other day my wife and I see this beautiful left out of the US from Thailand we were there with a group of seventy four volunteers that had given up their school holidays to come and work among some of the poorest people and not part of the world people from their mother fled ethnic cleansing to come across that live in refugee camps to live in no man's land sneak across the border into Thailand and we went to a number of different sites that this is a place where we focus some of the attention and some of the finances that we have under the reader to you because I don't want to say this wrong I'm been a reach you a letter that I received from ago in this area my name is mixing I'm just a young girl who is come from current state in Burma I grew up in a small village along the type that when the current and then result is always fine my parents are just for farmers like me they wanted living peace to for many years whenever there was a battle a estate together to a safe place after I was gone their estate became slower that the county with them it was very difficult they had to hide themselves from the enemy soldiers many times going without food nothing to eat for days it was a great risk demand for them as well they knew that I would be shot or killed there were bombs that were motors and there were shells from the soldiers because I might go my parents were very concerned about my safety I remember one night that we've escaped from the soldiers we were hiding in the jungle my parents just have me and cried they talked about a consent made I thought I was asleep so I had all they said they said they have to find a safe place for me place where there is no soldiers they took our animals they select crops they raped and killed my friends all I wanted to do was go to school and living face makes it was like many thousands of girls and boys in this area that lives on struggle makes it is a young girl needs to have had to live through things that no child should ever have to live in the pain and expression of her face is representative of the life in the narrow choices that have family before Stinson look what the Wiseman said speak up speak out for those you cannot speak for themselves for the rights of all who are destitute speak up and judge fairly and defend the rights of the call and said my I'm not appealing to your I'm not doing I'm I'm not going to add fuel to you to suddenly jump up and please people that I want to say solemnly declare to you that if you leave this place and speak out God will be with you and bless you as you there are thousands of people that you can speak out for when need be I knew William Wilberforce we need someone our way are probably not the Church of God Army we are the Church of God we can do something for these people because the Scripture tells us speak up will we speak up display came you can see he's in pretty bad shape the purpose of the Moore has to say orphans may be read actually before us that if I want to tell you something else where I come from she's also popular but where I come from she's very popular in olefins may be ragged uncouth and seemingly in every way unattractive but they are bought with a price on it just as precious in the sight of God as I write little ones they are both properties and in Christians are responsible and put your hand up if you're a Christian then you are responsible put it down if you don't want to be responsible thank you I'm just checking his listening these are thoughts our responsibility six weeks later the same boy six weeks transforming lives restoring dignity bringing high on bringing Jesus Christ into their lives in a very physical way initially and in the press the light introducing them to a file that it will never let them down their children David Libby Heimbach while I can assure you I was there the other day and I still laugh two hundred and twenty thousand people in refugee camps nine camps along the border still living behind Bob why did I still washing like this still queuing up to get and what I like this note sent on the north half and outcomes they yet the hot water from the fourth of you just go there and join the queue until events in the work we do in schools in this area this is the most modern device from Apple it is the new stein tablet and they don't use a stylus and nasal rough pencil this is innovation from them for this is that they have nothing my friend anything freaky has devoted her life to serving the poorest people on the incredible risk their brother was called to legitimate by the soldiers on the other side because the desire to say Jesus Christ in the community where it was dangerous and for that I took his life these children are amongst the poorest children in the world they will walk ten days to any health services there is no vaccination program in the community that there are landmines to remind them of the fragility of their life this is one of best small schools with supporting with Adventist teaches so they can hear wonderful message of hope and place of hopelessness this young bill twelve years old who should be in school it kind of twenty five Lisa on enemy gallon that it divided by four and a bit thirty five kilograms of water on a headset on and back River killing that is cool to the work area will be speak up for the rights of the scale as we called to in Scripture in my country in the back page of the newspaper 's license for and they use words like hero if someone can kick a ball from here to the end of the states that unit these of my hearers these are the people sacrifice their life at incredible risk to work in communities where there is such poverty that there was a certain richness that they say because they see a rich unfit silence of the Gospels seem to grow and sell life and I working these places because they see that Buddhism has lost its appeal is failing people and Christianity gives them something to hunt on this young girl came to me one day her name is Perry and Perry said Dave please I need you to support she was going through the college her father had died his dying wish was finish your studies and got back the back to the community where you came from where we are and bring Jesus back with you and say she went and she was just a year and a half away from finishing college what a father died and she will now she is gone as as scholarship and she will go back to share Christ in this community she and others like it they will forgo the opportunity to come to a wealthy nation L and the money on for thirty dollars a month I will work and some of the most remote desolate areas in danger because they believed strongly in the coal is that we hear for the great commission and the gospel because they want to see it being spread amongst those of the poorest nations on this thirty dollars a month will be his salary how many of that in an hour or you can default to sponsor people are that you come in simulator train on a line I would've told you summing document summing is very serious I started by telling you how many numbers of children just to put that in perspective that three hundred thirty three thousand three hundred more children each day that a traffic against their will in my country and yours you can buy to between twenty five and seventy five dollars a line in one of you a speed cut eyes you call it what you want we call it what we want the last excellent domains anyway the putting on the purity and depending on the infallibility twenty to seventy five dollars you can buy down in Africa between one and fifteen dollars and ammunition so plentiful ability for free that you can sell I go every day twenty times a day every week every month every year an average skill in Asia the chained behind Bassam is being work as a prostitute from the age of four nine and twelve and sixty eight seventy eight thousand dollars a year and when we run a rescue program that frees twelve updating bills we just call someone a million dollars that keeps skills and that's why there is some danger in the work that we do just two years ago we lost to stuff they were shot and killed because we were able to rescue someone let's see what Romans has to say before I prepare for the next part of this talk love your neighbor as yourself your loving i.e. loving the mound of sand that saw the Sheraton this is happy new year if you love others you will never do them wrong to love that is to obey the hello you must do this because you know that the time from the way from your sleep in of sleeping out here I have to launch of yarn and let us nothing study for the management will be safe is closer now than when we first believed the night is nearly over date is almost here and now he's nearly over and days of my steer was written two millennia ago how much closer now than when whole write this to the Romans I working places where tribes have yet to hear of Jesus Christ but I can assure you that a human traffickers are already there what's going fast the people who will pimp and prostitute bills on the gospel of Jesus Christ dare I say you know the answer let us stop doing the things that belong to the dock but his take on weapons for fighting in the light let us conduct ourselves properly of people who live in the light I live in the light of day no oil diesel drunkenness knife fighting on jealousy but think of the weapons of the Lord just to get back there but as live like people who live in the light of the day I would address a subject not theologically am not very good at theology there are number of mitigating factors that keep children and slaves one of the mythography photography is keeping bills change in my country I'm sure the Lord is very similar to your country if I see a crime being Favre traded it if I'm walking along the street near IKEA building right in the pocket do nothing about it I know what you'll says that in my country I'm in trouble I will give you an online or in magazine form content that continues the brick lies a sentence for Jeff degradation of life on the ultimate of a child becomes a woman who smiled on cue because she knows what will happen if she doesn't greasy slice the pain felt to be for us one off another Oscar another drop off and die this is voyeuristic meta- it's not photography processes we don't need to let his live like it's the light of day you would use a drunken misnomer out your indecency knife fighting on jealousy but think of the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ stopped paying attention to your sinful nature and satisfying desires clear holy calling a clear message from Isaiah a message from Solomon speak up site defend Lindsay good was asked this Bible verse is still letting about this more honest people enter the jungle is not the place to tell you what happens ahead but I can assure you this in a number in a couple of years that she's being a knack half she lent something fundamental forgiveness she went to forgive the man that abused her and slaves have I brought her freedom programs like this help in the cause of emancipation to really bring freedom children file to read this address I'm just in a half while in reading it as my wife comes out of the Houston HS coming with you the greatest one of the world is the one of men man who will not be boredom so you notice first United passage market down men who will not be bonus old man who in that in myself that's true and honest men who do not see if the coal seam by its right name man whose conscience is is true to Judy as the needle to the old men who will stand for the right the heavens full is a good man am that only one is very good men out back in because we need them we don't want them we need him men I'm appealing to you you sent your moral compass right and you stand up for the rights of the father as a mile is ahead of the spiritual family you stand up for the rights of the pool that is a gospel appeal if my wife can just come out and she's got a shared system anyone is we have a program in the Philippines last time it's where we care for many of these victims of sexual abuse and violence and it's a difficult task minimal at my wife introduces self promote the not so scary etc. having lunch already again I was nineteen I was laughing forth into prostitution for the smuggling of contraband in the Philippines and Japan upon arrival I was taken into the secret ways a Japanese mafia known as the cruiser how did this happen as a child I go up to the Maryann that no topic kitchen beagle gunfire that no private toilet the whole neighborhood which is one time that we had no running water we had to fetch water from a five they're always hungry one night there was nothing to eat and I was starving and I couldn't go to sleep so happy to some cardboard he was relieved my parents worship spirits in one day my dad became Christian he then they thought a lot about religion it got so bad that they had to speed up so make a move and I would take an integral area and leaves on the small sex hot all by ourselves I'm the eldest and I had for five other younger siblings and I was only twelve and the youngest is only two just imagine looking after young children now with only a kid myself my mom is not allowed to even our and God only checked us in the weekend enjoying this time my very own five abuse move I like this can help anyone because he used to beat us up a situation become worse when I got lost his job and we were forced to put into different places away from each other forced away in return for food and shelter when I was eighteen I was dictated the word to them they in the but I was exploited for a few months without any pay between us being homeless and no money I felt so alone and vulnerable just like so many other dollars who are far away from home with no money for us with narrow choices just like when I feed I was at the risk apply for a job at the thing in Japan only define dynamic drop in prostitution fortunately for me I was able to pay via Cusa but with no money and no phosphoric I was eventually caught detained but it fell and deported back to the Philippine but in good amazing music that has happened in my life that brought Lucas Tanya is starting you life I was able to finish my studies and it became an accountant I had my own business to my clients in their financial affairs in one day I had a client who used to go to their home office notice how they have a loving family and then I found that dynamic Christians acceded Bible studies I find out that they go to chance this Saturday so we had by two thousand and ten I was baptized in Seventh-day Adventist jail seems silkscreen printing Johnny saying the a.m. I went to the Philippines we had a family reunion spoke to my dad said that what Jesus did for me at the cross I forgive you it was very very difficult for me today tell and so I dedicated my life and in into a sleigh happened if the history and enjoy my husband to help poor children the best you children so my question being a Christian what would you do it's about time to put your faith into action and the lady in your life on the screen I think I understand that America and Amos home some things one of our medical programs she was in thing you need to have children but she had a big problem some that night with the be trafficked to work in Malaysia as a prostitute and she came to see if we could take her children how the story unfolded let me back up when son was this pregnant with the little fella gets there in front of her head then drunken husband had taken a big bladed machete and he would decided that he was in a disseminated pregnancy right there with one swipe there them she put a hand to protect the unborn child and took the false of the blade across leaving Harry need of surgery and hospitalization she had no money useless husband ran off and she was left alone she borrowed fifty dollars at fifty percent interest per month she's illiterate never been to school can't even write her name agreed to the terms and conditions of the line that she had no idea of its ramifications I'm within a short period of time unable to work because of the loss of the mitering of she found herself with a debt close to five hundred dollars she had a young baby and no one on the other kids Toluca and save the one who took advantage of her and gave her the line was the same person out of the group had made her agree that if she couldn't pay the loan the children will become his property to it for she had begged him to take me know the children and that had brought her to our medical clinic in the suburbs of the urban slums of Phnom Penh Cambodia because that night she was leaving on a plane Malaysia to work as a prostitute to pay reality was that she was never going to come back she would never clear the debt and she would die that we would have her children there was a volunteer team from Australia and there was a gentleman in that team and he had heard the stories it was interpreted any poll that is while it any cavities money I don't imagine what it was that he was that by the end of this trip the next day maybe as given by himself paired genes in the cheap DVD unit a good likable I left the preaching that he bought her freedom but not for nine hundred dollars good story but it doesn't end there nine hundred dollars and she was free it seems to me that this is a very practical demonstration of the what was done on the cross freedom the story doesn't end there because you see we needed someone we needed a staff member and quickly we just received city children that we needed to care for that being victims of extreme poverty it was a woman that had such tenacity to help their children had gone to extreme measures to try and make sure her children were careful what a moral compass she had set in the right direction and we took had to work with odds and we took her children and she got a small line from that not with interest and she started a small top shelf making in creating and selling and making some profit to pay back her line and at the same time she worked part-time caring for some of the children that we will look enough six weeks later she asked this question by question that it's possible that some of you may have never off before in this context what must I do to be saved what must I do to be saved she's gone back to his community she's gone back to shed Jesus is love what will you do I'm just finishing up guys what would Jesus do what will you do well is a few things you can do even join a volunteer team you can join our mailing list you can lock is on Facebook you can rescue a child and I nicely come the night surveys to have one either that is good for the first onset right and the next level and you'll find this thereto I want to come and talk to us on our website was a little bond that is a screenshot you can it says welcome people from July 's sake you can have a look on our website this things you can do on right near the links you can take a small sign out right now and you can plug them in and you can find this later after your session softening after the seminars we need you we need your help on a thank you for the opportunity and another common share with you a little of what's going in our world and Asia are glad to propose that you continue to pray for these victims in these children and please if you remember pray for us for nine with it we do thank you so much and God bless you this message was reported that she was will go to her feet Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the Seventh-day Adventists and seeks to inspire young and vital faith so when I download other resources like to visit us online at www. USC with the


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