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5. Commission Possible: Giving Christ-centered and Dynamic Bible Studies!

Carissa McSherry


Carissa McSherry

Student at Loma Linda University.



  • January 2, 2015
    9:00 AM
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are in this message was sent to you I seems than sequencing from Phoenix Arizona and other resources like this visit us online at www. USC everyone is impressed last night and you can possibly get at a delay in an even running on it and stop I wanted to see her again this morning I never finished a bi through the call arm powerfully engaging on shirts were looking at him Christ centered Bible twenty good morning what I am a need for is just buried around the goal hand on information I want to believe that then I feel comfortable obtaining a Bible and he asking questions on Sun afternoon we many looking at how to make appeal how to call and that it is bringing crime and really like not the most terrifying part I can stand alone track I can do call quartering but then we have to get me in the last minute thinking you want a friend in Christ as Savior I want to be now how do I know they're running to make my decision not really looking at this afternoon before he began his presentation the buyer has Disney's program finally father Lord I am so thankful today because we are sure that it is not by might and when my PowerBook buyers here in ninety times you today and we are waiting for and cleaning your spirit and in Jesus Christ life meekly teaches life controllers we learn these principles may bring the names of our family and friends to mind people that you would have us to reach for your kingdom life may soften their hearts and bodies Bank name in I have often ran out how many variant like filler is an something on that I want to go the plan for you appointed you going your way to gather you're going to be a man studying the Scriptures you stop learning things you understand what you're reading now I have no clue will need financing you and moment later demanded that in the ideals and his colleagues are you are not the even and will not let him live where the brain and searching for the divine appointment ravens in the tell me I better write recently I was traveling back from Missouri I was on a flight down to an older gentleman that I look over wanting to greet him and he turned away looking out the window that's never a good sign immediately I realized all right did you know our colonialist narrative individual I was hoping to be able to build that spiritual connection and equipment to work with them I pulled out the tray table and pulled out my Bible and start to read my morning devotions and I'm going to the book of Ephesians is not long before the flight attending Byron with the offers on the handyman he reaches out for the and accidentally build it on my Bible my Bible is now your angst and I'm fumbling around in trying to get it all cleaned out and answering it cleaned up he looks over at me and he said awkwardly I guess I'm definitely going to hell now billing out on Dublin Bible I guess that would net how hard I look to him for a moment rebate for me without thinking I have those moments are too often I look at him it will actually I don't believe inductively what only you know what a shock and he gave me area and the Christian right in the Bible and I think you don't believe in eternal hellfire anyone back in the window conversation over a link that I thought a few minutes later he turned back anybody know I used to believe in God to me in the end is coming the story of when he and his wife are working directly with your mama and his little daughter became very very day the doctors told her she was again naked through the night the father of course Linda God any crime but if there is a God and my daughter no one are not an over thirty years later she is still living today craziest to believe in I told that the matter in his story you know there is a God but still answers prayer today is a God still want to have a relationship with today might not think that open out a beautiful spiritual conversation I was able to leave a little Bible study track with him before I got a nice day appointments a man looking out a window by God even if the LDAP to open up the door to have high do you never know how God will use you to reach others for his kingdom these events all around that they are asking questions in English in fact for the garden would not allow you why am I going through this suffering and Donovan Donovan while underlining mine I am not in the bottom lab where was he when I went through that doorway the lasting questions and finding rate of the economy and dignity in the way what a beautiful opportunity to share with others namely empathize knitting Bible studies what is the biblical rationale for doing so what happened in front of a Hall of Fame to start preaching the word wine a one-on-one in-home Bible study understanding the economy with all winners times times for the winner our goal is to reach one person for Christ at every year and by God 's grace do we not only race that one person that we teach that person the reason I want race one and six one to reach one Black Panther the get command line is available in winning a thousand people per day with his advocate and evangelists Lily a thousand people per day and here I am the lonely Bible worker and all I can win the Christ knee area the one person put myself in that one person after one year the event will have three hundred and sixty five thousand and convert and there I am with my one convert in my African and main how do they compare billing on me I later linked me that he had one million and there I am with a what's the point of personal mandolin after eight years nearly three million kind of how my two hundred and fifty six granted two hundred and fifty six in the night I starts but still it doesn't impair but at times on me and dramatic change at this one and three years of many is raising one person every year in teaching that person to reach another the evangelist now had eight three million gold why am I the lowly Bible worker had eight three million naming agreement is not abounded I wanted you how a panic band under the hand of God and twenty four years I am Donald Raven a man of many thousand per day after twenty six year and nearly happened I mean and handling do not feel eight that year at repair without friends that they are in vain ones all varying teaching that the only reason I'm a look how great the harvest will be right on it weapon page one forty that is not the capability of you now that the best there ever will that will give you the combat and that the Lord can do for you leaning far less confident than what men continue to farm more confident like Don can do for you and me believe install Stephanie reads after him by faith he longed to have you expect great things from him I knew expecting great things are not are you expecting great things in your community I am expecting great things in your church your God in the world needs radiantly spiked right thing I smell maple threaded comment because it is not about a capability that I now invest there I don't do that then about what God can do through our and they continue to surrender and fifty after him define the Bible study outlined in the Bible anywhere first internally the disciples were told that they were caught in the outermost part of the world nowhere does the start at home and there is not a new day in the area and then they most likely the world and that don't know anyone in the world until you want to your mom is in your neighborhood and into your community one of the best sources are starting probably the charges of the elect if you have a registry book out in the church foyer to be both financial and make a man who maybe you have our rights for how many alliances that will convince Hagan and dump into a journal are after you get their autograph and the purpose of the book law what a great opportunity and that book out and eliminated everything a person has come to my church if they come to your church that we may have a spiritual interest the likely start when it arrived hardly go to the right roots than in the early missing number again this is the protocol of the lost tape of the house of Israel first time we reached out the loss even a house of God the remnant church wine and maybe the charts were accounting alive how can you bring that restoration to them thirdly be used in the church often they are neglected and pushed inside of the mommy and daddy dragged in the church used them for the gospel encouragement to participate in outreach individuals that want to previous theory can you have run a property seminar in your church in the last two years last year it out actually not that many human lives the last two years first on you haven't run one added in the Bible but secondarily for those of you that have missed a few inches but that you gathered during the seminar each person that attended and what decisions they made now the time to go back to I will where are those people today are they still attending church those are not typed if not delimited than when he came to them and I never made a decision are we continue in Bible Craven not wanting to go back and continue to nurture that relationship the interest in eating on various ministries like a copy in his written off course I work with amazing fact I would recommend alternative in fact and they will give you an interest left document was an useless amazing facts is in the name and contact information of everyone in your community that had taken our correspondence I will a lot countless hours with less than they taken and what they rated on our Latin thing you know where they're at curiously what questions he may encounter I've been in a very valuable resource that encourage a call to evening five for the Bible school and then ask for the interest what a nail in all that to you or to your Pastor elect anyone a servile slave with her friends and users are there Denver starting with those that are closest to our ghoulish uninvited survival things that me first start pray and ask God to reveal people in your life that you can reach of the kingdom the first step in a mandolin is always the same crack behind cool in that year working on what you are a receptive one person interesting how we may not realize that number soon don't limit by I think I'm in the story the demoniac in mind and then they would use on a day when I have been like the Bible that if I will be live training man running toward her in the at half across the body any reality there were cleaning the language how I identify with the runaway Nittany is about it are you leaning on it and we can go Lindsay looked at it in the back command you that I beautiful winner greenfield I can be unleashing their and our family and our friends doing how people that we think are two Barker by no never become a Christian known the Aberdeen Bible 's home limit the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to limit God and on negative and into a missionary God in your family Dale Dahl limit gone the third thing that were looking for in the crisis of losing or the cry of gaining we all know that Linda Lingle to their life their hearts are more open and receptive to receiving a possible now than living examples of things that people could know that we create a crisis in the dynamic of his children laugh and job it is a job well when absolutely absolutely no think I been living a life to Christ and gaining feminine life before and a half of land may have an agenda as soon as I wheeze this point then my life will be happy I finished my graduate from college life of the WB and I get married of perfect harmony in a direct hire all day long I'm not that needs all day long I involved me was that link is going to be ultimate happiness I may find what I am I'm still not the kind of the naming I gained an assignee in the film and how another opportunity to reach them for the gospel there are often born to identify the people give many colonies are reached to write them down once we write their name down to remember that they can pray for them in the increased accountability when their name is written down and not the line now it's on paper I need to daily increase in the accountability to follow up with your relatives and friends coworkers church visiting classmates and neighbors I think it is front and labor and take a few moments of frantic what means a impression of my heart we don't want to get the Gary how can I have why didn't God who start violently with the day in the data center weighted linear friends here in China often I will pay you recently found in our names now gone back will and in getting together once a week but a viable very easy-going nonconfrontational and he recently had a spiritual conversation with your friend maybe even talking about all the craziness of having our world right now and terrorism the current rents in Italy I recently talked about how Clinton gone wild allow all this rain while we cannot obtain together once a week and if anything happened you are looking at these answers from the word you in him in Bible study and an lane and I think that the Bible weapon the first is the question we trust the Bible the book anyway I thought you might be willing to help you it would only take about thirty minutes when they were impractical if any on the two friends want to do favors for you bluntly that your friend I need to practice anyhow now very important to list the first object in your study North American and be of interest to you to them the reason for doing then called all in the preview print talking out and off work and a Clydesdale they collect needed a black eye and I will discover that they know you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink by you consult me out and what happened even though I'm narrowed this Thursday and then I was running the water and information are vinyl siding out the letter there is written in a curious about what you want now LPL keep mentioning it around here studied that there engaged in the morning on how many disparate economic rights management and nicely decorated nicely done I continue to follow their own I now have the eighties even getting model for the reading very brief principles to apply in every Bible study the first is of course the most essential and always then Jesus for this venture of Adam revival you try will come Revelation words come to mind what concept lightweight and the mind for most people to the revelation prompted me what all is time you should you live in these you hardly get any playing time to start that are in line for people that I haven't certainly known in the book of Revelation is a revelation I see that I is the only guy on the revelation that we can come to a deeper level deeper understanding of Jesus cry that we can grow to more fully reflect his character and limited to sixty four the married first and most important thing is to melt and then do the thaw but many are low I need to try and defend their mankind making the gone live career as possible the very first the most important thing in diabetes page eight twenty six the one of a lot of crimes will melt and that do high when an ER reiteration of doctrine would accomplish nothing nothing I didn't even darken all day long but if they don't they need at any of their heart will not recently I was at work and I got a phone call the man on the other underlying party in taking the Bible clearly remaining five million zillion and I'm learning a lot but I have a question how can I ever be good enough for God mean a glass in the likely event that can we do not I will will know you can't join a nonbinding and aligning Caroline and even trying and finding understanding Bible printed in the camera with three twenty three Romans six twenty three Revelation three twenty advantage nine zero consumers going out to him and at the end I'll be without precedent again but I didn't feel I can never be forgotten was not a time thanks Erin Lammers in Jeremiah twenty nine eleven at thirteen hundred I'm writing them off and help them in conversation you know he's back yet again I just had a never-ending enough for now frustrating game immediately finally in that moment I knew that a nice and eliminating any I pray not I mean all the answer now what else should I know and I'll present my heart something I never thought before I than e-mail for many people they haven't a negative picture of God the heavenly influence on their own father in their beginner had a strained relationship with her own father had barely finished my defendant authorities said that if the father was extremely abusive extremely in the healing works so hard to try and get good grades and keep his room clean and do everything a father at the end of the day he knew the demon he couldn't remember the good enough for his father in fact the names are set up in the air that the Internet now why the pendulum tester can picture him his father and he and putting on God Matthew Godhead I can never be good enough for him one in Seattle I understood hit hard that the power of God 's word can change the way I forgot discernment only for advanced Jesus for Jesus is the answer to every class secondarily written the yields fruit gradually it is so important Robert Center for birthday teams have let that happen exactly than assigning lines more and more unseen the perfect day and you were raised and away the most entire nation had over the that that were not even think that's the time when he first learned about the truth of the charts at the very first command of infinity went to opening night all twenty eight fundamental belief without an overwhelming popularly timing timing and unaccountable it can even come to our seminar they learn about the market of East at the tenth of May I maintain a lifelong family and Catholic I tell my students have anything in your pollen and remember its appeal abroad don't overwhelm them to quickly I went serving as a missionary and Angela America Thailand probably allowing the experience very with it are the wrapping they went for a longer lunch with no like in our revenue no running water anyway we're watching a close eye and you had and what the cheesecloth over and that the shower head because sometimes little worms would come through it identity this is me I had a rocking dirt road on the most inane and in dealing this is one day in the apocalyptic vision event with an aluminum chlorine that we link you on all the little nasty parasites we don't want them in our country but one man and I'm washing the dishes my hand and began to burn somebody definitely found way too much chlorine into that one is a little white Burnsville on my arm to prevent when the chlorine a good thing absolutely we need in employing and purify the water but it's too much of a good thing that absolutely it can be the remember in your studies revealed through gradually you know the only thing they want to share them off remember there is a time in a blame revealed truth gradually and lastly make regular appeal volume make the testimony page sixty four the close of every meeting Bible study decisions should be called for what is important to call for decision regularly is important doing temperatures feeling their acts got one out during solidifying that interest got one out in her family said he recommend how you want them to delay make that decision that very night I did that happen to copy them to the floor where someone is afraid to ask for division 's amino acid that is until the final night in a all right with you now working in your life to Christ and when the remnants are conversely financed it thinking okay that even indicates that represents I'm not sure about and I need to give up all that unclean fluid and quit eating opinion anyway the math mathematics and science are now back I will be too much they need the neoteny is that gradually free ladies here that are married how many needs in that category by the way but no one talking to okay well for the rest of point even while you are on your first date neither guy who will eventually need a bad person clear that an Italian restaurant with a candlelight Marian in your pocket I he leaned over and he looks at you and you guys we like the ladies bag hoping for a little more and I know there is going to think of the learner right you know not about the guy and even then and had heirloom I don't want to happen to make a gigantic defeat at one time they don't know enough they don't have enough information make those decisions gradually abandoned his three thirty three reminder that there is no landline phone haven't made it winning goal class or another not involved in getting out they've been going very quickly the time now I have a Bible study the first eight to ten minutes when you arrive everyone home for a Bible study I like to focus in on social time my goal is a and then I want to connect with that I want to sell them I care about you you're important to me I wanted the family photos on the law and I mean even a trial date any going through the questions they may have the family member that the hospital I'm building a connection the next thirty to forty five minutes in right focus in on studies time than our opening the Bible together were going through the last ten the last three to five minute is moving towards your keel and decision and that then concludes the Bible study don't they longer than one hour 's feelings using and has returned from a mission trip to Nepal and you can imagine going to Nepal in the winter and having cold showers admittedly no heater inbound to come back with a cold though you forgive me enterprise island for a partner is very important to go out to buy two limited time only do they go out alone no they were sent out feel that God ordained method for success that encouragingly laggard church find them waiting I'll still probably find someone that is committed to that now even encouraging one person it is time for a partner and one to take the lead in the Bible study you don't listen to people talking over each other I working toward the point in the second person John and he gets outgoing person I wasn't going I think in time and ethnic conflict between exam another reason for making sure that one is just a silent prayer partner brain only to God and the other suddenly and regularly need to be in constant prayer that while they will only be successful if God is working on their heart softening the keep one silent prayer partner in a blanket inventor is not to say longer than one hour made me desire in a man needs a longer in the cognitive social having but don't overwhelm the item up on a interest list anything that is inflating at anyone getting as Altman just talking with her and in operating Bible study images that I know I do not deny opening the answers any questions that you know the last person in my house offering how many he stayed at my house for four hours and only and she told me that you know I study around the yard etc. my garden my bird that if I can imagine that I will work with probably thinking called glide or building a relationship even though nearly with wanting to show her yard it will also remember the end of the day he spent four hours in ninety days out again the mentioning about opening our life and our leave with them wanting more not like them wanting to kick you out okay on our way to that Christ does I went mailing I'm looking around her house I'm recommending things of interest their pictures and they go on its replica into the pension starting conversation and a listener again the focus is not a movie on yourself the purpose of lifting and carrying them use their body language I was a high chapter find them in a Bible study so I now mean that will impression that the gap I can not interested in doing this all the time when I tell looking at my watch I want to know how we done yet make sure you're practically good body language in a Bible study I lowered I'm looking at them I think I went still finally there is anything they will mimic your body language and help increase their interests with their personal bank nun is very different a person off of the coulters and some qualities that you don't repent that they hold how the love and info on our current culture European cultures I have my little box care do not enter graduate enough people like that number is that their personal data in a uncomfortable then I contact make sure that you aren't looking around he actually looked in the first major study went too good I was shall buy all the intelligence committee and by staring at them constantly there is a different but make sure you have good eye contact voice and expression are you mono tone are you able to make the Bible study of interest to the individual I think that it are you passionate are you boring to make sure that your tone is selling these things out encouraging employee lot about the privacy on your outreach partner get some feedback from them I have the social time we move into our study time I went they had a chance to work my lesson notice I'm not that they need to your Bible study that a little intimidating I am not a preschool teacher they break their high school teacher I felt the wow a lot will be grains either way I have an opening brand ranks of the short and in a short introduction to the Bible study is an opening for important things remember if you include yourself in the rack of their having a friend who became outdated Ryan learned today from a study in words how grinds understand to be cleared Orion health not to be distracted by the things around him how do you feel Ryan long gondola and I targeting two yeah I hear that prayer offered so many design remembering vaguely new South lawn of the week you study your words that help us to learn teach us from your work help us to understand include yourself in the craft now at the very beginning of the Bible study is explained in the commercial of what the Bible it can be about the mildly irritated that I think they were wondering that one happens after death after that Miriam laughed and rapidly come to nothing happened how towards what firm Skidmore the Bible clearly reveals the answer and today we are going to find the answer in the word habits and then I'm moving the biopsy using a commercial that I'm heightening their interest of our study is not the great diversity people around the world asking the question and Donovan on along the line in their suffering in the laptop and got in the bottom of it why am I hurting where you are in my brain and pain today were in a fine answer in the word out of RAM limit your model again a little commercial print that interest you are and you're not doing them personally appeal I'm the vision you had been how will area their life as immigrant information allegedly means and then practically how I hate it and make it a day-to-day reality you make an appeal your converted data I feel that it is in crack dim the Bible and I leave right away why once you leave at the end about it it included I the Holy Spirit can make an impression they leave and start talking about the weather and talking about life after Riley will it remember anything that even now now anything about the weather a lien on it bears about how I believe that the Holy Spirit still working on their heart and frankly neither realities and their kind in the mildly we talked about LPL mile me I then looked at on that enthusiasm encourage you to use their name frequently people enjoy hearing their name and show that hey I care not even enough to remember your name your importance in the court concluded that Radcliffe mentioned I am in the equation I don't know the answer to what is now at November tenth two million and four I know it hasn't me when they are in the market we tell them I first started getting violently the new outreach I know a lot of pain I knew it but I didn't have a Bible faithfully prepared on the project what I got a great question always a friend then and I plan there momentum we all study and more is aimed in good faith to admit you don't know everything and I painted the teachers here were learning to gather let me all study at market is now much better thing I don't know that the one under your way through an answer no oriented bank one will study this question and will generally learn next week I'm not studying out this week will come back and share together I asked the question how can't become in the future lack of the great constant but haven't suddenly coming up on that good and better throughout the company foundational fund expects I don't want to ruin it for you in a five-minute answer one in what ways of the funded event I'd probably really work the way to put that off but get them excited you that opting out there of time what should I include in any setting you recommend again there's a very short time that where looking at this together I recommend using first in the butt when I went into my Gary get when witnessing by Gary get the excellent resource again give more practical and life on a vandalism secondarily why reinvent the wheel test of Glen Bible a theory that you like it could be the start of the property or another theory that you're familiar with how Bible study and think how I make it my own man I'm afraid if I is a very ecological education had many lines Herne Ms. Barlow putting it on the antenna reached their high highways chairman said that it in an interesting way again in a draw out their Internet but I'd encourage you I meanwhile believe that you are working when first talking to your interaction and you could be here just sharing the story of love and how he turned against his father and likewise a similar war in heaven where there was an Angel that turn against the Montana game will look at how the conflict are the and who will ultimately be victorious came to whatever you want to do for your introduction I'll just create that Internet they want to learn more please one now in an economy in three to four main point to illustrate his one personal testimony summary and appeal in your final decision question for anybody more tomorrow about the appeal on the final decision question that you would encourage you to get outdoor collapse there was ever violent community using this information into that weapons make a more personal now Ali put this together I do have a form online at the goods you like the web .org and click on the seminars I do have a ordinary that you can fill in with this information so you can remember okay now he may introduction of a ninety million point illustrations though I was encouraging that resource or I can fill free to e-mail me I mean forming points may go through this fairly quickly here in three main point one three most important things you want the person to remember you are going to Bible study unit and team question in advance how many questions later remember why you need to choose a reunite years later I want to emphasize these three points the three point arc Shaw don't want them to remember these three and I credit the client has to get that right now we looking at fifteen on retention and in your mind you actually start counting down all only seven okay for me where the rain and in and I will certainly remember probably the latter was the first point out that influence how they get out of the range of three main points that were looking at today the look to your Bible anyway three main point that you want to glean from that pile of money on about it in your main point that they found it was given the gift that creates an environment to have that special relationship with us today secondly one can see that happen to have an advantage of the possible white like we'll be keeping a private environment very mean and why did we bother trying to keep the commandment of love for him candidates three main point that you can glean me about a lifetime I encouraged the main points you need to think a good long in the first and in your main thoughts is my link to an online now make it personal again I wanted to give information I wanted to personally apply their life and it is an eye-opening any review the point of them including personal testimony on Quinn a short story about how God worked in your life what is important to include a personal testimony making reliance NHL and is real in your life it's not just about the annual injunctive of all the air that God is gay now works in our line came filling out and I will probably have at least one or two personal testimony now your personal testimony doesn't have to be a conversion story over and over and wow wow I very know a communal law is working in your life today and in the end that is rare that you had a miracle story starts then I would encourage you to use illustrations that leads to illustration and you give illustration now in the example parable of headless parable the misapprehended American lives only in the full-length the harvest time thanks reimplemented they were going about their work in a few the woman sleeping or how they think of that coin that she's searching for I am going through the field in a paper when filing their thinking that length illustration illustration three inch in your study that they start getting bogged down in all the birthing pains Sharon illustrates not hauling at the right I can't make sense to me now a clarified later that afternoon he addressed no refunds or online source for illustration or personal experiences on new community news story about an long that rescued her child from the burning house Spain the story than he is now selling it here at the phase from nature or illustrations and hurt other people you like the name bothered illustrations from someone else Philadelphia recycled and yourself I elect including every Saturday were again including that introduction remains learning point illustrations personal testimony summary appeal and final decision question I know that I've gone through a very very quickly here online again and she went that or not my seminar you will be a link for us Weymouth about ten pages long and I don't mean them like these have I find it illustrations why we as illustrations how to create the main point is what I'll be around here and United weekend that you have any questions feel free debt to stop me and I love that is definitely a little bit more not like you can also e-mail me at the McSherry leaving fact that a work ninety happy to announce you as well I use him again you want to make the study were interesting that they would cover thirty one years viewpoint to it make it something personal and passionate zeal and you are not excited about that probably if you are not passionate about Dell Sarah know that the around the back your house and pray God give me allow for your where gimme a Houston personal give me the words he would have me be we are told and customize the charge volume nine page one fifty our work has been marked out from my heavenly father when they are violating the Latin ones allow landings on helping hand in meaningful channel through which you live it day by day the flood our work had been marked out by Oregon we are to take our Violet Louisiana now go out and regional review the enclosed analysis share with you a story that happened in two thousand eight there is a man by the name after you look at twenty seven -year-old man had recently become a Christian any applying to come to the asked code program our form on fashion but upon an application was denied it may have had different undergone his or rain there are during the ran her into my heart that when the time that you know what happened a lot in common the future now 's not the time at that intent is a lot of information and we know that you mean trying to recover from your surgery and better communicators the master may think how not take no for an answer and on the continent how many women and the opening then happily married here gravity on man with a walker when the past over one time but he is asking about the he went to learn all they need and that where God is always excited about what he is learning and desiring to share a thought Monday during outrage the students were heading out to knock on doors and a Bible study event it would morning rain coming about them I go door-to-door in the pouring rain and it is aground leaving out there like that and run with them Israel no one in an inadequate a young man and that would give Walker in hand and moved toward the door past look back and then I'm gone our hits within and drive me back what medication he along the line he did not know how much time he understand the gospel that he so dearly treasure went along he pointed the migraine came back before that familiar payment marriage and happy new with a diagnosis of the report even with the position my best time he was all that it would be terminal passes in the hospital is implemented in a half million active came off the students invent you know we had to find any Christian because the Y you are learning all broadband morphine and all medication to me that I want my mind cleared about a meter I want my mind when it went into no one around me in the hot that all Canadian immigration and any hand leaving the entity that got sealed league before and after graduation Catholic and black that the town believed in the power of God cannot believe that the word of God contained wine because it had changes in life and have dying rather than Freddy his behavior I will not experience I was very handsome dog I may not be at my death then the meaning they are they may not look like it when I'm now on their heart now and the time now and the times or reason this year without a belong that we ourselves have redeemed this crime and quality lyrics from cries on Atlanta's phase three twenty seven each of his blame the eternal plan of having agents to work in cooperation with crime and is now based on all not place early in the planes the Hatley Nansen and Meredith asked away Denver native on our where we are to work for God in the document of special plans me and I hadn't also work for you May God blast you I do fulfill the calling before you have the father becomes even your sermon in the area going to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ please note that is nearing teachers what they impressed upon our hearts the name of ability would have to reach lighting another hard we don't this is why there is really revealed the time and are back I of this message was included in Key West he is looking at Phoenix Arizona and USC supporting literacy in the sense that this is just as he is spying on you my faith by Cynthia Sullivan Chris I download other resources like this visit us online at www. 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