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4. How the Lost Get Found: Finding the Berries within the Briars

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • January 1, 2015
    3:00 PM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC really looking at how I not mind that cried reaching high into day alter frequently highly down in the kind three of three twenty minute poster we can apply them very good he is hopeful beautiful country I especially enjoy the manga and give up late working with a small church that they first arrived the cluster weekend of meeting the examiner they took it around it to various church and they were letting our group nowhere were given the tournament free and bond on one of how does the typical nice church experience I want to write that out and on the missionary area the Lord gave me the desires of my heart I ended up reaching in a warehouse in all and warehousing every night my attendance included rooster there is a telling that life is lived in our baptismal thing and then went anyway the holly and always an adventure meeting Wednesday to eliminate ready for any of these bright blue eyes that you just couldn't on this and he led the church member that I want to have no one in their early every night in the chair the one that was helping with the audio equipment the one I was reading after they arrived the church member you dream of running but I'm not really with related young daughter not in years old but never with the wine even one tiny nearing the point of intent may strongly brought OC woman now heard that but having to search really knows she will not even in social of that C1 means into what happened again now picture this man who walked the Lord on high and frequently involved in handle that he had his own home it was an online not knocking the new and what he will not be here it's a dream come time for a rough time in trying to connect with her and having there one night during the preaching cannot be a woman walking the seminar holding a little baby harm and to go to bed now next Friday that nodded a greeting that have been newly Friday came up to me and introduced his wife you'd be there baby was Iranian elected via one hundred eleven getting better and that he brought the baby to receive your company and praying for my baby praying that he get back with praying for hearts found that be on its first members reached out and embrace rough quite literally they were all coming behind building that relationship and just encouraging her in fact one person with helping to the medical needs met for her little baby then I promptly been unhappy with their rough and from then on now every night of the Femina wrote that was there with her family the very last night to the pirate they came to me and to bed I decided I wanted that guy how beautiful it is to know that this family of four is now united in Jesus Christ no longer way and yet now making the announcement to gather about sharing the gospel and a lot why I'm sentimental link will take a long time in the mean median and sharing my now when the power is in dire need on it today we are seeking to know your lottery money reason eye community father stopped in our own hearts first contingent father reads others are prayer for your name and in what is the role of relationship in which anything related to diabetes page one fifty one at one fifty two and Jesus raise the height of people by going among them and once they desired he thought now in order for the reason I'll gladly must meet them where they are they will seldom be on their own accord to who is doing the thinking here is that with me when I see by then ministry of healing page one forty three we are told right method alone will get through think that's increasing the people how many one currently in alone the money if that happily and will only commonly implied crime method that will win over the Savior mingled with men and one who did buyer he's any sympathy for them he means to me and not many but and then he named them all me he built that friendship he built my connection and then he could say follow me an example of the Wednesday that mingled with men when he mingled I willing anything it will allow absolutely in meeting her deepest mean what the miracle that had absolutely good way of hanging thick in the theater you are currently making a fisherman drag and absolutely willing where the Pharisees anyone are shattered atomic rock that he did not meet your food comes close to you what I'll is okay he came close to him yet again with nicotine it was evening and when I have located in Elizabeth he's just green for a Madonna on indeed neither of his heart sure he would like to meet them out in public but instead you knew this is the only way that he would be receptive to the bottom of the Mary's feedback okay Lili turning the water into wine with a human diet there now the whining like a miracle certainly it with it was symbolic Mendenhall building connection evening that everything worked when building those relationships great example I think here are the three that in a vandalism the first that in our vandalism Michael may run and yet people can handle the high the first aboriginal eliminate friend mingling evil get to know what they are nearby and we need out of these lines even if we will find the second Liam won their confidence the third one thing I wanted competent now we have the opportunity to share God 's Word not happenstance within these three are we going to see in and about the market of the eleven twenty three five now what are we making twenty minutes strain theory me are we winning there on the floor staring not work recently with limited time the roadblock area of how preliminary agreement we older lady that was coming literally dragged by two of her friend and intelligentsia very uncomfortable the later but every night they would bring her out and administration returning to build a relationship with her every night at the greater the registration table and an tremendous All-Star accident on a weekend Diane came to on Wednesday at high gift baskets of Mandarin maybe and I meant and California the best manner I hope they contain that read read in any way now in a manner that Brown proudly fighting when I sell my relationship with her she may want to receive financing another building that relationship right I've been in the night we returned her little basket with a fresh loaf of banana bread a simple little thing p.m. Diane Lynn shop I think back in fact he started to cry not expecting the care that much about her and let it long before Diane joined the church through profession in Danville how do you think that women who have had time to bring her in the family of Christ interlocking her inferior extreme hurricane doing the simple things that make you love is saying I care about you even all that needs enzyme tactics to see that meet social needs the first miracle that he was wrong and it was black shiny like the wine the wedding in Cana in the date range you need to actually any information contained in any he could have told Nicodemus that he wanted and not will come down again I predict that want to win and humanity and that it are already convenient the company takes on the defendant nice army do in the garden ministering to his spiritual need enzymes have to forgive me up emotionally in the development of the well I will manually define husband before a woman with her thick and yet she was not fine exhausting the seventh man Jesus Christ the only one I can fill the devise of her heart and John chapter five in thing we see David meeting physical needs in any manner will but that's a he said the five thousand human math every need are we doing the same army meaning it doesn't even our community are being meaningless physical needs and our community are we ministering to the emotional needs in our community is waiting there confident and giving an opportunity to share not work we are calling Christian service page one sixteen naughty or neighbors one by one will send them to other I want I hope this answer is an long and close to them and what kind of Internet Southwest will be a different element of an agenda they want to become friendly view because they know you can get them somewhere and I need some friendly community event we get that job pray that connection that I need I have three sisters I can only challenge I have an agenda and likely confront the nuclear debate make that declaration how flattering and that night he glad micrograph at a meeting Internet off right and he is how do you have an agenda our leaves ruling meeting their needs do we want them were in the Army for doing evangelism and he can fill up again that we can increase our time and probably reaching them with unselfish interests and I don't know about you but I do not have undoubted interest and lobbying of myself it had to be a gift of Jesus cry they have to be as he waited a whole lot of there are are a convenient and silent down way down the long rock received an even good idea can gather a few to gather and open the word of God to their dark management to gather start of neighbor hood Bible study program I will look at the practical ways to help anything a little too practical hobby but yeah in the life 's a huge difference baking bread he again is been so long when you bake that will run for someone like I mentioned that Diane is truly there are what if you cannot do a clean vial don't tell anyone I amended that little doubt that's okay I hear about you moving the people think about how important it is a little one hospital that does not fear when I was not unhappy people commonly than any impact for me inviting friends home and lastly sharing God 's word now inviting friends home they'll often mentioned earlier we we walked back a gift of hospitality you haven't said is that a church on Saturday that but what do you need today the only event you don't did not eliminate the Condé Nast eight hundred and I signify my new favorite response is common me from the comment and let me how many areas it with me recently met a woman by the name of father and friend them I cannot than regular and offered by marketing to her and confronted with deeply entrenched in spiritualism which eleven thousand five she was hurting and that she found in the Bible that ain't my friend the company often acting that we can pray together getting to imagine how is his it was when you're in someone's home that have given their lives in the dabble in your sharing about the gospel of the Senate with seeking little bit vision for David and revival pain it wasn't long before she committed her life to him all all the way she came so promptly how to learn the truth about the twisting her and then I can see that in the Bible I'm in anyway I'm thinking aware they seem to learn the mouse out not to know what it meant and how that relationship and never needed anyone to make it so and I invited her over to our house is unadulterated gathered behind the physical Avenue found that writing a manifesto wielding down there and you have go out on the nature want in your outline you share in the Apple Store evening from the renown again for any other and how they were going home she came and told it I realized that he needs a much phone I cannot wait to only tell my roommate without it is really about frame a moment frame time and not when it needs new friends additionally they come in the area and the doing that we in Jesus Christ we all have a circle all of our people that we are called to reason that one cannot we see the example report is vaccinated page one forty one non-Americans directed to a different type of the crime they wanted me that Andrew found in rather any content and behavior Philip was then called and he went in search of Nathaniel the example since it sat the importance of personal efforts of making direct appeal to art and are from and are neighbors coming me only reason to know in our circle of informed and I found time and time again at the training program is all different backgrounds do that use any drug dealers didn't idea Denis and Brandon what do you think a Christian home and Dana how my thinking that I don't even want out rates they almost always be people that have a similar background the woman who had been the more woman than you need someone and they got there my belief and now may have an opportunity to share about the healing that they found into the I fly a lot with my work full-time but the fly I am praying that God not only his feet would you have need of it because not even know where the right apartment in Ian Malone and one day I happen this spring I was flying back from Texas and Phoenix it is elderly lady we start a conversation and debate the conversation of her family and thoughts and female she had an emergency alert bracelet on her back and get outs need to type that time I also had an emergency alert bracelet and I think talking with her about it and asking about the situation in Houston told me that her husband had recently passed away and less than a month later her daughter also passed away she already had a health issue than you can imagine moving to close family members not quickly as related to health issues you are ready and now she was struggling on a lot of medication and just really depressed at that moment I felt my arm up a little bit by selling her that I also have and not an intended town just a few months earlier I might come back from a long flight I started to have difficulty breathing I see only been raining when getting worse and worse and worse and finally I went diagnosed when a pulmonary embolism and thrombosis domain vena cava minute whether a blood clot in my long and one in my heart moment when you're in the hospital at three a.m. wide awake because the bloodsuckers that came by the nurse that I will only get opulent God what matters in your line what the purpose of what the focus of what I live floor at the end and tell her about the team tonight I'm in the thriller about the whole belly having crime any encounter about the complete healing that he had given to me and behind the grade I was able to mean you need that see driving about the in order to find the principal and the word of God second Corinthians were looking on chapter one Corinthians one verse three and four final bluntly kneeling on a farm and I'm going to try the father of mercy Donegal comfort comfort in all our tribulation that will enable the company go into any trouble with the comfort with which we are now our comforter by God the father here we go this route convert I finished making comfort others with a company that we receive from them from are you waiting for allies of the company that we received from trial anyway when able to do anything have you gone through what is your testimony human beings are you so that you can use that gift account rather with the comfort that you are being from God there is power in your testimony for the glory of God and our circle of influence family our neighbors our coworkers our acquaintances who are delinquent in their initially going to college classmate absolutely your teacher supervisor e-learning built that relationship with them in already made you or anyone there confident now the third step January delivery will now know about any niche I know the unique friend how do you build a connection first step I question any sound simple but he liked to talk about the Nobel and if you're not a talker the best way to get out of anything that someone talking about himself that mammoths are telling you to the grandchildren right elbow eyebrow or twice and get to know they remember their name when you link once and in other like what it's showing them you care there we now hear that now my my father fourth nine Mary Lynn different between asking questions and hairy dating it is different that Ryan don't interrogate where you live only lived there like a living will in sensitivity in question Syrian and I is now building that relationship but in early listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen within anything he was not within again late in her life name but also for what is not being bilaterally share what God has done for you recently added doing outreach with a friend of mine and he was even very very nervous about the whole idea of knocking on door and siphoning off immediately to get surveys to gather and they were going door-to-door door that we came to with the door that am a cauldron farmworker drag the door without being chain-link that would include range and jog barking and snarling in fact but even those are the black and you're looking at each other you're wondering who's been a brave enough to guide by Aaron not wanted anywhere I remember thinking I be helping in a leader in trying to the story of Daniel and I sat in the laundry and now things are really efficient and Labrador the bad amount of the dog that I could we were looking at each other and it is difficult for suddenly a woman comes running out of that help and seen about it needed her about initiative they aren't immediately gallivanting one evening leaning out why and my friend road and I have an final twenty three will and time in a Bible and he asked her think I respond what is now and I know he is and he's right went up about opening the way you have it maybe we're going through that conversation anyone to leave it on until anything and determine their health I am walking away slowly I'm looking back at knowing that she is a collection of wind chime in her front yard when surrendering nine but evidently not my hobby I think it was important ever time I'm walking away on me never look back thanks for your involvement as I like the color to look like that when he made the call when a friend gave me an outline then you start to tell me all about her wind chime in and I start walking back Craig and I want all of his friend named Simeon out on you thought they were talking about how long she lived in the area the conversation transfers to those may let acute dog that their bargaining darling around there and finally two thirty five hundred and Elliott finale mount for year in the mountain about their and relied upon about a month ago in my daughter 's away all day today here in the woman that just lost her daughter can eleventh exist on hey you are in question why not why will anything happen then I will I made a U-turn and now to Christian and I don't like taking the Bible is announcing responded to put out while you will want me not wanting on brain we were able to know the connection might not drink and were able to know what was truly being that anytime and that connection we were able to leave her that day a little below care when I'm free that happen in truly meeting her needs I truly ministering to her hostility people that are mean or angry we think that all they're not interested but truly enough hurt doesn't hurt them out I do one better in the most angry the most better one link right away but you can reach the high the last enemy building relationships with other than one pitchfork what effect that he was elected prime minister the call quasi- missionary worker we mean those like Mister Wheeler prejudice against the trend noon on earth your peculiar music is strongly talked and I first unbound is that you can agree another word to find any now and I'm eating then I want to do like me and I'm having a good old days you may not think twice about it my little nine -month-old Matthew fitting that the beating the defendant will they could there be a problem that the family a absolutely you're not old enough to eat it they don't haven't seen if I may have even over owning it was written in one incumbent on the world government management and baby in the middle and two nine having the knee the word she conceived and how it is in crack and crumble faith remain a petition to the front of gray mobile Internet I only Moroccans a closer connection with Raven Prentice will be we tell the evening here reads the high given that our greatest nine sees me how to reach the heart only and we come close to the minister their name was rated in the court and by certain that in the absence of the force be anything that before haven't been forth the Communist foreign bank what do Seventh-day Adventists believe anyone is arguing that list while we don't know quality went on in a party and I don't drink alcohol I don't mean any thing ultimately the requirement and Anthony never found an enjoyable after all what do you believe how we share in the doorway with someone out I was it's first and foremost leaving them Indian of trying willingly allow crime in the time you the baby absolutely one of the important people now we believe in Christ and you were not part of the whole writing we knew leaving privacy and our Savior secondarily believe in what they cross linolenic Venus trine nine five then we believe any kind of hint that we can have freedom we can be that you can have very we believe and commandment we believe what a believe of the commandment in all their wants and we follow the law I love economy lead to a better life more on blonde thereby character by character revealed learn lastly we believe and see the divinity left coming you realize how radical call to restart the link in emotions and planning for the next delight me and how do we get back and forgetting that we believe that when they were alone tonight Eastern time to be our savior coming we believe that we don't win for this world alone but pumping all my screen area before we leave and he is preparing an answer for I really believe the guy with high quality of the community what a beautiful message this had happens if one is working they believe in we believe in crying we believe in a crime we believe that someone are gone music UK commandment I really believe that year is coming again beautiful beautiful picture of what happened and that the crime pays one fifteen and Steve Marino designed to be in the heart of those who are not acquainted with him the alien of new creativity it am I the ballots were not acquainted with the Indians of that then I can send again will you raining on my this can't live without it and framing is not identifying practical in our hotel room the knowledge I have been kneeled down and I think I want to love your people in communism handled in the wild have that Houston not change my mind help needed me and you'd be behind me a while for your people when you look into my lane and then go and it's adequately at night if I will paint the front to include that portion there on getting back companies to find molecular now a look at keeping the fire burning currently he does only perhaps in our own heart and able to share that with someone how do you here in July camping hunting great company that paragraph my family and go camping every summer on multiple time and on our favorite things to do in the evening of course if the light what fire getting a nice big campfire nine and bringing out our gelatin free marshmallows then I can work chocolate or whatever I'm been a minor fire is nothing more beautiful than nine dollars I did think it I call the fire and put it out I felt on the law a lot through a partner ninety okay one clinical England died out in the illusion that he is not true on the night through a narrow line battalions you like me and there I found the people that D is likely to there and the people that wanted in the end will not but then you take on that little quality that is I also like nothing happened henhouse and not primarily one patent on how to delete it from happening Chinese day and night in an enclosed to do this crime efficiency are not called to the warmth you we have called any part of the movement we had called not like that I started and we enjoy and while we have called and she only asked on many leaders you see him we do not see us people think about buying the ball we teach them to think and I carried it are not hot and outlined these barbaric hot pants no one is teaching on to go within the call is received and accepted the first opportunity to turn with me their acts chapter six verse seven chapters and verse seven minimum model that I believe we all need and our own personal estrangement I accept at face and verse seven the model as a way to the Lord rat in the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and ingrained in any event these were obedient to the thing with the key component here is that the word of the gone mad and the number of what multiply disciple number of different thought multiply the gaining registrar into and build up the membership of the church they were creating the people what an insightful confidential I freeze them in a minute and heal men are confident that they are called to be will win the war number on a friend and bring home our main jail one that the difference between hard-core merrymaking and it will make it is crucial conference teams related but this time of change master convert their existing in relation with the other changing their very completely on board for the gospel of Jesus Christ with family and are aligned at the time of the gospel committeeman Gannon when defining a lift home I gave up trying we might have an Internet and impossibility if they looking at the London Bible and how he means well but one recently committed suicide alone in the Bible that were fighting a laminate hypomanic and heating to be in agreement assignment invalid hated the Roman and yet map units have to want to work for their alarm and mandatory area to go in the world how could that and yet often we look at our church than we think the same thing we look at our regularly paying a dysfunctional we may look and I think that they had a can happen only when the opening up my community and leaves being gone to look at the group of eleven and then when they are filled with my only hearing the gospel ability of the Laurel comment is true practiced today we're in charge and are filled with the Holy Spirit only comment by violently a meeting with handling the enemy allowed for all lead me to that bought I had to bring us about hard time for bed in the one okay and fulfilling clicking flowrate in the day when I working on I looking for the day when we will be in the present of crime while you will not need to convert that will be the Bible nature leaning out I think that zenith of their own personal trainer wanted to consider and decide that making when enough of making the Bible that he keep them on the corner find out between a happier now I'm in view on the job training I want to involve them into participating to be trained under my guidance and that the same process when it actually happens remember that we put them up in a corner and train them for two years and involved in the work bring them with you acting in what they bring them you characterize your family with your neighborhood being a part of that remember now is the time that is a look at our church anything had been so many years and no change of time now is the time not even happening the past minimum now why not start today why not get I turned them on fire financing an interesting change in the world again the primary means of fulfilling one now is the time delay to make neither mind that line and not be weary in well doing for a new theme and we shall read everything in clothing Alan Mister one-story with you and daddy an elderly lady I met when I was knocking on doors offering communities area and went along with what we think about anything other than a living time to rest and while may I now enjoy gains in no time with her the Bible that he didn't want with blasting one nine I was driving many the property seminar and she had brought along a few friends and they were all talking about the writing that in my member many leaning over to her friend and being rather loudly I think they wanted me having I keep driving in the property and any and many more about our testimony generally and seek in vain to me that she might think that they neglect in and out of foster homes for all of her teenage years just bad bad lifestyles but there was a really nice evening with for a while as a foster child and dependent family was so precious to her know how many times he would hurt him and yelling and methane now they were still a location and felt along the lakefront trying to help her but even now she ran away even still she turned away from the seventh day Adventist family it even when she was a teenager and now over fifty years later another Seventh-day Adventist Christian not her door I think they added interest in buying through a property seminar and fine engraved upon the privilege of being her go down that watery grave of baptism announced in mid-July and the drive in the family I on the resurrection day when they think that he met a young girl what they know well that would later find that young girl that ran away in knowing how to intervene about random name I pray that you are not the main will continue to work in her heart in her life as the light energy mining and is running the crime will not be weary in well doing for Indian evening each sound really if we faint not they got given the great they continue me I die the passing of the numbingly retarded enough probably father like that and they want to commit our lives for he does not only did the disciples taught of you why but also how to make disciples how to encourage them and nurture them and that's not a problem for one we thank you for your mercy living for teaching may we truly need a public calling is our primary crank this message was included in Key West twenty fourteen Phoenix Arizona USC supporting the sleep of the Seventh-day Adventists and seeks to inspire young and vital faith in Christ and someone download other resources like this visit us online at www. USC with the


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