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1. Cross-Check: Did I Do That?

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 1, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC all right good morning morning good morning good morning well welcome to GRC the user first time on anybody here for the first hundred utilizing wow please Lord all right anybody here for the tenth time allowing you to join me so this is actually my eleventh or twelve one give away my age does not include a hundred dollars surcharge through anyway I just want to welcome you all to our seminar this morning on who the next two days on my intention is to take us on a journey in looking at the Paulson a different way than we typically look at it which is predominantly theological benefit to say that this is what Jesus did for us he died for me or you know this is the implications in terms of the sanctuary when the impact and effect upon the great controversy on all listings are very important and we should pursue them theologically but my intention in this seminar is to do what I've entitled it which is a cross check when you crosscheck something you can't go back and compare different things to see like wait a minute did I miss a detail that I can test before or maybe I realized that this person was actually there at the same time and same place this is oftentimes how police catch criminals who bought the slip under the radar and in the same sense this seminar is not so much to you and myself as criminals as much as it is the same there is a story that is being told and that story is your life and that story at one point was Jesus 's and his story ended in a very tragically in Lisbon seemed on the surface and what we discover is that just like Jesus on this story and the stories of others but in the same sense our story can be found in Jesus Cisco in fact not only can it be found therefore we find that your story my story Christ's story is detailed that is already dental and that is my goal in the six sessions is to show us that much of the things that we experience in life much of what Jesus experience particularly around the crucifixion is a tale that's already been in revenue lines I believe by God 's grace and the leading of his Holy Spirit killed is being told again in you and our bullpen as Christians we talk about of lifting the cross when we talk about sharing the crops it is to help others to also find their persons in the crux and so with that being said I want to pray to begin and then we will immediately diamond laptop it will have fifty minutes this is abuse to a preacher but nevertheless Jesus says father forgive them for they know not what they do so let us pray together as we begin my God everlasting father what's an amazing privilege to be able to have the space the time the word and spirit to be here right to study the lives we will continue to and when we saw prayer and when that leave me examining the details as we re-examine the general principles as we re-examine the big story the big six fine he will help us define our story in Jesus we thank you for what you will we thank you for your promise to speak to us that we would come to you humility and openness of heart granted this request not for our sake but because of our unrighteousness but for your mercy sink is our prayer in Jesus name it all at once people see they may take the Bible singled to Matthew chapter twenty three Matthew chapter twenty three hope you brought survivals of any use them she wants is not a place for smart phones just kidding but I do like the physical but I do not feel uncomfortable without Matthew chapter twenty three when you're there you say men change is not there to say have mercy okay Matthew chapter twenty three with a beginning in verse thirty two Matthew twenty three in verse thirty two are we there amen all right the Bible says the words of Christ in red so that is the measure of your fathers humans serpents brood of vipers how can you escape the sharp condemnation of the therefore indeed I send them prophets wisemen a sprawling some of them you will kill and crucify and some of them you will support in your synagogues and persecuted from city to city that you may call all the righteous blood shed on your from the blood of righteous people the blood of Zacharias son of Derrek on whom you murdered between the temple and the altar assuredly I think you all these things will come upon this generation of talking about archetypes one organizer archetypes now the word archetype is a technical word in certain fields it is a word that is used in behavioral psychology it is aware that if she was in terms of analyzing literature and is also a word that is used even in other areas that I want to get into which are of no interest in used lesson this time but it occupied in a very simple definition is a constantly recurring pattern in life or in literature now the word archetype comes from two Greek words how many to the first one is archaic mania elsewhere because of the arch angel right so we called the first Thessalonians chapter one verse sixteen it says that he will come with the sound of a trumpet and the voice of the Archangel bookmark our meaning first with the world but now the second part of it the type will be calling great coupon is a model with an SNL twenty activists are consumables which basically means this is the first model for the first half this is the principal pattern from which all others are copies using an archetype of the things that's always on legal when you think of it archetypal like you think in your mind of Superman think of the fact that there is a hero and there is ability right and this is the archetype of the hero is always perfectly good write a solid loving you salvation is always willing to sacrifice or she women can be euros to even and so you have the fact that as they all than the mailing writings were quickly able all on destruction always spent on selfishness or green one power at any cost there is nothing he is not willing to do to accomplish his and he is the March billing so now this is what we call an argument in terms of the the characters is a hero is a villain there's the trickster there is outcast like the person that doesn't fit in there like the diamond in the wrong no one ever knew that they were actually the coolest person in school notice of removal and then guess what graduate from high school go to college now she's the prettiest girl at the University of Maryland well thinking man followed by some needs are in high school that's not the point in terms of characters results architect in terms of energies because of the light versus dark it's that's an archetype this is what we make so we automatically assumed right of darkness is associated with evil right and back in life is associated with the good righteous the holy and this is also used in the Bible as well if you look at the Gospel of John you noticed that a lot of things happen at night and savings have been in the market and that by the end of the Gospels and interesting things in place of the cross in terms of that merging of those two things the last one is in terms of the plot or the story itself oftentimes one of the most famous archetypes in terms of stories is the place where this is the Odyssey Viennese donkey will take right there on this particular journey to save his rival were to reach some buried treasure or to be able to find his way home whatever the case is this is the typical archetype this is the stuff that stories are made of to psychology Carla John Flavius and he said he knows is also archetypes in terms of the human experience maybe you won't think in a personality test before you are done and you get the four letter throwing INT J ENG zero whatever it is your lack of your catalyst urgencies are going to start boxing each other and install your introverted or extroverted this is an archetype he has bottles a book about and people continue to say behaviorally based on how you answer certain questions you fit into a certain you're just a copy of another more run your stormy is until that's already been and so Jesus looks at the Pharisees in his last plea before they are about the killing and he says in verse thirty two fill out then the measure of your fathers allegedly also see that Jesus challenging but Jesus is also laying open to them that I know what you are doing and the fact that what you are doing to me what you are planning that he should become a leader in your heart this is a tale that's already been told your fathers committed the same things you have the same spirit as a question how can I love my father still the Bible says in Ezekiel eighteen that the wicked man shall perish for his own sins Nolan impairs for the sin of another person so he says there were using you bare your own sending your own guilt these days he bares his home to his own guilt when Jesus says there's something in you that is missing any goals now he tells us even in particular stories this verse thirty five one new link on all the righteous blood shed upon the earth from the righteous and was able to bloodshed yes I know yes it was was a righteous yesterday was Jesus the Messiah was righteous so Christ says all the way back to able he says all the guilt and all the blood that is when the blood supply the you are the one that is believed to bear the responsibility you remember the apostle Paul in acts chapter twenty when he was leaving the elders at Ephesus he says I am free from the blood of all men you understand what he means by our not a view guy it's not my fault but if the blood is upon you then he is your fault and Jesus looks at the concern is what is in you is this primeval that is been growing since the dawn of time since there was a brother and a sister upon the earth that same thing that was entertaining using you the same thing that wasn't Joseph's brothers is in you the same thing not within a half is in you when he says what is about to take place on this city on this hell in this country is a tale that is already dental this is just an architect this is a copy that other situations begin to come home and you realize that if you look at it what a Nice you will realize that I understand this story I know how the story ends I know how the story goes I've never had that experience before you know I remember as a person travels a lot i.e. my luggage is normally locked not lost in my eleven years of traveling I think I lost my luggage twice until this year this year alone has surpassed all the other ones in my luggage has been long as I was surprised in the first time it happened I said all you know this is it only happens every once in a while they said no problem will deliver your bag everything was fine the second time as I arrived back from the room began young into the states and I arrived at the desk and I heard the name all ten Sebastian Rocklin please approach the podium tonight come to the gastronomical year this is a story that I've heard before and I walked up to the desk and I said please don't tell me my luggage is lost it's not is not always lost we don't even know where he needs I said okay that's interesting because you had it and now you don't know where it is invasive were sorry I said I know I know right you are you going to give you to get tell me to give you an address here's the number of links if you've been through this before yes this is a tale that has already been told I know the story then I went to Cambodia came back from Cambodia Cambodia England to London and as I arrived in this run-up Mister Brassington you approached the podium I know the story I know how this is going to go I know how this is going to add and when we experience our things in life this is how we plan our lives a monopoly you know where not to go back to certain restaurants because you're like I know this story I'm not developing this again you know which mechanic developed to tell you a lot about this again this is a tale that has already been told and so Jesus says what is taking place at the crucifixion is not a new story is an old old story all the way back in allegedly notice the first John chapter three building on this concept first John chapter three verse .com the twenty first ten are you all right the Bible says in verse in this the children of God and the children of the devil all manifests worker does not practice righteousness is not about yours he does not love his brother for this is the message that you heard from the beginning that we should love one another not us Jane was on the wicked and murder his brother and why did he multiply because his works were evil and his mother 's were righteous John tells us this is the reason why a brother jailed his brother this is the reason why he says his brought a righteous and his were evil therefore he killed and if you look at the Genesis account in Genesis chapter four seven times the passage reminds you that they are brothers seven times no one using that Moses is emphasizing the relationship that they are brothers because he's trying to get to the fact that when the question comes and I my brother 's keeper they are thinking this is emphasizing the fact that his brother and his brother visited her brother and his brother Joseph and then you look at the story of Jesus Abel 's blood in his shabby is commensurate to the experience of Jesus on the cross and I've asked myself this question what are guessing what he was a Jew it was not the Romans before the blood of Christ it was not the pagans it was not the Greeks it was the Jewish and you find adherents of brother killing his brother and why killing his brother were the team decides this is a story that's already been told is that he's killing his brother because his brother 's works are righteous in his heart evil this is the story of the cross is about someone decides to go to work and do the right thing and shows and magnifies the kind that other people are not doing the right thing it's a tale that's already mental the story of the cross is about a sibling rivalry but because you decide to do the right thing you decide to go to college you'll decided to do so he did very well brother your sister all of a sudden cannot think this looking for reasons to catch you in a mistake looking for me to do so you're not sublethal shoes as the parents thinking law looking for you to make a mistake waiting for you all waiting for you to fail waiting for you to be embarrassed waiting for unionization this is to export the sense enables blood was shed this is why Jesus is not being sure Christ tells Artie told to Genesis this is improves on I know in this room there are people here that don't get along this there are people here who for some reason after years and years we just got close for systems which is not close to our brothers and we may not know why but is it doesn't always have to be your blood brother and sister it can also be church members your brother and your sister Nathan you know we just decide to sit on the side of the church they sit on that side of the church it is a tale that is already been told when you seem to really check your blood right they just assassinated government something comes up or nominating committee when your name is being discussed into something that will not happen or not that's it's been you know I remember I saw her when someone you know in the streets and they were doing some things that you really don't want to repeat here for the board what exactly would like to think it's appropriate you get into gossip so you want us not to vote this person for a theoretical mistake while I really believe that you don't know some questions that need to be asked out of the water rushing through the starting sometimes even friends it's not just brothers and sisters in Ponce 's parents and children sentences and stories on Apple 's recent wife simply because you're doing the right thing do you know how many mothers have kids out of wedlock they grow up and their kids decide to know her daughter decides not to have any kids until I did I'm not getting married and because I'm in love is the mother testing understand what the daughter says listen to you know know he's not spiritual enough as the mother continues to put pressure on her daughter what's wrong with this guy to be choosy your proof and looking down at the situation and I think I wish I had look at my mother and me I think I don't want your life I don't want to do what I want for my life and you find the same story being told by Chris yours are righteous in your mothers working socialist reminder again I spiritualized thinking what I raised you are no more I know the crazy stop change of dirty diapers for those unfamiliar holier than thou like it's on apologies is not the defendant who things the right way enables you young men to come not believe that my father was I am not my father 's mistakes and some others cannot handle the fact that their sons are not interested in three girlfriends are not interested in multiple babies for multiple women are not interested in stepping out on their marriage they want to be faithful I will be able to look at my daughter in front to know on her wedding day that my dad wasn't just a preacher he wasn't just a spiritual leader he was also faithful not so I can help companies do not if I marry a man of God descending the a story that is already been told he saw Perricone daughters-in-law I will screen you will know my works are righteous in your thirteenth meeting to calm down and make them less and it was a mistake not working to be repeated tale on so when looking at a personal story and across you think this is just about a Jewish man being killed by his peers because they're not thank you to all the crown after him that's not little as we look at this and I'm just unable out any of the next people using how much personal story across so now when I understand this moment and I see what Jesus is going through this is the story has already been and when I look at what I'm going I can find courage I can learn how to respond the way Jesus respond when his were righteous and his brothers within Google Joseph and you thought may be able to contain was just a unique situation no one wasn't because Joseph was sold by his own brothers for pieces of silver why because the father favored because the father left the adults and people that are just not always happy with your blessings no Pharisee was healing the blind no squad was resurrecting the dead know he was raising the Winwood Lane sun in the middle of the English Jesus God was blessing with that ability and the Pharisees of course you are likely just like Joseph's brothers a tale that is already been told and who know that their only history all the designer to see him in English to sell him into slavery into bondage and send clients to train them are in place not only the family needs and their hatred was actually testing and growing debate it was making Joseph from a boy to a man the very meaning of their hatred was leaving to go to exalt the hobby become second-in-command of Egypt out of the city on the right-hand column because you hated because you sold me which is a human to put evil but God meant it table on severe these men think we hate crucify him by away when this is we want our office so I think so Jesus sees all and all I was trying be hung up on the cross not recognizing that their family needs of hating him actually exalting Jesus was not losing Jesus was waiting and it was because Jesus would sit upon the cross that he would eventually be raised to the right hand and asked why Christ looked at them before they killed anything soon you will see the Son of Man on the right-hand construction of this story is a two on many types as someone hated us between us worked against us because of envy but somehow got turned around to exult 's it's it's a so for thinking as you understand the story single I understand what it's like to suffer it innocently long as families like the people you think are closest to you the people you love the most and they were actually pursuing additional but receive the needle down blowing in your failures last in your pain industry every dog has his day only to find out what they had meant for evil God is this I remember when it was time for me to make a decision as a young Christian is a unit of following Jesus or your and when this is intended this is what I was going to do I remember that my son mother was not very supportive of that decision in admission call me when time and I said you know I'm not doing anything anymore not going to the theater anymore not interested in our phone call in time to pick up my three younger siblings and she's okay I can't make it so you need to go take them to the movies personal not taking no you don't want to get into this you know your parents going on we keep increasing pace I wasn't impressed with barely a Christian event civil Montague beautiful conversation but suffice it to say here I am English by my own parents to violate my conscience I just started so I know I am not thinking like a moment I remember my father my game and my stepmother to listen well all know there is no friends over all this stuff you getting this situation in my hands because I wanted to spit the mind 's so I remember thinking like you and you know something this particular occasion of what I considered to be in justice and essential to punish me because I wanted to see a movie I said that I wonder what are the struggles of parents and other claims on you know pretty for my son you know you think you have it that someone would take his siblings to see a movie all right that's all you're doing myself struggling with cocaine with math marijuana you're talking about they can be the movies I wish I had brought the rest of the suffering in the situation I was angry I was frustrated in my father came home and hand out this conversation my dad looked in my seventies and was if he doesn't look comfortable doing that because of his own values and commitments you can't force them to do and if anything my dad lifted me and he said you know I respect the fact that he would hold strong to your own could you notably the romantic inability to values people must respect them and if they don't respect them you may even respect his wishes you have no problem in market your free Google would have unique because now because of your values on you like and trust you punitive or even the government the tale that's already been googled to the soldiers make sure over my time in both of the soldiers were crucifying Christ actually heard of Jesus being declared as an innocent man there I say I find no fault in this I find no fault in this man when the Jews crucify him crucify him I said why what evil has he done and I said no awaiting his next and then in her plan it's a fine immediately superintend the ground he delivered Jesus the subject will imagine you are a soldier you heard about it tell you this is in addition and he tells you will kill the module you you know what I'm a soldier am not here to decide whether the writing is a guilty unit buildings across all just doing my job I'm just following orders exultantly this is a new story this is not an school this is a tale that has already been because when you both a modern day times how many people are violating principles of the word of God because they're just doing their job you think it's okay to lie to make the sale is a gynecologist and I have to at least they're buying a good product on making my quota I'm getting my commission just doing my job you know what is on all you know they tell me that I have to take my example until it's only been told they can examine some you would when they crucified graduate of Milton could you just doing because you just following orders this is not a new story when you go back to the genocide in Cambodia and Rwanda can you ask yourself the question how is it that you think of these people to tell another person because Robert is right and hatred of the universalism is what they told us this is what was supposed to do so I'm just following orders or Nevada Nazi Germany dissenting this a while and most of all if you see and you and you have to arrest you on his property why just obeying orders I'm just following the law to the degree and when the men were involved before the international justice tribunal and they asked these people being tried for war crimes digital gauge not put Jews and of digital or did you not start young German children he said yes they were Jewish in what major thing that was right and America's response was I wrote the loss I broke no laws to its board so you and I may think when we look at the cross that this is just about someone dying from this is more than that brothers and sisters Mrs. of all personal stories because in his crucifixion scene personal story the solvent is to decide how many killed the King of heaven to be on the agenda to do list is just awkward he just is why we are the children it was going to work to protect the governor to execute his orders but little did he know that this day when he decided to check out not to think for himself not because of any values or principles and so you know what you know if anything is still limited but you can actually look at Jesus and the unit has gone just as a man in the only two of us knowing that what would compel a human being to just one just one much you know many times church board seat they say well she got pregnant out of wedlock the Church manual says this should be the result of your decision she needs to be disfellowshipped if you like well how we go to win her back that's not even discussed the plaintiff as a child was supposed to execute discipline when a person makes a mistake when environmental rules there must be consequences alcoholic there's plenty of judges that don't discipline the need to put many goals on an exercise to visibly it is not redemptive people in the manual says it not because they love the soul not because they're trying to be being divorced so the Dragon and establish an endowment visitor that will even corrupt the church wondering an apparently she feels uncomfortable even coming around the church I would be due to thinking how many women pregnant outside of marriage in the church are still in all my thinking my son community by Justin on her additional she's damaged goods really does how we treat Salisbury your responses just following orders the special dominions a solution what happened to be people of principle but like the soldiers that teaches that this tale is on this is an old old story when it comes to one last person Barabbas to go with me to Mark chapter fifteen as we continue to meditation and reflection on the scales that are more invincible Mark chapter fifteen there was Perseus thinks he was accustomed to releasing the prisoners to them whenever they requested and there was one named Barabbas who was chained with his fellow rebels they had committed murder in the rebelling and the multitude crying aloud began to ask him to do just as he had always done for them but Tyler answered him saying do you want me to release to you and King of the Jews for you that the chief priests handed him over cousin and wanted to freeze start the problem so that he should rather release Barabbas to them Parliamentary said to them again what value do you want me to do with him when you called King of the Jews so they cried out again crucify him then Pilate said to them why what evil hath he done but they cried out all the more close up my soul I wanting to gratify the crowd believes Barabbas to them and he delivered Jesus again sports and to be gruesome and read you something from desired regions that I think you'll find to be interesting page seven thirty three paragraph one it says the Roman authorities this time held a prisoner named Barabbas was under sentence of death is claimed to be the Messiah he claimed authority to establish a different order of things to set the world around under satanic delusion he claimed that whenever you get a in that robbery was his own dear done wonderful things to save tenant agencies geared in a following among the people cannot excite sedition against the Roman government under copper of religious enthusiasm he was a hardened and desperate feeling that on rebellion and to bike pinning the people installing between this man and the innocent Savior pilot thought to arouse them to a sense of justice helped engender sympathy for Jesus in opposition to the priests and rulers and so turning to the crowd he said with great earnestness in a movie that I release unto you Barack 's or Jesus who was called you see are still going to have to make the arthritis is that I thought this guy is so back this guy 's gone so crazy into rebellion it's a murder killing people is even claim to be the Messiah is that Barabbas means son of the father so I think all the Hitler years the son of the father who's going to be the Messiah is murdering a rebellion in hatred and cruelty on the other side Jesus was claiming to be the son of the father and Ashley claiming to be the son of the father is healed to open the eyes of the blind he spent five thousand four thousand is walked on water he saved a man from drowning should I continue so I think the IRS this is such an easy and obvious this is what you say this is a trial that has already been told you know we knew when we try to get people to make the right decision so we sat in unlucky enough friend in her life while you not interested in this guy I'm interested in that and your friend might like wow I mean what you want to pursue on the Barabas this guy has stated likewise ten other girls you know is you is not really spiritually as you love God and you're hoping right now the situation is exactly that you would arouse her to a sense of justice that you would arouse into a sense of principles and values but does not know until the party we did Julie Barabbas was the most ridiculous thing but how many of us have friends even ourselves when it comes to dating rituals and runs and were still looking always some of those lost practices because we chose Barack 's syllabus are afraid to even commit to another relationship because we chose Barabbas it's a tale responding and we try to be like I like all wrapped and telling them usually Barabbas was stupid that we want to tell them a listen look at this person and this person he loves God volunteers would you I see is a good-looking seventy minutes young man he actually keeps dust on the and yet you find that your friends choose the guy she was the girl that is absolutely and Barabbas say this is detailed sorry but even further than this final apparatus is a man that when he was released allegedly abolished for a moment it just struck me the other day preparing for the seminar went around us was let go of those things he was released and everything that happens from this point onward was meant for him allegedly think about that for a second as the disease release and Jesus is Lord with the cat of nine tails digging into the flesh of his back maracas is looking and thinking that was supposed to be my and Wednesdays after being went into the background cursing and spitting in his face that was supposed to be my streets now supposed to be my slap to the face that should've been my face only to be taken to the place of crucifixion and now enter the hand of Jesus Barabas is saying that was supposed to be mine hence and I went across is jolted into the whole and their lives are only further last week he's thinking that was supposed to be me every finger across who suffered in Barabas 's two spot there's anyone that we should identify with it is this because the crossroads is not the significant crossroads is twice are links and we says and there is not one source is a union Jesus or Hugo Sebastian may want important issue and rebel inventing the logo is not curable even for murder and regular installments as well I want Sebastian you can cruciform juice this is into the organ your storage of my story is the fact we should have been should have been us signaling the start for us and our experiences and our stories what does President tells us is as you know what when I do software when I'm under pain when I'm under discouragement when I'm going through difficulties that I myself am trying to understand I can set up everything I don't deserve it because paralysis play what was going right next to Jesus and that he will and you start off person Jesus mocking him but then something came home to his heart something reaches my ways that would eliminate paralysis very we were rolling with Barabbas Novgorod is there anyone across multiple iCal to follow the White House to build my life and my pattern after and I thought this man was potential you are likely in things where we are more liberal and Barabbas is not a temptation will always presently shows you how exactly in the rescue dog is doing is a tale that has already been told so that even realizes you know what an ignorant that I followed around this who did you say when he was free pay ninety three but really my place to wrap things Robison sorry guys so sorry that should continue you haven't guided me we decided his heart on the following men attending was going to be some things for who I see in this message looks at himself all the wrong person I chose the wrong path analysis on breathing today and am finding it harder to stay alive were going to put my faith in Caracas no guitars to Jesus and he says will remember because the other thief do not feel we suffer justly this man I just inure to the good-looking how Jesus takes in bears his details are we all follow the wrong person we all followed the wrong path thinking this is where the ghettos only to discover ultimately while suffering the consequences of our choice they get off the hook you pay someone to follow this person in the first one I ever decide to smoke this thing will happen this I think this girl why is this party want to decide to watch this movie I remember years ago and CYC I came to go preach in the mornings and a group of young people that in the hallway Mister brother Sebastian we need you to call a friend I said my way to preach this morning I really don't have time to say listen he's demonically possessed he was watching a formal and all of a sudden he just became possessed and we caught a pass attachable devices on the phone right now can you print so I got on the phone within a set was anyone else I think a moment is anyone else I can be divisive I was afraid to go there so the self-interested all people who will sink sharks are overpowered Jesus is the only legal when I was oppressed by the devil Jesus didn't do that so regardless experience in reality marketing for themselves you know what I got off the phone all this time we thought watching these movies the latest thought it was no big deal until we got our prior are you watching this but I want to see what he do not want before because my printer this is what we should do a good move you should check it out it's really scary not possessed of the Dean and your friends don't know what to do just like the rabbits can do anything we realize ultimately followed bankers to argue so this morning the question is asked where you want to end with this quote that are symmetrical talking about the hearing were you there when they crucified my Lord it says all the slaves were not allowed to read the Scriptures they learned Bible stories at the chart on the plantation along with the white Oak 's the Sunday morning routine including Sunday school singing hymns Bible reading the sermon where the project folder and forbade Mrs. and the master but the slaves also learned the word from white and black abolitionist preachers from the north who traveled down to the southern states and the great awakening sense that it wiped sweat from engine became Baptists much to the annoyance of many Southerners these new evangelicals began teaching the slaves about the way of salvation a favorite analogy of the Scriptures used by these creatures was the plight of the Hebrews of Exodus and God handpicked leader Moses the African slaves identify his ancient oppressed people the group this is a God of the Bible that freedom was given to be slaves of old the Old Testament by their imagination the people of Israel been enslaved in Egypt and is not gone rescued him leading them on the Internet of the promised land quickly taking on vacation when Israel would not want to do the same for in their enslavement Moses became their man to and figuratively important in song by singing Negro spiritual vote down Moses went down into Egypt select tell old Pharaoh let my people you see the capacity to follow the trouble of their daily lives into song was the unique genius of the blacks they were helped in this creation by their own preachers who identify with that congregation and what they had been through since the last week they saw husband sold away from wireless children separated from parents women at the mercy of their masters lusts and then at the end of their overseers with their environment with the last infrequent use told him that they were in no way significant persons that they were only important but the slaves learned of the God of the Bible they began to see themselves as his children know all know that black preachers to you not slaves you are the apple of God made in his very own image they learned that it was a good and benevolent God who heard the cry of the Hebrew slaves that freedom came they realize that they were not inferior to the white man just as the Hebrews were not inferior to the Egyptians the spirituals attested to this and proclaimed yes I will for a time this is an corresponding testament especially since their white taskmasters used it to justify slavery there was something about the man Jesus hanging down upon the heart within us here was a man who was beaten like they were instead of he was falsely accused he was imprisoned for crimes he did not commit finally it was funny upon a tree a method of execution familiar to the sleeps through all these indignities Jesus prayed for forgiveness for they know not what they do how was he able to forgive the question what was that enabled him to love those who were unlawful once he obtained we are to drink the cup of suffering we have to drink the cup of suffering yes there across was one with his crooks Jesus died for the sins of all men and of Oakland 's you have to be who he said he wants how else could he have done in time they embrace Jesus as their Savior and they sing the song where you would be crucified sometimes it causes me to try trying trim for unit you were there you were there is pretty father in heaven we pray were gone with John defined our story and the story of the cross as we begin to reflect upon Jesus 's experiences and compared them to our own we realize that our lives are tales for the potatoes on board maybe there's someone here says I see my story Jesus is seeing my experiences I see my failures I see my own anything in Jesus 's story in your my story is not a pretty sound beautiful but I pray that the one that wrote Jesus 's story that he would rewrite my today that he wish only that there's healing but there's forgiveness that there's meaning and all the things that I wish were never a part of there someone here this is that is my prayer today a lot of my consenting similar I needed a rewrite must this is what it has been this is what my experience in my journey has been a major rewrite must doesn't have to be the teacher it doesn't have to be the end doesn't have to be brotherly and sibling rivalry doesn't have to be following one Jesus can write a story from here if I decide to follow the right thank you Lord for speaking to our hearts in the trust you continue to speak as we study and earnestness and honesty and humility in Jesus will to this message was avoided in Key West twenty fourteen from Phoenix Arizona USC a supporting ministry of the sympathetic dentists and seeks the spying on the Bible and Christ and so when I download Texas other resources like to visit us online at www. 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