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Downward Mobility

Stephen Bohr
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Stephen Bohr

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  • January 3, 2015
    5:00 PM


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are in this message was sent to you I see some sequencing from Phoenix Arizona other resources like this visit us online at www. USC led him to relieve pain and well at least those of your drug can hear me and I tried again good evening and that's much better good to see you all have you had a good day today I was from the endlessly blessed by the methods this morning a blessing let's never forget the reason for our existence if we do we have no reason to exist I like to have a word of prayer then I want to make a clarification there's been a little rumor running around on cyberspace and I want to clear that up before we open God 's word Melissa Board first violin and we thank you for the privilege of being here this evening we thank you has been hiding a high staff filled with spiritual blessings thank you father thank you for being a wonderful thank you for your son Jesus thank you for your Holy Spirit father we ask that as we open your word that you will be with us the administration of the spirit of the ancients open minds and hearts and help us Lord to make a decision to be faithful to you from the heavens fall thank you for hearing operator for we ask it in the precious name of Jesus amen it seems like because last evening I spoke about the relations in the father and the son there been some rumors run around the pastor born is anti- Trinitarian the reason I spoke about the father and the son last night is because that was what the theme that I prepared want to make it absolutely clear that the Bible of the severe veracity both teach that there are three distinct persons in the Godhead father the son and the Holy Spirit I wanted one the record so that probably some of the naysayers will say well he said somebody denies I'd like to raise insulin statement from Ellen White on this particular topic it's from document called Bible training school March one nineteen oh six so clear we can misunderstand she says there are three living persons of the heavenly trio sucking and getting three victory and in case you didn't get that she says in the name of these three powers the father the son and the Holy Ghost will to receive Christ in living they are baptized in these powers will cooperate with the obedient subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the crime so there are three distinct persons one in the sense of unity call substantial anytime if you want to know a little bit more about the Godhead I did a series a few years ago called him go for presentations and I deal with this issue overbought him to become a conflict they've subsequently have the church these things all kinds of ideas going around about the God we need to be sure about what we believe we need to be sure that there are three living persons in the heavily traded that are all cooperating for our salvation I will be at the secrets unsealed with this evening I'd like to meet many of you some of you want to come to the exhibit area I'll be looking forward to be able to talk with you share with you during the time that the booths I hope now we will transition into our study for this evening the apostle Paul is known as the great apostle of grace and faith in Butler is frequently overlooked is that Paul is also the great apostle of good works in the vessels of Romans and relations where the apostle Paul deals more specifically with the issue of righteousness by faith the apostle in the first half of both books present ideology of justification by faith and in the last half of most books he presents how this concept of righteousness vibration and our personal individual life and so for example if you going to the book of Romans you'll find that Romans one to eleven the apostle Paul deals with the theology of righteous for the first twelve sixteen he deals with how this works out your everyday life in the book of Galatians he deals with the theology of justification by faith in chapters one through four and then in chapters five and six he feels with how this should our personal walk in our dénouement and he is so Paul was not only a strong advocate of righteousness by faith is also a strong address and get on the importance of good words that flow from intimate relationship with Christ but I don't want to study this afternoon from Romans and Galatians I would like to divulge one passage that we find in the book of Titus chapter two and going to begin by reading verses one through ten Titus chapter two and verses one through ten ever here the apostle Paul addresses five groups first of all he's going to speak about eighteen million that's in verse two and verse three please let us speak about Asian women in verses four and five he's going to address young women in verse six is going to address young men and in verse nine is going to DL with service so let's read that passage and there are certain words that I'm going to emphasize Huguenot estimate most of what the apostle Paul says here is behavioral it has to do with the I began reading a verse one but ask for you speak the things which are part are they older man is the first group of the older men beasts over rep Fred Tampere and sound in the faith and love information is then burst three needles on the older women older women likewise it may be in behavior not slanderous not given to much wine teachers of good things now comes the next group that is that in the older women may admonish the young women to love their husband 's to love their children to be discreet chaste home maintenance good obedient to their own husbands that the word of God may not be what the and obviously the young men are six likewise exhort young man result reminder in all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works in documents showing integrity in corrupt ability sound speech that cannot be conveyed that one with an opponent maybe yesterday having nothing evil to say you invented in five sponsor exhort servants to be obedient to their own masters to be well pleasing in all three not answering back not pilfering but showing all the liability that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things did you notice the list of moral qualities in this past certainly the apostle Paul was concerned about in Santa Barbara from the end not only a theoretical idea of justification by faith which is generally held these days in the Christian world none of vaccines and I especially wanted to focus on are the verses that come immediately after these ten mercies that we had rain were going to have a textual sermon this evening most of the sermons have been presented in our expository sermon but one a study of passage phrase by phrase this evening in the passage 's finest effort to and verses eleven through RD and I want to read the passage first and then we are going to study it in more detail immediately after speaking to these groups the apostle Paul says or writes for the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men AG Cox then denying ungodliness and worldly enough we should live in suburban righteously and godly in this present age not being for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ gave himself for us that he might redeem us from every lawless the and purify for himself his own special people zealous for good works now let's analyze this passage first UN for the grace of God brings salvation has appeared to all men but some number appeared is in the past this is something that occurred in the past I'm not talking it in the back and what do we mean by grace grace is unmerited favor Grace Mavis and that Jesus came to Nazareth and so his work he reminded me was for our salvation the apostle Paul said for by grace are you saying the right that not only ourselves it is a gift from God not by works lest anyone simple and so the apostle Paul begins by appealing the Rafe says the grace of God has appeared for salvation that occurred as a result of a work of Jesus Christ while he was on this earth but the apostle Paul doesn't stop there not what he continues saying inverse point out grace teaches us something it says in verse twelve JG not at least say something about that for teaching it is translated in various ways it is translated training agitating or disciplining in arthritis agents add an infinite present progressive tense which means that grace this kind will be teaching grace is something I we race is something the fact that he is a healer for us he died for us we accomplish the necessary means for salvation that is awesome you think enough something and the question is what is it easy no sweat this race is this relevant verse twelve continues singing changing costs that be nice if all godliness and worldly what does grace leaves us in VSS to deny ungodliness and worldly life once again the word being not only is in a progressive and with me I will eat peanut I undergone immense and worldly muscles in his present participle and means that he continually we are to be no ungodliness and worldly muffs but what is meant by godliness I think the best passing that we can will to understand what ungodliness is is found in June fourteen and fifty June versus fourteen and fifteen here it is speaking about you not go live in one of the worst scenarios of history even before the flood when the world was really going downhill in a hurry and what not Lord God means is you is four times it says there in June fourteen now it may not the seventh from Adam prophesied about these men also say hello the Lord comes with pedophiles and other things do you think your judgment on all to familiar to all who are what I gone me among them of all their ungodly deeds which they are committed in ungodly way and Obama are slaves which ungodly sinners have spoken against him not after the work on God we have to do with these it has to do with our weighing which has deals with behaviors and it has to do with what we do with our so the apostle Paul is telling us here you say United and genuinely gone but he not only says were supposed to deny ungodliness on a continuing basis he also says that we are cannot be my world we live the apostle Paul mean by worldly last in all this is the great apostle of grace the great apostle of righteousness by faith and yet he's not pass the behavior aside he's emphasizing in this necessity of a change in the life what is meant by worldly loves will that work unless it is used in Galatians five twenty one twenty four let's read that passage license chapter five verses twenty one to twenty four here the apostle Paul in the practical section of this book of Galatians says ICANN want in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the will has the advantage of a word for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish now the works of the flesh are evident enough comes a list of what this means settled file blasts are about three fornication uncleanness you miss idolatry sorcery and contentions jealousies outbursts of wrath selfish ambition dissensions heresies and me murders drunkenness rivalries and if not completely as because he said and a life on which I tell you before hand just as I also told you in time past been involved to practice such things will not inherit the nominal and the war price have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires were designers they're the same word must so the apostle Paul is telling us here that we must deny godliness and fleshly lust our world this using Dreyfus teaches us something very important it teaches us that we are to reject negative qualities ungodliness and worldly but brightest not only teaches us what were not supposed to do Grace also taketh the flowers supposed to do and some even saying that the night godliness and were only lasts way sure why him for how sovereignly righteously and godly in this present age football said the night one thing and another being at ungodliness and worldly levels and in righteously somberly and gone me in this present age that the theology of the apostle Paul have anything to say about our conduct in our behavior it most certainly does but now we come to a future focus the apostle Paul has said the grace of God which brings salvation has appeared that the work that Jesus performed but this is just she and I spent January that we should be united again we once again entangled pants that we should be in the night godliness and world relax and we should learn somberly righteously and godly in this present age but there's a reason for that and that reason is found in verse thirteen now the apostle Paul is critical to the future is already talk about salvation in the past these same laws should be doing in the present but with a view to what some something to happen very significant verse thirteen being far once again a continuous fence looking for what the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior that expression for interesting expression is used for example for Anna who was looking for the redemption of Jerusalem she was longing for it in other words this unit of Sony who was also a long new product consolation of Israel to go this year was just don't remember who ways that are long for the kingdom of God unless this is only distantly sitting down signal always know it is a long unit for something and what isn't that we are belong for mom the blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ the Lord blessed by the way is the same or that is used in the Beatitudes sometimes of an indefinite sample translated so this would be the happy home the holder of the second coming of Christ so call us take this from the past what Jesus did Gracie say that without any work on our part and then he says we should renounce ungodliness and worldly lusts we should live somberly and righteously in this present age without fear of something very significant if not happen and as long as one economy of that blessed hope of Jesus Christ now you say how can we be sure that that home will be materialized for two reasons reason number one is because Jesus promised for good reason the word of God states that Jesus said let not your heart become I believe in God believe also in me and my father 's house are many meds is not to see the things they are going to have and to build my disease is when he Saturday said there are many men do not need two thousand years to build mansions and my father thought I imagine if it were not slow to load that is if I go to prepare a place for you a you know usually we think of that as you is going to happen to make a real nice party place for us to go to the statement when you have a pretty place but there's more involved in using when Jesus says I go to prepare a place for you the way in which he prepares that place for us is the work that he performs in the heavenly sanctuary and the holy and the most lonely place of amplifying joy as we heard about this morning so that's how he prepared a place be what happened the place was work in the sanctuary and then he says after he has regrettably because I will come to you can make because Jesus said he will come again so we can log on at home because we know that rest upon his word no of the second coming is not like saying well I hope so now silently based on what Jesus said but there's a reason why we can be certain and that is that Jesus has given us a down payment and he's not about to lose his security people LLC phases after one process thirteen and fourteen evenings as chapter one verses thirteen and forty using CSS is not only promised to come again he has given us a down payment of programming is its absurdities of chapter one verses thirteen and fourteen and him that is in Jesus you also trusted after you heard the word of truth the gospel of your salvation and will also have any believe you were sitting on the floor with the Holy Spirit of promise hope and they want to guarantee that means sharply security deposit down payment if you believe who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession to the brazen 's glory he's given us is fair so never get out of the hold is certain second-biggest chapter one verse twenty two of the apostle Paul once again using the same were not born out of us and breathe which means no payment or security deposit he says their second Corinthians chapter one verse twenty two now he who establishes us with you in Christ and has anointed us in line will also have social costs and given us the spirit and heart have a lot as a guarantee so we now have Christ promise is where dreams come in again but he's proven it by giving us the down payment down payment of his Holy Spirit prays alone multiple for a moment before going on to verse fourteen but to another passage in Titus Titus three in verses four through seven Titus chapter three verses for the Senate was once again we have this theme of the past present and the future time and again in the writings of the possible deal you ask for CSA well you know how this salvation for his salvation once probably know selling excellent worldly goods of the price of a new thing forever the apostle Paul clearly tells us that salvation is a process that includes justification in include sanctification and negligent glorification know if this passes in finest ravers is more than seven for we ourselves were also advanced right disobedient receive serve in various lusts and pleasures living in malice and envy faithful and loving one another what we used to be before salvation says the apostle Paul when the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared and then I think about the grace that comes through Jesus Christ once again but when the kindness and love of God our Savior toward man appeared not by works of righteousness which we have done but according to Lisa and Mark cc one Satan 's through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit whom he will once again passed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior that having been having that justify by his wife by his nice we should him him him him him him him behold money journaling lazy because entheogen the future is guaranteed by what occurred in the past no as Baltimore's fourteen by this temperature here the apostle Paul once again the pins on the Burns who gave himself for us that's when grace manifested itself that he mentioned in verse eleven who gave himself for us why did he give himself what does Grace teach us anything this passage tells us that Grace Sikhism 's that is a change in the life so the apostle Paul says who gave himself for us that ingredient is not which means he saw that he did when he saw that this would happen who gave himself for us so that might reveal 's downward revision means to buy back by paying a price is referring to his death on the cross that he might reveal not from every lawless deed that were molested the same word that is used in translated transgression of the law Jesus redeemed us from our transgressions of law but not only did Jesus redeem us from our transgressions Obama did go beyond this not how the apostle Paul Penny says this verse who gave himself for us that he might redeem us from every model SPN that is from our transgressions on the log analysis and why and if you are far for himself is no special people what salads for good work is greatly to anyway I grace Peterson says that we should renounce ungodliness of Leslie Nelson we should live soberly and we should Joseph a pair of famous saw that he might redeem us from our transgressions law by justifying it but also PR five for himself he is a special people anyone's as people of the seller 's remorse finally that when Salas is very interesting as the Greek words that move this there was a Jewish sect in the times of Christ it was known of the zealots you only use a Hollander all of their power to try and overthrow the Roman government they weren't they were zealous in their costs of course their cause was wrong the Bible tells us that the apostle Paul was Salas and persecuting the gracious his class was wrong but shouldn't we be any zealous for the things of God the apostle Paul doesn't say just do good work he's ever met as a result of what Christ has done we should be south of good works so in this verse we have the past Jesus appeared his grace saved us by his grace is teaching us that we should eat I ungodliness and worldly lessons and we should be living somberly and righteously in this present age had the reason why is because when you are born coming of Jesus Christ on the clouds of heaven with most Romans six verse twenty two when we have the same theme of your possible past present and future Romans chapter six in verse twenty two the apostle Paul tells us but now having been set free from sin perhaps this him to become slaves of God Johann has your throat holiness I is in the connection it was also sleep in separate rooms and design across Parsons will become slaves anonymously become servants of God and what is the fruit the fruit is holiness but that's not all the verse continues saying and the end everlasting once again the same thing knowledge Ephesians chapter five verses twenty five to twenty seven Ephesians five versus twenty five to twenty seven once again the apostle Paul speaks about what happened in the past and it should color the presence and present it should also make us look forward to the future Ephesians five twenty five to twenty seven husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for her scene that's what Jesus did in the past game himself and living and dying for his mother is an intention or purpose for that once again husbands love your wives just as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for her that he might feed the facts so that he could do this do what that he might want sanctify me he and her with the washing of water by the word that he might present here from the fugitives that he might present her to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that she should be holy and without you might present the church to himself a pure clean church to himself so well how is this possible the sacred is not really that difficult to understand you know the way in which we overcome sin analyze our plans is not by looking at the law but by looking at Christ missing what happens when we look at Christ because we are always supposed to look at the grace of God that's the grace of God in Christ is the incentive for the D9 and for the living and for being zealous of good works in view of the coming of Christ is at so we must have our eyes on Jesus and when I look at Jesus utilizing I see one with absolutely perfect environment in the perfection of Jesus what do I see about myself the same thing that Isaiah said I am on time or what the apostle Paul said no man that I sent it for me I assembled using Jesus reveals our same now that would become investment if it just reviewed the of the depressing but then I look at Jesus on the cross and I see Ms. Green was absolutely pure clean and perfect going him a him his life 's final moments in ending on the cross my God my God why have you forsaken me as I look at the site will be so perfect gift of your level in Emerson and look what happened to that happen to you and Jesus says because of your sins and for when I see what Cynthia DeJesus I will not want anything more to do with seeing soon as I work on my book Avalon is overcome by looking at Bobby Hall means it does not change in the problem is looking at the wrong place for listening to the wrong things were looking and less later things that make our sins are rampant and really in our sin when Jesus comes he will have a few people I believe folks that once information close is the characters of God 's people will be suitable for you I believe that God 's people will have to live with one interception because Jesus would have laid off his priestly robes victory over sin must be one but if not one by looking at the line and I will how my doing fitting novel by looking at Jesus and Gethsemane and on the cross and looking at affirming life that's why I like that we just had a thought for our UK contemplating the life of Christ she says that as we look at the loneliness of the character of Jesus we are changed and transformed in the word that is used in grade him or metamorphosis you know what metamorphosis is butterflies go through metamorphosis you know what butterflies used to be learned this is and then they're buried in a cocoon like we are very in the waters of baptism and lo and behold when they get when the creature comes out and told me emphatically said it's no longer have the right to assemble on her private life American J women is using second when his chapter three is that by beholding my continually beholding we unchanged into the image of Christ that's what we should be doing in the present in the light of what Jesus did and looking to the glorious future the glorious coming of Jesus Christ I want to thought a challenge as I bring this to a close this afternoon the conflict series the five months that Elimite Road was which are known as the conflict series have three thousand six hundred and three pages it's the greatest Bible commentary that has ever been written down if you want to know your Bible results five months in conjunction with the sections of a copper out of my chow 's and I'm wondering if you're going to accept the town if you read only ten pages a day for three hundred and sixty five days you will have read all five books in one year your life will not be the same you will see is added alike because almost my book I is as you look at Jesus and early for Matthew MacKenzie appearing on the profits I can look at Jesus and the fire may just have to look at Jesus and he has got the Christian church as you look at Jesus in the conflict and regularity your heart will be transformed and say fly us this evening how many of you are willing to accept that down your span of your life except that so I don't ask you next year even if I'm not him I think I'm not at all round of David you did you fulfill your promise price alone lets you know when the meeting of the show you might be missing after one year you will be so much in love with Jesus and then your stamina read the book education mentor me cry such as Hungary Ministry of the young one award and hormone that only government because it trades Jesus and the beautiful praise the Lord for this response not everybody has that and that's okay I'll be praying for those within say that the Lord will help with the line for environment heaven thank you for Jesus what a perfect pattern what a beautiful Karen the father we know that is that his being was disfigured was crushed final load of sin both other helpless can concentrate one grace has so that we might live the way you have a smooth as we prepare for the glorious coming of Jesus Christ in power and glory to take us home of father I thank you for the decisions that have been made I asked Lord that each day you will remind us to read those ten pages and then through prayer and the work of your spirit our lives might be transformed glory to glory into the image of Christ thank you father forgive my printer right has been in Jesus name he is dismissed it was accorded keyway twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting ministry said that this is just the spying on the Bible faith Sullivan download Texas other resources like this visit us online at www. 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