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3. Cross-Hairs: Why Am I Struggling with This Sin?

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • January 1, 2015
    2:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC but you heavenly father we think you would with your word thank you for being the opportunity to study we ask that you would give us the Holy Spirit without which we can understand not one principle of Scripture not only not understand it do not apply so we asked whether we would not be here because of curiosity but that we would be at because we design and so he was forward in our journey closer to where you would have to be give us understanding it was a focused mind clarity and most of all while it was courage to surrender when call to give an father to be willing to let go of whatever he would house thank you for giving this prayer and we offered up in Jesus 's name payment so this session is continuing our series finding a personal story in the cross and this particular session is a very important session was unsure why some of you are here to read the title why am I struggling with basic crosshairs is what I entitled it but with that subtitle lime are struggling as soon I imagine that many of us sin is no stranger don't think it is not restrained it wasn't something that we experience on a daily basis we will rule desires me golden rule invitations to do things that are inappropriate that are going to bring a deal to bring ashamed and embarrassed us and yet it seems like unless all the arrival of the temptations of the opportunities that we have to send it always seems to be a couple of those things that just seem to linger a little bit longer than others in this question I believe continues the plane many of us simply because we want to get over sin in my right there is a certain sense in life that we are tired of relevant taking to all the book of Hebrews chapter twelve Hebrews chapter twelve and come back to the story of the crucifixion momentarily but just by way of introduction Hebrews chapter twelve Paul writes these words in verse one therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us so Paul using the analogy of a race he says let us lay aside every weight and as soon as so easily ensnares us listen that somehow just entrust us when we think that we are free it just somehow I think you to anonymous Academy which shall remain nameless when I was doing a legal prayer this economy when I finished some of the leadership of the Academy will nearside initialed by the rest of the world wondering if you can help us with a particular student situation I said sure but what is the situation they said well we got several of our students that are struggling with sexual perversion with masturbation with Bernard and youngest one particular student change in the staff completely honest completely vulnerable completely broken and he says listen on the volume this is what we're doing in the dorms are participating in this but I don't have anything to do with this I want to overcome this and so he came to the leadership and said can you help anything we've tried everything we pray with him fast we had accountability partners it just seems like nothing is working and while they were finishing this story to me the young men said while he was sitting there in the room in a conversation you can only imagine the amount of Shane hosting duties means adapting and he said no sometimes I ask myself why am I struggling with basic why am I struggling with this sometimes we wish that our sins were a little more can be seen there little more con of you know calling at times I felt symbolized what you know I do not go back and tell people that I wasn't being completely honest with you and everything 's okay now I can clear it up or maybe if my said wife you know sometimes not my family becomes an eye and we had certain sins that we feel like these ones are worse than others in my right writer to your family and I don't it's another thing to be unthinkable do you want so usually with another man usually with another woman that particular sin is all that you must be really spiritually broken by neocon and charging your essay Freire argued a lot sometimes I throw my commute when I don't be thinking like this not even original my gentlemen can remember to pray for you telling the truth in our inability to understand me he's naked and I think we have to have players but I know that what is a young person I was depressed and was considering taking their own life now we think that we need to pray for as it was is greater than another but the reality is everyone has a sin that so easily ensnares every single one of us and when it comes to the Council of seeing no one to come there trying to blow that all this is how strong I have this is how well I'm doing Nelson especially our darling sin it's like back girlfriend or boyfriend that we broke up with you so you know this was just a terrible relationship as soon as they come around or not showing are just much because we're afraid of what they might say were pregnant they might embarrass us are just called out or call us on the all yeah your listener what you mean like that one time when you did this is so spiritual and so many of us accuses quite Jesus when pursuing spiritual endeavors it keeps us from offering our services to the church because of the sin that doesn't easily ensnares us and so this young man's question I believe it is a question that many young well I believe that many people at the crucifixion were involved in the healing Christ to all were feeling the same thing it was revealing an answer to the question that there's more behind this than just all you have a lost problem or you have a crime problem or you have a problem with green or yellow problem with stealing things we have a problem with anything you have a problem with keeping the Sabbath day and respecting the sacred precincts of time there's more going on is what the cross suggests to us because when we are involved in seeing what we are involved in breaking the law is not just rebelling it is also a type of betrayal to go because before you and I see we made a commitment to him do we not guess if you we decide to become Christians inside them to let you know I am going to send my knowledge start the relationship that way can you say that you don't know what the relationship was a hey girl I want to be with your enlistment was dominant on the energy I am not going to be able to this comment to let you know so can you imagine you know that I always like to read your files at the wedding in a godless it is brining says listen your beautiful you love me you're great amazing resin bound to let you know I'm gutted she going to sleep with someone that is not my life I think that there is anything of yourself just think that a lot just like he didn't say a single word in the marriage ceremony that's exactly what they place but this is what some people come into Christianity to say you know what when I decided to surrender my life to Christ and to get my in one I cannot sign up will send you say that we do not sign up to constantly be in and out of shape we do not find out the design for all that time like removing the key opening ourselves up and join in eternal spiritual background and wondering we will overcome but we never do and we walk away asking the question why am I struggling with this in the one that we want to get rid of the one network fired up the one that keeps coming back at inopportune times the ones that show up when you are doing well the ones that move in the darkness of life when you've got liked how everything is great original was backstage waiting for you as soon as you spiritual speech sin is that Anderson that doesn't easily ensnared so why am I struggling with this in this message is particularly personal to me simply because I grapple with him just like you being a preacher doesn't make it any easier some people think right they hear you preach anything all that this person is super Christian I arrived at one place in the person was like in a region of this particular location and I was thinking to myself as work on the mingling and talking in your listening to people talk about you to other people own his own business this is brother Sebastian Brecht as in the name should mean something my name is not Jesus that may mean something so that we were sitting there in her life okay yeah yeah I've heard of them don't know your mother 's action comedy always ready to spend the day I'm not making this up and looking at this person I and him praying in my heart said Lord cannot believe I'm in the what is telling the truth right this is fully deflate his full height and argument right and he was waving so I just sat quietly and put another piece of food in my mouth as I was still delivering what am I going to say is running up my one four five six hours if you have anything are you married for five six hours and maybe bubble but mentally I'm going to bed at eleven p.m. I work out and so as I said is on on me when I know for what is an emotional time I do like in the Word like four hours in your mind and writing script of what an hour and then I might listen and does the Bible tell you what Jesus did for his devotion you know what Jesus did for his personal devotional time you look at me said no I don't think the Bible says anything it doesn't message you know why because the rifle spoke for itself it's not the time you can be there six hours never connected with the unit is making yourself feel better words a catharsis I'm just emotionally cleansing some people but like I go to prayer I seem to have a good cry once I cry before the Lord and I feel better now with the pollution the motion is not shedding tears God is not your shrink not saying that God is not a counselor support us but the point here is the fact that in this experience that I had enough thinking these people don't understand despicable creature doesn't make me less of a target basing laboratory and especially when you traveled the world there's something about the sense of anonymity that raises the attraction of evil because you think you can get away with because I don't want to no one will write the problem to my hotel one morning I decided to watch this program I downloaded to my game was good enough these are real reasons we just deal with teachers and parents and after an conference officials why am I struggling with this is the question of every old we start out of the question so he was in the Bible has established boys but hardly think that of all the things that I could end up with this one came to me that's the question that we have that makes a person a solid answer this question in a roundabout way somebody tell you where I want to go the basic answer to this question is that there is a particular sin that the devil has been successful with in the past that he hopes that by persistently meeting we will eventually decide to hand over Jesus will give them a Mercedes and and and liberal groups that the reason why we struggle with this particular sin whatever it is in your life for my is because the double holes that by persistently leaving us to fall into sin we will eventually hand over Jesus we will give him a in order to keep this balance is hope that if this prayer was called to the Bible from his need to map twenty six Matthew chapter twenty six nine twenty six it's a matter in August they have mercy during Murthy said no Matthew seven twenty six the Bible says in verse one now it came to possibly Jesus had finished all saying any certainly the cycles you know that opportunities is the possible and the Son of Man will be delivered all to be crucified knowledge and a little more deliberate on these comes from the Greek word ever did he said is very good and this word is the word for betrayal is the worker what betrayal you see it only translating the trail is talking about students but right here it says delivered so there are more particular groups of people who will awareness for its use in the Gospels the sanest person betraying Jesus but the warranties and him or this is the cause of the betrayal so in the Old Testament because of the betrayal is a little different it's more like possibly as low like revealing something that should've been hitting but in the New Testament the concept of betrayal is the author continent turning something over that he should've checked which is similar to the investment but it's a different approach and the gospel writers along with word what happened to Jesus at the end of his life so now I want to notice that as we both born in Matthew chapter twenty six of wanting to jump down into verse forty five then he came to his disciples and said to them I see the start of verse fourteen and will numbers forty five then one of the twelve call Julie's a scary he went to the chief priests and said what are you willing to give me if I want to find just one word that best ever than a line what will you give me if I do this over the last question into his what you willing to give me if I delivered them to you and they counted out to him thirty pieces of silver so on that time he saw opportunity to what to be trying or two and it'll now be put on numbers forty five anything to his disciples and said to them are you still sleeping and resting the holy hours and the Son of Man is being betrayed into the hands of cities rise let us be going to see my betrayer is not happy and while he was still speaking behold you lose one of the twelve with a great multitude with swords and clubs stay from the chief reason elders of the people now it's betrayer I given them a sign saying whomever I just use the one season immediately he went up to Jesus and said greetings Ralph and kissed with Jesus at the friend while they laid hands on Jesus and to now one hundred dollars back to it candidacy brings and he says what are you willing to give me on free if I hand them over to you and count it all to him thirty pieces of silver now clearly by accepting this deal Julius was willing to turned Jesus over what previews of providing about what to do with this problem this problem is money but more specifically his green only problem I want you to notice in enacting twenty six before it makes you to Judas betraying it tells the story in verse six all the woman anointing Jesus 's feet as well she she comes and she does this I want you to notice in verse eight but when the disciples saw it they were indignant saying why this waste for this fragrant oil might have been sold for much and given to the poor but when Jesus was aware of any sense of them why do you trouble the woman why do you trouble the woman for she has done a good work for you have the poor with you always but me you do not have all and gives an explanation on what she did notice as we compare this language on twelve this is where discretion John Chapter twelve when astronomers want John L are you there all right but in verse four it says not all that aside will as I will who Julius Iscariot Simon signed this is the son of the man who was having the party exactly would be trying to say why was this fragrance oil not sold for three hundred and nine and given to the poor notice John's commentary then she sat not in care of the poor but because he was what the Yahoo moneybox and he used to take what was put in by father without requiring Selby parties of record Julius Golson and she braced the immediate proceeding story is a woman who gathers a year 's worth of savings of money she buys fragrant oil and besides they just pour it on Jesus this is a woman who used to be a prostitute you don't know what she went through to get that one should decide on the type all this money on the bike regularly report on price and here is Julie's sitting by watching this and think themselves dealing with incredible deal do you know what we could of done this for the poor but John tells you it is a distributor for he was the first issue of greed John says right there in the text because it used to take what was put in the money so what I do is want you wanted to bring this to be so take that money and put it where in a money box so we can take the money out the box so walking with Jesus and Jesus make sure his treasurer can you imagine your stealing from the Lord himself I also easily be set to Jesus is gathering money so that he can do good deeds for the poor so I can give money to the poor adherence Jonas dancing in a money box and acting in a money box to take this money eleven Wallace is on your wasting your money buying this oil of anointing Jesus is almost infinitely from this scene John Holy Spirit said that's not what because Judas had an issue with green for a moment and this is why he was in the board 's presence this is while he had face-to-face communion with Jesus and I guarantee you there were times that when Jesus would preach and he would say you know there's a parallel parable about a rich man went to Barnes and bigger barns and when he was about to die the message you know what under the bill even bigger parts to say South you've done well and that it will come down and say you will tonight your soul is required those things will easily judiciary and I'm sure his heart was stirred and he would go home into his would pray and do as we say Lord help me to let go of my green you see is what Jesus my master is coming where your treasure is there also sound a harpy jingoist fascists Julie's hurt Julius heard about the unjust steward who was having his master 's goods and wasting them but then apparently says missing make sure you make friends base rent is that you still have a lot of friends on earth but friends in heaven so that they will receive you into everlasting Julie's hurt Julius Carnaval underwent a left us how it's not very socialist and all the Portland one it was and yet I do is turn this on sure he was kneeling anything Lord help me to get over this means to let go of money and time and time again Judas was coming back wondering why am I struggling this one for you just like all the money in trust Jesus but here you'll understand what was the doubledealing to Julie's how in the world with the devil going to get Jesus to be crucified publicly want to tell him he says you know what I want to find someone to betray Jesus into the hands of the chief priests how can I get this man to be chosen between individuals who would you insult this assist the white comments design pages seven sixty the history of Julie's present the sad ending of a life of the story that might have on Julius had naturally a strong love but he had not always been corrupt enough to do such as these arguments can not always been corrupt enough to do would be such as this the love of oh all were battling Islam Christ through becoming a slave of nonviolence he gave himself to seek to be driven to any lengths in the C- of sisters I hope their understanding from the blow in from the Bible this am I to is struggling with the same one that will keep coming back to dispensation because he's thinking down the line is drawn in driving farther and farther Junior started off as a lover of money he started out this is not a little these feelings from Jesus 's treasury to the point where he betrayed an innocent man convicted for thirty pieces of silver not an innocent man and anything saw knowing that in the great controversy when the Lord comes but there and awaken our life and the right his hour-long and she says as Jesus sits upon his throne in his glory she says like panorama view of August all the scenes of the crucifixion will be seen in every person leave the Jews and you say like Judas 's question while struggling with this new thing this is just about person you think this is just about your lawful money system as I'm trying to abuse you and eventually the process that I know who Julius as we read to agree that he was willing to betray he was willing to estimate the devil wants you and I could do brothers well I think the point where we just yielded to temptation and want to identify what we have found a start we don't even find you want to think of the place what do you know what I'm just except what use is what ought to be elitist when I die I will burn very long I'll just ceased to exist at a young person from incoming I like our understanding of help at least I know I will burn forever as it would be any less pleasant or uncomfortable or painful because only burning for sure Mister the greatest English is not English of physical pain is the mental is emotional you don't know what it feels like to be cut off from God there's only one person I know that feeling God willing through Christ we would never take stock like Julie's he handed over Jesus see brothers and sisters nine in our personal stories whatever your struggle it's whatever the thing that you and are grappling with today we have to stop and think and recognize that while we in the crosshairs of the wife that he's persistently focusing on this particular area of our spiritual experience wisely targeting in the reality of it is even more sinister and more heinous is not even about to take the volume giving up Jesus bringing us to such a low point all trading think about the hatred that the devil has visited London and is wanting to fight and conflict was another thing you look at a person initially I hate you so much that I'm not trying to find a way to get the person that more than to be true I want them to do the person that you came down from heaven the person they knew became a man took on human age for the man for the woman that you drink the cup of the wrath of God to be traced that is the devil school and he said he was successful which Dennis Julius was handed over as he handed over Jesus to the priests refine that the same thing calls with the priests and rulers Matthew chapter twenty seven 's we go forward why much for doing this you find in Matthew chapter twenty seven and verse one are you there the Bible says when morning came all into recent elders of the people plotted against Jesus to put him to death and when they had found him they led him away and it was they delivered him to Pontius Pilate what were you remember the word that's right very little money so here you have the Jews so it started out with Julius and change left to notice the Jewish half what are you willing to give me the right hand Jesus over but now as he was betrayed and that she brings only a weekend under this guy is condemned to die and then now the Bible writer uses it for the Jews the chief priests and the elders and assist in the hated Jesus will depart they betrayed now the question is why the country psychology to Goldberg and Matthew chapter twenty seven and look at verse fifteen these the governor was accustomed to releasing to the multitude one prisoner being they wish and at that time they had a notorious prisoner Barabbas therefore when they had gathered together Pilate said to them when do you want me to release to you Barabbas when Jesus was cold Christ for you that they had handed him over because of what an young entrepreneur in the editing you have to be envious of something right someone has to have something that you want and that you currently do not have sent out this is the first on the Jews became jealous of Christ not alone in this struggle was going on for long time three and a half years of his ministry so I I find about it in the Bible says piling new that they turned Jesus over because of an beginning until false witnesses the mockery of a trial I would like a final openness and he knew it is my as a Roman pagan coven he could see is all internal things going on in your church is like this is all because of jealous every manual raising all the accusations on their issues against crisis is this just sounds like you're mad at the crowd was following him his notoriety his popularity was on his superstar that's what you want and cannot get it so you deliver him to me in this issue of envy wasn't the first and I'm sure there was a Jew like Joseph within the weather always for price we could be misled by himself worldwide within the influence of the attributes Joseph comes along and maybe there was a time when Joseph was in these Rabbi on wealthy and influential talk about how most people crowding around leaving him teach you say how was that we were struggling with jealousy of was never about the Jews there was a greater issue going and so the devil looked sounded a news piece is secure fine portraits to kill the Lord say why is it that this is persistent and surely Joseph about it went home and similar line waterline I was while I have been whitewashed to this enables the bark persistently pressing us in failure we would hang Jesus and there they were they took their key betook their Savior and he gave them into the hands people do not even eat with people that will even sit with people that will never let their daughters marry their son 's other sons marry the game they handed over knock the rust my conclusion because of time but I hope that the point is now sitting sinking in so and if this is true but we are saying is focused on how he worked on Julius how we work on the Jews how he worked on pilot and eventually even the Roman soldiers anywhere on all these people thinking that all little decisions before representation were insignificant November at read time Julie's put his hand in that box it was setting him after a time the priests were trying to catch Jesus and his words try embarrassment under the multitude because of anything and indulging in jealousy it was setting him up for the cross so now you want me this tells us that you are struggled with pornography yours probably last your struggle with anger your struggle with for your jealousy nor probably don't try your travel with vanity your somnolent fashion you're probably right dismiss my works your struggle with the help message this is an area where the government just keeps coming and keeps coming and keeps coming and he's coming into wondering why am I struggling with this in and the government was sitting in the background saying one regular to become discouraged and you're going to betray Jesus even ahead not exactly what I want this when you have the pornography is not even about you and not it's about just upon persisting persistent persistent here's the here's the good news processes the good news in this message is if this is why you and I are struggling with our sense you're easily ensnaring sitting in my easily ensnaring send this is the reason why we are struggling with this particular set Pentagon loses okay I get it so I don't necessarily focus on much on okay will I ever overcome this I know that I will overcome as long as I don't hand over Jesus I finally was the issue is that if this is true then the issue is I need to be more persistent than the devil if this is true I need to make up in my mind today that no matter what I will not give up clients I will not let go of my hold upon Jesus this is why victory did Jake obtain the way that it came when he decided to think that God I will not let you go until you bless our the weather is what the devil is trying to strategize a say in the last days when it's time for us to stand up and be available these little since the day will matter the because before that it was the crucifixion is now talking talking about third Angels message when talking about righteousness by faith with fundamental religious liberty were talking about keeping the Sabbath but you can't want your kids will easily besetting sins it will seem insignificant today what you watch on your phone that you listen to on your iPod what you are downloading on your computer but you were going to on Friday night when you were doing Sabbath afternoon it seems insignificant now just like bundling the last things and the crisis hits we were set up to betray labor because we didn't understand why we were struggling this and that means that particular sin you and I are struggling that we have been struggling with this system very soon that you and I cannot get this is the very thing that we must say I don't know that he doesn't have long if he did someone say they notice encouraging myself the very fact that he is processing means he doesn't have me that means I haven't handed over Jesus is not what you want like languages on the cross and I was like I'm not what I want the long pass them along pass them along well hello my said demons in the crowd tormenting him trying to get overcome down trying to get them to retaliate now I have nowhere I want to stop to appease the wound hated by the very people he loves extreme by the very people who came to see now how whom I want and you and I because of the crisis that is soon to come upon the earth in our mission in our ministry church we have the privilege to succeed were piling we have an opportunity to succeed would you use a Julie's came to a point where he handed over Jesus because of creed and you and I we make up an online to signal my point of attack is not to ignore my easily ensnaring since that's not the answer for this is the answer is not to pretend like we don't have a certain problem is not drunk to try to increase our spiritual activities hoping that the good outweighs the bad that is not the solution the solution is for you and I to make up our minds today I'm not handing over Jesus no matter what the got a hold on his job remember when I was going door-to-door for the story before I met a guy at the door canvassing covered in tattoos black earrings black nail polish Jesus Akins a Satan worshiper and I think that this particular door he is talking to me in the other deleted you mean he says you know Sebastian you doing good work in all and as long as you continue to preach the Gospel and traveled on you're going to want to blindly obvious things beside the WB on you to make your life as much as how I possibly can I said you know I used to do would you do I used to try to see God in try to be faithful but he says eventually you know I just and I said you know what if I stop fighting maybe you leave me alone Satan now I just worship Satan he doesn't bother out of all those problems have all the issues but for you as long as you're doing that from strategies and all the best to you I encourage you but for me I just got and I thought to myself is this not the most you just hoping that one day he sought without you and I will one day just be like to know what was going to solve me that you and I come to the point where we just decide what's the point of trying to fight the sexual urges I only can combat this by defining an online 's one day they used to say right in the window redoing the margins in the civil rights movement and they would sing that song as they walking the streets and it was still segregation was still reading it was still lynchings there was no hatred and prejudice and racism and yet it was still walking the street and it would seem we shall overcome for deep in my heart when we shall overcome one day weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in younger brother youngsters don't hang on to Jesus don't hand them over for anything former matter what make up your mind today I'm knocking ahead Jesus of phenomena keep reminding myself the devil knows that he has to actually that's only says standout stands up for Jesus the battle strife will not be long busy day the noise of battle but next the victim saw from bigotry onto bitch is on me shouting to every full thing in Christ is Lord indeed stand up stand up for Jesus the shrine so when you get when you feel like there's no point along to remember those words the devil knows that he has a short that means I will have to wait much I keep a hold on to choose every head is bowed in every icicles someone in this room this is Lord Oppenheimer and now that I see I know why I'm struggling with this in the doubles final where we well maybe I want to hand Jesus over and even though right now I'm not corrupt enough you would need such as the crucifixion what is I keep parlaying if I keep persisting one day I will be corrupted to even betray Jesus himself insulted me Lord asking that she would give me hope that you would revive my heart again to date that yes one day I will and I know while struggling with the same the devilish findings in the community lovely to forget that a righteous man but right it won't be different if someone here this is Lord almost tired before I came and known Frank that I will leave you that I will be revised energetic passionately believing that he that hath begun a good work will eventually want to spend two feet he said Lord I was tired before I came but I'm not believing hired not in the meantime we leave this room recognizing I know what you doing Satan and I know that you have with a short I see the whole Christ of movable this day brothers and sisters the noise of the next the victors of lunch is sick right now and thinking what is going to be like to put that crumbling allegedly sent well what is the when you look up and having and you see Jesus coming in the class and you say low this is we have waited for all of you to sit down and thinking of buying one it will be like when Jesus looks at you and says well how could faiths to have faith in you think of this date when you attempted to give you think of the days when you retire but you held off chance father in heaven what a beautiful privilege to see the stories of Jesus and his cross we understand our story why I am struggling with this thing the times that I've done it secretly sometimes even while walking with Jesus just watching was so thankful so painful that now the insight e-zine and I can know assuredly that the devil is trying to discourage you want me to hand Jesus over but today it will be stored in this room to say there is no price for Christ there's nothing you can offer me there's no desire no help no gain that you can offer me so great that I will let go finally one of the those are the people who are needed in the last days will love not even their lives unto the Lord will be willing to be beheaded for the word of God who would rather die than this people who were not handed over funding this is our prayer trust you will encourage us in those moments that the devil has assured weeping endures four nine but surely comes in thank you for these gifts we offer this prayer Jesus as a this message was coded and see what twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC and supporting literacy of the Seventh-day Adventists and spying on the Bible faith so when I download patches out of resources like this visit us online at www. 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