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2. Sex and the Media

Danielle Harrison


Danielle Harrison

Involved in "Into His Light" Ministries and Associate of "Coming Out Ministries"



  • January 1, 2015
    10:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC I do want unity testing before I start our eyes while and he can see today topic section media and Mike Michael said on any sharing a lot of my presentation and his testimony so I would just like you to please by your former time and I can say another word your heavenly father Lorne it is humbling to be out here speaking to your children today and learn I just know that you have ordained this opportunity and so I asked him visual hiding behind your class as I have a lot to get through today I just pray this will help me not to stand in the way and not just better stumbled that you promised that if I would go that you would give me the words to speak so I just cleanup promises like today and I ask for your divine training and thank you for your blessing in Jesus name for his sake he right so today obviously we're talking about the mature topics I just want to let you know there are some images that are kind sure this presentation I have tried to share on the side of caution with it can be a pretty conservative tonight I just want to let you know I'm not trying to shock or offend anyone today my my burden is to illuminate the subject for your eternal I called in and the Wall Street Journal the businessman for sale blisters is leading him into a strange wilderness the subconscious mind the study of human psychology and subconscious mind again was Sigmund Freud in the late eighteen hundreds and quickly gathering interest by the end of his writings and thirty Saturday he had come to believe that every human being libido was distributed either in a manifest or related action over objects of both sexes so he was saying here and then he came to believe through his studies that everybody was attracted to both sexes to a certain degree and the illusion strongly colored in the underground use of subconscious manipulation going to see the taking here at the myth obviously very old and that such a libation movement progress not just towards sexuality in the media to manipulate viewers but also to largely towards strange sex as you can see here not only did she have a man on either side of her but the man's hand is on the other man's face this is something you don't really notice Symbian unless you study it but they know that you're not to look at the after very long there's a lot of stuff in the periphery of the date time and somebody might say well maybe the guys trying to push the other guy way but judging by the look on mandrake his face I doubt that that's actually the situation in nineteen fifty Sundance Packard articulated for the first time to the mass market in the US the fact that advertisers and marketers are using the science of psychology to know the mind of the consumers and to find out the best way to influence find efficient this was first on boldly nine while nonverbal OB/GYN I need cover of a magazine for Playboy it was a beautiful woman on the cover but it was actually a man dressed as a woman they did a poll and most of the men did not even recognize that it was a man but a lot of the women then recognize it and there is a quote from Doctor Keyes brought it was published in seventy nine and five between SI cover was clearly designed to appeal to the lady homosexuality presumably inherent in all males to the subconscious level the Silver Queen which is what they were calling him or her was not the only example of media utilizing repressed sexual identity reversals as a marketing technique latent homosexuality has become a frequently utilized subliminal management device and advertising people service designers needs and drives have been probed in order to finer points of vulnerability this is him speaking about what they were doing in the media it takes time yes but if you expect to be in business for any length of time think of what it means your firm in profit if you can condition a million or ten million children will grow up to be adults trained to buying your products as soldiers are trained to advance when they hear the trigger words forward March and all of this before the year nineteen fifty seven the sobering rates and I just want to keep in mind that it's not just an advertising that they're doing this is through all avenues of the media crews including music and movies and video games here's a quote that shows an example of a teenage rock market has been studied for where is my personal researchers and indefinite things that they were standing purchasing patterns and lifestyles are factual the Mellon Bank mating customs aggressions costuming sex systems are Dreyfus Simpson is me paternal maternal relationships the whole range of complex needs within the individual and groups to which they belong so this is pretty celebrating kind gives us an idea of the building what was driving the media market behind-the-scenes but some of you might be asking is this really have an impact on my today one hour to going to my testimony were to take a look at how my life was changed by the media and while I was growing up as a young girl my first love was music my mom says as soon as I was old enough to I was singing and dancing everywhere that I went and a big part of my influences and younger with Madonna and now I don't really remember enjoying her music but my mom says that I did when she was interviewed for a magazine and she was asked about submissions to words with sexuality and her music videos this was her response they meaning the viewers by Justin on a lot of different levels some people will see and be a disgusted by it but maybe nobody unconsciously aroused by it if people keep seeing and influencing it eventually it's not going to be such a strange thing so she was well aware of what was going on and again this was in nineteen ninety one for this would've been around the time that I was watching her music videos on MTV and she has even let her children watch TV now that she's a mother so many ages seven my parents had separated and we had not lived into some low income housing and it was there that I met a certain girl and I have impartial interactions with her and I'm only seven and because these interactions that I was having with private label on my body that I really should know the last visitor soon became an addiction for me I was a stronghold of my life for many many years at the age of nine was baptized I had been in frequently attending a church with the family friends and the pastors that need down and he said you believe in Jesus you've been coming here to Sunday school for a long time do you want to be baptized anyway your Savior and an event but it wasn't like I had a personal relationship with Jesus I didn't read my Bible or have a prayer life and so it was not a converted baptism but nonetheless around the time my mother had talked to me about sexual purity and I wanted to remain pure and five making promises to myself I was saying that I wanted to stay a virgin until I was married and also that I wanted to abstain from drugs and alcohol because my parents and had a lot of tribulation in their marriage especially towards the and alcoholism have been a big driving force of what pulled them apart until I didn't want those things in my life when I was ten I was in the fifth grade and there was this blame my class and he was a little bit awkward so I was intimidated by him and for some reason I didn't understand at the time I just decided that I was to go out of my way to try and convince everyone in the class that I had a crush on him you see whenever I was having sexual interactions with that girl at seven my mother my sister found out because I had told someone in the neighborhood and instead of sitting down and having us over conversation with me because I use it to poke fun at me maybe they just didn't know how to respond but I was so humiliated and ashamed by the iPod this is something that I need to hide and I was in a tell anybody about my I was going on in my heart so I thought maybe I could convince everybody that I had a crush on him maybe I would I would appear more normal but I never never regained his intention but in the days when I look back on it I realize the beginning you have a very young age was was predisposition towards seeking the attention of the opposite sex at age fourteen I did start interacting with the opposite sex sexually and I was really struggling inside of my heart nineteen a I was settling into a lot of depression I have low self-worth and I'm searching for a sense of identity here is an advertisement that I had ripped out of the magazine and hung on my wall now she's got a very curvy hourglass figure and I was part of my and depression with that I hated the way I look at you look like a winner I saw a magazine is what was portrayed as beautiful and I was especially intrigued by the dual personality the piracy here this is advertising on choosing accessories and she has different and different hearings issues and stuff on in the reflection I was really intrigued by this double personality around this time I was starting to learn things about the Bible my sister and my father and I had moved to Washington state and moved in next door to an Adventist family and my sister started studying the Bible with them and she said that sometimes I would just cry I would think people need to know this why don't people know this and she was making the decision to turn towards God and follow him and she was baptized but unfortunately I was turning towards the world and making the decision to go my own way and I think that the great controversy on page five fifty five really explains what was happening inside my heart it says that by beholding we become changed the mind gradually adapts itself to the subjects upon which it is a well I was listening to a lot and very rebellious music hanging it started pretty and a sense and the rebellion was just kind of master with undertones but I haven't become a big fan of the certain group and I was listening to their music thereby feeding over and over and over again and one night while I was sitting on the Council 's incapacity I was thinking when I have to do when everybody tells me I need to do in my decisions I know the difference between right and wrong I do have a little bit crazy and what's the worst that can happen right now that I'm a Christian and I was thinking about that as I was writing on this part my testimony that I'm writing a book and I cannot go back and look at some of the lyrics in ICD that was influencing me so strongly at the time I found says we make this new religion to escape what was become your signals fading somewhat no to thesis recreation and indeed I was letting go and I was being re-created but it was not in a holy way and started to change inside I started to change on the outside to this is just a year later from the previous picture that I showed myself but it's even I'm starting to change on the outside and that restlessness just settled then as I made this decision to go my own way I thought it was liberating but I was really setting myself in front of the person I was struggling with anxiety attacks anorexia and even suicidal thoughts I wrote this poem it says your God Christ as my Savior he died for me and he built line so I could see but I can't take this any longer I pray for wisdom and to be stronger still nothing I do seems to work in all I do is feel more so now I want to take my life but in my heart I know it's not right to just give up in China more and not fight back even the score so I looked at the science search of release and hold my heart out him laugh I was noting nothing a lot of minority groups that I didn't really see growing up in Wyoming and I was very intrigued with them especially with the industrial goth movement and grunge punk when I look at these when I saw something that was confidence and I really thought this was beautiful and I also was noticing the very pro- gay movement and I thought wow maybe this isn't something that I need to be so ashamed about maybe I don't have to keep it a secret some of the music I was listening to at that time I was more openly blasphemous one of the one of the people that I was listening to him from what they said behind the scenes around time to leave then I knew I was different I thought I might be gay or something because I can identify with any of the guys at all none of them might art or music they just wanted to find it laid I started to be really proud of the fact that I was gay even though I wasn't your set I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream EB got to try both and are so many different flavors these are a couple of the pictures that I had hanging on my wall at this time I was sixteen years old and by this point I had given myself away completely I just didn't really see any reason to keep my virginity anymore and so I didn't really feel my that I was letting myself down when I broke my promise I made myself some young and I had a whole wall in my room that was covered in pictures of skin economy is currently down one afternoon he said Danielle if there are ways in which are different from everyone and it's okay to be yourself no matter who you are all still love you now my dad he didn't say Danielle it's okay for gay we both knew what he was trying to say I will here in conversation I was seventeen and I moved out of the house I dropped out of the lump was addicted to marijuana Feinstein I shaved my head and I quit my job and music became my new idol extravagant hair makeup and dress became a part of my life it was when I lived in Paris I wanted to see the assets of art started forming this combines with the members and members of my favorite bands and I became obsessed with the concerts will eventually I was getting into the rave scene and doing street drawing and I was addicted to heavy electronic music some people don't realize how addicted their unhealthy music as it really is a drug that itself I was wearing double horns frequently the concert said parties and raves and even just around town I started throwing stitches across my body and I would write song lyrics up and down my arms and legs I was just pretty much a walking billboard for the enemy one of the friends I was with most frequently right on my arms and legs would say resources newsletter and that's how she screams out remorse is useless now God doesn't want us back now baby and that was the last time believed I believe that I walked so far out into my rebellion and God would never want neither I was losing sight of everything that mattered I was pretty much homeless sleeping on my friend 's couches and addicted to drugs my character and personality volume one describes the degrading process it says the mind in a manner woman does not come down in a moment from purity and holiness to depravity corruption crime it takes time to transform the human to the divine or to degrade those formed in the image of God the brutal arson I woke up one anyone were here anymore my nickname was way back when my friends call me and was very appropriate because that's how I was I was in the inside and I heard this voice so clear and so strong an incentive now you've got to change your going to die so I was only twenty four I metaphysically and net with me thinking I wanted and what is not little girl girlhood said that she wanted to stay pure and she didn't want to do drugs and alcohol she was buried underneath a lot of lies and wanted package so that collect in my mind and the Holy Spirit I moved back in with my father and I ran out into the woods and I just prayed for God to start reading in my life and I was calling in the running but he heard that humble cry and he started to redirect my time as I would get an the freedom to Christianity really worked for me so I started to look into this and the new age movement and I was looking for knowledge within the world 's religions I found new age spirituality and I was really where I felt at home I wanted to be an energy healer a shout woman spirit channeling was eventually great interest for me now whether you're walking away from God in a rebellious act when you're walking away from God your walking towards what you think is gotten the right path either way is a ditch on the side of the road so we have to remember that God 's way is the only true way that this was happening my heart was starting to soften because before I didn't want to talk about God at all and he did I just walk away but now I was starting to open up and talk about God here and then my sister could see that I was happening and she invited me to go out to an Adventist institutions to volunteer on their farm for one summer I struggled with that decision but again there was this voice in my mind was saying Danielle if you don't go to thought the from your finance and the rest of your life thinking what would happen if I would've went to South Dakota the funny thing was I didn't just think that once I got over and over and over until I was with the video without the prior wide-awake thinking that scientists are going to be a long-standing relationship that I had been in England and I said you know what I'm not just fall into another relationship with a because I was more attracted to win a I was more awkward and shy around them and so was harder for me to develop friendships and has relationships with them it was so what was easier for me today guys even though my interest was really in women as I said I'm not that easy way out anymore than I give myself the experience that I really deserve and find a woman hiking myself to them and maybe I'll be happy in a relationship so I decided that I was going to be a lesbian but while I was out there on the farm I was spending time with God in the soil and I was learning from his object lessons in nature and my heart was being even more soft and even more changed I spent three with Christians I started to realize that they were just these hypocrites and I thought they weren't they were just robots but they were struggling through this battle between good and evil just like I was and then I met a man named Dan Gabbert and when I would meet them in passing I went it acknowledge something that was inside of him I saw the sneakiness and humbleness this light shining out of his eschewing peace and I thought to myself every time I would cross paths with you what that man has but I wanted to so I decided that I was anybody church was because I knew he was speaking when I went in I sat down and the first thing he said was they were to talk about the crucifixion of the crucifixion why about anything you see when I thought about God I thought about life and love and peace and joy I didn't want to think about are you born across the things I write about whenever I managed to find on so then everything he said was you're probably thinking all the crucifixion why not looking at he said exactly when I'm just not so I said okay like you've got something for me here today and I was reciting call him Lord but their sentences exist to describe something very beautiful he was saying that sin are the things that we do they transgress the law of God when we do the things we are separated from God and God is the source of all life so when we're separated from God a natural occurrence is that just like the live nature of gravity says that things fall to the earth the live nature says that if we're separated from the source of life we die it's just a natural occurrence and I succeeded there were things in my life that separated me from the light and I understand that so that he started to say that as sinners we deserve death but Christ bore not bad for us on the cross and he bridges the gap for us to come back to God and eternal life and I spent the rest of that day wrestling with God this interrupted so much of what I've come to believe but it seems so true and so beautiful and I couldn't shake the fun of it so I started to open a training talk more about Christianity and maybe train and give it a chance because before I was not interested in giving it a chance but maybe I would get a chance now then there was a gentleman who came out to the Black Hills is Tom Meyer and he and his brothers have a ministry of the light Studios I spent on C-SPAN for a couple months out there and I became friends with him and his wife or daughters and when he was leaving he gifted me five DVDs documentaries and presentations and it will well before I ended up watching the first one I watched was the kingdom part of my musical inspiration as a child is Disney's hell I love Disney is excited about watching the documentary by God was about to bring it earth shattering truth into my life it was under very humble guy so I wasn't really wasn't really expecting it the first thing that really jumped out for the British this documentary was that Disney always teaches young children in your heart listens your heart when your heart I but the Bible tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who cannot wait and I went on in the Bible and I have seen that I can really trust my own judgment in my own heart and so I sense acknowledged I also my eyes were opened to the fact that spiritual concepts are conveyed incorrectly and that these movies are skied with witchcraft spiritualism cult symbology I'm sitting here watching this and I'm thinking really does me I but then I started thinking about my two favorite Disney movies growing up the little mermaid which is all witchcraft and Pocahontas which is all Native American spirituality and fixated thinking while is it just coincidence that those those were the two religions that I was most interested in when I became an adult I don't think that's just coincidence but the thing that really hit home for me was when it was talking about how Disney pretreated when spotty daily content highly hourglass figure to have overly sensual body language and claims that the facial expressions whether you are watching an old Disney movie or new Disney movie it's the same and it's not just the human characters but also in the animal characters I was thinking about that sort of thinking about Congress girlfriend and how she really uses her body to seduce and there are no words exchanged between her and found her she just get his attention she she strides right up to heaven entering you know her my famous attention and then she goes up to an unspecified administrator that she is the one pursuing hand and within moments of their meetings are already having an Internet interaction I was thinking wow my mind has been programmed from a young age to view under the life the way that you can use spirituality when I do and also to his sexuality the way that I do this documentary was pointing out that these types of themes presented in front of children creeping notion of what an end of years in her mind dangerous but to me the Holy Spirit was speaking you been program from a young age Danielle and it was not my design for you to be gay and this is not my plan for your life I was seeing that face in Israel I believe in God but not insanely when I watched this documentary I was less sobbing and that happens with each one of the documentaries that I watched all five I was just sobbing at the end of them I was seeing the great controversy come to life in front of my eyes I realized that that was real when I was on the losing team if I wasn't on the side of Jesus so I started studying the Bible and I started praying about maybe being rebaptized saying really committing my heart to God but I wanted to know that this was really his true church I wanted to know that this was his truth without any doubt so I was trying to study but I was very distracted especially with glowing things like that until I'm into an Army Bible camp in single Washington and I heard a message banner by the recent murder he's right here and he's cheering on the public to the transforms the world and when I heard that message I saw a glimpse of God 's love for me that was more real than I've ever seen before and at the end of that presentation I said I want everybody here to know that I choose Christ and I went forward for that altar call for baptism and I really got serious the word of God but I cannot hear signing out the principles of the church because when I went down into the water I wanted it to be like today if I ever get married when I'm walking down the aisle towards I want to know that this is where God wants me this is what is his plan and so I really wanted that kind of clarity and no question in my mind when I was going to be baptized and I have that on September first two thousand twelve and aware of prison dress all day before my baptism and a white dress all day after my baptism just kind to represent what God has done in my life Jesus is God is really changing as promising as wherever he says we can be confident of this very thing that he which has begun a good working you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ so where are we today scheme of things insects and media once again there is about two hundred and seventy eight billion dollars spent on advertising just this year in two thousand fourteen alone there was a hundred and seventy eight billion dollars spent on advertising this number is just projected to grow over the coming years there is a woman Kilborn and she has been studying sex in the media for the last four that day than she has a presentation she's put together and this is a quote from her most recent documentary killing us softly for the naked naked and distorted image of the women it deeply affects not only how we feel about women but also how we feel about everything that gets labeled by the culture qualities like compassion cooperation is the key institution our intuition and sensitivity human beings should share the whole range of human qualities and not be told that one sex can have only one set of human colonies and one fax only the other there's a lot of confusion that comes in for a lot of people when you have qualities that are supposedly superimposed to the opposite gender they start questioning nurse there their sense of identity their sexuality is not something that should be happening she also sent advertisers always find ways to turn any movement for radical change into just another way to push a product for example feminism as individual expression is more likely to sell Botox and change the world and this is a woman that is all for the help equal rights for women as far as you know not being using as sex symbols and media the today homosexuality is being used to sell everything from cars where this woman and her father walking down the aisle but when it gets me and she says congratulations adding he's the one that steps up to the pulpit to be married and then they walked out after being when and it says intrinsic changed the advertisement for a car such as homosexuality is being used to sell clothing and this is just two examples of of some advertisements that are being used there's all kinds of other ones this was an ad that I just saw on an airplane in the first magazine this is for selling headphones all over the place and even to sell serial this is because this used to be a dentist company right they say I have a lot of learning evolving culture that respects and excess employees such orientation gender identity and gender expression that all employees can be up and going Allstate put out a commercial and very very emotion invoking its it's terribly sad him wrong with this man who starts out as a boy he found that only standing just outside of the circle no one lets you and blame it on yourself as he walks through life as one hand it's larger than the other inputs and out of place anything awkward initially very ashamed of himself and then as he gets older and becomes a man looking around at the people on in the subway that are looking at him funny and he says if you could only see there is only lying or using their shadows and thinking even a man who also has a large hand and they take each other 's hands and they walk away with each other and it says everyone deserves to be in safe hands with Allstate car insurance commercial and of course there's all kinds of advertisements just to become aware of homosexuality and transgender mystery says not all presidents have bars and it says portrays awareness that kind of showing it's trying to show that sometimes men are trapped behind this mask that their man but inside there really a woman which is the same thing on the opposite side with a woman being a romantic trapped inside of a woman's body these are just the lies from the enemy that had been planted within the media at a subconscious level before and now it's coming to the forefront being used to rush forward this movement and the times are becoming like they were in the day of lots I want to also tell you about the Grammys this last year in two thousand fourteen I started crying when I watch this performance I I you know sometimes were sheltered as Adventists we don't release was going on out in the world there was it was kind of the crowning act of the granny and this song was played in a share of fuel of the lyrics from the song unique sense of lightning him as a human being her hearing different treatment religion man-made rewiring the predisposition playing God only knows there is no American race itself here's what we don't know God loves all his children somehow forgotten while we paraphrase a book written thirty five hundred years ago once you realize that God is being pulled into this equation there's a lot of confusion even around one conference on this issue we have to study the true so that we know what is false he goes on to say let my dear south when the church a twenty something else if you preach hate at the service of those words aren't anointed the holy water that you soak and has been poisoned you know he's right because if we preach hate from the pulpit after anything from God for God is love but while we should have compassion for these people and their unique struggle that doesn't mean excusing them into their Senate allowing them to be lost for eternity any change as we had to change us whatever God you believe in the company 's same way certainly the fear underneath it's all the same love he says we have to change our we know that we can change us it's kind of funny that says we have to change just because the course of the sonnets repeated over and over says I can't change even if I try even if I wanted to do the same thirty three couples were gathered in the audience and they all exchanged rings and exchanged vows and were married in the middle of the Grammys Cheri by their very union they support gay marriage and equal rights I'm sharing this because we have to realize what's going on in the world we have to realize that we have to have compassion on people yes we should not this was sold to left across my client shared in his presentation just before my presentation this is just opening up the door for more preparation to step into the forefront and to be placed and to be accepted because now they wear that homosexuals are gaining the rights for marriage in some states there are other on grilled some couples that are also pushing for equal rights he mentioned us this side tree yellow one and that all married each other there was a man who just recently married his dog there is even twin brothers that are fighting for rights to marry each other and there's been ample movements that is than Man boy love Association that is pedophilia so we already see these things moving forward in the media we already see them coming for the nonetheless there is hope in hopeless hacker do I mentioned before his book and from nineteen fifty seven he says that we still have a strong defense available against such persuaders can choose not to be persuaded in virtually all situations we still have a choice and we cannot be too seriously manipulated if we know what is going on that is why I wanted to share this with you today if we know what's going on we have the power not to be manipulated our eyes are opened to what is going on behind the scenes and also you what researching this I just kind of threw everything in a presentation I had two hundred and fifty slides I have cut this down to bare bones to share with you today there is so much more going on with section media today that I couldn't covert in the time that we have this is a statement from Clyde Miller he says as we learn to recognize the devices of the persuaders we build up a recognition reflex such a recognition reflex and protect each record is a smalltime persuaders operating in the commonplace affairs of everyday life but also against the mistaken or false persuaders powerful leaders after class and says many are sunken in say they long to find a solace for their troubles and Satan turns them to see it in less pleasures that lead to really is offering them in the apples of Sonnenfeld will turn to ashes on their lips they are spending their money for that which is not bread and their labor for that which is five but she goes on to say that Christ will perform wonderfully articles if you will thank you their God-given part in human hearts today as great a transformation maybe Iraq's as has ever been right in generations past that means that John Howard God changed Paul into salt and salt into Paul the heat you can change you in your life if you just give him permission to come in the surrender of those things that are holding onto those who are watching answered prayer and are searching the Scriptures daily with an earnest desire to know and do the will of God will not be led astray by any of the exceptions of Satan is a powerful if we are watching unto prayer searching the Scriptures daily and having and keeping an earnest desire to know and do the will of God we will not be led astray by any of the deceptions so now I just want to make an appeal to your heart today maybe the Lord has been wrestling with you you know there's something in your life that you need to give up maybe and sexuality maybe it's not maybe it's some kind of media maybe something else altogether but you know that order the Lord is calling out to you and saying I need you to are celebrating you from having less and less every time you refuse to listen to the message of mercy he strengthen yourself and belief returnee failed to open the door on your heart to Christ to become more and more and willing to listen to the voice of minutes into you diminish your chance of responding to the last of your personal life not crazy over you and he wept over Jerusalem saying how often would I have gathered the night children together as an hand up gather her brood under her being he would not suffer that you today I want to invite you to stand up and make knowledge that God is calling out to you and saying I need you to leave this aside it's not because I want to take something from you that's good for you it's because I want to take something from you the only injury suffix you today I just have to stand I want you to acknowledge to God that I'm surrendering us and I don't want you to stand just because everybody else says this is essential for your heart directly I wanted to really be a gesture towards the Lord when I want to give this to you I don't hold onto anymore I want you to be the leader in my life as for the safety lies he has something more beautiful and amazing for us and had been deleted ever imagine I want to thank you all for having the courage to stand up today the legacies you the Lord knows your heart and he is already moving to give you the victory all you have to do is hold it out in your hand and say Lord I can give it you need to take it correctly translate but if you just surrendered to him can do that moment by moment every time the confusion comes in you are sure to have the victory in Christ Jesus so if you are having close of the board of the father was a rock concert into my scene with such a blessing to be gathered amongst our fellow brothers and sisters at the data from a mountaintop experience and then go home into the mouth the Lord as we make a commitment to you today we don't just want to do and how we wanted to mention turning back to you in each moment is a binding with you moment by moment like you see each one of us are standing including myself there are things in our lives that we know where separating us from your will for life you've given us victory in some areas but were still struggling word we need your help so today as we humble ourselves and we just had knowledge our great need of you we extend our trembling hand when asking for four tickets from we know that your faithful to do the work the promise to do and asked if we will just surrender today we've done our Lord so we step out into the newness of life in you and we thank you for what you are doing in our lives which will continue to do in our lives and Lord may we all be together on a sea of glass let that be our only focus jihad in an own this is what she was looking at Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the teeth of the sympathetic and just as satisfying on the body in question so I download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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